Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 27, 1954 · Page 23
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 23

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 27, 1954
Page 23
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.HOPf- ST*A," Hdft, ARKANSAS July, 3#>' 1954 rlHHfr iil,0fli£« fiv SWot* PublicAtk* H. JOHN Deere Model tractor anc equipment, $OSO. Sec G. G. Glas gow, Route,4. Hppa (old 20 Hig, way). 24' TO BttY Mefj's Wsed Shoes. Reaves Bargain Smp. 31-TF YOUNG, growth of cut over timber land. Anywhere in Southwest Arkansas. Will pay top prices, Phone 7-2228 or see Ralph Saun- derm , Jia-1 Mo- *f$*** 'sU& d* • ib«rt count os on* ward, [far. will notfb* tt*ffx» s „. ...-«, to wont A«to unlert fcdte' called to our attention .. ^.. Incorrect Insertion. H f 'tyf VST'* iecond clou matter r«t Olfic* ot Hop*; ArWni«, ; Att ef March 3, 1M7. ' h; •>ff»h« -Audit Buriou'cf Clreulotlohf For Sale RED spider lily bulbs. $1 per doien postpaid wilHift Arkansas. Cheaper here. Arthur Ofay, Ozaii. July 6-1 Month i LARGE) divart, 2 largo chairs, 1 coffee tabw. Call Mm. F. E. Russell. 407 E. 14til. 24-3t Wanted to Buy Real Estate for Sale THE UNITED FARM AGENCY Office at Boley's Court 2 Miles West Hope on U. S. 07 WE NEED FARMS TO SELL . . COAST-TO-COAST ADVER• TISINGON'EVERY. FARM * WE'LIST.-' • *. j j K "'Our'sale's records- prove that WE GET 1 RESTJLTS. * ^.FRANK C. 'DuSHANE ,'. Broker „ V "' ' ' Rr C.''MAY, - ' > " Salesman* 'Neither of us have any • business ' connection with „ ' any'o^her-office In Hope, • and no one else-has any { , , authority to claim.any con- f nection with "UNITED ' a i FARM; AGENCY".,* WE SELL REAL ESTATE ONLY '",'/' ' * ' , 23-8t PolHlcal Announcements fb«,lti* ii authorised to Ml- fcOtiBC* thit the followtof **• eifiillditeft tot public office tub- Jeei id the action of th« crttlfl twfiaury election!, 4th District Oftfitf HARRIS G. W, LOOKAD00 MORMAM M. WARNOCK AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland Now York Chicago Washington Ddtroit Boston Philaclelp hia Baltimore W I., Oft 23 n:> 3 2 01 37•H 50 40 53 38 .M 34 f>!) 33 03 P ct. C .691 .070 ,-] ,451 22 .4,10',24 .400 .•370 .O t\l lH if .344 T 33|" for Tr««turir HARRY tXAWTHOHm CLWFOKD BYBRfl DWIOHT Ye sterday's Results No games scheduled for County Clerk AHtfOLD J. MIDDLEBROOKS JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYERS ARTHUR ANDERSON Per Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) RUGGLES JIMMY COOK H, t>. (SON) PHILLIPS •TOM MIDDLEBROOKS CLAUD H. SUTTON 8YVELLE BURKE Alderman Ward Three Bi L. RETTIO •A. P. DELONEY ftrr Prosecuting Attorney ROYCE WEISENBERGER PRESTON DOWD TRAVIS MATHIS VAN JOHNSON Rotei "(pfiVdbli^ltf od- ^: * *•£*'•* •*» e ond'h»lghborlrifl, '"' * II* In (Hiiripstea • Howard. Ond , entitled ex. republlcatlon pjlnted'jn Jhls r al( AP n«wt T. > Svl i' Peaches now 'yr.^No worms-* JUjflht do not> kirja ihed on H/far. •, ' '* Lost GREEN- leather billfold about noon, Saturday between Dr. Cannon's *"horrie and the telephone building. 1 If found call 7-4G01 Or 7-2316. 26-3t Help Wonted ONE or,'two waitresses. Apply in * i( person 4 at Diamond Cafe. 27-31 SOME.ONE ,td cut t pasture, $l.SO per acre, $2:50 per'hour or 5c a* bale. P.* G." Lewis", P. O. Box 47, Emmet, Ark. 27-61 Alderman.Ward Four JESSE Ii. BROWN CHARGES TAYLOR HOMER BEYERLEY MRS. G. A. NASH 'Alderman Ward Two- JOHN S. GREENE FOREST L. HAIRR T. O, (TOP) PORTER Today's Games New York at Chicago (hi«ht) Boston at Cleveland (nighu Washing on at Ral'.inioro (nigh Philadelphia ot Del-oil (2) ttAVLt TAL60T. Mack in Control of the Athletics By JACK HAND For Gayle Tablet thing like 13 times in 1!) NEW YOTtK Iff)' — when the time Curing their' long -spring comes to pick a "Comeback of the lri P- Year" for 19-')4, hors IE a motion that the secretary cast a unani- PHILADELPHIA (ffi Koy Mock emerged i'l his own liyht today as the current strong man of tho ller striking out rowdy Dick so me-i philadtll P bi3 Athletics. r.t-bats ' r '' p normally quiet, unassuming SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION New Orleans Atlanta Birmingham Chattanooga Memphis Little Roc): Mobile Nashville W Cl 01 GO 57 !>2 48 43 L. 4.-, 4R 40 40 o3 no 05 O.i Pet. G .r>f;7 -.77") 1 .50(5 2 .538 3 .<195 10 mnus ballot for Bobby Fo.'lor, one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Bobby won't like it for he i.i :i proud man who insists he. never was away. Yet, he must know tho deviant! club all but gave up on him in '52 and 7)3 iin.l look him off the rgular stnr-tirtg rotation for a stretch, Timc"gliMeS by in this business 1— or any (ithrr — and the 17-year- old Towa plowboy of 1930 becomes at 35, a veteran "in the twilight ',( his career," as the boys dearly love to write. It seems only yesterday that you load about the farm boy from Van Meter, Iowa, who struck out eight [St. Louis Cardinals in throe innins<! in an exhibition game, his first appearance against a major league team, But that was 18 years ago Old-timer.? who traveled with tho New York Giants in 1937 still like .394 20ji Yenterday's Results Memphis 15, Mobile* 4 (Only game scheduled) Today's Games Memphis at Atlanta Chattanooga at Mobile : Nashville at New Orleans to tell about the saw Feller, and first time they the carck Dick Barlcll marie: Van Mungn." 'He's not as fast as The '.vise remark turned into a bitter war, with cotton states league w El ; Dorado 1 58 29 Alderman Ward One MRS. KATHRYN LOU FRANKS JOE JONES For State Senata 7th District GENE LEE. i Greenville : Meridian Monroe Pine Bluff Hot Springs For City Attorney C. V. Nt|NN. JR. Pop State Senator DR. ,F. C. CROW Funeral Directors Notic* yOTE^Boley's al) new, "All air con- ^ditignjdy court. When guests m f yourwts'inquiry. 4 people $5.00.. !K*H.- v'Jto, Jjjjy 3_l']VfO.' - $100 WEEKLY ''Will be easily .earned by the local resident enrolling people fMRFRIGIRATION PWRNITURE CO, ; Wmltsjrye.it ^v "V* £Iii r. FOR PLAN OF HOSPITAL AND . .J DO^TORS'COVEt^AGE This is not a <loor rapping, flyby^nigh. high pressure pro- f grarn. Your job will be to contact the hundreds pf people who 1 '. a,ve* - writing in monthly expr«W|£in£ their, interest in 05.11- They are' "waiting fpr ypit to eqrpll them. Full time position only. Cor is essential. Write, a Stating qualifications to: . Mr. R. 0. Burton PYRAMID LIFE INSURANCE ; k fJnil, !,}»,£/(, :;.; jgi, : '"©F KANSAS 803.Medical Arts Building ;.Little Rock, Arkansas 27-2t , Rpbby Shop, bargain in hand made furniture. v porch" swings, porch and lawn .furniture. Boat- building and repairing. 2?? East Third St., Hope, Ark, ' 27-3t OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME INSURANCE . . . AMBULANCE 2ND & HAZEL . . . PHONE 7-2123 J7-1MO. HERNDON CORNELIUS ' BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest In South Arkanpas. Call 7-5503 for our 54 48 40 36 26 33 30 43 51 Gl pet. GB .667 .621 4 \552: 10 •'••. .449 1!): ; .414 21 .299 31 Yesterday's Results " Meridian 7, Hot Sprinep 3 El Dorado 6, Pine Blufi 3 Greenville 8, Monroe 3 Today's Games Hot Springs at Meridian Monroe at Greenville El Dorado at Pine Bluff NATIONAL New LE.AGU W L 62 . 35 E "' Pet. GB .639 Brooklyn Milwaukee St. Louis Philadelphia hicago Pittsburgh 59 :iR 5145 40 4,3 45 40. 0 34 31 66 .fi08 3 .531 10' Because Feller and fireball al-p nw mlt a Country-milo at tlv micl- havo been cynnnymoiiF in „ M'mmcr b:iscbnll meet.inss ir New lork yestoi-.lay rind nnnoilr.cetl the A's are no-; for sale, n ln.U a hun- notwlthstnnding. wasn't pl.nn enough ways sports writci's vocabuU.ry. it corr-c as somewhat of a suvpvise lo hear , that Bobby has come up. with a I'-''cd rumors rasl ' Knuckleball. It's almo-it like Rocky | Marciano turning fancy Dan. "I only throw about five or six in a gamn," Feller explained tho other clay in the Indians' cliibhouse at Yankee Staduim. "Some gj I don't throw it a't nil. The ball still is my best y.iteh." How about that fast bal!? Is it ns good as ever? "It's a different kind of fast ball. In the old days it used to take off every time. Now it rr-.ny sink or jump .sideways. Bi.l, it still moves. "Pitchinp. is a lot cn:,inr for mo ! And if talk the oldest son of Connie Mack i declared he was iti tho threes of n !.-unity squabble with his younger • In-other Ki.i-le to tibtnin complete of Hie club aii'l change tho Chicks Groom for Important Series Play By The Associated Fruss Still certain they c-in c'-nsh thi' Southern Association first division) and make the playoffs, !he nuUlpri-: ]y potent Memphis Chicks prime'.) j themselves for an important f.orio 1 ;with second-place Allan!:.! with: some lusty batting prarl.ir.f at the, expense of i Boars. tin; .r.ant contc,?der. The Tribe sent 10 bailors to the plate in the first inning night go with tho fast ball and curve. I don't u.io up so much energy. Harbert, Burkemo Down Hie Stretch By HUGH FULLERTON JR. ST. PAUL;. Minn. D I Chick Harbert vid Wally Burkomo, two now with -I chaiiKoiip and slider to golfers wh.i thrive on the kind of competition where you face other fellow and try. lo .boat him Bui then I used lo have a lot)down, meet ioday in the final more energy too." |match of v.-hat ir.ay be the best—: i played PGA Championship in tho NEW YORK Wl -As nothing nbout Willie Mays has'appeared in this space for going on a week, it looks like a good chance lc ask Manager Leo Durochfcr o' tiii; Giants whore he think:-, Iiu clu'*> might b6 at'this point if his star .480 '4 ',;.! center fielder still was in the .484 15 .42G 20',;. .320 31 Yesterday's Results Brookly n 9, New York 1 Milwaukse 3, Pittsbura h 1 (Only games scheduled) Today's Games Chicago at Brooklyn St. Loui s at New York (night) Cincinatti at Philadelphia (night) (only games scheduled). AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Kansas. City 6, Louisville 4 Indianapoiis 3, Toledo 2 11 innings • Only games scheduled TEXAS .LEAGUE , Tulsa 2, Houston 1 '10 innings • •ipklahoma City 1, San Antonio 0 '• "Fort Worm 3, Beaumont 2 •'•JShreveport 2, Dallas 1 13 'iriiiigs in- Army. "I don't like to even think about it," says the peerless pilot, "but without- Wiliie we might easily be dbwn around sixth place. Thai's all Willie means lo Ihis club." poslwar era. It is-the second man-to-man 'ash between ihese'twj, who live r.nd work scarcely 10 miles apart in suburb,'n Detroit, a'icl thu third PGA final for each. In yesterday's gurcling 30-hoio remifinals, Burkemo, the defending champicn, almost crushed Gary Middlecoff with, one brief string of If you ask our opinion, about the finest thing thai has happened so far this baseball season is the syeat comeback being waged by Bobby Feller of Cleveland. Only six weeks ago it was feared that the old fireballer finally has used up his magnificent riuht arm.Then h.e suddensly found himself again, and at this writing he had reeled off seven straight victories, all low- hitters. Bobby's manager, Al Lopez, was asked if the game's greatest strike cut artist since alter Johnson still has any speed to speak of "I wouldn't say ha's as fast. as think you might be right if you say he's .the-f'iastest 35-year-old pitch ing loclay." With little Maureen Conolly home in bad with a broken' leg, there will be nothing much duller, en the summer sports agenda than the women's, division of the National Tennis Championships at Forest Hills. For that mailer, there is a good chance that the men's event will not be anything to gawk'at either. Several of the game's very top figures are in bad order "for. having caused cancellation of the Baltimore tournament scheduled ' this week by their excessive ''expense account"'demands. They might be missing from the'championships if in their l<!-4 rout of thr- Bf;ars. making their 12th viciory in 13 [ (starts one of the oasiesl of thr* season.. They r.rororl 11. runs via pight single!;, a pair oC doubles anrl throe walks. It was tno only gamp scheduled.- Memphis left quickly aftc"' the rout lo launch a trip that \vili take them to Ai.lanla, BiriniiiRhani and Little Rock. After tin-ir latest surge, the Chick;; were 4',--> games out of the lirst division. Jacj Swifr and Al Aihnn limited Mobile to light hits, Norm Larker Mobile first baseman, doubled for the only extra-base bit for the • losers. Ken Lanrlcnbcrger, IvTcmohis first sacker, hart n double and a single- in the first inning and later added _' another two-bagger. He drove in four runs. Outfielder Stan Jok, who scored four times, had n, doublo •• and two singles. , ... Besides the Moinphi.--Atlanta ' scries, Mobile opens tonight with fourth-placo Chattanooga, pacesetting New Orleans 'io?t the cell-' erite Nashville Vols and Birmingham' entertains the reawakened Little Rock Traveler's who are making a more solid -.howing under new manager Pat. Mu'lin. , • he used t;> be," Al said, "but ijthe officials stay mad that long. birdie shooting, let him ret away and then came back to win on the 37lh, Harbert twice runner-up but never a winner in this loumumcnl, had lo go clear to tho 3Gth green to down Tommy Bolt. 1 up. Burkemo and Harbert clas-hcd in the second round of the 1951 PGA at Oakmont,'and the blond;:, brigh,.' blue-eyed Biirkemo won on the 19Wi hole. That was when Wa'ly, playing his first championship we'nt all the way to the final before he' took a 7 and G drubbing from Sam Snead. agents J15-1 Mo. , fpr eep Freeze Mkt, Servictt Offered MATTRESS renovation and Innerspring work- Cobb Mattress Co. 910 South Washington. Phone 7'2622. Mar, 4-U TOP'S Qlaes Cut and Installed. Complete Repairs. New and Used Parts. Highway 67 West Dial 7-27*7 Hope, Ark. You'll Enjpy Eating At TOE OAKS oft & Service Station . Leo Scoffs at Talks of Giant Collapse By JOE REICHI^ER Associated press Sports Writer The possibility of a Giant collapse was ppoh-poohed by Man- r.ger Leo Diirpchor today but New York fans had cause for alarm. A humiliating 9-1 loss to Brooklyn night slreched the slump- ridden Giants' losing streak to five straight nnd chiseled theii fir t- place lea.l over the Dodgers to only three, "I'm not worried about a thing,'' Durpcher. s;aid after last night's IPSS. "We're still in a great'spot. They've, still got tP catch us. The Dodgers' 15-hit vicUn-y was their first Over Sal Maglie at Ebbets Field. Maglie had whipped them 10 straight times i}i Broo|> lyn. Milwavikc^'s Braves, whose dimmed penneant chances beg^n. IP flicker ane\v afier their thl'oe-gaitio sweep of the Giants over the past' weekend, made it five in a row with a 3-1 victory over Pittsburgh. Gene Conls»y, Milwauke's (l-foot-3 lookie righthander, doled out f out- hits while jBilly Bruton ai.ct Eddio Malhews were providing the offen sive spark to move tho third-place Braves to within 10KV- games of the Giants. Bruton opened the game with a triple off loser Bob Purkcy and scored' on a single by Mathc\vs. In the third, Bruton singled, stole second and scored on ATathews' second sinyie. Double^ by Joe Adcock and Andy Pafko in ine sixth 8 : qcpunted for Milwaukee's; third run. All other clubs had an off dr.y as they givded themselves for the busy schedule today. The spotlight is on Chicago, wher.5 the second- place New York Yankees am! third- place Whits Sox meet in the first of a three-game seriu-,. Cleveland, which lea'ls the Yankees by a game and a half, is host to Boston's Red Sox, whom they've beaten 13 times in 14 meetings. The Dodgers, who were sched uled to meet Chicago's Cubs this Hftert\oon, made short work ol Maglie last nights, blasting him for 11 h|t^ betore sending him to tiie showers in the sixth inning. They qpnlinued- iheir barrage pn reliev e-rs Hoyt WUh-eim, Pa\il Giel ano A} CjflfjyJn, jp#e Wee Reese and JfftclUo '^ohinson collected th 1 '" 0 apiece. Th? Qiauts, who had whipi-ed the n-8 in their last sw mtetlngS; limited, to fjve hits |ay Carl f ues«Jay> July 2?, 1954 HE TELLS Pf HE'S FIVE SO THEV WON'T TftEAT HIM LIKE A CHILD ELMO IS ONLV HE TOLD HE WAS JUST _^ FOUR TELL9 EVERYBOOV HCPI §fAft>, HOPli ARKANSAS - THAT'S 'CAUSE . , HE KNOWS YOUR,' FATHER I5ONTW" DR.Af T BOARD -Y CO) »«L Vfcrus!^, NEW TOm POWER" ESSO EXTRA premium g •i^w* • ^«*»<*^ •«* reaches an aH-time high m sales—because it gives you got just more powei^ but TOTAL POWER! Rsso RESE|UCH luis deliberjjtejy nuule tliis j^ew power fuel to excel all others in gluing tlie most possible working horsepower from any engine under today's all-round driving conditions..."TOTAL POWEU" MEANS: 1, Peak Qct«np AwU»K»ook Power 5. Quiek FJofc»Uji Power 2, Awti-Cfivlion Pow^i' 6^ A«li«Y»poi f »toek Power 3, QMipk'Stfli-tiug Power 7. UilkCUmbing Power iS :&i .9 you can buy , , , ichy n your cqr Yoi/r sign'of ^H<ippy Motoring" €sso First in.wins of both fjroniwoi and regular gasoline in the area wlw& ^sso products ore sold OUT OUR WAY By J. Star Actor ACROSS 1 Star actor, ' 7 He co-stars Hepburn on Broadway ^ 13 interstice •14 Sailing vessels '15 Plaht stem j -' used for canes -18 Message ; receiver \ 17 Compass point j J8 Pedal digit ; 20 Always (poet.); •21 Capital of $ J- New Jersey ; 25 Ornate \ wardrobe 28 Harvests 32 Domain 33 Sat an 3« Musical instrument 35 Idolize 36 Wild plums 37 Yugoslav- Italian £• trouble spot ^39 Accrue 41 Boundary (comb, form) 44 Vind 45 Medical suffix 48 Spanish shawl 51 Click-beetle 54 Italian . condiment 55 Irony 56 Relieved 57 Vestiges |R DOWN V- 1 Feefpr transportation ;. 2 Ages 3 Network ArHwer to Previo 4 Decay 5 Note in Guide's scale 6 Leaser 7 Property item 8 Rubber tree 9 Put on 0 Was borne 1 Fencing weapon 2 Belgian river 9 Individual .1 Kind of trained dog .2 Chinky 3 Command .4 Required .5 Circle parts !6 Stagger >7 Hawaiian loincloth 13 15 I 1 / I 3 25 32 54 3b 26 27' 11 18 51 i 56 Hii ki * M U Si Wf H9 . 1 c A 0 " cl • A V p H IT. < N ' 17 > '. N & WfG ; I & '"W r ! BJA A;l_ ; T - *ir ^ •'. •*. « b i iV ,1, M !» J» " 't i 1 H i'/ E ft S E f H" 1 29 Book of the Bible 30 Harbcf 31 To cut 37 Also 38 -Clumsiest ' 40 Great f*»r 41.Hops' kiln*' .42 Cut, as grain 43. Feminine •appellation 5 m a n w b . l» ^ W IT i % 37 7 .;•• n- lo- '%% fy w *•/' ib SI 55 SI } T & 1 ^ ''i' A 0 R O 1 y o W& Bt A f Wf B 4 ^ T 0 ' us PUizle •c , E °> T ) & r ^\ -1 O <*' J. r B r h. !*l C H |S- R ti. i. O N *is bit 1 N N B f* 1 f» A l> N A, A V D U e T B Trl € N S 46 Pertaining to '.he ear 46 Simple .47 War -god 'of Greece " 49 Swiss river 50 Priority (prefix) i •-'. 52Giib>n ;' , cf Mindanao : ? 'ffifi ^ » *> W" i3 w m (H -. " • • W Wf bi 10- 20 II ' Z: . - ./ H 30. i 1 i ' ; « TT , 17 77 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner TTM-Rif U. i.p«t.Wf. ttfr.\ft4 1> HIA mttiM.lni "Certainly I can spell — only I'm not a fanatic about it!"" SIDE OUNCES By Oolbraith L7-37 "Ypur wife '•'«: WELL, HE KICKEP TWO OF , ME TEETH ), I"-' ~J* -^"1 *? Vl v'<i'^K:-' ^'^^^ ^' ^^^* *•*- ftiV;{i4i"!. •>-'.•* THE EMTEETAIMMENT COMMITTEE OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople M**^ KlNJD WHAT!^ 3UMSLE RHINO CHARSED ME/ DEFTLY i DOUSED, " HORN,CAUSll^-S HIS SIDE/ HE REPEATED ATTACK Ui^TIU HI5 HIDE OVERHEATED AMD VJ5 CAPTUREO HIM SASIUY FUNNY BUSINESS By Her«hberfleir: il^>-v'•*;£***. iMS^Si ^Awivv-'iT'W'-H' '•*When'tke neighbors' chickens hop on the fencrJMfr! 'em have it 1 ." ' ^ "' \ t SWEETIE PIE By Nodinc Se TiT^' & •* CZARKIKB WASH TUBBS H-ABU/iM! WHW'6 THI6 '-,., \ ABOUT YOU PUNMING TO v- jJk-"'-4im BOOT* AND HER BUDDIES ,, ' BUGS BUNNY ^^ SS^2 •HtfT'LL at, OME DIMfe, Swf.lH - PRA.GON CAPTIVES/ - STORY OF MARTHA IV r | SS V«*T^IW^S'^HW fl^SWPiff!W!B^W^S!}5f^ffi^V y" .Hwr M$& ..X ,

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