Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 28, 1954 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 28, 1954
Page 17
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-f V* f I H. JOHN Deefe Model tractor atu. equipment, $650. See G. G. Glas , Route 4. ftojsa (old 29 Hig. j -' 24- & f DISPLAY Wft0uliW or skfp- tha oft^doy wt*. &dvsrtislnfl copy il 5, p, m, for " 3ANDY boat" after trailer at a bargain,-See at lOH-West 3th St. 28-31 ot- ond t* f eject- bliV odvaf Hslna tub- II**} Praif January It, 1*2* _„ -^ fell. Mm»,\ H. Wathbufn^ Idltor' *"FiiblUb»r ManoBlng .Mlfdr"-' 1 * Adyertlslng > Managwr elon>*ioH«r • at • ; »Act of March M.i**i«K« Aii , of. jfi^-f * ''• vance): orrler.'lri Hope and neighboring 1 -towns— . .••«..• n .*.*.^«M^M....W«.»^25^ ar ,.,..,: , „ ,13.00~ I -In Hempsteod, Nevada, * Howard, and Mlller m coUn-- lller, t , *f*r „*•»....•.,.< .85 s .................. .'. .......... 1 .60 s .... ............................ r. 2.60 ., ..... .J,T. .......................... 4.50 r, mall—. ~< ^ ilh ..... I...-.,,'......'. ..... J ......... ?.' 1.10 tjfhi .'.«..&:.'. ................ 3.25 .. 6.50 'is.oo da.',; Dallas i,2r Texas; 360 N .;, 60 E. .: 1763 )BIdg., Detroit ' 2/ s '*Mleh.; .,f Oklahoma- City, 2 r ,«Pres!r Js i»6" J fhe use" for republlcatlon lie .local nevy* printed In this -'' U»l ^ ' \)' *• I ""• I V f jjp Elberta Peaches, now- fine quality,- No worms spider,lily bulbs. $1 per dozen postpaid within Arkansas. Chefl' > b«r'ird l 6/Al'tbur Oray, Ozan. v * July 0-1 Month fro Buy '0 fittY Meh's Wsed Shoes, Reaves Shop, 3I-TE 1 VOUNG growth of cut over timber land. Ajiywhere in. Southwest Arkansas.' Will pay top prices. Phone 7-2228 or see Ralph Sauners. • J12-1 Mo Real Estate for Sole Announcements fhft ttif II *tithotte*d Id 1ft* Muffle* thai to« folio*ini at* 6lfidldAtel for tfibllc office tub* Ject to the Action of the Demo* critic pritttftfy election*, 4th blstHet OttfiN 'HARRIS O. W, LOOKADOO 'NORMAN M. WAftNOCK Tre»iur«r HARJRY HAWTHORmi CLIFFORD BYERS DWIOHt RIDQDILIJ for County Clark LD JT. M1DDLEBROOKS JOLLY (AMOtf ETTE) BYERS ARTHUR ANDERSON TIHE UNITED FARM AGENCY 'Office at Boley's Court 2 Miles West Hope ort U. S. 67 WE NEED FARMS TO SELL . ". . CC-AST-TO-COAST ADVERTISING ON EVERY FARM 1 WE LIST, Our sales records prove that WE GET RESULTS. PRANK C. DuSHANE Broker J .., R. C. MAY Salesman Neither lof MS have any ' Business connection with> , any, other office in Hope, and no one else has any , authority to claim any con-, nection with "UNITED •--FARM-'AGENCY". WE SELL REAL ESTATE ONLY :.. V ' * ' 23-6t Pol* Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) RUQGLES JIMMY COOK B. D. (SON) PHILLIPS TOM M1DDLEBROOKS (3LAUD H. BUTTON SYVELLE BURKE Alderman Ward Thre« Bi L, RETTIG A., P. DELONEY Notice For Prosecutlna Attorney HOYCE WEISENBERGEB PRESTON DOWD TRAVIS MATHIS VAN JOHNSON Alderman Ward Four JESSE L., BROWN CHARLES TAYLOR HOMER BEYERLEY MRS. G. A. NASH Alderman Ward Two JOHN S. GREENE FOREST L. HAIRR. T. O. (TOP) PORTER VOTE Boley's all new, "All air con ditioned," court. When guests or' Tourists Inquire. 4 people $5.00. July 3-1 Mo. Alderman Ward One MRS. KATHRYN LOU FRANKS JOE JONES For-State 8?nat« 7th District GENE LEE Texan Pays $86,000 for a Racehorse LEXINGTON, Ky. iff) — A I6us $86,000 bid for a chestnut son of Nasrullah, a record American price for a thoroughbred yearling. feehoed from Kentucky's EJuograss horse eount.ry to Texas today, F, J, Adams of Fort Worth, ..retired, oil executive, bpuehl the colt tor the Atlnrns Syndicate from the consignment o£ .Clifford Moocrs* Walnut Springs Farm. Adims, a newcomer l.o the Breeders' Sales Co. summer auctions is retired vice president Of the Outt Oil Corp. and Gulf Refining Co., and .1 director of the 'Southwestern Exposition iincl Fnt Stdck Enow in Fort Worth. The contending bidder for the NaHrullah-Lurline B. colt was A. E. Rucben of Toledo, Ohio, master of Hasty House Fnrm. Reuben gavr» $23,100 for a yearling from the leiiding money winner among juveniles in 1953 and captured the Preakness Ihis Spring. • The old record for a yearling was the $75,000 which Eastlattrl Farm Syndicate gave in 1928 for New Broom. Nasrullah was second among the lending sires in England last year. The imported stallion" is the sire of Noor, who four times raced Citation, the turf's only millionaire. into defeat. NATIONAL LEAGUE . ,W L Pc't. 'GB •New .York; 02 36 .633 Bropk'lyn 60 38 .012;, 2 Milwaukee: , 51. 45 .531 10 Cincinnati ' ' 49 50 .495 V,W 2 St. Louis 47 48 .495 -131/2 Philadelphia 40 48 .48914 Chicago.'. 40-55 .421.':20M> Pittsburgh 31 CG .320 30i/ 2 IN THE SADDLErrThe Army's hew "Mechanical Mule," undergoing tests "at'Abercleefi'Pfoviiig Ground, Md., can be operated from the forward driver's seat. Its primary purpose will be transporting weapons, ammunition, i«od and-other supplies to the front line. Made of lightweight alloys,-it weighs.750 pounds, but can carry over half a ton. The speed of the Mule ranges f ronv one to 25 rhph. .'$100 WEEKLY. -I*. Will bo easily earned by the local resident' enrolling people f »** " t S ^/* "* FOR THE PYRAMID PLAN ^OF HOSPITAL AND DOCTORS COVERAGE * " This 1 is not~ a door rapping, fly- by,-»igh, 'high pressure program. Your job, 'will be to .cpntact the- hundreds-of people • \vho are writing in 'monthly expressing their interest in our program. They-»-are waiting for >you to enroll them. Full lime position only. Carjs essential. Write, stating qualifications to: •' - > • MrrR. O. Burton - PYRAMIDTLIFE INSURANCE £' , ; ' : *OF KANSAS ; "l ',,003'MedicarArts Building For City Attorney C. V. NUNN, JR. For State Senator 1JK. J-'. ti. CROW Funeral Directors OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME INSURANCE . . . AMBULANCE 2ND & HAZEL . . .PHONE 7-2123 J7-lMo; ^Little Rock, Arkansas > 27-2t HERNbON CORNELIUS". BURIAL ' ASSOCIATION Largest and O'ldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for our agents „» . • J15-1 Mo, . ".' yesterday's Results Brooklyn '!, Chicago 7 ..';,..• Philadelphia 8, Cincinnati 2 St. Louis 7, New York 4 'Only games scheduled) Tjday's Games '. Chicago £t Brooklyn (night) , St. Loui.s at New York Cincinnati at Philadelphia (nightl Milwaukee at Pittsburgh, SOUTHERN ASSOCIATJON UP YOU 00—The new Army "Mechanical Mule" can be, ope'r- ! ated by a G.I. crawling behind it. In this case, the operator merely I adjusts the steering wheel and column to swing down close to the ; ground; Primary purpose of the vehicle, now-being tested at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Ma., will be transporting equipment j : to the front line. Although it weighs only'750 pounds, the mighty I vehicle can carry ovei- half a ton of equipment. Its speed .ranges • from one to 25 rnph. Herbert Wins First National Golf Title SPORTS ROUNDUP .By OAYLE TALBOT New Orleans Atlanta Birmingham Chattanooga Memphis Little Rock Mobile Nbshville Se rvices Of f e red MATTRESS renovation and innerspring work Cobb Mattress Co. 316 South Washington. Phone 7-2622,- '. • ;' ;••";'.Mar. 4-Jf BAR B Q order Chicken ready to eat $1.35, Sandwiches made to, order 3 for $1.00. Hot.Dogs with chili, 20c Burt's Bar B Q Candy Avenue. ., „ ' 28-4t W E 64 45 62 45' 61 43 57 50 52 54 • 48 01 44 65 14} 63 Pet. GB 3587 -"" ' : .579"..', 'I .570-- 3 .533 d .491 ld',-2 .•140^16 .404 20. .394 2-Q ! /2 Yesterday's Results -"--'. Birmingham 9, LittleR ock.4. Mobile 5, Chattanooga 0 "Atlanta •!," Memphis 1 Nashville at New Orleans (ppcl. Help Wanted ONE or two waitresses. Apply in person at Diamond Cafe. 27-3t C. B. DOCKERY, Hobby Shop, bargain in hand made furniture. "-porch- swings, '• porch and lawn TurnKure. Boat building and repairing, 222 East Third St., Hope, Ark; 27-St tllrjrCto responsible party, Spinet Piano, Famous make, excellent condition. $46.00 will h§rid> deal, then assume small monthly -payments. Contact CRE- 5Bif, MANAGER, JOPLIN PIA- QC3WtfAN,V. 3.12,, MAIN, JOP, ^MISSOURI. • • 28-4t SOMEONE to cut pasture, $1.50 per acre, $2:50 per hour or 5c n bale. P. ^G. Lewis, P; O. Box 47. Emmet,'Ark. 27-Gt WAITRESS wanted, apply in person only. Mac's Restaurant 409 E. Third St. ..', : . . •• , 28-tf Lost Today's Games Little Rod: at Birmingham Memphis at Atlanta Chattanooga at Mobile Nashville at New Orleans AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland New York MELON equipment, rent cheap, chests, tables, 'trnys, jce water , electric stove, lights, B,pley',s . -' ~ 28-6t Fpr Rent GREEN leather billfold about noon Saturday between Dr. Cannon's home «(pd the telephone building. If found call 7-4601 or 7-2316. r 26-3t £«B,EQR£|QM, 'rnent, -nice neighborhood, 608 S. main. Phone 7-3205. 28-3t Six species of insects are listed by scientists as infesters of the corks of the bottles. k . , WESTERN SHARES TOP'S Glass Cut and Installed. Complete Re* pairs. New and Used Pqrts, Highway 67 West The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring Items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Homo Philadelphia Baltimorjj W L GG 29 05 33 62 37 41 51 41 54 38 5fi 35 59 3 OS By'JACK HAND ... For Gaylc Talbpt NEW .' YORK Iff) — The sad plight of the minor leagues' causing deep concern in the upper strata of/'xhe baseball world, where It is recognized that the game cannot survive without its lower branches.- Since the start of the season, three ofjthrj 36 minor le&gues hava folded a'nd, the.- number of clubs playing * minor league ball ha^g shrunk from 268 to 249. The Florida international, in Class B, the Mountain" .States., in. Class C and the Tar Hel in Class D are no more/ Geprge Tratuman. head of the minors, •'WPS in town early in the week" for .a:*s>e?les of meetings Although he : was' trying to keep his chin up, he •obviously': was disturbed by the fbldiogst ? ;r' v; ' •: "We're not going to die on the vine," "he Said. ' "The situation is not that ••'desperate. Bat ooviour- ly it is a cause of concern when you drop .from 59 leagues in 1949 to '#4 half way -through 1954. "I'm not saying that radio and television of major league ball gapjes into our cities is the cause ofvKll- our difficulties. Perhaps it By HUGH FULLERTON JR. ST. PAUL, Minn. M — At the age of 39, with the years beginning to show in greying hair and a slight paunch, Chick Harbert yesterday V/on his first national golf title, bealing out Walt Burkemo. The ohetyvne boy wonder, now a .part-time tournament player and .vice-president of a golf club manufacturing concern; 'said before the PGA Tourliament begah! "If I reach the final I'll probably make the same danced mistakes I did- when I went to the finals before." . It looked as if that prediction might come true yesterday when Chick knocked his second shot out of bounds into' a cornfinld. For three holes he was the same old Chick, the fellow who could hit them n mile but often hit a half mile into the rough. He was under a tree on the second hole, but recovered. He fought the rough and burldd his ball in a sandtrap for a double-bogey 7 on'the third. And when Burkmo birJied tr>e fourth, Wa'ly was 3 up and we!l on the way to a successful defense of the title he won last year. i That's when ho . stopped making mistakes ;'iid started plnying thu kind of golf of which he is capable at his brilliant best. For the next 30 holes, he never wan over par and he lost only two of them. At the finish he was on top by a 4 and 3 margin. It was the. ninth time Harbert had tried for the PGA litlo. It was his third trip to the finals. Ho tried to mutch his booming, uncontrolled drives against Jim Ferrier's putter in 1947 and lo.st. Five years ' later ho hit a wild drive under a tree at Louisville nnd lost to Jim Turnosa. "It's the only national title I've ever won," he said. "Naturally I think.it's the most Impcrtimt. Wul- ly is a groat player and a groat fellow to play with." Harbert said he thought the 10th hole was the turning point to the match. That was v/on he wedged a shot up for par, the 'second straight hole he had won. He also took the ilUh to square Ihe match, and from there on there was no stopping' him . v Burkemo also played fine golf except for a flurry of wild shooting from the 10th through the lath in the morning, when he had three bogeys and lost three holes. From Legion Team Knocks Off Nashville 6-3 The Hope Legionnaires downed the Nashville Cubs 6-3 in a Little River Valley League game last in Legion Park. Hope broke a 2-2 tie in the 5th as they scored three runs on hits by White and Nix combined with two walks and two sacrifices. They picked up their final runs in the 7th on to walks arid a single by Boyett. Nashville scored runs in each the 2nd. 3rd. and 8th inninss. The Legionnaires picked up single runs in the 2nd. and 3rd for their first two runs. . . Sonny Griffin, winning pitcher, give up 3 runs on 0 hits, walked' 5 while striking out 8 Reese, loser, gave up 5 runs, on 5 hits walked 7 and fanned G in 6 and two thirds innings. Thursday night the Legionnaires will entertain the Waiuo Giants in Legion Park. Hope leads 3 games to 2 in the series. Friday night the Aashdown Hustlers will be here for a league encounter. Hope AB Gunter, W 4 Boyett 4 Johnson '.. 5 White 4 Thompson 4 Gunter 3 Nix .5 Smith Totals Nashville Masey Wells Castleberry, G. Crawley, J Crawleyj B • Jones Pope (9) Gant Reese 1 ....32 AB 3 3 ....4 4 3 2 1 4 2 Woodson 3 Crandell ....:.'.. 2 Totals 31 R 0 1 1 1 0 2 1 0 G ' R 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 H 0 2 0 2 0 1 2 0 8 H 1 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 there on heshot I 1 ) holes in 3 under par and couldn't gain inch:. • .an .ens Yesterday's Results Baltimore 7, Washington 5 Cleveland 6,' Boston- 3 . . Detroit 3 -3,,Philadelphia,2-0 Chicago 4, New York 0 •foray's Games New York at Chicago .Philadelphia at Detroit Boston at Cleveland (night) Washington at Baltimore (night) Pet GB I j s , on iy 'one o f several contiibuting fatdrsc.'Before we get together for our December meetings in Houston 1 , I hope we can arrange to channel some funds clown to us from up on high." Baseball still is scared of Washington, uncertain how far it can move without being hauled up on charges of monopoly. If it were possible to-take some of the money that is paid for radio and tele\i- sion rights nnd spread it among the minors,. -wiVhout legal complies- Ions, I am sure Commissioner Ford Frick would advocate such a move. Something"like that maz re ulti'mate solution. .626 6 .446 23'/2 .432 25 .404 27 Vs .272 3QI/2 .351 33 Mrs. Mattie Wise died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Minena Miller in Texarkana Monday, July 26. Funeral arrangement? are ncomplete, Funeral service for Jessie Webb of McKamie will be held Thursday, July 29. at 2 p m with Funeral Home in charge. 7-2767 Hope, Ark. inioy IqHng WE OAKS Mrs. Mary F. Johnson accompanied her brother, J. C. Powel to Chicago, 111., where he has beei the house guest of his parents Mrs. and Mrs. Lewis Powell, and other relatives. COTTON STTAES LEAGUE W L Pet.' GB' 59 29 55 33 49 39 40 50 36 52 26 62 El Dorado Greenville vderidian VJonroe Pine Bluff Hot Springs .670 : .025 4 .557 10 .444 20 .409 23 Yesterday's Results Meridian 21, Hot-Spvinfis 0 El Dorado 6, Pine Bluff 1 Greenville 3, Monroe 0 r\r\ c C u \J\j$ Today's Games Hot Springs at Meridian Monroe at Greenvil'p El Dorado at Pine Bluff The senior choir of BeeBee Memorial CMB Churph will rehearse Thursday night, July 29, at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. Minnie Moore of Kalamazoo Mich., is visiting relatives and Abput- half the homes in the United states years are jmore th,an 30 plnntv of USiP TIRE BARGAINS Exceptional values in ^ upoREFRIGERATORS fully g«ar»nteed Qklohoma Tire & Supply Trobert Heods Tennis Team SOUTHAMPTON, N. Y. Iff! The 65th Teadow Club Invitalion Tennis Tournament starts today wtlh Cincinnati's Tony Trabert heading an international field of 48 performers, Trabert, America's top- ranked amateur, will be making his first grass court appearance since bowing at ' Wimbledon last month. Ht is favored to win. ; The power-stroking. Trabert will be swinging 'zvgains.t a i.tomestii: drsv-= v«hich Includes Bernatd Bartzen, of San Angelo, Tex., conqueror of Tralert ffi the Nutlonul Clay Court Championships recently. A Ieft-han4er, Eortzan also will b« making liis season'^ 4<?but grass. Pardnar Mullny, ranked fourth Motoring Dogs Jn earlier days when motoring w'ft-s a daring adventure, the prob lern of. dogs and automobiles wa pretty much one-sided. Dogs re garded the sputtering, noisy vehi cle§ US a kind of canine publi enemy number one But, today mi' lions of dogs enjoy this means o transportation, And this change ha wrought serious problems for th dog-owner, especially if his do does not have proper motor mar neV, warns Raymond J.' Hanfiek executive .secretary of the Nation al Dog Welfare Guild To be sure that your dog will b a: pleasure to have along on y6u vacation and not a nuisance. M. JJanfieid sets forth several rule for dog-owners. "When preparing for the trjp, b sure to pack your dog's collar an nntio«a,Uy, ,3^0 Is entered. So urp Billy Talbert, U. S. Pavis Cup cap tain in the Challenge Round Australia last wintej, and Eddi« Movlan, reinstated to emateur st;v tus tlus year after two years o Jeash, his brush and comb, an most important, his feeding disl His favorite toy will help reliev the tedium of the drive. CLEAN SWEEP - Prisoner Fred Ward shows one of his first plastic nylon washers in the Colorado state prison at Canon City, A former Denver auto tycoon, Ward is serving a prison term for embezzlement and hopes to pay off a $1.3 million debt by time he is discharged in 1956. Already some 2500 washers pei&&ay are being turned out and Ward hopes to up the number to a quarter million per month. Whe^Qut a Yep r lectors Are Dropped By HU33ARD KEAVY For Bob Thomas HOLLYWOOD ;(#> « the name, of a movie' player is dropped from the Motion Picture Almanac, as it always is when the person's inactive .'for a year, he's usually had it. As a rule, it means ha's Ihrough. Mary Brian's, name was dropped years and years apo and except for two marriages and one divorce, r.he has not made new;;. But she is a candidate' today for any television guide because she has come cut of quiet retirement to play the mother of Corliss Archer in a .39- installment TV series. Texas-bor.i Mary was SO and pretty when she was tapped for Wonders If China Seeking to War By DONALD J. GONZALES WASHINGTON (UP) Sen. J. William Fulbright CD-Ark), called for an investigation today to do- termination whether Red China's at tack on. two American ''mercy" planes means it is trying to goad the United States into war. U. S. air crews flow in the troubled zone with orders to be "quick on the triggers" tf attacked by Ked planes. ' Fulbright said "if tl;e attack was deliberate and thev, Ch.JnQse^Gom- munists wish to have war,.'" they can have one. This country is not going to back down from a 'challenge." .--.". Inforrned sources -said President Eisenhower's top advisers generally feel th-a incident will not lead to war even though the navy attack bombers sent -two Communist fighters spinning into the South China Sea and U. S.-Chinese iclations Cropped to a nuw post- Korean low. the role of Wendy In the 1923 \ersion of "Peter Pan." A matured beauty today, 26 y.eurs later, she thinks that the movies treated her very well and she has no .regrets In nearly 50 films she was the sweet little girl who spurred Buddy Rogers, Jack Oakie and other leading men o" that era on to more touchdowns' for depr old Paramount. What happened when, after 10 years of stardom at a single stu- ) — . Thn attor- F. Wostbrook, dio, she got the word that she through? 'Weil,' not much," , say. 0 Mary. • 'It was,, k.'nd of a vlreneh to be told Paramount didn't want me like being told- to leave home. I worked , at several other studios and later returned to. my old home lot for a couple' of pictures. So, you see, nobody was mad at any- Conference on Dierks Cose Delayed TEXARKANA, neys o£ Thomas charged in connection with a $85.000 shortage'.'at the defunct Bank of Dierks, Ark., were unable to attend a scheduled conferfnco terday to discuss the type of (.rial for the age man. The o/mference was postponed to Aug. 18. .The 76-year-old Wostbrook, < recovering from a heart ailment, is charged with embezzlement and conspiracy. A- foi;mei- cashier at the hrxnlc, Mrs. Opal Simmington, has been convicted on embezzlement conspiracy charges. She has been ordered t oreport July 31 to begin two prison sentences of three years each to be served concurrently. KINO WHISKERS-Postman WiUWm Welch, 32, of Kewanee, 111., appears very proud of his bushy beard which won him the title, "King of the Kewanee Centennial." According to the jury of three women, Bill i\ad the handsomest whispers arnpng the 200 contestants. body." After a few stage plays, she retired for her first mar.riiige, to Jon Whitcnmb, a magazine illustrator. Tlw marriage lasted three months, Mary went to Reno. She never discussed that short-lived Traffic Surveys Near Completion PINE BLUFF, (Ki The State Highway Department will complete (& a traffic survey tomorrow that hns been conducted on highv/ys lead ing jnto Pine Bluff ths past fe\v weeks. Traffic interviewers have stationed at certain points on the outskirts of the city, Their job 'is to stop cars and ask thft drivers leash to prevent him from leap flWay ,'' S ho'admits/&nd ind^'shl- illfi OUt th(? WjndOW. /?!*-!»-» »* 01-i« i^»-A\ro innvn'micivf* pars Don't let him bark out of car windows, And although it look? dog-owner's first problem windows, Ana, uHno-ugn ii JOOKS be his dog's car sickness, very ^porting, don't let him stick dog's car Unless' the dog js an experienced travele.1'. withhold food and water for at least several hours before starting out. ShqulcJ your dog be pi-one to car sickness, a veterinarian can provide any pne of several good preparations pon't let your dog m,ove f^om to another, but train him one est to If vou aren't l th e car " it wn,^ y«» his hpe'd'oui' the window. It is a dangerous practice. The dog may easily get something in his eye and the wind is bad for both his eyes and ears- If he must be left alone in the car, be sure it is in the shade with one or. two 'windows partly ppen. And remember that although. event with her,Iriends. They don't where they are coming from and know what happened, where thsy are going, plus other In 1947, •'' Mary mavried George information. '•••'. Tornasini, a,; film editor, and • they Seme of the intevyjaws have been i live 'quietly' in 1 tHe -San 'Fe/risiMjQ filmed for television, In a talk" Valley. ' '~ ' ' written to go with the film, Cecil Mgry saved a good slice of h er Lynch a member of the Highway film;'jncoin^. "I n.evpr,threw rRPjrwy Cpmmission an4 also'a Pine Bluff clt&en, said the survey was mad.e to give ths city •<> guide for long' rarjge planning pf streets and higl} ways. : -.-.•'.•• I Jn its announcement, the High" way Department said it v/ill tak<» Several weeks to cpmpije and ana}, yije the date from the survey. , . A1 \,,.A~ .. U » b| m the shade When it m.y exposed to him securely on a inactivity,, $004? h{? dog w|U efljoy His trip , . . and so 't. She-drove inexpensive cars, lived in rjuiet homes and never even yearned for a. swirnming nqpl. In retirement, Mary resumed painting a pasttime of her busier days Friends say her work ha,s a pofessioal Quality. She specia.li?ea ir. portraits, but refuses to sell rr give away P single work. Aljd SQ has a whole houseful ,of paijijings. When Mary made a brie! TV appearance it gave an alert agent the idea of acasting Miry a? Corliss' mother. Would she liKe it? Marq said she wou)d if tj\e pfrt was interesting. When she was palled fov tests, she asked What Fhe was supppsw} tp v/e^r over ypu wefir she wa.s told, "Rut the director didn't know that around the house I shorts and pedal pusVurs," S,ay§. "I had to rush out nr,i what I am told vre liouso diesjse|. Well, not exactly house dresses,, but some nicely tailored things. J'm svjre Mrs, Archer will in OtAftK IRI THEV JUST HAPPEN EAkfN roEAd OTHER COME OUTSIOE-IWAMTYOU TO.SEE HOW LOVlHStV !„ MR.SCHROEDER KISSES HIS wire WHEM HE COMES HOME DO you CAU- THAT A KISS? OUT OUR WAY VIC FLINT Answer to, Previous Pujale TAK.IN' IT DOWM H? WELL, YOU AFRAID MIGHT Anchors Aweigh WElU CHAMSE CLOTHES WITH THfeSfe ©UVfi WITH THESE K6S£ .-_ UNLOCK dURSlLVES ACROSS 3 River flowing « i-, .. t « ( -» into the Volga 1 Body of water 4 choice 1 5 Jason's ship 5 Blackbird of * ! 9 The - Sea cuckoo family 12 Russian river c Jacket worn 13 Kind of light by sailors 14 Female sheep 7 Blood ABOUT SUCH TWO BLOCKS'.' 17 Swamp 9 Allusion 18 Make happy 10 Pitcher '* „- ^ 26 Corset covers 45 Have. 19 Tentacles n Lairs 28 Laniprey confidence 21 Sea eagle ig Kind of fisherman 40 Post 23 Sailor (coll.) weasel 30 High cards 47 Spanish jar 24 Ocean (ab.) 20 Classical 31 Sailors'meal ,48 Gaelic 27 Unusual language 33 Drugged 50 Region 29 Groups of 22 Nostrils 35 Changes 51 Rip . .players 24 Impudent 40 Herons '52 Greek .mount '.f 32 Eluder 26 State 4.3 More mature 55 Place 3.4 Show • 36 Distant i»54 bt NEA Sml'n. Inc. T. M. R«m \>. S. P»t..pftj WASH TUBES 37 Spears 5 '; 38 Raise an i , anchor j 39 Foreteller THE LIGHT HEAWVVEI6HT 1 141 Worm 1 i 42 Weight of '" ! India With Mojof Hoople OUR BOARDING , 46 More morose 49 Poetry muse 'I i 53 Every one ! 54 Demands ! 56 Liner de France | , 57 Italian city : 58 The seven BOOTi AND HER BUDDIES 59 _ Vegas, Nevada , 60 Repose : 61 Ancient Irish I j capital POWN 1 ; iBait'. : i 2 Lake in Asia I — •*> *>»• ,_> t * ' ^^» 11 t ^Lli TVLf" '-'tf^^>Atffi'4^/ff-'1 IJ ifv< if ~7 J^3.$^j™^&£ tl &a& tOlMAV\VE& ! -*- il**v f sw 3 •?? S - "* *2T^r .^ ^^Ofb 8 *?* By Dick Turner CARNIVAL 7 * * t T <i •( ras» i? 1 ^^r r ffigftfffrfc^ji BUGS BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS MY POSTWAIT ALLEY OOP THAT'ff. ASN MSBL H^ TH' MOUNTAIN ifeSbx^ii .x > | "Gone! Dat's what comes of leayin' da Rey^in ;da SIDE GLANCES By Gplbroith ••p or pete's sake, give him a quarter and let: hftfl,|(|JkW' ice cream soda 1 ." , By Nodine Seller TH* 5TORY PF MARTHA WAYNE ion*-*l can hiftr • i ' —-- • ' ' .; ' w ,,^". , t ' -<' t - ' "T^^^|V^V ;l,'^&y^, v! * F ][?~* f lit??ffiF ¥ »«¥ * v j ? " " * v * rt-f V-4 i,A^ Hj,/ ^<^Ajf-"i4 ,'

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