Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 13, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1896
Page 6
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A«kjwuAcwk^w LBKUKKT>*OB.Cwt"WarMiIM For sale by B. F. KEESLING. .. . A CANNIBAL SNAKE. JMptll. In Bridgeport, Conn., Swallawi ' It« Big Brother. . Snajccs have ideal mouths for'all ring, purposes. Most animals ir.V' : irt»e"n they attempt to eat an object * than themselves are. content to. their food, or at least bite it in ^-'n j,.,; It la not generally known that a 'Sfc'jinake's mouth is fonncd-especially.for. i5.;the. purpose of, satisfying its peculiar |j ; «pp»»tlte for larger objects. , ,'.' &••'{ -The New. York World presents a pic- tpre of a snake's mouth, swallowing an "•Jr! jtbject much larger than itself. |i".,' An opportunity to study this peculiar "'' ictice was afforded by the .black ike which succeeded in swallowing brother in Bridgeport, Conn.; the (farther, day. The snake was six feet ' #Iglifc inches long and about as'thick '.fls'-a roan's arm. The body of its which it swallowed was larger its own head and throat. «;..It succeeded, however,' in swallowing --': tko entire body with the trifling «cep- Cody, .A snake's teethriire as sharp as ncebles and always slant backwards .toward the throat.' They are- first buried deep in theoiiject to be devoured, «nd when once fixed this deadly vise of the jaws • can never be loosened. As soon a,s these -fangs have secured the prey the object is given a orucl squeeze by a rapid twist of the coils, and the slow swallov.'irg motion begins. The grip of the raSuth is so strong that there is r.o danger that the proy can possibly escape, ii.nd the swallowing process is carried'en at. leisure.'It is necessary for the skin of the. tliroat nnd body to be extended in some cases for several inches, . • Cldor Put Out the Fire. A fire occurred recently at.Andrew- shnyes farm, Dahvood, near Axminster, tnd when the fire brigade arrived the Dwelling house 'was totally destrq3 f ed. The firemen thereupon directed their attention to saving a large bam and Ktables near the cort: stacks. Owing to the- scarcity of water nnd the distance (over a mUe) from'^vhich it had to bo obtained, the engine was supplied with several hogsheads of cider (our . authority is the Sidmouth .Observer), which were pumped on, to the thatch of the barn, thus prerenting any damage being done to the stables and corn Blacks. The fire .was caused.by spm? sparks from a traction engine. A REPTILE'S MOUTH FULL. of ft few inches of the tail. • The i lasted for several days and closely observed throughout, _,.;... : The. jaws- of a snake of this kind are ^'exceedingly elastic. They are joined by sS-J* cartilage which is capable of being ex- Suiended to an angle of more than 90 de- Jf'-jrees without disilocatinj? the bones. p.'. When the prey has once passed the jfepiouth these clastic tissues' draw the Sjfliones back into their normal position. J^-The skin of (i snake's throat and body ifinn also be widely stretched without ap- Ifparently doing injury. jj .The Connecticut snake prepared to I'invaJlow its 'prey by first opening its iwth'to the widest possible angle. This Kit to seize its prey, wjiich was lUeh lar/rer in diameter than its own Berlin, Oct. 12,—Advices from Frerl. richsruhe say that Prince Bismarck is able to drive in the Sach7.enwald from five to six o'clock in the afternoon on fine days. The dispatch confirms the report that the ex-chancellor'is troubled with insomnia nnd experiences difficulty in walking. . • , : • . . MAY BE SHUT OUT. Mational Democratic Party'of Nevr : York Gets a Setback, Meeting of Executive Committee of Populists.Called—Gen.'Harrison Refuses to Speak In Illinois. : New 'York, Oo±, 12:;— Supreme Court .Justice Clement, in Brooklyn Monday morning:,. decided' that the iia.inc "'national democratic party" is substun- tiully the same wider the election law as "democratic party." Justice 'element directed all the parties interested to enter the formal order, go before the appellate division as BOOH ns possible and try to have his de- ulsion reviewed by that division Tues- 'dny morning 1 . 'Justice .Clement's decision practically nullifies the decision of the Secretiu-y of State Palmer on *Saturd;iy, in which he. allows the' state .candidates of the . so-called national democratic party to have a space on the •official 'ballot. . ' '"" Meeting of Executive Committee Called. Washington, Oct. 12.— Senator .Butler, clinirmnn'of the people's party national committee, lias issued !i call for n meeting of the executive committee; to be held ut the Sherman house ui Clircag'o, next ' Tuesday. .Chairman Butler left for that city Monday. lie declined to discuss the reason for the meeting; fur- ,ther than to say tjiat the location was near the g'reat battle ground, and .was of .easy access to the members of the executive committee., .. -..' . Indianapolis, Jnd., Oct. 1L 1 . — 'E:' A. P>ig-elo\v, of. .Chicnjj'b, 'called on .Gen. Harrison just after.noon .Monday to ask ,hi7Yi to make. a. political speech in Chi- ,cag-o under the auspmes'of 'Hie' Mar- .qnel.te .cl lib... .Several.'. other- organ iza-' tions. have asked, the prosidciit.by mail .to make speeches in the -windy, city. The.NCarqimtte chib, of -which Geii..Hiir- risoii .is.' a member,' hoped . to get the lead on the rest by sending: a mairdown here expressly to .see and usk hiin. Shortlyi after, one p. m. IFr, Big-clow / returned to his hotel, 1 much disappointed, arid .sen't a 'telegram back to Chicago,' stating- that Gen. Harrison 'had informed him that .under ' no circumstances will 'lie go outside of Indiana to make speeches. . He said that he. has been nsked to go into almost every state in the union, but that lie cannot possibly do. so. 'He will devote his. entire attention to Indiana and : ivill make' about 'M speeches throughout the state.' His itinerary -has been made out by W. T. Durbiji,' of the. national republican' committee, who"came to.' Indianapolis la-stweek for the express purpose of conferring with the greneraTon the subject. FlanH /or Another Buay Week. 1 , ' . Canton, 0.,' Oct. •''lS;--Mo'j. McTv'inley Monday morning expressed himself us being in the very; best'' of -health' a'nd spirits, and i.h every way .well prepared for another week of hard .work incident upon the reception of a great number of visiting delegations, ' Over 30 delegations :are expected to engage the major's attention during the week, and they will come- from a do/.erj differe,nt states. There, were, two delegations. scheduled lor Monday. -Both were from I'ennslyvnnia and represent the miners of the Monongn-bela valley and th'e WITHIN'JOUE BOKDEES. Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding of the transient nature of the many physical ills, which'.vanish before, proper efforts—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— rightly directed. 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Monday morning Editor Jfathewsconsulted an attorney with a view to bringing a receivership suit immediately, upon the allegation that $400 back .pay is still due him, which, tie says, the paper cannot meet. ' .•'' ' - '.'• - ' ' :'" . • . Fusion Fall* Through. •Springfield, I1L, Oct. I2, : —Coalition between the democrats and populists in the Fifteenth, Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth congressional districts and in' the Twenty-eighth, Thirty-eighth, Fortieth, -Forty-third, Forty-fourth, Forty-fifth and Forty- sixth senatorial districts is declared off, owing to some disagreement. Both parties will run tickets independent'of each other in these districts.. ; Chairman Taiibencck refused to be interviewed.- Advice froth AiubattBador llnrard. • "" Wilmington, Del.; Oct. 12.—A letter from Ambassador Bayard to a friend'in this city , was-published here Monday in which Mr.' Bayard suggests'' that workingmen of Eoscoe, Pa. During the democrats should, refuse to support, morning ilaj. McKinley was advised 'Bryan and'Sewall and^says they should that these delegations had been consolidated and would'not arrive in Canton Nows Briefly Told, from Various Towns in .Indiana. * ' Atfuti Woman Socurt's a Divorce. Valparaiso, Ind., Oct. J2.—Susan Ensign, aged 76, has been granted a divorce from Simon. En'sign,.- aged ,78, on the ground ,of % - desertion. . Twenty years ago Ensign disapepared.-fr'oin the city. About ten years ago he returned, and gave out that, while on board a trading vessel out of New Orleans he wns taken a prisoner'by the Spanish government .and'throw-n into prison. lie remained here several months and finally turned up at Grand Enpids, Mich., where he brought suit against the Spanish government for- $200,000 damages for falsw imprisonment. Decroeff'of Divorce. Fort. Wayne, Ind.,.6ct .12.—Two sensational divorces were "granted by Judge O'Kburke. Inez R. Johnson wai divorced from Dr. George K. Johnson, a prominent dentist, on ihc charge of abandonment. They lived in the fashionable, quarter of the city. Mrs. Nellie Moellering was granted a divorce from Vi'ii.liam L. Moellcring, one. of the lending drug-gists of Fort Wayne. The divorce was granted quickly, as nil."agreements had been made previous to entering the courtroom. Mr. Mbellerinir is a man of \vcairh. but Mrs. MceMering received noalin;:my. ',.•.-.' A Closit Cull. Fort Wayne, Ind., Get. .12.—Nickel Plate train No. 5. westbound, crowded with passengers, narrowly escaped being' wrecked eijfht miles east, of here. A journal broke on the third car from tiie engine and Struck the-lies, the jolt- throwing passengers out of their scats. Many of .them pulled the bell rope in. wild alarm, and'the engineer stopped the train before it reached a curve. The train cre%\' later declared that if the accident.-had'-occurred on the curve the result, would,, undoubtedly have been a heavv loss of life.- How Are Your Kidneys? Ever have your back acbe? 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They received their friends from two to eight o'clock, and there was n constant throng of .callers .between the hours numed, Mr. Keene is one of the oldest and best- known physicirins of northern Indiana, but has retired .from active practice. He was surgeon of.the Ninth Indiana regiment and served all through the war of the rebellion; POZZONPS Complexion POWDER REMAINS ALWAYS THE SAME. The finest, purest and most beautifying toilot powder ever made. It in soothing, healing, hcnltbful and harmless: and when rightly used IS i> VISIB1K. 1C you have never tried ' POZZONI'S yon do' not know whnt an IDEAL tOJf FLEXION 1H>WI>ER is. IT IS SOLD Taken i?ol»on, Out Regrets It. Muncie, Ind., Oct. IS.—Sixteen-year• old Arthur Grooms made his second •'fruitless attempt at suicide within the last few weeks. His first attempt was with a pistol, but he proved a bad shot. Saturday night he swallowed a quantity of strychnine, but hurried ' home- and had his mother send for the doctor and the stomach pump. Unrequited affection" is .the reason given for his attempt* at self-destruction. .' \ t Furs! D. tELEWER, Manufacturer of Ladies' Fine It will go... Right to the spot . **•••• ' • Ayer'3 Hair Vigor will go.' right to that bald spot and begin to bring the hairback." It Makes Hair! Grow. until the afternoon. Indiana' Fusion Ticket Filed. Indianapolis, Ind., .Oct. 12.—The populist electoral ticket was certified ta the state board of election Monday morning. The ,law .provides that .the certificate shall be'signed by the chairman and secretary of the convention making the..nominatious. When" the populist ..state convention met it-left the future management of the party in this campaig'h.to a committee oi-13 and with Julius Ko.sctjheiiner as chairma'n of the committee'and of the state central committee.' ••'.'" • This committee agreed to a'sort of, fusion a fcw-dnys ago, putting t«n democrats nnd five populists on the electoral ticket. In.order, that there might bu no question,as to the legality of the fusion two certificates of the electoral ticked.were filed, one signed liy.N. II. JLotsinger, chairman !',of the populist state convention, and oue by' Julius Rosenhcimer, chairman^ of the committee of 13. ... .: •" '.' -.'• . • . Charged with Election Frauds, . . Chicago, Oct." l£ — •' County. Clerk Philip .Knopf was -.arrested Mgnday morning and taken before Judge Payne on a charge-of fraudulent registration. The specific charge against Knopf .is the issuance of over 2,000 registration certificates to minors, without a direct order from a^ccurt or.any recognized authority. .The", arrest caused a big excitement in .political circles. , Knopf i was placed under $1,000 bonds to appear before. Judge Payne Tuesday morning and answer ton charge of malfeasance in office; ..-His arrest'was made on affidavit of Morris Cohen, who is in charge of naturalization matters for the democratic .central committee, Fuly 2,000 final-certificates of naturalir. nation, in blank r but .b'earirig.thc cleric's signature and the-seal.'of the county court,, are in -possession o,f the committee.'.' '< ';" '' •' '" : ' •."'.-. •-. -.' '•• •' ' '•. '••'•• Senator Jones In Print. '•."•< •'„.'''St.' 'Louis'; -Oct. 12;—"tlie .St.; Louis Chronicle nnd' other papers in the Scripps-McRea league printed Monday an article from Senator Jones, chair^ man of the democratic national .committee, 'entitled: "Gold'Men's Contention nn-'Appeal to Prejudice," in.which, he claims^ that "almost every cpnten-. tibn- on-the igoldjside of .this..issue.is.: either a play upon prejudice or.a passionate appeal to'the selfiah instincts of particular clas'ses;"aad then proceeds ,,tb dispute the'"a'8wijij])tipn-.' made . that. iiiider.''frec':coinac'6".the"dollar will'.a't vote for Palmer and Buckner. ; '. Cnu't Effect a Compromise. ,••• Boston, Oct." 12.—All attempts.'to effect, a compromise between the Music hall nnd Faneuil hall democratic con^ ventlons. have' failed, and- the ballot commissioners will resume the formal 'hearing at ten o'clock Tuesday. Shoe.Manafncturoni. Fall. ''.' Lynn, Masg., Oct. 12.—Corcoran, Callahan & Co. v shoe manufacturers, have assigned. The liabilities 'are $42,000, the assets being about$32,000'. -; • THE MARKETS. ^ . . Grain, ProvUlonn, Etc. 1 . ' • 'Chicago, Oct. IS: WHEAT— Active, and hlsrhnr. October, '«%@COc; 'December, 6S%Q'70%c; Mny, 72&i '' ' ' ' COR?J~Btroriger. - No. 2,' 23%@)23%c;.No. !• Yellow, .!3%©24%c; October, 23%©2SHiC and r Dtcember, S4<i(5;2J%c; ' May, OATS—Moderately active and higher, w!th fair trading,' No. 2 cash, ISc; October, 17',£@17%c: May, ,20@2(H4c. Samples high- '<r. No Grade, I3@luc; No. 3, m4@17c; No. ^3 White,. 3S4|i21c; JJo. 2, lS(S>19c; No. 2 White, MESS PORK—Market moderately active, and prices firmer. Quotations ranged at : $7.12%(f^7.25 for' cash; J7.0C@7.25 for October; ?7,1C®7.23- lor December, and J7.95gi8.15 for January. . . I/ARD—Trading fairly active and prices iijgrher. Quotations ranged at (4 <fi@-t.5fl for cash; »4.40@4.GO for October; $4.3504.52}$ for December, and W.G2',4@4.72^ for January,- . . BUTTER—Market firm at 901Sc for creameries,- and 9Q>16o tor dairies. LIVE POULTRY—Quiet. Turkeys, 09 So:.:-.Chickens, 6V£®7c; Ducks; SS~!)c .per pound-; Geese,' per dozen, J4.0Q@<i.75. WHISKY-Steady on. the basis of J1.18 for Hlgrhwlnes.' . . New York, Oct. 12. FL'OUR—State and Western' quiet and setady. - - . WHEAT—No. 2 Red, Hrm. December, 7<% 1 fiTDl'.c: March, -TSVtBW&c; May, 77HJJ)' 1 •7713-lSc.-' ,.,."•''' , CORN—Nol.-2 Rpd quiet, firmer. No. 2, ' OATS—No, 2'dull',' flrmeri Western, 20ijJ {Or; December! 23c bid: . . BEEF—Quiet and firm. Extra mes», J5.CO(gG.OO;. family, ,»7.0Cl98.00. '., .',. ' PORK—Firm." New mess, J7.755TS.50. \!'T..ARD—Flrnir'Stcam'rendcred, J4.S5 nora- ''Inal. :•:, •. -.'. • -. ".--- ; '. " ' BUTTER—Firmer,.. fair demand. Western dairy, 7%®llc; flo. creamery, ll'/iSUS^c! do. factory, ,7@Uc;Elglns, 18%c; Imitation creamery, o@12c. ' , . .CHEESE—Part-skims, 3%'®6l4c. . EaGS-Firm.' .Western, 17@18c. • . Unricd with Ilia Victims. Noblesvilie, Ind',. Oct. ]2.—Albert Bray, who killed' his iyife and two' children and fatally but his own throat Friday morning, lived until Saturday evening. • Becoming conscious before dying, • he confessed to. the killing, saying t;hat he was rational at the time,, but overburdened, with melancholy and ^despondency. The family were strict Quakers. The four bodies were buried in one grave.' . New Church ttt Mnnclc. • Muncie, Ind.,.; Oct. IS.—The First •Christian, church here, was dedicated Sunday., Rev. R. A. Long, of Yellow Springs,i' 0., preached the dedicatory sermon. Rev. D. B. Atkiiwon is the minister in charge. 'Muncie now has two churches claiming'the saeae name, one of : the "New Light" and the other of the "CampbelHte" denomination, but ea'ch is culled the "First Christian" church.' Death .of Dr, Diigan Clark. -Richmond) Ind., Oct. 12,—Dr. Dugan Clark died .here. He was the most prominent.minister in the Friends'so- ciety in the; west, and had a national reputation among members of that de-nomination. Two years ago he was forced to resign a's a minister because he submitted to the rites of baptism, which is against the doctrine of.'hli church. * . " • • Corner Stone Laid, . '• Huntington, lud., Oct. 12.—Fully 15,OCO people were here Sunday to.atteiyJ the corner stone laying of. the new St. jrary's Catholic church. Kev. Andrew Jlorrissey, of Notra Dame university, delivered the sermon. The church it by rig built complete by the estate of the late John Roche, who set aside $40,000 for that purpose, • Iloj^ Cholera. Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 12.—The re- .ports of hog cholera from farmers in Indiana are nlanning. The corn crop is very large, but, the hogs are dying' Tery fast. The hog cholera has prevailed for some, weeks, and during ths past week the losses have increased. Work on the Pipe Llun. Portland, Ind,, Oct. 12.—It is reported here that Cudahy Brothers have ordered, the work on their pipe line from the Indiana oil fields to Chicago pushed nnd that it must be completed within 30 days Th'is pipe line • will be • formidable rival to others. 163 State Street, Wholesale . and Retail. ;• CHICAGO. , The Leading Fur Establishment In Chicago for Hfeb Grade Pars. Artistic Workmanship lu Remodeling Seal Garments at very moderate charges.. Goods sent on approval. Correspondence "solicited. LOOP POISON . . . tr*ettoparnllro<wifarc&n(lbcitclDlll9,ud Mi*. If w» f an to caw. If jou b«e Ukca mercury, iodide. ppta*h t u>d Billl hire cchei u4 BLO ant. It to this Secondary BLOOD FOI6C jute caret and challenge 'the world for I saieTre<.auinotcure« .Tbli itluaia ha* «lvan baiaed thn (kill of the moit eminent phyil* cluu*. BBOOtOOO, Capital behind oar~nucopa|> ami' *""" " "' 7">lle"tkm. Manhood Restored; ----- , It told with « *ne y ( LORI ot r, . Uond' Powe itc Brain Po «c|,o» Wakeul new, List Km&bood, N«rr- .otsiicss, Atr.opby ( ' r«i[iiFlona, Varlcocel*, rraltT.Coniumptlon uid Inn»nlty. .Put op .n ™»- ilent fonn to cAiryln tbcvc»e pocket. Price 91 a kko«, orOforll.. with every-to oi-der woylr* a. ^^ manatee to n-r« ok reftind t*e Afttf n>«J'J?. 1 iSJ', ^'f- iniBToloiw, Addre.sBOY*J.t:ill OBMlkrD. H.A., U*pHriM> 81.. S, F, K-Mlins. LOCANSPORT. IND. ANTAI-IV1IDY r These tiny Capsules are Enperior .to Balsam of Copaiba, /""""s I. ICuhebs or hjscticns and (MIW r "CORE IN 48 HOURS \"2 'the same diseases vritEont inconvew'ence. .:. : . •. Sold by all druggists. UlH w 1» a n< rt'nio(l>\ for ooDorroc^'jr Vfb'M, uunacu' .'t di» c*-.i*rfiOrt, or any \^ti&'mmv '.ion, irritation or ulccra- tion uf m 11 c o u » mem- •(tut in plain wrapper, uy eipnjw, pmpajd, for ti.00, or 3 tiottlm, »?.75. Circ ircular petit on !' : ." ,•''.' Live Stock. -.".• .. -, • ' V . .• Chicago, Oct.. 12. • CATTLE-^-Market slow; best steady ..Fair to best beeves, $3.25®5.00'; stockers and'fe'ed- .ors, ?2.40@3.65;- mixed Cows and Bulls', $1.25 -613,60; T^xas, R.40@3,26: ' -.' . . :HOGS— Market, active and 5c hlgli.er; light;- $3;i5@3.00.; rough; packing, .$3,nC«?3.15:' ' Without A Rival. As a positive cure for sprains,bruises, and pains of all kinds, Salvation Oil lias no equal. Mrs. Frank Juif, 518 Gratiot Avc.,.Detroit, Mich., writes: "I used Salvation Oiliu my family and cau say it : lias no. rival as a liniment; it cei'tainly cures paius. I sprained."mySankle and it,cured me nnd since then I have always used it,.; for any paina and'bruiscs." Salyaliou Oil is.sold for.onlySScente.: i'ooUicr-l Only Cure For Dyspepsia. Mrs. Franklin Bush, of Now Castle, Del., says: "I luffeted.for yewfl with djtpepsi*. Uied to have great distress ana belching. I tried everythrag I could hear of, but nothing' helped, me till t took Brazilian Balm, and one 50 cent bottle tared m« completely." :; Pneumoni*. . Mrs. A. j; Lawrence, of Beaver, P*., »ays: "Brazilian Balm brought me opt of a severe'Attack of pneumonia in splendid ^hape. It is a wonderful remedy for coughs and lung troubles! Also :'or outward use, for burns, cold «ore» ind chapped hands and face, it .cure* like raagid..Xt is invaluable in the fam- ! !v. ! .* . i ' "'.- : . • TyphoW and Scarlet Fever. Taken in time'Braiilian Ba!m praventi typhoid or scarlet fever. Also makei these disease* very light and al\rayi M^'"^i.m. A ' mlxod and butehers'/JS.lOffiS.BS; henvy p.?. r!;- ;in*Hpd shlppUitj.'^aiSOeS.BB; Pigs. ?2?:iiM -

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