The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 30, 1943 · Page 11
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 11

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1943
Page 11
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TTednesday, June SO, 1943. PAGE ELEVEN THE DECATUR REVIEW OAKY DOAKS By'R. B. FULLER 7:45 8.00 8 15 8:30 8:45 9:00 9:15 9:25 9:32 9:35 9:40 9:45 lOiOO 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 jj .C.'-j--, ,,r Y 'TTr)' G-GOSH IT ISN'T 1 Lf HAW SA AlUT GOJn'A be MOUGAK1A WAWTS TO SEE lliV l-l50- CRICKET .TO SHOOT ?Mt SHOT-YET LOOKS "YOU ALONE ITlS THE LAST l lj '""" BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG SUPPER'S READY.' I - f I - pA6O0?'i'" Z -r EVERYBODY Kl 1 YOUVE r- DICKIE DARE By COULTON WAUGH THIS WHOLE ICE FHH IS I Ip? A HUNK O' ICB WOULP 1 I SS? 7H' IPSA, WAGS? ( WOW ! BREAKIH' UP, WAGS.' SOY, M PUNCH RIGHT THROUGH HERE COMES A HUNK J I I r CAN'T EVEH 1 WHENIESE CRACKS Meat Control Group Formed In Effingham Effingham (Staff) J Bliss E. Loy, Effingham, has been appointed chairman of the War Meat committee of Effingham county, according to Eldred M. Kichars. chairman of the Effingham County War board. This new committee is similar to others set up throughout Illinois to handle the war meat program administered jointly by the county-war boards and the food distribution administration. Other members appointed to the committee include Albert F. White, Dieter-ich, livestock producer; Harry Tolch. Effingham, meat retailer; L. E. Webster. Effingham veterinarian: Harold Dodge, member of the Effingham OPA price and rationing board, and Miles E. Mills, Effingham county superintendent of schools. The new war meat committee will assume leadership and responsibility for the meat programs in Effingham county. Immediate problems facing the committee include the routing of livestock slaughter into normal commercial channels. This committee was organized June 23 at the soil conservation office in Effingham with J. P. Woods, former area supervisor and Frank C. Coclsen, newly appointed peals to be presented to the new meat committee, will be received at the Soil Conservation office, 122 South Fourth street, Effingham. Warrensburg Masonic Lodge Instals Officers Warrensburg (Staff) The following officers have been installed in the Warrensburg Masonic lodge; Nathan J. Brown, worshipful master; Theodore R. Brown, senior warden; Loren G. Watkins, junior warden; Joseph Tucker, treasurer: Frank E. Binkley, secretary; John P. Lehn, chaplain; Clark D. Butts, senior deacon; Rus-sel B. Lehn, junior deacon: Irvin H. Schroeder. senior steward; Forrest Alexander, junior steward; Kenneth D u n m i r e ; marshal; George C. Good, tyler. The installing officers were Baxter B. Brown and Carroll E. Botts. Try PAR-T-PAK Mixers WSOY Musical Clock WSOY News CBS WBBM News WGN News WSOY Sons of the Pioneers WSOY This Life Is Mine CBS WSOY Sing Along .With Landt Trio WSOY Uncle Sam WSOY Dial Awhile WSOY Hospital Bulletin Board WSOY .Opening Markets WSOY News WSOY Police Safetj Keport WSOY Accordiana WSOY Easter's Parade WLS Breakfast at Sardl i WMAQ Vic fc Sade WSOY Cheer-up Club WLS News WSOY Homemaker j Ohat W BBM Kate Smith WGN Boake Carter WSOY Youth Edits the News WMAQ News WSOY Watching the Clock ThiircHav 1(1...... 11:15 11:30 12:30 WSOY Noontime News WMAQ News WLS News 12:45 1:00 1:15 1:19 1:23 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:55 3:00 4:30 4.45 WSOY Ray Blach Male Chorus WSOY Padio Billboard WSOY Closing Markets WSOY Billboard WSOY News WSOY Fred Feibel, Organist CBS WGN News WSOY" Elizabeth Bemls. News CBS WSOY Just About Game Time WSOY Baseball WGN Baseball WETNR Club Matinee WBBM Home Front Reporter WSOY Are You a Genius WSOY Richard Himber Orchestra-CBS Oilman Burned At Effingham Effingham (Staff) William R. Dust, Effingham, owner of the Wabash Independent Oil Co. of Effingham, received burns about his face and both arms. Sunday, when a transport truck exploded at a substation of the Wabash Independent Oil Co. at Nor-ri's City. Mr. Dust's right arm is severely burned from the tips of his fingers to the elbow. Mr. Dust had driven his transport truck, loaded with gasoline from Effingham to the Norris City substation. As he started to unload the gasoline int" the large storage tank, a spark from an electric switch operating a gasoline motor pump, ignited the gas fumes caused by the extreme hot weather. Mr. Dust ran from the building just as the truck exploded. The storage tanks and building caught on fire which are a complete loss. Tuesday evening. Mr. Dust estimated his loss at $20,000, not including the storage tanks. He stated that Monday evening the gasoline was still boiling in the storage tanks and the damage would not be known for several days. Mr. Dust received first aid treatment in Norris City and was then brought to St. Anthony's hospital, Effingham. He has been released from the hospital and is now at his home on North Willow street. Effingham Doctor Receives Commission Effingham (Staff) Dr. Stephen J. Hansen. Effingham, has received the commission of lieutenant iji the United States naval reserve medicjl corps and will report for duty at Camp Perry. Williamsburg. Pa., some time in July. Lieutenant Hansen, who is a graduate of the University of Illinois school of medicine at Chicago, has been practising in Effingham for the past seven years. Dr. Hansen has given up his practise this week but his office, in charge of his secretary, will be open to July 31 to take care of accounts. Lieutenant Hansn is the fifth doctor to be called to service from Effingham. i'ou Will Enjoy MEMORY LANE TONIGHT 6:30 P. M. WSOl" Presented Bv SCHUDELS Inc. Radio Day by Day Polish Flier In Broadcast Station Frroufncies WSOl' 1340 WBBM XfC.S '". WIS M WLW 110 WMAQ S10 KMOX 11M KSD .- WENE 890 Today's program of WSOY's new 6 45 p. rn. series. Poland vs. Hitler, features Captain X. a Polish flier with the R A F., in an interview era ma. "I Borr.bed Berlin." On the '"We Have Met The Enemy" program. WSOY at 8 p. m., a regional column group officer will be heard in a transcription of a personal interview made in London. Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox is scheduled as the principal speaker for the war bond drive for a Los Angeles cruiser. Also appearing on the program, starting on WMAQ at 11 p. m.. are Irving Berlin. Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore and a coast guard band combined with navy and marine units directed by Rudy Vallee. Wednevdar Eveninr 5 DO WSOY Qj!r.c? 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FNR ton Breese 11 50 WSOY F.amcn Ramos CBS WFNR Riiss Mvrtan WON Gr::i Williams WBBM Ramon R a nirs CBS 1! 45 V.GN Grorc? Hamilton Orchestra 12 00 WSOY News CBS V. BB.M Prf'S News WMAQ Errile Pe-ti v. FN". M-isie You Want WGN N-As 'Ihursdar Torrrfnf no WSOY Farm Hour 6 .to V.'SOY News wsoy Gospe! Hour 7.00 WSOY News of the. World CBS WBBM New" WLS Alex Drier 7 15 Hercert poor, organist CBS 7 o V.SC.Y Mormrc Newspaper of the Air TGEZ. ZERO-A P(?fESSIOMAL TJB5H area supervisor, present to discuss problems confronting the board Another meeting will be held Friday, July 2 for the purpose of but- lining the immediate work of the committee. Special efforts will be made to insure that the slaughter permit system and the consumer rationing program are made to work effectively in Effingham county. Any questions, complaints or ap- Miller's Mutual Evening News Summary 9:00 P. M.. 10:00 P. M., Daily AUTOMATIC PENCIL FREE Listen for Details 111! WASHES 15 A SWELL 303 - IT MAKES YOUP HAMD5 K1MDA ROUGH AN' rri i i i ! i r "azSfSM Kf fSUE r SSfr SI 1 I RiC D ATT" Flt I OP rSsrT-3e BIG PLATE FULL OP Serve Your Country In The WAVES You'll be proud to step out in brand new Navy Blue . . . Here is a great opportunity for women of 20 to 36 thrillinjr, vital work in the U. S; Navy in radio, communications, storckeeping, office work. Full Navy pay S50 a month to start. You can earn as much as S126 a month, plus liberal allowances. S200 worth of clothes free, everything from hat to shoes. Requirements are normal good health and 2 years of high school or business training. You will be sent td - - WAVES' training schools, after which you serve at important Naval Stations in the U. S. A. s Inquire or write to Room 301 Post Office Bldg., Decatur-. 111., or John H. Crocker. 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