Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 2, 1954 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, August 2, 1954
Page 5
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Jf'-tl. ft, .S, f^ c - f ^ '„ .' ^i :/ fr , ld,neVfirJbe used against HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS tit *fteKSe 1ft relation W which he ee questions. oncd he was . Irilmunity, covild aft' qttesthstts even to the entleht Idfcible r vertbrow and attfei^rafds be prosecnlc-d for 'the Smith Act. 2. 'The attorney gfineial the right to decide ' TsH&tild, and shai^ldn't, be ifntfiunity as an indues- meftt to talk, Brownell'f on that goe? likf this: As chief law enforcement off!the attot'ney general is always MARKETS St. LOUIS LlVfe§f6CK NATIONAL STOCKYAMfiS, 111 W! — Hogs 9,000; active; barrows arid gilts $5-50 higher then Fri day's average; sows fu'liy 50, spo'.i "i5 higher; bulk choice 190-250 Ib 22.?6-23.00; few choice No. 1 and 2 23.10; about 50 head 23.25: 250-2?0 IB in small lots 22.00-75, few 23.00; 1KM90 Ib mostly 22.2i.7f.; IfiO-ltO fi» 4 better position to knew, ih »«««'»> mostly 22.2-,-K; 1(50-170 the me tit &W individual Witness,, 11 * 20.7*3-22.25; 120-140 Ib 18.50-19..00; <ufe*»i4»*. ik* *ttUit/» i«(n,./i<n i. i,««. few light weights ID.2S: heavier tit riJ# indlvicttlai Whether the public intprest Is bei tef served IiJ> granting him fmmtu fifty* from a future nrosecUlion, 3. Qnce" a wijness Was promised Immunity H<* cpuld ho lengcf use (he Fifth Amendment aft ah rttcuw for not s answering. Since that tmondrne'nt was intended tb protect a man against being forced to incriminate himself, n promise of immunity would mako the protcc' tion pf the Fifth Amendment unnecessary. The argument is that >tt a witness, after receivihi? a nuarnntdc of Immunity, still refused to testify he could bo jqlled for contempt ot ongress. The first witness .who purned immunity, still refused un- er the Fifth Amendment to an- wcr questions, and Was jailed for ontempt, would no doubt take his ule on whether' Congress could ass n law to get around a con- .itutional' nmendment. Tho court ight rule, for example, that he aw was invalid because it could ot grand immunity from, prosecu- bii in state (iourts. In r Congress there was mixed re- dtion to Browjnell's proposal, ome. rnembers said that letting ie f attorney general decide who bt immuniiy was too much power or one man. Someday an attorney general might use It for bad pur- loses. evidence i-?s s Sl'€''^? v . iolnlor to court. The court then would have to previous close. Oct 34 33, Dec". 34.53 and March 34.65. light weights ID. 26; heavier sbws 13.75-lfi.OO; -boars 950-10.00, Cattle 9,000; calvo? 2.000; Virtually no early sales; faiily large percentage of heifer*.) and miscd j'eariings opening steady, mainly to small interest?; relatively liberal showing of • good and choice offerings 13,50-22.50; cows opening Steady j utility and commercial cows 10.50-12.7S; camvn-s and cut* tt-rs 8.00-10,50; bulls and vralers Steady; utility and commercial ll,tXM3,00; canner and cutter bulls C.00-11.00; :good to choice Vealers 14.00-18.00; high choice and prime 4fl.DO-20.00; commercial and low ijopd vealcrs 11.00-1400; culls 700-8.00. Sheep 2,00;.,. veceipts mostly spring lambs and slaughter-ewes; market not fully established; few 'spring lambs- abaut steady with Friday average; early sales'.choirp nhdprim. a t-pring iambs 2100-50; good and choice 18.00-20.EO. POULTRY AND LITTLE ROCK Wl — Northwest area: orket steady; delnahd good; broilers and fryers 2^/3 Ibs, mostly 26, Batesville-Floral afea! Market slightly weaker; demafw} iair to godd; broi'.3rs and fryers 2'/2-3 ibs, mostly 26. All prices f.o.b. CHICAGO (A *- JLlve poultry steady on hens, about Steady oh young stork; receipts ' 737, coops, fo.b. paying prices unchanged to Yz cent higher; heavy hens 1(5.521; light bans 15-lfi; fryers or broilers 24-30; old roosters 13.5* 14; caponettes 29-31.5. Buter steady; recepits 1,443,120; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 5G.5; 02 A 50.5i 90 B 54; 89 C 50; cars 90 B. 54.5; C 51. Eggs wholesale weak; receipts 11,297: buying pi-ices unchanged; U. S. large 41-42; U. S. mediuvns 32; U. S. standards 30; current receipts 2C; dirti.eb 215; checks 20. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Wheat: No. 3 red 2.02^, No. 1 hard 2.11%, No, 2, 2.J1— Corn: No 1 yellow 163'/r63'!4, No, 2 1.01 &-U3 No. 3 ISO-—61 No 5 158 Oits: No 1 heavy mixed 76 -i/ 2 ; No 2 mixed 71—; No 3 medium heavy white '74; No 1 eSenate last eayr passed a sill which would let Congress, not he attorney general, have final ay on 'who got Immunity. Last week, after 'sitting on tho >robjem a year, the House Judiciary Committee approved a bill similar to'ihc Senate bill.'Although t says 'a federal judge .would grant he immunity, not- Congress, it would' actually be Congress which recommended when and to whom •• do the .granting. But thero' was this difference: while the'Senate bill would make t'possible i/> r give immunity to anyone" involved' in any kind of crime the &OHSO ' commute bill wpuld limit;, the immunity guarantee to subversive cases qnly, , , j ,"Evejn If the < House should pass Four Commie Continued from Page On« vocate tho forcible .oyerthi-ow.: ol the U. S. gpvernme'nt. . ti Those arrested here were Arthur Bary, 42, chairman of the -Colorado Communist Parly and regional organizer for Colorado, Wyoming; heavy while, 76%-77; No 1 white Montana, Utah and New Mexico; "- "'-"- "" ' Anna Corrca Bary, 29, his wife and 1 lormer organizer of the ..Cpmmu- Official Now, McClellan Is Winner LltTLE RdCK UP) — Sen. Johh L McClellan has won the democratic ftofflihaHoh for re-election by a 4,950-Vote majority, a certified.vote cottnl revealed today. Democratic norntfteefi are virtually assured of election in tradi* tiohally Befrtdcfatic William P. Boweh secretary the Defh&dratic, Central -£ptt tee, have these figured for ttife geh- itotisl race: McCleilah, bttner GpV, Sid MCMalh, ,1*11,11^ •"ant Ch&rhbers, 31,266;' LedtiaM •nils, 3.3&1. ThuiS, ^ McClellfih's three foes boiled a total of 160,849. Oh July 22 The day after the election — McMath said that he Would Jipt concede until .ajl, re- urns have been certified" When nfotmed of the certified count Me Vtath sa'id.he would make a statement later, today. The ; gubernatorial race closely followed :unpfficial figures. The incumbent, Francis Cherry, is now engaged in #. runoff campaign with Oryal Faubus, 44-year-ojki Hu'ntsvllle' newspaper publisher who surprised forecasters by poll ing more than 100,000 votes. The official counti -Cherry 154, 799; Gus McMillan. 18.754? Guy Jones, 41,228; Faubus', 109,004. Cherry Asks Drouth Aid for Formers LITTLE ROCK \ff\ — Gov. cis Cherry has asked Arkansas' cohgresSion.il delegation to devisa i flan for expansion o* debts for •farmers in th»se extreme drought strickeft areas." The governor said tho plan per* aps wotttd entail some arrangement for. postponement of debt payment for one year, while being financed or guaranteed through, th» >e pressed forward with ail haste, n co-operation with the President A8 "oiir entire congressional dele-, latfort" I He said the typ3 of program he >*fi in mind would require legis- atlon. Most of Arkansas was included ih an emergency drought relief fog'rarff in 1&53. During that pe- •Sodj hay was shipped into the? tiite at greatly reduced rates, beneficiaries of the program were the farmers and cattle rais* firs who had been unable to grow :heir owh feed. systerh. boards, or groups,tc dobbt, would establish eligibility ,01 farmers fo? this type of aid after tfcarninatlon of all the facts in. voived." Cherry expressed his views in. a telegram to Arkansas' congression al representatives. ''Vast areas of Arkansas farm crops are burned to a cl'isp," HP declared. Cherry stated that "Many farm tfs put in their crops th's .year with borrowed money because o their, failure to mak« •ptofitnbli hervest in the past two summer of • severe .drought." "Now for a third year thei fields are parched," he said. "Thej Will make little, if any, harvest/ Cherry said that somethin* should- be done immediately to al leviate the situation. Such a program, he said,'* shoul The United States has 51 mil- Ion, telephones or one for three people, , / . ' i Monday, August 2 Laney May Work far Mr. Cherry LITTLE nOCK 11' Monday, August 2,1954 «0t»t S? Aft, HQJt, Aft KANSAS _ Beh T. ney _ a former governor of kansas — indicated Saturday^ might take an active part in Cherry's campaign for a s< term nomination. Bu: the forrrt| governor said he had not made:his mind. Laney who — like rnce crossed political foils Wffl former (3Hv. Sid McaMth, Visiji CIETY t Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. 5 Calendar . ,:Mqnday, August 2 , •t-MfS- Kclwin Stewart will enter- Circle Two of,the W. S. C. S. hae a buvsiness meeting at 3:30 p. m. Tuesday, I get out of town." Laney said he didn't knov# -wfi ther Cherry wanted his support The Women's Missionary Society _. ,o fthe First Baptist Church will of the First-Methodist Church on'have a business meeting at 3:30 not. TO fH6 PEOPLE OF MEMPSffeAb COUNTY TO MY MANY FRi6NDS: I am grateful unto you arid wish to thank you for your votes, we have fought a | good clean fight but lost by a small margin, and may you continue to fight for honest and competent Lounry Government, and when I can be of service to you cal on me. TO MY POLITICAL ENEMIES: Honesty and Truth crushed to the earth shall rise again and justice shall prevail,' may that you will repent and that the good Lord will take a liking toward you, and I will see ypu again four years.from now if my limbs continue to .improve. • '• • - As ever ARTHUR C.ANDERSON . Pol. Adv. Paid for by Arthur C. Andersoi^' •Monday afternoon at four o'clock '•at vhou home, 422 West Avenue D. •„.... — frame' Sii ot the W S. C. S. will jmeet Monday, August 2, at 2 p. m. with Mrs. George Peck with Mrs. K, J. Whitman as co-hostess. Mrs. The G. M. A. of the 11, JS. Patterson will present the t j s t Cliurph, Mrs. Sar program, "Meeting Rural Needs. "n Ga dcr, will meet at 0:30 p. in Thp,se ( .laking part will be Mcsdam-' s Joe Jones, R. L. Broach, Jim Colfe, pick Watkins, Jack Gardner, avid Waddle, Ucorge Murphy Jand U B. Toolcy. Mrs. E. J. Whit| ; in will bring the devotional. | Circle 3, W. 'S. C. S. of the Me- Jthqdist Church, Mrs. Jolly Byers, r, .will meet in the basement hostess to the Junior G. A.'s of the M U>(v church on Monday, Augus K, ulftl.p. m. with Mrs. Johnny Mc fcab'e and Mrs. Cecil Weaver a ko-hoslesscs. 73 -75%; No. 2 heavy white 76—; No. 2 white 71 -71»/ 2 ; No. 3 white '/&. Soybeans: None. Barley nominal: ailing ].1060; feed 90-1,05. NEW YOI^K STOCKS NEW YORK W) — Demand, for nircrafts turned the Stock Market upward today though p'-ice changes were generally small. Steels a-nd motors were also active buut irregular. Chemicals and distillers found ready buyers. UtiV ities held firm but railroads cased, Trading war moderately aptive. Missouri Pacific - preferred opened up a points al 51 on a block of 4,700 shares. During the session, however, tho gni". diminished. After the close of tho mar ket last week, the Interstate Com rnerce commission approved 'it quits, there could n ew reorganization plan for the the subect unlesj no law on the subject unlesj bankrupt road. House aftd* Senate 'worked out Iheit* differences, There isn't much time for. that. ' >' , i Continued from -Page One Cherry .said, "fye people have in- fJicr-ted, they aye pppo.«ed Jo thfx meflsure and I' accept their decision ,ii} ( oli huujility." , 2. « Cherry fovmfllly c»me out with s 'stalempnt that he would ''use eifery legal rrjeons to dis- ' " prove 'tne need" for rate Increases jEor , Ai'kansos Power & Light Co. and Arkansas Lovu'siaoi» Gas Co, list party in Denver; Harold Zepe in,.28, Communist party organizer for Colorado; and Lcwirs Martin Johnson, 34, hpad of the.Commu- nist party in Utah. As they ieft the office of Conv missioner Neff, all except Mrs. Bary, smaitly dressed in a blue dress and sporting a boyish Italian hairdo, were handcuffed. Asked if he had any comment, Bary, natUly dresse4 in white straw hat, dark blue s«it an4 white polo shirt, ,told The Assa ciated Press: 'Yes, if it's permissible to make one." i The FBI agents, one on either side of him, made no protest. "I think you should know that Commissioner Neff set ,bond at $100,000 each, which is tar-tOTnount to no bond at all. It will be impossible to meet it." NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK Ml — Cotton future's declined in quiet irnding todpy. The market was depressed bv re- tejpt of favorable rams We scattered sections of tho pvodt cm area. Dealers jioted n slight crease i hedging. The volume of trading, however, was the -smallest in many wfeeks;.. ost traders adopted sidehnej positions, awaiting further inform.'!' tjon on new crop progress. Late afternoon prices weie 5 to 25 cents! a bale lower than thp Showers Scattered Throughout State 3oth utilities have appealed to tH? state Public Service Commission for rate increases, and both requests hove be<?n suspended, pending a Bearing- Orval Foubus of Hunisville, Cherry's nmoff opponent, got the support of St^tc Sen. Guy Jo^es of Cpmvay. Jones van third }n a field Bf fpur in Jast Tuesday's pri- lad more than prte inch of rain. Elsewhere the clouds dropped N?sj han one inch or mere Iraces. i...l»yfar 10'fAL POWFR mary. week the fourth candi date, Gus McMillap of Sheridan announced his,support of Faubus. Jones, said he had been ap- ,jr0pched by Cherry supporters to endorse the governor "or. at least , "They tuiggested my campaign had been very expensive and I needed tp bp reimbursed," Jones how. "And-they^tojd-mo they had eyidence that -would make it im if ! is breaking nil .far other premium «•»*>! fpr me to support bus." Jones said the Cherry supporter.- refused to produce the "evidence 1 for him. Riding a ttatement made Friday by a Little Rock weekly Govern ment news digest, Cherry announ ced he wiil> g«r Pn i&ateyide TV end radio hookups tonight with 4 <j<jcument?d .pertinent in Faubus and hi training at B rlleged college which has been branded a Communist, Faubus h|s dgiied earlier ro pprts that he •##§ a student or t faculty membett c pt Commonweait College at Men'^, Ark, T)ie college was listed as Com mumsl in J949 by,u, §, Tom CJark, The two decides a gq after a , tipn with thw schooi'wfii'j Ji> the Arkansas Begqraer, u week Jy government n?\v? digest in ,Rock. In a frwt pngi » WieJls By The Associated Those widely -scattered thunder bowers so ' of ten forecast Isy the cjatherman turned in^o realities or many parts of Avkwisss, yes,- erday. The heoviest shower fell at lector in Pope County whepe the S. Woojther Bureau nt . . lock reported nearjy four, inches f rain. The scattered s'nowers spririkled arts of Aikansas in all directipns north, south,- east and ,wesf, The weatherman sai^ Fort Smith ?here wero some spoj$ without a Irop. j i However the showers kept thfl mercury at a lower level than,US'' ml. Fort Smith — han most Arkansas hot spots PP wt days ~- turned in a coo) h(ph of 84 degrees. Thermometer r^pdj ngs for otier places ranged wp'to 21 Dorado'" 95, Today, the weatherman north Arkansas can expect a lew shpwerg and warmer we»t»ef. The fpr«?<?pst c»Us for partly cloudy skies with little pftange in temperature elsev/here in the CALIFORNIAN KII-UED .. MAESHALl, W -T- A Califpr»|» woman was Killed early tpd#y when the car in which sl\e waif riding overturned on Highway near here during a rainstorm- The victim was Mrs, Zola Smith. I Fisher of San Bernardino. Her husband pimer Smith of s^lt Z City, Utah, who was driving the car, suffered only minor injuries. Smith told officers he ppd his foimer wife were w iwjtc to BK'ff, Ark., to visit » Braeh.. Notict To Wliom It M»y A meeting of the of Hernpstejid Cpunty trjct to ajjpwPF the question of wheth,cy J>e pvpry wag' fnijoHedi at the cpV lege, ' In issuing- a- denial, Favibu? la- " Cpujity <® fift? W of July 1954, 9t thf to^r of p, M, AW members oj the ha4 4ue nptiee »l toe t} place of said meeting »pd the gpse thereof, pna m members were present Horace Ellen, V/84e drew Gamble and James WWt*»» Being board in Pi APt 38* Ol JiW An Earnest Invitation From Governor Cherry '.••"'•; _ , i ; To All of The Citizens of Arkansas C Order! of "the.. Rainbow for Girls' Uvill meet .tonight at 7:30 at tho i?|J>sonic Hall. All members ai'R tasked-to be present. "August 3 The regular monthly business meeting o£ Popular Grove 198, Woodmen's Circle, will be held Film Beauties Protest ? Fashion By ALINE MOSBY HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (t?P) — Hollywood's busty beauties pre- tested tod&y that Designer Christian Dior's flat chested and hippy 1954 femala is "ugly"' and "un feminine." The well-endowed movie queens ignored the report ot Paris fashion editors that Dior's silhouette for fall was feminine because it featured flarred or billowing skirt-,. They were; to a woman, distressed by the news that Dior lino has a flat-chested look "I am not built for any kind ol bny's fashions so Why shoulr wear them." pouted Marilyn Mon ron. Dancer Mitze Gaynor paid a re turn to "1920 flapper clothes i; crazy bpcatiFR (hat was the uglies* Miss Patsy Burroughs will be!period in fashion history." Any wo p. m. Tuesday, August 3. 'Choir Rehearsal will be held al the Hope Gospel Tabernacle on Tuesday night at 7:30. Wednesday August 4 Unity Bap- Sam Williams. Wednesday. Junior G. A.'S Will Meet Tuesday man who would hide her waist First Baptist Church on Tuesday she added, is "out of her mind.' morning al 9 o'clock al her home, j Terry Moore, another star famec 921 West Fourth street. '(for Iho lopuidc curves, pointed on The Jcaneltc; Hunker G. A.'s will that "flalwomcn will get a flat re present a talent program at this time. Notice The Choir of the First Mclhodist Church will not practice Wednesday night, August 4. Coming and Going Mrs. B. C. Hyatt left today for Chicago, where she will visit her Tuesday night, August 3, at 7:30 son> Can . olli and w m attend the nnat ' at the WOW Hall. All members are e umrner choir School a.1 North fiction from men.' 'Whoever heard of a flat-chcstct mermaid," inquired Esther Wil hams, the mermaid ot the movies Elizabeth Taylor, a buxom bru net.to. agreed with husbsnd Michae Wilding who likes' a "torso that' ;, little bit more so." Debbie Rey nolds and Jane Powell choruset they didn't want to look ?s it the: have big hips. F,vcn Merle Oberon, a closn fiend of Dior, admitted he slioul ,lop over emphasizing parts of Hi requested to., attend this meeting. ; We!<torn University. She will also , ,.,~ - .,. .„ /attend the opening ot the World The VKW. Auxiliary will meet Council o{ churches at Soldiers August 3, for a regular Field on Au! , us t if,. Hostesses.will be Hnrdene Davis and Knthleon Delonuly. All members are urged : to attend. '. . •';• Miss Mary!Ann Rogers and Judy Watkins are .the guests of Mr. and Mrs: Speedy Hutson in Fort Smith. Gamo night at 1he Mope Country, Ml . nml Mrs H _ p Dupuy, Mis? Club will bo,held ;it ti ; p. -in*/rues- _ p . lt i3 Upu y ., nt | Mrs. Eunice Eu- day. Hosts are Mr. ; .and Mrs. E. ba|lks . ire visiting Mr. and Mrs. P. YOUHK and Mr. 'and Mrs. Tbo- Jakc Asljn and cindy in Newport. mas Hays. .rfThe Girls' ^Auxiliary of the Gar- rltt Memorial Bhptist Church, will to meet at ^^JOtp-.m;..Tuesday.. - Cbffri|M mil tf IMulliy ftauB. ht Dim,l,trt I, NU Smfc. xxxd There was no doubt that the giant-screen set was a whole lot bet- er. and after seeing this Milo wrestle a few times, even I began 0 be convinced that it was in my Milo. This one called himself 'Mighty" too, but there was also 1 Mighty Allas x and a Golden Apol,o, so jut becaUe Greeks liked o be Greek, you couldn't, go by hat. Honest, you couldn't keep Trcderika away from, .watching lim. Whenever he body-slammed the other fellow, which was all the line and hard enough to break the tubes in the set, she would call him names so loud bo must lave heard them wherever lie was wrestling. Business had got so bad that every nigbi when I came home I could hardly look at Betty Jane. To keep up her morals, I thought up a Mr. Ziegenfuss, who was on the verge of buying the biggest few sandwiches, so wlien 1 passed by a row of cafes with signs ad. vertising T-bone steaks, 1 went in. to one, as if there is one thing 1 am a sucker lor, it Is T-bone steaks. By the time I got to the place where Milo was to wrestle tha 1 night 1 was hungry again. I hac another T-bone steak. Now that I felt better, I went back, and asked a fellow in the ticket office for Milo's address, as we were old friends. He lookcc Over all of me that ho could see in the window and said, wouldn't of thought he had a fricne in tho .world, but if he has i would bo you." As it was a kind of compliment I think, I said, "Thank you." "It's five blocks down and tw over to the left. He lives upstairs.' 'T followed directions, and "Milo' New Hollas Restaurant" was let »1 t it tj **«-•" J.ii; jiao ±11 L» un in. cai i if vv cio S °l d UP to lh(U1 - but iterr,l on the windows. Inside hadn't fallen yet. One night we wei^ .watching some old-time actor who dnpctnd- cd upon a lot of hats for comedy, and she kept laughing fit to bust. Then, out of nowhere, she said, looked practically like the plac where he used to work when h went to the old Y I went to the ocunler and a Greek came out. I asked if Milo was around, but ho said "Opal stumberg, pitch. . ." '•I'm sorry, but there doesn't seem « No ; : am nol askin ' wh j to be any wrestling on tonight of ie h „ j , d Don't you often wish I hadn't stood in your way You irii.iht be famous "There is too much stress on that," she paid. "I. r.^pect Dior but. I like to see people dressed >° i-uit their personalities and natural fipures." Among male .observers Marlon Kenneth McKcehan of Texarkana not emptinsi/.o was a Sunday afternoon visitor in Hope. . Brp.ndo led the pack with ihe cry, "emphasizing women's hips is like piitlint; fa'r'cs on a cow." "Most women arc provided with more natural hips than they need anyway," the actor erqwled. "Women should brivo natural- looking well-balanced figure — clothes should be honest — and not emphasize bu?t, _ hips or any portion of their bodies," said . .-...- .• . , Pvt, Bobby J. Phinpin has rc- Thc ometi'.S; .Missipnacy,,.Society turned to C amp Chaffee at Fort of the Firsti,Baptist Church .will Brando. Only Miss Brazil, Martha Rocha, had the ls;st laugh. She JCEl the Miss Universe contest because her • The"secori'd place candidate^has injected intd this campaign, '.••:. ; ^ (1) A charge of "whispering" against my headquarters; (2) The question, of his connection with Commonwealth College. lt.should.be obvious thqt a simple inquiry in an editorial-published in a neswpaper is NOT a whisper. It was that editorial — not something from my headquarters — that set off the second place candidate's tirades. At first he made no attempt to answer the question; instead he launched another of His baseless attacks. Now he has had the newspapers publish outright denial of any association with Commonwealth College. ... . • I Have met every other challenge from him since this campaign opened, and I shall meet this one at the fifst opportunity which will be TONIGHT, MONDAY, AUGUST 2 Smith, following a leave spnnt lips were too b.ig., . here with 'his parents, Mr. and "Now I am m style, Mrs. C. A. Phippin. squealed. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Collier and Joy are now at home following a visit in Houston, Tex. . BY REFRIGERATION! * LAST DAY *• o FEATURE TIMES • 2:00 • 3:50 - 5:40 - 7:30 - 9:20 SEE! SEE! • The rescue ship explode in a fountain of flame! • Stormy love on tho storming seas! • Murder below decks! a The whale hunt with Lodd at the harpoon! .. • The axe-fight: on the ico floes! Mr. and Mrs. Fred Thompson and children -of ^Shrevcport'-iwcre Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Bobo. she Mrs. Minor Polk and daughters have returned home after spending several days in Houston, as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Polk. AT 8;00 O'CLOCK OVE* TELEVISION KARK-TV Channel 4 and KATV Chonnel 7 And The Statewide Rqiorbqck Radio Network, Some Time. Charges jby the second place candidate, that my headquarters was engaged in "whisp-. ering" untruths about his educational training, have made it necessary for me to investigate the circumstances and backgrogod. J .pm now prepared to lay before you who gre my. CQnstitgtents, pertinent informot'ipn thgt has been deliberately withheld by the /opposition up tp this time. J hope you will arrange to he.gr my message. N»« "rwp«ri'* T- «Q "whl*per»"-'•«• no"re«kle|f sh«rf e$" , , . just the facts , . . CAREFUUY DOCUMENTED AMP CORROBORATED ! ! ! ! THRILLS I. ON THE HIGH SEASI « Tom & Jerry Cartoon • News of the Hospital Notes Branch Discharged: Mrs, Guy Downing, Hope, Earnestine Waters. Hope, Kenneth Moody, Emmet, Jimmie Kemp, Hope. Admitted. Mrs. A. J. Neighbors Hope. Discharged: Mr. L. A. Foster, American Line Strike in Third Day CHICAGO Wl & —All planes _ of American Airlines, the nation's largest air carrier, were grounded today as a pilot's strike for rn eight-hoar day entered its third now." "Of course not," I lied. "But you are in the top of physical condition. I bet you could still wrestle if you wanted to.'' "I made a solemn promise and I mean to stick tp it." She" practically crawled into my u-rns. "Dear, I love you for being 0 true," Botty Jane said ,"hut hnte to think that I stood in four way. You might have boon •ich and famous now. like tho Mighty Milo is." I liod again. "Not me." "Anyway, I've Uecn looking un about him.- He is your Milo Paulus, right, and lie lives in Omaha, where he is wrestling rinxt Tues- Iny night. Why don't you take the Lrain out there .and visit him" It was my first trip to Omaha, so as the train nnpronchod I looked out the window most of th.i> lime, but I soon snw that T hadn't missed much. Why would anyone want to live in a burg like this 1 kept thinking, but after I got off the train at the station, I sooii found out. It is on account, of the beefsteaks. It .seems that ..Omaha Is a center of.' the meat-packing industry, which you do not need to have anyone tell you, as you can smell it in the air. On the train I had eaten nothing but a pie you have." 1 said, "but where the boss is." "Boss door side," he said, motioning around to the side of thn building, where there was a door. A card over a bell button 'reads, "The Mighty Milo," in big letters cmd underneath, "Ka'.ino Paulus, Mgr." . A girl in a white uniform answered the door and when i nskecl if Milo was in she said, 'No, but the missiK is," which could, have knocked me over with n fcalhnr. ;! "-I'm a friend of his." I said, and she said, '"Coma on upstairs and I'll .announce you," which sounded pretty high-toned for Milo. "I wasn't nearly done lookinp around when a real siout .woman en me er. "1 tako exercises regular, but •m in insurance." "What do : yiitt tneani Iri Jnsur- n6e? You seirit?" "i try to sell it. there is some- hing in insurance which is ^filled buyer's resistance, which Is harder to snap out of than A toe hold." "And wh6 did you marfythat blonde lady wrestler Milo told me about?" that seemed a silly question, as 1 couldn't imagine being trtarrlec to anybody but Betty Jane, but 1 explained, "that must have, been Kuby Jewell, Who Was nbthittg buf a passing fancy, if even that. No I married 8etty Janfi Eland, as she has always been my one true love." "The one that didn't like wres tling? Milo told me about her, too Said she would spoil your mat ca recr. and it seAfns that she has.' She seemed about to say some thing else when there was a ' downstairs. "Here comes Milo now Honey boy, he will Sure be <?lad to Se oyti, but 1 want to say somethini quick. After catirtg all that lettuc he will want you to cat, he wi! be very sleepy and need to tak a nap before he wrestles tonight Come over about 7:30 and we'll have a couple of steaks together in the restaurant downstairs." "I saw Milo's' name in the win- low." "Oh,' yas. We. have a chain of hem in the nine cities where Milo wrestles." She got up as Milo came in, walked over to him, and erocious, and hot funny, like he, sed. to. . i "Come morrow night. Mite fly" ext day Jndlahap'lisj (Jot btiut herb. You sec me TVT* "that's how 1 knew how to gtt n touch with you." "Why Fed no lassie? Look for •>amc, picture in papers all time. No see." "He is In the insurance ness," Dawn said. "If we had <nown, you could have bought yoUr last policy from him. I meaft the one on your mustache/' 1 must have looked bewildered, because Dawn explained, "Mild has it insured for $100,000, as without it he Would jiist be a Greek hash slinger like he was before 1 married him and made him A per* sonaiily." "What could happen to a mus* tuche?" I said, and she said! "You'd bo surprised. To rip out his niustacnc or even half of it is the goal of his adversaries, which if they did it would the insurance company plenty." "It sure is good to see Fed/' Milo sort of repeated himself, "Him see twins, Katlna?", Bee"Bertie on Control Strvhi »«r n" * Owned dnd practically muffled him in her dress. "Daddy, we have company and you can'.t guess who. It's Hon. cyboy." He practically fought his way out of Dawn's hug, he was so happy to see me. "Fed, no is posal- ble." He took my hands in his and squeezed them so hard they were strictly pnialyzed,- .''Mamma,' Fed stay supper. Got new c'atc lettuce. Is iceberg," "I already asked bim, but he- has a important engagement. He I is coming with me to see you wrestle tonight," Dawn put in. While' we were talking it cdnife out that this was Dawn's real name. When she said Innt I hadn't seen them, Milo said, "Fine boysi Like MllP, me. Teach rassle. One Fed, named for you." 1 expected them to look' like Milo, but not as much as they did, they-'were both egj'-huads, for one thing. Although they did not have their heads shaved their hair was cut so close it might as well have been, they must have lipped "• the scales al 75 pounds each, which is remarkable for kids only .^ix years old. It was easy to sec that Milo was crazy about toem, for he gave one a playful slap on the side of thQ head that sent him halfway down the room and threw the other up against '.lie ceiling fa a way that couldn't have done the Guy Hopo Phone 7-3445 109 S: All Customer, arc in| He-was sweating just like he used to, which maybe was helped , by him having just run five miles. in. She was wearing • some; He i ookec i j us t the same as always of long, flowing dross that ovo( , nt *„.'. his mustache Some- day. The way was clear also for MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. strikes against two other big lines —Trans Woild Airlines and United Air Lines but a spokesman for the AFL Air Line Pilots Association said no immediate strike action is contemplated. The spokesman indicated the union believes TWA and United will accept whatever settlemenl is leached with American. But strike voles were taken three weeks ago among United and TWA pilots, he said, and they voted to walk out Hope. Julia' Chester Admitted:. Mrs, Nova J. Ross Rl. 1, Hope, Craton Epps, Et. Hope. if union officers decide to call a strike. The issue in all'three ' CPSCS- is the scheduling of nonstop transcontinental flights of more than eight hours. . '.. ' The union president, C. N. Sayen, proposed a solution yesterday which . he said .would entail ',"no additional pilots or cosl." He proposed changes of plane crews on flights of more than eight hours duration. Ther ewt.s no immediate comment from the airline. . The ALPA struck American Airlines at midnight,. Friday and all planes ware grounded yesterday upon returning to home bases The airlins employes 1,200 pilots. Other airiines were adding flights to accomodatc additional passengers. Six lines added 03 flights from' New York yeslcray. was light blue in color. Her hair was bright, red and she would have been good-looking if she wasn't so 'fat. I me.in that she must have tipped "the scales at 217, or maybo even at 218, as it is harder to judge what a woman weighs be cause there. are., so many things >t5ti can't be sure about. She.gave me tbe once-over and with ""the .Mighty .Milo; I manage said, "You have some business •with the Mighty Milo: I manage Him.'" She sure looked as though she could, top, in more ways than on | the mat,' but all I said was "I'jjl! like; to : ,stso.,'•- him, as we are old frierMs."'":'" ' ....'..'.•'.:.,' She, ivfia-ye me a look I didn't like. "You mean that you are one of those who knew him when? Don't kid me, brother. Outside of Greeks there ain't any, except one. You're no Greek. .." Like that; she .stopped talking and put her hand,-to: her mouth. "Why, Honey- boy,- • is it really you or- do my except for his mustache Some horsing with thorn, Dawn whispered to me, 'Unless you want to bo caught with lettuc* and raw oatmeal,'this is the'time to scream" but before I co uld do so, Milo askod: "Who make fall today?" One of tho kidn said, ''Is still two and two, Daddy." how his mustache made Milo look Because I,am naturally allergic cut-of-town numbers at the lelejjiione, business 6tfici.:| /,%,., , ?y ^'^ Discharged: Mrs. Wagoner, Hope.;' John Van The U. S. postal savings syslem wilh deposits of $2,341,000,000 is the world's largest savings .bank says the National Geographic Society, .deceive m e?" (Realizing it was Dawn O'Day by her voice, I arose to the occ sion. "In .the: flesh—and I knew you> -the minute I laid .rny eyes on that ---beautiful dress you're wearing.; In spite of you having more clothes'on than I ever saw you wilh-T before." 'One Standard of Servi^e^^l The -H ighest to AM. ^\^ ^ ***' '* 1 Regardless of Financial, { ^ V'/'^f Circumstances ;- \ 0ft^-^ ' OAKCREST CHAplL,; INCORPORATED . • 300 East Second Street Hope, Arkansas, l Dial PRospect "Mac" Your Movie Boy, Says: TONIGHT IS "BARGAIN NIGHT." A whole carload For Only 50c, Bring the kids, in-laws, grandma & Grandpa! Francis Cherry: GOVERNOR - -a Tuesday Only * The new Micky Rooney's surprising dramatic role as a little guy, deep through the heart, who couldn't say no to d no-good girl!. • * ^ty* 'ff'^f ^*- .. ' ^*^ '• *^^!< ,'• kOONEY '. ONLY 50c Per Cor • FINAL NITE • DOROTHY DIX Estranged Wife's Dilemma Door Miss Dix; I'm a married woman, now 20, separated from roy husband and have a 4-year-ofd dan- Shier. Last year I began fioinc steady with a vcrv nice man. A Cow months ago he asked mo to undertake, the care of Ws invalid mother. I moved into .their house. The moiher and I 2<>t along well, and since mv friend travels, and his mother is otherwise nloiic. the ar- rangoniont was liighly succosstu}' — for a while. NaturaUv. I had m.y child with me, and it wasn't lona boEore my pntiont began to find fault with her, Either my daughter is too noisy, or U' she spills some; thins, as chiktven that age frequently , do. she's untidy. When mv I'riond is home there's no com- Starts Sunday 30th C*n»vry-f»!( P(«in>$ In Advertisement Paid % by Bayard ' 4\ 9 Foghorn Leghorn Cartoon « The Airline Hostess I * A Great Musical Love and Laugh Show! JANE PPWEI.L GQRPQN MacRAE "THREE SAIUORS AND A GIRL" plaining, but as soon as he's the fault finding begins again. Mv child is getting nervous as a result of Ihu constant harangues. I'd hale to break with mv friend over this situation, but I know I'd be hap-. Pier if I left his ijom.e, What's your: advice? MONA T. More Thought Needed Answer: You aren't using you* head, Mona. In the first place you are not divorced from your hus-i band and a separation doesn't ju.^ tify future wedding plans. If this. if it hasn't already. Your friend's mother isn't » helpless invalid; in fact, I gather that, if she wanted to, she could be quite capable of caring- Cor herself. So you need luive no compunction nbout leaving the old lady. You sny also you know somo body who would en re for- your daughter while you worked, So, 1 suggest you get out of your present predicament; look for an outside job, ami leave your child in good hands during the day. Break off with the boy friend, and get your martial status straightened out. Sounds like a major job of roc-on- sli'ucUon. but it's needed to save your health, happiness and reputation. .i.; xxxiu Dawn O'Day said that Milo was taking his five-mile trot through thoiiwopds and that she'd like me to have dinner with them, 'Jlfixc'ept you know ••Milo," she said,>•: "The twins grew up on let- tucb and raisins ,and the rest of that junk, but I've never gotten used to it. We buy the stuff by the cratq. But come, take the load' off your feet." I sat down on this sofa that was filled-: with pillows with pictures of sii-.ls on them. "Did you say twins?" I asked, while Dawn sat next to me, making the sofa go down about a foot. '•'.The boy's," she says, soil of offhand. "A splitting imago of their daddy." , '•'You. don't sny," I answered. "Milo is sure lucky. I wanted n boy, but. 1. got a girl. She's six tiiicK a half, going on seven." "The boys will .be-sis? next birthday. They are down ut the Y, working out, but tell me about yourself. You look in condition, bur I thought I knew every wrestler iivHIie business." I shook rpy head, .interrupting "Owned and Operated Toy Hope People",' ' OAKCREST IS HOPE'S NEWEST AND FINEST FUNERAL HOME ' u j}' rttiS- Dear Miss Di:*: My parents never seem to approve of tho boys I date. They only go by what they have heard, because they seldom meet the boys. Why should they jump to conclusions? DIANE Answer: The only way your people wijl get to like the boys would be to meet them, and it's up to you to see that the young men come to the house to call for you.ov to spend an occasional evening. fact 'isn't 'Obvious to you I'm it is apparents to your friend. w}w> has managed to corral a house* keeper nurse for his mother »t little or no financial outlay. Th,q, same service would cost him pien-, ty if he had to* pay for it at tfea ypujself a»^ In «cl-""- H your daughter, Deyr Miss Dix: Dave and I are very much in love and plan an early marriage, but he disturbs me by ponstdntly taking about his old flames. IPENJS L. Answer: If he was as, 4evote4 to you ag you think, he is, the W interest .,_,,... for the nipe busi- Ajness you have given us sincq we have been in Hofie, You'll enjoy eat- jjig with us, Daily Lunches 50c and 75c CHOICi; ^BtSi 8 Ytf etffbles ..^ te. $AVI Helena Rubinsteins Beaut BUY ONE... GET BOT • 2 for Dry Skin Buy "Pasteurized"® Face Cream Special...get free Skin Lption Special. Combination Value 1,88 0«th for 1.J5 2 for Coarse Pore; Buy Deep Cleanser.,. get free \ "Herbs!" Skin J-otion. * ' Combination Value 2.00 B»th far 1,5» I for Age Lines Buy Lanolin-Vitamin formula ,,. get free RJu** 1 Cleanser; ' Combination, Vuluf 1,80 l«tb fof »<59 2 for Blackheads Buy, Beauty" pi ir«e p Wm 13$ f f& *j»| K , , , 2 fir CUmour MiKi-U?

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