Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 27, 1954 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 27, 1954
Page 14
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mF* f *.>*j *tnK&? ,- ' % ^ : HOP! STAR, HOflt, ARKANSAS , July 27, 1954 ; \xxviti S^'ISfne, my ear Idoked i&poxl morning trial 1 fefetdf, Who Hfalned out with a syringe prflctlesliy hor> Hftf. was still badly dig* " W,as stifc* Betty Jane ,,.4116*6 ,lhat I-got it hi isbte office where I said t,oij«oney, .Ma didn't es, as the flrsi thing id 'frhe'n she'sawmrt tell"hie; Freddie, that that Veal-^stete 'office Accidentally ahd hit you V-be-eause not only will eve ii;-but I do-^not want e Id me one more-time to see that you have been and 'dbtft; think 1 6Ut, that A, .there was 'insurance class on Frl* and B, the course ended , My faith in you has tsjilnccd. Here is your ring io.iiot eVj&.wisti to see you Maicmiow.'eooranr. 'in'-iaoi, f l^m ^iiodst^r..;^ I? telephone,. in >* tho.<s'i(me& , & ,few th}n^J'* 1 to 7 _ ... f added ihe n^bL^.hp- ( rwhen I just capuaflySjOiln- i'avihg' met a blonde lady Wbuld of laughed so • loud ^ it drum. "Freridiei v - she :r »OU ,are so perfectiy'^Btilivi- '/^Unriy. If you thlnk^'your iempt to make me jealous "You have actually seen this?" Ruby spelled herself at 70. "N6, but Mllb has told me so, and I have seen him do so many amazing things that 1 would believe anything." At last she reached the fatal number and threw the 'bar-bells under the trailer,"A quick shower aha I'M be with you in 10 minutes." Knowing Betty Jane and what her 10 minutes were, 1 thought it would probably be art hour before she .would be ready, by which time feetty Jano Blanc would be eating her dinner ahd there.would be no percentage In driving Ruby Jewcil in front of her house. I had no more than thought the thought than here is Ruby, all dressed up artd looking as effeminate as it is possible to look, which is plcnt. as anybody who has aeen her could fell you. XXIX I told her that I was still only working at Benny's -place in Baltimore and wouldn't this coming week as I had flowered my car. end while it had been drained, 1 did not want to have it hurt again before jt was heaJejcC "i '5Wny?.f There' is ' nothing I liko better/thah-a;man w.lth two good qaullfloj^^rs," ^slje Said/, VI "have been'/, train'j .ever sinipe we have "'id together 4ovg«H Tucky to 'fI0Wcfttri me.*'She hat tried, and *it> has strictly neVer worked, but.lpok'at this.'.'.4" I - 'practically stopped Ihe cor wjiile-^she lifted her curlj blondo ^ha'ir, 7 and there wt*& lhe,nlcest,,lit- tle'flower you ever-saw, right on top of.' ',her shell-pink car. "Of cojirse 'f, keep ft' covered,' except wheV^I^-am- on the 'mat, but how do you think I got U?" effect, you J thought you we'r.cu" jaee that, she --was*' tn ' a of mind, ^(5 'when* 1 ttho j-eceiver.'jdcJvn.'j t ut?.another nickel in to-call to take lyjng,down f|j;eceiver hung up'Vn me. ,'chocolate ice'cream issue bf j final' d^X bou'gVt see. on,,thq ;e7* which I naturally turn - 1 -- v —' that Ruby Jewell ;er-a"ro on a' card ,<afrSflme night. , Bpa''wa^on^'pl.ice I would sK>' g ".*n>r^&>'fisfl(> fiin • because .. ren becaw?? there, but or 'fiiatty>i ioier several V' •**) -J»r^>r »'-H ^1 '^ t." ' . • fewer, she was so anxjous to trie. t "I*htmg'*it onTnyself. wilh a pa'ir. io{[ pliers."" Honeyboy, tell me, could it have come out any more beautiful if' -Mildred Burke had done ft?" On, women,' I only approve of flowers where they belong, which is some kind of orchids or something. Besides, we were now up in- tho-Blanc neighborhood. As wo passed Betty Jane's house I tried t6 put 1 * Ruby's^ hair 'back where it belonged ,and make it look very— well, whatever it is When your hand lingers over a girl's hair, but not' as if you were going ts hit'her there. It didn't do any pood, as there was po-Betty Jane in sight, and there ^wasn't all the other times we drovc'4by,' until Ruby said, "It EeerffslpSKnie that we hive been through! this neighborhood several times 'already," so there was nothing for me to do but explain that Ihere were miles and miles of this kind of row houses ami all I was trying to do ,w.as*to get out lo the park, which'-'Jed -to the counlry, •\yhere we ,c<iuld find sorh B i,'lace lo Atom Power Filibuster Grips Senate By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON M —Thfi Senalp, proud of its rule which lets a member talk till he,'s sperhless, is working the rule Overtime. It has been talking steadily, all day and all night, around the clock, since Wednesday morning on atorritb-.len- ergy. It probably will still be/talking on this next week. . •'-'• .;Vi>•'!'.? Sen. Knowland of .Californiaj;$,c etc Republican lender, mind he'd get action on I istration's bill .16; make spm6,-rna,.._ changes In the atbmjc: "nergy law if he had to keep \M 96 senatbrs, including himself, in steady session to the point of exhaustion. His challenge was taken up by n number of Democrat. 1 ! nnd Sen. Morse, Oregon Independent, who don't like the. changes and prob- fcbly wanted to show him they couldn't be pushed. They've done most of the talking.. And they've had plenty of excuses for talking. The atomic energy net. nassrd in 1946, is the basic law on the development and control of atomic power for both military nnd peace ful uses. That act contain.^ 21 sec- lions. The bill now before the Senate-would make changes in all 21 sections., ^ ; And.while one senator.,might ^.be filling to buy;'bhe v charigf!;;'b : ''iiV : ntjt. 'another, ;5nd since thfr:;,DiSrhoci'als as a group don't, Iikc';th6|;bill. as a whole, they're having 1 , a field day arguing againsl the bill, 'p'iece./,by piece. .,. . . ..,.;:" • Although Knowland '••• is determined he'll keep the Senate \in session.; until Ihe bill ;i3i:pettlcdX'one •syay, or the pther,- ;and";he' hopes' it will "be setllcd ih favor of Ihe ad- minisU;atipii, . ,.he!s; ; up '^a., bit of a; tree.. He hnd ' hoped ; ;lhn Senate could wind.up ils yeav's work by Ihe ;'end of July. 'Jn v '|nct, he had "planned' oft it. -•;•.'',''' '•..•'••. His schciuile is getting booted cut the window. And that isn't all. The House was to begin debate on the same bill on its side of th« Capitol .today... Since there is a limit on debate in the House, that chamber should make up its mind, for or against, pretty .fast. But if it passes the bill and the Senate doer.n't, Ihere won't be any changes in the 1946 law. If House and .Seriate both pass, and changes voted into the bill in both chambers are not identical, ihen they'll have to set up a joint committee to iron out the differences. •And when that's dona, ifr.:it «.can be done, the compromise'bill lands back in both Houses for final 'ap- rlV>^^?^ •;'•>. ^*J,^.-iy old Ham Tai Yung, ir acting as .thief of state while President Syngman Knee is in the United States. Seeks J»a! Missing on Red-Held Isle SAIGON, Indochina ' UH — A-rican civilian D" An STOt 3 -AND-GO PRACTICE—Children in the French sector of Berlin, .Germany..,are learning traffic regulations and safctyjat an early age. Police constructed a traffic pattern.so the .children can-drive their t.iny cars ana practice safe driving habits. The pattern Includes,main,.arteries, side streets, traffic lights and ! street signs. Youngsters in authentic police uniforms direct traffic. rations on nuclear weapon:; aiid their us in fluurc defense or poj- biblc wars. i 12. Let the Prcsidc-H cliscl.ojc peaceful atomic information. 'I'lf'ib would include the Russians. Tlio President cuggeslcd inlornalionlil sharing of pcnec'ful atomic information 1 last year. j 3. Loosen up., on the pre'KcnV figlU security regulations on . atomic ifi- formation so "inctuStry 'FUjd public and private businesses .arid a'ge^- cl.es., can do. research and get into expected -commercial cley olopmenl . ,&£. Designate the '-'chairman of thb ,fiye-man Atomic 'Energy Comm.ijj- News Briefs By United Press MK'LBOURNK, Austrnlin (UP) — A leading Melbourne newspaper said in a f'-ont-|mgc editorial today Prime Minister Hobcrt C. Mcn/.ic.*; .should teil the world • "Auslralln htunds firmly will> America against any aggression-in this part of the ' world. . ,. , . . "Mcnzies should go to Amcrir.a and ' take .. this iiicKs.-ige with him. . ." r'J'hc Sun No.vy picloria said. . "In all the future of thi.s part ot the . world, .we uland will America-" sidn now Lewis Strauss — "official spokesman.'' . .' ! • 5,v~ Let the AEC issue licenses ia/id L patenlis in'the field'of tiuclcnr facilities ..arifi^dcvelopmcnls. The Democrats have been ,pnr- .ticularly ' bc'ng'ing 1 awriy a;t Nos. 3 ; , 4 and- f5; They've: expressed suspicion that a' few'.'i.blii private concerns could get a ^monopoly-hold in a field which has cost the government billion's of dollars to develop Ham, a distinguishod-lookini, . . . man with an elegant white mus- ^i^^HTan HI and in -tch.. rarely lakes part in pollll- ™™ '*f ^™ o ftKd mis ., eal act.v.ues, although he often .^ ^ pre ^ mcd deac , in the shooting clown Friday of a Cathay Pacific airliner. The pilot is Perry (Moel Cut- represents the civic functions. government at SINGAPORE (UP) — A leading British trial lawyer was captured and briefly held by Communist terrorists in an ambush in whic'i two Briton? were killed end several wounded, it was reported today. Queen's Counsel Christopher Shawcross, brother ot ex-attorney general Sir Hartley ShuwcroKS. w;is hospitalized here for troatuiunl of wounds said. in his back, llw report burth of. Pittsburgh, Kan., friend and associate of Leonard Parish of Iowa Park, Tex., who is missing with, his two young sons. .His. wife and daughter were rescued and are recovering in Hong Kong. Cutburth based his hope that. Parish and other missing passengers from the downed plane might have been picked up by Chinese fishermen on a convc.-siition h2 said he hud hero wi'h a British Royal Air For'cr pilot who flew over the cvcnti Friday. BUTUONWPOD, England CUP) Wives of If. S. servicemen stationed here no longer have to pass British tests' before bc-ing al- itivvcd to' drive a car, i'.ic air force announced today. ^British a'.ithoritics ,h;ivo agreed to recognize American drivers' lj- Qcnscs. SEOUL (.UP)' South Korea's little-known vice president 81-year- Dear Folks: Regardless of the outcome of the Prosecuting Attorney's race to all of you who worked so hard for me and you who voted for me my family and I arc deeply gralcful. To you who supported anolher believing him Iho besl qualified, I ask your support if I am in the run off and he is not. To you who voted against me .for personal reasons, let's bury the halchel. Sincerely Royce Weisenberger Pol. Aclv. Paid for by Roycc Wuisenbcrgor car, I jjfc over •fetty Jano for the mad at me, wasn't yery big the' largest ght nway. I but J'd like to go," she eat. "I could eat' a hors she said. "Do you realize-that not only I dp 200 straight lifts and no jerks, but 100 jerks as <well?'* Anyway, I took Ruby to one of those all-you-can-eat chicken places, and would tho proprietor b6 out of luck if many customers like her camp around! I didn't have but three servings, but she must have had five, and pic after. That girl could sure pack in th" food. I kept thinking that T would have dong the same if I hod taken as many-'jorks and no-jerks as she had done, but thanks to Milo, thai was one fprm" of work I could ftrictly skip. , t drove Ruby back home SAVE HUNDREDS DURING OUR she remarked, "Is there only ono way .0 ''g'et from where we ata back 'to, our trailer? I swear that I haye seen this scene at least a do'zen.^imes." ( proval and there may be moye rumpus, . u v '',, ^ The atorri|fi enerty net of 194(5*> was passed/pnly. ^horlly after Congress ancf Uhe 'peopje. $ad discovered they n ad a strange, new and startling possession that cquld work for the good of mankind" in medicine and power and -for, this destruction with the bomb?' TbP' Unjted State , at tha time, hadla monopoly of atomic wpap'ons.jb The law waa^ built around that monopoly: To guard the secrets of the bomb and *"afomic'> energy, Kven friendly nations," under tho law, could not be let in on those secrets. And the government was pivcn a monopoly on developing atomic power. In the eight years i since 1948 there have been great changes; Russia developed the bomb on its own. Some of the Allies developed atomic energy. There were scientific- and' technical advances, So the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy — made up of House and Senate Democrats and Republicans — finally produced the bill now before the Senate to muke changes in- the 1945 law, Here are BC;rnc of the major ones: 1. Let UK. President share infor- When tried .'to call Betty Jane soon as I ffl straight \\tis and no gq." ^•she exercised, as there I just scmething iyl dping bsr-bell exer- Is'yery interesting v £ •time' "got up to . gfee said, "You know, tftinK v «his M J lp who , tftft njght must be' the 3\ Pfl* |eve§ me," \l bay? the «, tot only Jjyeg. " the v stronge?i man ' later that evening, she really lit into me. Bafore I hardly said who I was. she said, "Well, T mufl say, Freddie Anspach, this is the last and I mean the very last. Imagine you paradiig that gilded hussy before my house for a whole three quarters of an hour in (hat car that is not even yours! And, if I rn,a yask, where did you pick her VP~ at some sideshow?" Here Betty Jane 'must have been watching all the time and I had really gummed that one up beyond repair. It is strictly accidental when you pass your girl's house once with another lady, but when you do , it 11 times U hrgms to Jook like a put-up job. ' When Petty Jane was 'done telling me off, I drove down to the Y In the hope that maybe Miio had got back. jere^ ns was, standing put in t * of the old dump, when I parked across the street I knew right awey th?t something must h^ve happened from the despondent way ne looked^ "What is ailing >ou?" I asked, "i thouglU I had the trouble there "No, Fed, Milo gqt worse." ««you can't have. Why, Betty tinelly broken off with _. IOLESALE PRICES STAR or • 6e«4 Native me for good." "Dawn loll me roll own' hoop. Fed, what is hoop?" I explained and added: "You are well rid of Dawn and I do not intend to £ivc Betty Jane more than another thought. Look, Milo, Ruby and Tucky ore in town." "Milo only \\-ant Dawn." T could see he was getting ready to cry and it was no use asking him to go out and eat something outside his diet, but I had an idea. "Here's the keys for your car, and thank you, although it got in-s into more trouble then I was in already. How about goine out to the Arena tonight to see those two wrestle? Also I see 'that Gino Garibaldi is on the card. He is a really top-flight performer." You should have heard the sneer with which Milo cut me off. . "Okay," I said, "so if Garibaldi wins you can isue a^ challenge." which hit him in a soft spot, for if there is one thing Greeks like to do it is to issue challenges. "All right, Fed. Go work now. Where moat?" "Here at eight." I said, and Milo took off. We got to the Arena just in time to hear Ruby and Tucky announced, and they put on their usual show, which if that is wrestling, so is my old man, Gino was good, in any man's '.arisu'ase, but he must have been in a hurry because he finished off his versus in )}Q minutes and hart Ducked out o| the ring while AJilo wa,s still working his mouth, thinking of wh.at h,e warjted to say in his dial- lenge. J, wont bacjs to the girls' dre^s- Jng room, but it seemed they hat! alsp been in, a hurry «••> get away, »s Garibaldi was q«ile a gaod- Utojsing guy, $rtfl if it wasn't him MERCURY'S NEW 161-HP ENGINE, PLUS NEW BALL-JOINT--SUSPENSIONS-HAILED. BY LEADING AUTO EDITORS—AND BUYERS CASH IN ON OUR SUCCESS SAVE MONEY 3 WAYS , July 27, 19S4 HOP! STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS PRESCOTT NEWS Lions Club The Prescott Lions Club met on Thursday at the Lawson Hotel for the weekly luncheon meeting. The president, Carroll Bratton,, presided and plans were discussed for an "Open Air Ladies Night" to be held in the near future Program chairman, W. B. Sage led a forum on "What WOuld You Like the Programs to be?" G. A.'s Attend The following Youth Rally members of the North Little Rock on Friday. Mrs. Harold Lewis spent a part of last week in Arkadelphia as the guest of Mrs. Georgia .lordon. Misses Suzanne Lee and Jane Cummings of DeQueen are spending several weeks in Gladewater, Texas as the guests of Miss Martha Ann Cummings. Mrs. J. B. Hesterly, Mrs. J. W. Ike Working on Highway Building Plan By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON , I*— President Eisenhower's proposed 50-billion- dollar highway program for the next 10 years, huge as it seems, would be only par t of th$ money spent on roads In that tiitte The total would be over 87 . The 50 billion wouldn't ail come Girl's Auxiliary of the First Baptist Church attended an Associational Woman's Missionary Union Youth rally at the First Baptist Church in Arkadelphia on Thursday; Marilyn Buchanan, Nedra Marlar, Carol Hue Ferguson, Jeannie Rose Jones, Norma Jean Grittord, Sissy Mitchell, Linda J/andivcr, Nancy Buchanan, Jane Klines and Wanda Iltiskey. Tlic group was accompanied by Mrs. Watson White Jr., Miss Lillio Butcher. Mrs. J. W. Grimes, Mrs. J. O. Colcmari, Mrs. Claud Cox, Mrs.' Hoy Stainlon and Mrs. Hoy Loomiu. Teeter Mrs. Burke Shelton and cut of the U. S. Treasury. Only Mrs. L. C. Gatlin attended a W. S.j about half of it wotild- The states C. S. school of missions gate camp lasl week. Becky have returned from a motor rip in the Ozarks. Miss Ava Lou Garretl remained for a longer visit Mrs. A. J. Shell in Salem. Jte ' Trial drive a Mercury, Get our big-volume deal. Save as you drive with Mercury's famous economy and low upkeep. Get back more in the future with Mercury's higher trade-in value. You can't match it for tht mmey Don't mUs tho big television hit, "TOAST OF THE TOWN" with Ed' Sullivan. '" Sunday evening, 6 to 0:30, Station KCMC-TY — Channel 6 THE TRADING POST *( ' * r. Lt. Harold A. May. son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Tatc of Pros- cott) and hiiuband ot the former iss Mary J. Snydcr of La Mesa, ,alif.. returned to Ihe United Stales July 13 after seven and one-half months in the Far East aboard the atlack aircraft carrier USS Essex. Ll, Pal Fore of Maxwell Air For-qe Base, Montomery,' Ala., son of -Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Fore of Prescott, has been promoled to First Lieutenant. Friends of Mrs. Jack Kennedy [ Arkadelohia will regret that he Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Garrelt and Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Davis and 1st. and Mrs. S. P. Davis Jr., wore at Aiders-1 would havu to put up tile rest. But the proposal is only a gleam in Eisenhower's eye. It was a suggestion he tossed to the governors at their recent Leaders in the Major 1 Leagues By the Associated Press AMERICAN LEAGUE Batting *-* Noren, New York .358; Minoso, Chicago, .324; Mantle, New York, -321; Avila, Cle- vels^id, .30; Rosen, Cleveland, Colerjan, Baltimore, Snider, Brooklyn, .303, Muetfer, New York, .^44; Mu.*1al St. iouis, .337; Schoomlienst, St Louis, .330; Moon, St. Louis .33.1 Ru^s Batted In — Muslal, St. Lotiif 87; Hodges. Brooklyn, SO Snider, Brooklyn, 83: Jublortski, St. Louili 80; Bell and Kluszewski Cinciinati and Mays. New York, 79. 54; Runs Mays, New York, Sailer, Chicago and Kluszew- , '•:', fiufis BMted In Minoso,. cago 76; Sierra and Mantle, York, Doby, 74{ Rosen, Cleveland, Home Runs — Chi- 73; Cleveland, 71. Doby. Cleveland annual meeting in New York State to get thinking started on this country's road' needs. Me was guessing at what such a program would cost. A _.. _ _ _ Sometlmn next year he may be h"o "fhunsdaVEuests of Mrs. John'pblr to offer Congress a specific Mrs. Whit r.rosram after the government's ahd Matillo, New York, 20; Rosen, Cleveland, 17; Sievcrs, Washington, 10; Williams, Boston 15. Stolen Bases — Jensen Boston and Rivera, Chicago, 1 Chicago, Busby, 10; Michaels, Chicago, 9. 14; Minoso. Washington, A. Davis und Mr. and Javis in Jacksonville. Mrs. J. A . Cole, Mrs. J. A. Eagle, Mrs. Charlie Thomas and Mrs. J. W. Gist attended Alders^ate Methodist Camp on Saturday and .Sunday as representatives of the Wos- Icyan Guild. Dr. and Mrs. Jack Han-ell, Mrs. Marion Franks and Miss Amelia Harrell have returned from Gult port, Miss., where Miss Harrell attended Camp Gulf Park. , Mrs. H. E. Don-is has returned from Longview where she has been the guest of her mother, Mrs,. Amanda Cox, and other relatives. Mrs. Bill Pratt Newport are the and children of guests of her VJI'.JIIJil \VI11 i^-c;i»_v HI4AW ..»-• . j Mrs. Sue Bierne frnctur P al ' cllls Mr ' nnd Mrs ' Homer Wnrd ' mother. ed her hip and is a patient at Ihe Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thomas attended tho wedding of their nephew J. G. Darwin, to Miss Ann Wade at the First Methodist Church in The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring Items to Mlsa Turner at Hicks Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bcmis and Bittey Bemis left Thursday for n motor trip to Milwaukee, Wis., and other points of interest. They were acompanied to Ft. Smith by Chad and Tommy Cravens who have been their guests the past two weeks. Bureau of Public Road'* finishes estimate, perhaps by February, on what it would cost to build ncdccl new roads and improve existing ones. The government helps states now under what Is called a federal aid system, bneun in-1916. Tho money given by the government must be matched by the states, generally on a 50-50 basis. Any money used under this alt system, federal and state, must go only Into construction of nev. roads and improvement Of ' olt ones. Then the states -.mist main lain them. The federal governmen has lo give its approval when any of its money is used. Any additional road building o repairing — that, is on roads out side the aid system.—- must come out of the pockets of the stales, counties, cities nnd towns. This year the government is tho stales 575 million dol- Grim, New York, 11-4, .733. Strikeouts — Turlcy Baltimore 13; Truck:!, Chicago, 101; Pierce, Chicago, 37; Wynn, Cleveland, Reynolds, New York. Feller, Cleveland, 8-1, 889; Consucgra, Chi^aifo, lS-3, 800; Morgan, New York. 7-2, .778. Pitching 10-1, .909; ski, (Cincinnati, 28; MusWi, St Hodges, Brooklyn, ?6 Sttien e.ises Brutoni Milwaukee 57; FOndy, Chicago, 16; Temple Cincinnati, 15; Moon. "St. Louis 12; Walhews Milwaukee 3. PHthlna AntonelH New YOrl 14-31WI: Davis Chicago, ' t'! 778; Meyer, Brooklyn, 7-3, ..TOO Grissom. New York, 9-4, .692 Hadlix, St. Louis, 14-7, .q87; Mag lie. Kew York, 10-5. .667; \Vilhclm New York. 8-4. .667; Lawrence .667. Haddix, St. Louis ___ y Philadelphia, 113 Ersidnc, Brooklyn, 100; Anlonell New York, 93; Spahn, Milwauke 00. St. Louis, 6-3, Strikeouts 118; : Roberts, Sonic elevators travel as fast a 1,200 feet per minute. CAUTIONS FftANCE-tJriited States Ambassador C. Douglas Dillon has warned France it must decide soon between a controlled German rearmament within EDO, or the re-creation of an independent national German army. He said that, lit changes Were now made in EDC,- France might be seriously harmed. Rdinbow Trout Comes to State MOUNTAIN Funeral services for Mrs. Mary IJjIarrison were held Saturday, July 24, at the Baplist Church in Old Lewisville. With Hicks Funeral Home in charge. Mrs. E. M. Nelson, Mrs. Zadie Jones and Mrs. Essie D. Brantley have returned home after attending, the 16th Annual Executive Session of the Grand Lodge and Ancient Free and Accepted Mason with the Grand Order of the East- g'tjio Star, Nobles, Daughters and *I J hinx and Juveniles which convened at St. James AME ch iii Camdcn. Arkansas. Chur- Mrs. Mattie Allen of Kansas City, Mo., is visiting relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Strongs of Chic age, 111., announce the new arrival of a Baby daughter al 1:20 n, in, on July 22, in Chicago, 111. II Mrs. Strongs will be known b;y her many Hope friends as Orsia Mae Williams, Mrs. Reua Williams the mother of Mrs. Strongs is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Strongs, and lo be on hand to greel her new grand-baby. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flenory had as their dinner guest Sunday, July 25. her aunt and uncle, Mrs. Anna Stewart, : -Mr., Geo. Smith Sr. and n:r cousin A/3C R. D. Smith and Mrs. Roxie Hadicy. A/3C R. D. Smith who has spent two years in the Far East is home Here Are Grid Games to Be Televised NEW YORK (UP) A In-game 19S4 N.C.A.A. college football tfln- vision program, beginning with the California-Oklahoma game on Sept. 18 and ending with the Noire Dame-Southern Methodist clash on Dec. 4, was announced today. Television fans also will see such traditional gares as Bnvlor-Texas on Nov. 6; Georgia Tech-Aalbama on Nov. 13; Ohio State^iVIichigc.n on Nov. 20; and, Army-Navy on Nov. 27. .Fans will sec one game each Saturday except on Oct. 23 when the Piltsburgh-Norlhweslorn gamo at Piltsbutvih, the Ho]y Cross-Boston University game at Worcester, Mass., and Ihe Monlana-Brigharo Young game al Provo, Utah, wilt be regionally televised. The Illinois-Stanford gamo will be lelecast from the West Coast on O'ct 2. Tin? time ciit'Iemice will avoid a conflict with the World Series and allttw TV fans to en ; joy bnlh baseball and football on cnc .of Ihe nation's big sports Saturdays. The complete 1954 N.C.A.A. TV .schedule: . Sept. 13 California vs Oklahoma at Berkeley, Calif. Sept. 25 iowa.vs. Michigr.n State at Iowa City, la. Oct. 2 Stanford vs. Illinois at Palo Alto. Calif. Oct. 9 WilEonsin vs Rice al Mad ison, Wis Oct. 16 Oregon vs. Southern California at Portland, Ore. Oct. 23 Pittsburgh vs. Northwestern at Pittsburgh Holy Cross vs. . p7 years it will, give 87;v: millions. . The Buronu of Public -Roads es timates the federal ^government:, the stales, the counties and local communities will spend altosetiier nrounil C'A billion dollars B year. Thai's for construction, '• maintenance, .i^ministration, and reliro- ment of debt. ""''••. •-••''.-• Of that (i'/a billion, 83,730,000,000 will be spppl (Sn construction alone — now roads, improving existing ones — by the federal government, stales, counties and loeal 'communities. That would be. if costs didn't go higher than tliey are now. $37,300,000,000, or a total of $87,300,000,000 in the next decade 'for construction. In this country there are about 3% million miles of roads and streets. Of this total, 288,00 miles are local city streets and 2.962,000 miles are rural roads. A rural road is anything outside the jurisdiction of a city. Of the total rural roals ,and city streets — 3% Million miles — the federal aid system includes orUy 672,000 miles in what are called the primary and secondary systems. •• ' The primary roads — 218,000 miles in n-.r^l areas, 16,000 rrtilus in city streets — are supposed to ;een nttemptinft to lure the HKV tiout into thfe tepiil wotef* of Dixie's s!6w moving sir»Ams, Each attempt met with faittite. lie ptincc ot clear Watfi' gartW ish Just couldh't survive tft ll« Varm waters ot the south. But, now that the big ment ddms are operating in Ozark Mountains of north Arit he rainbow trout had at list i southern horn*. Arkansas boasts more than ml Ics ot trout water, ahd otters tfie only trout fishing east of the flofeky Mou nlalns and south of, Kansas Most of the trout grow fo an average of seven pounds In new home, but several il-potindeti have been caught in the Wttite' Norfork and Little Missouri fivers Trout began to live 1ft Ihe thr* livers after Bull Shoalfc, Norfork and Narrows dam's *ere - built Water impounded by the dams I released from the bottom of th reservoirs and therefore is ffigi enough for the game fish. Spinning gear has proved , part culaily effective against Arkansa -MlllW i;>f"' ««»,»,; ,.,r /{ j^ •i " ? v*i fckjL! ^ 4 f<t.M>~tJ.jjif»**: |$ht*M*ffc >^^^I^ (X*lyn5 ttt&Mita V i "' :;; :i^lf* * •""•^• i *^*m YQlfGET DOUBLE S&H GREEN STAMPS EVERY be rpads of major importance That's a total'of-234,000 mi!6s of primary roads. The secondary roads are of lesser importance, like school feus routes; .They total 438,000 miles. The federal aid mdney. is given for building and improving primary and.sfccondary, roads. . Of the 234,000 mjles if prirfiaj-y roads, the American Assn. of Highway Officials estimates 65 per cent are in need of improvement. About 38,000 miles of tliost 234,000 miles of primary roads are th? intei- state network, the main arteries of the nation's highway system. with his parents Gco. Smith Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Ada McMullen and granddaughter, Mildred have returned home after spending several weeks visiting relatives in Texarkana and $n Kansas City, Missouri. Boston U. at Worcestpr, Mass. Montana vs Brigham Young at Provo, Utah. Oct. 30 Pennsylvania vs. Pcnn Stale at Philadelphia. Nov. 6 Baylor-Texas at Waco. Mr. and Mrs. Hoover Turner and daughter of Kalnmuzoo, Mich., are visiting relatives in Tuxurkana in Hope. Friends of Clem Dixon will be glad to know hi; is recovering from a recent operation. Nov. 13 Georgia Tech vs. Alabama at Atlanta, Ga. Nov. 20 Ohio State vs. Michigan at Columbus, O. Nov. 25 Maryland vs. Missouri c,t College Park, Md. Nov. 27 Army vs. Navy at Philadelphia'. Dec. 4 Southern Methodist vs. Notre Dame at Dallas, Tox. Calif., won the women's singles title at the Pennsylvann ane Eastern states grass court tennis championships, defeating Louise Brough of Beverly Hills, Calif., 6-4,' 2-6, 8-6. NEW YORK Full Flight won the Saranio Handicap at Jamaica with Paper Tiger scgond in the mile-and-a-sixteenth run. Top Quality Meat U. S. Good — T-Bohe POUND .... US. Good — ChucJ^ POUND, . . . . Fresh - Leah - Ground POUND. STANDARD YOU SAVE TWO WAYS WHEN YOU WIGGLY — YOU SAVE WITH LOW, LOW PRICES-AND YOM BLE S&H GREEN STAMP WITft EVERY SPEND AT PIGGLY WIGGLY. *"'''' • *". v ' : " ^5 ; '-3^il mmv:>r*$&& MAYFIELD j, ".waro; , f * i * « t\\ ^f^Kfi^Siisf' - < • t.it*»>4£«?S Siva *«*»'« NORTHERN NO. 1 ' * • I'm * * - H (i fe '^"i/a *.*s<*it* ' ,/",-//C v,?, V>l ^&m :••.';&*$&$$$& •-•» •••'•;^.vr;st||.|^a > ,»'•••, / v f'r^^M- 1 " ?"<2«nsP SUNDAY ST. PAUL, Minn. Tomvay Bolt Mrs. Hos'ie Poindextcr and dau- hter of Wichita, Kans., are visit- ma relatives and friends. ' Mr. and Mrs. Marion Nash of Chicago, 111. are visiting Mr. N ash's sister, Mrs. Gladys N. Davis, and other relatives. Lee and Leonard Huntley of Toledo, Ohio are visiting Mr and Mrs. Jack McFadden, and other relatives. Experts on human werlility say U. S. couples must average 2.1 children if • they are to replace themselves'in the population. beat San Snea; Walt Burkemo defeated Roberto do Vicenzo;'• Gary Micldlecoff beat Shelley Mayfield; and Chick Harbcrt ousted Jerry Barber in the quarter-finals of thn PGA championship. 'PHILADELPHIA — Vic Seixas won the men's singles title at the Pennsylvania Grass Court tennis tournament by defeating Art Larson, G-3, 0-2, 4-0, 0-4. ** Jessie Webb of McKamie died Sunday July 25. Funeral arrange^ ments are incomplete. Sgt. Samuel Bailey, Mrs. Leona. Bailey, Mrs. Myrtle Richardson and Mrs. Magic Johnson attended the State Youth Congress in Camden. Sports in Brief By United Press CHICAGO ..(/Hi — Royal note with Eddie Arcaro up, won the $149,785 Arlington Park. Futurity with Dulta second and Impromptu third. INGLEWOOD, Calif. — Fleet Bird scored' a nose victory ove? Rejected on the $109,oOO Sunset; Handicap at Monmouth Park, de- equalled tho track mark ot 2:4p 4-5 for mile-and-five-eighths in winning the photo finish. OCEANPORT, N. J . Bassa- njo won the $5B,BOO Mcnmouth Handicap utM.onmouth Park, de PARIS — Sweilfii elinrhert the European '/one Davis Cup tennis championship when Sven Davidson and Torsten Joliaftsson defeated Paul Reniy and Jean DUCOK ue La Hnille in doubles, C-3, fi-4. 3-6, 9-7, to give their country a 3-0 lead in the best-oM'ive series. DRISGOLL 12 Oz. Can FROZEN FOODS 25c 35c TISSUE.. 3 RATH PURE L/INI JV.V/L_U. v— STRAWBERRIES PICKSWEET PEAS 2 Pkgs Shop and Save-With These Every Day low Pnces LARD Sgt. Samuel Bapey and paiW TORONTO — Bernard Barren of San Angelo, Tex., won th« men's singles title at the Canadian tennis championships, defeating Japan's Kosei Mamo, 6-4, 6-0, 6-3-, DENVER —Tony Traberfcl Cincinnati won the Colorado Open tennis title by defeating Gardner Mullo yof Miami, 4-8 6-1, 7-5, «-8 8-7. VIGO DOG FOOD SUNSHINE CRACKERS • i M §PY'S "TOMATO JUICE 303 Can 1 Lb. Box 46 0?. Can . lOc 25c 29c CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP Con 300 2 For GLADIOLA CAKE MIXES 3 ^ LOO KOOL AID 6 PK 9 * 25C W» - cm** ^,; : ' * &&twn^i dl S i ..- ^ featuig CloHod Dooj.- by more . |wo lengths. FORT WAYN.E, Ind. Smith o| Wichita; Kan., won Fort Wayne WPfljen's Qpeii title witli a 54-|iole- total ot

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