Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 13, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1896
Page 4
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* otin Gray's CORNER. i tall and winter underwear, he ha* cornered the largest lot of under• w«ar ever b'rought to Logansport at hard times prices for cash. These gtods are direct from the factories and •C the best values In all lines for ladles, ftnta ant! children; go and Investigate ud It will not take you long to decide Where to bny your underwear. -,'^in "V '-On RS'AL' !!_.•• frx.k '-i N > ~ •• ' every day In tho week(except by the Loeansport Jour- mil Company. • • -WRIGHT T President -W. B-jVKiL.ni v[ce pregt^nt 'E8. Sucre tary _ B. BOYER... per Annum per Month .............. ••• Official Paper of City and County. tBiitertd as secona-claaa mall-matter at V Llgansport PoBt Offlce, February s. it ___ __ ___ _— " TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1S9U. REPUBLICAN TICKET. THEIR MOTIVE. jislt IIOAV .Tones ia-.ncl Stbw-ar.t .a,ud oiiheir flgti't'er* 'for silver can ihou- .(TStly iVdvocwte .Its ciiMse. In 1S73, .jjilviur !ubovc .pair nmd mostly until cued, they spoke 'and voted for si go Wore thvy 'h'uwest flicii; or M aunplgli't, or tln-ougli in- If Winy •decta.rud sHlvor »i poor son*.,,"! wliiile" M: was at a parity with- gokl, iliow «un 'tihfy 'believe It .-honest ••uud ri"ii»t wlicm dlts vailwi tit .t:hu legal KiiUo is d^tt'etiUiitod one fculf? .Apnln a qiu'sltai flipiisc*, ao-e.'tlwy lionwst now o;r -bcniKtt outright or tilwougli' eelf-teh- miissV AM telicatiloius po-loit to groed as •tihe.ii- 'riffimg motive. ' A'tnericnius a<re asked ito Jiolp Uliem low-ar -aw co.Wjrbtmed' people to a silver -bast's v/iheo. sill foraiffn buis-;iiess'- must ,be wuTicd on- -xv-Wu gold. Mr. Arthur Sew* goM-standard caiu.dida.te cm a mislit'ticket,.. u*t'<S goM stipulation* in 'ifl'l lllto COllt'lVliCJlS. i^O PO'pO^'nVllC' \rJV\ *. 1 ca:ii prevent -h'liu. No tssuo cfl.n succeed wlwlie difs.-pro-inotors told such •profound TOufb'oflW i» i : t, amd refuse, to 'Wvlly 'Indorse at. Leaders to Mr. i\s parry c-i'U oiin.v be classed as deinat'Ognes. VotOT.s who follow. ;iro imsli-d as a nilo. ov r.HOBART ol Now Jerfley. For Govornor, •AMES A MOUNT of Montgomery Co. *** For Lieutenant Governor. m m. HAGGARD, ot Tlppeoanoe -County " For Secretary of State. ' OWSN. ot Cass County. " State. , m 3 THOMPSON, of Shelby County. "• Judge of the APPeUate Court. C.. D. W. COMSTOCK of Wayne County. JAMES B. BLACK^ofMarion County. "*^ Flftn District. C . Z. WILEY,_Of Bcnton County. F.' JONES. For CongrosB, GEORGE W. STEBLE. . s-or Joint Representative; .WHJ.IAM T/WILBON. of Cas» County. B«pre«entaUve-CHABLE8 B LONGWELL. _CHA!ILES B. HALE. '• r^k^JOSEPH G. GRACE. ^reaaurer-BENJAMIN F. ESfe • Third District—ABRA- 'HSraHYDE'lJEB. COMPARE THEM "The Republican party Is. unreservedly for sound money. It caused the «iUM*tnent of the law providing for the nfumptlon of specie payments In 1879; •Ince, then every dollar : has_ been as good a* gold. "We are unalterably, opposed to «reiy measure calculated to debase mr. currency or Impair the credit of ouccovotry. We are therefore opposed . J» tua free coinage of silver..exc€pt by International agreement with the lead- lag commercial nations of the world, which we pledge ourselves to promote, *nd until, then such gold standard must ,ft* preserved. "All our silver and paper currency - »nst be maintained at parity with - (Old, and we favor all measures de- •ifned to maintain Inviolably the obll- gatlong ofthe United States and all our .money, whether coin or paper, at the preaent standard, the standard of the «OBt| enlightened nations of the earth." —Bepubllean platform. "We demand the free and unlimited «oluefi» of both gold and sliver at the present legal ratio of 10 to 1, without waiting for the aid or consent ef any •tber notion. We demand that the •iaudaW silver dollar shall be a full Itfil t«pder, equally with gold, for all 48bts» pobllc and private, and we fav- •»r«nc}» legislation as will prevent the flMBO'netlzatlon of any kind dt legal tender' maaey by private contract"— D«B*>c«»tlc platform. M We demand free and unlimited coinage of silver and gold at the pres- . «nt>te8*1 ratio of 1C to l."-Popnllst -platforiA, 1892. "We bold to the use of both gold and -•Urer aa the standard money of the e«nntry, and to the coinage of both 4«dd and silver, -without discriminating •gainst either metal or cnarge for wtatngS. out the dollar unit of coinage •Cftothi iBetals must be of equal Intrln- • -flevanfl. exchangeable value or be ad- fmted 1 through International agree- jnent or by snch safeguards of legislation as shall Insure the Maintenance, tt-th^ pKrlty of the two -metals and the •qnal power of every*dollar at all times Ittihe morfcets ftnd In payment of debt, •nd w« demand that all paper <mrrency •ball be> kept at pir with and redeem- Irt aach coin. WB MUST IN- L T7PON THIS POLICY AS BS- NECESSART FOE THE OP THE FARMERS AN0 CfcBORING OtASSES, THE i ASD MOST 'DBFENSELESS MHiOP UNSTAfitE MONEY AND! A; FtUOTUATINO pUR- ^a«orai,;:Ji8W| ? ABP1.E' STORY- Iblght on -Ilite Jieols- of Gov«m:or.Mfl.t- ••« daseo%-cry itflffiilt'lHItle Wl'Ue couH eait fl-,n mpinto OB a toiiu wh/ile.-in mo-t.i'on •a Borai KenMieky 'Citlzou- who cihiKlms to Sism-o found 'flJJ aiiplc in '"Is arc'liiard «i wIMcih 'Wie word Bryan .was i tin, Jai-jfo letters -by nature. ^ OiJiero aniist l« aottne decip «iligiulflen.nco In 'th'is miiipfle. 'busta'CiSS. -Of -coiu-se. Mr, Brynin 'is a pitppto -and frui.t for his opponent but "is tliat tlie only-stgnlfl-. cairace? . • . It -will -be rciaieruil>cn?d tlinit Adam got -iOlto trouMc. over -tlhe wpple •busiiocss mud tin* .*Ji» worJd ,wuiis witaiout 'sin -nn'fill Adaim mite am -npipli 1 . W is not OTiifcrtl'toow uninray diodhes 111 c'trcumfer- enieo-*- wns-biit tlrnlt'is tnaonsequen-. tial. Now Mr. Bryan en!ts «n, apple riSlrt to .Infltaina bea-e, tne, Gni-dam of Ecteii. Wlin* else own '11 mdam tihan. •tlhat •Mr. Bowm ^"-"1 i t>r lll ' ni S ^ tto 1llle P 0Utii;Wvl wortd mil 'tlie .tirouMo lie promises? . Wha,t is-the Journal's'opinion'of the United States? Docs !t toaHcvo tlwit tills nation 4s. so weak thttit it can not adopt*a financial poli-cy without first. RCttlflg the consent-of Great. Briitain-?- Pharos., .:• • • Certainly, and so,docs tne Pharos. Tho Pharos is not the fool It pretends to be. 'The man who opens a store and stiys, I will pay nothins but corncobs for. goods," must first got the consent of the jabbing houses to take corncobs for poods.. The argument of the Phar-, os four yen-re ago,-was thait we must not adopt protection and take care of ourselves; manufacture ami raJse.all we need Uut must "buy wlierc we qa.n ibuy cheapest." Now -it 'tnlces the oi> posi'te stand and pretends to ; t thlnk that the TJnltod States cam 'adopt a. fif- 'ty-cent dollar to use in these foreign markets,'and that we can use them-'In foreign markets without getting-an a-groement In the foreign markets that they, shall be taken for more thnn they are actually worth.-, Any man can.see the nonsense'ln the Pliaros proposition, and the .ridiculous part of Jt Is tli-a-t it should really be a matter of discussion at all. It would 'be imiel» more sensible for the Pharos 'to dispute the tact that two a.nd two make four. • ' • Gold lias .decreased to value tin the. Jasttra-enlty years. .In the last five and one-half years the increase, in visible gold amounted to ; :$72G,000,000.. Tlnis great increase has been' shown, ia the effect on la'bor.'the nrost rellaWe'bnsis of estimate. 'Gold will buy loss laibor than it would twenty years ago. It •will buy more -wheat because- of the girent surplus of wheat and the •;reat jncroase Jn prodiretion In -cheap latoar nations. Its increase In, pur- c'hastnff power here is relaitive, nod the Pharos cannot'Juggle'successfully on this point, if Jt will meet the .question, ot fact 'let it present iits argument showlnis any In-croase in the value of gold. It cannot do so but it can, toly upon «. jjarblod Journal staitenfent to prove what Jt itself- knows Is nbt.trw. It dare not meet a square issue on this •proposition. It Is a coward - ..and a IT IS NOT AT ALL PROBABLE THAT THE NEX|C. HOUSE WILL HATE A MAJORITY FAVORABLE TO THE FREE COIN1AGB OF SILVER AT A RATIO OF 10 TO 3. •WHEN IT BECOMES A DEMONSTRATED FACT THAT THERE IS WO DANGiEB OP THIS OOUNTiRY ADOPTII'NQ TBTE S.IL.VER STANDARD IN OONDUCrriNG THE BUSINESS OF THE COUNTRY, PROS- pfEJRITi" WILL OdiM'E AGAIN AND, WniH LOWER TAXES ON THE NEOESSARD3S OF. IflPE, EVBBT KIND OF BUSfliNiiaSS WILL BO0M AGAHN.—Piharw edltorlai, .March 12, 1886. tliese atones there .Me the bones Of Hliraimi Henry Rldd.; : . •', . H« 1'ilved an won Ibuifdirefd years, ...... (Tlhlajt'a niH Jw ever did.) . THE SOLDIER COHBINATION. Distinguished Veterans to Speak on Tuesday Evening. Tile veterans aud the veterans' Soils oiro vea-y uvucli dm Oiiirnosaf to make the on tlh'e'oc-ca-stou o'f 'Uie visit of Generals-Sickles, I-Iowo-rd, SIgvl,,Al- ger aiud- Carporail Tflwmsr groat turn oultis. No snore conspicuous soldtors vlio wore to 'tihe ilait'e war ai-e now Mv- tog- '.tihain itliose- wlw> ai-e j?ot-ng from ol'ty to city iui>ik L ai.Muig to veterans Mid r .sons to vote for McKtolcy. Edigiair Slcklt'S was' 'born, lii 1832. AVlion: he appeal's in this city he will lack but seven, clays oi Mug isoveint.v-'llli'roe yraiirs of : -age. He 'bcigu.il li'te as a. p-imfer, slmlled law, took a'pairt'.ii-u ipoWtiestis a Demtoorat •im Now York and-;rosc. to distraction.' Wlion W* oh'M wu 1 -broke owt he was •one of die first mcni. -to ooinc to Uie suinpo.pl! of. tilit Uiiiton, ralslMg t'he Ex- cedsior 'brigade to Now York City. -He' entered the service as colonel, and was 0:i» of 't'.hc first of Lincoln's brigadier lie ..foiigdit lie Ho saw all the of Hie army-of the Fotcmuic from Ball Run to Gettysburg, w hi*relic .()oniiii-;luinlic"il 'niwt ibhiird: coniw -and lost a. lee. There was- no more, -(ksspcra.te. fiflliitteg duAtg tlluc- war taw.n titat in tihe .pfflit-h o'rc-tord, and praTMtoly no canps ever 'lost -so Jieavlly to a stogie •battle." UoiMit hc-lxsTilcved toe war is : suw wita-e sottiod lie.-stood wMi- Uic Tihc.iv llie turned to t:lio Democra:tillc pni'ty.. He served', in. tilie last congress, wli/dre lie' crdtic'ised t'he pcpslon -pollicy of-ITokc Smith. W'licj) ithe OlUc'aigo canvention'turned ont.as Jit (1M General Sickles dwclarad tor Mc- K-inlciy and 'tibe ntntiomia dionor.'- Ho. was au$ of llhcse wiho pr-oposeil, ffliis tour. W-hcm 'a yotmiger -man lie was a •briUla.n't otwtor; .amd s evan,'" now he Sip.ea.fcs wtJHirairc -power.., He ll popular wiiltili -ailil soW«!Cirs,.'.be«iMse ; he has. never •forgo't't<;in,itlicilr oo.uso-. Oliver OtJ« Howard as -a native of •Maine. He to .in'ea.ifly' siSty-sIx years of age. Aftar ffrad0n:Ming rroiu-Bran- dott collose lie «itoi-ed West Point :unl was. .grafluaited' to 1834. He was : then instructor ®t West PoJn'l-. He resigned .(to aw*!* 'tilie coHonielcy ctf tihe TWrd wliau the.^var''broke out. Ho gaMnnlry at Bull Bun, snljga'de. He •n-'as -irinde ___^ 'with Slcklos. la.thfe PonHuisnjlar' ciampaiigia 'Jm' Vlrgitata; tfo lost Oils rigilvt -amm. ''As 'ho i\-«s belns •Itoiinie 'fii-o-ra iHw •bsntit'le field foe met tho gallant Jvearjjey, who had lofet his loft aran 'to Mexico. ' "Kearney," 'Ho cried: -,"you nnd'.r.'bny. our gloves toge'tli<;r. .ii'ereaiftcir." He rctuirn«l to t'ake part La the baittle of .Antieitann, and was in •nQil the oampaiigins' of itbe army of _thc :po.tomnc.'t:o and talctadinff Gottystrarg. wli'ere die co)m 1 niia'n<lwl .- dilio Elevenitli' coiips irtnd fli'my tilne.'first day of Ulic fight, wliile Goriernl jieade -was getting iijp. He was''then. taiini&Pcin;ed to ihe anupr in Tctwuosecie, Ho wos at ^Look-., owt'inoaiiit-ii.ta,••Missionary nld^e n,nd in tlhie expedition ; t6 rolle^'e Knoxvlllie. In July, 1S04, Jio was assigned ito-the command of the'ariny'of-tMe-.Tennessee'at t'lre request of Geneml Sharmaiik Hero she was jigadini'-vvoninii}ed; but was at -tlic of Atkuwta, 'He t'orn-ni'anded ..._,_ liiigitot iviiing'of 'iShomwun's anny on tine mraroli to the sctu He wnis am'actlve .officer jn Indian'rcalnipa.lgiiis .and .a j-tin.joa-'ireinwa'l : of the" regular army wiliien. ^ic -rnn'S rotted. •• .G-cmieipail FrmnB : SI®ei was bo-rii lin Ger- mhiny'-nearly ecTOHty-two years ago, wflie.rc ! he reitfaliveid «' inffitary education bwt'wnis compelled to- foave fhsit country- ihaoaTise of IMs.conttiiecffloin wltli Hie revoluitUomiBts. He came ito i-hfe country to 1852.-. He wnetoSt I^ouife, ateachea- of, awi;Ohesuiatii'CS wnd- IhliStory to a) Ger- •iaxu liistiltuto, when- t!hie -wair broke out. He '-assi'sted din oa-fe-vunlztog a •rogl'mon't and battery iaind'.TO!ixIerad--effleieint service In.the capture of Catoi) Jackson. HJe romoveid on Jltssouii 'amid 1 ArlMiUi.sn.s; rendering exceQleut service iinibH transferred to Hamper's Pcirry, He had 1m- 'portamt (krainnandls a.nd was a useful ofEfer, tmt w«s comi)pelilied to> reitiire 'froim fl'eld sefrvlce, flind comiuisiinded im: p6rtnmit> dlvJstons. In 1S7G -he^. Joined the BamocraWc 'partj- and was made Pemsiion ARent to Nei^v York by President Clwetanid. An-188C. He lias made (several. cotLtrillralhi'raie -to Qiletorieaa. a.nd- polltlfcal (llteKi.ture En ffemioml. Gflntewd Algertewell fcnown'. Hc- en'tered' tlife service as am •enlisted nmn, ecn-ed dm Klhe Mloliillgan cavntoy regl-' rocpt wlitali) Shemnnm flr&'t comiina'ndal, flinil ultllmataly ibaai'raife its colonel. He wae a. 'giaitaiii't' soMiter. .' He Iwi's.'bcen •noc'earful to--business since- the- Avar •and Jisis imafle a giood \TO.B of most of Ki's wealiJU.' He taiis beam'a. lcad<jr in itte counsels of •tho- Gnamid ''Army. *<w yieaiiis and Us v«ry iioptilair \rttih-Wis com- 'liades. Be fans Itoeitt G-evarnor of Mioh- iiijam and tos toecit,m useiful'mon in-'the •'lte|pu1)lloaa party for a. qwartef'of; n eontwry. •. . ' : •. dorpioral Taininer Js.so.well known, to itihe vdtxsramfl and to people generally ttet 'Jt.is scarcely mecessniry to ln.tr.p- du'ce Kta' to thie pntilic, .He lost'bo-tih lulls toga •eiairlyta.'ihie ^ar.^mid lna» since sufffflred '-aimiDutaltiUMW'... : :'Por ."•" *- QR4ND OPENING SALE OF EXQUISITE UNDERWEAR at the WHITE HOUSE, TODAY Everything from a 50 cent Suit to the Finest Garment made. We solicit an inspection, A Wn. GRACE & Co. The White House Clothiers and Furnishers 316 Market Street. •b'oair tili'e soldlier orators "tlirougb Ind- kuiKV tos been revised fls follows:' . ,O.ot. 12—Leave Hammond 11 n. m.; M. C. . ' . Oet. 12—Arrive • Mloh-lgain City 12 jioon;.!L. E. -and W. > Oct. 12—Arrive Laporte 1:30 p. m.; L. E. and W. Oct. 12—Leave Laporte 2:30 p..in.; L. S. «iud M.. S. Oct...12—Ai'rtvo South Bend 3:15 p. '•m,;-L. S. 'niucT-M. S. ...-•• Oct. 12—Leave Souoh Bend.G p. m.; L.'S.- and M. S. ,;6at. 12—Aiirive Elkhairt 0:30 p. m.; stay.oveir.Jiiight. Oct. 13—Leave Elklmrt 6:30 a. ra.; L. Oct.. 13- Via- South Bend, 9:30 a, m.; Oot,, IS-iPilyiroou'th 0:30 a, m dalta. '. .. Oct.. 13— Leave Ply^nouMi 10 a. m.; . Oet 13— Arrive Loganeport 11 a. m.; ana-i'-in. ." •' Ocl:. 13— LG.T.VC LOSWU sport 12 nooir, i.ili. r 13-ATi-ivo Dellphli 12:40 p. m.; .'.Kh. • ii'., '13— Leave. Dolphii 1 .. 1:10 p. m.; . , . . Oci 13-rAnive Lafayette 1:40 p. in.; ."Webs! sfli. Qc-i, .13— lAKive'Tjofciyctte 4 p. m,; Big •Four: v ^ Oci, 13— Arrive Lebanon 5 p. m.; 'Big I. our. • Oct. 13— Leave Lebanon- 5:35 p. ra.: Bifi.Four. ..--•'••-.';. Oc't 13— Arrive Imlin«aia.poUii'<3:2u p. -m.; Biipr FOOT. . . '.. Qcil, 14— Leave Indianapolis 9 a, in.; Big Four, • ••..';. £><#. i4_Ara-Irrc Anderson. • 10 a. m.; Big Four. ... . ;'••• . •Oct. 14— Leave Anderson. 11 a. m.; BlR FdUl 1 . . •''.•• Oct 14— Arrive Marion 12 noon; Big •Four. • Oct 14— -Leave Marion 12:40 p. in.; Big Four. pet. 14— Aiufiive Hartford City 1:10 p. in.; Pnaililanidfe. Oat 14— Leave Haintford City 1:50 p. m.; L. E. and. W. 'Oct. 14— Arrive Muneio2:30 p. m.; L. E. sund W. Oct 14— Leave Muncle'3:30 p. in.; L. E. ainfl W. . . ' ' : ,• .-. , Oct. 14— Aim-lrvg-NewcaiStle 4 p. m'.; L. E. and W. i Oct. 14— Lea.vo JJcwcaetHe .5 p. m.; New Waverly and Young America Hear Sound Money Talks. W. M. Keiiniey of Rochester, a former Democrat, and an eloquent and very witty speaker, a boyhood friend o£. Bryan, and a firm--believer, from honest -.conviction, in ihe .cause of Sound Money a;ml McKuloy, was Heard by albout one hundred people at the school house in Young America last night It was a fine'meeting, and the speech was in every way worthy of the occasion. Martin.Quin-n, .a, young man of Ml- auil count}-., a former Democrat, taUjed to the people at New Waveriy las' evening. T.he school _buildtas was filled with .people, and all stayed until business closed. There were several Mclvioleyized, Sound Moneyized Democrats 'in .the'audience, and several Populists were present and remained throughout ' Will Rosier oteo spoke. . IN CIRCUIT COURT. Cases Disposed ol Monday and New Suit* Filed. The en.se of the State vs. Harry Fisher occupied the attewtlon of the court yesterday. . It is a <a»e of malicious trespass and tli» ctatge is preferred by Benjamin Angel. It Is claimed by the' prosecuting witness that defendant maliciously, destroyed a paind or so of wire fence, thereby allowing stock to got into a field of growing grain) and .catasiug danxvge to the nimount of four or five dollars. The case occupied all of the afternoon session, and-an evening session was necessary to close it Tl)« jwv retired a^ nibout 9 o'clock, and a T«niJct will be anhoimced tliia mornln«. . . 14_Amvc Richmond 5:45 p. n>.; remiadn over iiifflit • pctt. is—Leave RAchrnomJ S:45 a. m.; P. C. C. and St.L. Oot 15—Arrive RuslivaLte' 10 a. m.; P,,, C. C. and St. L. Oct 15—Le.ave Rusftrrille 10:40 p. in.; P., C. C. nod St. L. Oct. 15—Arrive Shelbyvnlto 10:40 a. m,; P. G.' 0. & St. L. Oct. 15—Leave Shelbyville 11:15 a. in.; P.,, C. C. and St. L. Oct. 15—Arrive Coluunibu* 12:35 p. ra.; • P., C. C. «uid St-jji.. Oct. 15—Leave "Columbus 1:30 p. m.; P., C. C. nmd f&. L. Get;-15—Arrive Seymour 1:55 p. ni.; P.-, C. C. and St. L. Oct 15—'Leave iSeymour 2:35 p. m.: 'P., G. C..5MK1' St L. Octi. 15—Aiu-Lve Sco-btistonrg 3:05 p. »).; P:, C. C. aind St. L. Oct. 15—Leave Scottsbnirg 3:45 p. in.; P. C. C. *nd St IL. . Oct IS^-ArrtvB JToffersonYiille 4:30 p. m.; P., C. C. -SID& SfeL. _ • Oot. 16—Eveajiing -onass ni'detling.-"at , . Oct 1C — Moiimiling airrlvc nit Cinioinuati 'ova- B. end O. S. W. Mrs. >I. P. Ham of Fort'Wayne, s soW-lier Itft So., 21 onid tlm-ee-acros land one-fi'f,beenth of.«n acre adjoluJflg ,tue Oaitliolic eeme'tery to WiUiam C. 'lStelnta.it JUKI- Henry Voss, who -win lots, ; to ibe.Known <us .Stalin- ,-... .. . .ROUSING nEETINQS. "THE WBLVE Yale's "Twelve Temptations" pleased a good crowd last might at the New Do- Ian, w.ltu bright scenery, otever. da.nc- ej-s and singers, a.nd a. nan»ber of unusually good specialities. The enter- 'taioment.ls one of foataM*,-,'*!! pleasing. ' . . „ • •• Judge Dyer B. McComidH wiil speak at the riak this afterwwu. At the ni'ght meeting, also at th« rhik, there will be an sujdress by «w Ht«n. W. S. Kenwonthy of Iowa, ooa ot t«« finest odators on the stump. . A d/ispaiteli fc-cnn M«n«» "wys *!iat a company of native aaMHn «t Mindanao, an .i*nd of tHe-.MM»y nrohl- ,, and. seoml format »f rhe iiie istadt?, nn« t«B«riied iwxJ kiilled : ;iit« Mus. .TolLii A. Logan, wthw of th* famous UnSon ffenorail t*ai ftc«i ciiosou prcsldenit of due liid'tes aasSB&Cf of tine McKlnttoy & HotaTt, CJftnw.aiffn club lately orgamlwd a-t' Crsimier, ot Inns sued the Stager Sknrt»s. Machine company for $r>,000,000-f»r Iris patents.. • '•' , Catarrh is a coiwttfaBdi** «»ease and require? a cau8(l«»«iw« like Ho»d's SarMiMrt* «*** fies th'o btood. • Old office. for 20 oents a MONKEY HAS GRAINS. B« Can Ri'lo a Wheel, 1« Fond of HI* Flpu and Dancct. Joe Storms is not the name of a boy. Joe is the bigfisted, stunt-bodied mon- ] iev — an ora'.ig--outang-. and os srnaAas- most younfi-sters of his age, for Joe is-, only four years old. Joe belongs Jn San. I-'raiicisco, where he lauded from the- oricnt on the steamship Coptic one- vear ag-o. Capt. Thomas'Storms, of Tacoma, Washinfftonr-is'the clever monkey's guardian. The captain commanded a tori; plying- between Uie islands of Borneo end Sumatra, and Joe was captured during- a trip to the.former place. A oonpl'? of month's cg-o Joe was foken. from San Francisco to Tacoma: to be- educated, Joe has just returned fron* college full ot hard-bo : led egffs and bright prospects. He was graduated with honors, and is-" now famoui througho-jt the land'a* the most learned! orang-outang: alive. The only correct likenesses of Joe ever, printed are given, here,'and they hardly do jus-tice fo the ape's classic countenance and figure. - Tlie smart little simian is in doubtful company just now, being associated with two stuffed deer, a mangy emu and a skunk called Trilby. -However, Joe is'all right himself, and ;iosleorned many tilings in college at Tacoma that will make ffte) happy and useful in,the. years tb come. 1 One of Jot's nocons- p]i,shmcnts is the weoring of clothes. At nig-ht he takes them off, rind dons them again in the morning without help. That's more than rabsWour-year- old boys can do. Joe smokes a pipe, and can carry the hod Jike on Irishman trained, to the work. Ho writes letters tohisbesf gW, drinKs from a,bottle,.dances.to music and rides a bicycle. Indeed, he has » bicycle face. He has joinedseveral century runs in the northwest. ' OrfCe le was arrested for s,corp.hing, but was el- lowed to go with a reprimand, from the -judge, who said Iw didn't wint aliy more sucli monkey business. Joe's owner says tlat he.can do everything but talk. .The only reason he Joea not-is because of his extreme-youth He has a tongue, teeth; and palate,[and could speaic if he had anything ro My. WOULD BEHEAD\HIS"OWN SON; Fuher Sentence! Him to D«Uk-Frl| MB.UO* Boy '!>•»* •»* Dumb. . On* of the mostcstraordwuiry resxiltl I c,t drunken frenzy; ever known in- 1?* f 5 country haa just occurred ia Eaat A former named Bchlott,'of Gejnim wMJelookingovsrhisdomainoncmori* „ •ing recently saw a lot of cattle coming | through a broken gate into his coj% j| field. Ho,hunted up his young j^-*® •who was in charge of .that partk field; and upbraided him for not l»l terattendi»ff.to his duties. Tbe-bpf* Answers enraged the man, and he swcn Jie would have hto son's life. . _., Ho called together half a dozeiy hi» companiousi who, like himself, IBM been driniing: lieevHy, and formied^ i frenzied sort of court-martial. The cul prft was smnmarily tried and conjrfct «d and Sclilott himself sentenced hif •on to be beheaded. PtepaxationB "for the prompt e? ticto at 'tfco lad at onco begun. 1 . bduna blm band' and foot and pi***! il» 'Load upon the stump of x • JJtds Oce-of Uic wrctahcs secured an ax, an?i' •the "sentence of the court" was act ly aboSt to be carried out when, th boy's terrfliod mother and elder brott ue, ottractcrf by his Kcreams, rusbtid t .fcis rescue. T]^>,y vi-rcatcd the ax from the tkmcrV' hands and €hcn ensued afier* strug-jrie between the rescuing part and tlie drunken creatures, who wiflhe _. to put tJic boy to death. It r»ul»f ^ in a victory for the mother acd he goo*. Tho boy, duriag the einoounte*-, ertyrn sudclonJy silent, nud itwoBfeup ioteir .that fear had «ot ocly made i 1 ^dumb, but deaf aa well, and pliysici ^ay it is doubtful if he will ever roco the use of iiife faculties. .-Latest U. S. Gov't Report. |

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