Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 3, 1954 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 3, 1954
Page 12
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HOP! Sf'A'tf, -Ha*!", A'fc'KA'NtAS loccounr,. II, $» M*O*SSiMikl < -n~-j9nOm **J* f. &* .•ivl»#i'&ft i- A|,SO/ ;< z.50 '-1.80" 3.00 &W" 5:18 -''*»• i§8 6.00 7,50 ffi 12.00 T3.50 15.00 . *{* fw rtlo«s< irtjjflulaf *r sklfr. l Wks the oh«fddy;«Mi. classified advertising copy e«t>ted urtHI S p. M. for rt,tf» felldwlttfl ;doy., bllshtr* reserv« the rlflht h) ' w?v.»^toii« i «ar i ff"rt«« *iib|«ctl6nobl» odvsrtlslnfl tub* of it^dm raff tifftf i joth as hsUM <«r i" count oj on* word, will not be respofi- Wont Adi unleu bwiitw t6 6Ur df iCfltiort itftf*Mldn M addfid <h*fl .,, ,ri*-ONE fneorrtct Insertion. JE1IRROSPECT 7-3431 f DLL''blood Siamese kittens. Phone 7-3345. 2'tit Hope Star SsMsf, f> ,ii... t " t > J.nu.ry 11, t «2ff Jt&M w&tf ir*R -ri ,oft«'i'noori by" t; t ArWniai ' jM;*-W**hkum, ldl»or rti'ii" Mc»nd;-tl«««,m6»»«r at fflc* it hop«, Arkanm, ct of ,M«rch 3,;ll»7. ' In, od- (•y^corfltr^lpHope and neighboring - •»•***•*MM*Mt*f»»«**MM«i» •«»*•«•« «25 fye^.i,, 1 ..,..". {,;..'. ::....; 13.00 iVl'ri). .Hempstead, Nevada, •' ord,,>iirid Miller coun- »tht^'..y,.J^.,',.,: 1.60 1,10 mw f|V,'A4v*rtl>lnf' R«»r lioi'yDo»i««,Vlnc.;' 1602 Sterlck fiMempHU'tjZ ,:Tefin? f 50S^Texo» SBIdgr^Oollos, 2/^Texos; 360, N. loqnMVefJ'ChlcQqpiir'lll.; 60 £. *$ffewlfrrM17/ ^. Y.; 1763 a^tt^^ni ilr/MteVtflll'idoll tAP' i»w« P # -itjf r ^ • Spidfef lily bulbs. |1 pef do2eff postpaid within Arkansas, Cheaper here* Arthur Gray, 0*ah. - July fi't Month US§D - . Exceptional values -In • '2 USED REFRIGERATORS guntahteed & Supply Funeral Directors SMD 4 HA2EL HOME AMBULANCE PHONE 7-2123 J74Mo. HERNDON CORNELIAS BUftlAL ASSOClAf ION LSfgest and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 fot our agents J15-1 Mo. Real Estafe for Sate 5 AMD lOO-poimd -meldns, See >A, D. Goodwin, Rosston, Route 3, •1% miles west Willlsvitle. '29-01 MARINE plywood boat and trailer. See at 300 East 15th. 31-3t YEAR old Beagle Hound. Good Wbblt and deer dog Wayne Bell, BleVins. Phone 2432. 2-3t ullXED grass hay. 40c a bale at the press. W. B. Matthews, Washington, Arkansas. 3-3t CUCUMBERS for pickling. Field run $2.00 a bushel. V& miles south of Hope on Lewlsville highway. Oi .L, Harris. '' 3-3t DOWNTOWN, "Brown Derby" cnfe. Newly redecorated, ample seating capacity, going nice business. Ideal for mnn and wife team. See Brown at Brown's 82 truck stop, Stamps, Ark. 31-Ot 9ABY 1 chair and stroller. Both in good,condition. Also wringer type washing machine, Rood as new. Reasonable. Phone 7-3798. 3-3t REGISTERED Guernseys, Bred heifer cows, bull calves. Hale Gilernscy Farm. Prescott, Arkansas. 3'3t At" 304 .officers Drive, Oakhaven. we offer nn attractive four bed- ?oorn, tVvo bath, two story home which ;will be vacant during Au gust. Located on a spacious 100 k 300' shady lot, this home has living room with fireplace — diriingroorrt - kitchen with built- ins- laundry room - attic storage • porch • and two car garage all in excellent condtion for only $8,756.00. ON the corner of 13th and Walker Is a three bedroom home situated on 75 x 150' shady lot vacant and- priced to sell - $1,100 cash Will -handle - balance like rent. AT 910 South Elm this attractive brick home has those large spa- clous rooms with equally large closets - garage - located on 100 3T142 'landscaped lot - can fi nance;. , CALL - 7-4691 FOSTER REALTY CQMPANY 31-3t Wonted DEPENDABLE, sober man, age 55 ,or 60, who can drive a car. Wages and room and board. Mrs. Mrs. , Pearl Cox, 505 W. Elm, Prescott. 29-6t on. 10 BOYS to deliver heralds "The Robe," coming to the ' ger Theatre Sunday., Apply to manager. 3-3t Wonted to Buy TO BUY'Men's Used Shoes. Reaves Bargain Shop. 31-TF Notice VOTE Boley's all new, "All air con dltioned," court. When guests or Tourists inquire. 4 people $5.00. July 3-1 Mo MELON equipment, rent cheap chests,' tables^ trays, ice water keg, electric stove, lights, Boley'i Court. 28-6 SEE '.Cox Bros, for duster finders that will save boles on over load ed, stalks. 3-1 Political Announcements fh* Star it *ttthttteftft to *n* Bounce that the fd!i6*ifi| ti* candidates for public otflfift tttb» Ject to the action of till Detto< ef 6tlc primary ilectibflj, Fop County Clerk ARNOLD J. MlDDLEBROa«8 MRS. JOLLY (Amonclte) BYERS for Sheflff and C6lU»t« JIMMY COOK CLAUD H. SUTTOH Alderman Ward Thr«« B. L. RETT1G A. Pi DELONESt for Prosecuting Attorney ROYCE WEISENBERGEft TRAVIS MATHIS Alderman Ward Four CHARLES TAYLOR HOMER BEYERLEY Alderman Ward Tw« JOHN S. GREENE T. O. (TOP) PORTER Alderman Ward On« ' MRS. KATHRYN LOU FRANKS ' JOE 'JONES' For State .Senate 7th District GENE LEE DR. F. C. CROW For City Attorney C. V. NUNN, 'JR. Leod«r* In the Major Leagues By fhi As*6clat*d f»r*66 NAtlONM. LEAGUE Batting Snider, Brooklyn, .35ft, Mueller, New York .343; Moon, St. Louis, .339; Musia!, St. Louis, 338; Sehoendienst, St. Loiiis, .3?iO Runs Batted Ih—Hodges, Brooklyn ahd Musial, St Loiiis, 31; Snider, 'Brooklyn, 88; J:iblonski, St.-Louis, £3;. Mays, New York 82 Home ftuns — Mays. New York, 36; Sauer, Chicago, S2; Hodges, Brooklyn and KluszcAvski. Cincinnati,- 29; Mathews, Milwaukee end Musial, St. Louis. .28. Stolen Eaeei — Bfuton, Milwatt- •.ec 23; Fondy, Chicago, ifi; Tcm pie, Cincinnati, 15; Moon. St, Lotiis, 12; Mathe\vs, Milwaukee aftd Jab- Ibhski, St. Loiiis, 8. Pitching —Ahtonelli, New 10-2; .889; Lawrence,' St.. Louis, 8-3, .727; Dnvis;, Chicago, 7-3, .700; Grissom, New.' York, 9-4, .692; Maglie, New York, llo; .038. Strikeouts Haddix St. Louis 126: Roberts Philadelphia 121: Giants Toppb Legion Team by 14-3 Count The Hope Legionnaires' winning streak was stopped at seven games last night as the Waldo Giants toppled tnern 144 in a exhibition game played in Waldo. THe Giants produced 5 big runs in the first inning on 5 hits and was neVef headed by the legionnaires. They iced the game in the 5th as 7 more tuns crossed the plate on 4 Walks and 4 hits. Hope -scored two in 'the second Chicago .330; .320; Rosen Cleveland and' Mantle AMERICAN Cleveland New York Chicago Detroit Washington Boston Baltimore Philadelphia LEAGUE *•"' W L Pet GB 71 SO .703 70 3-1 60 39 57 56 45 43 41 37 35 58 67 67 .073 2'/i .629;, 7 ,441 : '26»/3 .434 : 27. .429: ; 29 .350,35',2 .343"26'/!. Erskine Brooklyn 104; Antonelli New York 98; Spahn Milwaukee 91. ' AMERICAN LEAGUe Batting — Noren New York .350 Minoso Cleveland .316; Fox Chicago New York .315. . • ' Runs Batted In —Mincso Chicago 83; Rosen Cleveland and Berra New York 79; Doby Cleveland 78; Mangle New York 77. Home'Runs — Doby Cleveland 22; Mantle New York 21; .Rosen Cleveland and Sivers Washington 19; William.- Boston 18.: Stolen Boses — Jensen, •.. Boston &nd Rivera" Chicago 14; Minoso Chicago 12; Busby Washington 1; Michaels Chicago 9. • Pitching Reynolds, New York 10-2; 833; consulgra Chicago 133 .813; Feller Cleveland and Morgan New York 8-2 .800; Grim New York 13-4 .765. Strikeouts —' Turkey Baltimore 122. Trucks Chicago 111: Wynn Cleveland . ' 10-2 Pierce Chicago S3; Coleman Baltimore nr.d Hoeft Detroit 85. 6h a double by Johnson, and singles by B. GuttteJ 1 ahd Boyett. They picked up their other run in the third' on singles by Beasley and Johrisoh. The Legionnaires came up with a triple play in the 4th inning. This was their first this year. Billy Hearn, winner, gave up 3 tuns on 8 hits, walked 3, and fanned 8. Top Smith, loser, gave up 12 runs on 12 hits walked 5 and struck but 1. Bob White, relief, gave up 2 runs 2 hits, walked 1 and fanned nohe and Lee Lane, relief, gave up no runs, no "hits, walked 2 and Networks to Carry All-Stdr Game By SMlS NEW YORK (B>1 — The multi-million dollar football battle of the television waves gets under way ihi earnest Aug. 13 with the All-Star Game in Chicago. NeVer buiore has so much football been offered to the TV public. The American Broadcasting Co. \\ill televhe >' collie? football Saturday afternoons under thj NCAA program. ABC' reputedy paid two million dollars for tho rights alono and the toial bin m.-iy hit four million. Dumont will televise the Chicago All^Star Game us a -prelude to professional football Satuvrtny nights and Sunday afternoons by excusive contract With the National Football Lesigue. The season's cr>st is around $2,000,000. . 1§54 Marciano and Charles Rematched &E YORK (tO — Now it's definite. Rocky Marciano snd Ezzart?. Charles will meet nfi&in Sept. l!i at Yankee Stadium. Thoy si»n ».e official with cent f none. Tonight, Tuesday, -the Hope Legionnaires will play : host to the Texarkana Skyliners. Game time p. m. Hope AB Gunter, W 3 Boyett 4 .White 3 Huddleston 3 Beasley ..4 Johnson 4 Gunter, B. 4 Barrentine 3 Smith 3 Lane 0 For Rent YOUNG growth of cut_pver timber land. Anywhere In Southwest Arkansas. - Will pay £top prices. Phone 7-2228 or see Ralph Saunders. • J12-1 Mo BURNISHED apartment - 3 rooms 'and bath. Also bedroom with bath. 1002 East Third. Dial 7.3184. , ' 2-3t Help Wonted ,, stern vAuto palate >Stpre ^ '*< +>*i,Pvi!e • i » HELP wnnteci:, Man to do' sales i works.ia .' four-county Crural sec' 'tionS'arpund'Hope. Cor furnished salary'and'commission. Can be home every "night. Good wages for {fo v od worker. Apply Hope Star > office. 31-tf 4 ROOM unfurnished duplex, Good 'condition. Phone 7-5837. 801 S. . 'Main. < ', 2-3t FURNISHED''home." Micidlebrookt Grocery.' Dial 7-3791. Daily newspaper of the world had a circulation of 217 millio^ : of 1952 says a recent United Nations report which excludes most, Iron Curtain areas. Butin«it Opportunity EXCLUSIVE FRANCHISE Man ov woman — Earn $10,000 to $15,000 year, full time up to $2.000 part 'time. Must enjoy meeting people, be able ^o furnish $200 minimum, investment. References re- dUlretJ. 04 year old company, doing business in 17 states. Write box X c/o'Hope Star for interviews. ,- ..- 2-3t FOR SCHOOL BUS ' >' ' SEE JORDON'S BODY SHOP , ^-.$00 8.' Walnut * NEWLY decorated 3 • rooms and bath unfurnished apartment. 208 E. 6th'St. Phone 7-3813. 31-3t 0 ROOM house on Foster Avenue. Day Phone 7-2345 and after 5 p. m. call 7-2770. 3-3t Lost RED white-faced cow, .Muley head. 5 years old, yellow tag in car #301. Lpfit July 13. Liberal re- Word tor information. Guy Martin, Patmos, phone 7-2035. % 29-Ct BLUE Parakeet. To catch — show any kind of green bottle. Will come to name Bill. If found, call 7-5542 or see H. Kemper, 216 S. Hervey. 3-3t sc{l*' tii** f'BilBlijWJyWf™* 7 Mllder'c Supply Co, THE BEAUTY BOX "Air-Conditioned" Open:6 days each week •,', , Operators . . . Ruth. Hpelseher, Model James , and Evelyn Moore «2 Sowth Main Services Offered ,, yenpvatlon and Innerspring, work- ,"Cobb Mattress Co 316 South Washington. Phone 7-2622, , , . • Mar, 4-tf The. Unjted States has 57 pei cent bf-thetW.orld's telephones. Yesterday's Results Baltimore 10, Philadelphia Washington 11, Detro.lt 6 (Only games scheduled) Today 1 Games ,< New York at Cleelvand (night) Boston >,\t Chicago (niffht) \ Philadelphia pt Baltimore (night) Washington at Detroit. NATIONAL LEAGUE New York "" Brooklyn VTilwnukee St. Louis Philadelphia Cincinnati Chicago Pittsburgh ,GB Totals 31 62 56 •iO 49 50 43 42 40 51 51 55 59 34 70 PcU. .(J44if .50G,; 3,- .549rlO .495i 15V* .490,10 ,47e'17'/, 422" 1 .:<27 33 Yseterday's Results Brooklyn 2, Milwauko ] ings) (Only gairie scheduled) (13 /nn- Today's Games > Chicago at New',York (night) S^ Louis at Brooklyn (nighO . Milwaukee at Philadelphia (night) . Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (night) SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Atlanta New Orleans Birmingham Chattanooga Memphis Little Rocic Mobile Nashville W L 07 .4G 68 '47 66 60. 54 48 47 54 •5J -U7 48 42 67 "67 Pet. GB .593 .591. .584 1 .526 7'/, .482 121/, .417 20 •ilV 20.385 23 Crucial Yank f Indian Series Opens Tonight By JOE REICHLER Associated Press .Sports -.Writer Casey Stengel has said if His •Ne\v York Yankees don't win the pennant-thies year he ought to get fired. The highflying Cleveland In- tonight when they o'pan a "crucial" three-game series with the defending world -champions. Nobody actually believes Stengel will -dismissed -if- the ' Indians dethrone the Yankees. It is a quite possible 'however that the 64-year- old., manager-might call It a career. He has said on more than one occasion that he will retiro when the Yankee pennant strihg. comes to rn end, Although only '2% "games behind the Indians the Yank-s are four games, behind in the important lost column. "Those" lour behind in the lost column is what really hurts" Stengel said last night as his team was preparing to entrain for Cleveland. Southpaw Whitey Ford (10-6 was Stengel's choice .tonight to oppose the Indians who will counter with ! rookie left-hander Don Mossi (4-1). Both Cleveland and New York were idle yesterday as the major leegue' 'activities were limited to Waldo McClerkin Thomas ... Breland Atkins, R. Coppitt ... Atkins, D. Statten ... Hearn Jackson ... Shirley ... Totals '. AB 3 4 4 4 2 1 3 3 3 2 ....29 ; R 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 3 R 2 3 "2 0 1 0 0 1 3 2 14 H 0 2 0 0 2 2 2 1 0 0 H 1 3. 2 1 ' 2 0 1 0 2 1 13 Skyliners to Come to Hope Tonight at 8 Hope Legionnaires will play the ;rong Texarkana Skyliners to- ight at-Legion field at 8 o'clock /1th Recdcr Huddleston on the mound for the local nine. The Skyliners are in second place league standings. Rejoining the quad for tonight's game will be Gordon Beasley and Joe Barren- ne who have been at summer amp. In Big loop play last night the itar boys downed Rotary 3 to : vhile Citizens 'Bank licked Lile lurphy 4-2. In a game played Saturday night he Texarkana All-Star handed the Hope Pony Loop Stars a 5-1 defeat Monday night Hope Basket bea' Hope Builders 14 to 4 and Hope Auto bested First National Bank to 4. contracts' today champ getting 40 pet- Charles 20 per cent. Television plans for the rematch of their June 17 brawl are not set but lit almost certainly will he a theater-TV job again. Marciano already has rtarte-.l training at Grosslnjser N. Y. iho cut' over his left eye completely healed. Charles will start work Aug. 15 at Monticcllo N. Yl^.1 miles from Rocky's camp. In the meantime he will do light training nt his Cincinnati gym. Marciano won a unanimous decision in June but failed to drojp the ox-chart'.p in 15 rounds. Charlet was a badly beaten fifjhter at the final bell. He will be Ihe firs crmer ehampion to set n thirt hance at winning bnck his title Bank, Autp Teams Battle for Title First Nat'l Bank and the Hope Auto Co. will battle it out in Legion Field Wednesday; riiglit at 8:00 o' clock for the ; championship of the second round of Pony League Play These teams have fought hare during the .regular season and are very well matched proving Wednesday night's game to be i thriller. Later in the week, the win ner of the second the Hope Basket champion, in< the hall will mee Co., first half first of a bes ROLLER RINK —• 7i<!6 • 10 p. m. for H«fi|th A Fwn « SALESMAN WANTED — We'need two men who are free to travel to do rural saleswork. Earnings above average. Must have par. We train and pay you'while training. Could also place one man in a protected territory. For personal interview see Mr. V. C. Robberson, pt Henry Hotel, Room 104 from 6:00 p, m, to 8:00 p. m. YoBter'day's Results Atlanta. 12, .Little--Rock 11 (11 .Innings) 'Memphis 0, .Birmingham 4 New Orleans 7,-Chattanooga Mobile 7, Nashville 3 TWO TRUCKtOADS "JUST ARRIVIP USED COTTON STATES LEAGUE • W L Pet. GB El Dorado 63 31 Greenville 58 33 Meridian 53 41 Pine Bluff ' 41 5li Mcnroe 40 56 Hot Springs 28 Ci ,070 .m 5 .564 10 .436 22 .417 24 .298 35 the in Natha Yesterday's Results Hot Springs 12, El Dorado Meridian 4, Monroe 1 Pine Bluff 4, Greenville 3 Today's Games El Dora Jo. ".at Hot Springs Pine Bluff at Greenville Monroe at.' Meridian By The Associated Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Inflianapolis 8, Kansas City 3, Minneapolis 7, St. Paul C 11 innings Columbus at "Loujsville, post? poned Only games scheduled TEXAS LEAQUE Shrevepoit n, DaJ)a^ 7 Fort Worth 5, Beaumont 3 J.p innings ! Qklshoma City 13, San Antonio !? Houston 3, Tulsa 0 only three games one in tional League and two American. In the National . it took the Brooklyn 'Dodgers;-13 ;nniii3£ ami Z hours and 45 minutes to eko out a 2-1 victory over the Milwaukee Braves. The winning run produced by Billy Cox's\.sacrifice fly 'resulted • in the following: 1. It snapped the Braves' winning streak at 10 straight, 2. It ended the Dodgers losing streak at four straight.. 3. It cut .the Dodgers' deficit to five games behind the league-leading New York Giants. 4. It shoved Ihe thirn- p.>aco Braves 10 lengths behind first and five behind second, In the American League Washington moved to within half a game Ot' Detroit by trouncing the lourth- place Tigers U-6, 'Baltimore left Philadelphia all alone in the cellar vanquishing the AthoU';.* 10-2 as Bob Turey completed his first game since July 3. Until they broke ,through in the last half of the 13th it was a frustrating .aftai-noon for tha Dodgers. Right-hander Billy LPC-S was sailing along on a 1^0 le=icl from" the second inning and apparently a shutout when he entered the first two Braves to fa?e him in the ninth. Then consecutive singles by Andy Pafko Johnny Logan and Pel CrancUll the last hit coming ' " reliever Jim Hughes tied the two of three series to determin the 1954 Champion. • The public is urged to atten these Pony League games, bot tb see good baseball and to hel send our Pony League team to th State tournament to be held Little Rock starting next Mpnda the 9th of August. . It will ; ,.take a considerable sum to feed ,and house these boys ove the three day. period and city-wid cooperation is necessary in orde to insure that our town is well re presented; '•- Please .attend : these games an do your, share to send the boys t Little Rock. \ ' _ _ Legal Notice Gelatin >hd glue are: closely •ft- ated substances. ^ Byers Watermelon Stand S-CURVE *>* 3rd & Shovel TERMITES v CURRY'S Termite Control Co. BONDED - INSURED GUARANTEED For Free Inspection Call A. D. MIDDLEBROOKS Jr. Night Phonl Day Phone 7-2821 7-2822 Now Buy Your Beef at Special WHOLESALE PRICES ARMOUR STAR or Good Native SWIFT PREMIUM BEEF Side of Beef . . . Ib, 39c Side of Beef . . . Ib. 31(| Hind Quarter . . V Ib.' 50c Hind Quarter . . . Ib. 38c Front Quarter ... Ib. 30c Front Quarter,. . . Ib. 24c "OTHER SPECIAL CUTS AVAILABLE" Hope Locker & Processing Co. SOUTH MAIN STREET score. -. From the ninth until the 13th Fights Last Night The BROOKLYN — Floyd P«ttevspfl,. 1Q9, Brooklyn, stopped Tommy 170.^4, Los Angeles, J". YQRK - Fvaukio Honolulu- o 148, Jtsjiy, 1C. -Sob , Brooks blew hymerous chances 40 'scove raising i&ei total to 20 which tiou n one put Jo the I3$h however jecord for u )3 inning ganie. With singled ot| losor Dave Jolly went to third 90 A single by podges. After Sandy Amoros .\v»s given, an intentional base on Gil 1 . balls , Cox IP through LEGAL NOTICE ALL OWNERS OF REAL PROP ERTY WITHIN THE FOLLOWIN DESCRIBED TERRITORY: Lots 6 &: -7 Block "A"; Lots 1, 6, 7 & 12 Block "B"; Lots 6 & 7 Block "C"; Lots 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, il & 12 Block "D" and Lots 1, 2. 3, 4, 5 & 6 in Block "F",- all in Phillips Addition to the City. Of Hope, Arkansas. And, Lots 6, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 10 Block C; and Lots 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14 in Block D, all in Anders Addition to the City of Hope, Arkansas, are hereby notified that a petition has been filed with the City Clerk of the said City of Hope, Arkansas, purporting to be signed by two- thirds, in value,- of the owners of real property within said territory, which petition prays that a local improvement district be formed embracing saifJ territory for the purpose of paying with bituminous surfacing (blacktop) all of the following streets 1, That portion of Pritchard Street, beginning at West Avenue "B"', North to West Avenue "D". 2, That portion of West Avenue "D" between Pritchard Street and Margaret Street. • 3, Th»t portion of Margaret Street between West Avenue "B" snd West Avenue "D", and that the cost thereof be assessed and charged upon the real property -above described. AH owners e| real property within said territory are advised that said pe- tiyon, will be heard, at the meeting of ftp Pity Council to be held at the hour of 7:30 P. M- on the 3rd day of August, 1954, and that at said meeting said Council will determine whether those signing the same constitute two-thirds, in val- To the Voters of HQpe ** and Hempstead County Let me again thank each of you for the splendid vote you gave me ,and for your support in .the election July 27. I want to take this .opportunity to solicit your vote and support on August 10th. It will be impossible for me to see all .of you before then so please : consider this a personal solicitation for'your vote and support on August 10th. , To each of you who voted for my opponents on July 27 I will greatly appreciate your vote and support ini electing m v e your next Sheriff and'Col- lector. . Thanks to each of you> JIMMIEC • It Candidate for Sheriff and Collector Pol. Adv. Paid for by Jimmie ;'Cook Of in «l - ue svich owners of. real prpp in4 at said^ meeting all owners of; real property within said yrtw-sM*ire will be heard F. To the Voters of Hope / To the people of Hope who don't know me; / i would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I married the former Margaret Ann Gunter and we have one son; Charles, age nine g . who attends. Ogelsby school. I am a member of '* the First Bgpti.st Church of Hope and 1 the American Legion. In 1946 after serving in the Armed Forces, ' Frank King, James Gunter and myself started a business that is known as Southwest Wood Products. We started with 3 employees and now employ 35 and are the.'only manufacturer of ladders in the Stqte of Arkansas. I submitted my name for the post pf Alderman i of Ward 4 not for the opportunity of getting into politics but because I believe every business man and citizen should at one time or another take an active part in the affairs of the city. I appreciate the fine friendly people who live here and want to do my port to make Hope a ' good place to live and work. I earnestly $eek your vote and support next Tuesday, Au9 u $t 10th. HOMER BEYERLY Candidate For Alderman Ward 4 ' feV » v «'• O Tuesday, August 3, 19S4 ILONDIE WHY DO-vOU HAV6 to sweep Ev£Rv J TIME I SlfDOWN To PEAOTHE^j " PAPEFJ? ^^,-jj.A, !.j'.....iJl..&$>..iit ,J, I'M NOT SWEEPING Radio Vocalist Answ*f tb Previous OUT OUR WAY ACROSS 3 Distinct part 1 Radio vocalist, 4 ?S? d "*| of . TaHviP perfection 7 She is a-— 5 Type of cloth of Gershwin 6 Editors (ab.) eS?^ lass""- l}3 Disembarked a j ence - 26 On the . 45 Accomplish- 14 Form a notion n Famous • sheltered side ment 15 Followers of a English school 28 Ellipsoidal 46Partbfa ' wintry sport 12 Corded fabric 29 Nostril church 16 Halt again 20 Turns aside 30 Volcano In 48/Genus of V?Male deer 21 Joined Sicily . -.shrubs '•'.: !l8:Solar.disk 22 Mail 38 Legislative .. 49 Puts'on i 10 Meadow 23 Operatic solo body .. 50 Legal point '...! '21'Employ 24 Her voice is 40 Laud '•'•' 51 Doctors (ab.): ; 22 Go by over the 42 Willow . 52 Unit of energy > 25 Mover's truck airwaves 44 Command • SS'Route (ab.) •• !27 Completed •31 Mineral rock -i32 Biblical priest 33 Huge tub 34 Iniquity 35-Soak flax 34 Scottish alder 37 Makes lace 39Golfer's ./mound 40 Entreaty 41 Goddess of the ; dawn 43 Drone bee , 45 Winnows 47 Incursion ' 5.0 Paid .back 52 Newspaper / official 54 Church < -festival 55 Be displeased 56 Pilots •57 Lubricant DOWN i..lX.ines (ab.). j 2,Sturdy trees 1 B £ I'L il iH *'• 50 W ^ Z I'/' '" 4b 3 z«* % 4 W , * m 41 . 5 fi m m m M. b_ to , 25 i/. 3£T $ 51 tb 7 11 Ib il W ... 51 55 i'/ S;;/ IB. ^ m m n W Tl *•.- n m m v> -. '1 '; 10 ; ',' Z8 53 *. ^ "• II » W ll M 53 3 ai^-is- I AM 6OIM 1 a I'M GONJWA MAKE HIM A BIG SIZE VARP JUST A& SOOW.-A6> l.SETMdfcE . . ... HlfA,OUT Of- THERE tlUU*SOO . co £TI£K£.' FINl&H YOUR AMP 1 LIKE ALL PROMISE RIGHT U it/ 1 ?*&. l,>-?.A Ws %?l 'Z.1 *•''! i -•:'• WHY MOTHERS GRAV OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Majop' MMV SIDE of, soscoe DTHATVjA6A ' BRILLIArtT TriOUSHT OUT] LIKE 6 CHAMCETO MOR6EL eSPO eeeS- MY CARNIVAL By Dick Turner ^LP//(5tlJ .,._ r A\AA A\t*fJL'5 f -DYlMSM) Tf L^AUF ^ i i FUNNY BUSINESS .",- j. i* VyMy "It's nobody's birthday! We're celebrating the last pack- j age of frozen spinach you bought wholesale last ytar!" I SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith I -*V 4 » y^-^L.. ^2 '-Vt , '^11. '<%i t -« i*. S-3 | TM IUj.ll ] , tM;sriik*ih1^^raiHTiv| '«i9 ind t9e many royrawi jfer yewi" r "Two lumps, my dear, and I'J| return it?tJM^rm SWEETIE PIE By rat AT vie rttNf .'-* . •/. ' '->*X*.^B ;, QUICK! ,*— h^" fato PMTAKEV IM V ) T.A ^ /BOOTS AND HERTBUDDIES »1 - s v » f,i n" f ,\\ ' ^Trr^"£^M i i' , J ' it^'iKEFVHWi :^i : :^u»« ^ <T M T ' SLJ4-- & J^' f *^WI w*&' r&M&^m ALLEY OOP 1 i ' «t THI STORY BJil&mS^ES 5 . 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