Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 13, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1896
Page 2
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Indigestion and constipation are caused by neglect or by unavoidable circumstances; DeWitt's Little Early Risers will speedily en-re them all.—Jno. M. Johnston. MAY HAVE SATELLITES. Chicago Astronomer Ihlnk> tlu> Eurtli Ha. at toait One of Them. Louis Gathmonn, one of Chicago's enthusiastic amateur astronomers, thinks lie has discovered a satellite of the uarth. It lias generally beun taken for ; granted thut it baa none, bxit Mr. Gathmann now believes this view to be erroneous. "Hhs'oui 1 "eartli u number of sntcllltea revolving 1 uround its orbit similar to : thcvso of Sa.turn or Jupiter?" he asked, nnd then he proceeded to answer nis own quostion thus: "Even Mars h«> two known satellites, while our earth,FO far as is known in fact, has none. Luna, our moon, is by no means a. sutel-: lite, but a planet. Luna .does not re-' volvo round our earth, ns nil other known satellites revolve around th'eir respective plan-eta in onr solar system. Saturn has a great number of planets revolving- around "its orbit. The so- called rings consist also of thousands of satellites, only our present telescopes are not powerful enough to stpnrato thein. So likely our own cu.rth is also eurrounded by a great number of unknown satellites. At least one of them I think I have discovered. Its path is from west to cast. When I got it under my telescope T was making observations o£ the sun's spots. I uncovered it. It took about fivo seconds to pass across the sun's disk from the time I first paw it, when it was at the. spot indicated by the arrows. Its distance, of course, cannot be determined unless other observers had an opportunity to see it or had it under their cameras. However, at the some, speed, approximately, it would move round our enrth in-00 minutes, and if its distance from us be 500 miles it would then have a speed of about live miles per second. "Our earth may have a great number of such, email satellites revolving round its orbit, yet unknown, and they might never be discovered for this reason: In the daytime .they arc mot visible because of too much light, from the eun. At night, after the sun has set, they arc in the shadow of our earth, again, and not having light of their own they would be in eclip.se. If their mean distance from our earth was .500 miles to be visible by a telescope of ISO magnifying power, such as I used, their diameter must be at least 35 feet. If smaller they would not be visible. Comparing the.ir diameter by the transit of Mercury it would hardly be one- tenth. I hope other'observations may have been made by other astronomers, KO that we may be. able to determine its distance." :..:ic- savcjs are uow experimenting ".•it'.i a sheet-iron kite, designed to-.en-' nl-i'.- distressed ships to communicate •••i:!i the sliore. 644 Overcoats and Reefers Still on hand of the Mammoth Stock as- siened to me by OTTO KRAUS September 14 amounting to $44,499.41 Fall Overcoats $2.75 to $8.00 We've appraised very low. just think;of it #2.75 to $8. The former figure represents a overcoat, while the latter figure includes the finest Silk Lined and very swell, former price A. G. JENKINES, Assignee RAI4L.Y—OLD SOLDIERS AND M'KINLBY CLUBS PARADE. For above meeting at Lafayette, Ind., Oct. 13th, a special train on the Wabash railroad will leave Logansport at 8:48 a. m:, arriving at Lafayette at 10 o'clock a. m. Returning trains will ledve Lafayette at 11 • o'clock p. m. Fare ?lll for the round trip. C. G. NEWELL, Agent. 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Brotherhood ot St. Andrew Annual Convention, via Peosylvaala Lineal October 12th, 13th and 14'dh special low rate excursion tickets will be sold to Pittsburgh via Pennsylvania Ltaes, for annual convention of Brotherhood of St. Andrew; return coupons will.be valid through to original start!rig:polnl on or before October 20th. • . • : D7 TROUBLED WITH RHEUMATISM READ THIS. • -..' , Annaipolis, Md., Apr. 16,1804.—I have used Chamberlain's Pain Balmi-for rheumaitilsm aind found it to-be all that „ cla-imed' for It. I believe It- to be the best preparation for rheumatism-"anfl deep searted muscular pains on the .'market a-nd cheerfully recommend--It- to the public.—Jno, G. Brooks, dealer;In ibotfts, shoes, etc., .No. 18 Main St.' , ALSO READ THIS. '•' -Mcchonlcsvllle, St. Mary County; Md. —I sold a bottle of Chiamberiatn's Pain .Balm' to a man who had been suffering with rheumatism for several years. ,It made Mm a well man. A..J. McQlll. For sale'at'50 ce^te per boft'le by B. 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By the use of Dr. Greene's Nervura, the great blood reuovater and nerve tonic, the incomparable health producer which never fails. Easy to take, always effective. bringing: back appetite. strength and vitality. Get it to-day. Try it and at once begin .to gel well. "Rer . member that Dr.-.. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy is the prescription and, discovery of the well-known- Dr. Greene of 35 West '14th St., New York, the most .successful specialist in curing 1 " nervous and chronic-diseases, and hence of necessity is perfectly adapted to cure just these complaints. ' An added value is the fact that Dr. Greene can be consulted free, personally or by letter. Louise Rounds, of- OMcago, lias bean . To-ei'ec'ted -president of th« Illinois TV". C. T. U. TUe .other officers are : Viet"' Presktenlt, Mm Mniry E. Mctz- ffor, MoDiinc; Corrospondli'bg Stioretniry, .Mss 'H-tteni 'WuHkcr, 'Bloomlihgton.; re- icowMng -Secrotfary, ' 'Miss Ada Boll, ,'JnlclasottvHle; '.TrfltouwflvMrs. Amelia -Samlfoi-d,, Blodiniilnlg-tou; EJJktor Wwtcli rfww, Mirs. Carrie L. Grout, KocWonl.. IF YOU HAD A FRIEND •JVhout ito vJsiiit some, seaMoto of MIL- Tbeories of care may be discussed at length by physicians, but the wffererB want quick relief; and One. Minute (BougK Cure will give It to them. A Mleqtfre for children. It Is "the <mly harmleM remedy that produces Immedl- •te rewrite."—Jno,; M. Johnston.: . coarntay where maJfarfa.. dteeJiise; to tliq form .«f eMlte niuid fever or bilious wimjttemt ' was parbicuTsH'ly-'rlfc, wtlMit would- IK about the best -advice yon could gdve Mm. We Will tell youth) carry along or produce on flirivling, nitwit ^tanibuMSdfctaniL gaifcguard, ' Hos' SitlauMiidlil Bi'flwrs, known regions, to oi/lier counltries, as tlie sJE mw.'uns of difcairmiius Mie into* onallite scomjalgci, -and- robbing ft of its r<!lldc^tiracUbye ; influ-cini(jD. Nat only does •ft fortify Ullie system <by iucren'si'ng i,f,s , 'but ovcaicwnies .Irregularity o f itlhfe J!Jv-eir.a,nd llife-bowels, raid oonnnWorti'Ctts 'Uhio uiii'flavoraibte effect's of 'bodUy amd mental, exposure Ira roiuglIinvein|Hli<<r, or occupation too.s»e!dCTiit!a-ry or laboi'tous, toss of njypc- •tite oinid oxcelssiive m'ervousniass. Tflie fuacttois of aJilmflotaitiBoin, Wiltons secre- iti'oin wad sleep tovo in It a, lUiosft powerful mud refllnlble 'auxSQiiwry. . . '*' ,B<Aiemt W. Dodtii, reeeiv-ar for HodgT man. & Co., rutlber manufacturers and dealers, of Ntfwi York, announces tliat Ithc op-editors of itho firm Wave almost tmartinously 'agreed to accept 50 comts ONI tlie- Kliddor, • P,eia,bocly & Qo.,; otC Boston, •have engaged $750,000 sn gold in Lon- doiii, for -sfM-pineiiit diiirecit *Q Boston... .YQUB. BOiY WON'T LIVE A MONTH. So Mr. GiUtailain Browo, of 34 M'ffl St., SffiUilihi Oaudiuor, CJJass., ^aS- toM try 'tte doc toil!). . His son litad lung itfootblei f ol- liowliinig typililoiid .nin|KaiiIia,. npd lie si>en.t .ttoreia Itundred- doUams-with)'doctors, wlio fimlally glare Mm up,' saying: .'.'.Your boy WionMTO'aino-nitih," He'tntedDr. Kilug'a New D*sco,Y«iry anfl a few bot- Iffles i-esibpiied Ml(ni-'to' go to work a p«r- Jlcictiliy weil-l imffliii." '<He.en.ys : h<e owes his presen*-' good-- ton.Mi to -use of Dr. K*fflfi'<s'New Dlsco<T«ry, mnd- knows it to 'ba eito'bWt'in Illlia world* for lung toaulble. Tnirtl .boitlilcs'-iti-ee iDt 'B; F, K<6oslfn:g's, V; .' . •"' . .-.. ' .- . HON. JOSIAH GROUT. me Gentleman Who Ilni Been Elected ..* OoTerndr'of Vermont' Josiah Grout, the newly.-elected-governor ol the Green Mountain .state, was born on u Vermont farm May 28,1342, Hiul spent bis enrly years in the laborious pursuits incident to the .life of n farmer's son. He ntteudtd district school in the winter mid Inter went to an academy, where he was pursuing his studies when the war of the rebellion broke out. He went to'the front at once, enlisting ns a private in Company T of the'First volunteer cavalry. Ho was elected second lieutenant when tin;; company was permanently organized. April I, 1S03;'he'was rmuli! a cnptniu uncl the same date was seriously woum!- «1 in action. He still carries the bullft he received in that battle. In 1SC4 hi•raised a company for the frontier cav- HON. JOSIAH GROUT. regiment, organized to. repel the St. Albuu's raid, and was appointed a major, of the regiment. At the close of the war ^ a J- (j rout returned home and resumed this study^ of law in the office of his brother, Gen. Grout. He was admitted to the bar in 1305, uud practiced law in partnership with. his brother in Barton, Vt., ot the same time assisting iu editing the Barton Standard. In 1875 he moved to Chicago, where be practiced his profession for three years: He then moved .to Moline, 111., and was elected supervisor of 'Roc3c Island county. He declined a proffered nomination to run for congressman, and in 1SSO returned to Vermont, settling with his family in the Hinman homestead, where his wife was born, in .Derby! After leaving Chicago Mr, Grout abandoned the practice of law nnd turned his energies to farmin.sr. He owns one of the largest farms in •Vermont. He was elected to the legislature in 1972 and 1S74, and the latter time was chosen speaker. After his return from the west he was again sent to the legislature in 1884, 1ESG and 1888, sen-ing ns speaker the last two terms. He was a state senator in ISSS'atid has 'been vice president nnd president of this Tipniibllcnr- Ipim-fi'* of Vermont. A' PCHSONED LIVER. Dow't Keep Protean In Your' Body Iwn'goi- TilKUl You Harre To. . , . ;K. your stomnidlii-'poteOTis your liver Hie con8eqti«nc£S ni.ny.be ecriwis, .Wtalt iiWiBons arise' 4n -your stom.-url) come -from uud'tees'texl food wute3i lias dieaamposed •ffliiai?.. ,"T!hoy'«re.albsoiibed •!>>• yoaiir WJood 'nod go to your fiver rtniey iMirviUj'sse its fwncttioos .and i.ke you Mi'oius. „• • lilnnllly tlhcy. go'Suito 1 dllfe Mood ng.ito siml arc «iw'i«l .ma over t!h« body, dis- ordvaing your dMI«rcnt organs, nod'.pcr- aiktaiK yow damseroiisly sick:'. te Ilile; onfeJIni of mnmy 'dfefinsos wvhMv flr.o aiOlt aliwaa-s Icnowu for what . . . . 'Jlhc iWisoms oC nwdigcstetl food ~civu omily ibo po't rid of l>y'Uh<i wo of -a purl- fyliup, rftonigHlwiuJng, dilBesttvc tonic, lilvc ItHe SJiakcf Digesdiye.-OordUU. ' • A fcwdoises of -Urn's wonderfuil cordial wiMl scon dlcnir n.way j'sdl unciilgosted, form'eiildi'ng, poilisonous Wuibstajiccs, K- sltorc your aippetttc,' aid you -to digest jioftr IfoVxl, 'jnmty j'our..Bvcr a<nd blOKXl ot affil- dninigcaxiuis iwdsons,- nnd restores you to ipcntfect Oiflnftb. . • It wilM CUTX> ilK»llonsn<o8S, Indigestion, 'nausea, licia'daiehe, dizziness, mental •d'opresstoi)', \Mcofcnefis, fever, flatulence, oanSitiiiwIt'Jwn, loss, of lappetStei bad taste •Ju'-mjoiutlh', <stiO!iu.i<;ii j acJ.e, nniaqmla.i'b'eu- .mailllsro-, ecc., AvTicrc. otter mc-tlfctes vi-iffl baire-Jy, giive rciltef. • , AM- • dnTgBifiitiS. ' .Tisn. ccnits for a i-rinl for free' book to Tihe SHakers, 30 R<lndc Sta-ect, N'cm- York. ''. Am exnimtoatfon wffll -l>e Held by tliu Uiiittcd -Staftes OlTil Sen'i'ce Commission; 'OB Oct. 28, 29, ,30 auil 31, for'.tbc jjosJttaiis <rf .lUTi-ior.-rocWtectural d-i-aiCts- .in(a,u, : '.iircM-tectuirji,! d'mfteuwiu.' .sftruc- -.itorail -froii: Aval tsurain, IwajHing. ' find ren'MIaitlng'th-atoiiMui, connipmtor, •• anil .senior rerelinituJctuTal .dmaft»m,-ni, hi -the oflrce oif •tlie oinwrvfeinB the C. Dctoino, ••oiasfefcaiiit super- itnltouidieirit -of «!hool.:!ddatrl'ot No/ 3; Ghl-, oago, IMS served the board of eaiicnitlon •'forty years. - : - • ' ;•'.- ;•'...--. •„' ..-•' WDen Babr w* itak, w» g»w> h?r Outorta. trben iheVoiiA Child, itia ct1'<'or CnstorU. • : \7beE cbo beo«ni« Hl«.:is 1 i-« r-iniijt m <<7n.<«t<)ri|i , ftVlp Sf" twl rJlliilnOli«Hl,& 'dnnoUiK.'il l!'lt"i)ni» V. FREE PILLS, yoniiv fl'ddwss ito~H. R' Buckloii & Co.,.OM«igo, niad. 'got .a free, -sample .'bOK tff'Dr. K'tag's 'N«w L'ilte PlfflS: ,A trial will couvjince you'of >tihe:iir inci-its. 'J!hcse piffite 'fltre. nvisy. in a<st'loiii. oiwl are l>ni*loultoriy -effective to i-toe cuire.of coa- slW'paWon laiadjsfck ijitoittaolie. For uial- iniria.' 'niid'illh-or"trou;We8 .they liavc.Jjecn proroa tovmJmable. -They - a're guatnii- :iteed' *o toe p<>rfectay- frefe'frotUi every' deteiteirilous «ubsta>nice aiad-to-be purely ATogatialbte They do "not weaken by Kfliclr 'a'efiioM, bht by s'ivtag tone, to etom).ildh nmd bo^veto grea,tiliy. inviigorate .-ffliie system. Regular size 25c per -box. .Sold by B. F. Keesli'ttg, druggist-. . : PoIsbn Ivy, msect bites, , btritoes, Maids, burns, are quickly cured.bylDe- Wltt's Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile snre.-Jino. M. Johiuton. ' ; NOTIOE OF Stmite of 'Imliiaiin, Oa»s Counilty, ,«s: T.he istin,t» oC Ind'laiuia- vo iflie f Cbiiss Couulfiy,- gi-ooltag: I, JoJm M. Bliss, clerk at 'Hie C:iss 'lvuit Count, ^lillih'.iin sum! for «ic cburty «:nd •Stnite afoi'csnikl, do (hereby cetttitfy 'tlimt am etaJtion, \viEl -be Iwkl at lUite places <l«sifi»>a-t«l for WoM'ing cJec- ois il-u tine /sewfivil 't'owm<fliHi>» amtl pro- cHs of QII.SS county, by *hc (jun.li.Cictl voters tlici'eof, on Tucsdeiy following •IlicHrsft .Monday -in-Xovem,b;r, JSOG, tlie THI'RD DAY OF XOVBMKBR, 1890. iror Millie puiifKx-io of olectiiinia: uMrfceeji pei'sonw to servo ui.s Disteict Elector?, siiiul -two T>ere;a!«s (o serve ;us EUxrtors for il'Jif iSllsiite of IwlieiJM. at twgc for Prcsi'd'eiiit: vinKl V;ico- Pros': dt'lffif, af the SlsttKis :i|iul lid- 'tHie punposc of '^nc foliloNY.i'nii Sto.de inml County offi-eens: One C^evewi-or of iSnrl*. ,. One LiOHtoniiiin-t Governor of. v Onii! Si'iii'dhi-ry <rt St.-i.tc. One A-ralSUw of Slmt'o. O:n€ Truawm'er of !?tj.->'lo. .One A(it»jTiey-G<niieMl of 'S Oiiio Rciwitcr ot Supreme Court of Shtfo. On* Sin>cii.ii.nrtinii(tent .of FvibJic In- .stniction. Oif Sm'te.- Owe Slt'iiuiHliic-liwii of Stwite. One JuKlge of Appellate Court of Suite-. Einwt District O.u«.. Judge of A-pi-xfltoto -Court of Stote, iSaonnd DLstniiet. Jwlige of AippoHiiine Court o£ , One Judge of AippolHa't'e Court- of feiKie, Fourth Diistiijlet. !Ouie Judge of A.ppeiHa.te - Court! of lwIt*, FiiiCdli Dustriot One Comgncissininin^or ilSic Elevcalii Diilstnit-t of.Imllia-nia. OHO .To'ilut R*JiiToseu/t:i'fli.vc for Oass niuKl .Mifcuinli One Rieiireisanitniuivc of <3.i»«s Oouinty. Oioe Pro-seeutiiiug Attorney, Twcralty- oiutfli JudllcitiH Cfircuilit of 0-iiic Cfei* of Oaiss . Oiic SlbMli.lt o* Onias Couirty. One air««isu-rer of Oass County. One CwronBr of Gaiss Ooiii»ty. ' . Oaife Survecroir .of a-iss Couiuty. Assessor of Ones County. aoMHmiil9s»i-oinicr of Oajs« Qounity, Fiiirst Dltetriet. Oiue Ooraiiiu'ifesiioiiiior of CSis^s County, TMixTDftsfcriot. • It testilmouy wihereof- " I h*ve licre- aiiibo set -nxv ihmittl nmd u.ffisod W* »«J.l of eflhl court, ait Ixngaiwspoi*, tt)i« 3rd dsi|y «f Octollxir,' A. D. 1S96. JOH'N M. BLISS, CC-ci-k of 'One Oass Cl-rcu'-t Court. Xo mine voteins o-f Crass Coumlty. Ind'luumi: I; Isaflalh, A. "A^ipuis, .Sharif* -wUtflrtn niml far Giisis Couinlty, Iml'uiiia, flo here- lb,y oeiptiilf y ithiit 'Hue -mbovo amid feresoJOi; 'is .a fuH, .tnlo, oaiupteto nswl correct iaopy of '(Hie oni'Stal DoWcc of election, now » 1113' hnimis. I. A. ADAMS. . of Cass Couurty.; • The Darlington, Wis., Journal, eaya editorially of a. popular patent medicine: "'We know from-experience that iOhamberlaJn's CoMc," Cholem and Diarrhoea Remedy, Is all that Is olaimied for it, as on two occasions it stopped, excruciating pains and possibly saved ~us from aa untimely grave. We would -not rest easy over night without it in the house." This 'remedy undoubtedly saves more pa»n »nd suf- feriuig than any other medicine In the world.' Every family should keep It lu the house for it Is sure to be needed sooner or later. For sale fey B. F. keesliog, druggist. . • j" Masked rotybers li-dd up We ni'all coach fonts- milet f-rom Sail AritxMiIo, -N.'.M., rifl«l-.thc niiiSh sacks a«d stole If you have ever.seen a llttta child In the agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble and appreciate the value of Instantaneous relief always afforded bjrUeWltl's Oollc, & Cholera Cure. For fljwentery and diarrhoea It la a reliable remedy. -We could not afford to reconKtw'nd ttus as a cure unless It were a curt.—Jao, M. Johnaton. • _.". -,,. R«v: Dr. Aodrow J. Puruy, jmdtor of ithe Afitouiff McUiodlst -Bjfccopnl channel): ait Buffaao, dn-oppenl do«* on the sti-eo l t,"n.tCoiinInp, X. Y. H« in* about 50yeans old.' •' - - '• ' If your children are subject 'to croup .watch for the flrst symptom of the disease—hoarseness. If Ohaajjerlaln's Opugh Remedy Js given as s<** as the child becomes. hoarse it will prevent .the 'attack..'Even after the 'croupy cough "has appeared .the attack can al- .ways be'prevented by giving «•». reni- -edy. tt Is also Invaluable for arfds and whooping-cough. For sale ^ B. F. KeesHng,. druggtet. . . DISEASES OP THE SKIN. The : hitense itching and sra»i«mg iw* dent to eczema, tetter, salt-rheu*, <« other aiwBKB of tHte skin .», instantly. •«•*<*',by tpplying : CKaiiiberlain's Eye «Bd Skin Ointment. Many very bad cases have been ftrnmncntly, cured by it. It is equally sfficicnt for ittliing piles nnd ft fcvontcrcm- •dy.for s6re nipples; chapped Jiancta, cml- '•ilMM. trost bites, and chronic w»e eyes. "For nftle by druggists at. 25 ccntsj" box. . Try Dr. Cody's Ccndilion Pawters, the; 'h..rsenecdr^lic i»bftdconoi Good Blood Is essential to health. Every nook and corner of the system la reached by the blood, and on Its quality the condition of every organ do-: pends. Good blood means strong nerves, good digestion, robust health. Impure blood means scrofula, dyspepsia, rheumatism, catarrh or other diseases. Thc>ui:est way to have good blood i» to take Hood's Saraaparilla. This medicine purifies, vitalizes, and enriches the blood, and sends the elements of health and strength to every nerve, organ and tissue. It creates a good appetite, gives refreshing sleep and cures that tired feeling. Remember, Hoods Sarsaparilla Is the best— in facttlic Ono True Blood ruriner. cure I.ivcr His; easy to j. • .-^..g cure J.ivcr ins; cosy w> HOOfl S FlIlS take, easy toopcrate.250. GEO. \V. HUFF. Decatur, 111., Mar. 30, 1894. Syrup,Pepsin Co., Montlcello, 111. 'Gentlemen:—I have been suffering from Indigestion for the. .past eleven years, and during that time •'/. have used many remedies, but got no relief, I have used two $1 bottles of your Syrup Pepsin, and can say that It has afforded me wonderful relief, and my appetite never was better. Yours very truly, GEO. W. .HUFE. For sale by B. F. Keesllng." I Mark FOR THE BLOOD, LIVER 4 JB. B. B. S. cured me of r. bad cast, of Liver and Kich iejr Trouble. . " Yours, JOHN Lebanon, In'd. ; 4BBBB.arepurely.v«E;e:ablo.; Put.,up 5 \ oa^ules, sixty in-a box.! Tbii:ty days' treatment in'a box.' Price $1 per box,, or six for fp.\ Manufactured by H. C. BRAOQ..! ConnersvlIIc, In'd, ; ' j For sale by all-druggists. . • ^ FOll SALE 13Y B. F. BLUWSLING, The Logansport Humane Society (INCORPORATED;) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals B. S. Klce— Pres. Goo. .W. W»lters^Sec. J J. Hildebrandt— traax W. M, Bishop— H»m»«e Officer. • B S. Rice. ' J- C. Barter. F. a Coolbough GeoW Walters, J.J- Hlldebrandt . „ , • Mrs. W. D. Ftatt MK. J. N. NeB, Telephone No. 30. Be port caws ol cruelty to Secretary. EXCURSION TO BLUFFTON, VJa Vand&lla Line, October 13th to IStb,—On October ISto to 15th the Vandalla Line will sell excursion .tickets from all stations In Indiana to Bluffton, tod,, ot one fare for- the round trip, account Baptist CouventJoD and Young People's Union of Indiana. Tickets good to return until October 19tb, Inclusive. For full particulars call on nearest Vandalla Line Ticket Agent, or address E. A. Ford, General Passenger. Agent, St. Louis, Mo. Don't trifle away time when y<'U ?>ave cholera morbus or diarrhoea. Fight 'them In the beginning with DeWite» Colic & Cnott-ra Cure, You don't have to wait for "results. They are Instan? taneous and it leaves the bowela In healthy coadItIon:-Jno. M. Johnston. EXCURSIOXS TO'- C., ria EBNNSrLV.VNIA October llth, 12th and 13th, low round trip excursion tickets to Washington, D. C., will be sold from ticket stations • on Pennsylvania Lines for; Union Veteran Legion Annual Bncmnp- incnt, return coupone valid October 20. :K ; Vl:^^sfe;^if«M5 iititiiiS^

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