The Indiana Progress from Indiana, Pennsylvania on March 23, 1876 · Page 13
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The Indiana Progress from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1876
Page 13
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NDIANA INDIANA, P A . THURSDAY ......... MARCH 2S._ 187' STATE AND COUNTY. ~Tnr "inscription - price of the PROGRESS is M y. if paid in advance, S2.00. if paid during the vo'ir' sin.l *2Jiu if not paid durinK the year. Six iuonilis, »i. M cents additional for papers sem, out of the ei'inity, for postage, ,—..•n— Court proceedings iu another column. Horse thieves infest Westmoreland county. Hon. Daniel Barney announces for the Senate. The Court House was elaborately decorated on Tuesday. Pennsylvania ranks sixth in the list of grain growing States. The Democratic State Convention met in Lancaster yesterday. The heavy snow storm seems to be geueral all over the country. James C. Moore, of Saltsburg, has been appointed a Notary Public. We understand that Dr. St. Clair will be a candidate for Senator. The Republican State Convention meets at Harrisburg on Wednesday uext. The lecture delivered by Dr. Fairfield on Tuesday evening was a decided success. Statement of the First National Bank <f Blairsville is published iu today's paper. Mr. Samuel Wiggins, an old resident of this county, died on Monday last, of paralysis. Four prisoners were taken from this place to the Western Penitentiary on Tuesday morning. All the different nations in the world were represented by flags placed on the Court House on Tuesday. The young ladies of Indiana, made themselves very useful in making flags for the military company. James C. Moore, of Baltsburg, has been appointed Tester of Weights and Measures for Indiana county. Searletfever ofa severe form is raging in all parts of Leiiigh couaty, and is causing many deaths amany children. Mrs. Mitchell, widow of the late Jas. Mitchell, deceased, of this place, died at the residence of Mrs. John Weamer, on Monday. Mr. Rowland Dixon, of White township, Cambria county, caught an eagle in a trap recently, which measured eight feet from tip to tip of wings. Prof. J. 8. Walthour, who has held the positioa of Principal of the Public Schools of Saltsburg, lor a number of years, has removed to Greensburg. Mr. W. L. Thompson, of Rayne township, left on Monday last for Indiana, where he expects to remain during the year. We wish him success. R. Rulafron, Esq., has been recommended as a delegate to the Republican Natfonal Convention by the Republican County Committee of Clarion county. We would like to publish the list of Indiana county soldiers in the Ninth Pennsylvania Reserves. Will some one be kind enough to furnish us with the same ? Mr. John Ayres, brakeman on the branch passenger train, had two fingers of his right hand smashed on Saturday, while leading wood at Blairsville Intersection. The jury in the case of the Commonwealth vs. John Y. Smitten, for barratry, returned a verdict of acquittal, and divided the costs between the defendant and prosecutor. Pittsburgh has developed a water ring. Water works there, which were estimated to cost §2,294,478, have already absorbed nearly five millions and two million more are demanded to continue the job. An exhibition of the West Indiana public school will be given in the Normal School chape!, <:n Tuesday evening, March 28, 1876, beginning promptly at 7J o'clock. All ^are cordially invited to attend. A pauper named McPherson, who was incarcerated in the Clearfield coun. ty jail, in January last, for attempting the East Ohio Conference will meet at Steubenviile. Annie McGaire, aged fifteen, the girl who fired Mr. Cunningham's house on six different occasions, at Livermore, of which mention was made last week, wascommitte-i to jail in Green burg on Monday. It is su. posed she is slightly der.iii'-'pd.aad war-subsequently removed to the department for that clas.s at the Poor House. In his lecture on Tuesday evening, Dr. Ftiirfield said, iu his opinion, the coming Ceii'enuial ExhibH'on would be incomplete if the Commission would 11 it have au Indian wigwam and an old log cabin, such as our frontiersmen first lived in, in Pennsylvania, and as some of them still live in, erected on the grounds. A land slide occurred on the branch road, at the Blacklick curve, on Friday last a short time before the noon train was due at that, place. A youag man named Weir, who lives near by, B aw the slide and signalled the train, which was stopped just in time to avoid a wreck. The traiu was delayed about an hour by the occurrence. On Monday of last week, a very distressing accident occurred in Alloona, whereby a little daughter o George Detwiler was burned in such a manner as to cause her death. During the absence of the mother the, child drew close to Ihe fire, aud from some coals in the grate, her clothes took fire, and burned her in such a manner as to cause her death in a short time thereafter. Samuel R.(?) Smith, of the Indiana Messenger, says the Punxsutawney Valley Spirit, "is favorably spoken of as a candidate for the Legislature iu Indiana county." So! That is news to us, we had been informed that Samuel A. Smith, of the Messenger, had his weather eye on Sheriff. but then he is big enough for both. Burgess, Coroner, Legislator, Sheriff, Statesman. That fixes Samuel pretty well. Bully for Smith. There is a man living within six miles of Wayuesburg, between fifty and sixty years of age, who is u well- to-do farmer and has several thousand dollars at interest, who was never put side the limits of Greene county but once in his life, aud that was years ago when he.went over to Miltsboro, just over the county line into Washington county, for salt. He never saw a steamboat nor a railroad, and it has been as long a [.eriod-as-twelve years that he was not even in Waynesburg. A call tor a Christian Convention of ministers and laymen, similar to that held in Philadelphia by Messrs. Moody and San key, is called to meet in New be realized for the same, as the demand will likely be. equal to the supply.— Clearfif.ld Journal. Mr. Moody says man is a failure. Probably Mr. Moody never saw a young man play base ball all day, and billiards half the night, and get up the next morning and jaw round for an hour because his mother didn't put more stiffening in his shirt bosom. Man a failure, indeed l—Norristoion Herald. The following teacherb Were selected for the summer terms of schools in Armstrong township: Walker's, W. S. Brachen; McCreight, A. F. Walker; Union, Amanda Harbison; Parkwood, Maggie Anderson; McCullough, Maggie E. McCollum; Uncapher, J. M. Marshall; Anthony, F. L. Moorhead; Laney, Lizzie Mogle; Peelor, J- C. Walker; James Fleming School, Maggie E. Smith; John Fleming School, Nannie Lewis; Chestnut Flat, Francis Nolton. School to commencd April 10. Wages twenty dollars per month. Term two months. * Items from report of Doty School, Grant township, for month ending March 17, 1876: Male, Female. Total. No. of pupils in attendance during month 10 Average attendance during mouth 8 Percent, of attendance duri eg month 85 Per cent, of attendance during term. 81 Pupils missing no daysduringmonth 4 Pupils who havo missed no days during term: Sarah S. Hamilton, Margery A. Hamilton, Emma N. McCracken. W. T. HUEY, Teacher. Items from report of Lowry's School White township, for the month ending March 10,1876 : . Male. Female. Total. No. of pupils in attendance during month 13 8 Average attendance . during month .11 -7 Per cent, of attend- anceduring month 84 87 Per cent, of attendance daring term. 82 .83 13 12 92 96 6 23 20 88 83 10 21 18 86 83 BTew Counties. The bill for the formation of new counties (now pending at Harrisburg) is much opposed. All that is essential under the bill, as it now stands, to secure the formation of a new county, is to have a petition signed by 1,500 persons, an area of four hundred square miles, without having the boundary line within ten miles of any county seat; a population of 20,000 within the area of the proposed new county, and two-thirds of the vote within the same. It is said that schemes are already being concocted, which can be carried out under the House bill if it becomes a law, to divide Eria, Warren, Crawford, Mercer, Veuango, Butler, Armstrong, Clarion, Indiana, Clearfield, Allegheny, Washington, Greene, Bradford, Tioga, Lycoinmg, Luzern, Lancaster, Dauphin, Berks, Bucks and Montgomery. The above is a synopsis of the new county bill. It has been amended so as to require a majority vote of the citizens of the county to allow a part to secede for the purpose of forming a new county. In another shape it would be an act of great injustice to many counties in the State, especially Indiana county. Just think of one section of the county seceeding and leaving the remaining portion to pay the county debt that the seceding part had helped to make, and that is no more, nor less than what the new county bill virtually proposed to do. It would be a law conferring the same privilege upon parts of counties—the right of secession—that was denied to the Southern States. As a principle, there is no difference. In this more;than useless Legislature it is hard to tell what shape the bill may get into before it passes and becomes a law. A Legislature that has already trampled upon the rights of the people in so unjust a manner, as the present one has done in the repeal of the Local Option law, will scruple at nothing, if there is auy money in it. ! liquor without license. O. A. Ellis pros. Verdict not guilty but defendant to pay the costs. Same vs. George H. Warren, ting fire to his dwelling house to cure tue insurance. Samuel G. Bnowu pros. Verdict not guilty prosecutor to pay costs. Set- pro- W. and Blnirsville. BLAIRSVILI.E, March 20, 1876. The eqniuotical storm w hich we are experiencing at present gives us sufficient north-westers to keep people moving along the street at a business gait at least. Messrs. John Bruce, Paul Graff and Eev. Lauct^ are absent attending M. E. Conference at Canton, Ohio. Messrs. Thos. Maher, Geo. McCune and John Curry, who were out on the Engineer Corps at work on the P. & N. road, are at home. It seems that they have not received any pay for several mouths and are not likely to. Chief engineers Bird and Daugherty have brought suit against the parties who were at the head of this enterprise for conspiracy to defraud. ; A:number of our colored men had a debate recently in their church. The question was, "Which is the most destructive element, fire or water?" Brackson Jackson was on the affirmative side and Abram Johnston on the negative. It is said that the question was a very lively manner. In a flhort.time they propose to have another debate, which, no doubti will be well attended. ever who York City, OB the 29th and 30th inst. It is expected that it will be the largest meeting of the character ever held in nd a Ad- this country. Each church to send a to murder Dr. died in his cell If of the Johns, of Peunfield, on Monday night of last week. He was about 54 years of age. Last week was a busy week in Court. There is a general complaint that too many petty cases are being brought before the Court to occupy its time, this is the case, is there no means putting a stop to this drain county funds ? The Philadelphia Timese&ys the State representation to the National Convention consists of two delegates from each of the thirty-four Congressional districts and two delegates for each U. S. Senator. The Times would do well to consult their Almanac to find out how many Congressional districts we have in this State. The Pittsburgh Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, which has been in session in Canton, Ohio, for a week past, decided yesterday to divide by the State line. Both the Conferences will meet in the fall. The Pittsburgh Conference will meet at the Butler street Church, Pittrburgh, and delegate minister and layman dress all communications to Richard C. Morse, Secretary, N. W. Cor. 26th Street and Fourth Avenue, N. Y. Pota'o bugs promise to make it as lively for the growers of this favorite of the soil as ever. II is hoped that the> will take up their line of march for another country this year, but the fact that they have not in the past is evidence that they are well pleased with this country. It is claimed that potato bugs are the worst things to multiply in all the world. Those that have noticed passing events certify that the unweaned potato bug of this morning has an endless flock of grand children and great grand children the next morning. The Philadelphia Inquire of the 18tb inst., says: There took place a day or two ago, from a house on German street, the funeral of a woman who weighed, the last time she was on the scale, over four hundred pounds, and whose dimensions increased very materially since. It took eleven men to handle the coffin, and to get the latter out of the house the door jams had to be removed. Notwithstanding the immense size and weight of the woman, she was able to do washing, and performad that work for a livelihood until within a short time previous to her death. Recently a widow, past the prime of life, sued a prominent citizen of Tidioute for the amount of a note, about $20,000 which had been discovered after the death of her husband. The Pupils present every day during month: Elwood D. Fulton, Williani Johnston, Ollie Lowry. Present every, day during term:, Ollie Lowry. Pupils missing no words in spelling during month: Sadie Laughlin, Ora Lpwry, William Johnston, Harry Lowry, James Miller, James Bepioe. m , MARY H. HOPKINS, Teacher. The worst case of a liar . we heard of, was the young man visited this place on Friday last, and tried to create a sensation by stating that a man had been killed that morning near Marion. His story was substantially as follows: He stated that he and his partner were boiler makers, and had came from Pittsburgh one day last week to this place, and from here had gone to Plumville, where they had repaired a couple of boilers for seme manufacturing firm in that vicinity. From that place they went to Punxsutawney, at which place they also done some work in their line, and on Thursday left that place for Indiana, but could only get as far as Marion, where they stopped over night. On Friday morningy-in order to get to Indiana in time to take the evening train to Pittsburgh, tbey concluded not to wait on the stage, but hired another conveyance, in the shape of a buck-board, and with the owner of the vehicle as driver, they started for this place about half past nine o'clock. According to the story of the young man, when they reached the bridge on this side of Marion, the driver thought best to return and get s-osne robes, as the weather was cold. This was agreed to, and in turning his horses, the wagon was thrown over, one of the horses and the yoang man's being precipitated into Conrt Proceedings. Commonwealth vs. Samuel S. Smith. A and B with intent to commit rape. Carrie Markle pros. Nolpros. allowed on payment of costs by defendant. Same vs. Philip Buah, James L Cbchran and John McCullough. Forcible : entry with intent to commit felony. Amos S. Miller, pros. True bill. -Guilty. James I. Cochran was sentenced to' pay a fine of six cents to the Commonwealth, and restore the goods stolen and undergo an imprisonment in the Western Penitentiary for the period of partner the one year. . Bash and McCullough were sentenced to pay a fine of six cents to the Commonwealth together with the costs of prosecution, to restore the goods stolen ana to undergo an imprisonment ill the Western Penitentiary for one year. Same vs. Frank McFeaters, F and B. Martha Hines pros. Settled. Same vs. Thomas Garvis. A and B. Nancy Ann Garvis pros. True bill. Guilty. Same vs. Samuel Walker. A and B. Johnston Sutton pros. Settled. Same vs. Henry Skinner. F and B. Mary M. Smiley pros. Continued, and process awarded. Same vs. William Hayner. F and B, Sarah B. Hartman pros. Continued. Same vs. Henry Hilty. F and B. Elizabeth Moore pros. True bill. Continued. Same vs. D. A. Laytou. Selling liquor without license. True bill. Continued. Same vs. John Stewart, Jr. F and B. Elizabeth Styles pros. True bill. Continued. The young ladies of the Ethel Society gave their gentlemen a very nice surprise on last Thursday evening at the residence of Mrs: Alexander, in the way of u very nice supper. No doubt the, object was a double one, they probably desired to show their culinary ability as well as to gratify the appetites of their -gallants. As the supper was prepared by themselves, no doubt, after this supper, if any of them propose they will be' accepted at once as it is said to have been well prepared. The old saying is, that the nearest way to a man's heart is through his stom'- ach, so 1 if these young men had not lost'theirs before, no doubt, they are alt. gone now., Spring,chickens '.and waffles, scalloped oysters, , not done with; scissors, bain sandwiches and!good, coffee and all ;sich, it <is -said,: iriake a powerful impression ph a man's heart./, Mr. J6hh'McCrea : took; his Departure at the, time he .expected,; to for Aledp, 111. iiObhri; left many friends in this, community who were very sorry to see hi uV go. He has their : best Wishes for his success in his western home.' This spring wo are to have ; two new tailor shops; one is : to/be' opened in; Trieces' old stand, by'Mr. Boosierj and the other, in Dr. Marshall's store room by Mr. Patterson. WALL PARISH, FUKXITITKE UNDERTAKING. HAKTMAH «fc SUTTOW, Philadelphia St., betwe'eu Fifth and Sixth. A full a-urt new stock of ail kinds of Furniture, and beautiful patterns of Wall Paper all at Bottom Price--. Give us a call and be convinced. Something that all should know. That A. S. Cunningham has again ra- duced the prices of liis large .-lock of iiooda. All will do-well to call aud get a baigain. The winter stock of shawls, blankets. horse blankets, flannels, waterproofs, tfce., all reduced to cost and below it. Plaids reduced from 45 to 30,40 to 25, 35 to 25, and from 25 to 15 cents. Excellent bargains. Alpacas, black aud colored, reduced from $100 to 80c, 75 to 55, 60 to 50, 50 to 40, 40 to 33, 35 to 28, 30 to 25, &e. Great Reductions. Dress Goods all reduced from 20 to 30 per cent. Bed Flannels reduced from 30 to 25, 25 to 20, and from 20 to 15 cents. These are bargains. 12 yards good domestic gingham lor Si. ' . 12 yards, 1 yard wide, bleached mus- Jin for Si, worth 12 cents per yard; 10 yards 4-4 soft .finish, bleached mus- ,lin for $1 worth S3.25. 12 yards Heavy Bro. Muslin 4-4, $1. 12 yards Appleton A. Bro. Muslin,§1 Tickings all reduced. At 6 cents cest fast colored prints. Clothing reduced from $25 to 20, for suits, 20 to 16, 18 to 15, 15 to 12,12 to 16, and Irom 10 to 8. Great inducements in overcoats. These are great inducements. Boot : :and shoes, a complete stock, and offered at lowest prices. Ladies' Morocco for §1.25 worth $1.50 Children's shoes 75c worth $1, $1 worth $1.25. Iinaketbie line a specialty, and offer inducements in fine boots, rubbers, &c. 24 cakes.wash soap 8 boxes concentrated lye 6 cans tomatoes, 3 Ibs 5 " peaches " " 12 Ibs Turkey prunes 10 " white sugar ..... green coffee 1 00 1 00 1 00 1 00 1 00 1 00 1 00 4 " choice roasted coffee 1 00 /Dried apples and peaches, syrups, aud all groceries sold at very lowest prices. The People "Want Proof• There is no medicine prescribed by physicians, or sold by druggists, that carries such evidence of its success and superior virtue as BOSCHEE'S GEKMAN SYRUP for severe Coughs, Colds settled on, the Breast, Consumphon, or any disease of the Throat proof of: that fact is afflicted, can g«t, a S . 10 cents;and try its,superior effect before buying the regular size a .,o cents and Lungs. A that any person Sample Bottle fot It has lately been -introduc d in this country from Germany, and its wonderful, cures ;are astonishing everyone that-use it Three doses will relieve' any-case. Try it. Sod by W. B. Hildebrand, Indiana. G. W. Blairsville, John Waterson, Dr. j. McFarland & Son, Triece, creek, and driver was thrown out upon the ground, his head striking a stone and killing him instantly, the narrator gentleman claimed that the note was not a just one, and contested the matter in the courts. Fortune favored the widow and she won the suit. Soon after a young man began to court her and a few weeks ago they were privately married. After the marriage had been consummated the citizen carried the case up to the Supreme Court, where he got a decision in his favor. It is supposed that this dampened the young man's love, at any rate the whole family have disappeared from Tidioute society. The number of rafts on the West Branch and its tributaries, that will be gent to market this season, will reach about 209. This is a wonderful decrease. In 1874 over 2,000 rafts were ruia to market from the same localities, and in 1875 about 1,300, of .which perhaps, some 250 rafts are slill unsold; but, thes? are at the lower markets, and cannot be made available above' Marietta. In view of this is but fair to presume that the lumber, that will be run this spring will find a ready market along the river between here P nd Marietta, and that good prices will however, escape injury being fortunate enough to He said he did not but thought "Josh." He know the man's name, the people called him also stated that one of the horses had been killed, and that the people had taken the dead man back to Marion. What possessed this young man to tell such a deliberate lie is beyond our comprehension; but he had better be careful in the future, or his big stories may be the means of getting him into trouble. Last week being court week, a good many people from the vicinity of Marion were in town, and this story created quite an excitement among them, and they were left in suspense as to whom the unfortunate man was, until the arrival of the stage in the evening, when their minds were set at rest by being informed that the story was entirely false. . ., After it became known that-there was no truth in the story, and that the man who told it was from Pittsburgh, some said that the "Penn Point" man of the Pittsburgh Leader must have broken loose, and-had Strayed in this direction. _ . - . Elderton -Academy Will open Monday, April 1.7, under the care of the undersigned. Every educational facility afforded. . , . . Address PRESTON BABE, l2-3w Elderton, Pa. Same vs. Albert Davis. Adultery. Continued. Same TS. Foster M. Myers, Seduction and F and B. Sarah Widdowson pros. Continued. Same vs. J. Craig, Hugh Roberts, and Cyrus Buchanan. Biot and A andB. True bill. Continued. Same vs. same. Assault with intent to rob. Adam Lake pros. True bill. Continued. . Same vs. D. G. Gorman. Barratry. Jos. Nicbol proa. True bill. Continued Same vs. Ambrose Lancy, C.Lancy, j L. Keith and Joseph Poddicord. Larceny. John D. Martin pros. The Lancys pleaded guilty, Peddicord was difcharged and Keith not tried. Mr. Ray is fitting up th6 'hall over his warerooms to be used'by it^ose who give entertainments,in bur fpwn. TJiis is a move in the right direction, a mupt. needed improvement. The programme of the Historical Society is reading United States - His-; tory and discussing that.subject. ; One hour is spent at each. Questions are handed in to be answered by a committee appointed for that purpose. The readers are appointed in alphabet-; ical order, each person reading fifteen minutes; Allinernbers of the ' society- have to take an active part. The membership is about'thirty. A motion was made, to have each member donate ten cents each evening to create a fund to go to the Centennial with but was not carried. About the middle of next month we are to have an Old Folks Concert at Seminary Hall. George Washington is to sing a solo on this occasion. Napoleon Bonaparte also thinks of sing- Saltsburg,vor J. A. Pearee, Livermore, Pa and get a bottle .of BOSCHBE'S .GEBMAJS SYBUP your.immediate cure is ascertain a* you live. Sample Bottles nf this medicine can be obtained tor 10 ;eents to try. ii&suoerior virtue. Regular size 75 cents. Two doses will; relieve any. case. FhUadelpIiia Cattle Market. ' PHILADELPHIA. March. a).-Market quiet this "sc'e.V— TTnr.hanned: 8,000 head arrived . and sold a at^lSsOSUOO. 2,000 head sold Philadelphia Floor, Marfeet. March 20.— Flour firm; super m»nd improving; Pennsylvania. Ne Delaware fresh lc@16c; western l=c. MARRIAGES. «iWAKK-WILSON-On the 9th inst., at tlie Wilson. Go to the great sales of Dry Goods at reduced prices, at J. N. Bruce's, Indiana, Pa. Same vs. same. Entry of a store house with intent to commit a felony. Verdict guilty as to the Lancys. Bame vs. J. Y. Smitten. Barratry. Jonas Sylvis pros. Verdict not guilty and costs divided between prosecutor and defendant. Same vs. Samuel Trimble. F and B. Sarah Nagel pros. Continued. Same vs. Nancy Stuchell. Selling liquor without license. True ,bill. Continued. Same vs. Reed Dixon and Harry Brink. Malicious mischief; A. M. Lucas .pros. Continued. / .••••'• Same vs. H. Colkett. F and B. Continued. ± . „ v,J Same vs. Win. 1 Bennett. Selling "Hoop 'erup" whiskey without license and to minors, (2 cases). Ver- •dict guilty. _ • " " ••' ' ^ Same vs. James Johnston,,,A and,iB, with intent to commit rape.i ! Marian Brown pros. Verdict guilty-. Same vs. John Bartholomew. Allowing prisoner to escape through negligence. Verdict guilty Same vs. David ing, but he hesitates for fear it might be thought undignified. Charley Miller's low-priced and excellent boots and shoes still make a sensation Wehrle sells jewelry as low as ever: his charges for repairing are also low. everything in keeping with the times. If you want a good buggy at cost write to T. D. Marshall, he has several that hewill close out on these 'terms having gone into other business. The people in oar town do not use much butter now. Terrible roads, farmers walk to town. We had a call from Dr. Row, who formerly had charge of the public schools here. He has just graduated at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, and is now ready to start his canoe. The Dr. was looking well. The party who took an umbrella by mistake from the Presbyterian sociable which met at Dr. Marshall's will oblige the owner by returning it. It belongs to Rev. Swan. John McCrea has just returned home from Duff's College, where he He has gone into Ray's John's friends are glad ., at the resi- Almira Burron. FERKIER-GILBERT-On the 14th ins^.. by Rev. AC Johnson, Mr. Dariel Ferrier and Miss Lorretta Gilbert, both of Homer City. R AIRIGH-SECENG OST-On the ilth ult, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. Arthur s, Mr. Isaac RairiRh, of Grant twp..and Miss Alary Secensost, of Montgomery township. RUGH-EVANS-On the 16th inst.. at the re". M AHON-CONRAD-Onthel6thinst,atthere3i : Brushvalley twp.,both of. Indiana county, r*. DEATHS. Weamer. Selling SB years. ' •nrtrr'TXS-On the!9th inst.. In West Indiana, of paTaWs^s, Mr. Samuel Wiggins, aged about 73 years, . S T CLAIR-On the 14th Inst., at New ville, Annie, infant daughter of Alexander and Sarah fat. CUir. aged about 3 yesrs. BRUCE-On the 20th inst., Ma -y P. Bruce, 74 years. • • • AnnoTinceinents- $10 graduated. storeagain. to see him back. IiEG J Armstrong McAnulty, of this place, has been granted letters patent for a device -for 1 unloading hay, gram, <a ! nd other weights b£' horse-power. This is 'the only complete machine for the 'purpose that 'has ever been pat- ; ''-"- : : ' 1 ' :: ' i ' ' : ' ' ''' _ Vyilspn >/ Sqtton's advertise- menti - • >••••• -''•"• ' ' : • ' J N Bruce, Indiana, is still offering bargains to reduce winter goods. The closing out sale at Wilson & Button's is a success, rates: Congress. .W; Senate $15; Assembly, fficfeets 81 per thousand. .To in.ure »! I?tt t£ announcements should be accompanied with t~e money. State Senator. W E are authorized to announce that HON. DAN- Assembly. . ** the of aul Election as a candidate for Assembly, the Republican Primary MAXT CITIZENS. WE are authorized to annftUflcethav JAMES P. LEACH, of Indiana, will-bo a candidate for As LEA the decision'of the Republican of Primary Election. PLEASE

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