Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 14, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1896
Page 4
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GOKNER. DM fall And winter underwear, he has mow cornered the largest lot of under- •WMr ever brought to Logansport at hard times prices for cash. Tbese . i*odg are direct from the factories and ft the best values In all Hues for ladles, . fvnta and children; go and investigate •ltd It will not take you long to decide where to buy your underwear. DAILY JMblllhcd every day In the week (except >*~ N nday) by the Lojfaneport Journal Company. W. 8- WRIGHT ................... President H. HARDY ................. ..Vice President BL W. GRAVES .................... Secretary .•. B. BOYER ...................... Treasurer »rto» per Annum ..... ,.,. : .... v .. : . : .....fl.80 •Irlc* per Month,... ....................... <" : Ofllclal Paper of City and County'. • <H»tered an second-class raslt-matter at "' L«sansport Post Onioo. February 8. There Is Hot A shadow of doui)t but 'Char, wihftiii silver is,,reiiioneL'lKed,' thn sllvor do'llna- will eqreiH the gold doliar in -purchasing 'pow«.— Plwiiros. OCTOBER 14, 3SOG. »"'•'•' fe &•'•.. p'' &-• REPUBLICAN TICKET. For President. "'•' •VTCLLIAM McKINLEY, JR., of Ohio. . For Vice-President. llARRETT A. HOBABT of New Jersey. For Governor, WAME9 A. MOUNT of Montgomery Co. For Lieutenant Governor. m. 9- HAGGARD, of Tlppecanoo County For Secretary of State. WTLLIAM D. OWEN, of Cttfls County. For Auditor of State. : - .J4MKHICUS C. DAILEY of Boone County For Treasurer of State. TBJBD J SCHOL2, of Vanderburg County 'For Attorney General. ' fltLIAM A. KETCHAM of Marlon Co. For Reporter of Supremo Court, -•HARLES F. REMY ot Bartholomew Co. ftr Superintendent of Public Instruction. D M GEETING, of Harrison Count. For State Statistical •. J THOMPSON, of Shelby County. For Judge of the Appellate Court. First District. . ROBINSON, of Glbaon C«. . Second District. W. E. HENLEY, of Rush County. ' Third District D W COMSTOCK of Wayne County. ' .. Fourth District. .. i JAMES B. BLACK, of Marlon County. ' *'*""•' F Jfth District. U Z. WILEY, of Benton County. '; Electors at Largo. -'__"•'• H. G. THAYER, CHA3 F. JO^BS. .;.. 1 For Conkress, " ; ,., •:'• -.:, GEORGE W.i STEELE.. • ;. .; "* For Joint Representative. ..,* ITILL1AM T. WILSON, of Caaa; County. fa Representatlve-CHARLES B LONG. HALE. KEES- Snerirr-.I. A. ADAMS. '•W*r Commissioner, Third District—ABRA HAM SHIDELER. COMPARE THEM "The Republican party Is unreserv I'-: .«dly for sound money. It caused the •MCtment of the law providing for the .fwnmptlon of specie payments in 1879 •Ince then every dollar has been as •good as gold. "We are unalterably opposed to '•Tery' measure calculated to debase ,;.»nr currency or Impair the credit oi '*w country. We are therefore opposcc •Do the free coinage of .silver except by International agreement with the leading commercial nations of .the world which we pledge ourselves to promote, •And until then such gold standard must b« preserved. "All our silver and paper currency inaot be maintained at parity with .gold, and we favor all measures. designed, to maintain inviolably the obll- igmtlons of the United States and all onr :>i:.inoney, whether coin or paper, at the •present standard, the standard of the $;imoet enlightened nations of the earth." —Republican platform. ^ "We demand the free and unlimited >eolnage of both gold and silver at the Jg-,j»reBent legal ratio of 16 to 1, without H''iraltlug for tne aid or consent of any •tiler nation. We demand that the •Jrtmndard silver dollar-shall be a full tender, equally .with gold, for all <«btg, public and private, and we lav- ;»»r »nch legislation as will prevent the Demonetization of any kind of legal |f;'<4«nder money by private contract."— :i>emocratle platform, "We demand free and unlimited |i.icolnage of stiver and gold at the pres- logal ratio of 16 to 1."—Populist ^'platform, 1893. "We hold to the use of both gold and Jrtlver as the standard money of the S"-**ontry, and to the coinage of both :;W,fold and silver, without discriminating ;|J'against either metal or cfiarge for |, mintage, but the dollar unit of coinage S"*f both metals must be of equal Intrln- .Miite and exchangeable value or be ad- ||;Jo»ted through international agree- or by such safeguards of legls- oa shall Insure the maintenance £*f the pwlty of the tvro ffletalg and the •qual power of every dollar at all-times the markets and In payment of debt, id vs demand that all paper <>nrrency 5iball be kept at par with and redeemable In such coin. WE MUST IN- II8T UPON THIS POLIOT AS ES- jBY NECESSARY FOR THE fppBOTECTION OF THE FARMERS ""•'— LABORING CLASSES, THE RST AND MOST DEFENSELESS CTIM8 OF UNSTABLE MONET iND A . FLUCTUATING,.. OUR- INCY^—Democratic platform, 1882. Then who b-nit 'lilic silver niino owners, wlio no>\v got CO ce.ii'Cs por ounce, will l>o beueikiMl l>y free coiuajro? Aceord- •injr to Wi'is the dollar wi-U- lx? «s d-Oitv a,< ever, a 200-ociiDt doll«r blic Plwros e.-i.Us 1-t, Aiid -tihoro will' bi: no paying of debts at 'fifty cents on Uio dollar. No •more silvor will be coined thi'in lit pres- e.U't, because Jio one will go -to (lie m'O'ii- blo OL' coin Iris it when It sells for just as much us bullion. There will be no more money iwr oipitji on: t-hmt mccoiw>r. Oaiily. tilie O>\THWS of silver bullion will bo benofi'teil. 'I'lifc PJ>«ro(5 v nrtinJits Its whole Ciise .a.way in tililife sUi.teime.nt in order *o dodge- 'the Oitilier propofii-Uon of a dishonest dolfcu". Ac'conling'to Mils tcmcutl silver. will rise Iiii puvch-asiiig ixi.wor to tliiut of gold, which tilie Pharos says h«is rteen- im pu-rchn«iuig power -pisr cent, since 3S7;!. Of courso gold has not fiscal In pin 1 - niiiiup- power Siiuci'; 1^73. Nor will (Silver rlsfi 1 1> ffojd. A.I] Wi'is is diisproyed. -by 'history, a'iie effort oil frnnee, Eng- Ja-m'l, 'Hie Unine-d States. aU great couivr.ries -h:m-i: for cenfcurlos Decn devoted 'to keoi>i ; :is boilfli metiils In, circulation, with a. din-l.-iliio'ii of a tract-ion oC a cent to ratio value. «m*l nil .these na- •titoiiis liii'VO f!i;Med. How much: nwro nb- surd the • proposl'ttou of 30 to 1 wJicn lih'O m-arkct niitio is r>2 -to 1. It Is au absol'iite 'i,m-p(wsiibility, n.n flibsu-vxll'tj'. The iproposition Involved ra 1C to 1 Is silvor monometallism-, with, a. silver dol- l«m- worth abowfc fifty centi?. Tha.t is what free co-imago .micaus. Mi-. Bryii'm admilts 'thAt it would cause a panic and ilic is going 'to put it as mildly ns he ca.5. It would make aigreat paii-ic. No 1)ii-slai:essi an-an could 'meet MB bll-ls or .ncniew Mis obligations. Ban-ks would not loan money, 'but 'hold 1t for their depositors. T.lie farmer cxrald not sell or borrow <md could not'meet the flret interest pmymaiit on -hJs mortgage. Work anKl wagos would cea.«e. wn-d the farmer would bo foi-ttmiate if he could /hold his crops from piU:i-gc by starving ^people, made tlespern-to by himger. '•' "Tills ils the propwsitioui tluut tlie Plinr- os if.wi'Uy (jdvocates, aid It Is \v(hsi.t ifroo ooiiiniago moa.ns. The inn.n who through thongilutJessmcss or loyalty to •party does not .see tbl's is to 'be excused. Unfortunately, too -maBj- know Just what it UK-ans, and ai'e 'im favor of It. The goverrument umdcr free coinfige sfaiiinps so much metal as of so much weight aind ptwlty. TJiat is all. Tlic owner theo bakes it ba'clt ,IJKI it, passes for just wlwit i ; t i« worth ns bullion, «nd -tilvait. fe 'all. There !s -no way that •lit can iacquii'0 any addi-Utonat value thus. If 37.1% grains of .siilvtr -» to 1» made •a legal tender to the *.\-tcnt of a dollar dn the payment of dobte wlieu that. silver 'is worth: on'ly 00 con-ts, then there Is ft repnd.lait!o-n of mJl ii*-bt. public and private, to the -extent of fifty emits ou (the doll-ar. The Tiinros ud- mi-ts this by claiming thait sih-er wMl rise to gold, mid the.ro wl'H be no i-(?pu- {lin.tlion. It knows -tlMit. silver win not thus rise, and tlmt it is atitomipbing deception. (Continued from Third Page.) "Thiiit woaild-Hjx'H'c'ily. size up-fljie.sltu- i'ou men- of liulliana If ..there ivrc iiuy litre who have boeai Living cm your farms, lilwsy haive killed your *h«>p anil you 'lisi.il to 'Skhi them, and you bavo suffered In tihe mllfe from >rlve low price or woo-l, baea.nse under 'Hie Democratic policy we soiit to Urudofrd, Ems-land, 1'or our worstods. :iincl tlno raoji who inside 'Cham here lind nothing to do. Tlio R(M>uWi'Oiwi,'jiolicy is to have everythiug d(ino in this coiwiTi-y that wo can do, aiO'd if England convpliiina tlmt Is not onr fault (ii'pplaust 1 ). ••We do not cure- what Eughmxl says. Enplnnd skims 'hw ova slcutifo. Wo will take cM'e ol 1 ourselves. "I wnsonly to hill: favo minutes; a.iid I have used up my time. You came lioro tx) sue 'iiuil li'Our tile real old vt"t- OL'MlR. We arc a:H a. connpiiJi-y of soldiers. Som'Cibixly told us thai we were a. job-lot. I 'nun .iiioc so certain but what QRANt) OPENING SALE OF EXQUISITE UNDERWEAR at the WHITE HOUSE, TODAY Everything from a 50 We solicit an inspection. cent Suit to the Finest Garment GRACE & Co. 'We Hire certainly <ii band oflrcnirwints. Sickles 'has but o'uo leg, Howard but out' ,ln:m. Tiuinicr mo legs tit uH, Burst •but one leg, S'lcwflirt and I sure all right except ow wind. [Laughter.!! .'•W-licii we s;ee o-ur oJd cmmmdi's 'here in Hpg-o innnibcrs, we :foi>l limit you ni'c as m-iK'li itil'crcsKd ft* anybody in tho world 'in, thfe light, you had to carry o.iic fight tlik-ty ye.'irs ago, yon must •Help to carry this one. [Cries from the crowd, "We will, we will.''] "It ils not n. party Vfj'l.e, K lit were Sickles would mol bo. wi'Ui us. but it is patriotism. [Chaw's.] "It is for the old flag: it. Is for good government; It is for honesty; it is for ^in'togri'fcy ; it its for prosperity and honor. We sum It up m one wo-rd, it Is for McKiniley." [Loud •Mr. AlgtOT introduced by sjnyiifti'g, "We have a man whot-orved in the ranks dnrimff the wnir. He is now n resident of the State of Pennsylvania. If you make biro take 'off Ills hii.t yd-n will soo. tiliiait lie Is still a gold bug. I TOW 'Introduce Thomjas Stewart." Mr. Stewart «uid: "My frlmids I listened to the response in-ade to.G-eueral Monism by a man ovo.v there in- Hue crowd. He"snid, 'It i« the 'saimo here.' Thtut remitrids me of (i. bwdvoman on -a railroad in Pennsylvania iu a J'ocnliity -where there were a. good nviiiny Germans employed. He wiis employed «s a roar brakoinan, and the ini.nies of! the" stations were unknown to Mm, On lids way over the raid learning his work he lis'tcBod w The White House Clothiers and Furnishers 316 Market Street. or pMSsiOiu, blH in sober -thought fulness that ah\i.-i,ys euar;i.c.tovixes r.Iie Aineiilc.'i-n j)eopla in- eiveiT crisis to go to .t/ho polls ..i.M pl.-ix.-e iiu eonitrol of tills nation as ilt-s chfef executive a man, wilio us a soW-ltr was brave, a man as a Clinton has beeni pure, -a rmin who in thte •injtj&i'os't of the nviitjfion 'li'.i'S evidenced the highest dega-ee of stoUesmamsiia'p, ami that is Wlilli-am McKInl-ey (loud cheers). Air. Alser, inti'odu-cteg Gonaral Sickles, said, "We -hkave a man next- who will-talk to'you who yon -all want to see and ihietiT, 'and 'tlisiit is General Sickles." 1. Sickles ,sn,id: and fellow cititocniS 1 , this •is I believe tho one hundred <i,nd eiglt teenth itiimo we ihave spoken wilSiin the last tla-ee wet»ks.. >"ot nJl of 'l'h ! e crowds quil-txj as- bi-g -as. th-is, some of the-m blgge,!'... Si>ealklng Cor mu'sel'f, I am a ili'trtle fatigued. When Mi 1 . Rrj-au, oa-mc- to my'city, -the city of-Now York, TO speak, /he said htt was i'n -the enemies' eoumtry. ;I s.uippose he soJd tlhnit because we had gavera 70,000'majority in the city oif .Ne^v. York .for Cleveland (Taiighter). He evidently did not expect any miajorlity at aM. . He will not be disappointed in that because ho will not .get any. The cM:y of New York j will give a majority for McKinley tlie given, IT IS NOT AT ALL PROBABLE THAT THE NEXT HOUSE WILL- HAVE A MAJORITY FAVORABLE TO THE FREE COIN!ACT> OF SILVER AT A RATIO OF 16 TO 1. WHEN .IT BECOMES A DEMONSTRATED FACT THAT THERE IS NO DANGER OF THUS COUNTRY ADOPTING THE SILVER STANDARD IN CONDUCTING THE BUSINESS OF THE COUNTRY, PROSPERITY WILL GOME AGAIN AND, WITH LOWER TAXES ON THE NECESSARIES OF LTFE, EVERY KIND OF BUSINESS WILL BOOM AGAIN.—Pharos editorial, March 12, 1890. first time in Ms Mstory. It tlie bivikeman in front of him wiling,{.reliable -mpjoritdcs for Jackson; Jefferson fl.nd Monroe <amd <the other Demo- '•c,rn»ts: the stations. The train stopped-at a station ami the front 'brakcrninitt sun.? out, "New Bechd'lleham." The bralt'e-' man on itJic renir end said: "Yaili',*es as fih-nst do same in dls end." "Everywhere wo have gone',ill over this State we have met enthusiasLic. audlenccis. SplenUM crowds, ix:d iu- tolliseuit people, lots of entttusilaism, lots O'C men wanting work, lots o£ men who have made up tholir minds they.• goi!n.g to .be ilitenest,, lols of men who- Judge Joto C. Ncflsoni was a proml- inant flgui'c on tlie "Geonerals" stiand, and left with tlio veteKiins on, their tour. Judge Nelsomi was a brave .soldiler In illie war o-f the robelllora, aind was one af thte fliist to recog»ii.»o the treason of tho CHcapo pla.tform. He was the loader of Cnss 'coumrty Domooraey and is a leaidcr 1m -the movement for Mc- KJimiley. It Is not possible ijhat ony loyal Democrat In Class -couBt)' wdll refuse to still'further follow 'Ms leadership. . The Populists east over seven hundred TOtes in -this county two years ago. .There is an attempt to deliver tills vote to the Chtcago Democrats and the excuse is that the Chicago Democrats stole the Populist platform and are .therefore entitled to -the Populist vote. The returns will show how nearly correct tihls calculation is. Archbishop Irdnmd bias declared em- phJiitileaiLly ,agatosiO free colmge and 31'shop Ohiathnrd.of the ImTian-a diocese ins .announced tlhat lie ds a; sound money Derooorait. Th'ose decluiwi.Wons lo not call from the Pharos Uie usual, denunciation of ministers . wlio talk against free cotoage.-;. What .is tlie. mat.-, :er? Hns itlie Pharos lost Ms nerve? will scant! for the old fl.ng, for national Honor, who have thiro'ivii; off R-eputoU- c-anlsm 'and Deiruocracy flmd just ea.uie togethea- -in this 'great p-M-tiy of ]>atrJot- •ism. .Now my good friends, Afoirdnn •Iiiis told you soniothiiig about Maissa.-' eli:iis<.ite, oiy. good- friends, Sickles •amid Tanner will tell you .somelihi'ng. abou/t New Yoa-k, I '.iim going to tell you •something aubout Peansylvamia, Peim- •s.vl'vanj.'i; is going to stau-d uip for protection -and Ainericam industry, ATiierl- «m borne, An>er.icaini Ifllbor -a/md is going to -stand up for 'liomcst money, stolid up far the constitution', for law, flii-d f or • ordett', and -for e/rorythimg that we want to k-cep our nfltloraal civxlit and will march to the*tu,nie of 500,000 'majority (loud applrause). "We understand «s.you do that this ils «, ci'lsiS'ii: our govm-Bimienit; we under- .put .up. a .limn Like Bryan we will show 'tfliicm (su man in the crowd, "so we w-111").. I aui,told-,t;hat j Ix>gauisport is a Democratic city. I 'do j not thiiu-k I aim,in the enemies' country j even if 'lit is a DemoaraHe city. I am conivitteed you will follow the. good example. New York -will give you and cast (i, good round msijoiity for McKinley, strong. This young man- Bryan, hsis conip to thie conclusion, that up to date this amatiry teis been a failure (laughter); Ho. is going to nuiike It a success, so flic thinks. We lunve hnd Washington, JeflJersoTO, .Taclvson and Ijinco-ln j t'llud a good many presidents, but they j „.,.,„•,•, wore all of no accotmt In Bryan's] «*»« to ****** « «"• )C WJ11 W ° W .oraifs 'h;ivc wo 'thiiings to do; they C'.-iii do 'nothing- and vote for nolxidy and •hove jwfahlng to say '.it ;ill la this grwu crisis of our nation's history, or they can vote 'for Palmer raid Bucknev, two niiost worthy men-, but they ca.nuo 1 !; be elected, either of them, they therefore might as well tih'row tihoir voles away, But we can vote for -McKmlcy who in this canvass stands for p.-m-ioitisrn and not for party (loud- nipplausL 1 ). who stands for all /tlmt Amerk-flins must now try'to uphold, the honor of the flsig and cro.di't of ithe country, llhe res- cor.ntio.il of cau-fid-eiice in onr business affairs. The gold standard was a good Democratic standard, for Jefferson, good .Democratic standard for .Tnckson, good Democratic . standard' for tlie Democrats o'f Logan$port and that is what you must decide, whether yoju w.'init your business- to be conducted on a permanent stvwidtiird recogiil/x;d by t/hc rest of the world, by (:he coin- inercin.1 unit-tons find by nil business •men. of sense, wihietfhoir you wniit to give employment to your workingnien you can do your business on a solid basis, whether you want a great and good market for "the products of your farm. That market will exist as soon as the wheels of Amei-x-.iii im'us- tura, a-s soon -as tJi-e tires- of its fur- ket .of your product's. "Nuncty per cent, of what you' raise .isconfruiui-cd in oui- own country and you can well nffoi-Tl to lose 11ie other flvo poir-'cenlt. if you can sell uiiK.-t.y- five per cent-of what you produce at good prices and that you can do when American Industry ,is revived a-iul American industry will -revive when confidence is restored. This is the wtole of it. How are you gohig to (restore confidence (voices, by voting for McKinley). No Democrat -here will tell you that confidence as going to be restored by electing Brynni (voices, no, no). If -he does I would like to answer Jiitm, Bryan- says when 'he 'is elected MS you do that there are men i-n this land who wn,nt to turn this go\ n ei'!nim<mt, as it were, upside down, and 'If they succoeed. In, their purpose •lit will bring about disgrace and dishonor «nd ruiin-,wiill surely follow: We want to undersiteund a.nd r'eallKe that we ought to be inheres fed not from tlie standpolint of Democrat and Republii- can, but we db.waut to t-oaHze WMit thds Is tihte gresiitx-st gi^y.emnment ori' 'earth' and t)h!ait,OTir flng-te ifche best amd the brightest flag that floats' In tihie breezes today (loud applause). . "The men Avho fought during the war, tho sons c r f vetern,ns, every honest man land every honest wonwini, old ana young, Demwcraitp wCL Republicans, sliould stand together and say that iflhmt flap sliall stand just •wJiere -it was pint im 1S05, nnd tlwilt is at the head ot nill'the nations Of thie earoi'. Bik. on tlie 3rd dny of November nest, In, co,ur r . (laiigQiitor).-' They do not know They dJd not manage Hie -party -business satisfaotorily. He, is go•tog-to show us how to ran the machine (laughter). Well, when I was in Ne- bwistoa,'1lhe other, day I asked the people there what-kind of an, education Bryan had Mad as a stiitos'inan and what wonderful things he had done for Nebras- Kn. I soiid lie is offering Mmself as a hived'man and 1 1 want 1 to 'leni-n' what kind of a chai'acter you «wi giwe Mm. ,1 asked Chem If he had ever boon mayor of Lincoln, -they sadd.oio. Had he ever been a .member of tlie legislature, no. Had he ever beeini constable In tihe-to^vn, (langhiter), no (cheors). Wfeil I said he was.four years in congress from Nebraska, he smit with] tune. I never saw. i Now -let the two factions of the Prohibitionists show itbat Bunco Ben has- not been "coerclDB" them. «ge and to -lnoniestj', not in not'ln ! h'iitc, not -to- anger, buitin -honest,, sober JAmerfcan 1 courage, -and ' sti.iad-' fastness go to the polls and say,, now Jn. Illils election we will do what Is t>est . fior home and .for, the country and 1 for .oim- flag and- we.ftpe^golng'.to stand by ,t)he standard we pepreBent, najtional ilionor, national 'Industry,, niatloniil progress, protection and the ^bettering of Almierlcna fjovwn'nient. We are going' to give the laborer .wwlc^.^NoKv let me /implore you off I said before, w>t Jn h'iini.diolng mnythiuig iai congress. Whta dM ,'he do? he must have done some thing., He dW do .soraothliig. What was •It?:. He got an appropriatloni for am ele- vwitor In onr postoffice.(laughter). That Is his -record 1n.> congress. ThoJt Is all there ps of -it. • Cto that wxttird 'he tons' 'been nominated 1 for president Well. I really thiimk'-tljnJt the'Democrats must have been, pretrtjy hard up for a presl- •denltliai oaaididate. ' \ •' '' . "Now I want to aak you Democratsof Logwnsport 'how mud? further down' Ihlll they propose to go.' Where are they goling. to stop? I like to go up higher. Aa tbto coTimfcry grows' bigger j It ibakes mew of more experience 1 than j 'ever.'. Ixsfore. It -needs our best and .brightest 'and wisest. • We do not want boys to be presldtot we. want men. Men wilio 'have been tried and tested • in, thtaj-r State, men who toi.ve been In the sennit* 'of .the -United; States, men who have been .'members .of cabinets, men who liaive represented their cooin- try 'atond, men of expedleBoe and wisdom. Witty; Bryan Is a poll-Meal quack (cfiraors) going around the 'country dis-, trl'butlng il t*le -silver pills, which he says i will" cure ev-ei-ybody of every:Now."We' r do.not want, any br,:any boys. Now.the Demo- over. It is -a pretty big Job for a man to uiKtertnko to rum this governimeu.t but when Hie undertakes to run panics •we 'tiliimk 'he 'has taken, too ni.ucDii of a job. Tlie next thing he -will want to uta'darliaike -to 'handle a cyclone (laughter). We will give him a 'cyclone to handle on the 3rd''day of November (loud applause). fl.!he nex/t man. 'hitirod-uoed was Corporal Tamnicr. He said 1 : "Ladles and 1 gentlemen: It .Is a great •pleasure to meet you. I feel like the rest of item; I would like to go on for Just -about one hour more (crlts from the crowd: 'go oa, why can't yon? Go on 1 ! Go on!'). "I do not wamt to miss the trniin. (cries from the-crowd: Mlie traiin. will wait oni you'), and besides -if I hod an hour to spend I would feel Just like you, I , would rathetr sit and hiar Sickles. Wlieni we have succeeded Iai getting a Democrat like him to see the error of Juls way, and Join our ^arty, I like 'to have him stand urn, or. sit land .give bis experience and make his jconfession. Stewart -has sndd some- ,tli;lng 'aiboint me.that is not true. He talked about -my raising the limit; I don't know anything aborct wtwit that (langlitor). He sjijys Pemisylvaala | about Uio situatdon, ;nid it goes into- detail, and it winds up by saying, 'no man «i;n tell wh.'i.t: the Republican majority will bo,-except that it will be somewhere bctwftcm a ouattcr of a million a:ud a million of votes. "We are going to expect the good old Democrats, Dhe true Democrats of the Democr.'utic -party to stiand by us this year. The cream of tTie Democradc -iwi-ty are going to stand wsl'tli- us for Ifational honor. The American good' reime: that is what is in tnis'fight, and the truth aibout -it, -boys, is, we have- then) licked like the devil, right now."" (Loud clieers.) 'General Alger next introduced General Howurd, who saa'd: "My mind nuns all the time., fellow citizens, on the campaign and tne battle. Tluey ore both fixctl 'indelibly upon my heart -and my mimd. There were a great many men fron> Indiana with: me l-n the war. Xow you remember- p;ati<:wla.rly on Looliouv, wlic-n Hazen- met us down, there. •-' Wlien I first saw him, a.nd heard -Hie !noi.se or battle, I began to get scared, and when I looked at those men and saw their line advancing, I felt a little more scared, but • when- they got nearer and -nearer, and: I saw the old flag floating proudly above the ranks, tihe cry came down ro us, 'Open up. the bread line.' "•That is what WD are doing; we are- opening up the bread lice, boys. IJ wanit'overy friend of mine to hold -up-' his 'halt and every lady her handkerchief, and now let, us give three cheers, for -tlie old flag." The -cheers were given with a henrry good w.ill. aiid General Howard then saw!: "Now I want'to add McKtnley, to It." The chews again swelled from two- thousniiKl tlironts. As lie turned to go General Howard s;iid. "Tihe bread line,as open, Twys.".* Am after thought struck 'him nnd be- relumed to the front of the platform and -pi-oposed three cheers for James A. Mo'unt who, he said, was a private in the ranks and a brave soldier. Many voices in the crowd answered, "thait's- so, 'he was," and tilie cheers for Mount were heartily given. As flic distinguished party left the- stand Hon. W. T. WJIson proixised three cheers for the Generals and these were given with a' mighty snout Tbe Generals wea>» driven rapidl5' to their train and were whirled away to- Delphi, where the next frtop was made. AFTERNOON MEETING. Judge, D. B. McConnell and Statesman • Stutosmne Speak. The link was filled .all through the afternoon meeting. The MUttary bond played patrioUic aJrs, and 'the glee club samg Republilcain hymns. Judge Dyer B. McCoianeff made hlis first politi«ii speocli, so he said, and hundreds were couiATiuced by tbie plain sense olf tlie 'nrgTimeints lie advanced. with a bacfctog of facts from history. and experience. He showed *he effect of tirj'3mg to force debased money on •tbe people dm.- England amd Prance. He exposed the fallacy of Populis,tic claims, amd held then) up to «ie light where glaring lustaccriitics were very, evident jHdjtc . M<:ConjwU introduced Hon. F. Stufeemaift of Pern, former- 500,000. I tell him that New ! ly point represemta.tive from Cass and 1 give 000,000 for McKinley j Miami couafcies, and the young states- In this morning's Ohlca.go pa- j nuua from SUnmi county addressed tlie per I .read at statement coming from • aud-icnce entortaiunltagly ami conyinc- ^ 7 ew York, quite, a long statement 1 (Conttnued on Firth .Page.);: Highest of all in Leavening Strength.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report.

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