Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 13, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1896
Page 5
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Durilap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER YOU DON'T WANT A 5UIT Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double its value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY G TUCKER The Pearl Street Tailor. I THE FIRSI nAllONA!, BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. ..'. INDIANA; CAPITAL »250,000. . A. J. Murdock, Prtm. W. W. Kos», Ca»h; j. F. Brookmeyer. A»it. Caah. D1BKCTOBS; JL 8. Blw, W. H. Brtngbnist, Banking In ali Its Departments promptly '"safety to Cuatomers arid Stockholder* "Strong Re«irr» Fund maintained. I) t OLAJi'S OFKKA HOUSE; William,Uolim Manager. ONE NK1HT ONLY. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 15- Allen and Taylors Plcmte«iie ana Impressive- Aratrlcaa Naval Play •'...THE EN5JQN A StioDg Company suppoitlDg the TalW and Beautltulletrets ; .. MISS BESSIE TAYLOR The Company carries a' cat load of ttftutttal sceneo lot Ibis Piece. "• Prices, 23c, 35c, GGc75c,-Bn<ltl. ' Seats on sale at Johnson's DmgstoM DAILY Ladies' McKinky 'gold ribbon -badges 10 conl«.-<;. "W. Giwes. '• AVoldon sells ;tlie Jbest shoes.' In, the city .for tho loast. money. • . . ; , ' arem'» TJnioa ,sui:ts .ait tcwest prices' this Tvetik.— Tjrad* Palace. ' For information concerning annual gas rates, see carfl of Logan3port-& Wabash Vallej- Gas Co. oo thW page, Cafarles Hoi^tonm of Chicago lias taken a .poslflkxtt with tlio Columbia Brewing company ais nsstetani brewun'aster. Henry A. 'Stoll has...purchase(J the atock of groceries from - his'- brother; Jotin J. StoJl-and will take possession' "at once. "Coin" Harvey in ills speech at Can-, ton, Mo., referred to the 'IGenewils," •upecially Sickles' aod Selgefl, .pemo-' arats, as "paid wrecks." Tlite Is the Popocrat Idea of tlie voterans. • •' Tlie free silver rally «t HOT ton's gi-ovo last Satutxliiy- was not a .success. It was to be an all day nffair/fout no one. caine In tlie forenoon. In the afternoon about 173 people .were on tlie grounds, 'and M. Wlnfield spoke at 2 p. m. The Democrats from . -*.<lam-s township had to flx'thb. srojMMls, while iis near .the grounds' difl not go Awarded Highest Honors—WofW'» Fair. 'DR; MOST PERrECT MADE. A pywGraj* Cream of Tartar Powder Fr«« torn Ammonia, Alum or my other aduXirarrt RAILROADERS Of Indiana Will Rally at Indiana, polls. t Committees Appointed by Logansport Club. At a meeting of tlie.executive committee of the Kailroad Men's Sound Money elu* -lust, night tUe following, -committees were appointed to inako the necessary ivvrnngomcn-ts for the nt •teniJa.nce of the railroad men of this city on the.nionster meeting oT riiHroa-J men nt Lndin.un,i>ollis next Friday: .'.Trwnspbrtatlon—For.tho shops, John ..Teuksj telegraph deparanftttt and otD- c-es, C. R. Green,;-freight -house, W. H. Tjet't'j.passenser men, H:u-ry Orr; M. o£. nv.'department, A. F. Hockenibcamer, freight men, G«orge Conlon, E. N. Xay- lo,r; yard mien, W. O. Evans; TandaJift line. IE. ,T. Burke, .T. 0. Ed'gewoi'tli. • The committee -on 1 , transportation is to canvass,the departments o f t!ljc scr- vice and ascer'tato tlie-numiber of men deslrlnjr -to go, and K"a'sufficient uum- •l>er .to justify it, to arrange 'for'a'spe- .clal train. .' ••, Music—Ciiarles.E. IClinek, E. X. Taylor. ' ,. ' .:!>. • ' ' " Finflncc—C. S. Jonss, C. R. Green,, Eil Alexander, George ,Vn1le, H. S. Coate. , -!Reinde/.vous -ac Indiaiuiipolls—C. . 3. .Tones. '••'..' ' Badjrea, Damners, . etc.—E. F. Kenr- ,niey, A. F. Hock.en!l)eamev. ,Closi:ng Shops ML* ProvJding Lnn- itcrns—E../N. 'Itajilor, Bert McGimiis, •Frank Berolth. . Special-Rate for Non-RaJlroadcrs- A. F. Hoekenibeamer. . Chief Mai'sual—William Chase, .Jr. ' ; -'AH the committees' are rcquestefl to report to tlto President not later tlia.n Every Hallway- Men's Sound-. Money crab in Iniflinina has 'been n.*Ked to attend, and the reports *n the Indianapolis, papers' show that the attendance will be up to. expectations. The rall- i-ood chubs arc all matins preparations to.g'o, awl it is oxjpeeted tliar. there wild. Ibe eight' tho-usawl -men in line. There w Ml also toe clubs in attendance from •CDncinna'ti,' Louisville (Ky.), Chicago ami St.-Lmiis..- -The Terre Haute club Will 'have their en#hio'aiKl drain- of cars in Tine! ami .oithei- clubs nrc rii-ranging novel • features. Tlie LogaiMsport boys wlll'tako all the imisic-maKloig mater- kul there Is to.'be found, and oii-e of ^ the features will be the Ladlo-s' Glee club of Galveaton, which- \m sun?; itself l7i- s to favor here. The Pharos claims to have found a' I{«T>ubU'Cnj>i a life-Ions', friend of the Iiryan family, who' will vote -for Bi-j--'. itn. He lives liu Illinois. It also-claims tha t aTi uncle of one of the proprietors of the Pharos, « Republican In this couat-y, will vote for Bryan. In the Grcoly camipateJi' several EepubUlcnnR voKxl for Greeley and it'may be that a Kupublican or'two will vore for.Bry; an. but ft does not seem reasonable. Still, witlt tiie'soveini 'Irandi-ed sound jnorie;-.Democrats in Logansport alone a vote -or two will not be missed. The "Generals" will hn.ve an eseort. 'a\, Indiana ex-commander of th6 G. A. R.; Col. I. N, Walkei-; Prnmk M. Mnil- Jmrt, ex-secretary 1 of the Republican State Central commHtee, and Mr. Clay- ix>al of Indianapolis .Trinity Gulkl wjffll sary-a a liat' dinner 3n *he old Sterling bwHdtog om romth •twit toitaar. Insulted by Mr. Brjan's Misrepresentations. CAR-COUPLING BILL It Was Opposed by All of Bryan's Supporters And"Was Supported by Bryan's - • Opposers. ' Mr. Bryan- hi hJs ait'le-nip'ts to-array wsraril'/eil'hilboi-:on his' sidc^ forgets l-hat-labormg men keep posted-on public questions a.nd know that their In- .terests'Vire «11 iHie oWu;'r -may. McKla- Icy stainds'for protection,-, that is, .a eliauceto work; for«>uiod money, that 'is, gooil mioney far wages... Bryan four years ajjo -spoke for free bade, -and -Is now for free eoinase at 10. tx> 3. As aih.i'lta.s'lii'atioji of his deceit, Jicre he spoke of the car-coupliiug 'brill as one of tlie measures his friends faTOred. What -a'n'c the facts?' ChniiTnMih Bab- coek'Of tli-R Congressiional committee -looked u-p 'the record of -the Uvo parties xm-tills most imporbant piece oif'lefflslfl- tlon iiffectlng -the interests - of- labor wbllc'h hias -booa eousldored^in Coiifp*ess' during tlie last TITC yonars. •The safety-coupler law, which was approved March 2, 1803, was the only •a.et that involved tlie Interests of the orklng-me^i directly . as fl.gn.iast cor- poratiions and calpltal. Record of.' sil- vea- mom onithls propositiom forniis a re- •markatale showing to the light *f the remarks nwute 'by Mr. Bryan- tn .his i-ecent speec'li wlien,'he snld:- "Show me on wMch side tl* sympa-. .tJiles Oif a main are and I wiB tell you where'hi.s. vote -wMl bo. Show me a man wiro sy.inpii'tflriBes wRh, ' corpora- ttons, - sy.n«licntes, oiiid -the caplitallstlc classes, and I will show,you a man who will be.a gold .standard; advocate, o.nd say It is-'ibcjcause 'he':lov<«s lils.eoiintry. S-hcnv me the mart whose sympathies are wllth- -the toiltais' and.ki'iiegllng of manktad, and I will show you. a man who, wiheu 'lie tindeiretandls itilie nioney question, .will favor tlio gold and silver 'CoiUMKe of the OonstKtuliian." •When the cnr-coupler bill was before tlie House," aypeais in ;behsi'lf of its passage .foil 'tipoin a unimlber. of deaf ears., "it is iBterestlnrg, n.ttliiis-stage ..of thc..caiapa:igih, to note wJio. were '«ie men advocating -and voting- .for ••the' measure a.nd who wwe'"opposing. It. The'latte-r were miaimly''tli<xse ; wlio are appareatly so anxious to! advocate ttvc- .interests oC the w.brklnginco. Seven Repuibllic'.'in« ; and seiventy-seven.De.in'C'- erats 'TOted against the -bill, fl.nd , o£ these oyor sixty inre today loudly, pro- ela.imlln-g fa'eesilver as the pn.nacea for the ; 'i'Hs of t'li'e la.boflnjr-mfln. 'Antonj? those who Tdted against,tlie meastrre 'ds Mr.-Rlc'lKirdson, one of'llie guiUlng .spirit^ at-the Bryan iioadquartera. . In the"Senate there were, buit ten votes 'hgalnst the bill'; eight of fhose were east 'by DemocJ-a.l s, one of whom was Senator Gonmnn, a,nd two 1>y Re- puiblJcans. One of these »cmocTats,te now supporting the gold standard, but the restore active to uhe IJiterest of Ma-. Bryan and free, silver,. wliHe one of the. two Rephbllcaiiis opposing Uie bill -was Senator Stewart of Neywda, whose 'troubles :wi'th ttve-'Miawr employed on Ms iiewspaper, t:ie . Silver Knl-pht, form' recent iiiistory. ..Seoators-Cullom, Ch-andler, Hoar, •a.nd todgc-, and'other Reputolfca.n Senators were advocating the measure In and owt of Congress.' • Senator Palmer ga.ve iliiis voice and vote .In behalf of tlie iblH. Ex-P,resldenl. Hn,ri'I«on, wto approved the measure-and mncle Jklmr,. Hwce'.dliffierenit times .fecoimmendetl and urged upo.ii' Caugrc^s 'the' passage of the, safety equii>ment law, and today is talking 'to the worMngiman of -tlit eoiiniti-y'aclvlisin,p: them 1 to vote agrurnst tHie free coinage of silver,-. bec«.une': ft will be disastrous .to-their' interests.. .Another -aittempt to unite onganisswl laibor against tho good of Its members n,uK( ilaiborin« mon generally, was maflp tn the misrepresentation of caaflitions in free silver Mexico, 'jdfc.Bryan :ii«t.^l these staiteraenits.'to.soine-.extcttt; «uid hie fiitpporters even-went «o far n» to attepipt to show thai Mexicfln' dollan were wonth,o"iily fifty 'cents, becMJH •they'were counterfeit'..'....•.-'- .. ... Tlie Clricngo Trades and Lalxn- A»<- sem'bly sent. :; a" comimtttee of two, ,P. !•. Ma.«s.««Ml Patrick Eariflht,.-to mak«.«. •nonpai-ttsn'-n investigation. Tka.t m'rttee mad* its report'at the la'st Sunday,' and,'lt.iyn« adopted by. a« nitnost unanlmoug vote, only t^vo.'fleic- gate-ii s-pea.ki'ng-.1-h apposition to it. T-fce dele-)««te,s etoHmed, in. suibmitUnff. thslr .'reiMM-.t, -that 'they.carried otft.theil'i'.wiw- <.ion, In on unbiased and nonpar* wn mannei and tlvej sinnplT b'ctuaed tt« low state of tlie working clasuwi JM It wan, without reference *> "THERE WILL BE NO SETTLEMENT. I The Closing out of the Otto Kraus stock is absolute and should be taken advantage of by every economical pers n. Thousands were this season's purchase, right up to date hats, shoes and cloth* ing, appraised by your own citizens, men of sterling integrity, at the lowest cash wholesale value, understand, "Wholesale Value" naturally meaes a heavy reduction from regular prices, in many case* fully fifty per c?nt than actual coat, THERE WILL BE NO SETTLEMENT, the stock and fixture* will be closed out, the total stock was appraised at $44,499.4* $10,000 in excess of Mr. Kraus'a liabilities. The quicker the stock is sold the Oetter for all concerned on account of expense of conduct .ing sale. ' ' ALBERT G, JENKINES, Assignee. t-tons at astonishment at the pitiable pichires presente-d, arad'tue motion to adopt the report. caHed forth,-bunt little debate. - . The report, which The Journal will (jive in full later, shows as the committee *says " that the American* workingman ami the American farmer are '.princes', compared with, their Mexican 'brethren."," .Tlnis Is the dceeptioin toy wli.iicJi Mr. Brywin expects to elect himself by sot- ting the people to vote a'galust their own interests, exposed- AT THE FRONT. An OJd Logansport Boy Honored by His Utah Neighbors. The Manti (ttah) Messenger, lu: .spoafc'tag' ot'.thc'Kei>ut»Mc:ntt kuwinar tioms- says:' ..•• ' • • •' "For the offices of Treasurer ;in<] A«-" sessorthe HepiiWicaninorniiiees ore.ex- ceptionally strong men. .Both' Will L. Irons and Ei .T. Conrad .are mort of acknowledged ability, and their acquaintance with Hie work especially ills them for these offices. E: J. Conrad Is athor- .o'ngh) ami very successful, business mam 'and understands the duties of the 'office of Assessor -better, perhaps 1 , than •any man toSanpete county, and knows the true valuation of property. The Republican 1 candidates., for Ui-ose two 'offices are most excellent men, and merit'the support of ail people." Ed Conrad is;an old Loga.nspor.t boy, bom'.iind raised here,-, nod liis friends •will -be glad to learn that 'lie'-is i\iiiiking so hiigh ton lite new borne. He deserves .well of the people of Sa.npete county, and they ougtot to make .'his election unanimous. KODAKS KODAKS Ihavetheaginey for the products of the EASTMAN KODAK CO of Rochester, N. Y.. the largest and beet equipped coccern in the world manufacturing PHOTOGRAPHIC INSTRUMENTS and SUPPLIES. Their goods are taken as Standard the world over. , Size 3x4 inches; weight ounces. Takes a picture inches. Either film or gla«. •: plates can be used. Does pep-! feet work. Price$5.00. .-'I FRANK HANLEY To be at the Rink Next Friday Afternoon.- Congressman Frank Haniley, the brilliant young <>ngrcss,nraa,. one of the mast eloquent speakers ,tn : One State, will speak ait the link next Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. .TMs meeting was ptaeeti ait this 'how- to gdve. the township clubs nui opportunity to herir Mr. .Hartley, and there should be a large attendance iPnonvowtsiOft'ttie city. Takes square pictures, 3Vjs3% inches; size camera, 4%x4%xC inches; weight 20 ounces. $10.00. *ra»- ..sliAft Improved No. 2 Bullet: '''.'. ' ' —'•—— 4 ..'This- outfit is sufficiently large for all ordinary amateur photography. Includes lamp, .trays, two dozen seeds Dolio paper, solution, etc, Prie*. $1.50. • • . A. B. C. Developing and Printing- Outfit. ,,^ Full Line of Supplies Kept on Hand. C. : W. Successor to W, T. GIFFE, 413 Broadway. | : COERCION IN MICHIGAN. The Bcinilbillcaa caimpaign comimittee :ln the sta,te-'of Mlolilgan -Is;'toying no easy' job. We Imve. heard' before thnt fchoitactlcg.oif the Popocrats were of the bulldozing variety- Today we met a quiet and. iuiteiri'gemt yoiuiff; tra.velkis ,man—'by no means an-cirthiisiast—from Missouri,'who has 'been''l ravel ing t.|iTOUg:h Michigan f or some time. He -asserts'that it .Is a'comiinoa occur-' rence-fpr,.'anyone who -attempts to talk In favor of sound: money,-.-to' bo drii'mmefl oft the.streets.'by a 'howlto-jr, hootinjj mob. Ho gave one:inelante in pn,rl:ieuiair, of amain w']io..i.ppe.iTcd on a street corner, 1n Jncksoai, .fii 'a spring wagon? with a black-board wi.th- which to itlusli'rate his s'rgiimenit« ln''fa.vor of sospd money. .Twst as' sooiv .as +.he cr»wd s*w what lie whs itp to they i~et up.a (I. 111 ' an <' 1 became teincte, nJmost upsettln? hte wagon, driviinfinlm out of to^-n om tie run, hoo.tliofr.aif tor him like will! Indians. Somerime? ni.en' shoot at. siouad, money people. : He'/a'ssei'ts that ouc can- scarcely believe how. near like anarchists they. act. Taflf.aboiit coer- c'iou/, (tctttail Inttoiidaila'irjj si'.tlic-wle ifl Mfchignn, • . ' '' Glen,.'the inifant sew of Mr., and Mrs. Toh-n ^y. Hoker,.died fit the family resi- dauce ,iia the Ea'Stend,-,. Satordny,. .'of iliiBfi fevea-. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock-at tire Zion church, in Harrison townslLip. Inter- was.- had' in the Harrison; town- cameteiT. ;', . ... • :floiunnoiv>w work wMl- begin- a± the 'Spencer park, on an, el'glvt.foot.gi-avel ,walk from ^'- paviUow wliere -. tlrc^ -street ears stop,; uortlv toehvwh, the' frees •'.toward- the riwr. - This :-w411 be ijn I tb-.fl» attractive ndditlon, - to the •plea«i»t features of thp park.. ... •• — ' -f Klie btcaetea Kirte Is so.meTvl*ere- in tUff AWanitic wJtli hei ismibenirt! ereglnt broken down^ and will tie belilad tune Imtoport W. D. BYNUM Chairman of the National Democratic Committee To Address the Sound Hooey Democrats of Cass County. The Somud Money Democracy of •this city 'aind counity li'ave secured the services of Hoot W. D. Bybum, chair- main of the National cotnimltteei for a speech ait the rink on the evening of October 20th. Ex-Congressman- By- aiura -Wtfs one of the leaders.of Dem- ocracy'ln tlris State un'liil the parly was led astray ait the Chicago convention. Uipojvihiim lairgely fell tlie work' of reorganizing the party after its demoral- iao-fclomv' He was tSie central figure at tho Indikninapolia Naitional. convention, •iwwl Ms forci-ble stand against the.free silver folkioy greatly extended his national retpuitatlon. ' . DEAXH OF A PIONEER. .Tohii..Work died at-.liis 'home in Lu- ceiiie Suntlay morning at 4 o'clock. o£ old aye. He was bom to 3S03 fliwl re-. moved .to this State eighteen ye;irs ago from Ohio. The funeral wall be held lih-ls morning at 11:30 o'clocK, at tlie ijiiceme Presbyterian cniurdi:. Intcr- moait will be had in the Indian Creefc cenieterj'. ' • • , Mailfc Collect was slightly -hurt 3u. a : ruoiiweiy yesberdny morning. The. shafts in, some way-parted .-from, tlie . bsggy;- Hie horse lunged forward, breaking the traces, and the driver, j Mr. Cbliett;"was pulled over the dashboard »y the anJimnl: He *nceee<l<Hl in :sropplms'..tl*e bnrte. • .. HAD TO STEAL IT. ^ Lafayette Road Race was a Clear ^ Case of Larceny; "^ • .Tlicre -was some "sUenaneg-iu" use! - ; '\ to;beat' the -vs-i.ttn*r of tlie time prize *b. "^, .tlie' ten-mile road race at Lafayette -on«: -| week ago 'last Monday. A dozen peo- * pie caaig-to tiie ifijiie of liie riders, anff^"| they all-ngreed thiit Chailej- Graait ol - £ this city w,i8 tifteon seconds better .on -^ flie -dime ttoam any <tt tlie riders In the -,5 race. But the official 'timers and the ^ Lafayette Cycle drib, Whiclv gave the ^ ra«ei ditto'.t .want tlie IjosiiDsport niaa; ^ to have-the race, s» -they gave it t« '-; Jiack Siiiith of Frankfort. " ," They .way Uiey d1<l.It was this: Wheft '£ ,it ^tis found -that (Jrant 3rad won, by at lost fifteen seconds, they got tijeir he.ix.ls losrc't.h'er and begna to consider, •how they -c-ouW beat Him out of it. Some rider who wos In, the race carnc.-^ in and said that Grant -Iraa beem priced , x part .of the v-uy iln tii« race. TWs was ' the opi»rimitt.y the comrafttee wsur lookiinig for, «> tlbey threw .him out OR flie plea tiiat hc'lwwl aiqoepfcd.pnjce. A* a ma-ttor of fa/et, fh« committee kaew that all O'f the time nien were paceft, amd -the'three eci-nitx:h mea p:uced oact, otiier tli-Mujrhout 'Oic race. Grant- was iJie on.^- nia« on,thc.«n*nate nuw*, f»,i.rt«(? utterly clone, and how it wa* ixjssilble for him io accept pace In view } of -rlils toot, tbo'coiftmittcc d*a not st»p to coiniskler. mud tliot was whore they U-lppeti .tte-mseilve^. • H wa« sv steal, and tlvere were many Lnfeiycbte j)oople wlio'tonew It -lo be s<o at the time. Tht priao weuc lo a, ««o*l m«.a, but he' ipod'nha-t fact. Lafayelk-cy- . >sc iliat were -in on'the deal.. • •tlms Is. will not gain rt.ny-i-hinjr by tJite..,. : •:' vCARD ; The faan.ily aind relatives of .T. H. Ivulgtot wish .to thabk-the Ja<Mes o-f r.lio Lincoln, Circle and 'the' friends find who kindly nld«l during late V DAUGHTER'S OF LIBERTY •Q jH meet at tlie G A R bill \\ ei Aiy afiteinoon at 3 30 p m on neconnr <rf the haU betn« Jn u<=e foi «vtnJngs-of ( _ . -1 13 G! iinjt for Sawrday • " on ! > ecoliai -of the R«H! m<,v1in» at.P«-«. So maaT, desire to yt> fo Pei-u'*> *«ar tlio distin- . made so as iw>t *« inlcrfere wit* the Peru ATTEXTJOX PRTJXI COUPS.' The iiWuibors of t'h*. HcKinlcy D Oorp<i are oid<red to be nt the rink thte moralxw at 0 30 «Jmrp

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