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Half Moon Bay Review and Pescadero Pebble from Half Moon Bay, California • 3

Half Moon Bay, California
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WtONtStMY, CH l(JHt 22, ZOO NEWS HALF MOON BAY REVIE 3A Pacific Ridge gets commission go-ahead Rockers stop on Coastside U2 LEADERS SPEAK WITH COLLEAGUES AT SAMS I Bm tm mmd the Edge Jwmm Uj were at Sum's Thursday night at a private Elevation Partners Lejt to right, Denise Cerriandt. teshe Martin. The Idge, Horbek. By Mark Noack mdrkflphmbreviewcom Sams Chowder 1 louse employees were thrilled by the appearance of two of the world's biggest rock stars Thursday night. About 7 p.rn.

Thursday, a bus rolled up to the Half Moon Bay restaurant, and out stepped Bono and The Tdge, the renowned frontman and lead guitarist, respectively, of the acclaimed roc land U2. Bono is an easily recognizable international celebrity. He traveled with full security detail to meet with his business associates at Tlevation Partners. a Menlo Park investment firm specializing in the media and entertainment industry. As a founding partner the firm.

Bono was speaking at the restaurant Ix-lorr almut 1(H) employees, investors and partners hi the firm. Not di redly involved in the Iiiim- COASTAL COMMISSION APPROVES 23-YEAR-OLD TERRACE AVENUE DEVELOPMENT Bv Marc Noack rrurkODhiribirvirwcorn 'Hie California Coastal Commission lias unanimously approved the long-delayed Pacific Ridge proposal and will allow Ailanto Properties to construct 1 home's off of 1 Terrac Avenue. Originally purchased in 1985. the Pacific Ridge property has had a long history of setbacks in gaming development approval from lexal and state agencies. Ailanto developer Albert Pong originally wanted to construct 220 homes on the property; however, a sewer moratorium delayed construction for years.

After years of legal wrangling. Ailanto decided to scale luck the procct to 6 1 homes in 2004, and the Pacific Ridge prefect received city approval thice yea is later. Tor approximately a year and half Ailanto lias lieen seeking the go-ahead rom the Coastal Commission and dial came Oct. IS. It was a very emotional day for us, particularly for Albert Pong and his 2 T-year journey for tins project, which was arduous at liest, said Ailanto Properties spokesman john Ward.

Pacific Ridge plans have brought years of complaints from some Terrace Avenue residents, who opposed the construction traffic the project would bring and the need for a new traffic light at Highway 1. Jerry Steinoerg. a Terrac Avenue resident, spoke out in opposition at the Gustal Commis sion meeting in Ventura, asking for some detour option for the construction traffic. Steinberg has frequently spoken out at Half Moon Bay City Council meetings against the Pacific Ridge projec most recently asking council members to intervene in the Coastal Commission's review of the development and request of an appeal. However during the Coastal Commission's review of the project, Pacific Ridge received strong support from environmental groups, including the Sierra Club and the Committee for Green foothills.

In addition, former mayor Mike Ferreira spoke in suppoit of the project. Ward said getting Coastal Commission approval meant that the pioject could begin soon after decades on the drawing Ixiaid. Allx-rt Fong has obviously had to ride this wave through year after year of sewer and water moratoriums and changes in the political landscape of Half Moon he said, adding that when development begins, the construction crews would limit their traffic on lerrace Avenue to Ix'tween 10 a. in. and p.rn.

Ailanto has also agreed to sign off on a S2.S million letter of redit so the ity can build a traffic signal at Terrace Avenue and make improvements to Highway 1. Ward would not say how much his firm hopes to gam from constructing and selling the Of Pacific Ridge homes. "In this business, its in-for-a-M-nny. in-fur a pound." he said. There's a jxmit where vou need to keep going and hope that it diK-sn't take another year." Ailanto must still submit wa-ter-deliverv plans and deal with the itv for grading and site-improvement work.

Ward said that if fast tracked, the project could Ix'gm next spring. event with his business venture. Ashley Richter, Melissa Van wine and gin and tonics. People who were there say Bono spoke for a half-hour at the patio bar with another celebrity restaurant guest magazine publisher and two-time presidential primary candidate Steve Forlx-s hlevation Part- I tiers is a minority shareholder i in Torhes Media 1 1 C. "I was definitely tiymg to stand as lose as I could to lis- ten in." said bartender and longtime U2 fan Nate Serdy.

"M.ivlx- they were trying to s.ixe tin- wen Id with their har- 1 it gi mg Women's Club critic ized the i itv foi removing signs placed by members of her gtoiip to advertise a iiim- mage sale 'I he city had removed the signs while wrapping up improvements to llighwav )2 and Mam Street. Ordano blamed the city for Ucjduster salys at her nonprofit fundraiser. Mark Noack ness, The T'dge reportedly was just tagging along. A big U2 fan. restaurant manager Mollie Stickney says she was initially flablieigasted being in close contact with her heroes.

But she says that shock wore off quickly. "112 was piohahly my liist conceit eei, back in l)K7." Stickney said. "I was starstruck. but when I saw tliem 1 was leally put at e.ise lliey seemed like a couple of common tiiencllv lush blokes Stic knrv said Bono a ml I he sidewalks and loadwavs Held after Review dead lines, the itv 's agenda ill eluded an examination changing Miles for signs placed on public piopeltv i spec lal events, sue as the ir cent Pumpkin festival. Dialled by the Citv Alim uev.

the new rub's would make Planning DirccUMC Jf-proval nee essarv befnrfuch City scheduled to consider signage update OFFICIALS WANT RULES GOVERNING PRIVATE SIGNS ON PUBLIC LAND At Tuesday night's Council meeting, city leaders were scheduled to consider an ordinance to update rules for placing signs along public 1 t. m-. Idge Ixith spoke with a mod el.ltor befole the lowd aliout then M-atle plot ess fol wilting music and thru upcoming album I hr two also placed muplr of linirleased songs I lire talked about how tbe work togetliei a-, a team and a band and tin made a parallel to limning a business and occliummg Irs." Stic knr said I hell 1 1 it llt talked lot 'll loll I lie two lair- lepmt edly mingled with the crowd talking, ovei a lew glasses nf sign- i mid bi- ili-phived I apptuvi-d (hr milm.inir would I lei i itv pmpcllv the dow low minim (gill 1 1 1 1 1 1 land' open space tescives and most (ollimel I and 1 1 1 I I ti lal Zoned al i as I he piopos.d to lev the i it) came up iii AiqwtJiftrr HAnn Or-dano (r Coaftsidc ms GARDNER Charles Gardner, Board Incumbent Civil Engineer, Parent of two CUSD students wm John Moseley, Board Incumbent Airline Captain, Parent of two CUSD students JEFFREY WOLF SAYS THANKS Put Community First Endorses Gardner Moseley Cabrillo School Board HIGH TO YOU Tve always wanted to have someone to hold, someone to Iowl After having met you IVe changed my mind I must admit you brought Religion imomy Ufa. I never believed in Hell until I met you. I would like to thank you far ending meaorae of the foUow-' big humorous slogans: Sign on die back of a septic tank truefc Xaution-This totek frill of political promises' On a plumber's truck: "We repair what your husband On another phuriber's track: Dont deep with a drip.

Call your plumber. On Maternity Room Door BtAhAltik On a Fence: "Salesman wd-comel Dog food is experaiver la a veterinarians waiting room: Be back in 5 minutes. Sit! Slay!" FINALLY In a Nonsmoking Area: -If we see smoke, we will sanimr you are on fire and will take appropriate action. So remember in the midst of all of (his bad news and hi anxiety, DONT TAKE Ul TOO SERIOUSLY. NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE! And pleaae, keep (hose letten and emails coming.

I greatly appreciate all of your input and sense of humnr. Thanks to Coucke Samantha IXkLi h. Marge McConn A Rich.ird Ilook, Paul A Connie April Vargas, Tsui A Birnna Tamer, John A Wendy Bridget! OTanrll, M.irta J.k-i j-son, Dennis Taul. Lane Cc; r-niih, Roberta Celt, SliitVy II I-ky, Barhara Sullivan. Ken Nt.

Christine Bcchtold, Win TV Ario, Bind Timer, Julie Tp-stein, Joe Ramm and 1 yrn Neil. Thanks to you. 1 of you. The Qw-tvi-le is a V. i dcrful to live.

Oversaw improvements to academics with test scores (API, AYP) that have increased consistently year-after-year Expedited construction of the new Cunha school buildings ahead-of-schedule and UNDER-BUDGET Hired our new Superintendent and ensured a smooth transition for the District a Worked with community organizations, Boys Girls Club, Cabrillo Education Fund, City of HMB to improve academic, athletic and recreational opportunities for students Results-oriented and accountable. Willing to make tough decisions Constructive communicators Experienced I would love (his column to be about one of my all time favorite movies, High Anxiety, starring Md Brooks. Madeline Kahn, Harvey Korman, and Qoris Leadvnan. Ibday, however high anxiety better describes what many of us are experiencing after the coQapae of win Street and the deepening credit enmeh that appears to be pushing die global economy into The cunent financial crisis is a teal bummer and affects of os. I am not writing this column with my usual RoDyannaUi ewer tones saying, "the sun will como out totnunow, so dont despair StiU after weeks and weeks of negative news, thought was time to tom to my many leaders and use their kiput to provide a few laughs cumin this time of teal economic turtmlcnOB.

As I have mentioned before, one of the beat Brings about writ big duscoiumo is the feedback get front you, die leaden, You cootinue to bring me smiles with some of the outrageously fanny things yon come across and share with me. I welcome your conbi-buttons, especially in a time liko The following woe sent to me by you, I lake no cmfit far audnnhtpi I hope you find these fanny. While (he aftect may only last far a moment or twt that's better than a steady diet of gloom, doom and high anxiety. -The following are new definitions front die 2008 Oxford Eng- lish ADULT A person who haa stopped growing at both ends and is now growing fai the middle. EGOTIST Someone who is usually me-deep fat conversation 1 INFLATION: Cutting money in half without damaging the paper SECRET.

Something you tell to one person at a time. TOMORROW: One of the gieateri tabor saving devices today YAWN: Aa honest opinion openly expressed -BEAUTY PAL0R: A place where women curi up md dye, Here are few simple home remedies Sent tome by a friend: Avoid cutting yomelfwhila slicing vegetables by getting someone else to bold while you chop. you have bad cough, take a Urge dote of laxative, (hen you will be afraid to cough. Avoid arguments with the Mrs. about lifting the toilet seal by using the link.

You only need two tools in life, WD-40 and DuctTkpe. If it doesn't move and rinuld, use the WD-40. Ifk shouldn't move and does, uw the duct tape 11 IE LATEST IN HALLMARK CARDS; Congratulations on your pro-' motion. Before you you like to take this knife out of my back? Youll probably need it Happy Birthday! You look 1 great for your age. Almost lifelike I am so miserable without you it's almost like you're here.

Looking back over the yearn that we have been can't help but wonder. What the hell was I Ihinking7 Put Community First is an organization dedicated to promoting candidates and elected officials who support our mission of providing continuous improvement to the necessary infrastrudure for our residents including, but not limited to: schools, libraries, access to health care, parks, affordable housing, public safety fire and police services, safe roads, safe and adequate water, waste water management, stewardship of our environment and development of the local economy We believe that government should be transparent and responsive to the needs of the community as a whole. Paid for by the Pottkal Action ComrmttPf Put 'ommunily First, FPPC ID 1 288154 8 Prudential California Ifoalty VOTED THE COASTSIDES BEST UEAL ESTATE AC: 712-6998 I I I I I.

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