Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 3, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 3, 1954
Page 10
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HOPE STAft, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, August Tuesday, August 3, 1954 ))g STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ..w m. v uneven} lower; 21 K 3MV81,2** .SO: l$.86.iftW; heaV bftfife .. 'Jteady'cft Steers Itcltcr^fearlthgs; seVofal - load!? stcets 23.60-50! n liSiJid^g^Jd helffrs aflitt^ ift.'Rr>20.0di / : bpeuing r slow* n few deals 6tR; big , Jbwer; Utlte. doflft oh connef.4 io 50 tlhd ^eOmnierdJBl to 1S.SO: er bulls 800-11.00; fto"adyi , vobiprs mostly Chol&'nn'd'' prime ftnd v low s.oo-ioo 5 , x ^mostly V-Janibe and eslab •^Cotton futures narrow ;'trading' to w jre awaiting gardfng irtfo'p prog* ' fnarkel buy' SUJ3- ;4tir'/ftr?thd6hApricc3 were 10 i|js f fvn^6al*' { I<)Wit > ^''t<> 5 cents «lose, : a ^;0ii^T«rmite SiWfe*,, Sks-*' "s ,»,Op«rated by, ,i .Main estate, loans, for , 'OUr'aftra^- ction plans ! mortgage r! «ach r AN5 CHlftACD iM »'« Live brfut 'stesdy on ta firm on poultry young stock, hens; receipts coops; f.o.b. paytr-g prices ur rtatiged <3 1 higher; heftVy hehi ?-:23; light hens 15-10; fryers or toilers 24-30f •nld roosters 13.5^14; ucklings 22-23; caponet'.Sd 2J94T.5. Steady; receipt I s 096,939t , bxtylng pficcs unMidHgeci higher; 93 score A\ Sd.7»; f t A 50.6; 90 B 84; C9 C r.O; cats 0 B 54.8; 89 C Si. fcggi abolit Steady, rre>{pls' 8,80;' wh6losalc buying price? un- ht-hged; U. S. larg- 41-42: U.S. pdiums 32; U. S. standards 30: urrent receipts 26; dirties 21. T; hecks Jlbi Faubus Denies Cofttfttti«*£ from Page tine fiistic or subversive by U. S. Supreme Ctfti.-l Justice Tom Clark V/hen he <VPS attorney gettp-al and by an investigating committee of the tf.S. House of Representative" Faubus said yesterday ho went to the school On a H/iiitprl scholarship, of which he was ndviscd bj mail; sta'yed around for a while but didn't' enroll nor take any courses. He said he was electfd president of a student association In an organization meeting before open ing of a now semester *— adding he though the selection v/a«s "engineered" by faculty members who wanted to encourage Arknnsans to fittcnd. And, he said, .lie left when learned of the -un-American PROVISIONS Soybeans dropped GRAIN AND CHICAGO Wl harply oft the Bonrd of Trade gain today, still responding to ifilief crop prospect? have been rea,tly improved by recent rains, Jefons showed more resistance to he selling than they did ydsteiday. Airlines Strike Threatening to Spread By The Associated A large segment of tin nation's air transportation industry faced the threat of. a spreading shiii j down today. A strike of -somo l.ani Anerican Airlines pilots W5.1t into it,1' ; fourth day and M.OOO g)-ound fc'i'iiw workers authorized a walkout against six other major airlines. The new strike threat .war against Capital, hotif, a rate of $2.38. Meanwhile Clarence N. Saytn. president of the rtriking AFL Ait- Linos Pilots Assn., doclinefl to co-. i- mertt on published reports that tho pilots' strike may s;3read £0'6H to against American is force an eight-hour United. The strike designed 1o limit to a ]>ilot's continuous flying tirrte On r.onstop transcontinental schedules. The Reynolds Metals Co., beset .by a stfikf- of 2,500 v.'ovkcrs rtrid i a threatened walkout of possibly he and Other cereals sold off with soy- itans in early dealings. Later, irming tendency developed, all ereale' except soybeans getting iack above the previous close. Wheat le,d this rally, Gains, weren't arge aa any time and toward the inish they were reduced. Wheat closed -1% higher, Sen- eniber ,$108 -3g, corn \y to ' 1 ent higher, September $1.60- M.01, oato Ve-Vz higher, September 73-731/8, rye V 2 lowor to ilgher, September $1.1% and'soy- beans 5-?Va lower, September 13.12 -$3.12. Wheat: > none. Corn: No. 2 yel- o\v 1.63-03 ; No. 3 lOO'^,; No. 4 l.50>/£~-00; ' sample prude 150. Oats; No 1 heavy mixed 76Va! No. 1 heavy white 77;-No. 1 white ?4%*75;' No. 2 70%, No. 3 70'/i. Soybeans:., nono. Barley nominal; malting 4.10-00; feed 30-1,05,,, . ' titheistic thorio.4 expounded at the institution. Cherry had a considerably different version in a television speech last night. Displaying photographic copies of what he said were excerpts from the Commonwealth College For; nightly, tlv< governor declared that Faubus: Was elected president of the Commonwealth student body and a . member of the school's disciplinary Committee. Was selected to deliver a 1935 May Day speech at tho schoo.1 on "The Story of May Day." Was a member of a four-man delegation from the school's 'United Front," which attended an 'All-Southern Conference for Civil ena. rind Trade Union Rights" at Chat- The former governor charged tanooga,,May 26, 1935. "that Paul Chambers'- final vote The Fortnightly exhibits were lated May Day and Juno 1. 1935. Cherry said that Faubun'by his own statement must hnvo been at the school in February. Fautaus mentioned that an Arkansas legislative investigation of tho inslitu- NEW YORK stocks .NEW YORK IT) — jMtrciatt-i were strong in an otherwise' irregular stock market today. General Dynamics, which jumped 5'/ B points yesterday, was up another four, points today. The company Js 'participating in both nongovernment's aircraft and ship building programs. Steels started with an upward thrust,-continuing yesterday's mo+o rnent. but '.soon turned .mixed Railroads were fairly steady, mo tors.drifted- lower.' Radio-television and '^mail-order psqurities generally improved, t , , • .iori was on when he was a Icedcr in< al friend he has from Page One drought 'dHa'ster area, a stejJ nee- esspry before drought counties can be. nafndd. Fujbright s«id that throughotit Jhe entire ftate of Arkansas there are phrcned pasture 1 -, dry ponds and abandoned aci'es of beans, to- matde^s 'and'other vegetables. "For the fourth consecutive year many farmers in my state have suffered a complete crop failure," Fulbright said, "Even good stands of cotton \Vhich usually endure hot, dry sveathej- during this time of the year are withering as a rof-ult of the droughr." V -H^ said he hopes federal TO- sources 1 will ^be mobilized quickly to bring immediate relief to the stricken "areas." Feed is urgently reed.^he to prevent many from losing their founda- there and Cherry ci'.od a newspaper account Jo show that was in th February. "Here, in the May .1 issue of the official coljege newspaper, ne is shown oiecfad to office in the school more than two months after February," Cherry said. "How could any man, any loyal American citizen, stay among those people, as Orval Eaubus did, and becom" their student leader and their outstanding ample to bo paraded and honoi _d on Communist Red May Day, and not sicken in his heart and raise his voice loudly in warnin,-; to the people of An.nnsas. "Every Hem of evidenc;- that Orval Faubus was not n participant but this. And yet, my flatly denied it. "He has taken his gamble of deception 0113 time - tco often — and I know ithrit; you, the people of Arkansas', now,- agree." Tha .ques'ion -of Fnubus'f connection with Commonwealth was; reised last "Friday when the weekly Arkansas Recorder asked the candidate editorially if he had ever been a studeni there. Faubus said at first elaboration that he had not been e student. And he'accused Cherry of injecting tha isJue in pers." Yesterday Faubus issued ified statement giving his version of his presence at the which he re-read last night. |'f• Offidol Put McMath Disotisfled LITTLE ROCK Wl — Still not conceding defeat, Sid McMath yesterday said he had "received^ many reports" that his opposition made a "liberal purchase upd transfer of votes" i;» order to defeat him Approves Ending Group's Aetivities WASHINGTON,- (UP') -*> Secretary of state John Foste^ Duties' s&id today the nited Stated Wotttd approve ending the Neutral Nations Armistice Commission's activities in Korea because tho commission has becorna totally ineffective. Dulles disclosed at a newr; conference thnt informal talks c-n end ing the activities of the Swedish* Swiss-Polish Czech commission had boon held informally at the recent an end because it is carrying on in the north activities in the south different that I control. an the Comfmihis^ Calendar 7,500 more, resumed contract taUrtjGeneva conference. with the ClO United Stcolworker-ij He said it is possible the ques- n Washim;ion. jtion may com up at the Unied A company spokesman said yes- Naions general assembly which erday that a settlement "miAht m eels in New York .oh Sept." 21V _ rot be far off." ' South. Korea has Called for the VALUE DAY SPECIALS LADIES BLOUSES Only 15 of these blouses. Sleeveless and several dolors: $2.00 August 3 • flie" regular monthly business rrte'eting of Popular Grove 196, . Woodmen's Circle, will be held) HOPE DAY Ilifivfntory ISolc. Big Values in ready to wear KB*! Tf ^i^rfJj,-^H As Low As $4-50 been reduced to 50% ,'lhop now tHey won't Igst much longer > — Large Assortment HANDBAGS Values to $§,OO.^Hurry 1.00 Coupon Book Store • . th Polish anri C7.prh Communist membes . of. the com- miFRion. from South Korea', Dulles said the United States nd weekend premium pay. would be sympatnoti; tov/ard see- moving swiftly to avert new walk- the South Seas, hac vbeen U. ing the commission's work come to jossessions for 65 years. LADIES HATS Machinists (IAM) and vho six lines Bl GAGE . All reduced. Whites- and Colors NOW . would be no strike on tho six lines CLOSE OUT $1.00 and SWIMMING SUITS top classifications. This would give Broken sizes 4-14 BELOW COST VALUES LADIES DRESSES Only in his race for. Democratic nation for U.S. .senator'; $1.50- $2 Regulars, Juniors, and Half Sizes. few of a size. Reduced to $5 $6 $7 This is one of many values at Math and Paul Charnbe-.s of:Hcl Don't Miss These Value Day Buys!! is not as ?;irge as reports indicate HALL-MGNEILL he received in eastern Arkansas." THE FASHION TOT -to TEEN 102 S. Elm Phone 7-3661 margin of some 4,000 votes. ... : 1. "Sleepyh'me Squirrel" 2. "Rov/dy Raccoons" 3. "Riding Hie Glades" He added, however, in his wr:t 112 S. Main Hope, Ark. "Air Conditioned for Your Comfort" per cent of "the vole's cast Wed. - Jhurs. Fang and clay/, two women fight for one man in the jungle ^called Btoadway! Forever Female Starts SUNDAY folks who know the score are buying Fords. And show more people are buying Fords than ey«r[ '" Join th'e swing to Fordl See vis now .. , while your present car still has high summer trade-in value. fordonwtk and Ovffdciy* optional oi) a)l IB«I|«|> Ol ejilio wit, m (I ;!ftf Hit w«fi .i fr*,.** .„*»* BY REFRlGERAtlON! r Tonight 1 Only if • FEATURE TIMES • :00 - 3:55 - 5:31 - 7:25 • 3;21 A LONELY LITTLE GUY .a Wrong Dame/ "Why would a girl i for a SOCIETY Phc'rte 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. 'M, Tuesday night, August 3, at 7:30 at the WOW Hall. All members are requested to attend this meeting. The VFW Auxiliary will meet Tuesday, August 3, for a regular meeting. Hostesses will be Hardens Davis and Kathleen Delonely. All members are urged to tend, at- Game night at thfe Hope Country Club Will be held at 8 p. m. Tuesday. Hosts are Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Young and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hays. The Girls' Auxiliary of the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church will Lo meet at 7:30 p. m, Tuesday. The omen's Missionary Society of the First Baptist Church will! the First Methodist Church met in the basement of the* church. In the absence ol the leader, Mrs Jolly Byefis, Airs. Edwin Ward presided. She opened the meeting with prayer, and the group sang j"Oh Zion Haste." Mrs. Koonce gave the devotional, followed by the entire group praying in unison. j During the business session, roll call ... _ . . ca w sembly of the Order of the Rainbow | rf duej ior mother adviser; Mrs. Homer Be yotly, attended the Grand Officers') Night held by the Magnolia Assembly at Magnolia on Friday night. was answered, and payment wepe made Minutes of the Girls, accompanied by their j } mccting were road and approv- ini. arluienf IVtfC HnmPP Be-' . " ed. Mrs. Joe Laester presented a most interesting program assisted by Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Edwards. Following the business meeting Mfs Laester brougnt M rs. Allison the hostess chapter entertained to her {jrst cjrcle meet i n g in years the visiting chapters with a ban-| gnd u grou _ wag hap y to nave C quct and a bunking party. l her * rr D Saturday morning the gr6up en-1 ^ h6stesEes Mrs . Cecil Weavef '" joyed a breakfast and swimming I and Mrs Johnny M cCabe, served party. Afterwards one group motored to El Dorado to attend the Grand Officers' Night there, and the remaining group of girls returned to Hope. Rainbow girls from the Hope Assembly who motored to Magnolia were Judy Hammons, Janelle Yocom, Carolyn Long, Polly Compton. Billie Franks. Carolyn Coffee, line a buvsiness p. m. Tuesday, meeting at 3; go'Barbara Guthrie, Mary Lewis, Lo jrctla Muun. Margaret Archer and _, _ • jJunct McKenzie The Women's Missionary Society o Xthe First Baptist Church will have a business meeting at 3:30 p. m. Tuesday, August 3. Choir Rehearsal will be held the Hope Gospel Tabernacle Tuesday night at 7:30. at Wednesday August 4 The G. M. list' Church, leader, will Wednesday. A. of the Unity Bap- Mrs. meet Sam Williams,at 6:30 p. m. Thursday August 5 Hope Chapter '!28, Order of the Kastern Star, will meet Thursday, August 5, al 8 p. m. Notice The Southwest .Area P. T. A. Parent Education Worshop will be held August 5 and (i at Southern 'State College. This will include Districts 10, 13 and 14. Rainbow Girls Attend Grand Officers' Night Ele\;en members'of the Hope As- Miss Chlsm's Engagement Announced orange sherbert and cookies to 17 members. Garrett Memorial . Ladies Auxiliary Meeting Held The Ladies Auxiliary of the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church met Monday afternoon at 'i o'clock at the church, with 27 members present. The short business session was conducted by the president, Mrs. B. M. Hazzard. Mrs. Dwight Ridg- Mr. Chism dill, vice president. presented, an interesting program entitled ."Heaven's Greatest Love Story." and Mrs. Richard Ervin Taking part on the program wore of this city, announce the' Ml . S- Arthur Rogers, Mrs. Virginia engagement and approaching mar- Bearden, Mrs. Wade Warren, Mrs. riage of their daughter, Thah'a Le- ]H o . Hart and Mrs. Cobb. Mrs. Ridgdill led in prayer. Mrs. Hairston and Mrs. Ted Pur tie sang a duet, and the closing prayer was led by Elder Elbert O'Steen. Dale, to Clarence Geist. son of Mrs. Christini Geist and the late Mr. Geist of Bculah, North Dakota. Miss Chism is a 1951 graduate of Hope Hi?ih School. For the past Uirce years she has attended Mary Hardin - Baylor College for 'Women at Belton, Texas, where she was a member of the Historian 1 Phila Society, and Sigma Tan Delta. Mr. Geist attended North Dakota State Agricultural College prior to two years in the Armed Forces. For the past year he has been enrolled in Southern State College at Magnolia. The wedding will be solemnized Friday, August 20, .in the First BaptistChurch of this. city. Court Docket r Municipal Court of Hope, Ark- y ansas August 2, 1954. I City Docket . s Irene Fisher, Joe Johnson, As- $ satilt and battery, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Lewis Hampton. No State license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. o R. C. Reed, Operating car with- fc out muffler, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Joe Stincohmb, Fictitious license Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. eo Kclford. Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. Jess Atkins, Joe Stiiichomb, M. C. Sherman, R. L. Quillian, Drunkenness. Forfeited $10.00 c^sh aond. Dorothy Nichols, Disturbing peace, Tried, fined $10.00. Alma Hill, Lonnie Brown, Disturbing peace, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Robert S. Watson, Robert Lind- Rulh Capshaw of Ponca City, Oklalioma. Hospital Notes Admitted: Ruby Dell Brooks, Bossier City, La. Mrs. J. G. Harwell, Saratoga, Mrs. Jack Brady, Hope. Mr. E. O. Barnes, Rl. 1, Hope Discharged: Mr. Kent Light, HI. 1. Hope, Mr. R. L. White, Hope Mrs. Calvin R. Belts, Hope, Mrs. Earl Lolshaw, Fulton, Mrs. Floyd D. Cart, No. L. Rock, Ark. Branch Admitted: Mrs. W. N. Wilson, Hope, Mis R G Stewait, Texai- kana Mis Joseph Miciotlo, Maplewood. La. Carrie Stuart. Rt. 1, McNab Discharged: Mr, Kenneth Moody Emmet, Jim Kemp/ Hope, Mrs, Harold Butler & baby boy, Hope. ;y, Operating car without brakes, 01 f cited $500 cash bond. Albert Stuart, Harold fieard. Wallace McElroy, J M Reagan ichard 3. fielfide, Robert Kind- cy. No driver's license, Forfeited 5.00 cash bond. s State Docket Floyd Scott. Refusing to pay gas- line tax, Forfeited $10.00 cash ond. Top Radio NEW YORK f p,ravn<: tonl^Ht 1 ic Craig, inVe net, 8 30 Stan — (l People Art r.cnsc; 7:30 Ja ABC — G Jack America's Towf G Mickey Spill State of Th-3 N 24 HOUR AMB A P ERSON Rendered in a Kin OAKCREST < 300 E. Second INQUIRE Dial PRo ABOUT OUR Oakcrest is Southwest Arka Home. It is owned and oper cated to the service of the co in and inspect • Oakcrest. BB From Pnm CBS Funny { 0 SrO Stts- ik Carson Show, Gfeg^un Show, 7 Mysteiv; the spent 15 Sttlt?e Hope, Arkansas Airman Third Class Dorsey A.- Collins has returned to. the Air Force Base at Great Falls, Montana, after a visit with his parents, Mr, and Mrs. Dprsey Collins, and sons. W. S.'C. S. Circle 3 .... .'; Meets At Church . ; Monday afternoon, Circle 3 Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Collins had as week-end guests, Mr and Mrs. E. W. Tapp and daughters of Dallas. Mr. and Mrs. Bill -Hanson who I reside at 1413 South Elm street of have as their guest, Miss ,Doris "MAC"YOUR MOVIE BOY Says: "We're Fogging Every Night So That You Won't Be Bothered by Mosquitos." MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. • Tonight & Wednesday She's Got the Fleet at Her Feet! in a Great Musical Love and Laugh Show! JANE POWELL GORDON MocRAE i ^ "THREE SAILORS AND A GIRL" COLOR BY TECHNICOLOR! COLOR CARTOON "ZERO THE HERO" Meet your Friends A at the Diamond ... ~ for that « Famous Coffee ^ and a Waffle ^ Daily Lunches ^ 50c and 7Sc ..T T DIAMOND. * ^ CAFE & CAFETERIA ^fc A • A • <4t * f ,' •••.•••s ! Nation- - ^xA/^ ' s <V^ DNESDAY IS HOPE VALUE DAY Owen's/Hope's largest and best store brings you Hope's Biggest Values. Prices good all day Wednesday plus Double U.S. Green Stamps. Ladies Summer Dresses Red hot for Wednesday, One big rack Ladies summer dresses reduced Values to $8.95. $2,90 Men's Dress Shoes Closing out all Men's $12.95 Summer Dress Shoes. . Men's Dress Slacks Close Out. Men's Dross Slacks, also washable cords Wednesday. $5.00 HERE'S ANOTHER Red Hot Special Men's Dress Slacks. 1 big table. Value to $8.95. Dress Straw Hats Close out. All men's Qress Straw iHats", up to $3.50 $1,00 2.00 GENUINE PANAMAS and other dress straws up tp$6.00 ......'..,..':.... Close Out Ladies and Children's SHOE VALUES Values to $8 95 including Sandals and Casuals, $1 $2 and $3 HERE'S A RED Red Hot Special Just arrived, beautiful first quality Nebal NYLON HOSE. Regular $1.39 value. 79c OR 2 PAIR $1.50 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MMMMHM^U|W^nyBM|^HM| __ B|Hm(PBH^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^' Birdseye Diapers 27x27 first quality Birdseye Dippers Penney'* own heavy-duty quality famous for long economy wear! What's in a nanfe? If it's Na- Ji tion-Wide it's quality that has ^1 earned its fame right in the • homelCompareNation-Wide® • for count with any similar | sheet! For balanced weave that rqakes it uniformly strong! For smooth sleep^inviting finish! Note the closely r 11 g j ze woven selvages! Then come t» Penneys—save with the moderate prige of Nation-Widest save more with their won* derful wear, Twin 72x108" 1.59 Long full 81x108" ,,, 1.69 42x36" Case .,,.,,,, ,39 A, V I BOTTQ , ized musl/o, 't $1.77 doz. PBNp'" wWt , ™^f * ^^p"p ^^W ,*k5^P"^^^^^"^^W^^^ ^f^^^* ^B" *^^^ ^^i * - ^^1,^^-jr^-vn'np^f^'gK^f • rubber with ;iip»tff,«tv»rV' i'. '^^ w 4*1

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