Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 14, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1896
Page 5
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il?f?p^3^ il^iia^&i^^^ Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER YOU DON'T WANT A SUIT Unless it Wits, neither do you want to pay double its value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY Q. TUCKER The Pearl Street Tailor. THE FIRSI NATIONAL BANK •«! -OF- LOGANSPORT. . .- INDIANA. CAPITAL «S5O,OOO. A. J. Murdoch, Free. W. W. ROM, Caih. J. F. Brookmeyer, Aa»t. Ca»h. DT'aBCTOHS: M. 8. Wee, w. H. Brlngnnrst, A. J. MurdocK, 5 e ?I"*H;Si'nnrt • V VftTltlS J: • "*- flflTWOVij B.K. Yantls, w< T WU80n . B.ir.klnK in ai: Its Departments promptly «nd carefully done. vi«.M«rn Safety to Cuatomer» and Stockh»Wera ! B«s«rv» Fund malnUJned. I OPEKA IIOUSK. 1 tvillliuin ONE NiaHT ONLY. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 15- Allen and Taylors Picturesque atiU' Impressive American Naval , Ploy THE ENSIGN A Strong Conipnur .'uppotUng the Talent and Beautiful ictrees MIS5 BESSIE TAYLOR The Company carries a car load oi beautiful scenerj for this Piece. Prices, 25c, SiJc, 50c 75c, and $1, Seats on sale at Johnson's Dnigstot* DAILY JOURNA We are acknowledgea W«idqu«rtcrs tor capes anal jackets. Low prices always.— Trade PAlaee. Just out— "A OMld,WorM.," James . \Vlhl*eonib Riley's new book.— C, AV-. Graves, Broadway bookstore. For information coneerntag annual gas rates, see .card of Logansport & Wabasih VaUey GOB Co. on thiii-d page, Henry A. Stall has purchased the , ttock 'of groceries from his brother, John J. Stoll and will take possession at once. Th« Sisters of the Hospital wish to express 'thanks to the ladSea of the Broadway Presbyterian' chwrch for a kind donation. Catarrh Is a constitutional disease and requires a constitutional remedy like Hood's SarsaiparHln, which purifies the blood. Tfco regular meeting of the W. C. T. U. Will be held at -the Home for the Friendless, Wednesday, Owtober 14th, at 2:30 p. m. All members we urged to be present as the board of managers and trusltees for -the Home for 'the FrlendJess -win be elected at th'ls mei.'t- Ing.— Mrs. E. L.-Gnratole, pix>s,ldeint; Mrs, Maxy J. "WashTburo, eecrotaiy- Awarded Highest Honors— World's Fair. DR; CREAM BAKING POWDER MOST: PERFECT MADE. A pure Grnpc Cream of Tartar,Powder. Free from Ammonia, Alum or .»ny other'adulterant 40 Yews the Standa«t VETERANS Continued from Fourth Page.) Lngly, 'holffing the -a.ttentioi) of affl uontil almost 5 o'clock. It was a meeting in wJuk-hi 'much good -\vais don-o-, and was remarkable for many reasons. Mmuy •laidies were prcsen,!:. The attention was umwsnally close. Mnmy fa.vorable com- menits were heard oni the mosterly ex- posMiton of Judge MteConn.eiH, and all oo>mi>lime.ut«l tl«i «loqu<snt Mr. Statesman. | THE Successful in Every Wny—No Display " A*tam,pt«d, TlijO votwarts bad diarse of J'-lie jneot- -iups yestcrrtny, 'and an immense success -l!hey' mi.'ulo of iiit. I'^iV-O thousand •pcoiile .ifauhered In Mai-ket 'Squairc a,t 11 o'clock -to linear the distfaiKufelvod Re- piiblica.n mind Democratic vete.r-ace- tallc for sound money land tho. N-aitlon with a btp: "N". The delay.of one hour In itiie arrlwid of Uho -party amd -the noon. ihouT -fcli-liuiwl .Ohe wwnl somewJiM, but am tonmen.se crowd .itMnalincd. Two .h-undred mud dg:hty r scvfln veter- ams mau'dited ta line Crom tlie i-lnk, pro- coded l>y the Escort Guard, the baud and the drum corps. A* Uli-c afternoon meeting: when Judsro I>. B. McConnidll nod Hon. Jnimes P. StutPR-inan, -spoke Uie link was crowded by na eager and on-bhusiastlc At the nislit iraeeitinK Hon. W, S. Kenwortliy of Iowa, irecp.ifr.ed . an. ovn- tiott. It w/ns not totiemded that any but ttlhe Bscpi't Guard 1 do duty. Thalt jrnnrd turned oiit e'lgliltj'-'two strong, I'oHlorred by fi ba.nd of horsomeni who cnimc to from one of the .tonvmisWns. The- I'lnk was crowded to OTerflmvJng, amd the- st:roetis wore pn:d;ed. The cheering wns conti'mious and thi; tin horm figured Inirg^ly, Thto d.Ln wa« kept, tip untiJ a iMe likyur. It was spaataneous and un- oxTKKjt.e<l. nnd allows the piibMc fervof for sound money. • MAGMPICEOT. HOB. W, S. Kaniwc-nbhy Spoko to "Two Thousand People o.t tihe Rink. Tlie best oreniing meeting of the campaign was held nit the rtok las* night, wlBcn Che Hon. W. 'S. Koowortlhy of Iowa coideaTove<l to. make good the •promiise made on. tine Market street stand Jin, 'tlbe .morniing, to "maike "vthe peoiJe tired.." He didin'-t succeed, and .t-houplii he spoke for moreKthiain au hour, do 'audlunce w:hicb packed the rfnfe to thv doors, aind turned away in'nny for wjiat of standing .room. li«ard' Mirn througlh a splendid speechi and wanted to h«ar moi'e. Onte of tho speaker's il- hisbrn'tions is too good a 'Story to keep. He snM 'that Brj'aiB .th'tolcs he is run- .inlng- f or president. 'JTlmt reminds me," ih ! e sniid, "of «. Mead of my boyhood dmys. I mot hto on<J day and be looked flUl.toiiu up- One eaff wns 1 g'onc, his e.ws wore bracked antl his nose bloody. I said, '"Why .Tohin( what's the mntitca'?' 'Xot'lui'n'," ho niDNwercO. 'Wlily,' \_ said, 'Yon ni-ust litovo hod «, flchit.' 'Yfc».' he sflild, 'I miay look like I'd hnd a fijrht, fl/ml maybe I hia-ce, 1>ut 1 wnsn' t in It.' " The n,u(llence saw the .point arid a well;, defined sindeker .made ;the rafters' 'trem- 'blei . " : - ' ' A flre-year-iild boy named Darlington, livittg at the northeast corner of. Marked and Fifteenth streets, was reported lost last evenfag. He was re- 'trurned to-Ms dtettwicted parents by friends. , THE BANK P,1DN'T,RQB BRYAN Owed $1,000 When it Burst and Had $73-03 on Deposit. The closing pirni-givi-ph of the speech doilvored by Mr, Bryan io New London, Own)., yostwrdny was intGresLtos to cerUdiviKTSous l.n the ally who aro famlliair wlitli 'the ibusiness affairs oC l.'h"- PopocraUc candidate for president. Mr. Bi",v;wi s.'Uid: , "I ikirow a Dilttle'fllbout tho banking 'bu.slnt'ss. I will know more as soou a.s 1 get my dividend on the account I had deposited when the bunk ffiJiled. 'Wi: •had a 'Cashier of t'liait tank who was atould oi' silver awl wanted 'honest money, and was afraid 'tteilt die puople would get: 50-ewnt dollars. They would have 'bewi igliid to bo paid in 50-ccnt do'llars." 'JMia vision of a tank account running iu-to 'tho thonstimls may have dance'd before'Mr. Bryan's fi-iendt?-, iwid sympathetic a.dmiircrs iaii the ropocratlc cannp mmiy have wept over the heavy loss sm.*t!i-lnied 'by the mam who is so abusive of the ibsinks. Bnlt any sym- paithy that wont out'-to Mr. Bry-aiu, on fttconnt ol' his -alleged lost; m-ay havi= lH'.eu wi'tlihftkl. In. this case tJi-e bank did. not "do" its pati'on. There aro olli-cMs of the defunct bank- wlio arc i-widy 'to say ttat just 'tlie reverse is trwe. Mr. 1 Bryan 'had in iwVnfl the German NflitiOiiKil baulk'when he spoke o : f t:ho lost deposit. This bank fa.il«l -in- Do- ccLisbor, ISO,". Mr. Bryiaia was a dejpos- iltor -a'jHl there 'was -money to his account when 'Rho linstttntion closed its doors. Mr. Bryan's bal-an-ee, as shown •by the books now In the 'ha.ud-s- of receiver Ken* K. H-aydeu, wtis exactly $73.03, Mr. Bryan did business at both ends of the German JyaiWonnl bank. He wn.s a -borrower- as well as n> derwsitor, a-nd the -books -show btoa.t the <imount, he :ha.cl -borrowed always exceeded by ait •least 50 per cemt. the n.moiuii't he had' on rtei»9it. Among the'present alleged seHs oif 'the bamk is a note Cor $:l ,000 benirlng Mr, Bryan's signatiire. „ It lias beon In the baiik for years. In addi- •tiiou to Mr. Brynin's nriime, it con-tauns the indorsnient'of 'his partner, A. R. T-albot. Mr. BiT-am,'s lo«ia-has beeu if.1,000 ever sluice he bepnn tiding business ait the 'Kunik, and C. T. Bmggs. 1 Avlio was •president of ttie fiiltol bank, informed the Sun reporter toi.tay that Mr. Bryan's cleposi'c never exceeded $400. ' •Mr. '-Bosffs saiid It was iistiafly the custoim fwtlie iKcei-v«r 'to hold the dividend 'in 1 c-ase th« ' depositor owed fhp -bank, and he •thouffht -I't wns : i«ob- mb'le Mr. BiTau never received his iier- eeiLtiige of 'lite deposit ot-$78.03 fbr'tlUs reason. So it nippcnrs tlna.t Mr. Bryan'« story -albou't'The Ijl-nco'ln. bank n.ud life deposit was true, but h.c told only hailif the story, larod omitted tlie more ...tcfest'iap; liaK. Those stotements jure -umde only on, tho autihoi-Miy of the taml: o(flctol<!.—Lincoln, X XOTV YO»'k Sun. RESORT TO FORCE. f The Populist State Orj^an Raided by Fusionists.. jptor Chwrles.'X. Matthews of the NoBconformii'St, the State organ of tbo Populists, is itlie victtoi. oi treachery. • He 1ms ma:do a vigorous (IfiJit for tile rdcogmition of, Watson and ognJust fusion, Saturday ihe wias -vi/siiticd by o uuimiber at fusiionlists and was na-rested on a clilarpje of profanity. When ho went to 'the Justice's office to gilve toall his office wns- locked -'anvil b*u-rcd nuaitaat him by tho fusi'onisis 'and he has notyefbBejuaibleitio-.get.pofsesslon. TOie unction w^Ul jwobaibly result .in Utl- gwition which will close the office until -after The election, probably the only ob.leet Jn v;iew on the part of the f unionists who -wew-in c'omsiiilitJi.tion wl'th ChairnMin- Mnirtln of' the -free silver State Democi-atlc\x>mm.lt)tee in ttee W. M. ICenney of Rochester was greened-ye4erd«ij' evening.* fifllyeston by a large aim! onithusilastic audience. His speech, two 'honors ,1u .length, was filled with' lofflc and. eloquence; -and lite poitats were of 'the plafin- .common kind, evlideat to ereryibody,. •• Mr. .Kenney wall reitailns the.atiteii'bloE.'.of. flii 1 au^iwce, iimd no one gotog to Bear him will- depart -dlisa-Bpointed after'. lnear!n« hiTn. The people of Waitoa ' stoouM- giTo -thte .spdajker a rousing reception w.hen he addisssses itliiem.-tpni'ght. . .SYNOD : IN SESSION. The Indiana-Synod to in sesston at Frankltn, I-nd. Tjliere «re 320 members mud over two .haimlrecl were present at jbhe fi.rs.t- meeiftinff. • Dr. W. O. Lattl- niflire of Oi'O'Win- Point-was UJMncd Moderator to succeed Dr. .Fi-amk .Hays of Mivnde, Dr^.J. H. Bright of-Indlana- pofllls Presibytery amd' Chae. Ideper of Forit Waynie' Presbytery . -were m : ade If any one iam isi. copy o£ the..old war wordvi, or words and -music both,-will they kindly l«aye a copyrof It at: The Journal, or .allOijT; me'to copy it,; and- pibllge—H. I^aud Moore. THERE WILL BE NO SETTLEMFNT: The Closing out of the Otto Kraus stock is absolute and should be taken advantage of by every economical perse n, Thousands were this season's purchase, right up to date hato, shoes and clothing, appraised bv your own citizens, men of sterling integrity, at the lowest cash wholesale value, understand, "Wholesale Value" naturally meaes a heavy reduction from regular prices, in many cases fully fifty per cent than actual cost. THERE WILL BE NO SETTLEMENT, the stock and fixtures will be closed out, the totaii stock was appraised at $44,499.41 $IO,OOO in excess of Mr. Kraus's liabilities. The quicker the stock is sold the better for all concerned on account of expense of conducting sale, ALBERT Q. JENKINES, Assignee. UNIQUE FISH STORY. Trout Swiillo-jTiul a Mole, nut thv Victim Keveiiend Itself. Controller Harris and' his clerks, • Larry Hardeman and H. 1 B. Miller, with Julian Kivers.'Vf the treasurer's office.' Xashville, Tenn., spent the other day fishing at Oag-g-ie Hope. And speaking o.C fish bring-s to mind a romark-' able fish story related by J. H. OI- 1 i'ins, tho surveyor ot customs of the' port of Nashville. Mr. Collins is a sue-' cessfol fisherman and a thorough lover o[ the sport. This story •'Mr. Collins has been quietly circulating 1 among his friends, modestly claiming to have hoard it, but there is an impression out that he is relating personal experiences. At any rate the story goes that a man was on White's creelc, in the Twenty- third district, one day recently, when he noticed a magnificent trout spring out of the water. Hardly had it fallen back into the stream when it sprang out ngnin turning a somersault in t/he air. Again and again this occurred. The fish being quite large created quite a commotion in the little stream, leaping into the air twisting and turning tuid writhing as he passed through the air. The quiet watcher was completely mystified and for fully five minutes watched the peculiar actions of the trout. Its eyes were plainly seen from the creek bank and. the gentleman thought he detected signs of pain. At any rate it was a free show and he determined to see it out. The trout continued to rush up and dowp, stream autl make frantic leaps through the air until finally after a, magnificent rush and leap he flew the water entirely and fell.,scv, eral feet up on the sandy hank of the creek and giving a few feeble flaps with its tail lay 'Still. The man walked ovor to pick iqi the fish, which was a splendid five-pounder, and finding it dead stooped to take it in hand, but.observing a commotion in the fish's belly paused a moment and almost instantly the nose :u.<\ feet of a mole protruded and Mr. Mole crawled out not only alive, hut lively, and scurried oil, burrowing into the ground .n..few feet away. 'When the fish was llr'esscd 'its vitals were found cut to pieces. No explanation is offered as to how the fish got bold of the mole. PHRYGIAN CAP AND THE KNOUT. Moant .Taken by Franco to Keep Out Russian Exile*. ' The French republic, thanks to the new alliance between the Phrygian cap hnd the knout, has done its best fcomake it's sdil'insecure for those who fled from the tyranny of-cair-dom, says the North American lleview. Among Russian (.x- iles living at Zurich, Geneva und Lausanne spies have latterly been introduced, even, in the guise of alleged lady students of the fame nationality. In Engliind alone proscribed Russians »re free, and in England,, partly in consequence of their contact with the quiet operation of parliamentary institutions, partly on account of a change of feeling among the cuHiired classes of their own country, men like Stepiuak, the nu- thor of "Underground JRus?:a" imd kindred works, who once had a hand in the fierce active fight against autocracy by all. available means of irregular warfare, have gradually ceased to be connected with the organization of so- called terroristic attempts. Their London monthly organ. Free Russio, shows how much they have moderated their demands. If the young emperor would only consent to the Introduction of some k'nd 1 of representative assembly, such au ell European nations.have, and as even the sultan had adopted shortly before Turkey was beaten down by the armies of Alexander IL, the reigning czar would: rally around him many who are at present his adversaries in what is be-, lieved to be tho camp of the most «-' treme party. j '•''-.•' In Peril*. The governorship of a state is held yearly by the man who 1 gives the shah the largest present; during his period of office he collects from the people the taxes, the present he has given the shah and a good substantial sum into the bargain for himself. Absolutely pitiless, bis men will often seize the last sticks of an old man. and if the people, seeing starvation staring them in the face, resist,, they are liable to.be put to death by torture, if what was in the mouth of every one was true. In the old days It was necessary to make a frightful 'example of a few caravan robbers to keep the road through the Kotabs safe. •In a country where it is customary to commit suicide in a fanatical way, as, fur instance, when wives throw themselves on their husbands' f uneral pyrea in India, an outcry often is made in . England, njid yet in a country full of Europeans men are'taken out.m broad daylight and cruelly murdered by the. roadside. KODAKS KODAKS I have the agincy for the products of the EASTMAN KODAK CO of Rochester, N. Y.. the largest and bent equipped concern in the world manufacturing PHOTO9UAPHIC INSTRUMENTS and SUPPLIES. Tbeir goods are taken as Standard the world over. We Fifth Indiana Cavalry will have .headquartera ait -the G. A. K: hall dnr- hig -its annual reunion,, whiefr'will be held iiri the 'city betfninmr today : and continuing until Thursday night. POOKETT KODAK. Size 3x4 inches; weight 3 ounces. Takes a picture I%x2 inches. Either film or glass plates can be used. .Does perfect work. Price $5.00. . Takes square pictures, 3%x3% Inches; size of camera, 4Vzx.iV&6 Inches; weight 20 ounces. Pric*. $10.00. Improved No. 2 Bullet •, This outfit is sufficiently large for all ordinary amateur photography. Includes lamp, trays, two dozen sheets Dolio paper, solution, etc. Price. $1.50. A. B. C. Developing and Printing Outfit. Full Line of Supplies Kept on Hand. C. W. GRAVES, Successor to W. T. GIFFE, 413 Broadway. GOOD TEriPLARS. Grand Lodge Convenes in This City Today. The Grainl Lwlpe of -ttlic Order o£ Good T^mpOaii'S convenes in the hall over 'the Progress clothing efltoblls-h- mcnit this-morotog for a two days' ses- aion,' There will be delegates in a,t : tendiamce from aH over -the State, and the outlook for a successful -meeting is .good The first, session convenes alt 10 o'clock tks morning. Al*. meanMrs of snbortfflniiJte lodges tn libls city, whether delegates or not, ore eligible to .it- tend the sesstons.- TMs TS toe fourth flime -the 1 oi»y of I^ogansport has been •honored 'by the holding of the annual meeting In tluis city. NOT WANTED. The Pharos Don't Want the Votes of Veterans. A Wit of touimor in The Journal Is obaraoteuizca by the Phtiros ns "totwl- ernimoe,". nmd then it -makes Insulting reraai-ks atoout toe -brave vetownis who areagialin. nghiting for thedr country re- gwi'dtesB of party. No real veteran can vote wiMi .the Pharos;'a*ter tMs insulit. It says: "Tte 'tManest thiimg on ttue road thtese days 'is the oggregatiion, of old generals starring the country to the Interest of Wall streqt, a part of »he Undon that pive th'e govcnniment a good dead of trouble duritag the war." It--was 'announced late yesterday afternoon,'that Hon. John, P. Irish of Cal- tfoimii'a, ai Sound Money Democrat, wouia spwk ,a!t Peru 'again last even- Ing, and *he Sound Money Democrabs of Logainisport ran . ji. special train. Though, they had tess tha.n three hours•to got-up a, crowd, ntoety-eight excur- tis left for Peru alt 6:30 p. m. One. of thte big plaibe glass windows at .Uhe.fruit store -of SoMlmiaino at the corner of Broadway and Peaorl. street, was shattered last.night by unknown parties. . • The I/. A. C; foot 'ball team wfll practice Tbiursdia-y night. IN THIS CAM-FAIGX. In this OTJuiixugn so 'in.-uiy things arise To mix iind m-nddle minds and pus- zle voters. The wonder is the pa.tient. voter 'fries To iudtipeudent act of vocal motors.. With reason does he earnestly protest Against the classappeais of agitators. If die ihsid work he'd .gladly, take a rest . ijprom heaiiaug wild-eyed projudlco i i creators. • I i ( In tills campaign tftc voter 'is assured, Be ihe a farmer, that a rise in prices WJU come with! Bryan. Markets are secured By flimsy free trade promise .and sur^ mises. . And vexed is he when speakers loudly cry, "We'll mnke all silver worth as muctt , as gold 1s." He asks, "How's t.bis. The price of wheat is high And silver's low, yet by It wheat controlled Is." * ..- < In this campaign the thinking fanner .False prices, doubled with a cheapened dollar, Are simply held the some. There's n« increase. The coin, he'd have to take is just inade smaller. TbJe worktagmac is told that tbougtt his pay .Will go but half the. way to buy hl» living, He must with patience wait a brighter dny, When cafrftal earns more and does more In thlis -campaign a question, oft occurs: "M value can 'be made by legislation, . Why shc-uild the voters all be-tax- - Why not create by law our liquidation "! ' " ' In this campaign we ask no- charity, But that the factories, not mints, be- started., Good, pay, good prices, bring pros' per-ity,- .-., - • To moJce the "toiling miWlons" happy: /..j toearted. .', ' Q - *• . Old papers for sate at' the offlce. 20 ceatt » hundred.

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