Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 31, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 31, 1954
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ttie tuc^t ui fcj ,«/ i/l *_ * tt> >~f^ ; ? «!s"*5 %i i ?* *\t* $ .> * """•?"*' f j ' i &$$&&&&.?'~ i , '-'„ , EMto&cfciVy „..:, \J -I ^Jf^tl ; ' $%*&* *• "•*- •• K 6,&*k<\ #:#.t V «&' •>-• ••"' .>> ^&r Iplliii^^ _ w _. i . „.,._.,..,. .,.^. : ._.... ||l|lil^^ |f||n^^ them of ^ildilpif^ them; don't 3J5NE> ^em -. up the : steps fflwj^l^fc^ ,-. •."-• '< EwlifilfilfEg^^ fm^n ^ the 5ai?ct^iy^ G;odi the .• • • 4sp^'4^' y - *yj$f-' •^N^"^|V?V''''' r v • • i ' u >:'' 1 ••'•'." v- ; *-'-- : . .'' '--,•""' .•'•'• :C' '<'! 1: 'i- r -;>-f •'----.'. ' --, ••'• •'•" j =.,-'.•. • •• ; - --' •••'.'•'• ,^,-r.. .'.y ;-i •>':*-';-•:' ; .". miimijii!^^ mgm^m^&'^^^r,, ^^^m^^^i^m^^^^^^m e steps of friday, July 30, 1954 News of Ihi CHURCHES £!R8f METHODIST CHURCH Welt znd at Pin* V, D. Keelev. Pastor fl:45 a. m. Church School 16:55 a. m. Morning Worship Anthem: "O Savious, Hear Me" (Gluck Soloists: Beth Bridget's arid Paul O'Neal. Sermon "Out Of The Overflow" Minister. 5:30 p m. Intermediate MYF Senior MYF. 6 p. m. Wesley Club 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship. Sermon "Going After The Wroi-g Man" Minister. Monday Circle 1 will not meet this,week. 4 p. m. Circle 2 will meet with Mrs. Edwin Stewart, 422 West Ave. "B." 4 p. m. Circle 3 will meet at the church: Hostesses: Mrs. E. J_. McCabe and Mrs. Cecil Weaver. Circle 4 will not meet this week. 2 p. m. Circle 6 will meet with Mrs. George W. Peck Co-hostess Mrs. E. J. Whitman. 7:30 p. m. The Official Board will meet at the church. Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Adult Choir practice at the church. CHURCH OF CHftl«f Walnut Street A. t. Oliver, Mlhlitif Sunday 0:45 a. m. Bible SeRfldl 10:50 a. m. Preaching 11:30 a. m. Com«ttuhi6a 6 p. m. Bible StUdJ- 7 p. m. Preaching Tuesday , 0:30 a. m. Ladies Bibl* , Study 7:15 p. m. Men's Biblft Study Wednesday 7:15 p. m. — Teachers Uftetlrij 7:30 p. m. Bible Study You are always welcome. At the Church of Christ. GbSPEL TABERNACLE ft«v. C. S. Walker 0:45 a. m. — Sunday School, Guy E, Basye, Supt. 10:00 a. m. — Radio Bible Class, Ifbadcast over KXAR, Rev. C. S. VaJker, Teacher. 11:00 a. m. — Homing Worsnip ermon by the pastor. 6:30 p. m. — Senior C. A., Junior G. A.. Primary C. A. 7:30 p. m. — Evangelistic Serice. .sermon by the pastor. Tuesday 7:30 p. m. — Choir Rehearsal Wednesday 7:30 p .m. Evangelist B. M. Mc- lutchcn of Austin, Texas will begin cvival services with us August ourth, Special singing will be fea- Urcd with the messages from God's Word. Bro. McCutchcn is man of God with God's message or everyone. UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH South Elm Street Pastor, Howard White 8:00-8:25 a. m. Unity Baptist Hour. Sunday School 10 a. m. — Ansley Gilbert, Supt. Morning worship 11 a. m. 7:00 p. m. B. T. S. 8:00'p.m. Evening Worship Monday 2 p, m. — Senior. Ladies Auxiliary Mrs. Barney Gaines, President. 7:30 p. m. Willing Workers Aux. iliary Mrs. L. C. Kennedy in charge Wednesday 6:30 p. rh. G. M. A. Mrs. Sam Williams in charge. 7:15 p. ,m. — Teacher's Mooting. 8:00 p. m. — Prayer Service Thurday • ' 7:30 p. m. Mission Point (Anthony's Mill, Thursday). GARRETT MEMORIAL North Ferguson Street. • Eld. Elbert O'Steen. l»««tor 0-9:30 Rock of Ages Broadcast from Church Auditorium ovet tA< dio station KXAR. > 0:50 a.m. Sunday School, Gradj Hairslon, Supt. 11 a.m. Morning Worship'. Sermon by Pastor. . 7 p. m. B. T. S. Travis Purtle president. . 8p.m. Evening Worship. ' Monday • • '• 2 p. m. Sr. Ladies Auxiliary Mrs. Medford Hazzard President.; Tuesday 7:30 p. m. Girls Auxiliary 7:30 p. m. Little. 'Men'si Brotherhood. Wednesday ' 7:00 p. m. Teacher's meeting 7:30 p, m. Prayer Service and Business meeting Thursday 7:30 p. m. Junior Ladies Auxiliary, Mrs. Lyle Allen, president. CHURCH OF CHRIST 5th and Grady Street F. L. Jennings, Minister Sunday 9:45 Bible Study 10:37 Preaching 6; 30 p. m. Bible Study, Classes tor all ages. uesday . 9:30 a.m. Ladies Bible Study Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Bible Study CATHOLIC CHURCH Father A. G. Dunleavy Pastor Sunday 8 a. m. Mass Confessions Before Mass FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH S. A. Whitlow. Pastor Sunday . . 9:30 a, m. — Sunday School W. H. Munn, Supt. 10:50 a. m. Morning Worship with sermon by the pastor. 5:00 p. m. — Chapel Choir Rehearsal. ; 6:30 p. m. — Training Union, Hubert Thrash, Director. 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship with mesagse by the pastor. 'Monday 9 a. m. Primary Sunbeams Tuesday 9 a. m. Junior G. A.'s at the home of Patsy Burroughs, 1)21 W. 4th. The Jeanette Hunker G. A.'s will present a talent program. 3:30 p. m. Women's Missionary Society business meeting. 4 p. m. W. M. S. Program from the Royal Service. 9 a. hi. Intermediate G. A. Wednesday 9 a. m. Sunday School Training Class/ 7 p. m. Sunday School Officers & Teachers' Meeting. 7:45 p. m. Fellowship Hour The Midweek Worship for the Whole Family. Thursday j 7:30 .p. m. Chancel Choir Rehearsal.. FIRST CHRISTIAN . 210 North Main . Edmund Pendleton, Minister 9:45 a. m. — Bible School Tho mas Femvick, Jr. ^Supt. 10:50 a. m. ''Morning Worship 'How To Live With Yourself" 7:30 p. m. Evening. Worship FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Fourth and Ferauson Street Rev. H. P. Hudspeth, Pastor 9:45 a. m. — Sunday School C J.. Rowe, Supt. • • 11 a. m. — Morning. Worship Ser mon by pastor. 6:15 p. m. Pentecostal C.onguer ors Mrs. Joe Lively iji r charge: •Junior Conquerors JMtrs.,JL- P. Bud spcth in charge. ' ' 7:45 p m Evening.•. Wednesday . • ' .... 7:45 p. m. >raye;t'meeti£j! ana Bible study. " ' Thursday .•-'., ' 2 p. m. Ladies Pentecostal Au* iliary. " . . The people is invitfd to attent all services at this church. . ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Rev. .William J. Fltzhugh Prleat-ln-Charge 7th Sunday after Trinity August 1, 1U54. 7:30 p. m. Evening Prayer and Sermon. FIRST 701 Sout'h Main Stf*** Rev. L. T. Lawrence. O. D., Minister '.', , ; The Men's Bible 'Class wHJ »ee in the Fellowship-Ha.Il^t 0:30.^ for doughnuts : and ! CiSBfee;; the le? .son at 10:000 will fee' taught bj James Pllklntbni-''::- ! , • I 10 a. m. Sunday School' James H. Miller Sjjpt. ' , ••{ No further services tlii?: the Minister is on v4'c4M ( >ia. . CHURCH QF THE Fifth and Pine St.' , Rev. Leroy tind, PAitor Sunday 9:45 a. m. Sunday School, J. D Bullock, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship. Sermon by Rev, Leroy Land. (i:30 p. m. N. Y. P. S. 7:30 p. m. , Evening.,Worship. Wednesday ; ' 7:30 p. m. Prayer Meeting I The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phona 7-5830 Or bring Item* to Miss Turner «t Hicks Funeral Horn* &EEBEE MEiyiO.ftlAl. C. M. E. R«v. T. J- Rhone, Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School . U : a.m. Morning Worship 6 ip.m. Epwoi'th League. 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship MT. ZION CME CHURCH Rev. I. M. Manhirig, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. Epwprth League 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship PETHEU A. M. tt, CHURCH '•: Rev. G. Paschal, Pastor ; 9:45 a. m. Sunday scnooi. 11 a.m. Morning Worsnip' 8 p.m. A. C. E. L 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship. CHURCH OF GOD In CHRIST Eld. O. N. Dennis, Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. morning worsnip, 8 p.m. Y. P. W. W. 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship LONOKE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. F. K. Powell, Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Morning Worship. 6 p.m. B. T. U. .8:00 p. m. Evening Worship RISING STAR BAPTIST Rev. W. M. Erby, Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday school. 11-a.m. morning worship. 8:00 p. m. B. T. U. 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship GARRETT CHAPEL BAPTIST Rev. F. R. Williams, Pastor 0:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Morning worship 6. p.ni. B.T.U. 9:30 p. m. Baptist Hour ovei Station KXAR. • CHURCH OF GOD C. L. Crossley, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday school 11 a.m. Morning worship C p. m, Y.P.W.W. 8: p. in. Evening worship fl of Church Ads Is Being Published Through fhfe Cooperation of the Local Ministerial Alliance and by the Undersigned Individuals and Business Institutions !M^ ~t*& -,' r " f ff,\ Stephens Grocer Co. Wiiolesnle Grocers Young Chevrolet Co. Chevrolet Sales & Service Cox Bros. Foundry & Machine Co. Everything in Machine Shop Work J. A. Davis Grocery Mack Brown Grocery 5 & Feed Hope Theatres, Inc. BJdon Coffman, City Mgr. Collier Tire & Battery Service Dunlop TJrcs—Exccllo Batteries—Emerson TV Mid-South Cotton & Supply • A. E. Slusser W. Shanhouse Sons, Inc. .Clothing Manufacturers Hempstead County Farmers Association Farmer Owned and Operated Dewey McKnelly, Mgr. Grain's Esso Servicenter G. H. Grain Hope Feed Company Wade Warren Franks & Son Wholesale Fruit and Produce Houston City Furniture Co. We Will Trade for Anything *»<*"» '' , j•£_ , v- h« <<-, •*>*rr^.v -. '"•','\\ftf-f. "• Gunter Retail Lumber Co, Your Building Store '' Southwestern Packing Co. Pork and Beef Packers Owen's Department Store Ben Owen Plunkett-Jarrell Grocer Co, '»»!v"»\ ^7"7V *'' *' ' v inf^^SjI/jf- t > - -, 'l L J^,,,, ,, JB , ' Iff*" ,•<', •« ,•"? ^ "^ it "*" * & 1 V * ' itfSs^nreig^ '*" "f '' * First National Bpnk Member Greenlee Sheet Metal Co. Makers of Sheet Metal Products Ralph Montgomery Market Shopping Center Hope Basket Company PUone 7-2345 Cities Service Station Grovur Thompson Southwest Wood Products Homer P?yerly -^ Frank King , 0. Barnes Mobile Service Cpmplete Automotive Service Archer Mptor Company r Sajes & Service 1 Butane Gas Co, and Appliances Feeders Supply Company Ypur Purina Dealer Citizens Nationql Bank Member FDJC Coin's Tourist Court Allen Service Stqrion Fyrniturg CQ, William M. Qyckett - j f oit«r QaraQf ft Jplafs Shop Pyers Gulf f 'At WSM C '•*-. ,-\* fin%\V Our Doily i Bread Sliced Thin by the Editor Alex. H. Washburn _^ A Cuban Voice That Spoke Up for America in Guatemalan Crisis Ordinarily a United States newspaper receiving a communication i'rJln one of its Latin American contemporaries gets braced for words like "damnyankee," "dollar diplomacy," and "imperialism." But a letter reached The Star yesterday from the publisher of the Havana Post, Havana, Cuba, containing a surprise — an editorial on the situation in Guatemala reflecting distinct credit upon the United States. And it wasn't (iR . Pa , t f C i- veni backer o£ Pres ;. written after the overthrow of tlie . Ipnt Trixm'.-^wrr <nrf.-, v ft,,-r.u.- hi= Hope Star * r A v; ( «i*-i&ir?sp "^ *$&.*•': & WSAfl Arkansas Scattered shcfteHf, potti&tr 5 •* -i Experiment Station 24-hour-pericd eftSfiflg _-^Saturday, High SO, Low 78, itation .05 55TH YEAR: VOL 55 - NO. 244 XHtSSl *& /Tm?" HOtt ARKANSAS^ATUfttSAY, JULY 31, 1954 : th« At*oc!ot«d Pr«»j & Aadlt Bureau 6t CIMolafbM Paid Clrel. 3 Mel. EhdlftS Mofch 31, 1»S4 — 3,434 Move Supported fo Censure Sen. McCarthy By JACK BELL WASHINGTON W1 Sen. Duff regime, either; it was pub- wlien the Corn- held the Centra! liaTied May 20, munists still American country and the outlook was most dark for democratic peoples and principles. Clara Park Pessino, head of the Havana Post, a newspaper older than its republic, wrote in part in that editorial as follows: Quote: developments in. Guatemala are foTrliwing a pattern only too well known to us from our experiences c'.ent Eisenhower, today threw his support behind a move by Sen. Flnndcrs (R-Vt) to censure Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis) for alleged conduct Unbecoming a senator. But despite this new and ferhaps significant recruit, Flanoers ao- peared to bo facing an uphill battle in a Senate still boiling with charges fired last night by Sen. the attack Communist Dirkscn (R-lll) that against McCarthy is supported. Duff said in advance of the Senate's fesumption of debate today that he intends to vote for the mom Europe and Asia. First comes Uon to cengurc McCnrthyi Bccusod he enslavement of the minds of b Flandeg of mnrring the na- the people through the propagation „„„,„ honor b such contluct thnt ol lies. Ihen tollow the arms with hc ., cnn - scnrccly avoid being which the masses, who are the f;a]Iec , a Fifth - Amendment scna- victuns of these falsehoods, are commanded to rise up and throw off the yoke of their imperialistic oppressors. All of those elements ar£ present in Guatemala and in ttt" face, of this threat to their security, the United States and other non-Communist notions of this Hemisphere nro required to take the most direct steps to protect themselves. Propaganda which is being disseminated in these latitudes would have us believe that the United Fruit Company is an agent of imperialism. Tho fact is that the I United Fruit Company is owned byi It was Flanders' action in calling up his cesnure motion last night, after the Senate had spent most of the clay on a foreign aid bill, that touched off a fiery round of debate which kept the legislators in session until 10:15 p. m. Flanders' one-sentense resolution | offers no penalty agninst McCar-! thy, as would an earlier proposal of his to oust the Wisconsin senator from committee chairmanships. The motion merely says U a KITTY'S HAD PLENTY OF BOUNCE—When Dale Eberts, risht drove into a Mansfield, Ohio, gas station he found, he was transporting a two-month-old kitten as a stowaway. -Service station operator Al Wadley, left, found the kitten perched above the springs of the left front wheel. Eberts estimates Tabby had been bouncing for about 30 miles. Here Are Some Benefits From New Tax 'conduct. is unbecoming of many nationalities. It is a stock company whose shares member of the United States Senate, is contrary to senatorial tradi- itions, and tends to bring the Sen- 1 , - , n . ,, . , . M.1U1IS, UUU LUllUb LU UI1I1U II1U OUI1- are held by people at all social and; disrepute, and such con- economic levels. Thnsw shnros nrp ... . v ' . economic levels. These shares are on the open market and can be purchased by anyone who feels disposed to invest in the company — including Guatemalans. While it is true that some shares are owned by persons of financial puissance, it is equally true that other shares, not in unimportant quantities, owned by working people, not only Americans, but also -citizens duct is hereby condemned" Duff, asetinrg that Indochina •WASHINGTON I.?) — Here are some of the ways you as an inc!iv\dual taxpayer can benefit Scientists to Spread Search for Cancer By ALTON L. BLAKESLE.E: Scientist, Wife Going to Join Reds LONDON W) Joseph Court, 20-yt:ai'-C)ld Boston scientist, and liis wife wore reported headed for political asylum ,in Red Czechoslovakia today after being kicked put of Britain. But at the last minute, the police intercepted the Polish Ship oh: which they sailed. The professed ex-Communist and his wife Ruth, 28, ware on He freighter Jarowslaw Dabrowski when it left the London docks <carly this morning, port authorities said. Before {hi; vessel could leave the Thames, Scotland Yard agents or cj;e'red > it stopped an went aboard. The •;' ijhip wns still being held there.' : Police' and immigration authorities hart visited the ship several times while it was nt the dock n connection with the persistent sowaway reports. They had not attempted lo keep the Corsfrom leaving ..-he country. American officials luve wanted Cort, a -former student at Harvard and Yale Medical School, back in the United States to"question him about his failure to answer n 1953 draft notice. Chargixig he would bfi persecuted for having belonged to the Communist party in his student days, Coil icccntly asked for political asylum in England. British authorities iclused and canceled his res- idence'permit, effective today. Settlement in Strike of AND THE ROOF CAME TUMBLING DOWN-The 600,000- pound conctete root of the new Sierra High School In San Mateo, Calil., is shown being hoisted into position by powerful jacks mounted on supporting poles. To save time, the slab was poured on the ground and lifted into place. Moments later, the rc-of swayed and crashed to the ground Injuring seven workers. Officials drill through 10-inch slab, bottom, to make sure no one is trapped beneath it. •" CHICAGO was curtailed today m across the nation as AFL pilots struck again«' lean Airline$ ,ln & dispute flight schedules. ,' Meanwhile Settlement threatened to* -nildnighf , thai would halt; the n minurn ' prodwiUon, "'» alerady reached The. PittSburg today representatives *t»l t mihum. Co. of America, . CIO Steel t Workei?8 reached a "peaceful in their wage dispute*, mediators, make any. The airlines at midnight J. dnrd tiniftto Will \i o ol nil Airierltlntt»»v on I2,00o'm«es l( $: is the .liaiion'^ carrl^$, ^htindling rift eittaih ooo passengers, .dsjllyH-c. Comb£|ny dfflcials, ,S will end toddy"wltH,32"ffl pilots. 'returning "*i$ "?thejg base^..' "'T> **-W '"* through tha big tax revision riovv on President desk for almost certain signature: DIVIDEND INCOME If .you're a stockholder, you won't have to pay! any tax ' 'aft all on the first SAO PAULO, Bia?'! W)Snme«of the things \\e eat, diink 01 bieath . ,. ore going to be studied over the ^isermower s woi , k j QS posslble cinnma i i , cuas . had fallen t othe Reds while Amer- $50 |of income in divends, Furthermore, you can take 4 pei 'cent of many of Republics. the Latin American They have invested their savings in the United Fruit Company; they have a voice in its management and in the election of its officers, and they receive regular dividends 'from the Company's profits. This does not sound to us like imperialistic exploitation. Nor can \vjj< see any aspects of economic or industrial tyranny in the fact that the United Fruit Company, for over half a century, has developed thousands of square miles of jungle |' into profitable agricultural areas. The felling of the virgin forests, the draining of the swamps and the planting of the banana bits have ica's attention was riveted to the televised McCarthy-Army hearings said in an interview that investigative procedures had got "off the track." "It is imperative feat the .Senate re-establish rules putting this situation under -control- and drawing definite boundaries that can't be broken," Duff said "as a preliminary to this, I shall vote for the Flanders resolution to express my disapproval of the methods that have been followed." While Duff was 'joininR the slim ranks of Re-publicans pub^ly committed to striking at McCarthy. Son. Knowland of Califoi'nia, the GOP leader, was sounding praise for objections raised against Flanders' move by' Sen. Cordon (R) and Morse (Ind), both of Oregon. When Flanders read to the Senate his charges that McCarthy hold an "habitual contempt of people" &nd had permitted his investiga- of any dividend income abqye $50 rmd .deduct that from your ifff .p~ay- ment. - : . MEDICALE EXPENSES You may deduct medical expenses e 3 per .iqent^Q.f..'. income, -In- l of" 5 per• "cTent as at ''present stead ing human cancer. The studies — covenng food, eyes, and additives, citv arc, chemicals in in-lushy and smdking will be pft of a broad new attack seeking ways to ^cur^ and prevent cancel ' The tnoqram was launched today by scient Doctor Charged Killing Wife VELAND, O. (UP) nations meeting heie International Cance? The. experts flnd^two that tive subcommittee staff members to mont senator's resolution was "no( suported on its face by a single allegation of fact." been followed by the building of! compromise America abroad, Cor screened houses, hospitals and i don rose fo assert that the Ver- scliools and the elimination of n»laria, dysentery, hookworm and omer such diseases which previously contributed towards making such areas uninhabitable. On the other hand, what is the record of Communism? It is one pf bloodshed and oppression, of conquest and physical enslavement Of the people of many countries. Nowhere in the world can Moscow point to an area where it has done as much for tho common people, the United Fruit Company has 'he in the areas where it operates in Central America. No, the Russian bear cannot hide behind an innocent bdnana. The menace of Communism is now at our very doorstep and it would be a form pf suicide for us to fail |*'io--.tgke the most, immediate and direct,, steps to check it at the .Guatemalan borders. Developments of tho past week have shown that iWs Inter thnn we think. dfr Convjicfs Continue Hunger Strike Aluminum Workers May Go On Strike BENTON UP) — About 2,500 members of the CIO Steelw.orkers Union may go on strike at Arkansas E.luminum plants at midnight to- TIO1TOW. The threatened strike would be lart of a nation-wide strike of 20,(00 steelwjrkcrs in more limn a dozen plants and mines of tho Aluminum Company of America and Reynolds Metals Co. The strike could halt about half the country's aluminum production. Arkansas representatives for the 'IO union, Eel Walden and Allen Bruant, aro inRichmond, Va. tor the negotiations, the union pffico at Benton reported today. Alcoa anct Reynolds each ha plants at BTtuxito, and Reynolds also has a plant at Jones Mill? between Malvern and Hot Springs. But you must remember thri from now on you may only-deduct sum; spent for drugs . and medicines above 1 per cent of your income. Also, you can have a total mcdi> deduction of $10,000 for your family; tho limit has been $5,000. RETIREMENT INCOME —You won't havo the basic 20 per cent tax rate on the first $1,200 of re- irement income received aftcryou pass 05. If you're, n retired government employ such as a teacher, fireman or policcrn,a, you can .get the benefit even though you're under 65. WORKING MOTHERS — If you lust work lo support children un- cr 12 or other dependent!', and if our husband is incapacitated or the combined income of the fam- y is less than $4,500. you may de uct up to $600 spent for child are. SOIL CONSERVATION — If ou're a farmer putting a lot of noney into .soil rebuilding, you may ocluct these outlays up to 25 per Au- sought today to extract confession from Dr. Samuel Sheppard for the Independence Day |laying of his pregnant wife, County ACP Committeemen Nominated The Community Election Board twelve ACP Com- Hempstead County ghe|)paid was charged with mur- • alter| h.6 ,t<H4S a * 6 the first degree last night apparently was trapped a statement of his for- WALLA\ WALLA, Wash. UP) ' Some 1,40^ hungry but still rebellious convicts today sent a grievance comiWtec to a negotiating session whah a state official said end Ilie satte penitentiary's ay-okE sitdown strike. . Fred Dicilbon, supervisor of slate institutions, (plated a meeting with a committeeypf 61 convicts to lieai 'the convict*! explanations of the "passive resistance" move anc their propo^Js to end it. Dickson saM State Sen. Neil J. Hoff, chairman of a legislative committee v riot and fir last fall, wu i^on the m Whether 1 tiny.es. "will come, 1 ' 1 Dicks< investigated! a the penitentiary jch at enroute here to sit -ting. strike ends or con- spend on the out- said. For some of Rhe prisoners it was the fourth dayf without food. The gtrike started among prisoners in the Laundry Monday neon and had spread to the entire prison population by Tuesday night. pi9}5son said n,o meals will \?e a is Extortion Try Charged to Youth PARIS, W) Prosecutor Jacl Yates said yesterday he had filed charges of attempt extortioi against 17-year-old Jim Henry Par ker of New Elaine, Ark. Yates said the charge;; were filec Monday. Sheriff Pete Carter said Parke was arrested after Matt Jones o Harkey's Valley, Ark., received note demanding that $400 be left ii a truck at Dardanelle, Ark. Carter said the note directs' Jones to leave the money in il> Iront seat of the truck while he an his family attended a movie a Dardanella. Parker was arrested, Carte said, when he attempted to re move a package of fake mone from the truck. -Parker is Jone r.ephew. The prosecutor said the yout was free oa $1,000 bond, Trial ha been set for th,e court's Septembe ent of your gross income. COLLEGE STUDENTS ---If yen ave a child .who is under 19 or is n college and has ,5 job which ays him more than $fiOf! a year, ou may continue to list him as a cpendent with a $GOO exemption n your return if you pay half of is support. CHARITIES You may deduct p to 30 per' cent of your income or charitable contributions, in tend of 20 as at present. INSTALLMENT BUY INC! — Yoi may deduct tho carrying charges >n such purchases, oven thougi hey're not specifically stated as merest in 'he contract. HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD I our husband or v.'il'o dies, you maj continue for two years lo fet th nil bonofh of'income splitting a on a joint return, sre exposed to may be cancer hazards. For one thing,: .some, chemicals produce cancers of one or 'more types in animals under laboratory conditions. The second reason is geographical: Industrial and other studies find a flgh incidence of particular typos of cancer among certain groups of hu- ians.'' The scientists want to know what ill this means in terms of saving luman lives. The Canoe: .he Sao Paulo meeting, appointed ;wp now commissions to carry on .he woi'k between congresses .vhidh are held every three or four »ears. One is n commission on cancer research. Headed by Germany's Dr. Hermann Drucksry, It is aimed at. stimulating and .helping worldwide research in all felds of treatment and understanding of ancer. / The other is the comjnisFion on cancer control — to*.-pool worldwide knowledge on how to prevent cancer aivl detect it early, to spread news of the best trealments and to step up public and professional "education, The commission received a resolution adopted by the scientists of eight nations who already have considered a 'mtmberof cancer-causing possibilities. This was done by a committee on cancer prevention hooded by Dr. William E. Smith of New York University and including experts 'if Britain, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Scotland, Belgium and Franco. The resolution . The 30-year-oTc!' be confronted today with the story of illicit leactjons voluntered by in each of'the munities in have met in formal, session and nominated the following persons for community Committeemen and alternates in each of the respective communities in thfe county without designation of ^position for which nominated^**'*" A-Stephcns Scho61, Spring Hill. Barney Catb, Roy ^mitli, Leonard Boyce, E. H. Bahjow, Jesse J ; Brown, Herbert Grefen%w, ^K. P\ Bachman, J. W. Wright, v Harold ^ '' ^ -V- Sus,an Hayes; 24. .; Miss a former co-worker Sheppard testified: under oath pard had been intimate on numerous occasions and that Sheppard bad discussed marriage with her. gheppar testified under oath that he and the former technician at the Shepart family's hospital- in Bay Villnge were only "causal friends. 1 ' He denied'having, dates or being intimate with hey. Sheppard was plck'cd up last night at the h.ome of his father, Dr. nichar^A;',Sheppard. Sr., less than ail after a murder war. rant was .'ssued by Bay Village Law 'Director Richard Weygandt. Oren Harris Says Thanks' for Big Vote Congressman Oren Harris issued^ the following statement today from his campaign headquarters at El Dorado: "I am exceedingly happy over receiving the wonderful vote throughout the District in my re- elecffion to Congress. It is-the a*. •/ • •/•««*, most outstanding victory that I ^ C ™°*u5r^j3§: have received during my service in Congress. * "From the unofficial tabulation I have approximately 37,000 ,voteV. J This ) vote, v of yearly 20,0^0 -iixofe 1 ' The'AFL'Air — T-,-' called- the^sf^lke-to /ehfd mond, h'at^ pilots, i bp'V transcontinental \ S llgb™^ v< be required'-io fly,'A hours contiaudus tisements, caile'd s ifo' X'* *l against Welter ajriine.A>ervic,ef , But Claren.pe«:p.; S>$ty f-"•' ol the pilots^sUnion', Said ,>: battle "lot .f '--"i"* regulations ^ I Senate Votes OutSection of Aid i The dispute k . eral \ rndntnajlia';,.,,.. . „ sorted .a'SwSstjiQ^t .eam?ir4n > . f lm« *flnmrtnn\ said it is known HEALTH PLANS — If you miss \\ork because of tin illness or an injury, you arc entitled to tax eruption on payment made to you by your employer, up to SK'O a week, it hey are issned under a regular nealth an-1 Occident plan. The ex- jniption does not ap|)ly in Hie first seven days of an illness, unless you are hospitalized. ECLARATIONS OF ESTIMATE TAX If you're marled and hive up tc SlO.fBO of in- income, practically all of it subject to withholding, you no longer need to file a declaration of estimated tax. RAPID you're a you may use the new double de quick that various chemicals, including some dyeiUiiffs used io color human food, can produce cancers in mice or other animals. It naiei that doesn't necessarily me'in the same is true for humans, but "it is not ACCIDENT prudcenl to regard such ut'unts a? harmless for man." One reason for caution is that experiment;; indicate evn a small o.ose of some chemicals might cause cancer .decades later. A big question, thus, -is whether very tiny doeses coming from flavored and WASHINGON (« The Senate today overrode the administration and knockocl out of the foreign aid bill a section authorizing the President to use funds to stimulate production of" strategic materials abroad. By n roll call vote of 4!)-40, the Senate adopted the amendment offered by Ken. Malono (R-Ncv). Majority Leader Knowland (R Calif)' had said he unclcu'slpod tho Allen/ Epii^MW&MJL >*"*"•*"£$ B - Patmos: No&rWwrpn,' Law-* rence Hollis, Bainey Powell,' D,(in;Laha, W. Y. Jackson, Edward ,Mayj JOQ Hollis, Gaiy Formby,"Berlin Jongs, Earl Jacksgp. ^ "^ C - Rocky MojHjd - Shover Springs: Jim Chambers', W- W. Bright H. T. Huboitfd Commodore Sncll, Floyd ^McDowell, Dewaid Collier, Burl Hunt, J> E. McWilliamc, ,Roy Rpgers, Gordon BecKwoilh, D - Hope: Bill Schpoley, C. D. Hare, Clifford Russell, T. L. Brint, J. T. Butler, Earl Thomason, R. E. Garrett, Johnny Brannon, Loyce J. Hampton, Bill Buiko. E-Fulton-Guernsoy;. Hubert Rosenbaum, EckJ Cox, Sam McGlll, W. L. Williams, J. W. Seymour, A T Grumpier, iQlcn Hughson, Neiley N. Colqman, R. J. Roscn- baum, Newt Black; F - McNab .-Cross Roads: Joe Fincher, Lester Gilbert, Guy H. Hicks, W. H. Dillard, Mary Spates, Wade Gilbert, Leo Evans, E. R. Calhoun, W. W. Hughes, W. C. Thompson. G - Columbus « Washington: W. I. Slroud, Moss Rowej J. P. Webb, Jr., T, V. Messcr, John Wrstcr, J. S, Wilson, Johnnie Wilson, Ira J. Continued on Page Two Eisenhower administration opposed the amendment and felt the section in iho $3,100,000,000 was dc DEPRECIATION — In businessman or farmer. dining balance method depreciation on a plant or piece of equipment. This moans that in the first year of life, you can write off twice the amount for doprecia Uon now allowed; thus you can concentrate most of the write-o.fi an the early years ol use of the item. The accelerated depreciation: plan will benefit chiefly corpora- colored foodstuffs and dr.'nks can stimulate Sen. Douglas (D-I11) insisted on pinning Knowland clov.n on that puirit before the vote. Douglas wanted to know if Knowland was speaking for himself or "1(500 Pennsylvania Ave- i.ue" (The White House). Knowland replied ho had ex- I'.rcssecl what lie understood to be the administration's position. Malone contended the section authorizing the use qf funds to ;e a cer, delayed time bomb for can- Century Bible Class to Observe Jones Day The Century Bible Class will observe its fifth annual Jones Day this Sunday morning. This observance in recognition of the work of the nine "Jones Boys" who are regular members of the Class. The entire class program will be conducted by these men, consisting of James. H. Jones, Joe Jones, Rob materials production o£ in other areas critical of the To Examine Twins for Operation LITTLE ROCK l/Phr- Examination will begin today on Siamese twins borp last Monday to a Pine Bluff Negro coupld, Virgil and Mrs. Johnson. "Many tests and examinations will have to -be mnrl» he-fore an opinion can be venturer] ns to whether tlu> twins can bo separ ciale this expression of confidence' from tho pqople throughout the I tnct. \ "I want to express my thanks to the people, of the Fourth District for this spendid vote I appreciate tho many loyal friends thrbughout the District who have been so faithful, I shall ever strive to serve in a manner that will merit- this expression of confidence. " "I want to especially express my appreciation to Mr. Ed Williamson, my campaign manager, as well ab all of those who have been so helpful and who havo done such a fine service in my behalf, "I do not begrudge the efforts of my opposition and hold no feeling of enmity toward anyone. I shall continue to welcome the* cooperation of all of our people toward the best interest of our District, State and Nation. > * "I will go back to Washington this week end for the rest of th,e session of Congress which 'will very likely be another weeTc,qi; ten days, There are many highly im* porantly problems as usual to be concluded during the closing days of the session, After the adjournment, I will be back in the District and take advantages ol every opportunity to see and personally thank the, people for the splendid vote," of Ap: motion" flight hours,'. P«* $¥PV^8^M1 to^^WwpffiW schedules.,of, moj.¥ tbaitfj •w^ Conlractoiisi'HJ •« >>• • "-A t <VV*\jfW Reach Agree me .*! X •* ,. hf S'G-ll, LITTJUS ocpted ated," sistant Dr. Norman professor of J-hnson, as pediatrics ot Radio Preacher Fights Nudism FORT SMITH, W~A radio prea. cher from Fort Smllli will «Q to University Hospital s. id Dr. Johnson said it is not a casa requiring emergency attention. The twin girls were removed to the Little Rock ho&pi'al, yesteiday. Modern Machinery Used for Cotton Sthe source nudism to preach against The Rev, Braxton B Sawyer, founder of the Radio Pulpit prp- grrm at Foil Smith, len"es tomor- tow for BatfJe Crsek, Mich., where the American Sun Bathers Assp* elation is holding its national c°n* EHICK, gunmen escape today ,8ftep LITTLE ROCK Modern vention Augi 2-8. Reverend Sawyer 'ins to broadcast his. fight afiajn&t ism from Battle Creek over i. network of S2 stations in ^4*W *.«"*'*j^l, w j*^*f Officers. cyE< Q used piano , . . the gun,jne}X h»t futile and toft days, world "promoters our own destruction." He said .materials thus de veloped would not be available to this country in case of war. Knowland said the section was permissive, not mandatory, aivl was intended to meet situations where the domestic supply of stra- inadequate (D-La) had tegic materials was Earlier, Sen. Long criticized the foveign aid as "jusj; about the losscst giveaway ever drawn," Long/urging a of one-third in the gutnprization, said in an, Jones, Raymond Jones, Dale Jones!interview ^ e WO uld demand.a rpll Homer Jones, Blant Jones Noel Jo- j call vote on his move-. machinery and modern irrigation were on display .for 500 cotton experts from all parts of the United States today the last da> of the Beltwid- Cotton Conference, The delegate!, took a bus> tour of cotton areas east and south of Little Rock this mornjng, stopping off at farm the Robert L. Dgrch. seed at Scolt and the Brnmett Capps> farm neay Lonoke, The cotton men saw iirigatUm m acUon at the Cppps. farm. Qapps has creaaed yields considerably in Oklahoma, Mi$$ouri and TJ^usas. The a.ni»-nudism preacher will travel by station, wagpn, He has a 16 mm camera, a tape iccordor bnd PA isyttem, and 3 remotP broadcast unit. Firm Nosh-Kelvinator mm. flstrU Jhrough, cent nes and Toddy Jones. The les&on will be taught by Teddy Jones. One oj the- leading quartettes from the Four States Singing Convention, now in progress at Long claimed moio than 30 votes for his proposal- Administration leaders voiced confidence they would defeat it and pass the b»U- The Senate si;iU has Jo apt o» @ use of years through water. The bu.s carayw* stpppe<J off, at the Arkansas Fish Hatchery #t tpnwoke and then t^y-'led ^p ^e Harold A, You,ng larnj, 15 northeasH o! LitUe Bock, Iw a 9! ^^|X«-1 ,3M^fes

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