Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 14, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1896
Page 6
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jfj> m BACKACHE WHY? Because your. Liver and Kidneys are ; • out of order Dr. J. H. WScLEAN'S I LIVER AND KIDNEY BALM if •« 9B is the "PEERLESS'REMEDY" for.curing f ailments of the Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, Diabetes, Rheu- $ matism and Bright's Disease. $ ran SALC CUCRVWHCBC AT ti.oo PCR BOTTLE _ THE DR. J. H. McLEAN_MEplcmE i CO., / ST.j.oo,8jl«a^| You will find one coupon Insldo each, two ounce baR ttud two coupons iualde each four ounce bagofBlaolnvell's Durham. Buy a bag of tills celebrated tobacco and read the coupon—whiph gives a list of valuable presents and bow to got them. BUTTHE GENUINE mm 7w i<j '^ /•;,••' -XfiJfog'i IN THE WORLPj. Sy«fm In a H.althy 0UME8 Constipation. Act. on th« Uv«r _ Blood, Dl.pols Colds and F«w«r«. BoautltU. the and Rof roahln* .t«-th» Ta«t». For sale by B. F. KEESUKG. HER SLEEVES WERE BIG. to Thl« ClrcanutanoB Ml» Heart Owes Her Life. Hiss Florence Sewe, an English actr : IMS known on the stage us Mile. Selma, • b one of the few people who have rea- i ion to be thankful that big sleeves are ; In vogne. She is at present in New fork, nnd a few days ago, in company trith some friends, went up the Hudson i river on a pleasure trip to West Point. 1 fhe sleeves of her dress were the larg- , e»t that fashion allowa, ribbed with 1 toys of whalebone, and to this latter < circumstance she doubtless owes her ; life. The party left the steamer at i Cranston's and scrambled up the mountain, that looks down over the plain -There young-soldiers are trained. Miss was in the lead, and, catching cured at mg-niand rails. Tlie wounded arm swelled to great size, but nt lat- cst accounts the young woman .was out of danger. SCARED J3Y A STEER. Cenccful Chlc»soan»Ti»ke to Tholr Oe«l» In Gonalne Alnrm. A wild steer created great excitement in the vicinity of 'the Chicago stock yards the other night. The nnimat broke out of the yards and ran to ^hirty-ninth and Wallace streets, .where" he was billed by officers from tho Ealsted street police station after a hot . The streets whiclrthe frantic animal took for his stamping grounds were crowded with workmen on their way home. ACter escaping irom the stock yards inclosure the steer ran to Ealsted street. Hero it stopped for a moment, us though in doubt which way to turn. A north-bound electric car wns np- ' preaching and this seemed to please the steer, for he followed it for n half ' THE REPTILE STRUCK AT HER. Bigot vi a bunch of pretty wild flowera tap tie mountain side, she climbed to I Wi them. Just as the young woman ptooped to pluck the tlowers she heard to -startling, hissing sound. Not realizing what the danger was she threw up j her right arm to ward off some unseen : peril. In a moment a copperhead snake ! struck at her from beneath a loose rock just above where she was standing. . Miss Soars saw the reptile .is itstruck »t bar. 'It was too late to jump back, and the arm that she had thrown up- B-nrd caught the blow. It saved her face from injury, nnd the balloon sleeves of Iber w-ai'st 'baffled the suake. But the •: strike ot the poisonous reptile was a rigorous one. The sharp teeth and ting* tore through the light cloth and 'booked in the whalebone slays. As the reptile's weight dragged it < Sown it tore the sleeve and the fangs scratched along the skin from shoulder to elbow. The incisions, however, •ere not deep. At 'Miss Sears' feet was . large stone. She wns still bending iver when the snake struck her. She licked up tho stone and crushed the lake's head before it could gather it'. for another strike. When she had __.ic this without uttering a scream, jer cournge vanished. She gave one and fell fainting across the dead • Her friends heard the shriek and ran jto her. They found the dead snake and Eie unconscious woman lying on the focte, nnd crawling through tlJC woods jto escape were a number of smaller fcnnlws from tbe nest that l!Iss Sears |ia<S disturbed. The bleeding arm was Bandaged and medical attendance BO- SCATTIORED.IN ALL DIRECTIONS, block. The passengers on the car were badly .frightened and theje was a gen eral filing of relief when the animn turned west in Thirty-ninth strsot. A the corner stood a dozen women waiting for the car. . . "Look out for that steer," came th warning cry from the car as it passed and the next moment the waiting throng had scattered in all diections .The people sought shelter in the door .ways and stores, and did not come ou until the cause of their alarm was at r sa/e distance. , . Telephone messages were-sent to the police station at Halsted and Thirty fifth street and a patrol wagon filler! with officers was sent out to dis patch the animaJ. The poHce reached Thirty-ninth street as tbe steer wa dancing quicksteps from one side of th thoroughfare to the other. On each sid of the wagon stood an officer with drawn revolver. The rattle of the wheels behind him frightened the steer and he, began t increase his speed. At Wallace street however, the .horse overtook him an several shots were fired at the moving •target. .... When the smoke hnd cleared away th wild visitor' from Texas wns kickin : .against, the curbstone and a dull ligh in his eyes showed he had given up th fight. . '• IlorncCl. It Is said that hornets never use ttti nest a second season. Blayp Her Husband Ere the Honeymoon Has Scarcely Waned. Salvation Arrriy Lassie with a Romantic Career Suicides—Wife Saved by Her Corset Steels. Savannah, Ga.; Oct. IS.—A special 'roni Clyde, Ga., snys: A horrible lomidde took pluce three miles from this town Monday. Three months ago a young white man by the name oC Loinmie Long- married Miss Eoxie Tinman, fj-om Chatham county. H*; jrough't his wife to live at his father's, icar'this place. It seems the honey- noon wns short, for Monday, about, 1:30 o'clock p. m., she killed him, splitting- lis bund open with an nx. The coroner ins been sent for to investigate the case. She made a confession. She said that she killed him in self defense. There were no eye witnesses to the tilling, Salvation Army tasitlo Snloiden. . Butte, Mont., Oct. 13.—Helen Fors- and a member of the Salvation Army, committed suicide Mqnduy by taking poison. A few .years ago she was masqueraded as .a man and was implicated n a daring highway robbery iii Helena. She and a male accomplice were arrested and her sex discovered. She was acquitted, but her companion was sent to prison for 40 years. She was afterwards converted by Salvationists and has been active in army work on the coast ever since. She came to'Butte a few weeks ago and has been known here 'under the name of Tripp. No cause is assigned .for her suicide. . SuTod by Her.'Corsot. Si' Louis, Oct. .13.—Anthony Bobcti- loski, living nt 1231 Xorth Ninth street, returned to'his home in tin intoxicated condition . Tuesday morning and quarreled, with his wife. The woman was'.kneeling .before a fireplace and Bobetiloski, placing a revolver against her bacl^ fired four shots, each of which lodged in her'heavy, steel.ribbed corset. Neighbors overpowered the husband. Mrs. Bpbetiloski was 'uninjured. Identity of Niagara Snlcldo. 'Niagara Falls', N. Y., Oct. 13:—It now is almost' certain, that the mysterious suicide who ended 'his life so tragically Monday by jumping off the parapet at Prospect Point! and' going over the falls, iB A. J. Barton, of Oil City, Pa. A letter hns been received by Chief of Police Dinan, in which Barton says he intended to commit suicide. A local g-ifl is mentioned in the letter, and it seems that Barton's advances had been rejected by her and that her rejection drove him to his mud act. The letter i« wild and rambling and the suicide.con- cludes by hoping that the girl and himself may meet in hell. Barton's relatives have been notified.' Barton's description answers to that of th>: suicide. Farmer*' Qnnrrfll KudH In Uputh. Claremont, N. H., Oct. .13.—About two o'clock Mondny aftei-noon Walter. P. Hunt, aged 27,'sjibt'aacl killed Irving Smith, aged 19, rind .then committed suicide by shooting himself. The men were farmers Hnd quarreled. WILL NOT PLAY BALL ABROAD. Advance AC""* of Baltimore Tcnm Unable to Mukfl DatttH la En^lM-ml. Baltimore, Md., Oct. 13.—The pretty scheme of the Baltimore baseball players to go abroad as the world's champions and show the Englishmen the beauties of scientific baseball was knocked in the head Monday night by a cablegram from Manager Ted Sullivan'.' Mr. Sullivan went over as an indent of the "Champions" to find out if the plan 10 "play there was practicable., and if so' to arrange dates. Hi<-: dispatch states tliat he was unable to make arrangements for the playing tour on account of the weather. That, 'of course, put a quietus upon the plan of making the trip a business venture. A number 'of those-who intended going will go anyhow, making the jour ney for pleasure and instruction. • Oen.-\Veyler SHU In Havana. Havana, Oct. 13.—Humors were in circulation here on Saturday thn.t Capt Gen. Weyler hod gone, or was about to B o to Pinni- Del Kip.' These rumors v.-erc absolutely without foundation, at Gen. Weyler has not left. Havana, and it is not known that it is his intention to do BO at. present. Th« rebel 1,-nder, Mayia Rodriguez has bee;i .wounded in an. engagement upon the Jianch Junoeo, near JSsporanza, with . the : Spanish forces .under tJie command of Gen. Aldaves. _ , Keln»tato« the Dimjlmrped Clerk*. St. Louis, Oct. 13,—The 12 clerks who w«re discharged-by B. Crawford .& Co last Saturday because they .favored free coinage of silver, were asked to .return to their positions in the dry-goods es- tablis'bment of the firm without prejudice nnd with full salary;- Several of the clerks have accepted the invitation In a published statement Mr. Crawfort regrets his hasty action in dismissing them. . • Will 3>fot Snccocd BlHliop Kcuno. Cleveland, O., Oct. l.'i.—Chancellor Hock, of the Cleveland diocese, says there is absolutely'no truth in the ru mor that Bishop Hbrstina.n has been selected to succeed Bishop Keane as lector of the Catholic university at Washington. Bishop Hoi-stman is vis iting in Philadelphia. Ballroad Kan Dead. Williamsport, Pa., Oct. 13.—Genera Superintendent Robert Neilson, of th« Philadelphia* Erie and Northern Central railroads, both of which are parts of the Pennsylvania railroad sys tern, died at his home here Mondaj night. '_ In Intercuts of Intnrnatlonul Arbitration •Vienna,, Oct; 13.-Th,s lower nous of the relchsrath has referred to a-com mittee a resolution that the govern ment' should make overtures to th powers for the establishment of .an in "ternational arbitration court. ; , Gladness Comes wt itha better : undcrstu.ndiii[r of the . . transient nature of thumany ph.VK-. calills,.which vanish before proper ef- forts—"-pntle e ITorts—pTeiiwm t uflorts— •iirhtly directed. There is coiniort in the knowledge, thu.t so many forms of sickness u.re not due to any actual uis- ease, but simply to a c-pnstipatodcondi- tion of the system, whiuh the pleasant family laxative, Syrup ofl-'igs. prompt- y removes. That, is why it is tin.- only remedy with milliorsoi families, and is everywhere esteemed so highly by aJl who value- good health. Its benehcr.tl etfeets are due to the fact, thatjtis the one remedy which promotes internal cleanliness without, debilitating the organs on which it acts. It is therefore fill important, in order to get its beneficial effects, to note when yon purchase, that you have the genuine article which is inamifaetured by the California I''ig Syrup Co. only and sold by all reputable druggists. If in the enjoyment o£ good hcaltn. and the system 'is regular, laxatives or other remedies are then not needed. IT afflicted'with any'actual disease one mav be commended to the most skillful physicians, but if in need of a lasativc, one should Imve the best, and with the well-informed -everywhere, Syrup m Fics stands highest and is most largely used and gives most general satisfaction. Urjan'* Rotten EBB As .a contribution, to financial and economic'thought the following utterance of Mr. Bryan, made ili ; Kentucky, IN the most remarkable yet offered even by him: "If any wan in this community would offer to. buy all the eggs produced at 25 cents..a dozen, and. was able to make good the offer, nobody would sell eggs. ; or less,' no matter what the cost of production, whether one center five cents a dozen/ So with silver. Free coinage would establish the market price of silver at $1.29, and nobody would sell it for a cent less," . . - - . .. • Why "limit.the priceof eggs to 25 cents and of silver to $1.20? It the reason- ,ug is sound, the price in each case might easily be doubled, and the conse- quent'benefit to 'the.human race correspondingly increased.' And why stop with eggs and silver? Why not murk up the price of everything, you wish to buy—offer to pay. double or treble what is asked for it and keep on paying that price to all comers—hold it there V That's all you have to do—hold it there. 'Nobody would sell it for a cent less," says Bryan, so long as you held it. "So vyith silver." And tie man who is putting forth such thought us that is a candidate for the presidency of 70.000,000 ot people, in the closing years of the nineteenth century! Receiver Appointed /or Rose Co B hlan. New York, Oct. 13. — A receiver was 'ip'pomted Tuesday for tho property and assets of Miss Eose .Coghlnn, the actress, on motion of counsel for Herbert E. .Boynton, assignee for F. 0. Smith &' Co., jewelers of Detroit, Mich., who recovered a judgment against the actress for $500, the value of a diamond ring which Miss Coghlan claims was jiuri-hiwed for her by her husband,.Tohn T. Sullivan, New York Doctor'Murrtcn. Dayton, 0., Oct. 13—Dr. Jerome B. Thomas, one of the professors at Long Island college hospital, was married here at high noon Tuesday to Miss Mary Denison Wilt. The groom is the only son of Clov. ,T. B. Thomas, of the Central Branch National Soldiers' home, located near this city. The bride is the daughter of one of Dayton's prominent citizens. Spanish Gunners Mutiny. Madrid, Oct. 13.—A dispatch from Ferrol says that mutiny has occurred on board tlie Spanish war ship Alfonso XIII., lying at that port. Forty gunners rebelled and attempted to seize the boats and go nahore. A fight between the mutineers and the marines and others on board the ship ensued with the result that the .revolt was suppressed and the mutineers put in irons rroduot of OU Well*. Anderson, Ind., Oct. 13.—A summary of the product of the Indiana oil fields shows that the average production for the Inst year has been 25 barrels n day while tlint of Ohio, considered the greatest field, hns been but lS'/ 3 barrels During September 174- wells were drilled in Indiana and 308 in Ohio,. Oi now sells at 34 cents, an advance of four cents on Inst month's price, Tho Declaration of independence Was written- by tJie nwn who said: "Just principles will lead us to disregard legal proportions altogether, to •inquire into the market price of gold in the several countries with which we shall principally be connected in commerce and to take an average from them." Biit'W. J. Bryan says it SB dis- (vi-iiccful to talk about adjusting our currency to the currencies of the world. \Vlli Bn Burled In Canterbury. London, Oct. 13,-The body ot Most Eev Edward White Benson, archbishop of Canterbury, who was stricken with npoplexy in Hnwarclcn church on Sun any and died almost immediately after ward, was placed in a coffin and con veyed .to the Hawarden church, where services for the dead were held Tues day morning. The Jwdy will '- t - 1 '" tc •-•-•• ------ '—day. _ Sic* Spnnlsh Soldier*. Madrid, Oct. 1.3.-A dispatch from Havana says the sick and wounded among the Spanish soldiers on the Island of Cjuba Dumber 4,200. y morning. 4-u^ ww«^ the- cathedral at Canterbury Wednes Ilir WIUI»TO Hnrcoort Ko«l»n» Lc»<ler»Ulp '.of LlburiiU In House of CommonK. London, Oct. .13.—The St. James Ga- «ette says that. Sir William Harcourt has addressed a letter to the liberal .vhips resiguing the leadership of the iberal party in the house of commons- nnd also intimating a desire on liis part to retire from parliament altogether.. Sir William Harcourt, the St. James Gazette suys, hns also written a letter to Mr. Gladstone, in which he says that he is about to withdraw from parliament, regarding such action as the best course he could pursue ill order to show that no ignoble ambition had guided is actions. The announcement of Sir William's voluntary, retirement may have the effect to rally upon his side many politicians who have hitherto refrained from taking any part in the agitation in regard to the leadership of tbe liberal party in succession to lx)rd Rosebery. CANADA'S THANKSGIVING DAY. BnHliiOMH IntcrcntH Prompt the Adoption of tho United Stuten Date. Ottawa, Out., Oct. 13.—The Dominion g-overnment hns decided to proclaim the last Thursday in Spy-ember, the 2Gth, as Thanksgiving dny throughout Canada. Canada formerly appointed Thanksgiving day earlier in the inonth, and the ground on which the change is made is that the United States generally designates the last. Thursday of November ns Thanksgiving day in that republic, and as the suspension of business in -the United States on that dny correspondingly affects business interests of Canada, it was decided to appoint Thanksgiving day on a similar daw lo that on which it is generally held in tlie United States. CABINET MEETS. * TopIcK to Be Considered In l.he Annual Kfiport*. Washington, Oct. 13. — President Cleveland and hisoificiiil advisers were in cabinet session for a:i hour a-nd a half Tuesday discussing topics to be considered in the annual reports of the executive officers and in <he proficient's message/' 'All the cabinet officers wen; present except Secretary Carlisle, who is in the city, but is busily engaged, in ^th'e preparation' of sonin campaign' 1 'speeches'to be delivered in Kentucky.' Secretary Francis, 1 of tho interior department, attended Tuesday hie flrfit cabinet meeting, and WHS warmly welcomed by his associates. Steam JfavlKatorn Meet. . , St. Louis, 'Oct. 13.—The' twenty-fifth annual convention of the national board of steam navigation began at the Southern hotel Tuesday afternoon with about "00 delegates in attendance. President James A. Henderson, of Pittsburgh, read his annual address and referred to proposed legislation for the interest of steam navigators. Under this head many suggestions were mnde. _.ie of the main issues is the abolishment of the libel law. THE .MARKETS. Grain, Provisions, Etc. • Chicago, Oct. 13. WMF \T-Actlve and hfpher. October, Ittigsofic; December, 70V4@70%c: May. 7J» 1IT-t;<iC. CORN—Active and his-'ier. No. 2. 24ViW ic- No 2 Yellow. SMKS'ic; October, iMWS (%c: December, 25vi@2ri%c; May, 2SW<3> OATS— M oderately active and higher, with fair tradlns. No. 2 cash. 18%@lSy,c; October, IKEMiSVic: May, 20%©21%c. Sample.* hlBher. 'No Grade. 13@15c: No 3 14*4 ffilTc- No. 3 White. lS@21c: No. 2. lS@19c; No. 2 White, 21@23c. . RYE-Wos firm with demand fair. No. 2 ca^h 3Kiai)36y>c, and No. 3, 3i&JoC, uo- ccrr.bor delivery? S7?4c; May, 42c. BARLEY—Active and firm: low grades a shade botten.eood export demand. Common feed Barley. 25@2Cc: very poor, 24c: maltlns conlmon to KOOd, 26®30c, and choice to fancy, Sl@35c. MESS PORK—Market moderately active and prices higher. Quotations ranged at ri.50lS>7.«). for cash: J7.SO@I7.55 for October: HAO&1.W for December, and fS-liwa 1 *".-™ for January. T.ARD-Tradlns (airly,actlve and prices hlirher Quotations ranged at $4.5f>@4.«) for cash- W.5004.55 for October; J4.55@4.62M ; for December, and H.mi.KV; for January. BUTTER—Market firm at 9@lSc for creameries, and *gMc for dairies. MVE POULTBY-Qulet. Turkeys, 5. 8S4C- Chickens, C«i>7c: Ducks, S@9c per pound; Geese, per dozen, $4.,00@6.i5, WHISKY—Steady on tho basis of $1.18 for high-wines. New York, Oct. 13. FLOUR—State and Western firm; moderately active; unchanged. WHEAT—No. 1 2 Red advanced ... on decidedly higher cables: foreign buy- inr- firmer west and local covering; moderately active; firm. December, 7<r&©7<i%e: May, 7S%©7s»c. • Market now about l', t o over Monday. CORN—No. 2 moderately active, stronger/No. 2, 31@ffic: October, 31c; December, '"OATS-NO. 2 dull, firmer. Western, 20O 30c; December, 23M:C bid. PORK—Firm, New mess, JS.CO©9.25. LARD—Firm. Steam-rendered. ?4.92Vi. BUTTER—Firm; aome talk of 20 cent! lor fancy creamery. Western dairy, 7%^ imc" Elk'lns. !"c: Western creamery, L._ 19c; 'imitation creamery, 9cg>12';4c; do. factory, 7@lle. . • CHEESE—Quiet and firm. P&rt akims, 8l4@6'Ac; full skims, 2@2%c. EGGS—Fancy, firm. Western. Lire Stock. Chicago, Oct. 23. CATTLK—Market slow and steady. Fall to host. Beeves. }3.2G@4.S5; stockers and feeders. $2.40@3.70; mixed Cows and Bulls S1.25@3.GO; ..Texas, J2.3(X8>3.16. HOGS—Market active nnd B@10e hlfrhcr Lieht J3.20@3.65; rough packing, J3.10@3.25 mixed and butchers', J3.20O3.65: heavy packing and shipping, *3.30Q>3.60; Pies, *>.» Without A Rival. As a positive cure for sprains,bruises, and paius of all kinds, Salvation Oil has no equal. Mrs. Frank Juif, 51 s Gratiot Ave., Detroit, Mich., writes "I used Salvation Oil iu '"V f:iml1 . andean say.it.has.no rival as a liniment; it ceitaiuly cures pains. I sprained my ankle and'it cured we nnd since then I have always used n ' for auy pains and bruises.". Salvatior Oil is-sold for only 25 cents. No otlici remedy-will do the work as promptly .-iauaar An Interosting Letter From a Youae Ladies' Collogrs. ac« Between HIP S«x«» T«'r n<1ucatlon. Health ImiKiiivd by liuxKMinl Study. Tlie nice butwucn tlie sexes for education is to-day very close. Ambitious frirls work incessantly over their studies, and :irc often rougrht to :i halt, through having; crific'crl the physical to the mental. Then begin those ailments that must bo removed at once, or they wi]l produce con- f ache, dizziness, faintness, sliglit vertig-o, pains in the back and loins, irregularity, loss of sleep and appetite, nerv- .ousncss and blues, with lack of confidence; these are positive sig-ns that wo-; men's arch enemy is at hand.. The following- letter was -— received by Mrs. Pinkh'am in May, one month after the young- lady had first written, giving symptoms, and asking- advice. She was ill and in great distress of 'mind, feeling sho would not hold out till graduation, and the doctor had advised her to go home.. College, Slass. You dear Woman:— I should have written to you before, but you said wait a month. Weara taught that the days of miracles are past. Pray'what is my case? I ha.ve taken the Vegetable Compound faithfully, and obeyed you implicitly and, am free from all my ills. 1 was a very, very sick girl. -Am keeping well up m mv class, and hope to do you and myself credit at graduation. * • My gratitude cannot find expression words. Your sin cere friend, MARY • p. S. • Some of the other! girls are now oj using the.C6m-° pound. It ben- ( efits them all. Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is fr-eonly • • . safe, sure and effectual remedy in such. cases, as it removes the cause; purifies and invigorates the system, and.giveB energy and'vitality. FASHIONS CHANGE BUT .. pozzoNrs Complexion POWDER REHAIKS A1WATS THE SAKE. The finest, purest and most beautifying , toilet powder <iver made. • It is sooln- ing, neaUng, healtb^l and barmteM: and wben rightly used 18 IKTISIBI*. If you have never tried POZZONl'S IT IS SOLD ElXRTffHEBE. LOOP POISON A SPECIALTYo 1 ™;^ tlaryTJtOOD tOlSOW permmnonB* cured In IStoSS days. You ambotroited •) homeforsamo price under BamoKnnnu* ty. Ifyouprcfprtocomeberowowilloon* tract to pnyrallrb«afareiin<lboteU>l!lK,»ixl noeham. If we fail to cure. If yon havo takea mor- cnry.lodldo potash, ond still have ochys and rains, MucousVatclieii In moulb, SoreThrcwt, Hrnplos, Copper Colored S|K>tm Clconi on Sny pVn oi tboVody, Hair or^reJgjnn^jrtUiW Tocnmranteotociii-o. Wo solicit too most obtO, jafo cares »nd chaUence tho world for • -n.se WC' annotcurc. Tliis dlsooao has »Jw»Ti Sained ihe Bklll ot the room eminent phyrt- -• - •fiOO.OOO capital behind our uuoon* orontr. AlMolvteRrooftMntjeiaeJOB O Temple, laaapo a well ••• Man.of tRODOOra HOt ABOV» -^^. Cures. L_ Mcmon-, S 0 oS"ctf»&""brpV^SK,^r^rl^?^.1» •»nd leading droc^isls ettewho***- After-Thirty Years'Experience I hav Brainand Nerve Tonic >n oarth for *11 woakcnwl condltlonn rc^nlless of in.»A MniiiMn^R s«ni forfull month B trontmcnt Pneumonia. Mrs. A. J. Lawrence, of Beaver, P*., says: "Brazilian Balin brought me out of a severe attack of pneumonia m, splendid shape. It is a wonderful remedy for coughs and lung- troubles. Also !or outward use, for burns, cold §ord isd chapped hands and face, it curei like magic. It is invaluable in tbe fwxl-

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