Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 13, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1896
Page 8
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jj^^pg?^^ " THE GOLDEN FIRST ANN Sale Now Going On For particulars see Large Posters in this paper THE GOLDEN Be Globe -We Have Won The Hearts of The People. Tie-Bole Is nkcNidy rocoffwl/cd ns Logans port's! -most foremost Men's and Boys' OutiHters. We are deeply ffratoful for rt-Iie im.boivndod approclatlon of OUT et- .forl-S'by tOie public. AVesiiaU euclenvor to always merit -the esteem and cpji- 'fldcnce with whiicli' our follow dtzi'n's have sa nbiinda.utlj- honored us. In testimony of -our gratitude- and . bo thoroiijjhlv ii'i- ' t.odnce our fhjf.-fc grades of ecinnl-to oustoni. mailf Gvir- . mertts, we offer as as follows flea's Plaid Suits ••* $$.00 ' Newest novelty •• All-Wool Cheviots This paerleas. offer Ti for one week -only beginning to t morrow • and end- These Suits are All-Wool, Winter weight, made :n\) by Artist Tailors Men's Plaid Sul s ».o 'day. T± r - Corner- 4th and flarket. ' ' ' ' Fashions^ Perfect Fitting, Every element of fineness that goes into highest grade cut-to-order 'garments ia 'In these suits. There here Black and Blue Men's Beaver Overcoats •'• liheso '-are f-awliiioijalMy cut -amid rondo Overcoats, waiTamtel-to fit, to •wear anfd !fo -htfld color.- /We-M let you 'Be *he judge of their value'' ' -.. AH Wool Black & Fancy Cheviots Hen's Suits. , An exceipfiilomaUy . , •' well''-. woven cihev-tot,'-maid'Q up •eapociaiay-for our .pnltron-s, oad duipltaited oft the priices nonvtti'diie on tlvte iilla'ncit. '.We ^wanrant ••tawm'faist'cofloi's. '. .- . •'To delight s the Boys and their Mothers we will sell Knee Pants at «xtra good weight, heat patterns, for.boys 1 aged 4 to,14. Globe The Globe Corner Fourth and Market Streets. ?£GUS* PROTECT YQUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., ' Tie well-KnowB Spectalliits ot N»» York fcave appomte l>. A'. HACK aa agent lor their celebrated.Spectacles and lye tHui««,',everT pair guaranteed. •' .'•-.•. ' ;f D. A. HAT7K liaa complete assortment and Invite* all'to sattifr tlemselvea of tbo. great superiority of these goods over any manufactured, ftt the store of D. A. HiUK, Sole agent for Loganspoit Ind. .. ;••'-•-.. No poddlers Supplied. $20.06 Will Buy a Good Winter Suit OF- W.D. CRAIG. • 426 Broadway, Second Floor. Our Mocha ami Java coffee is fresh today Rotliermol. .,Wnniteil.—Men, women au'd-children ' 4o buy TVnldon's slices. Ladies' .-MeRHQlej- gold rBbbon bud'se-i. '' 10 cctnts.—C. W. Graves. Positively the best cup of coffee In • the city at Dylceman's cafe. '. . • For Information concerning annual • ' (M rates, see card of Logansport & '.. Waibash Vulk-y Ga» Co. on third phgc. '• : The Diuighters of Liberty are re• qtiesti'd to meet at Vh-e G. A. R. hall, 1 TVednesday afternoon promptly nt'2:SO »'clock. '! Gat your bairj?a.tas to u-ndexwear. Umderwoan-' for everybody, Inxge ami smnUL Union" suits by tlie huudcciis '. a't cut iM'tecs.—Tm'cle PM'ffice. '••].. , Prof. G.'-W. Michael lias made' ar- '''' mBsreinen'ts to re-open Ms business col-" '•-•• -lege to 'the third floor of -the buJldlng •i v occupied by J. T. Ellio-tt & Soil's whole'. -• siilc grocery. Sdiool wlji open N-ovem- ' rgfcr 9th. : . •': \-r ' -. . ., GOVERNOR FLOWER Will Speak at the Rink Friday for Sound Money Democracy. , SHOW-PATRIOTISM Soldiers and -Citizens'-to ;• Honor .":.. the Generals. Reception Tuesday at u a. m. at .Market Square. ••.Tliio eoJiiiuilitt.ee, a'ppolnitwl -10 mecit tlio vtaifi.nj: jriin'e.nVls at tJlte- staitloii- con- »!s't«< o'. r flifr foUwwing ox-soldiers: , Oiii-ti.Gi'-o.rge'W. llai-frli. .l.OHi ii, Inifaintry; -Gnpt. ,T. C. Nulsoni, TOtli Oiuio-Iiiit'aut'ry; Major W. I-I. Sn.i- dor, 04th- -'Olbto 'M'ftra'iti-}-; Triv-a-te I. -N. Senator Teller Denies the Statement Concerning English Influence in Favor-of Coinage-Act of 1873 ' Ex-Govei^nor Roswofl- P. Slower;will spea-k ifoa- itlfie soimd inoncy Democrats naxt'Pitoay wcntag at the rimk. '.This, dlistiliuigiullsihecl Denwxcrafc is also" an «lble orator -a-nd vfiil draw a, largo ero-w-d.- • ' • . - .. -•. Xo-jiifrgliiiJig of the Pharos can de : celve. as to the splendid'''and. economical! nft'm'iii'fe.tra.tion given iby the Eepub- licau. comntij' .ami ,'tpwnslnlip- officers,The .RQpubltoias found •>. in-/ • the county a ' pratended'. •'balance to tlie general fund.. TWs - sho\v:line ""(vas nmcl-J 'by an $lS,OOrf d'dbt.ai' Dank, and a §9,000 debt to tbe'school fund. Thus tlie county was $27,000.worse off than, the Democrats pretended J.t was. The town-ships,were all found more'or less doDt. The Re" publicans -by econo- <my -have wiped out nearly all.-of..this debt. Tlie Legislature . reduced - tlie school' levy from 13% cents -to 11 cmtfi. It -also.-passed <t law- stopping; tlie-pndcletl.eunmeratlon-sotlmt th-e dls- -t'libution was fa.tr.' Mostoif the Domq-' cratlc trustees-had iboiTowcid money to complete the.school -:year and -tills shor-tnige fell upon 1 the-Repulbll-can-ffUc- ' .eessore. Then the valuation- was $1,000,000 less in the county, Th'e Republicans" fta,ye.'met all of these condi- tion's.and with economy-have straightened maittens • out. Tt '• Is -a 1 splendid, .showing, -and the Phiaros cannot blind- the. people toto voting'far free.sllver-.l •by. the. ory of lilpli taxes or extra's a- | ..gauco. i , .Ijieirt. S. A,;Ta,uslm;"§Wi.. New York I-Ieuivy AttiUery; Piiivjite ' Henry W. Eag-elbreeht. 32d .Iudia,n;K ••Inflnintry; Surgeon Asa; Golenraw, 4f>tan Lmllnna In- .fantry, Scd-KOiint S. B.''Boye.r.- Ttlli P.unn- • sHylvnmia. Oa.va,la-y. : - ' .. The committee to itake cli;iirge-of the..old soldlow, nm'd.mni-ch 1 tienr, to-tlie. stand from, tilie rWc, 1 .w-hore *ey wiU Assemble At',lp ; -o' clock' n. m',' sharp, ivUM conisiist.pf i-he "'fallowlug cbmrn'des-: - ..Tolun 'B. Winter's, 1 " I>. ''B.' MeCou-iiell, Seymoiiii- - M. Olosson, .G.eorgt? ^- ^- c " Kee,"He;jiry.C. CusJirawin 1 .'. ' -' •• •'. 'All old- soldiers are'- fnvLted aiad ex-". IKjeted to be there au'J take port- to the a-ecept'taii ti> be -given to Hi-iir old comrades, whether/their names appear In 'line -printed roll' or not. • ••". The -McKtaley- Escort G-u.ni'ds are re-. quesitod ,(»' meet' and marcli with, the old soWlcis:-- - '•'.'''• ' .'• ' ' rilhe atitillury und»r, Harry Tnl'tt ab'il- Harry Lux wlill fire, a- maijor-generjl's' salute .of "flilrteon- suns,- upon.- tlie af- r.iivnl of the 'trajn •(ylth'-ttie distinguished' •vjlslitors. •--.;'-.. • . . ' Cairtaita- D. -B. McConneH will speak a.'t -the irtok ut 2 .o'clock', p. im-., to bafol-; lowed iy Hon. 'James F. Sfcutesnian of Peru. '-..-.. • •..'-.••'• . • Caiptaiin 3. C: Hadiey vwill preside/at. the metiing at the rink- d-uriiag 'the at-." • Slreet;'-Lo'ndou:'.. 1". 18'T 2 .- '. 'Dean- Sir:— i'biu wore k-lirid eno'Ugh-t-o forwa'nd'to Mr. "Alfred 'Liniiniiaimi a'cop-y of youi- coituiage-'^ai. for *e United ' Staltes .'to be sent 'to me: • and 1 . y ou ' ex ; pressed Ji wilKfli to rec-tji.v-c crMCcisms on ' *** Private W. T. GlCf-e SvJlI presi'de : at •tlhe R*pu-bH«]iii campflre to be liteld at the rink' 'dueling the .evening.' ' • - At the meetJlings- at- the rtnlk, • at ter- noon.aud even-Ing, there .w.ilH be plenty. of good -m'luslte, vocal am<J- Instruin'en-tial If tlie weather is. -pieosamt toe .reoep- -tion tendered- to.-.the'.visi'ttas generals: will be on a-sta.iwi to 'be <recte<J .on Mairket square.. ' K rainy, or cold, -thej reception will be 'In the r-Ilnk. " '" . Tlie ireceitchiiooti to.'th-e.vislittaK geiicr- als wHi be .gliven nt ,11 o'clock a. in, ., Th : e laftcrnoom meeting. -wl-U be at the a-lnik at 2 o.'eioick sharp., .".-'.The enemilng m'eetlng at tho .rimfc will "be at 7 o'clock sharp. . ; > . ' ^ .-It' te Tcquested that all' teams "and.. horse's be kept ofE 'the . Market square -durtag -Hie -rn'oatlng there.- . . •'. : -. ! b. H. QHA1SE, President; ;. JOH-N B..WIN/r!E'IiS, Sbc'y,-- ' W-;T, . ' Comniltfec. - Ml soldiers are Jreq bested 'ito •bio at. tho -rl ; nik.J>romi>tiy''at 10 o'clock, w'liier.e -thie -cotomni .wJll • ibe . formed :hea-d«d' -by "the band and Escort .Me-, Ktolcy Marcliitog club, and^driun corps, ami •mai'en' to- 'the- stand' -'on Market sqiiaire, where -wo 'will' receive itihe. veteran eem'Wiala,'-.-.Howaird;:' Sleedi'-'.SJttaais, "AUger, Multofcnd;;.^!™! '-.Corporial Tdm- Buy your-'shoes n-t-W.'VkTea'-s.hml bo . 'Wappy. . .,..., turn- out' to' do' ho'nor-;to,. tho, -veteran : genea-flilis. • •; '-. -':. : ;••••/ -';'„"-. ::•'. ".'.-.'. Tine ottlzems- of .Lpgniisport'aine' earnestly requested.', to ': display '..Satlon-al. colors to lionor of oar distinguished guests. OOiM-MilTTEE -OF • ARRANGEMENTS. R H T M C A to theH K Y M - Ci A (meet nit Mis John Trmna<s, TuesdajT <>ct ISUi. . -ut 2 j) m All m«mbQr»ai'e''uiv'od1» be prr«flit BnsJ no«c of The "Criminal" in Favor of Free Coinage- ^ "-. -N»w 'Wav-Linlj', lii-d;, Oct. 5; 1800. . EdBttor Logaiueporit Joaiunia!!:— 'Sefveral wfioks u-go LlUfsteirueid mo Mir. 0. E. Carter as. lio deHK'ei'od;ihJs .memorised, speech njt'tiie -Stewy school Ijiou'-sie sund was surprised, 'Co teir .ilito retosJi the often disprovtin ftifealiooid of tlUa'.t ttote London ban-ktTS ilwid Jsent A >lir. Eaniiest Lcyd <;o -tHiils country tn-1872 wi-Ui--. ¥000,000 i-u gold' to 'bribe -clra demoaieliaat-ion of ellnier Uh-ro'iiiglli' eoa-pness. I any I was 'surprised booiiiu'se it lis ilin^ossiDjle for a -ni!«n to 'be lilalfiellllilscinil: '<Miid hom?st and raspoc't tlliite -stalte fateuihoiod fx>r the tiiurtni, iiiml y-dt-ilr. CartLT tried to create iflie .iiniKicissJouj ',-UUait llife.hind caiefnUy an'd Ilioniestily iiuivesdg-a-teil Uifis • -money No-w.Jif Mr. Cnr-ttr 'h:vs taves- tlitls su'bjec't aixef uffly ij-e would 1tov« found iDliiasp.ito be.tSic f:i.c j ts- in r-(>i;ird 'to -Mi:-.' Lejtl. Eanmejst -Leyd was a ; : baimki;-r'di6iiln!Et-:bi.i«iliM:«s 'ML .Sao -Fiun- c'lsioo', C'siil. -'-'A'bout ilihc y«i.r ' 3Si5o or 50 he ramlovrd iltjs -bms-iiiiiciss lo Doiid|on, lanpiliniuid', ai;a(i wat< -never 'to 'IDife coimitry iirfl:eriS50.. That lid was -jTi-Qhis Wfc.am cia.nxst -nUivo-cnito of sl-Jver aaul flue bi- mtftalllii; or.doulile .stin.ml'iii-d wns ia fact rbt> Rifcilimlrd 'P. Bhmwl cri' Dn:.3:l-:iniil, Wi:) t .•ia 'Dh'L 1 i-u.uMp.oiis'o-ii. 'lie -li'iid '-.wilthi-Wie net c-r 1S73 ^siis. to'riTDy-To -a inttcr oC-Mu.. Hio'cii»Ri l 's wiliU:ih-'caiito''ui'«l'!i copy ol th«. first 'ilrn-fit of, '('.lie. 'bill TeqwsCi-ng -Mr; lioyil to anus- \V-CT . wSlih sn.nc-.li 1 su3g-cS't?Joii.M nis IkK isljon'rtd'. istao. IH to make.;. (Now 500 --CD1W119- 'of. 1-Jilte finsT, il'i-ivCt -of .Mie b'iiJl wdilMi 'bc'csiirac ifllue Jiot of .1873 were pW'htoa'iaral ssaiit .'to'.promil-n'wu fman- oleis-alll orar-UWils 'counitiry 'aand-Europa willh req'iTOslK •[ or ' caa-ofud C0:iiis,i«;lera ; itJan. Miiiil rapliifW. .;01»1» (!(«-"« not lo»k iiiuioli- 'IHue'.saora't iplottiimg.) Mr; Lcyil . miulo ii V«ry -taag'tilil}' -reply, '«• pwt of 1 wJi'nit' life eiaiid.aibont KJic gllveir ..coin is ;'. 15.\-rww ep'iiie -to .llhc most ira- porfanlt"pifet of;-the bill, '(tat: of., the •VflilUia)*»ri''w'li ; kihy : iaieeoi-d l iinig to Section 15, .'oitullitis- tlhie •coi'nmjse ofitlie silver dol- •lar.'.and confirms:'the debased silver citawwe .of taJf doMiUirs fiirwl beloiw, un- .der'-tihe'tenidpar -Mnittoif ?i5. I a.ni Ji.waJ.-e. of : cioaiiiise, *li«lt'.ffliuwwrli- tilie nm-enBiment of 1853 tihie,shane-dtfty,'i'secl colmagie w.i6 nflira'ttly eatiabaMietl;" tout 'iittthoiiKili the 'njctni-al coliiaipe.'o'f itihe .siilw-r doOte had pKUCitlcaMy .oeaseid, sti&i 'ttet price was mat laibottiBsaned-V'-Jia-w.. .As '(ihiis new. bill iqaiks, I. suppose 'tili!a-f 'lihe itotal a,boli- iilOM o'Pthe sHiver' d-odlair is comitcmplate-H. . ., . . • . . • •*** Pormiiit .nie'to.beir'-thnit yon wJll first iuesttoD. 1 of douible vs. • -•*. * * ^Viparrt from tiiieory, 'VN'lhy .should. Aiineiriicai Ji'flve ilie'r.silver d'olUar? .T!he cause >. from cireu-liiiitioin: -Is igtaal/erroi'. of .therxi beliug -, too- inudhi- silver to -thto piece. - * .* * . Olhtalt-'cause-woukl 'hinivie 'boen removed 'ff .tlie doJJar w:ediglheil 400 ffaiailus,' tat 'balinig" Kho true .propobtiioiii of-.gold.-to «BlVor,,.!lasit)eiad of 412% ffratas as.by-.thfj 'oSd tow.-', ..WQiy.s*honiM--!t Ti»t be re.Inntrb- duflea- to.' ilite 'true- *uill wsalRBt .'of. 400 •jjriaW'ainlcV-bo'eomo' ajgniSn'one. of-th'e - - • ••'• . -... ^ • • • '.- • *** I -aim, "dpaV sr, youns very - .;. : •',.•.•':•.':''.,". • Bamiest' Leyil. .'To Sanraiel Hooperj Esq..- M. ..C. :' .1 nb'tok tite ottgtoal' fin:bri(?a.tor of tilts 'fufecfli'ooxl \\Wled to seleidt JIr..L : eyd. 'tnis-"ffliie ! '"y«Ba*iV'of.,tihie plot.-'by stium-, ' gres- ; 'Appl.1 9, "Mr. BairD'esit Leyd of . -1liiiigrtlisUiied-:Wi*er^aiib'lh!!is given,' 'great iltlteafcllaa to 'Wo subject of -miimte and cbLninge,.'mlfttier csaimiiinlng- tlho Qrs* draft, •of-' l tihlo 'MM, • fiura*ftted joamy- , vailuable suggc(9tioins ; 'wWoli Hmve -been inc-orpor- Now- Anamiia®. cooildi not ' copy this .passage truthfully/. I.copy fromv ,T V B. Wewrer'e '.'A Call'to Acffion," pnjare 320. •giilsilied.-'wrlt'er- amd-bulllonJist, is now. Beie and 'tons'; gty-en, .greart inittemtiion to the'sulbjotft of 'mints and eolnage'i etc; He miuslt insca-t 'tfljie^yordis 'te-mow liere"' 'wihiilla'these wwd-s'njie .not t».be foand, .in •tlble Conigrosslonal '.'GOobe,- .to. sriye -color to -his coaneoetlon-: , Mrs. SappMra, the-'araittor. 6fl'-"Sewro. rMmafflotol .Gon- spinaicles" -also ihais fhe wwds "Is "now here." No^v somte (thinly the Ideas <tf General \Veuvcr tin ic gard to the need of a. more fUistiic currency flmd oUiei*' tbings aire -just amid right, but wOiea <ho filfe Ms book wiitih 1 iwint 'and falselhoodsi (for H Ills a not Olho only mlsstatemcnt I foni¥l 'o; lilt "Will Ho ac* on" by any NO DODBTFOL QUALITIES. Onn. ll.uxl ai place j 11 tli is store. Our quaility linos are (tfglitty drown and we allow .no "shoddy" ; to creep in. Low pricey cannot tempt us— anything that •fulls 'bojow our Mgfb sl-andfflirU lias not a -laoruicnt's consideration from us. Anything is good enough for SOOHC stores— few Hihi.nps are good enough for •this. Our bufimess career lias been a "clean" one for, twenty-five years. It would be "commercial suicide" for us 'to-urifl-e with: public confidence cow. • to these days of "faKe* 'and "fraud" your oiuly safety lies -in trading -with firms of known good -repn-tatian— firms that you can judge by "performance" .ncyt "promise," '; ' , ..-.•; ; MEN'S S01TS $5 to $15. Brown is Fais-liton's favorite flu is Fall. Brawn plaids, brown mixtures — anyitliiiuK so ii.s brown. • • . • $7.00, 510.00, S12.50 <oi>Kl ?10.00 hero for such suits as you're asked $12.50 to $5.00 more for elsewhere. They are "tailor made" suits with the oully difference of a "ready-made" price. From ouir own factory— there's the scocc't of the saving. $4 HATS FOR $3-$3 HATS FOR $2. AND SO ON. 1 :j;-l for if:', So liahi for 82, aJKl so on. M'c wn-ijt to miike customers more tha.n money iu the hat department. •• Wo. know we've got -to wi-ve you sonKitfiiivg to* win j-ou from your present Conic 1 in and try the Fall shapes ou— ope among the lot is sure to please yoti. :-: THE HUB :=: Berwanger Bros & Co Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS 15 YOURS, 'We wamt you to understand that we are running-this laundry for you and that your wishes are to be regarded In every particular.' We will give you just exactly what you want if we can find out what that is. Perhaps you be- Here that it Is impossible to have your Laundry .work liandled without krlSa- tioiri and annoyance." We axe sure that you are mistaken. May we. nave an opportunity of demonstrating it? HADLEY BROS., .Successors to Campbell Bros. ainy method. he- .may. suggcsit is com- piotei'y«1:nie!nH:u - dd.»iE;>y<:d;W-l]y can't you' tree silver- -people toil! llhe truth wind tot your case win om *hia,t if it can? My'owii'optataa.is « you should by a .desperate <?/lfort'-ix> -roll only the truth atwi't free stiver you. would not get a corporal's -guard's -vote., in Oaiss county .for It. Now the facts I luare here sot forth ihaye been found, to- ibe tlic truth' •by everyone who Ihws iinvesUga't'ed this feebly., concocted Fajlse'h'ood. Senator Teller, one'., of • '"tie.' many w-lio. .have rvun tlite.- .lie- to 1 earth, . in reply to '' a letter ' I wrote him asking -him' 'to '' state tlic truth in. regard to Earnest Leyd'-s : co«nui«ctfon' with Hlh-e "crime oif 1873" makes 1MB 'reply: .. U'USited States Soniaifxj. ;W.flgililingK>n, D. C.', iSept"27, 1806. II.- JI. AYlUsSter,' New' W:i. l verly,.lii(l. Dear Sir:— Replying t» yours of the 10th I would sny 'tliat'I liavo neVer •aicceptied "th-e. theory -tlia't Mr. Leyd was responsible for- tl'ie : act of 1S73. .He was a-n <jnrntst' and;. Intelligent blniat- flftlist amd I cainno't believe th.at however emity others 'may teve been -bo. was. i th«± act Yours truly, ' . ' . . ' H. SI. Teller. ' By.- who* i»«ftho<l w-iill Mir. . Oarler excuse. Mnisol'f for Cttdb-rsinir and rcipeat- limis 'th'is fateo'.jood? Now, Seinator Win. Ji; Stew-nrt, when I wrote to hBim osk- inig Wbn diow it came . tliait ,be voted foT.tibe "cninac of -1873" -ami .workal for' j't'TrMte. saying more.iito'n a. year o,fter •"1'wainit the e-taiidarcl g ' . . ; .";uul 'when tte la.boriiiR man.-.reccJves a" .doBar it; will ''h-ave '.t'-he . puirphnsins' l«ywer of <a dollar, lie will know: what •li!is''iBOD05' 1s -woruh. Gold-is tilie uul- .yeisal «tiaindsi,rd of- Wre world. Every -body knows what a doHbr -In gold is ; woiiltlh." (Congrcssionial Record,, vol-. wme. 2, part 2, pa^e 1G77.) ' And BOW he waaitod to. drfTC us-toadeipreclnted sK- v«r ibasis. He i-eplied'-in suibs'fciiuice that lie liad ,suc ! li*coinnd<aioe'i'n the honesty of SHor'man tli'intrtic'-inever opened the, captos .0* the act :that were repeatedly liaiM on- -liis 'Ciibl«.i : a tlie'seinalte buf took Mi-. siKinnain'is wora'for 'It 'ttwit Hie WH was simply .ltd. revfeQ the • mini; tows of tilie eouiitrj'i. :'Tai>ils,,^v-toir«l yet- erain .• 1 iiiylng'io : -'m l al:ei'.!4 ii f n seM, otit. a ibaibe.'to the,T\-oods!. i\Vihl : Mr/' Ctivtci imll-tat-e'tlie eemnitor'-aiia' claim -that like 'a -nesting Jay bird. tee'. i«ld Hins moutli .oren'.i-eawlylfcoKnlpuwy-lllilng down was dropped- into iiit?'oi-wl!ll,ue go on reppotiog duto oft di«piwen falsehood trusting that tag Tie-ircrs me such dolls las '*o 'believe Mm. . XeU flic ti-utu •>Jlr. .Cajiter/"TMin' wiOi i-t'.if you- can for you will not be able to win on f.iJse- hoo'ds. . ' -•• ' ,:• '. , Hv M. POLICE COURT. Michael Graaey, Denny SulOivan'aud -W-illiam Meissner. wore arraigned- before Justice LaLne yesterday morning, upon the charge of forcibly Interfering with Patrolman, Hickey, wbo was tat- ing- Charles McCarthy. Meissner was aequitited and Graney ana Sullivan pleaded guilty to the charge and were : bound over in th« sum of ?200 to ajwalt the-,action, of the grand jury..,Patrick SuUivan and Z. C. Overhalt were also arraigned before the mo-gifetraite upon, the charge of intoxication, found guilty and fined. .. •' . •' THAT JOYFUL PEELING. 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