Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 30, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 30, 1954
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS f^'^" *-." V >- - • - - '•<> .'- friday, July 30, 1954 *%*:*m ravwWilL' m ibs, IHe« Is up- ahi Ob- jbg6.2S42.00: ' INotk. » MBJCHIV <USfc$l» S,Vf u lJf »1F-* TtC .*»-'H*.tl 5 ; ldilo*lfl« li^fae Sh^v th6|Jetia*ft na'fiy the -.' tK^Staie of AII MOW mst( Agreeing mostly steady; bulk choice ind plume lots ;!lOO-SO; a few mostly Jjrime m0.4tiy 2100: Hborai part of run 'comprises good and choice jm&'e.a" lols I3,00-20.5d, including sevtfal lols, lightly sorted 19.00: .cull to militythrow outs largely 12.00-13.00; aged sheep unchanged; aged buck 3.00. Wmi tt^^Bt i lined f>ticH % f'aeTIEs ._-«»'8 hereof, Uherej a«4 t«f ?px """ft' 0 ??! . be u»«d ,lor the retirement i6.SO-lS!5a,' , heavier fcoars 9.50-10.00 NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK .i/ft Trading, in stels and a handful of other issues fit substantially fdgTie'f prices td- day dominated the stock market into the early Afternoon. Voungstonn Shot & Tube shot ahead nearly 7 points and Bethle- sows hem. Steel was up aroune' D on Cattle 1,000, calves 5f>0; trading moderately active and generally Steady oh nil classes; a few com- fttefeial and gbod fleifcY£ a».d mixed Darlings 1400'-18.60; 'uti'ily and commercial cows lO.SO-J'UiO; can- f.ers and cutters 8.00-10.50, utility ahd " commercial bulls 11.0013.00; cahher and cutter Ntlk 8.00- ll.OO; 1 high choice and prnneveal- fcrslB.00-20.OH; good and choice 14.00-18.00; commcrciil and low veaiers 11.00-1400 60S; spring lamb 1 ? slow, high with buying attention riveted on steels, aircraft^ and special situations. Also ahead were the • motors, rubbers, coppers, golds, railrotlis andutilitier Most price changes cithef way wefe fractional with some stocks pushed up between 1 and 2 points and the spectacular, group soaring 1 on upward from thete. ».,*. ,.- Legal Notice '•*• PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL , AMENDMENT NO. 45 BE IT RESOLVED by the House pf " Representatives of the State of Arkansas, -and by the senate; a Majority of all the Members Elected to 'Each,.House Agreeing. Thereto: act HA 1 Ig • WI . T retlred, or urtds have, be«n; set aside for , the ' date <&«T marker; value *- - -fSt'Tates , eiroeeded , irx»ei-;the-as. cn&yBiuauoiiB^ nuvc Q^*$9|M$tbiB,. ^ffirsfo. now,;exempted • '£$*#«<!, Ich shall THAf THE • FOLLOWING la hereby proposed as an amendment to the! Constitution of thc State of Arkansas, end upon, being submitted to the electors of the Stale tor approval or rejection at the next general election tor Representatives and Sen- *tors,, tf a majority of the electors ' Voting thereon, at such an election, adopts ' such • amendment, the, same ,«hau become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to- wlt* ^ SECTION 1, The Executive Department of this State shall consist of a Governor. Lieutenant Governor, secfe- •tary of State, Treasurer of State, Auditor of State. Attorney General, and Commissioner of State Lands, all of Whom-shall keep their offices at the seat of Government, and hold their offices for the term of two years arid until 'their; successors are elected and qualified. SECTION 2. The annual salaries of such Slate Officers, which shall be paid In monthly Installments, shall be as follows: , -The Governor,, the sum'of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000.00); tlfe Lieutenant Governor, the sum of Three Thousand and Six Hundred Dollars ($3,600.00);, the Secretary of State, the sum of Seven Thousand and Two .Hundred Dollars ($7,200.00); the Treasurer of State, the 'sum of Seven Thousand and Two Hundred Dollars ($7,200.00)! the Auditor of State, thc s,um of Seven Thousand and Two Hundred Dollars -($7,200.00); the Attorney General, the Sum ot Eight Thousand Dollars ($8,000.00;; and the Commissioner of State Lands,'the sum of' Six .Thousand Dollars ($6,000.00). SECTION- 3. The above mentioned State 'Officers sbalV be elected by the qualified electors ' of the State at large at the. time of the regular ,85! 5 ret(5rns~of"'each "elecTion'therefor" shall confirmation that the companies were talking about a mercer. The market as awhole was Candidate Quits Continued fVom Page dn6 of Sid's friends are bascially my friends, this is not ths McMath organization an rny camp. I also have sortie people who supported Sen. John MicClellan against McMath in the ssnacor'g race, but i don't want to name thorn because I lon'l want ft to appear t'rh tying, myself to Sen. McClellah's coat-tails." When asked about McAlath's personal participation, Foubus replied: "havefc't heard from Sid I- have no intention", of hearing POULTRY AND PRbpUCE LITTLE ROCK l/fl ' Northwest area: Market steady; demand fnir; broilers and fryers 2!'i-3 Ibs. mostly 26. Batesville-Floral a.ror.; 'Market steady; demaridfair to good; broilers and fryers 2!'.-3 Ibs, mostly 26. All prices f.o.b. farm. CHICAGO Ml Livo poultry steady; receipts 393 coops; j'.o.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 16.5-21; light hens 15-1G; fryers or broilers 2r-30; old roosters 13.5-14; capc-nettes 29-3!. Butter steady; receipts 1039,418; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA"56.5;' 92,A 5G.5; 90 B 54; 89C 50; cars 90 B 54.5; 89 C 51. Eggs weak; receipt-; 0,727; Wholesale buying prices unchanged to Slower; U. S. largo 41-42; U.S. mediums 32; .U. S. standards 30; m.;Bald Knob,4:30 p. in.; and earcy, 7:110 p m Faubus says he lans to r.pend Sunday at his Litle Rock headcpjarlers, but has peaking engagements scheduled at Bauxite and Benton Monday Mal- ern, Arkadelphia, TexarkriDa and lope are on his Tuesday sched- le. Cherry opened his run-off cam- aign yesterday by taking part in he dedication ceremonies of a new ink in U. .3. Hghway 79. Tne cere- current receipts 26; checks 20. dirties 215; NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK (/B Cottun futures price movements were confined to narrow r/anges in quiet dealings today. Truade buying and . mil" price fixing just about offset hedges and some weekend profii hedges end some weekend profit taking ty Wall Sire commission- houses. Late afternoon price-:) were 11 cens a bale lower o higher than the previous close Oct. 34.40, Dec. 34.57 and March 34.71 •iferal election tor voting for mem' irs of-, the General Assembly: the ,.v-tUrns of'each election therefor shall '.bensfealed up separately and trans- knitted to the seat ot government by the returning officers not later than 'the, last' day- of November of the year In which the election ts held, and 'shall be -< directed -to the Speak*IT . nt the House of Representatives. ' • Assembly shall convene A.byA.»«W.. _,sessments • tfhty • are- equal* ifc «proportloH- mines ,prpp- • paui in vspeclal session on the first MOn- tliree days," ' unless ' called Into l session by the Governor. At such -session of fhe Genqral, Assembly, and upon both Houses being organised, the Speaker of the House "of JRep'resentatlves , shall open and publish the votes cast and given for eaph ' of the officers hereinbefore .mentioned, In the presence of both HpusW'of-the General. Assembly, The, person- having tho- highest number of votes for each of the respective offices, shall .be declared duly elected thereto'! and shall Immediately be- GRAIN AND PROVISIONS 'CHICAGO UP>— A sharp spurt in soybeans, based partly m _-l"\: weather and partly on stsuistica information, featured trading ii prains on the Bofcrd of Trade,;;to day. : Feed grains also tended to leai higher, corn beins-wanled. be cause of uontinueddry \vcather i the southern section of thc mail corn belt. But wheat was lowei most of the day, depressed by tin nearness of the harvest in : Ihi spring ;whcat; belt. ; : v'"•, heat closed %-2 lowor, Sep tember $2.0e%-y 8 , corn lower t< — higher, September $1.03%- 7 /i oats oats %-Vs lower, September;" .gin his term of otfice:. but if two S®li«s w ° ""•* £h^'A ! ;f&ir«-!l£ «pfc<% h W» . WB^.-WT' »."*'" seinblv. i 1 property; "fear . Board is for the same office, one of )Hi - • • - - - • * sembjy, "amf"a"majority ^of' oil the all be chosen by a Joint vote .Houses,, of the General As_., _____ , mejnbers elected ' shall ba necessary to a- choice. , SECTION *. The General' Assembly " -• ------ '- -r 'BeSslon of six- neefl'.not be con- 74,rye-l lower, Sepienib: 3,1.16-$!. 16 ' , ans soybeans 0 ;-9 higher, September $3.28 1 ' 2 — . Wheat: No 2 hard 2.13 No. lycllow 1.67; No. No 3 1.65'i; No. 5,132 ; grade 154-37 '/ 2 Crats:' romhim. 'Faubus' Uckerman, Saturday 10 a. m.; schedule: Newport, 2 Mist McCauire Feted Miss Janie Mildred McGuire, jride-elect of Herbert Dawson Jr. of Houston, fexas, was feted with a' kitchen shower given by Mrs. Sam MdGuire at her home on Tuesday evening. Colorful arrangements of summer flowers were placed at points of interest. Several bfidal games were play' ed with prices being Won by Miss Sue Clark and Mrs. Bob Arhett. The hohoree was presented her lovely gifts in a container decorated with cooking Utensils. A dainty dessert course was served to the 25 guests. The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring items to Miss Turner at Hlcka Funeral Home There Will be a weiner roast on he lawn • of Hicks Funeral home Friday night', July 30, sponsored by the Bright Light Chapter, Ordei of the Eastern Star No. 1422. The public is invited. The junior choir of Rising Star Baptist Church will rehearse Friday night, July 30, at 7:30 p. m. PRESCOTT NEWS House guests of Mrs. Ida Martin arid Miss Sue Martin. Miss Mary Jewelle Herring is the guest of Miss Jenny Wren in Wilson. ; —— Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Bradley and daughter of Shreveport are the guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bradley. Mrs. Betty Gordon and Miss Jessie Gordon spent Monday in Tcx- arkana, and Bill of Oklahoma City are the guests of Mrs. Clara B. Stone and Miss Ltiella Stone. French Designer Recalls Jaiz Friday, July 30, 1954 H6t»E STAR, HGM, ARKANSAS ' ' PARIS. W Christian Dior to- Friends of Mrs. John A. Davis c i ay dropped the wai.it line to the will regret that she is seriously nips flattened the buct and sent ill in the Baptist Hospital, Little ; women 's fashions back to thc Rock after undergoing major i^gg O f t ne 1920s. surgery on Monday. , • In women's Harold Smith has returned to Peabody College, Nashville fenn.. after spending the weekend with Mrs.' Smith. Dior, pace-setter fashions, set off an entirely new style when he showed off his fall zfid winter creations. ; He called it "The H-line." Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie C. Frierson and son of Greenwood, Miss., are visiting Mr. Frierson parents, Mr. and Mrs. Author Frierson. and other relatives. Rainbow Glrl"s Honor Grand Officers The Prescott, Hope and Gurdon Assemblies, Order of the Rainbow tor Girl's • honored grand officers with a banquet, meeting and formal dance Tuesday evening. The banquet, held at the Lawson Hotel, was followed by a meeting at the Masonic Hall and a dance at the Hotelv Lawson. Betty Danner, Worthy Advisor, and Miss Bertha Gray, Mother Advisor of the Prescott Assembly assisted by the Worthy Advis- sors of Hope and Gurdon were in charge of arrangements. Mrs.j Electa Wells was chairman of the banquet committee and Mrs. Watson Buchanan the program committee. The program at the banquet included the invocation and introduction of guests by Betty Danner;' Marimba solo, Celia Ann Crow; duet, Peggy Perry and Theda Mae Ross; and the benediction .by Mr. Golden. Among those attending were Judy Anderson, Worthy Grand Advisor Little Rock; Roena Ross, Gurdon, rand Recorder Dorothy Alldridge rand Religion of Magnolia; Lila nderson, Grand Chaplain; Little ock; Joyce Thompson, Grand Im- ortality, 'Jacksonville; and Molly eth Bicus, Garnd. Drill Leader of ittle Rock. . . Miss Anita Joyce Hooks of! Memphis. is the guest of her par- j ehts Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hooks, I and has had as her guest, Miss j Doris Woods of Camden. Miss Joan Gilbert has returned from Blytheville where she has been the guest, of Miss Sandra Long. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie McKibbin and son of San Diego, Calif, left Monday for Ardmore, Okla. nfYer a visit with Mrs. Bessie Edwards. Mrs. Bill Stone, Susan, Jimmy A birthday party was given .at the home of Mr. and. Mrs. Lawrence Gamble honoring their .granddaughter, little Linda. K. Gamble Present were: Thomas Jr. .koss, Ethel ! L. Pevee, Clifton Jr. Pevee, Cathplene Johnson, Janis Coleman, Jessie M. Relieford, . Stanley E. Wilson,' 'Fay and ' Dennis 'Foster, Jackie McFadden,. Carolyn Hicks, Linden F. Nelson, Benjamin Davis, Jackie and Linden' Sue and R. J. Hicks,' Jr. Henry Johnson, Jr. Levern Braggs, Nancy, J. , Brown and Annie C. Ross and Carolyn Sue Ross. if , ' . \ "'•" *'..' Ice cream and cake -were se'rr ved to the guests. ,•-;• Mr. and Mrs. Sammie Wesley of Malvern and their '.company. Mr. nd ^Mrs, Author,': pierce were the Cprjir 2 l.G6y a - sampje 1 heavy white 77-73—; No. 1 v/hite 74 n A- 76'/2: No. 2 heavy white 77-'/i; No. 2 white 73-76 . Soybeans: none;, Legal Notice ..._ seat of ' government „,„„ — years on the first Monday In^Fcbruary of each odd numbered ycar+untll said time be< changed by law, ' OTie members of the General Assembly shall receive as their salary thp sum of Twenty-four Hundred Pol- Jars ($2,400,00), except the Speaker of the House;of peprepentnUvea, who shall receive aa Ma salary Twenty- flve ,»«r)dr?!J nnd Flto Dollar? (J2.- 650.00), for each' period ot two (2) years psyoble, at such lime and /n such manner as the General Assembly may determine! and In addition to such salary the members of the General- Assembly shall receive Ten ~ents UOeJ per rntle fop each mile • -'•' "• to, ?n4-.' reaming By, *ipm^tJ|B.i8eat; ^pfioveniment over the-jnpsf direct and practteable route; pad provided, further that when said n^mfeeni are require^ to . attend an on, session ShaU ..ucltei'uj nanviuvWi i**cj «».u44 *«-^ ya ||i flfldltlpn jtp salary herein pro®l,"the. ' sumVpf r T>venty 'Dollars from per, (Jay tor each 'day they luVed- tp attend, and mile- 5. There Js hereby created Ulp, tor ft? purpose #. wwuluetr arcb itnto ffpvernmeotal at mMttaB! audits .of ernl . raWy d em__a_nd pensation and expenses of the "" lommlltea's employees,". SPCTJON 8, {») TJie General lembly shall 1 frpm time tq time pro- ride lor the salaries and compenss- Jan p? (he Justices of the Supreme Aspro- of the salaries and • i(Jge9 of the ourt* of thi» *9 Clieflcery „ , ded, tjiat such salaries and co, itfpn • of the justices of the pveme Court sod the .wanes and expanses pf the judges of the Circuit aHd P&sncery Cpurls BbaU opt be less than now provided by law, ' (J?) The qenerel A«s«mbly sfeaU by J»w aefermUw flip amount »nd_ mftbQ^ p| payment of salaries to the Com- penfiatum Cpmrnlssfou; provided, that toe Butery Pf -any iPpmnxIssloner ^shall rS£i ' "" """" IJ " J ffA J»w PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 44 BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of '' the State of Arkansas and by the House of Representatives, a Majority of all the Members .-Elected to Each 'House Agreeing- Thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as an amendment to ,tlie Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted ito the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next General Election for Repre? tentative and Senators, If a majority of the electors voting .thereon, at such an ejection, adopt (mch, amendment, the same shall become a part of the' Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to-wit: ^ r; ' ' "• - *•"•••SECTION J. Frpm and after the adoption of this* amendment, the term of ofttce of Governor of the State of Arkansas shall be four years and the Governor^ shall not be eligible to succeed himself. • Provided however, this amendment shall not apply to the person elected as Governor at the General Ejection to ba beid In 1054. SECTION 2. After the effective date o| this amendment, the Governor shall be prohibited from/ftafclng an active part or using lUa office in favor of or against any candidate for any constitutional of.fjce.'-'jn any Primary. Special or General' ,Election, except only where the Governor himself is a candidate, In which- event, he will be-authorized tp be > active In, his own Behalf.. A'-Violation of this sec- Uon «haU • be ft .mfsdemeanor from Goveropfr s sbaU havo no , from arrest 1 ,-prosecutlon and trial. Upon conviction, he shall be immuni trial. , fined not less than Five Thousand Dollars (^5,000.00) nor more than Twenty thousand Dollars (S20.ooo.oo), and in addition thereto, shall automatically forfeit his office and the duties, power and authority of- the Governor's office shall be immediately assumed by the, lieutenant Governor, If BUQl) ponviptton should- finally be reversed, then the Governor shay be restored to tout pHl- T ., SECTION 9. 'AH P«l?« f#, »• Constitution JP conflict wUu this sjnend- rnent d the hereby ' Secretary of St»U TIME CHANGE Effective IfcpJ A, M, August 1st Depgrtyre Timt Tfdiri Np; 3 3:45 A. M. unday guests eon Marshall.. of, Mr. and .Mrs. The City wide singing for Junior ibirs will be held Sunday, August at 2 p. m. at the Church of God n Christ. mony took plaace at Pine Grove, our miles east of Clarendon. •• Opening of ' ; the new • 20-mile- trip completes an aU-paved route rom Washington, D. C. to Lardo, Mexico — a distance of 1,900 miles. ...-..Cherry joined Highway, Conimis- ioners Cecil tynch of ;Pine Bluff. 3an Portis of Lepanto, Glenn Wai- ace of Nashville . and Miss Willi6 of Little Rock in the ceremonies. There will be a weiner roast ..pn le lawn of Hicks Funeral Home 'riday night, July 30, sponsored ythe Bright Light'Chapter Order E Eastern.Star No. 1422. The pub- c is invited to attend. Lovie Soil of Hope died ;.; ome Wednesday; July 28. rahgements are his Funeral service for Jessie Webb ill be held Thursday, July 29, at At.-Zion Baptist Church in Me 2 p,, m. With Hicks , !iineral Home -In -charge. NEED MONEY? We make real estate loans for all purposes—to buy, build, repair, refinance, etc, ( Our attractive monthly reduction p.}ans help you to pay ott the piortfeage systematical!}' and conveniently — the interest reduces each' month as you make montfily.' payments on loan. There Is No Petter Plan HOPE FEDERAL Savings & Uoqn Association 122 East Second St. Phone 7-4961 TWO TRUCK WADS JUST ARRIVED USED are Priced t9 5«Y« YPM Money, All Si*e». iwy Your TJrei Nt»Wt ^^ ^!)T ' *^^ ^^B^T^ffw^^* Gla«& Salvage Co, TERMITES GURRY'S Termite Control Co. BONDED - INSURED .'. GUARANTEED For Free Inspection Call A. D. M1DDLEBROOKS Jr. Day Phone Night Phone 7-282T 7-2822 Mr. and. Mrs. Guss McCaskill nd Mrs. Bob Robertson were xmday visitors in Little Rock. Mrs. Dop Sallee, Miriam and ommy left Monday for a visit ith relatives, in pot Springs. They ere accompanied .by Mr. and Irs. J. T. McRae and Mrs. T. C. tcRae tfr:;, who also-.visited • in ittle Rock. : ; { - i ' Mr. and Mrs. Bill Martin and nildren of, Crowley, La. are the * *;..*;. * * Just Like * Cash * Our New ^ *"•' Coupon Plan Gives, you. 90 days to _^ j^- pay for your purchases. * Inquire about it at once! Pay •]Q% down, . jjjt plus tax and small T* carrying charge. 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S. of the Methodist Church, Mrs. Jolly Byers, leader, will meet in the basement of the church on Monday, August 2, at 4 p. m. with Mrs. Johnny McCabe and Mrs. Cecil Weaver as co-hostesses. Dodson with a pink and blue shower Wednesday afternoon, July 28, in the home of, Mrs. Thornton, 321 West Avenue D. Games were played with prizes being won by Mrs. Lee Dodson, Miss Marilyn Dodson, Mrs. Billy J. Daniels and Mrs. Winfred Butler. Refreshments were served to Mrs. Garland Smith, Mrs. Alma Foster, Mrs. Billy J. Daniels, Miss Berteen Cornelius, Mrs. Tom Live* ly, Mrs. Winfred Butler, Mrs. Olene Boyle Tuesday August 3 The regular monthly business meeting of Popular Grove 190, Woodmen's Circle, will be held Tuesday night, • August 3, at 7:30 at the WOW Hall. All' members arc requested to attend this meeting. Mrs. Marion Dodson Honored With Shower Mrs. Carl Thornton, Mrs. Jack Dodson, Mrs. Lee Dodson and Miss O'Steen entertained Mrs. Marion Spears, Mrs. Judy Daniels, Lee Daniels, Miss Mrs. Billy Seaton, md Dave, Miss | O'Stcen, Mrs. Jack Dodson, Miss Bessie Mae Thornton, Mrs. Ben Harman and Mrs. Bert Cornelius. Those sending gifts were Mrs. Continued frbffi Page One Hills in 1874, following the financial panic of 1873, to check on reports the hills held gold. Custer set forth oh his journey from a fort on the present site of Bismarck, N. D., with a force of a thousand men led by a brass band mounted on White horses. The expedition, accompanied by the son of President U. S. Grant, carried lieve he rosy have bored.to death more people than he drilled. • But undoubtedly he wa> a tail, handsome picturesque figure. The f.ndertaker who laid him out for burial after a deadbent shot him in mountain streams; there were ho ice salesmen along the route. 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Billy | dians had hc)d lo be thc invio]at , e home of Manitou,. the Great Spirit Less than two years later Custer, neither the first nor the last American military leader to underrate an enemy, and the men wllh him were washed out by waves of vanishing redskins who didn't choose ct that particular moment to vanish. No band blared on that day, and it wasn't champagne that flowed Wild Bill Hickok lives in legend as one of the West's great gun- rncn. Although some scholars ba- ris, and Mrs. Harris' granddaughter, Doris, all of Dallas. After Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wilson announce the birth of a daughter, Mary Jack, on July 27 at St. Mic- licnl's hospital in Texarkana. The maternal grandmother is Mrs. L. A. Keith of this city, and the paternal grandparents arc Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Wilson of Patmos. Mr .and Mrs. Foy Hammons, Jr. are the parents of a son, Alston Wilson Hammons, born Monday, July 2G, at Camden. Personal Mention Mrs. Finley' Ward is now home after spending ten days a patient in St. in Little Rock. at as Vincents Hospital Financier Leaves Sen One Dollar GALVESTOK, Tex., — . ^~ Financier W. L. Moody, Jr., cut oil to deatn ll ln 1 a a Deadwood''sa1ooii"dc'jhis son with $1 and left the bulk the prettiest' 01 hls repotted $400.000,000 estate to a charitable foundation. Moody died last \Veek at 80 after :eing ill with pneumonia lesfe than two days. The will, dated last Feb. 24, was filed for probate yester day. Thc will left large sums to relatives and friends, but gave mosl of thc fortune to thc Moody Foun dation, a -'charitable, religious scientific and educational" trus set up by Moody arid his late, wife in 1943. Thc precise sum lef to the foundation was not revealed The largest other request, $1250, 000, went to a daughter, Mrs. E. C Northen, who was named execU tor along with the Moody Nation al Bank. Another daughter, Mts. ibby Moody TRompadn, wHtg «f Rep. Clnrk W. fhonrtspott ifr-feSJ was given $200,000, > - * a weeks visit, their homes. they will return to scribed him as corpse I over have seen." It isn't every day a man gets n heartfelt compliment like that. Highwaymen made the shipment of gold a risky business for express companies oh old Deadwood. The shipments were kept as secret ss possible — with ono exception. That was the time Wyatt Earp. an authentic gun fighter, rode as guard on the stage. Earp, who had made his name, earlier as marshal of bloody Dodge City and Abilene, had spent an unprofitable year selling wood and coal in Deadwood. tte agreed to go as guard on the for passage cash and because he wanted to move on. The express agent immediately issued n newspaper ad advising bullion shippers: "The spring cleanup will leave fo/ Cheyenne on the r-jpular stago at 7 a. TI. next Monday. Wyatt irp will ride shotgun." Thc shippers, eager for this kind of protection, loader! $500,000 en Ihf! coach. Earp got the ship ment through on time and Without incident — except for winging a passing horseman he thought rode loo close. Even In the Wild West advertising paid. Hospital Notes stage to Cheyenne money and $50 in Tongues of those" who have SOme foims of liver disease may be yel" low. '"All THANKS I want to take this ,. of you for your vote and electibn. ' .**$%$$. SyveMtiH / t >• ", *•,»»>>»•, •**• Pol'Ad Mrs. R. H. Walker, Jr. and small son, Ricky III, will fly from the Panama Canal Zone on August 4, to their home in Dodge City, Kansas, after spending two years on the island. Later .in August, she will be the guest of her grandmother, Mrs. Frank Hutchehs, here in Hope. Mrs. Walter will be re^ membcred as Miss Norma Jo Chancy. Julia Chester Admitted: Lelia Phillips, Rt. 2 Hope. Discharged: Dewey M. Greeson. Hope. Branch Admitted: Mr. Harry Laulerbach Hope. • Discharged: Mr. Bob Rowland. McCaskill, Flossie Johnson, Hope Mr. Brico Thomas, Hope, Mrs. T. D. Hamilton and baby boy, Washington . . . . Coming and Going Mrs. Louis Howard and young son, Louis Randal, of Dallas are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Coop. Robins, has as her sisters-in-law, Mrs. Benie Russey and'Mrs. Pearl Mar- Mrs. John guests, her ****** MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. « FINAL NITE • Brother agfcffrtst "b . . and man against monsters of the deep! • ROBERT TAYLOR • STEWART GRANGER • ANN BLYTH Technicolor "All'the Brothers We>e Valiant" Always A Color Cartoon • • • • « * * « * « • • « • DIAMOND Enjoy Our Fine Foods SUNDAY , 1Q DINNER ++ • • * « * • « > * * >: > > * $Bring the family and eat Sunday^ ^'- Dinner with us. , ' 'i *Call us for Reservations. Anyv size table reserved. We Specialize In Party Service. Anytime DIAMOND Cafe & Cafeteria VOTE AVrt"0< STORE WIDE SATURDAY SPECIALS " V Mil. . An Evening of FUN DANCING With SIX HITS and AMISS SATURDAY NITE COLISEUM Women's and Children's TABLE SHOES $1.00 Big Table Childrens Wear $1.00 Men's Seersucker PANTS Sanforized. Sizes 31 to 38 $2.00 Cannon SHEETS 81x99. No. 1 Seconds . Hope's Fineiir Departnientr Stem II Chapter 10 of serial, Gunfighters of the Northwest' No. 10-"The Scrgcnt Gets His Man & Herman and Katnip Color Cartoon * SATURDAY* JOHN GARFIELD LILLI PALMER "BODY & SOUL" « ALSO • RAILS into LARAMIE SUNDAY & MONDAY ACTUALLY FILMED WITH THE WHALING FLEET IN THE ICY ANTARCTIC! John PAYNE • Han BUNCHARD. Dan DIM* Good Color Cartoon Sunday - Monday Look! Look! Look A Whole Carload For • BARGAIN NIGHTS • ONLY 5UC Sunday & Monday! Bring the kids, the neighbor's kids, the in-laws and the outlaws, top! ONLY 50c PER CAR • 4rk.. l .:-J^ The Scarlet lifps of a Traitor's Worn an.,, the Flaming Onslaught of Scalp-Hungry Warriors! J ^',;.i . ; X' ' :;; fl^ Chance of a lifetime to , oyyn a brand new ' This is it! This is the bombshell Jhgr smashes new* cor prices tp smithereens! This gigantic Studebaker summer' clearance sole guarantees you truly terrific cg$h sgvings-^ and the most advanced automobile in America in the bargain. .We're put tq flood this orea with new 1954 §tydebgkefs thi? mpnthr-pna 1 that's, why we'r« making ynheprd of deals gnd trpdes that tpp the best yp«'ye been offered, Cpme in flt swice sod gef the \yprld_ ^njmpior) in ?ensstippal savtogl We whsr? ynslejrpr^e oj; ewt ARCHIR MOTOR CO, SAILING his ship through • the raging Polar storm! BATTL.ING a murderer on the ice-pack! HUNTING dpwn 100 • tpn whales! RAMMING a killer-vessel in mid-ocean! KISSING the girl he's followed to the ends of the earth! .... • - ^'^•••F^ • I .— & »•>•.. *"mu ...... A f Least! you want tllSB »«y lift th« engine ia oriajof pf lowest Price £ver Placed on ~ ^fV ' mJn(jr luxury Car ; i , * IBl^i t TOM & JiRRY COLOR SARTOON t Foghorn Ughorn Carport t Th« Airliiif Heitf ss

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