Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 14, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1896
Page 2
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In curing con< sumption there'* • nptlunglike taking Time by the forelock. Doctors say consumption can'"t be cured ; they I have arguments to prove it. But when vhey see it cured T right .under their face and e^es by ;Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, they admit that there's something wrong •bout their arguments nnd something . wonderful about the "Discovery," It Isn't miraculous. It won't cure every CMC ; hut it cures a snprisingly large percentage of cases , even when the patient i» pretty far {{one with a bad cough, nnd Weeding from the lungs, nnrt reduced almost to a shadow. ' Consumption i$ p .blood disease. The lungs want a fresh eupply of pure rich b,loojt and plenty of It; that is what the '"Goldeii Medical Discovery" gives them. It is n bipod-maker. jj gjve; tlje fjioo 1 ! - waking functions ^power t& pfodnce a large quantity of the —flourishing red corpuscles which oiake healthy life-giving blood. This stops the •wasting; drives out the impurities; henls the ulceration and-begins a rapid building-up process, of and vital energy. It isn't only consumptives who need the " Discovery." It cures ever}' form of chronic blood-disease and all scrofulous and eruptive affections, MR. ISAAC E. DOWNS, of SpritiK Valley, Rock- landCojinly.A. >'., writes: "For threeycnrs 1 had suffered from th.-U terrible disease, consumption and licart-discasc. Before takmir Doctor Pierce'8 Golden Medic.1l Discovery I Ji.id wasted •way to n skeleton; could not sleep "or rest, miu many times wisheil to die to be out of my nnscry. HASH HOUSE COMEDY. Fair Chicago Cook Taken a Hinder Into A lintttir Tub. ' Tatrons of one oC the popular "cook your steak while you wait" restaurant, that abound in Dearborn street, Chicago, were treated Co the novel spectacle of the "lady cook" of the establishment standing- on her head in tho large ice-box, in plain view of all tho patrons of Uiu place, the other afternoon. The trouble was caused by a young man of mischievous disposition, who occupied one of the high counter stools and called for a "small steak, medium." The cook, who called him George, and evidently was on pleasant terms with him, lifted the cover of the box contain* jng the meats, and, bending- over, 'gii: Ing-up process, of solid, substantial fleuli •cales at onc-hundred-and-eiKhty-scven. and am well and strong. The ' Golden Medical Discov- «ry '.has also cured my daughter of a very bad nicer located ou the thifrh. After trying almost everything withgyt success we purchased three fcottlM of jronr^blicovery which healed il '." perfectly. 1 Your: truly. & THE RAILROADS They Only Wait on Prosperous Trains. • * SOUTHERN RAILWAYS ONE WAT TO GET. A BEEFSTEAK. reached down into the chilly interior tor a steak. Tho young man had a rubber band in his flug-ers, which he snapped with the greatest precision, at the bared forearm exposed on the edge of the box. The rubber went straight to Its mark, and then there was a muffled exclamation UKROVBD DINING SERVICE ^^o^tor of tho . . .ON THE WABASH. Meals will now be served A la Carte -on all Dining cars on the Wabash Line. Ih?3 will be a great aiccommodatkm to passengers as ft will enaible them to •elect from the bill of fare just what they want and pay only for what they get . .. -'• • TBie whole system la drained and undermined by Indolent ulcers and open •ores. DeWItfs Witch Hazpl Salve •peedily heals them. It is the best pile cure known.—Jno. M. .Johnston. Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents a month. place reached the spot nnd assisted the jrlrl from her chilly .quarters It was seen that sho had fallen head first into a tub .of butter, which, still clung in copious Biasses to her auburn locks. George escaped the wrath to come by maldng- a dash for the street, amid tho roars of laughter of the amused putrons of the establishment. Indian Hit! a Toocli trilled. An Indian who had a tooth filled and another pulled at \Yaterville, Me., furnished the first instance of a red man's patronizing- a dentist which had como to the knowledge of a practitioner of <!0 years in that place. A benevolent, l^iiprlisliTnnn has Just riven £1.000 toward the maintenance •••<• tho London Cats' 644 Overcoats and Reefers Still on hand of the Mammoth Stock assigned to me by OTTO KRAUS September 14 amounting to $44,499.41 Fall Overcoats $2.75 to $8.00 We've appraised very low, just think of it $2.75 to $8. The former figure represents a overcoat, while the latter figure includes the finest Silk Lined and very swell, former price $2O.CO A. G. JENKINES, Assignee General News of Railroads and Railroad* Employes. 'Nothing crin mwi? iunply demonstrate the progress of tho South in'a solid fasli'lon. tbao. tlie decided improvement of old'iMUrojuls, bo 1 !'.!!- in rondbed nnd oquipmeut. In >-penfclng of the im- proveiucins nwidc -by rlie 1 Soiitlwu «md railroads-sLncc coniiiiig umlcr the -CMi'ieait ol! prjictlt-nili fl-man.cier.s and railroiul nien'-Mii. Eastern nniwi/eial paper says: "AVliwe 'o]n> used to see waste, slovonl'tuess aiid irresponsilbili- •ty. ouo seos IIOAV, c:i.i'0. order an'd the ii'Uintiv^t obed'k'iuce to propor rules. It is pliiilin that all •sulxwdi-iKWus iindiTStuud that 'lihey nre p.imts OL" a p'-e'at miieliine, and know iihfi.t if l-hej' don'-c tit ki.to tlioir places -and do their port, of Ulic work rlglit, tlioy will be replaced by bcyttor men. Diseii'ilino us..apparent on evei-y JKind. Roll'Mis «itook beare ovi- deuco of raretlwiit pives it sLrejuwtli jund soitkliifcj'. Oars arc cleain, kt!]it p:nijitcd and In good 'repair. Coaches -are palaces coniipaired to the diTty ra.m.sh.-nck- les of five or six yews «."o. The trabns go aJoni.5 aind when they rattle off at •the mite of fility or s'ixry ml'lcs an bouv •to make up -losttkne, one isu't al.iirmed, •fo-r the roail ii-s smooth fluid .solid, and the passenger feels, irastfctively, that he Is in safe tends. Accidents are of a vovy -lure occurrence, whereas tlie.v ware, mnd not long ago either, the dally rule, line foot itlmt men- noted for foresigWt aind «s 'luavtog lots of money have'put their ciipMal/ wjid tbelr talents Into these Sowthern llu.es Is an omen of great future growth in this quarter. Tihey know wli'at ithej- -are atxnit, if any meni do." WOMEN VOTE FOR PRESIDENT RAULBJO'AD NOTES. H. E. Newcomer of tho M.' of W. aflice -WHS n.t Ohicng-o yesterday. A. H. T-hoinms of the M. of W. office 1ms resumed work ait'tcr a few ilno's' illness. The ibonird of directors of the, R. R. Y. M. C. A. Tvill meet ttolis evening' to •For the first tUn* in the li'stoi-y oC (lliJs coniibry ;iui oppovtunity i.'or women to piibllfly oxpriKS thour Choice for pre,sM<>i].t is oll'oi'Od. TJio uwdliod' :s unique ;vnd w.illj'csnli: in sliowinig on Nov. 4i.-li Just wJj6.it oJl'cet the womsiii VOtXJ \Vi.ll lltl.VC Olll ]li!llik>!Kll .'1.11,'ljlfi. A iiijiinirafhirer wilio h:is business re- bitions with most ol 1 Lite promlueni 1 jiowsp-'iiptrs in. lilro Uaiiced Sta.tcs, proposes the pkui as 'follows: All women over IS .'ire eiitklcd to o;io volt'. The v-orcs .!>>• Nbatfts will 'bn sho^ni in the parpens ran (ivory AVwlnesday and Siitunltiy until Nov. 4-r.h. Women lire iiK'Sted to i-e;i<l more thewi one si'rte of the question. (i.iHl act upooi -iili'iiir own djaTK-iut. Wn'iio Uio wrant O'f Crt'UtH.- dafco O.11 1 a pOM;l.I en.rd juul \vi-!to your own iiutn-c <md ;iililrcss clOJirly, :il.so city a.iid sDiute. O.n tibc lower left h:unl corner jrive flic uifliiK' of ;i; Danker or grocer w3)o' knows you. Tire prec'a.uiiion w .to prevent liood'iu.s the nw.iil wlifli fictitious votes. X.'Viiics imkn^i\Tii to grocer or •bfi l rik-e,r will, be th'row.n out. be voiy ciireful to write cteiiirly si.ml :\m a.clrno^vledKiin'ienl: oC •tlic rccoipt. of -cmJii vote w-lll be sent •to lilio ftih- verier. Se-nd the posrnl to Po-stuin Ce,re:ii,l Fooil CofCoe Co., R-i.t- tlo Creek, Mich. It is urged Wisi-t every eairnost: woiimra v>"ill not hvsi-.tn.tc ito expend '.a penny to register 7iei- prc- •foneuee «it liliis mo,9t iirtercsUug period of Nmtio-DiH.! 'li'lstoiy. ' This comiwiny Inns a national rcputa/- •ton .:uid -ill-edge tlicii- iii-tegrity a.iul honor to report the vote exactly as. rc- cdived, wj'thout fe.ni' or favor, A sworu staitcmiejnt of like finiil vote polled up to 7 p. in. Nov. *!*, will bo pulblishcd Nov. 7dli ;uul the vote <i« it progresses will , IK* stoowji ,'OU, every Wednesday au<l Siiturday bctweon ttiow aawl ' stomach 'ii.iid bowels greatly Invlgorato the system. Regular size 25c per box. SoM by B. F. Keesling. SUPPLY, DMM.AND AXD PBIC13S. Or.'iugc Judd F.'irinci': Some of our ostwmed sijil.is«n'i!b&r« content} tl»a. : t wo do not ..-iJlow suilici<!nT.ly for -the intln- tftict.' of L-uiTcncy expansion upoiipricos. A few of .them--\vrifle- l.lwt lliey favor free s'ihvr •l.w.'nise it wound a.<h~)noi .prices (n-s i.nauHnred in silver), ,'iml lln'.v do not lusl'ieve prk-L-s ol' produce will (."vor jidvjincc ii'iitil silver is rrimouir fixed. Now wo brtlovii ,*ilv>r should bo rcslor-i'il tu- .ks fivH posM'inn ;is :i money nicivil but so I'.-ir li,-iv<: found no evidence 'to cou.vLnce <lisp:is.sioiii. - Uc '.inent tlisil; ilie TJnilvil K'lji'U's alcino si.ecoiniiliKli 1 I.hi.s iiid l ('j)c:i(k'n'i, of ol-.hcr nei-tions, ti.ny more tli.-i.ii iliis jrov- .•i.lnii/o can lix the prx-e ol! 'hidi l';i'$t h.-is been, more sia- We i-ii value llni.n silver. Win.hou.l iliMJiyinp; .-wflll Iho lioneiifs of. iiifcrn':vlli'o!Mill or l.rnc -biineUilisni-. we sr.illl in:i.ti)iiii.iu l-hflt supply :uid cU'm-a.iid ii.ve I'he IKISJC factors of v.-i.lncs. Triling prao.f of Llvis is n,lToi-(k'd by the pivsenf •svtiuiiuio.il o-f coftoii- This crop touched Ms knvost jioni'l; in M:irch. '05. wlica mMdliiiijr ( n ))l:i. n ('I coi'toii sold .or. New York c-ily for 5% per 1T>. Tod.-iy tbo s:wn<-> s'r.'ide conimdjids S'/ic jmhe <;i.nio urarker. AV-li'y this advance of over -~Ci per oC'iitw,!thin ei.^liteen moatlis? Not of currency expansion, for .to pr/cu-lKir Ji-nd unprccedo-ii-tcd jus the 1 volaime of. money has caKtracMng quite steadily during .past 'tlreee ye.'irs, thongrh up to the EXCUHSION TO' INDIANAPOLIS WA PEMNiSTLVANlIA LINES. Tlnuifisdny, Oct. 15Mi, low rottnd trip tickets to ludiamopolis wall be sold front Logainsiwi-t vto Peiin«yIva.nJa Limes 'for lilio Repnblicau meeting. •Hon. M. E. •los-Tlls will address the :is- •sonnbly. RetiiTui coupons valid Oct. 16th, inclusive. If you have ever seen a little child In the agony or summer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble and appreciate the value of Instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWltt's Colic & Cholera (Jure. For dysentery •nd diarrhoea It is a .reliable remedy We could not afford to recommend this la a cure unless It were a cure.—Jno. M. Jofanrton. The morocco tfactorl'es of (Jarratt & Baw, ChairJes Balrd & Co., and "VWish- jmgiton, Jones & Co., ait Wilmington Del, -were burned. Loss ."5260,000. Theories of cure may he dlacussed at length by physicians, but the sufferen want quick relief; and One Minute "Cough Cure will give It to them. A •afe cure for children. It la "the only harmless remedy that produces Immediate results."—Jno. M, Joinston. John W. Howard comrullfited suicide ret Daventpoirt, la, "by shoottng IhiimseM through tho .htoant. Financial troubles are supposed to be the cause. "Boys will be boys," but yon can't afford to lose any of them. Be ready for the green apple season by having DeWltt's Colic & Cholera Care in the •' -ise.-^Ino. M. Johnston. A Frenteh; steamer •which has put in nit Holyhead, En'gfamd, reports that tfho saw, a 'targe steamer founder off Bishop 'island, Pem/bTokeshJre. It is presumed Chat aH on board of lier were lost . , . It doesn't matter much whether sick headache,. biliousness, Indigestion and constipation are caused by. neglect or by unavoidable • circumstances;. DeWitt's Little Early Bbers will speedily '.«nre.thein alt—Jno. M: Johnston. T HE ONLY True Blood Purifier prominently in the public eye today IB Hood's Saraaparilla. Therefore got Hood', and ONLY HOOD't. A SECOND ELEVEN. The minor foot boll players in the Mgih school have organized a second team. They fire now ready for games wl'tto ainy teams of their .wciglit in Che State. FoUonvin.g is tho lime up: Tiwtmnni, c; McClosky, rg; Ross, Ig; SfcurtQD, rt; Dolan, It; Pierce, re; M. Ellison,'to; W. Ellison, rhbj Gilmunell, B'hib; Jesse Barrces, fb; Joe Borneo,.qb BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. Tie Best Salve In the world for cuts, bruises, 'sores, ulcers, sait rheum, fever gores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and posl lively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Kees- Ung. PAN-AMERICAN MEDIOAIL CON-' 1 GBESS.- For above maimed 'meeting, which takes place at Mexico/In Mexico, No- vemlber IGtbto 10th, *ba Wabash rall- roiwl company will'SoM'round trflp tickets at rate of ?61.75;. TDckeits vtW. be on soto November Gtb'nmd Ortih, good rc- •tutrnitag Including December 31st. Stop- ovens wffll be aUoTved to. Mexico omly. : C. G. NEIWELL, Agent. This Is the day of on/ti-thJs, and antl- that, but what people need most nowadays la, the bntl-'bllbus medlaim*,. Simmons. LJver. Regulator, the King ol LH-er Medd'cimes,. and) 'better than pills.. 'I'tratve used 00 other anti-bilious rnm- edy for -six years -aind tonow from experience that for ladtes of a constipated 'habit nothing equals It"—I/aura V. CraJg, Ellentrary, Fla. .Taiques 'ria.nson, •n.fR'lit man at the tiiim-ua;ble, 1ms returned to vroru jifter a tow days' Fitness. ' • ' WilBiam Brlggs nnd Cnmiily Iwi.ye re(from a visit with, friends- and at Chicago. Hemeir of the repnJr . flraclv' was allied lioine yesterday by' Jhe serious fJtaoss of 'his \vife. . Gordon 1 . opciiNator 'n.t the tes rdtu-metl from, n. few dso-s' •a.cnitlo.rij n.t Hwinboldt 1 ., Ivans/is, -of the empiaes an the P.in- 'handle have "been cquippwl of.hiite with etwi'ttouous belliingers, operated by StGfilJlT. Joe Goss of the pivbit shop Jvns gone 'to CWofiso to work on .fflio Panlbamdle ironud . iliouse now under way of coi>: .•struetion at that city, • The Rev. W. R. Wowes will delilver Klva address 'ait tho R. R, Y. M. C. A. rooms next .Sunday Juf torttoon • at :j o'clock. All m'e cordially Invited to at^ tend. As soon as the •flnanoiia.l s-JtwiiUoii tm- proves the Chicago & West Michigan wiH "be extended from New Buffalo, Ind,,'toia connection wiith 1llie ChJmgo, Hainvniond &. Westere rcccnitly coinplct- 'ed. • • • . Oliarl'es Spltenogle of. the blacksmith shop, who has been iJl. for the past few weelvs, T>ut who iratnrhed to work Monday, was co'mipclk'd to' quit work and return ito ihis Quonie yesterdny on accoumt of returniliiig .11 to ess, The .trial of express train; engines on the Penmsyhianita line DePwceoi Piites^ burg and Coluimibus is stiH 1m prosress, Oind.TratamaHtar Whtte, under whose sixpeiwislon .the tests '.are made, is securing valuable Information' on ihe •perf oirmionce of the four types of locomotives used In the tests. The official report »>t trie ..Central Freight Comimltitee sluows the percentages of .earataRS of eaidbJ road diotog busiaess beliweea Indianapolis and Chicago. for 'the- 'month, of Septemfber to have been' -as follows. Northbound, Big Four, 53.29; the Monom 21,77; tha 4,74; tlie Virtndalln, 7.20. Sowfflibound, tlliie.Bi'g Four,' earned 58.12 per conit; the ilonon, 20.it»; the Pandle 10.79;, ttte Ohtoag».& Eastern IWifloi's, 2.0G; the Vandii.Ua, 2.87. NOTICE. All- jxa-sous fcirfiag imscttled ac- coumts wi'tli Jlr. O.tto A. Kraus will please 'Crf.Il a.t tile Fourfcli street store and make settlement 'ait the earliest time .possible. Tibfe October 13th. 1SOO. G. JENKINES, IF YOU HAD A FRIESsiD About' to viisit -some seetilom of the coueitry -n^ieire mnlarin. dfeeaise, either te ttie form of c-Jiiils and fever or bilious reimiittont •vvos particuloa'ly rife, What would !» a,bout tlie best advice yon could gilvc Mm. We will teJl you— to carry niiloas or produce on awivlmg, that p6beinit)meidifc.i!a;il snifesnai-d, Hos- Stonnmidii Bitters, known ntoria-pta^ed regions, 'here 'arnd in otilier eouDiti'les, as the surest -moans of disarmLng .the inias- nuaitite 'SCourne'e, a;nd roibbiug It. of its fell deiSliructJlrve •imflnejice. Not only does ft fortlify HI]* ®ys*om t>y -iincreasiitg its stniimimn., but ovea-comes irreguHarity of digestion, it'he Ivor a.nd tlho 'bowels, and 'dhio um'fAVOTOiblc effects of 'bodllly amd mental, exposure to rougfhi TvemiUlicr, or oocupnitJon too sed.anrtiary or laborious, loss of appetite «n.d excessive nervousness. The fwoctloras of loililmontetion, biitous secre- itloa mmd slQep tewe In it a most'po\ver- fnil 'aind relraible a.uxili.ary. FOR SOUND MONEY. Distinguished Hen Who Have Taken an Open Stand. WKm Baby inu lick, we gim her CwtorU. When«h»va«»Ciaid,«h«crl«)^orCa«eorl«. I Wben nhe became Mlsu, «ho clung to Cantor!*. BE .CONVBNOEOO. OQ receipt of tea cenits, cash' or stamps, a .generous snmple' will ; be nrallied.of the most popular Caitarrh nmd Elay F<sver Cure .^(Ely's Orea.ni Bnlm) sufficien't), to...-demonstrate Ms- great mea-it. Full.sfee 50e: . ...; , ; BUY BJROTHERIS,;, ; ' . .•'.:;-. •. 56.Wamree, St., NeTVvTorifc.Clty. Catarrh 1 caused 'difficulty .In, speaking. and'to'a greiBit, extent Joss of hearing. By -the -uise oif Ely's .Crnun'.'Balm. drop- pin'g of mucus 'hias ceased; volcei aind •neairlng hare greatly Improved.—J.. W. Davidson, Attorney-aL Law, Mon enibaissiador plenipotentiary to Eus-huid; Roger Q. ilills, of To-xsis, author of th^MHIs free trade bill; William L. Wilson of Virginia, mjiiitlior of .tlie Wilson free trade law; Archbishop Ireland ot'Mtoniesota, Ro- •puWtonn; 'mad Bishop Oha'llard of the lEdiana .diocese, democmit, ore 1 aiinonj; fflie uromta-ent mea who Iwuve 1 declared for sound money In the past three days. It loolK »s -If the sentiment la favor Of sound money would be unanimous before November 1st There arc now HO rail Demioci-alts sup'portlng tlie Cbl- 1 oaffo ptoitformi in, this coromiuiity. The farmers wlno were'figured' on. .by the '•free colnape men on wccouut of their coos*rviaitive action, luave aw^ikened to .'Hie dnmeeir iartd axe.gdtt'Jing -in.line for sound money. , FiBEE PILLS. ' Send your .address to H. B. Biicklen & Co.', OhJ'cago, mind gat a free sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A tpital will! coavlinice you of tlicilr.merits. Tlhcse ipWs 'flte easy in aottom, suid arc :ivc in (toe cure of .coa- aiek.flieadadie. For mal- mrto'and fflvieritrouWes they 'have 'been prwned ilinvaHiuabile. Xh/ey are : gunraa- teed i "to foe perfectly' free fpom, every detotei<llous substance amd to be purely Tegieitalble- They do no* wtfiken by Whsftr, a^tJlon, but, by gflvto^, tone to 3SW 'it 'had' been .as steswlilj- NOT iis t'h'e advoince .in cottoui due to any general 'boom' 'in business or to :iii o.isy mon'o-y nisvrket encoumaging speculation. for commerce was* seldom more depressed or money tighter Hmo* during •the ivist three imontli-s. Nor is'i-t due to «dvji.iiico in .silver, for that mctAl Iwis dee-Uued. Even the consumptive dein.'i.tid for cotton luis not inntena^ly IncrtMused over eighteen momths ago. W'hrut is it, tlieu, ifllvat 1ms pushed up cotton prices over 50 per cent? The real rcnsonijsthiis: Reduced supply. When prices were around OV^c, the world's visible suply was nearly ,"0.000000 tale*. Now the • world's visalble stocks are ooly 1.850,000 'bjiies. The precise figures show a decluic of 51 per cent in visible siipply contested with im- fldvhji'ce in price of over 50 per ceiiit. Moreover, !.ue United Sratos cotton crop of '94. whicJi mnde the i-ec- aixl for low prices, w,is genca'ally -plciced flit 10, 000,000 banes, and the year's mov-onicat actually recorded 0,470,000 b;i]<?(=. But Ifl(?fyen.r's crop wa.s cs.tiim.nted tit ojily 7.000.000 bnlcs. «iud liie f\wlve mon'.li's movement w.ts 0,080.000 toales. Oi) top of this defi- cfoiK-y, tlje l.^OC crop :K eidmattcdly s'liort pro.bji.bly tesS't'han S.000.000 bales. w.itli last week's stonm dEimuigc to sliill further reduce the supply. As Mie UnJIfed States iisnaiUy furnishes, n.bout tho-oe- fo'tirtlis of i:he wovld-'s siiipply of cotton the world's martc-t is Lij'gely governed by tlie Americnn crop. The mdvnnice of fully 30 per eeut. !n wheat ,'iit "Chi'onflo- since i:he mjddle of- Aijgust 1s ',i;lso duo to red«ce<] world's supply. C.n«to when* -coMraict sr.adc tonclied 33c on August 13, and for several dwys l^st has been around 68© 70c. Foreiwn' crops .nre turning ou une-^ec'tedly sliort. our American wheat crop iis of only reasonable' di •nwnsions, ,i'.Dd tooth "visible" nnd "worM's iLvuiilljiible" stock's' of wheat on getting down to the normal dimuiusaons of four years ago. We arc not predicting dollar wheat or ten cent cotton. This journal nevei predicts the fjitu-re— It pives the •a.bout supply, demand «uid prices, lc.i.v- •ins tlie indh'idiHiil to judge the future Tiliere are many 'Who expect w3iefl!t and cotton will go coiisiderii/bly -li'ifflier. But we do cite -these marked fldv.ijices more tliau sustainlLng our contention that siTpicly and demand arc r.he factors Hint ovetiiowcr all other daifluences in raprtvl.'Utinp vndues, •Uio-ugli we by no means detract from, the effect of otior . influences. S'liotild this year's wheat crop net onily lOc mare per bushel rand cortitoa ouily 2c per Ib •more -than their last 'crop (and present tadlca-tlons are rather nibovo 'this suggestion), it will m<3tm au extra 40 to 50 millions of dollars in the wh«rt growers pocket, nmd twJce tlmt'snm-'ijj increased profits lo cotton plaiitei's. Indeed, it is quite possffljle 'tha* growers mny -receive up- wa.Td' of ,$150,000,000. more for their wheat nmd cotton this year than last; Strong Nerves just as surely come from the use of Hood's Sarfinparilln as does the euro of ecrofuln, salt rheum, or other so-called blood discnees. This is simply because the blood affects the condition ol all the Nerves \ bones, muscles nnd tissues. II it is impure it cannot properly sustain these parts. If made pure, rich, red and vitalized by Hood's S«rnapariUa, it carries health instead of disease, and repairs the worn, nervous system as nothing else can do. Thus nervous prostration, hysteria, neuralgia, heart palpitation, are cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla Because it is the One True Blood Purifier.. Hood's Pills are the best, after-dinner pills, aid digestion. Oic. GEO. W. HUFF.' ••'/:-\ i /: .;;;'V:''O r -^. x .- ; . Decatur, 111., Mar. 30, 1894. Syrup Pepsin Co., Montlcello, I1L Gentlemen:—I have been suffering- from Indigestion for tha past eleven, years, and during that time if have- used many remedies, but got no relief. I have used two $1 bottles of your Syrup Pepsin,.and can say that it has afforded me wonderful relief.. and my appetite nev.er was better. Yours very truly, GEO. W. HUFF. For sale by B. F. Keesling. Murk' FOR THE BLOOD, .NERVES,! LIVER 1 —AND— { KIDNEYS.! 4 B. B. B. B. cured Die of a bad i cose of Liver and Kidney Trouble. * Yours, .' » JOIIN SPICKLEMXEBK, S Lebanon, Ind. J YOUR BOY WON'T LIVE.A MONTH. So Mr. Gilmlnm Browns of 34 Mill St., Soiitih Gardner; Mass., was toJd by the doctors. Hils son bad tang trouble, fol- fovviilnig typ/btoid oMUiria, and he spent. three< tandrcd dollars' -with) doctors, •vyho finally gave Mlm up, saying: "Your boy won't like a monitlh." He -triied Dr. Ktrag's New Discovery nnd a few bot- (ites restored hliim to go to work a pcr- CecWiy weill -meim. ".He aiys 'lie owes his present good 'lieaWh. to use of Dr. King's Now Discovery, .and; knows it to •Ive tihle 'be^t iini s *he world for lung rtroublc. Trtial, bottitea free 'at B. F. Keesltag's. 4 B B B B are purely vegetable ; Put up i'i capsules, sixty in a bo:j.» Thirty, days' treatment in a box. | Price $1 per box, or six for $5. j Manufactured by^H. C. 3RAGO, } ConnersvHIc, Inti. » For sale by all druggists. if FO'l SALE 11V B. F. KVV8LING, Drngflrt. The Logansport Humane Society (INCORPOKATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E. S. Elco—Pre«. Goo. W. Walters-Sec. J, J, Hlldebrftiidt—Iron*. W. SI. Bishop—Hnuuane Officer. • B. 3. Rloe. J. C. Hafley, F. C, Coolboiigh Geo W Walters, J. J. Hlldebrandt, Peeked Justice, Isaah Mrs. W. D. Pratt Mr«. J. N. NeH. • . • Telephone,No. 30. ; Report ciues ot crueltj to Secretary. EXCURSION TQ BXiUFFTpN,, IND. r Via. Vandalla Line, October' 13th to- 15tb.—On October 13tn to IStii the Vandalla Line will sell excursion tickets from all stations In Indiana to Blnffton, Ind., et one fore for the round trip, account Baptist Convention and'Young People's Union of Indiana. Tlckete good to return until October 19th, Inclusive. For full partlcnlaw call on nearest Vandalla Line Ticket Agent, or address E. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. Poison Ivy, Insect bites,; bruise*, gcalde, burns.^are quickly .cured by DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, the yreat pile sure.—Jno. M. Jolmrton. , Don't trifle away time when you *iave cholera morbua or diarrhoea. Fight them In the beginning with DeWitt's Colic & Choiera Cure. You don't have to-wait for results. They are instantaneous and'- It'leaves tn« bowels In healthy condition.—.TnoC-M. Johnston. EXCURSIONS TO WASHINGTON, P; C., via. PENNSYLVANIA LINES. October llth, 12tb and 13tb, low round trip excursion tickets to Washington, D. C., will be sold from ticket stations on Pennsylvania Lines for Union Veteran Legion Annual Bncamp- ment, return coupowi T«U<1 October 2S,

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