Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 13, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1896
Page 3
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THE Muoson typewriter Is a Good Machine. THE RAILROADS Inspection of the Pennsylvania Starts October aoth. VOLUNTARY RELIEF General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. A bl«b standard ol excellence. Mnnj <uen ot the "Munson" consider It THE ,BEST. You will llnd It n valunblo nsslstaut In jour ol- Ike. Address tor particulars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTUBKBS. 840-84-1 Wont L»ko SI., Chloaco, IU. STATE NATIONAL BANK I.OQASTSFOKT, IJi GflPITrtL • *2OO,OOO J. F. Johnson, President B. W. Ullery. Vice President H. J. Heltbdnk, Cashier: DIRECTORS. ». f. Johnson. 8. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Eillott W. H. Snider. Buy and s^'l Government bunds. Ix>aa •coney en personal security and oollator- jj »ls. Issue special certificates of deposit! •bearing S per cent. Intcroat when left one rear; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited nix months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of thli b»nk for the deposit ol deeds, Insuranc* •:p«11cle8, mortgages and other valluables, •rented at from S5 to 116 ;w year. CATARRH B3T For Your Protection. We positively stuto thnt thl* remedy does not contain mercury or any otter Injurious drug. ELY'S |n REAM BALM Cleanses the Nasal Passages. allays iiillamma- lion, heals and protects '" msinbraoe irom colds, restores ilie senses <>t taste and snie.l, IT WILL CURE. A particle Is applied Into path Dostrll nncl Is •Kreeablf. Price 50 cents at Dtugglsts or by mall. Samp w-lOc.bj nail. Tlio iwwpri'iiiin for the nixuu.il lu- spoelSon Of >t:lie PeuiJiisyilvaiUilla, SoiltMi- wetftorn, 'Syeitum by itilio. officials of lire 'liii'C.s west of I'M.'tisibuirg 'lists beoa pro- pflivd-. TJ. F. Loree. goiK^r-al niiainiagor 'of tHiie P«imsy4va.ufta limes wffll be lit 'tlio. 'hoakl of -.t.-h-e parity, ;riul wloli wiLH itiravot Uio gcm-eral siipca' Jibe d'ivlsl'oiu. supeirimtciinii>ufts, nplj : at'c>iiiaiik:e of way »ud oitilier .officers of tto sj-snwn. Tilve inspectitaa .wll'l -riot be one In iKune amly, but will be a most tlhoroii.sdt fluid 'busiiiu'ssJH-ko one..' XI 10 speflail Irivftii . baiiriinjr 't'lu.* party will desivc IMttsbiirg oiiv tt'bo numi'llng o-f Tu'GS<la,y, Oct. 20. ;uml from th&re to XciWnirk tin? ji-ar.l.y wilt'l tospoc't ' the -proi>ert<y. K'i'Oiii Xcwwli itiioy will' run llsiliit to Coiliuii/bu* 'ajitl rciiiM.in over .niiS | hl', WiiM'L!. Tycn.vtiupr wie otty Wt-il- lucsday nwi'ii.hig: I'luv A\"ill ir/oeyed orea 1 tilio luil tenui:iipoi!i& •d'ivitsio'n ito lucltnujn^n- Msi un' n:n inspptliilom. mud from I'liwo niiin •I'ipt'li't -'ticx .Ijivu'fs-vUle. Tlmwutay iin<wininifr ilic.v will K-nve I.otiilsvillo foi- T.nnli'fl.iii,Ti>c)!ti'.i iiiiul t.Iic,u run liiduf to L'ojffii'il.'SIio.nr. F-rJihiy 'tlio I'KIIT.V will im- Npdc 1 : 1'ro'in Lo^ifinsipo:-!: :to ' CilucimMll, vlli-ftro lilicy will (.llKlinnld. 'Jllit* Is -fi 'J3iw:>i'iei;PC':i. | l.c> i ; he p'o.ni-ii'n.l by rn,'*kk'nl Kctberts «iu.l •diltc-r ulliohiLs. of . ireatest Discovery or toe Century. 19th ilcdlcat* 41r Dr, NEW BKK>DI Medicated Air For the Cure of Catarrh, Aithmtt and all ': Fnlmonary Diseases, It baa no equal fa Sick and Nervous Hood- hohe, 1,000.000 people die annually From the above named diseases. Why suffer and die, when Medicated Mi U gnatanteed to our* TOO, '1 Drug Co., Hlohmond, Ind., r. 8. A. TAirfjY REl.IliV DT. Xn.Ilbott. .m'art'iwiil oxiiiiiiiuC Fe,n'iil.sy'lvfl.ii.!i.'i. vohirehwy re-liof mivnit for iiiUu-rittliainrapoJ'B 1'taos, states itlwilt. ii'Ovr'i- i'ii fire sscvom years tltait the orsini'iai.til'Gin' laius 'tenii 'forrawl •Iwii's sait-li ». c-onicllilEon. pr'miiiii'lwl a?' 'Mia.t of last '•nvck. Of .1(1 MS l.'tOO nicinilbers tihat ;ir« on'tlbe Iind*ii!ianx>His Irixos idiwc \\ - as uot. «. iMim oft' on iniccount of jnjuo-y or ''«letancsis. Ho it.odsiy . wOT start on n. two w&cJJs 1 vajcalioiix L/nst" weak' tlie 'niciiHcaU exnnuiilners of 'flic linos west of 'Pltihslmrj?. w ; !i.'o. iiriuilicr oJsrLteCiU, licW tih-elr nmttual ineettoff to CStovtfJiimT; dud '•fow of tlic oHam/inens " wist ot Pitts- •burpr wwe presartt. At tlie conclusion of 'Uho ineotl.np, <ut uliie'expcnjae of the ' Peiinsyslvifwuta, • C3onnipniniy, • itlbes presont were isntvon •«. bainquet. ithoj- are putting : i;ii tiles 'tlmit are twelve inc*lK'S aic one omd aaud buit ttve indies v JIfcJi!ael Jlonylmn 'has. ro'turned' to work to 'lilic; rouind hou*c after a brief John Sautter, of nhe yard gang, has I'dtiuiiicd .to work a.fter a la.y-off on an-couut of MI acelddiit. , , ' Julius 'Wandrei -returned'.' &> wort in tli'O cair (.Tepaii*mfsnt yesterday after a ou nfcotmit'oS sickness; , wlitihi the Peniiiisyiviiinia and on ch-e Baltilmore it Ohio Js mmv the •luearlest nt any Mine 'in tte' Imst eight inon'tdis. A. E'lirggiss rcitiwaed to w : ork yester- cla-y a.tlter a lay-off of several weeks an 'niL-eouMt of n,n -injury lie received at Trimmers. • .. •Biitsiin-ess has so Incircasod wUli .the AVaa>nish roa:d of late ttait ait UsteiTOin- a Is it is 'pnWnK-liuilto scryjce a.ddit:lomal (mud u .new office in Mii> boiler .simp Is jug completion^ 'It is a neat Little and wiffil be uiuthi more cou-' iliafli 'Hie old oac. W, .Basc-lio'b, of the «ir slipp re- a. slijilit pajfiv 'iu the Jit-ad wlille nit work yesterday morii'ilnji -lucl will be lafcl o-lf for a fmv days.* , E«l DeWoW' IKIS returned l.o work ail'ter 't l akrn-s a sixty days' lo-i.ve ot a,l:«qn<-P. He vils'ilteil at Mairioi). P'i'Us- u;r£'; Pa., Mini oilier points-wlilllo o-n i-!i> v-aiwiMrnn. ' : Fiwh'k Vanicc. rHi'l.lil-i-|i Iiuam and •''ir.iiiJc- Cai-ii-py -are empires in. nmJcl.!!? hi? sc'ini-aiiMiii.iJ 'bo-ilor-to^t Mt (Ih 1 sliops. In: will' -bi. 1 - a week o-r so "before MIC task 'tlui'ee, Xiroia forty' 'to. fifty. per cemt; In twenty-How, f-ro-m 1 llfl.y to sixty per ccinit; iai 'tm>;lvc fiwii' sixty 'to seventy per ce'uit.; amx.1 liiiome seventy-seven pc-i' coii't. while -t'Ji'C reiiniajiindcT lost left's tliaa lt.au 1XM' ceunt. of. ','iJi togs uliiat wero pro- dnicod. The dilsease Js w«ia dSssemnlwiteil in .-Iflio Sta'te 'tiliils fa.I, 'and ;t:he sraison <of gireatesfloss will soom- 'be upoui us. Every effort .aliould -be nv.-i.d-e to lessen 1-tis ran^igos fls 'inucln as possible. An Impoirtaii't factor to reilawlng the loss. 1s to provilde lu-opei- shelter, sis aJl iwgs wlltlu oni'ly n iiii'ldd alt'tack, oir iluwriing ap- pai'cuiKl-y ima«le a recO'Verj', may take a iraJn,pse -i-f (sqioseid 'to a, cold rain, on 1 a sudd'On ctainiso to iroug-h 'weafiLier. There' are 'tihonsamUs oif Hogs now in A comllitiiO'ni to ibeoonn'e 'aiffceted with whik-h would escape .if a little iKTOtoetloiiii. Amy shed w-Mclii will kecip off the ,rn ; la ami break tilie wtod is suffitdcnit Tihe Hoar should be d'o'i bint QiihhDe ibotM'fntf is needoil,' an'iid' 'Wiiat r-emeweid' troqiicmtliV. Burn jiili 'litter, 'and ''betMtap oflct? a week. Keep tlic Jicrd dl-vddcd sp t'hat crowdimgr ,is j'inposs'iMe. BcniTomibar -a sd'aw stsit-k'''!* ithe most nnfavoraible'. iilace. tlilat chiiilie iwovkle'd for siivk liogs. •' Tlic esscinltiials i,n prevrawn, are ffix>d food, piwo water iwnl clean, -dry' Tih'eVslta:t;oin woufld' : l» ]>J«isod to ni- •colvo ; iiaif0'.rm'.'i:liiioni froim -a:niy source as to tlie ]3ruse;ico of -Hie disease .n;]d of itlil sufccMSt-ul ways <»f clicck-iaig it. A. AV. e. I.nnl. RA'tDEOAD NOTES. CHAS.L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER :•= N».:41T Market |C*11§ •ttended to prol iptljr, rht tatMl Union and Mutual telephone!. Office, No. 18; Residence, No. IZL «t KROEQER &'STRAIN,'. tadertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. ' Comlnctor Frank Ta-ouip's llDt'.e 'son Is sorionslj* Ml of (liplitheirla. •W. A. Gam^-loff, of >lie ear' depart- ..mcnt, te off duty on '(vccbun't -of sickness. 'Olwu'IoS S'liitonia^le is at work iii tlie Wa.ekxmttili glwp after a eo-nltiaued 111- OlMi,rtey Grain ge, of ttic blncksmith shop, luas roisiiimed work after .'a short FIGURES. Jonrna-.: So loudly lias (on proclaimed n'ttat 'ClWi Indtoaa,po- I linos.•'browgUt -into Inclifflua'polls on the dn.y EryaJi was .toe, 20,- )-«i;!miorc peopB'O rJVat -the passenger on rewlving actual .reports are ed amd dlsapixxlintutl. Th'e offl- l.fteiiresshow, for Instance, that the ftivialan* brought |l/.i>7, people on fhe lovii rates at i the vlsiitors to tlio city were car- .Xbc six Hues in' ilio -Biff Four Item by ofTiclal rciport broughit In 3,| ; qn excMirsloa rates and tne Ind'tama,. *tir .&. WeBtem, tlno Oln'ctawaifil-, kallton & Dayton and Jionion, co«M I'jhnve broiighit -ns many combined did the six Blip Four lines. ' ITUla |ces r fct (srident tiKa-t the lutllanapolls . dM not brlnp -In oveir 10,000 peo- |«m; .the excursion tickets on that BsipooMly are tlie Poansj'lyanla 'as the Indhana/. i'& yitoccou«ci9 «nd 'the J. M."& I. always 'been noted for . large crowds irbaneTCr i was a big meetinfr or Democrats dlamupolis. .f\VJ.lltoim Bi^Bfjs,'"of tlna blacksmith , 1 'ami tonally -are guests of nit Chicago. A'ugust F^ibe.r 'bias resumed work ta Cordon' 9 gang after 'a Ja.y-offi. on account of 'illness. Gu« Geyer; of tire .paint ^i'op, lias •gone to Cltt«iigo ito work im .the round ihouse nt itJwut' place. Tlno NofBli .Tudson' tiu'D 1ms been 'taken off nntl engine. 400 will be used on «. 'bhWii'gfli'fTelg'lit. . E<1 Keaiaiey wont- ito TVclfeYllle, 0,, yesterdiay aircl cleWycrctl <v Sound Money i^Mioeh (there last iiligfht . . AVortemen are ongngocl fa biiUdtag tJlie foiwula'tlon for a' .new crane to be oredtal just east of- ttoe la'fh* i-potn. Emrlno No. 487 was rim ont of Ilie •oroc-timg «Hoip yesterday 'aifter -receJv- jinig class "3" 'a't itho •hih.m'te or.;Beaifct}-'s . .., Mr. N. J. Landjmor, of , P*ru, was here j-estei'diaij- nrnunip.tog for an ex- cHrsl'onj over fihe Walbaish ow Reed v 'd'ay, next -Salurd'ay. ' ' ." •,;... . 7 , .SiiiperlnitcsiHlent C. H. Waltott 'and staff mswle an .imspc-etlon of the toter-.. locking sl'pnate between 'Chicago and of..the lYmi'.is.Yftva-iiiia. comTKiaiy, 'was i-n uliiinibus oil). iS.iitnrd'i-y ^lUd save orders i-lv:ut. I'lve work 0:1 I'lie mow Uniton Sta- wi 'bi> implied n.s ra'plilly- as pb-ssl- The 0. C. C. &'St. L. <\'ir.acd'liu Sept- ennber. $1,100.277. 'n.- d-eer/cnse 'a« com- •.nred" w.Rih! Siyint-eaiDbcir. ISOS, of $132.2".0. Sluice .Taly.! tlie lines -have. eanri-_ nd ^3.201.007, >a decrease this-year of <401.852. ' „ ' ^ ' : •The 'main- shaiPt of the plan ins-mill iroko yesterday a.nd a!3i woilc ;)ende'd .in t'hait xle-partm-eut, ilia live -e-mpJoyes w*H be given work uiM 'tlie break is reptilred: wliic-h; will •egnlre-a'bont two days' time. THi'3 Chi<M'fr,o division' c-f tlie Pa«- 'iKiindle ris uwv dontole^fcrnipked tiven'ty- eijrht milks 'from OliI_«i.g:o,'c | aM,."and' so uii-nieron* «re lap sldtaigs between- Cbi- cnso nuid Oohiin'biiis'tbnt ait a. m'0(lera.te expanse -the roaid ean be-made double'' track, fl'iid willl bo as so-ori- as business •jrenwally -revives; • . '.'. iTlhc R'aiBltwaid ^f^Eii's S-ouiu<lJ Mocey^ ,'cliib, 1 of' Rochester,''N. D., ihas a mem-. ber^Uilp »f imoi-e. th«n 500, of whom 00 pca-'cemit. are DomocraJts who'i-efufe' to vote for : Bi-yflM- It look's as it the raiillroaid mem were pfflhifr to be <i-n im- ; portant fnietar d'h savlipS ; l;lic coun-try .from .ropiMlinltlan fl'nd dlisihoiior. ' • P. Jl. ATblwir, gra'iJ/cl cM«f «iK-i»eea - of ;t!he. luternnitlonall B i L'otlliiei J hoo<l of : Lo- pdnuoitlve Enjp«noeais; IMS •wil-tteu a letter in wliJclij'sponlcIn-pr for 'hiiuselC tnr O'iivM-uaillily, he says: "I 'aim oat in fa.vb-r of'the fireeiaiud unilini'ltcd •eoiwige of'sil- ver, a-nd liiten'd'to vo'fie for SIcKtnl'ey, a'eje'aird'leiss of Wlna.t -mny Iwwe been said •or done tn t-h'e past." Tlie semi'-amtitiall dividend- of the. Pfiausyilva,nin. Railroad oramipany, to be d'CCtoitMl tih-is monftih,, .lit :ls saM, \v;ll be, as iisnail, S^A' per 'can*. T-lie -eai-niings iluive f.tllcai- off tbi« y-c«ir, but it is bc- tilie tWvMerad will .be earned. •Boiberts is 'linprov-tag' J-a health so rai*By .tbmt "it'is expected he will be aibte to -atf-aml '(-lie meatlng. ' '. Republican Meetings. RcpuibUea.n apenJt'ings will .be held at tiro' foJlowing places Jn C-ass coun-ty: Tuesilfty afternoon,' Oct. IStb., Broadway rink, Hem. J-ataes E. Watson of .Hushvllle, Generals Algcr aad Howard a'nd Corporal Taniner, Republicans, aud Generals "Selgel and Sickels, Democrats, will speak'for Sound Money Tuesday, Oct. 13th, at 11 o'clock, a. m., Logansport. •. . Tuesday eveuLag, ,pet9bcr .13, Dea : con, W.. T. Wilson. ; Friday evening,- October 23, Harness. school house, Deer.Cr.eek township, D. B: McConnell. ''..'.' W. M. Kenney, of Rochester, a form-, er Democrat and a witty and eloquent speaker, will speak In Cass county asfollows: .Monday evening, October 12, ,1'ouug America. -.;/-. Tuesday evening, October 14, Galvcs- .ton, . Wednesday eveolug, October 14, Walton. ;. Thairsday evening, October . 15, Twelve Mile. Friday evening, October 10, Lucerne, . ^aturday evening, October 17, Royal Don't bear the burden of the wash-board any longer. Hasn't it caused enough damage and trouble and weariness ? Do you realize the amount of wear and tear that it brings to your clothes in a single year? Get Pcarlinc—cret o • *-> rid of the wash-beard and that eternal rubbing. Be a free woman. You 'ought to see for yourself that Pearl- ^ ine'3 easy way of washing— soaking, boiling, rinsinr—isbctter for . o' • o o / the clothes and better for you. c.s DISEASES OF HOQS. Suggestions as to . L the Care of Sick Animals. Tlie Agr.icuJtuivill tlton a't PiHXlueiliias'i Experiuu'cnit Sta- Center. .. ...; Thursday evening, October luth, at the New school .house in Noble town,shop, George Funk. Friday afternoon, Oct 16, Broadway rink, Hon. Frank Hanley. i , Saturday evening, October 17, Center school house, Deer: Creek township, Q. A, Myers. .Martin A, Qulnn, a Mlnml county Sound Money Democrat, will speak Monday evenlng,.Oc,tober 12tb, at Kew Waverly. ' Tuesday evening," October 13th, Deacon, Martin A. Qulnn. Wednesday evening, October 14th, Galloway school-house, Jefferson township, M. A. Qulnn. . . '--.-, Thursday evening, .October 15th;-0on- cord school house, Jefferson township, M. A, Qulnn. , ," ., ' Friday evening, .October 10th, Gransinger school house,. Adams township, M. A. Qulnn. .,'.-. Saturday evening, October 17th, Onward, M. A. Quinn. .-.-.'_ . A REWARD Of Health is Happiness THe Indiana Depurator Company has placed in Dr. J. B. Shultz office at 417 Fourth street, one of their instruments, for the treatment of Catarrh, Asthma, Hay Fever. Bronchitis and Consumption „-. We do positively cure the above named diseases also Rheumatism, Sciatica, Skin and blood diseases. It you are afflicted or have friends who are afflicted, do not fail to investigate a* once. See testimonials of Leading- Physicians; also testimonials of patients cured, on file at office Parlors of the Indiana Depurator Company at Dr. J. B. Shultz'office 417 Fourth Street Logansport, Ind Natural Gas Rates. Partial payments annual rates begin Octc-r ber 1st 1896, Consumers desiring to avail themselves of the annual rate, on the basis of six payments, should arrange to have their stoves connected, .by.thatdate in order to be on time. Logansport & ffakub Valley Gas Co, ; 317 & 319 Pearl Street. * fly New Goods Are here. OH fore buying, and examine them be- AL. YOUNG The Practical Pearl Street Tailor- All Kinds of. Drawings Made by TUiie P&ninSJj-ih - -am.la compniniy, to lay- iing in'0w 'fclfls on slwiip eiirres, now Tarjos thcm^n wldtfli' -ait -oacJi end .to flt tlio raklhis.of the -cuiTe. At Wamptun IL/aist) yesve Indfama lost five hiindired nd el'g'hitj- thousand two hundred aiud '.hogs, eakalWlmis :i property los,s of three amd n/ qmirter ui'initan: doliiaM, Nearly -Hie emtfu-e loss was dire to ohwlana imd ft-n-iiine plaigue. It •n-ns dls- criibiited as fwltows: In two hundred t'lilr^-two •twwinsWps •tine loss was' 'Drom ton- to -twenty per certt.;' 1-u oue ;liinudred JUKI itm-;e'ttty-s:e(\-en, 'from itwenityto ttoirty par eanfe; to' fifty-nine, from thirty .-to C-ortj- pei^epit;;.' In, llfty- steaim«r wWc1i ba« put Jn 3olylieia<l, Enigilamid, report*- .tliat |«aw a torge-steaimOT founder 'off , .PcmVbrokesjfdr^ " -It Is I itl«a!t nil on'boiw'd of lior were THIS IS THE NUMBER OFCUBANOLA CIGARSSOLD ININDIANAIN i895-MORETHAN J ANY THREE OTHER BRANDS COMBINED ..... ' IS THE BEST FIVE-CENT CIGAR EVER OFFEREDTO THE TRADE. ASK YOUR DEALER FOR CUBANOLA- HOW'S THIS. We offer One Hundred Dollars re ward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. '• F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., We, the undersigned, have known F J. Cheney, for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectlji; honorable In nil business' transactions and flnanciallj able to carry out any obligations made by their ten. . ". WEST.. & TRDAX, Wholesale Drug gists, Toledo,. 0. WALDINGi' KFrfNAN & MAEVIN Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.'-. • Hall's Catarrh Cure is. taken inter nally, acting directly .upon the; blood and-mucous surf aces 1 , of the system Testimonials sent free. Price 7!5c pe bottle. Sold by all druggists. - FAN-AMERICAN '. • .'• '.. , ' GRIESS.' ' :;.;. For above aa,mcd meeting, wM'ch takes place at Mexlco.in Mexico, Ts'o- vfiuilbeiLvlGth'. to lOthi itue WaJbash rai-1- roh)d'-co.uii)ainy wffl sell irou-nd trl^p .tdck- ets n,t.rote.of .JG1.75. Ttokeite w^ll.be on soJie November OthVnlnd DtJi, good re- 'tu,TMiIiig:including December Slsit. Stop- 1 ^ wdU. b« allowed in, Mexico only. \ •'"-.,'. C. G NEIW'BLL, Agent. BYRON B. GORDON. Spiy Block. Logansport ( Will positively cure ibsa of Ma»a'6od, ^Teak Memory Dizziness, Wakefulness, Night losses. All drains, Nervousness. Yonthful Errors, Use of Opium. Eto. which surely lead to death or insanity, A Positive Cure. Large Boxes, $2.00.. Sold only at the'-, company's office, or sent; by mail or, express on re' ceipt of price.

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