Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 5, 1954 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 5, 1954
Page 11
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ll Hope Builders 5 Mi's Bank 6-9, Hope Atito is er tall fiiid weighs 176 ^j ^.-». ft ^ Y£U Since 1§96 DIAL 7*4431 . ,:,^. w' • J A UND STEAK 49 4 ",'i j s t;. .. ,i • Jm HO IRE LARD .DENR.PE &MU >.> 5*%? \'v« '«» ' > '• ™r ^''^'~'~E?$: ' W^V // -"'t^' '•> ' Lb. 49c A- "' "" • . Corn Meal 59c Faubus Declares CcSMihuttilforrt Page drift ' He-te in God. Chetry coupled thh witr> a paper fclip-j-rtg showing that iflative invcstigalln? coiVrmittcS visited th« college ;>n took testi- y for several days in rnicl-KeVj- mnry. .But Inst night Faubus. speaking from P!n<3 Bluff, clenu-tl specifically that he was at Commonwealth in February. Aivl Ivi said Cherry had suppressed a report of tht legislative investifiatin.-; comrhiltcc which listed names of Arkansas Etur'.enls at the collcsc in Feb lilary and wliich showed he waj hot there. "Franc!• Cherry claims,"';. Pfitl* bus continued, "that T must Have bech at -Commonweplih at the time of iho legislative inveFtiga^ tion to have known what testimony was given by officials of the col- logc _ he makes that claim even though he Irmnvs that thoso hear-] ngs were held in ^x.-cutivo ses- •=ior, and lhr.t the report was published much later '' Faubus. explaining why his ramc had been mentioned in connection willi various activit'cs after ho rays he left the college, declared "1 know no'V . . . that t was 'marie the innocent victim of one of the oldest Co~nmuni?t tricks that ' I was used as a espectable front behind which the marters of 'Commonwealth College could shield their own dubious activities. I didn't know that in 1935. of course — but I know something was Wrong and so I walked off the campu? after a stay of less than two weeks. And let me say again — never attended C'afres, 7 riever enrolled as a student, I never acted as 'student body president, I never delivered' a May Day speech and I never went to a Chattanooga conference or any- where'else as,a representative of Commonwealth College." He added that "the usa of the of- fical of Commonwealth College made of ->ny brief presence there in 1935 is a matter of far less concern to mo — and to you than the miscalculated misuse my opponent is trying to make of it 19'long years Idler m^Ms race for governor." Cherry, using material, be first presented 'from' Little Roek Mon day night, charged that since the Commonwanlth' controversy arose last week "at first you (Faubus) •concealed y.our.presence, then, you denied it, then you admitted it then you said he were there only Ityp or three 'days. Next you said \hat you attended the college a few dayti.-l.and then you told a reporter that you were in the school H days. "You now naturally attempt to soften the blight, i of your enrolling in ilhat school by- .telling the people it merely was an en ant journey,-' Qhcrry:said. "Yes, it is possible that your ventures in the college \vej<}, as you call.it, an-J 3 '3' anT Journey at age 25. . -**•* "But, Mr; Faubus, your present falsehoods cannot be classed as the youthful mistakes of a 44-year-old candidate for governor, can' they? ^if" j « ^t *' . Sock Potatoes 4', i ^ '-f 'i4 »' 'f ^i^'air: '.''? .Compare Price; 29 ( FOR SCHOOL BUS PAINTING SEE JORDON'S BODY SHOP 500 S. Walnut FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT Keratolytlc action Is a must! T-4-L, a keratolytic . fungicide, sloughs off infected skin to reach and kill germs and fungus ON CONTACT. If not pleased (N 1 I HOUR your -10c back at any drug store. Today at John S, Gibson ^ 0. r/$i Hudson Dealer Rewrd Trade-ins! Rock-Bottom Terms! i 1^1 »,,,tv^ "vSft^-**?''i'V"'.-^'|, ;>• ^vs A "us ftW powerful, brilliant n^w WASPS * JiTS TRADE-IN JAMBOREE AT iK^,-%iili /_B...TBY COMPANY HOPE, ARKANSAS ^^S^^^^^^S^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^T^T K t , i ' j >j'ji'^' * v "' iwf^fi^m STAR* MOPE, ARKANSAS DRIVE •^ w IHl Governor erry ongt Thursday Over KCMC-TV and Your Rddio CALLED HOP! Jf Aft, H«Mv Thursday August 8 Hope Chapter 328, Order of the Eastern Star, will meet Thursday, August 5, at 8 p. m. Mdnday August 9 " Arthartale Hefner, bride- elect' of Louis Dean Good of Texarkana, will be honorc'e at a kit? 1 H I A T R f L- = MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RD8. ; OPEN 6:45 IS DEAD AS A DODO 4. ,„ j:, It never ^os HONESTLY on issue in this campaign for it will be submitted to the voters in November, and neither the Governor nor his "truthful" opponent will have anything to do ;with your voting. GdVERNOR GHERRY HAS PUBLICLY DECLARED that he will not campaign for adoption of fhe measure and that He will I not ask the neW legislature to re-enact it. He has asserted that the people ate against it and he will humbly bow to the will of the people. EFFORTS TO INJECT THIS INTO THE CAMPAIGN must be charged to the eagerness of a demagogue to deceive and confuse the public. KEEP THE HONEST GOVERNMENT YOU HAVE BY RE-ELECTING FRANUlo TO A WELL DESERVED SECOND TERM - A. & Friday' SIEGE AT RED RIVER STARRING — Van JOHNSON Joanne DRU INTRIGUE, VIOLENCE and RAW ADVENTURE! j Popeye Color Cartoon Grant-land Rice Sports :hen shower in the home of Mrs. Claude Lauterbach and her dau- »hter, Miss Sara Lauterbach on VIonday mprping, August 9, from [6 to li o'clock. Other hostesses will be Mrs. Charles Graham, Mrs. lollls Luck, and Mrs. Percy Per- cins. consisted of: "Love"—Sara Ellis* poem, "Leaving it All in Jesus' Hands" by Carolyn FkvWers Fifth part: "Service" • Mildred Taylor; poem, "Keepirig On,"" by Continued on Page Ferttf now employed in Hammond, La The wedding will be an event of October 24, in the First Methodist Church of Hope. Notice The Southwest Area P. T. A. Patent Education Wofshop Will be held August 5 and 0 at Southern State' College. This will include Districts It), 13 and 14. Mrs, John Gardner ' Describes Trip To Aldersgate Seventeen members and one visitor were ' present when Circle Two, W. 3. C. S., met Monday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Edwin Stewart. Mrs. E. P. O'Neal, devotional chairman, gave the devotional. Mrs F. C. Crow, wh*o was in charge of the program, presented Mrs. John B. Gardner. Mrs. Gardner, official delegate of the society to the Little Rock Conference School of Missions, which was held at AldersgateV gave a most informative and inspirational report on the school. Prayer was voiced by Mrs. L. D. Barttum. Dainty refreshments were served'; by the hostess during the social'•hour. The September meeting will be held in the home of Mrs. F. C. Crow, 315 West- Fifth' street. Miss Sue Gilbert And Samuel Barnett To Be Married Mr. and Mrs. Clarence F. Gilbert of Washington, are making known the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Sue to Samuel Barnett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Barnett of Camden. Miss Gilbert, a graduate of Hope High School, attended Henderson State Teachers College at Arkad- elphla. Mr. Barnett graduated from Camden High School. He is White Home Scene Of Auxiliary Meeting The Ladies Auxiliary of the tint- ty Baptist Church met at, the home of Elder and Mrs. Howard White at 2 p. m. Monday, • Songs were; led by Mrs. John Bill Jordan, accompanied by Mrs. White at the piano. Mfs. .Jesse Sinclair led in prayer, and Mrs. Frank Malone presented . the, .devotional using the ; llfeth Psalm. The special a poem, entitled. '''The Lord_ Is Always There" was given in a very interesting manner by Mrs. Edward Lane. * . . ., Mrs. Tom Anderson .taught the lesson and dismissed' the -'group.... At the conclusion 6f the meeting. Mrs. White served refreshments of cake and 'iced drinks to those attending. Mrs. Whltwprth To Entertain Locat C of C Chapter Mrs. H. C. Whitworth will entertain members of Clara Lowthorp Chapter, Children of the Confederacy, with a .party at her home,'. 318 South Main, -.at 8; 30 a. m ^Saturday. i WE DELIVER B&B SUPER MARKET DIAL 7-4501 IT IS BARGAIN DAY AT YOUR B&B STdllE GO, 49c !''MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE 1.19 , 1 Lb.. Can PET and CARNATION * MILK Large Cans 45c Del Monte and Libbys Fruit Cocktail 45c 303 Cans . CAMP FIRE Pork & Beans 1 Lb. Cans 49c DONALD DUCK LEAF ' SPINACH 2 14 Oz. Boxes 'GOLDEN YELLOW BANANAS 25c Lbs. CARROTS 2 S 25c CRUSTENE \Vith .Cpupbn in Paper Carton GODCHAUX SUGAR TO ^ 89c Star Kist — Chunk Style TUNAlSH Oz. Can ALL BRANDS W. Powder Large Box HARTEX CUT BEANS 303 Cans 49c RED MALGA GRAPES Pound SUNKIST LEMONS Dozen .2.VC WENS Fresh Dressed—-Nice and fat Fine for Salad and Baking Program Presented By Unity-Biaptlst . ' " ' Girls' Auxiliary On Wednesday night, the Girls' Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist Church .presented a program at the church. . : './ : > • ; -• :•;; The opening song by, the congregation was entitled "Can He Depend On You." ;followed with prayer by Mrs. Tom .Anderson. Another song/ "I'll 'Go'Where .He Sen- d'eth Me," was sung by G. A. members. Mrs. Sam Williams presented a very interesting devotional, "Women's Work," and Mrs. Howard White led in prayer. . 'The first part of the program consisted of prayer? by. Doris Huckabee, and, a poem,- "No Time for God," by Nelda Ellis."" " Second part: Bible Study by Ber.- ten Cornelius and a song, "At Calvary," by six of the girls. Third part: "Faith," —--Pansy Ellis; a solo, "My, F.aith Looks Up to Thee," by Millie, Jean..F-lower.s, The fourth partv of the program BY REFRIGERATION! "l^AST DAY; • : . ,4— FEATURE TIMES — 2:00 - 3:49 - 5:30 - 7:28 - 9:26 Two women . . .wanting a man . . . One with ' her name up in lights, many men at her feet; the other a young actress, wanting life's biggest : . thrill! It's, the most different love triangle you've ever eavesdropped on! Ginger ROGERS- William HOLDEN :~* , Paul DOUGLAS "'-•x jhe- \ Picture That Tells On Women! "tISssi f fw -^fr T -*i^ ~—~ Female introducing PAT CROWLEY Late New; Pete Smith Specialty DECKERS ire \v*v ENDS Lb*. 4! —~ s t't — ^Ground Beef j ib. 33c Chuck Roast 35c BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM! The Dynamite , Thriller! I Lb. Stew Meat 19c Lb. 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