Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 29, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 29, 1954
Page 6
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33Sai5K«3E»_3_ 9ff> (,"" f.. HOPE SfAR, MOM., ARKANSAS &AI&YMIN AND FARMERS ahr16itf&«ment next week of o special event at ', "August - North Sjar pRlNt.SAj;/.,^ MiljsNofftrStqrn OC FEEb - JL.O*} ',y*nTi.'..* • '»* - . * , PRESCOTTNEWS 3 " - . «... ' ... • -..- **• — • -' --:-l-^ ••• — -•- Sunday and were accompanied by VV A Newth, who has been the guest oi his daughter. Mrs. B. C. Stivers. Eddie O'Roukfe Honored Mr 4 and Mrs; Bill^O 1 Rouke hon- o'red >theh" son,- Eddie, with a lawn pafty at their home on Friday aftertioon to celebrate his second birthday; ':• The little, guests spent,Jhe afternoon playing various gafties. Fruit nUtjcli, .individual..^ cakes and ice dr6a*tn > ^ere seryiSIJ.lrom the lawn *"tjaBie' centered with a birthday bake. Favors w|re candy gum and'slpry books.<" and Richard Grayson, Nelda Packs Ricky and JuSy Walls, Monty Jr. and Vicki Buoy, Billy Hines, Verria Oglesby and Larry Callicott. Mrs. Josephihe. : Carrington has returned from a two Weeks visit with her brothei,: Jack Hardy, In Tyler, Texas. Mr. Hardy acconv pinied her home for a weekend visit. ' _ ,UJI1 «I»V* WWJJ*,/ — '. ,1 ^ jJ Guests wfere Cheryl ffyfd, & an * " • ', , '«r T •""•* —-»— •* ",,^.»'* ''' W. R. Crofford were Sunday visitors in Murtree'sboro. Mrs. Cleo Hints has returned from a Vbcation :ti Los Angeles. Miss Jo Ann Bright, ,who has been the guest of Mr. ami Mrs, Fincher in Stephen*, has returned home. Capt. John Wathen of; Dallas who has been attending' camp 'at Camp Hood, "was the weekend guest of AT. and Mrs. R. F. Hamby and ,vas accompanied home by Mrs. tfatnen, Jtohn Raftdblp.h and.Mary ^awrence, who hasispent the past wo weeks in the* Hamby home. Mr. and Mrs, Ervin Fairchild Mrs. A. W. Hudson 4ttd MlsS ElviBc Hudson »re the 'guests oi Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hudson in Bartlcsville, Okla. Mr and Mrs Sid Cooper rettiirn- cd\to their home in Little Hock FSALE *± . > * b^ v <'i m. 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Can Cream Style Yellow No. 303 Cans >W 29c Kreser Brand,,moo, c PEANUT BUTTER 20 Oz. Jar pkg , 49c 25c ... Butterscotch, Vanilla or Chocolate . ' • • KROGER PUDDINGS 4 pka , 25c <,„. SHOP IN COMFORT AT KROGER'S Air Conditioned STORE California m f ORANGES Large 390 Size Pox. POZ. _..., Grown Flavor BEANS 49c 39c 23c Texas Red * V*****f *»^^ POTAJOES10 i Thompson Seedless GRAPES Fancy, Medium Size . CUCUMBERS 55c 29c 8 10c W$ ~'h:- «,nd Jimmy and Mrs. Luther Westmoreland \vere the guests Sunday 3f T/Sgt. "and Mrs. W. C. Johnson n Shfcveport. Mr and Mrs. Max i.BJyant had iis their eticsl Sunday-nMrs. B; R. McElhaltcn cif Tcxarkaha. ,' Mr and Mrs. W. Murphy of Kus- scllvillc were the fitiests Sunday ol Mr. and Mrs. J. a. Bemls. Mr. and Mrs. John Gnnn had as inch- ''guests for tlie weekend Mr. and Mrs. William McClaimahau ot England. rg* ^!ABM^^»aaguJ4^vti^M L ^wy^<rF^VT)r"T p j^ RSPAY, JUUY W Ti Mr. and Mrs. Gfinc Left and Eose Mary, Mr. and . Mrs .W. B. Cummings and Mr. and Mrs. Coy Cum mines ot DcQnoen attended a Cummings ro'union ttt Fair Park h Hope on Sunday. Dr. and. Mr?,. D. It. Mosclcy at tended the Arkansas Legion ant Auxiliary convention at Hole' Marion, Little Rock rtuvin:; the vcckcnd. E. R. Ward and Brie; Stewart took part in the parade on Saturday Mr. Stewart carried th colors of" the local post. : Mrs. Edna Brasker and Bll, an Miss Jackie' McMahan has re turned :.io Little Rock after a vi sit wHh'hc;r.i : ri6th;?h v Mr.s. Christ -* ' _ Miss Kay King of Dallas spen the weekend with her parents, Mr. VIr. and Mrs. Karl King Jr. Thursday, July 29,1954 ed to El Dorado after a visit her mother, Mrs. .1. M. Duke, and other •elatives. Mr. and Mrs. Dallis Atkins visited Mr.' and Mrs. Cody WomaCk in Willisville Sunday. Mrs. George Christopher returned Sunday from a visit with relatives 'ri F!ore.i..-r:,'Ala. 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Ib. 24c "OTHER SPECIAL CUTS AVAILABLE" Hope Locker & Processing Co. " ** A t I-T-EJ h* A i M e.Tn PPT SOUTH MAIN STREET Erom where I sit.;. fy Joe Marsh New "Feature" at the Drive-ln TO THE PEOPLE OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY I wish to thank .y_ou for the splendid vote you gave me'in the .first primary. Arnold J. Middlebrooks j. . ' ". " . ' " ' .. -b •''.'••' Pol. Adv. Paid^for by ArnolcfJ. Middlebrooks BARRY'S....Shop and Save MO- I WASN'T GOING- TO TAKE^VOU^N feUTCH- I The other nifflil when it was so hot, the Missus and I decided to take in the movies at the new driye-iu and see if it. was any cooler out there. Just got parked when I noticed the pick-up truck next to me was turned backside front. Had me puzzled until I saw Kusty Allen and his wife sitting 1 comfortably in'rock'mir chairs in the back. "C'nion over," liusty called to us. "Must be hot sitting inside the car." 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Can 39c SUNSHINE Marshmallows 80z. lQ r Bag K7C. PARSONS AMMONIA .Bottle PALMOLIVE SOAP CASHMERE BOQUET SOAP 17c Reg. Bars Lb. Bell Peppers Extra Special. Fresh 15c PALMOLIVE SOAP 21 c Bath Size WASHING POWDER FAB Lb. IN OUR MARKET TALL CORN BACON 57c Tray Pack Lb. Chicken Neck$ gnd GIZZARDS 15c Lb. MIXED SAUSAGE 25c Chuck Roast 29c Specig} Lb. , STEAK Sirloin or T-Bone Lb. «• i "I i "T ILI ..... ' •' Stew Meat Large Pkg. 30c 'CASHMERE BOQUET SOAP "2" S 21 c CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP 2 S 17c WASHING POWDER VEL 30c Large Pkg. Super Suds 30c Large Pkg. THE PURE BLEACH PUREX Pint Bottle Brisket or Rib . Lb, I . " • Thurstfoy, July 29, 1954 H-0M STAR, HOP*, ARKANSAS Treat \bur Famiivlb PIGGIY WI66LY Quality I I I£F^ Get the flne»t top quality meot* at your Pidaly Wiggly Super Market at those low, low Piggly Wiggly prices. You'll find just the cut of meat you won't at the price you want to pay, top quality meats you can depend on to be uniformly good every time! 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Th8,l a nice dish for 6. _' . ^^ ;| (t ^'^^ i JVr \tktt'( m ( «fl BRAISED CHUCK ROAST A McCM's Magazine Fail-Proof Recipe 2 to 4 Ids. syce of chuck 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup cooked or ciimed 1 «i'ot. sliced tomatoes Whole peppercorns Stalk of celery with luv«s 1 bay leaf I onion, sliced Cut a piece of fat from the meat .and heat it in a heavy kettle until it melts and greases pan. Add meat and brown on both sides. Add tomatoes and iilVocher ingredients. Cover pan tightly,' cook over very low heat for 2'/2 to 3 hours, when meat should be tender if pierced with a fork. Remove meat. Mix !4 cup flour with a little cold water to make a paste. Add to meat liquor ; cook and stir until gravy thickens. .•(• J - V \SS.« : %.^-,-r.J'. Lb. Lb. FRESH FROM THE GARDEN . ; . U. S. NO. 1 RED SUNKIST LEMONS POTATOES 59t - 17t 10 Lb. 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