Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 29, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 29, 1954
Page 2
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-fS-. •^r~-V|» . V, - E^. HOPE StAfe, MOM, ARKANSAS Thursday, July 29, 1954 Is t ..,.„ Attornej: TJlstrict 23« of 237 pr<i- Teny Shell n'Ss R. R ™.»«» ^67*; Frank Sncllgrovc T404' liub Mcthvn 4i41 District: 17 ot 171 pro- IP E Dowd Gr.ll, Va)1 r 110 ft H9 precincts: G W 14037', Jack Machen 9883, 1133. u^r ttre Priced t« Save ll Sizes. r t Jlres YLIE lass & Sdlvage Co. • """ ~M Strfer Deaths Over the Nation §y f hfe ASSibtlated Press LONDON Charles Webber, H for miany ydars cohdtietoi- of tho Caf! Rosa Opera Company. I3ieJ VVednesday. IvIARtfeTTA, Ga. — James (Sarge) Bagby, 64. former pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. Died Wednesday. Hayes 11C14; A. L. Holley 5136; M. D. Wilkinson 3708; t). E. Wolf 7654 Sixteenth District: 107 o! 108-pfe' clncts: A H. Bledsoe 2695; eorge Chaney 2014; C. R. Lasiter S863; Oliver Williams 5153. ; thanks for the nice bull- n,ess you have given us since ,\ve have been in HOptir You'll enjoy cat- ing with us Daily Lunches 50c and 75c CHOICE: 7 Meats, 8 Vegetables Try Our Delicious HOME MADE PIES DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA Johnson, 2917; Travis Mathis 6701; .Royce Wclsihbefger 6707.. Sixteenth District: 109 ol 136 precincts: Gus Causbie r.30; licrfon Northcutt 2467; Jim Robb 3431. Seventeenth District: 99 of 101 precincts: W. M. Lee 58U5; Red McCastlnin 3314; M. G. Robinson 4G44. State Senate: Ninth Dir.trict: 117 of 122 precincts: R. W.'Mllum 5210; W. T. Nelson 2840; R. M. Ruthvcr, 110; Jay Weavor 213 Tenth District: 92 of 92 procincts: F A. Aero 423; Bob Bajl- ey Jr. 2891; Phil Loh 3581; R. H. Williams 3720. , Eleventh District (position No !•• 1G4 o£ .108 precincts: C. Van Greek and Koman cb'''.(ircri .had dolls, hoops, skipping ropes, hobby horses and kite.?. 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Get Doan's Pills today! with - * 2, 3.50 5, 10, A .TIGRESS ACT IV < To the Voters of Hope I wish to thank each of you for the nice vote -; ; ••• you gave me Tuesday and I will sincerely ap- • preciate your vote and support on August 10th. HOMER BEYERLEY Candidate for ALDERMAN WARD 4 Pol. Adv. Paid for by Homer Beyefley FINAL DAYS OF BIG JULY CLEARANCE I Sub-teen^dresses were $12.98 & $10.981 NOW ONLY a Save on Little Girl Dresses ' Size 3 to6xand 7to 14 j • Every Summer Dress in the House MARKED DOWN to COST and BELOW COST HALL-McHEILL Smart Clothe^ for Young Ages THANKS I wish to take this .opportunity to thank those voters of Hempstead County who gave me their support. Dwight Ridgdill Pol. Adv. paid for by Dwight Ridgdill . . Pi .. 7^61« .,,7.4«17 HS/Yv"* ? *"V », j ^ !?: > : -"MEAT SPECIALS - ' - ORKCHOPS ii^pi^pr P ^P ^t m u, TO THE VOTERS OF HOPE: J am'deeply grate.ful for the .loyal support,^' • you gave me in Tuesday's primary which support enables me to continue my candidacy • for the office of Alderman o.f Ward 4, to be voted on August. 10, 1954. I respectfully solicit the vote and influence., of the goo?l . people of the the City of Hope and assure you that I shall continue to .give my best efforts for the best interest of our city. Respectfully submitted, CHARLES TAYLOR Pol. Adv. Paid for by Charles Taylor ff $?•"-" '', -tJ^^^'i* ^ V v iuiid^^* ' J^E25^'*-C. •r v <t 'K,i «•'<£• >• '•i"iv TO THE VOTERS OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY Thanks for your splendid votq in yesterday's election. I will make every effort to see as many of you as possible in the next few days, 1 will be grateful for your continued support in this campaign, TRAVIJ MATHIS Saves You AGAR LUNCHION MCAT •0 SULTANA SALAD DRESSING IONA PEACHES WHITEHOUSE MILK 3 Qh Jar 39t HALVES No. 21 Can Tall Cans OUR STORE COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED For Your Shopping COMFORT (HOPPED BEEF ARMOURS STAR 3 l20z. 4 j Cans § m \ Popular Brands Cigarettes Pkg25c Purex Bleach Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Quart Bottle — Bottle... 31c Gallon Bottle.. 51c Jane Parker . Pineapple 8" Pie SPECIAL REGULARLY Honey Dew Melons 2 «*• SEEDLESS GRAPES - 25c GREEN BEANS PASCAL CELERY LETTUCE Kentucky Wonder Lfa. Stalk is ssi * c JANE PARKER FRANK OR HAMBURGER Special.' ROILS GREEN CABBAGE Each Lb. 19t 15c PKGS. OF 8 EACH PtUHOUVI 3 !S. 23* PAIMOUVE 3:s;34' A&P's WEEKEND MEAT VALUES! 'SUPER-RIGHT" ALL MEAT CASHMERE O REG, BOUQUET a BARS CASHMERE 4 BATH O/|i Rn! ir»yFT :w BARS ^"1 "SUPER-RIGHT" FRESHLY GROUND BOUQUET HKBB9BBG Sparkle GELATIN 4 25 C DESSERTS " Other Ann Page Values J Sparkle Sherbet Mix 3 Pks ,. 254 Sparkle Ice Cream Mix 31* 0 .. 254 Vanilla Extract ^ J^: 254 French Dressing * 0nB "e "j'l: 154 Salad Dressing Pa an0 ,...,..,..S 434 VEL FRANKS "SUPER-RIGHT". FRl HAMBURGER HEAVY CALF SIRLOIN HEAVY CALF CHUCK HEAVY CALF ROUND HEAVY C/ RIB Spec/a// ,1-lb. Pkg. Spec/a// .........Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. 39 29. 59c 35c 65c' 45c OIANT OVC DETERGENT , ;..,....,......PK6.. ^ * ** FAB GIANT DETERGENT'. ....PKO. 69e ALIGOQD BRAND NO. T SLICED BACON Spec/off LB. .. 55 AJAX ., 14.OZ. CLEANSER... ., ..PKO. 12* MEADOLAKE BREEZE i>l%fcfc J»fc DETERGENT.. MRS, TUCKER'S COLORED MARGARINE I-LB, . CTN, WOODBURY SOAP 3 §*w y,»Pr!ee Sole Offer ...,W PAW •rift P UNCIE BEN ' $ M.OZ. iml%HV QMoranteed Fluffy PKQ. Pr/c« In this qd effec- f/v« tbwug July V /1 1954, Anitim i»iiHoif (••• iiituii *i»ti tiii SWIFT'S CWANSER SUKBRITE ~. jwiri's SWIFfNING »xutf&&j*M^t,,;\*-'> M*Wt$W$i&* JEWEL OIL PINT MEATS 21c GL ADI OLA ENRICHED W BBp^iW ^^P^P ^^W^^ ^^P ^^w HAMBURGERS 11*01. 45< '• /;'/ J?U! IM4T. ..^VOM,^^^^'; 4 ^ f i «!.-% * Y !riiiisv "laa&ftAJv*?, *, \ !«. ^e-'-'i.,'^! fhurrdey, July 29, 1954 • ^_^ .- .- ... i ^ H 0 P- E S T A fc ,., H © P F. / - A ft K A N S A S SOCIETY, fifciHi* 7-1411 l«tw*iB • X M. ind 4 P. M. Calendar f hursday, July 2d The Ladies Bridge - Luncheon \vill be held at the Hope Country Club fhursday, July 29. at 12:30. Hostesses Will be Mrs. Duffle jjjoth and Mrs. Cline Franks. Monday, August 2 Mrs. Edwin Stewart will entertain Circle Two of the W. S. C. S. • of the First Methodist Church oh Monday afternoon at four o'clock at-her home, 422 West Avenue D. illness in their families. Refreshing punch »and cookies were served to 29. The circle welcomed one new member, Mrs. Carl Gattis, and one guest, Mrs. Joe Polk. * Circle Six of the W S. C. S. will meet Monday, August 2, at 2 p. m. with Mrs. George Peck with Mrs. jy. J. Whitman as co-hostess. Mrs. H. E. Patterson will present the program, "Meeting Rural Needs." Those taking part will be Mesdames Joe Jones, R. L. Broach, Jim Cole, Dick Watkins, Jack Gardner, David Waddle, George Murphy and L. B. Tooley. Mrs. E. J. Whit man will bring the devotional. Brazzel-Jordan Mart-lags Announced Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Brazzel of Dubach, La., announce the marriage of their daughter, Sue, to arold Weaver Jordan of this city. The ceremony was solemnized in 1C home of the officiating minister, Reverend and Mrs. Howard Vhile. The couple's only attendants ere Johnny Cox and Wnnda Jean ox. The ceremony was performed n the presence of friends of both ic bride and groom. Personal Mention Mrs. A. E. Slusser leaves Friday for Vicksburg. Miss., to attend ihe unveiling of the Vicksburg Memorial in Vicksburg National Park. Mrs. Slusser represents the TIME CHANGE Effective 12:01 A. M. August 1st Departure Time Train No. 3 3:45 A. M. ITY/9 OUTHERN ^KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN Boyle Continued from Page CJne forms of life that hnvo vanished tends to make paleontologists pretty philosophical about the fate of mankind. Most of them are leconciled to the possibility man isn't here to stay forever 1 —anymore than the dinosaur wan. ' Dr. Bump feels pretty sure, for ...... example, that if man doesn't'fig- Memorial Commission and the ure a way to bump off Die in- United Daughters of the'Confeder. C c-ts they Will finally bump' him acy. Coming and-Going. Miss Dorothy Wliittcn -Is spending the week with hoi'^brother, Doyle Whittcn. and other relatives in St. Louis, Mo, W. S. C. S. Circle 5 Entertained At Williams Home • W. S. C. S. Circle Five met Mon> lay, July 20, at 7:30 p. m. in the •lorne of Mrs. LaGrone Williams. Co-hostesses were Mcsdames Sam Harlsfield, John Pierce and Steve Bnder. Mrs. Claude Tillcry, chairman, ipened the meeting and the group sang, "Bless Be the Tie." This was followed by the reading of ,he purpose of the Woman's Soc- ety of Christian Service, and prayer in unison .• The minutes of the June meeting were read by Mrs. Clifton Ellis, secretary. Various com jnitteo chairmen gave reports, and a letter from a Korean orphanage was read expressing appreciation for clothing sent by the circle members. _New year books were given out. All members were urged to attend the joint meeting of the W. S. C. S. at the chruch at 4 p. m. August 9. Mrs. Wayne Russell then presented the devotional entitled "Is Christ Divided?" Mrs. Winston Monts, program leader, spoke on "Influence on Negro Religion". The meeting was concluded with special sentence prayers for those with sorrow and Mr. and Mrs. John Edward McGee. Jr. and daughter, Marcia Lynn, will leave Friday morning to make their home in Independ-t ence, Mo. They are now' in Hope, as the guests of Mrs." McGee's par; ents, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Benson. Mr. McGee has recently completed work on a Master's Degree at the University of Arkansas, and has accepted a position in Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. Harold William; and Larry have returned home after a trip to Riverside and Los Angeles, Calif., where they visited relatives. .. '~ ' r . Mr. V. W. Warmack has returned to his home • in Chicago, after ; visit in.Hope with his parents, Mr and Mrs. Sam Warmack. For Bright Sun Sport Style SUN VISOR Green ^ Acetate ' Adjustable size. JOHN P. (OX DRUG CO. WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS DIAL 7-4616 or 7*4617 ON SALE tHURSDAYr FRIDAY & 7 &A¥ SUPIR S Hospital Notes Branch General,Hospital Admitted: Mrs. Guy Downing, Hope. Mrs. Harold Butler,'Rt. 4, Hope. Mr. Melson K-azie'r, Washington. Discharged: Mr. 'J. J. Schmitt, Emmet. Mr. Charles Dana Gibson, Hope.. : . . ' . Mr. and .Mrs. .Harold-Cutler of Route 4, Hope, announce the arrival of a baby boy on July 27, 1954, at 1:40 p. m. ff. "Shellfish ruled the world for 10 best part ot 200 million .years." e said. "Then, came the nge of !e fishes. "The sharks were boss • for n ong time, and then they started windling and they've been dwin- iiing and they've' ben dwindling ever since. "From-the fishes came the replies. One branch was the dinosaurs — they had the right hor- noles or something ---and lasted or 200 million years. "Then mammals, some smaller nan mice, began evolving, and the age of the mammals has run for 100 million years. But modern man limself is quite recent only about 50,000 to 80,000 years old. "In every way except brainpower, man is physically inferior to many mammals." What about those insects? "Weir, insects'far. outnumber any other forms of life on aartb.V said Dr. Bump, cheerfully, "and pound for pound, insects today prpbably match the weight of all the mammals in -th2 world." "The problem is whether man can keep from going downhill long ncugh to make enough chemicals o curb them. But, of course, we an't say Cor sure the next^ age vill belong -to the insects." •After all some people call this he age of man — but some cal .» r «bl 33* WltCH HAZEL "W'ORTHMORE". t<J-OUAVCF BOTTLE (Limit 0 Save Money on Drug: 89* SACCHARIN-1000! U.SJrV.'/46JMIH TABLETS (L.mit n .... ........ • 10 SWEETHEART 3 TOILET SOAP. KEG. SIZE (Limit 3) * The Beauty Box! SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT We are happy to announce to our many friends and customers the association of a new operator now with our shop EVELYN MOORE ^ A FULL TIME OPERATOR She extends a special invitation to each of you to come in and see her at the Beauty Box. / SAVE THIS COUPON—— Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs.; Gf over Smith, Fulton, Mrs.' Deilai;Cpx,..;Hope. Discharged: 'Sherman May, Patmos. Mrs. Owen G. Hollis and daughter, Barbara Ann, Hope Mrs Henry • Sinyai-d : and daughter, Nan cy' Rhea," Hope. : -\' Jamaica Booksellers ^Associatioi las barred more than'.9 sex, hoi' ror and- crime comios-'from^thi: British West Indies island, official; disclosed- today." • •' *';.,.':'. - Special Get Acquainted Offer!!!!! Good For August Only To acquaint you with our shop and personnel we are making this special offer $2.50 On Any $10.00 Permanent Given In Our Shop. With This Coupon. Each coupon good for one person, only during the month of August, 1954 BOOKS BARRED KINGSTON, Jamaica Thi t the age of the atom McClellan Set to Go to Washington 25° Paper TOWELS o , 37, CHSFLWE. / SO SHEET ROLLS (Limit J) .....«" 1* • Photo-Fans Save Here! Makes Dull HolrShtnt! 'Super-lanohzod to protect natural oils' Floats away dirt—rinses out in a swish. FORMULA 20 Foaming Oil SHAMPOO QOc 8-ounce bottle .... 29 C BORIC ACltt*? \V v#&8f Powdet U.S.P. ptaie. 4-eartee stea „. V « t * c T< J&r#l -, BisoD&t rttyittftr;ttd$$ ltVi»V n'Al!t\rtriillrtpM-nHtoliy«r ; 3-OZ. » . . . ~ ^iu'VWji QQc SiT. 37 Safe, < *" •- 10-P/ece "Birdseye" FLASH OUTFIT 8.98 Camera, flash unit,. 4 .bulbs, 2 batteries, roll Ansco 620 Him LITTLE ROCK Sen. John . MW » RELY ON US FOR l .'v«»w rt PHOTO-FINISHING ( :} • Quality • Service • Economy BY REFRIGERATION! * FINAL DAY * • 'FEATURE TIMES • 2:00 -3:45 -5:24-7:22-9:20 With a roar of layghter and a blasting : 'of six-'guns ... the big/ musical story of roptin'i tootin' corhboys. and garter-snappin' dance hall girls comes gallopin' out of the West! McClellan yesterday said he plans o return to Washington tomorrow tut" still is undecided on how he'll vote in the proposed Flanders Resolution against Sen. Joseph McCarthy CR-Wis). Apparently victorious in his campaign for re-nomination to a third six-year term in the U.S Senate, McClellan said he would return'to Washington to confer with, party leaders before making his own decision. According, to .unofficial . figures McClellan yesterday had-, been returned to the U.Si Semte by ; at lea'St" a' 4;473 vote-majority.' The unofficial returns., gave Mc- ClellatTyl64,789 to 127,3i51 votes for his ' closest' ojpponent, ex-Go v. Sid McMath. Only 22 of the state's 2302 'precincts were unreporlcd. Although the Azores were known earlier, they were rediscovered and settled from' Europe ; in 1432. J1.04 to M.36 Value SPECIAL ON FLASH BULBS Dora-Hash FackolB. .. I, V Large econofay e, 47*! 63 [Siltcont-Vitalbtd for Wore Pobt'> : * ~> * ' ' W " PO-DO BALLS Rubber T/pped SOLO BOB PINS si.39 VALUE AEROSOL DDT BOMB Kill QQc iugs.OO V 12-oz spray. "Arctic" Cool TIDY CREAM DEODORANT ,2-ounce QQ jar . . . UU Haripless to clothes 25'SHIPIOLAWbite Olc Liquid shoe cleaner..'. , ~ jf-,\ 29 c HINKLE Tablets £ML e pynppai Bottle.ot lOOsOftlVi'iV,''• » t,J£$*&*'•• D' " "ij'^ICS iStSSSPP *sraBw& \ ' 29? SODA MINTS - •'<$$ JSS&SWM ' Fot upsetUto^hch, 100/™^Ai*j , 3 k OCTJME Eye Fasteeth Powder Denture adhesive I? 5 ' ^mm^^mm-f ^mf 3 Uf ^BV~M^wvpv^v b brUUeVlli^^^'t 1 ! ^^ i, < Ifl •ttVu .. •^•.^•k.'J:^ -i' OPERATORS Ruth Hoelscher , . Model James . . Evelyn Moore BEAUTY BOX "Air-Conditioned for your comfort" Open 6 days a week In Ihe Fashion Shoppe 112 S. Main "Yy'e'r? Fogging Every Night So That Yoii Won't Be Bothered by Mosquitos." CLOONEY '• CARSON ^MIKHELL ,MAlN&00,gNTBY:Clt!|» BPS•-'TONIGHT * FRIDAY * Ageinsf irefher , , , and Mf h * A 3 oin$t Monsters of thf * STIWART "ALL THE BROTHERS WIRE VALIANT" ,,A<Jf ^ J&A I^t ', MS* * Joe McDoaks Comedy • Lqte News • FRI' & SAT. • I ho Ilil thaife writing T AKE a look, if you please, at the month firms Buick's new position, par and the styling that are t ^t \ •>< changing historic sales standings. Take a look at the beauty and the buy called Buick-the car that is forging ahead to new sales heights in the 1954 market. -| ; ^ Take a look at the new best seller that has moved into the "Big Three" of the nation's top sales leaders — into that very exclusive circle that for tm decades has held only the three" For tpclay? as national sales figures for the i|r>!t # ve w« nt hs reveal. Buick is outselling all other cars |n America except two of these "low-price three," 4«rf each new It takes solid worth to bring this »,, about - a lot more automobile per dollar in Buick than,in other cars, But it also takes the glamorous new tomorrow styling that is Buick today, It takes the, highest Y8 horse* > powers, Series for Series, m all' Buick history, It takes the room an^ comfort and ride and handling J^a*are Buick's proud tradition, And it takes a range of cars to satisfy a wide range of peoptevwith prices that most people can welJ " ' afford, So you find the * success, Gjome fa for a 'aemonstratio».fiH4;| you'H seg *vbfit ^v e n» ea JP!f ^ glamor-car, you'lj bf resale time;, An«i mM mohty ahe^ with the big the and the, ^^» ,, x t.,.. *f rfK2 It* V ' i < '. i s #W«W»if«! s « '^T^S!

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