Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 14, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1896
Page 3
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Without Regard to Part Preferences •J D K. MILES' iic,oiuL>i>^ '.. "."„, euros ncrvoaa prostration. ISot ml- Tacnlousl.^rit scientifically, by first Tcmovln- tho B^rms ot disease, and then "- healthy norvo tood, Increasing .^-^-Ito.holpli'CdlEMtlouandstTon^h. oninfTtho cntlT-o system. Donpcr: to cabes icnuire proioa?ed lre;Uraotit aa shown by ICql " r0 l[rs. M. B. Kced, ot Dolt,, lo-a. vrho RESPOND TO THE CALL Grand Ovation to Those Who in Battle Fought for the Country They Ag-ain Seek to Preserve. •puraiysis. my limbs •Dr. Miles' Nervine Restores "Health fiap. . • ~ would havo throbbings in my chest that scemod unonduniblo. For throe months I could not sloop and for three vooi:s did not cioso my oycs. 1 prayed for sleep, and pwrod? rio™!y a« first, but atcwlllj•and v _ . . _,, ,A K n rflno nnn 1 cannuw surely. Jor'over.four months." Dr isaoldW drtssb»'o«.*»« M »° thatfirSt tottle-beneflcs or money rofunaea. Book on heart and nerves Iroe, Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind. A high standard of excellence: Man* of the -Munson" consider it THE iBEST. You will had It H valuable assistant In jonr ol- tlce. Address for particulars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MA NUFACTUKEKS. 340-844 \Ve»t Like St.. Chicneo, I". STATE NATIONAL BANK tOQANSFOKT, INDJ • $200.000 if P. JohnBon, President. B. W. UUery, Vice Freaident. H. J. Heltbdnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. Report of me Condition —OFTHE— First National Bank, n Due from National Banks (not reserve ' oo l-iactlonal paper currency, '£'2oo 00^72,488 GO Totul... $000,80300 h,ns come, -and jrouo. and -llwlv visit will ibo Itfii- rMUouiibi'ired by tho on any Jmn- rtmUj'wl.0 M.W tih-wa, and lu^u'd U.ciii tv^wove 'ni«i whio -beea:me f a,mous on nVmvv a bloody Held of ba.tllc, -.un,d who wvdisared 't,1ion«selvos to thousands ot brnvu sold'rers iby Icad.inxg the cli-arge whoi'o aiho storm- of load wa« tliiicke«t. Of ill* warty tl«'» ltalll(1 "' ed sftlfllors who iivwl»Hl hi line to do 'Wo:»r'» tlris dHU'ngnisilved barad of generals, tiluero were .rtuny who had foasH-c under thorn', -ami -a* the wfavges bra/ring tho party w 1 ' 1 " 1 W ' t;t> tllle stilu<:1: /^ivfuii.s t'hiM'O \voro tonirs. i ,™wi fsUimicltng muite us tihelr weli-rc- memHwred leaders of the 1-mi'g a?o wmc author battle, fl^tor tlilrty year's ot peo.ce, a baittae which mown* no loss now tta-n did the supi^mm-cy of the cause of tho Union when rebellion was In tnLe \m&; n-bsisMlo for National honor simd National credit, for-Indlividiial lion- or 311(1 -civcll't, 'lllie itonid from which the ge.norals «poko was erected early yesterday moraliig hi : M«rket square, directly op- poslto the'postoffic-e. It was a co,m- modtous -structure .and solid. n,nd ch* tcvivness of 'the irotigUi 'P' ne boards which coiwposed it w>s relieved by an aJlmiida.nco. of flags large and snwi.l . Tlio train boarlng tlbc-pairtj' vn$- sehetl- uhxl to «-rrirc liere owr the Vfl.ndn.lin -it. 11 o'clock, but word- w;..? received that *t would -be from .thirty to. fifty aitft. so whan tne crowd had they were entertained to var- ways. •o veterans farmed in WITPO com- p-.u-.o- nt tnre rink. fiiHlor c-o-mw.aud of .Tonli B Winter?,. W- T. G*tfe and Geo. Limton, The line was t-hon formed, wftlh the McKi-tilpy diiim con>s -1m t%e iwul followed by''UUe McKMey escort Anitas. iH'ty RtTonic. Tb«* c " vra ' 0 thc Jllliihary bamrt followed by -tlie three c-ompaiHCR of veterans, two iiinndi-ed •mud elg-hty-SOTCift in the Li.n«. As they c-unc iiibrcnst of'Uhe stand Hue companies- filed Tight '.and left find formed an opan pnssagfrwiy rtlhrougTi- which tlic cn.rr!.i«es weire to pass. Onipt. D. L. ' id wihoeled -Ms field piece iuto u n-jid «s the line came -to a halt iihe piece spoke ft' loud roar of greeting n,nd a dhcwr wont up from the veterans that was joined to by the more than two thousand people in Iihe crowd. • While <mva:iit.ing tihe arrival of the train, -tilio crowd was eatOTtai-aed by songs from the McKtmey Glee club : m-uslc by tte toa.Tid «md drum corps, of Osknloosa, lowft, was sent for at the Bai-nett'hotel and consented to talk tor n, few- mlirattes. TMt nine people were with. th.e .spcalvw was cv-idenced by -*e .hearty -answer 1!hey ga.vo to the question-: "I wonder, I'f I should 1™* the ciucBiilon to you, whether It was better to ten down Bem I-Mrrisou and meet Gi-ovea.- Clevelamd to I8»2. I wonder how many of you would s;vy it was best to do it (cries of 'None of ns, There'* nobody fchflit -tlntokB so 1 ), I don't know of arayon-e .in- Lopaiisport \v3io would «ay -so except your posirmmstcr (tough-ter amd cries of 'Bednro Hamn- walf) and ihe's-eaytog so because he's a job by jrfn.ce of tha.t.election" iv.nd appliaiuse). Mr. .K-enworUhy spoke for -probably five m'tamt.es.' nwl wihen 'Ive •tlvca-e were loud crtos or "go on, cm, wc'.ro not tired," but Oie .gave way to W. M. Ktouey of. Roduwter, who .was toitrodm-od T^y •CSwlrmnin Powell •ns "a 'Sound Money De-mocrait." Mr. Klnncy said: "Of all the mc'0/n tliiijw tlm,t lli.ive ever been said -aihont me, l«^-,yW^y#3^W^^T,-..^;I!^ ll J'lp.T^ ; fen^;f^e^^?^^* |1 >^- "Mnife-iwi^.-.'Uttie; 1 : 'camion. V-^TV,- w-ere'feve can-riiages to' - the'1 line.' 1 den- fcra'ls 0. 0. Howiiinl ainl 'TOomas .7. Stewart Oo-l. 1. N. Wa.lkM, and .Tudgo .Tolvn C. Nelson aiud dipt. Fmnk Swl- rkiwe. In.tlho second W;LS General Dn.n- •iel B Sickles, G-oaoral George A. Mwr- d-im, Asa. CokMiitinx- and O;qit. W. H. Suydpr of Iheflty. .Gwiw-a.l KUSSL-!) A. Akrer, M.rlor .TohiuW. Buirs-t, I. ^ 7 . Craw- rorcl aindS. A. Vaughn o'I'tlve city occupied the tilviTd f«:rrla«e. In the fourth wore ,T-oseph Grnosel of Michigan., tho I-Ioni. -T. C. Chuypool. I,£\v Wiley, ofTI- d-aJ Irnglw of -Hhtt G, A. U. mnd G. V,. Tfci.lHi of >fcho city. Tlic hu*t carriage Hwro Col. GMO.-RO 13. Hwpkta* Corporal ,Tii:inos Taniiirt', 't'ho Hon. V. M. MMUkeu aiiul S. B. Boyw of the ci'ly. TlHire wa.s silence' ".us r.Wi> !>'>•*' tlls - iivoiwi'ted from 'line vehicles mrai to'Cheip-tailifonir. Geoneml Sickles, Jlnut on© soinnrt kig. nmrt Corporal TS inner with no lops at nil, wore assisted up tihe IKMTOW steps and when flu? dis- •lii'ivutehwl na-rty -aippeawl, -rlw llrst •loud cheer we.nl: np as 'the GcmoisHs •I'll- crowd. .Tin' cheat o'f th-' .._ mwct.ba.vc bro-.'snt a- rucollec- twn of itihe time when -nhcy formed a line of 1-Niiltlo, for when Gemeral Algcr sibtwed to tlh'e front of the platform mud -am'niouiieod General Miwlau as the (Irs-t speaker, 'llbero was- a suspicious ilinskSnoss in. his voice that was not due to & cold. iJ'ey 6(1 , 3tl Cotioct— Jttcat: : ^. J DENNI3 UHL. . Directors. ' 'Many a day's work to. lost by be«d«ehe caused by Indigestion and stomach troubles. . DeWItt's . Little Early Risers are the most effectual pill for overcoming such dlfflculUes.-Jtw. M. Johnston. Wald«n's ?2,DO ladles' ^hoes are the best If you don't 'buy your shoes at Waldcn's, you don't get tihe best gtttocrlbe for The JoornaL m, thte meaBOBt, I tl«l,D.k, i's ifchiat I am, .'or ever wis a Doawcrait (langflnter). My wife smys-I-am mortailly uffly, bwt 1 clout look like -a Democrat (laughter amd -applause).' Mr. Klnmcy spoke -briefly, -and then- gave way to M-airtln A. Quiwn of Miami county., the Tinatoy young Iirishlmain who te stumping the conn'ty tliis'-wec-k In, *he cause of Sound Jlonoy. Mr. Quinn "nctoiowledgcd that (he hod been a Democrat, "but," he said, "It te possi-ble. -for a Democrat to reform, and I bave done so," wh-leh brought fortii cheers from the'crowd. .The word was .then-passed down, the Itoe that the Gem-eirails were : corn Ing; and itfhc soirad of eaBman.flrlng comtag from owoss tho river verlfled the report. As the cairrlages tuomed off of THE SPEAKING. Gcn-eml Uussell A. Algar of Michigan presided. Hv his iU'tTOductoi'y remarks lie saiid. • • -Comrade Kind follow citlzcins, I will not debate you but for a few moments, I know- -we ax* nil assembledtore not ns KepuMieans, not «s Doinocrats, bait us panrwos- [Applause.] "We -are Democrats nrnl lie-publicans in'ordinary ti.rues.wl.th u-s, But we nra ,i,pn«i,lLnig to. all of the old comrades who sacrificed so inwch thirty , years 5 voto niilly. again around our standard bcareis and joM to rescuing our country from rapiKMutioa wnd disgrace anil nsk you to Join with'-us .in run,jitag.up the old fliig flml standing for to-tegi-My. for honor and 'for honest -monejM-ap- pl-aus-e, niid 11 mam' in fche crowd, 'les, we we all 'hew -to do that'). "Now fellow cttizons, we arc not go;i,~ 'to t»Uk silver, -that fe ridiculous. We- are mot potug lo wlk protection, we a-ro ' going to Jiavo. *l«it Toward Marifli' (aii)})larase). -Now I am golnp to ask some of oui im-ty to talk liei-e a 1'ew minutes nnd the first man: I wJll oaM wlffl be a man wlio went -Into the army, General Mnt- dou of Jiassa'chiusiJtis, niftar ho was «kcd 10 you 1ro-o. nnanutes lie will iu- trodiw:e -hi-uiself. • GonenU Mnrdnm, ot Mwssnchus-etts, said: ' . • "Bp\wi says that he wants a good dollar 'but not too good. And Hie rest of •hts-flirfrwuwn.t Is like the song whicli inns bueu so fa.roil-iiair tor tho past three or t-our 'yenir*,' ,ta*:irra boom de ny •(,.,l>plausc'ii-ml cheers^ I t>W'nk t!h-at Tudilanm. nirtd Massachusete both wunt a good dollar nnd'the beittsr flic dollar the better we like It. Bryan tells us to begin- with, thn* lie is'going to give us a chccvp dollnir to .pay debts with. (A man in -tho crowd, "He will, never do it") In lite inext breiaitlh' he tells us tl«a.t the gold 'dollar Is a 200-cont dollair, I was talking-with ft street ca,r nuin the other day, he said that ho •had t>oeia told that *he do-U-ir- he got Saturday nlpiht for -his -week's .work was a 200-eemit dollnr. If .this is true, says he, that Is the kind of dollars I ,n;m -after (flipplause). "Ttovt is what we want, all of us, ex- CBpt those who wa-wt to 'pet nld of the ddbt and IxwMe the dollar what we win*.is work. I do aot know how it js i'u lAgamepoA I do know to Lowell, and Lowell a-ud Ijogaiasnort both: bc- o-Ln: .with L, I do know -that to Low-el) where w-e have from forty to fifty itliousnncl men and women at work every d«y to the factortes (when we !mvo work), we want.Republican pat- riol'tem, (iinnn to *h«i crowd, 'Ch-ait's right'). ' "How nre yo\i -here?" •'ninecrowd, "Justthe sa.m'e way," "I uiiKtorstaibd tout the, wind-mill Industries, whiic'h I believe you 'have In 'this State, Uliat th-ji.t tnaido has fallen off slinco Bryaw startxjd (applause). • "I \iud-crsitand that your woolen mills-, and you Hare some 'hero, 'as well as wo ihavc in Massachusetts are suffering today a.nd .that your ebeep'fctfTOiCirs affo .suffering as well as your woolen mills. They' gave us fret- wool «s a.favar and'wo' irant -t" 6 " 1 .to'+nke. «t back Agwiai. [Applause.]. We have found tW both the farmer and Dhe mill mn.o- suffer under free wool, -and low duty. I 'have 'been accustomed-to.-cesrtaln com-munitles to ' quote six Macs tbaf ,Twck' Crawford, poet of tho Rocky Mountains, wrote, putttng the whole tariff ques*ion iuto it.. "Mary had a little -lamb, ', ,She loved It every minute. She •washed lit to the Springtime .And sheared tihe wool to spin it. The rtommles took the tariff off, And 'then she toad to skin It." F. I'. Belli, «.Wglnly esteemed mi'uisl-er residinw iin, \\'«Mls-port, Cny; iva Co., N. Y., hiareciaiit.Ic.ttc-r writes ns follows: "Thow Iws ucvcr -boon iiiij-MitnK 'that I 'have 'takea tlult 1)!1S .n>ll«v«d fin- Dyspt'liski.'from whifh I IUIA-O KufCercd -for ton. years except tho n«w -rcuwd-y called Stuart's Dyspejis-la Tnihlets. Sinc-e -takiup tlwm I IKIVO had no ilistress u,t all stfU-r emtinjr anikl ngato iiiffw long yca.iv e:va sleep well. Kev. F. 1. Bell, Wocdisport, N. Y., formorly IdaViia, Colo. • .SH.varl.'s Dys-ix-psia. TnMcts te -a re- mai-kaibte .remedy, not oivly -DocMise it Is a. c«rt4):'.n avre for a.H forms of vndd- gostion. bult .bec-a.«w It scorns to act as thoroiUKlbly in o 1 ' 1 'Clu'o™^ cases of Dys- pftpsli^.s' well as in mild sMtocks of imli-osition or biliousness. A person -has Dyspdpstai slmjiSy because tl.c ^•omiicli Is ovw-workod. nil " wants ts a harmless, vcgetatote remedy to d> »e,st the food .and thus give it too much <[?di>il (rest. This Is the s«rdt of the twwss of ii..is r>:>i".]I'Viv remedy. !>"o «vi:te-i- how weak or ihow mnc-h diiso-rdei-cd the di- ff esL-ion nw =bc. 'Sbuart'-s Dysj)epsia Tfllbiiots will digest the food, whethd- .ilw stonwic-h works or not. New We and energy .is G^ea not only to the qtomiwrh .but to every orgam and- nerve h, the body. A trial of this sptendiB medicine will convince the most skeptical that Dysposta. -naid all stomach troubles caivbe cured. Tho tablets are prepared !>y the Stuart Chemical Co., of MiwshMl, -Mich, tout so popular luvs tlve remedy become tlwt Smiarfs Dys- iK>isla Tailil-dtB cafl MOW ibc obtained at •iny-druff More a.t 50 cents pet package. Serai for book on .stomach - diseases free. Of Health is Happiness The Indiana Depurator Company has placed in Dr. J. B. Shultz office at 417 Fourth street, one of their instruments, for the treat; ment of Catarrh, Asthma, Hay Fever. Bronchitis and Consumption We do positively cure the above named diseases also Rheumatism, Sciatica, Stan and blood diseases. It you are afflicted or have friends who are afflicted, do not fail to investigate at once. See testimonials of Leading Physicians: also testimonials of patients cured, on file at office Parlors of the Indiana Depurator Company at Dr. J. B. Shultz' office 417 Fourth Street Logansport, Ind Natural Gas Rates. Republican Meetings. nepuiblicaii speaktogs will be 'held at tli-e following places da Oa«! county: Friday eveatas, October 23, Haxnees school house, Deer Creek township, D B. McDonnell. - . • • . W M Eenney, of Rochester, a former Democrat and a witty and eloquent speaker, will speak to-Cass county as follows: " '.-. ''•'•'•-,, .Wednesday evenmg, October 14, Walton. Thursday eveutag, October lo, Twelve Mile. Friday evening, October 10, Lucerne Saturday evening, October 17, Royal ^Thursday evening, October 15th, at the New school house In Noble town- shop, George Funk. Friday afternoon., Oct. 16, Broadway rink, Hon. Frank Hanley. Saturday evening, October IT, Center school house, Deer Creek township, Q. A. Myers. Wednesday evening, October 14th, Galloway school house, Jefferson township, M. A. Qulnn. „'..„„ Thursday evening, October 15th, Concord school house, Jefferson township, M. A. Qulnn. Friday evening, October 16th, Gransinger school house, Adams township, M A. Qulnn. Saturday evening,-October ITth, Onward. M. A. Qulnn. ' satordny .evening, October l.th, Louithaln school House, Bethlehem township, CMando Powell. Saturday alta-noon October l.th,, Mc- Klnley pole raising -at -home of James Humes, at which Attorney George Gamble will speak. Gaftveston,. Friday night, .October 10th, M. Joice of Miami county, a Sound Money Democrat, will speak. Thursday evening, October 15th, New sc'hool house, Noble township, George W. .Funk. Partial payments annual rates begin October 1st 1896, , . Consumers desiring to avail themselves of the aSSuai rate, on the basis of six payments, sho^d arrange to have their stoves connected by.thatdate in order to-be-on time. Logansport & Wabasli Valley Gas Co, 317 & 319 Pearl Street. fly New Goods Are here. <MI and examine them before buying, AL. YOUNG The Practical Pearl Street Tailor- ? 1 •:;& ; iV* >:i 4 m "m "•$ , Continued on Fourth Pege. HOWS THIS. We offer One Hundred Dollars re ward for any case, of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, O.. We the undersigned, have known F .7 Cheney, for the last 15 years, and.be- lieve him perfectly honorable la nil business transactions and flnandallj able to carry out any .obligations made by their item. WEST & TRTJAX, Wholesale Drug gists, Toledo, O. WALD1NG,' KIXNAN & MARVIN Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Inter Dally. iicHnS directly upon .the blood •amd mucous surfaces of the system Testimonials sent free. Price T5c pe bottle. Sold by all druggists. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Reported for the Journal by F. H. Wipperman, Abstracted Sarah .T. Morrison to A. J. MurdOck, tritoagular strip 'near 21st St. and .Tef- efrsom Sts., Hamilton Heights, warranty, $100.' ' "•'-.-' a John Flock, Sr., to Emmai Deboo, S E. % N ' E - Vt Sec. 31, Boons tp., war ran-by, $2,000. , . . Joh'a WJssinger to Ijeah Smith, pt E, % S. E. Vj, Sec. 17, Tijpton tp., war ranty, $1,600. ;: . Saralii J. Morrison *o B. N. All Kinds of Drawings Made by BYRQNB. GORDON. Block. LU, S a»5port MAZO Positive Cure. Large Boxes, $2.00. _ .1 — ^.»>-.taAoi3 on r0* - '..V;.^ ; . : :^ •/^ MED. CINE CO. 120 Fort Wayne CHAS.L.WOLL, NBW BJUO5DT Uodlcated Air For the Core of Catarrh, A«Oii»» and all Pulmonary Diseases, It lias no equal fat lUU*"'* i*««» v— named dlseaiiw. WDT safer Bnd dl ?' when Medicated Air U gnaranteedtocoreyou. in ~ pt. lot 17, JJaRose 3d odd. near 10th and Otto Sts., warranty, ?1,200. Thirteen, mortgagee ftled, oggregatlng KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmer| 6]0 BBOADWAT. 1 Subscribe for The Journal, 40 month.

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