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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 27, 1954
Page 3
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i^S^SSH^^^^^S^^Sf^i^i^'j? ^ ^5j> ^* 5 r.'l ) , ,^ 1 ' i^4-/»'"^!ftf"Vj *- ' V. ^"^IV T ' "? '- Monday, July fti«3ffctoA§s;*ftffsrfif6Kh Afaffes *to* nftaVaii* fo&Jfoi /' J . >•• 4 •• - t'pjf * •> • •' ««,* , - » Four Solditrt Dili in Crash ONTON, Mb. 1$ *ow Teen- fife Mlchlifah soldlecs, en route home on their fifst fUtlough, Were hhirnig the five pit-sons killed Itt aft explosion and crash ot a.,pfi- V.l* tfena in the tuned Torn, |«uk ItetiKtain area tot Missouri saw *Abetit 160 setttners were unable 61. Adk P»i4 £ &.& y ,, jr. c. Hfli*'*'J!81i b f. C. ween, McN^b ^^"^"^^J^Ji^^l^^m^iBaaapMiiaiMM"*******"^^^^^^^^^^^ j~ ' Something to Thinjc About by the County fe'tfeosurerVofflee'ls b Bookkeeping Job. I LESS EXTRA help needed — The UM thf Coit f , & ttefe _ .. 'Experienced in fcookkeepihg and xperjence in Bookkeeping, Accounting and general. Office Work. , ' <• - VOTE FOR ibMGHT RIDGDILL Americans Feel French Deal Open By JbHN M. HlGHtOWER . WASHINGTON 1*1 — U. S. off! clals apparently arc convinced that French Premier Pierre Men des-Franee did not btJy ocace in Indochina through secrel deals with the Communists to kill off the European befcnsff Community 6t to recognize Red China. Sterflary of State Dulles is re ported to be hopettil that the French Prarnter will bring th« controversial EDO project — providing for German rearmament up for ah aBsem&iy v6te In three or four weeks bulles also U said to believe Mertdes-France will make a determined effort; to s«t it through in some workable form. As for Hed China, French off! clals have told American leaders hat Mendes-France did hot makr.j 'Tn 1940, U. S.women with less !,nv recognition commitments or than 5 year's schooling who were even discuss the subject with Chi- 45 to 43 years old had an average r.esc Foreign Minister Chou EiMai of 4.33 children, indicating they in Geneva 'The frretteh altitude-on j were almost doubling themselves recognition was authoritatively de- in the population while college providing little more than half their numbers in the new genera- scribed as waiting to see how the Red Chinese carry out the Indochina armistice. It seems clear that France Prob> ably will recognize Rod China j eventually if the Chinese live up! to their commitments with good faith. In that event, this will help produce a showdown on ilcd Chinese membership in the United Na- Itons. The United States backs the Nationalist regime of Chiang Kai- fthck. graduates had only 1.23 children, tion. Among some species of birds, one egg in the next is markedly different from the others. When infant marriage was common in India dolls often were given among the presents to ; the bride. HEAR CLIFFORD BYERS Speak in the interest of his Candidacy for County Treasurer 7:30 TUESDAY MORNING KXAR Pol. Adv. Paid for by C. Dyers Vote For and Elect W. B. BILL RUGGLES SHERIFF & COLLECTOR of Hempstead County On Tuesday, July 27th A Capable, Efficient and Honest Man Who Will Serve the People Well Pol. Adv. Paid for by "Wanda and Joe Irvin" to find most of the wreckage and] bodies until late yesterday. The soldiers, Who had just completed basic training ut Camp Chaf- ice, Ark., were Pvt. Barle W. Sim mbns, 1 18, Grand Eaplds; Pvt. Kcn- eth M. Vandcnberg, 19, Byron enter; Pvt. Frederick W, Vander- ugt, 19, Gi'and Rapids; and Pvt. ack K. Hill, 19, Grand Rapids The pilof, hired to make (he tiip, as identified as Fred Murphy of ort Smilh, Ark. Cause of the explosion was not] known. Cotton Who Is the Taxpayer's friend? Their RDS Our Daily Bread Sliced thin by the Editor Alex. H. Washburn Courier from Ft. Smith Star Set for Election Party & Long Night S. Ai (Speedy) Hutson, local dilative, wit, and ex-car-salesman, returned - home from Fort Smith with Mrs. Hutson (Velma) for Monday night's big local-candidate rally in Fair park. Speedy said Fort Smith is. currently bemused by the case ol the Negro citizen who went to the county clerk and asked for "an absent-mjncled ballot." But the Man From Sebastian .. confesses that he came home this f^time with peace of mi years ago he was a candidate — and Speedy says it's much easier to sit in the stands and cheer than ^^^^^^^ H^^l^uy^ Hope Star Arittftsii 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 — NO. 240 Star of Hope 1899, Ptetl . Consolidated Jan. 10, 1929 HOPS, ARKANSAS, TUSSbAY, JULY 27 1954 Expect to Soon Break Deadlock in Atom Fight The groat a'orr.ie legis- to carry the ball. The Hutsons wilt be here until Wednesday, returning then to Fort Smith, where, Speedy says, they have had almost no rain for 90 dnys. He reports the country is noticeably greener by the time you get to Mena, en route to Hope. ^ Reports after the Monday night rally in Fair park put the crowd at 3,500 — making it one of the outstanding political events in the WASHINGTON Iff) Senate talkathon on In lion rumbled on today but .Rcpub- rj^,'o!lican Leader Knowland (CtiHf) professed optimism it was drawing to an end,. "I think we'll wind up the bill today," Knowland told a reporter. "We'll wait her out end see." Sen. Hiokcnloopcr (R- Iowa), floor manager for the treasure, was less hopeful. "I don't think we'll finish by midnight," he said in a separate interview. He did hot venture an opinion on how long the continuous session might run. Sen. Morse (Ind-Ore) ended at 12:22 p.m. (EDT) a speech he began at midnight. The 12 hours state. Little Rock papers have!22 minutes speech brought his total tablets 10f SUPPLY THE IDEAS &n s 1 ?T~' ; T^7 1-iTi aue ! 1 Your Comfort , SHOPPE SUPPLY THE MATERIALS {Senator MsClellon s) B 9fJ ^pr V ^^* ^f ^" * . , - . Jm $120,000,000,00MM* for the Taxpayers of'Arkansas., Senator John LMdlellm! to t 'i . right now. Sfceteh'Qut what yoif ^v» in mind and talk it pve* with up... no obligation, of cpurae. USE F.H.A. REPAIR LOANS • No Dawn - Poypnen* • First Payment, 30 Dayi After Completion • All Labor & Materials Included. • Call 7-2381 Hope Builder's Supply Co. Everything to Build Anything Phone 7-2381 I THE CITIZENS OF HEHPSTEAD COUNTY '> •> f ^ On behalf of my cgndidacy for Hempstead County Trees- t/Sr ! wish to Submit to you my past record as a citizen Mf Hempstead Countyi as a business man, as a serv.ce- ^ hnqn.'Qnd as. a public official. W'&aVit tb a$sure you that I dm capable, competent and f'tofi quaHfied to fulfill the duties of the Treasurers! >"Wfik IffarS«lected to this office I will serve you m an m^lct 'wffiiii»ht and courteous manner. I want to sin- ui for your vote in tomorrow's election. Governors) ;herTaxes—and Now,Says i; Legislative Reaction Forecasts Trouble for Proposals reported virtually no attendance at several local-candidate rallies which were attempted in Pulaski , county. It is an encouraging sign when the people turn out in strength, whether for. state or district or fiocal candidates. It means tho people have been following the debate, and arc interested in the outcome of today's election. speaking time on the atomic bill to 29 hours and 15 minutes. At the ond, his voice WBS slightly hoarse but was still full of vigor ns he lambasted tactics of. (he GOP loartprsWp. Each side in the embattled F.lru«ige bl.imed the other for prolonged deadlock. WASHINGTON UP) Leaders of There was n large delegation of ihe embattled forces in the Senate Prescott and Nevada county folks I struggle over atomic legislation here Monday night — and they'll'"ach blamed the other today for be welcome guests again tonight'the prolonged deadlock. IncomeTax, REPRODUCED FROM . ARKANSAS GAZETTE; ^JANUARY 10,1951 Governor Asks Cash to Cover HARRY HAWTHORNE COUNTY ASSURER Income Tax Reduction- Author of the split-income (community property) provision of the Internal Revenue Act of 1948 which removed income tax discrimination against husbands and wives of Arkansas. This has resulted in the saving of more than FORTY MILLION DOLLARS to Arkansas taxpayers since its passage. Income Tax Exemptions- co-author of the increase in personal exemptions from $500 to $69Q, provision,of the,Internal Revenue Act of 1948, resulting in the saving of more than EIGHTY MILLION DQ'Lc LARS'to the taxpayers of Arkansas since its passage and " 'has'benented principally tho wage earner and small salaried "people.'Now strongly .supporting pending legislation to in• crease personal exemptions from $GaO to ?800 for this year --anti-to $1,000 for succceding.years. ; , , , ' . WHEN HE WAS YOUR GOVERNOR: He demanded more tax money to spend I III $12,000,000.00 MORE in 1951 $18,000,000.00 MORE in the years thereafter. Here are his own words, taken right out of his message to the Legislature, January 9, 1951: " I propose the immediate enactment of the following revenue-producing measures: "1. A 2-cent tax per bottle on soft drinks. • "2. A 2-eent tax increase on every package of cigarette." "3. A $1 per gallon tax on every gallon of liquor." "4. A 100% INCREASE IN THE STATE INCOME TAX." "These measures should increase the revenue for the current fiscal year by approximately $12,000,000.00 and increase the revenue for the next biennium by approximately $18,000,000.00." By now, the ex-Governor's program would have cost you, the taxpayers of Arkansas, when the Star runs off its biennial Election Party in South Walnut st. The tabulation will be made in The Star office for local races; and TTevada and Howard county results will also be shown, on an exchange of returns with the newspapers and tabulation centers in Prescott and Nashville. The Associated Press Election Wire will bring returns on all state and district contests. Co-operation of- precinct election officials in sending returns to Th* Star as soon as their box is,counted will be appreciated 4g) Persons reporting by telephone 'should call: Prospect 7-3431. We have a night ahead of us. QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE — Her trophy beside her, ^ $4000 convertible. Sen. Anderson (D-NM>. a top strategist in the fight against tho administration bill,, said tactc; sed by Ropublcan Loader Know and (CailH had blasted chances Continued on Page Eight More Planes Buzzed by Red Craft .HONG KONG W) Two airline pilots repprted their pianos were; by jet fighters of*'Bed-lieUl- Fulbright to Represent US. in UN Sen. Ellender Risks Seat in Louisiana Vote NEW ORLEANSV .UP) Louisiana Democrats nominate a senator nnd eight congressmen today in n CalUtZlU; J.'ju,imlw>v \-l ,»v* AI.JJ*^^-.-. " f , this country in.tho United Nations the first major political contest, in General Assembly this fill. . 3°. years m which the lite Hua> WASHINGTON '—.Sen. Ful- . bright (D-./VrHV'.has been named by Presidehlj'Eisenhower .to represent U.S. Sends Two Protests to Chinese Reds 'By G. MlLTON KELLY WASHINGTON W) The Tlnlted itat«s has sent two strongly worded protests to Communist China, ouncln.!? lighter plane attack* dn j British transport and Amet. can rescue pianos. Tile State Department, in no rfoundng U^s today, said the BH ( . sh government ha^ been asked pass on thp twin protests as nn a'fteiihath of the weelwud piano clashes in the South China Sea. "Press Officer Henry Suydam f told a news oontercnce the U.S notes covert both the shoot" ing down 'bf-::British airliner some 30 miles V$$h of Hninan Friday end'red %"$%. attacks Monday 'against AmciMcnn cnrrior planes which were s^archiri?; for possible survivors. Three Americans were killed and three wounded whop tbe British transport crashed in tho sea. , Suydam declined to make public the 'texts or to provide detailed ( information about tho nqtos which were drafted and given io . tho British Into yestoirda.v thrrugh HIP Arncrican Embassy in London. Diplomatic sour c o s reported, however, ihat the United , States denounced the "brutality" of thp Communist attacks. The department's announcement cjame about the same time that the Peiping radio reported the Chinese Red regime had lodged a "grave 1 protest" against the shooting down of two Communist planes by U.S. S'avy planes on Sunday. The department decline comment on the Chinese action. Voting in Arkans ';'!' f '.,v: *^ ^^tf ' ( " ( * ltaA -^ * Heavier Than Hope Polling The Biennial Election Party to Be Held Tuesday Night at the Star; Broadcast Over KXAR iw-r&re. j« ^^t^fy^&ri show in front of the newspaper building Tuesday night, July 27, in pniinhnrntlon with Radio Station KXAR. .... . . ., _ ._. Collaboration wim «.auiu w»wv«x... »»«-..... ,ii_i-j -i *t,~ "ountv and district returns will be tabulated at tne •—••-, office and nlona with complete returns from state and races b$ the Associated Press, will be projected on B bte screen" in Walnut street. Simultaneously the returns, both local a " d St T°ue'sd W ay nlghWrelt S™* will begin o. toon as it is dark enouijh to use the projection screen, between 7 and 7:30,and broadcasting will start at 7:30 p. m., ______4_ Hainan Island today one by U. S. places and the other by unidentifiad jets. Capt. Ho.mib Misty, pilot of an Air India plane which arrived here from Bangkok, reports-1 nif cral£ was buzzed by two Unitr-d States jets about 130 miles off Hainan at 3:30 . in. And Capt, Jack R. Brugger of Paris, pilot of an Air France Constellation f.aid four unidentified jets buzzed 'hi* 'transport about 100 milds i»ff K&lnan. Krugger rtnscrlbed the plane as "the shape and color" of Communist. MIG jets. The inchlent* occurred In the general ai-tia where a British ait- lines was shot down by Chinese -Red iy i u Consumption of Cotton ^creases WASHINGTON Wl — The Agrl culture Departmct today estima ted domes'.li consumption and ex ports of notion at about 13,700,000 bales during the marketing year beginning Aug. 1. -That compare; with 12,3(10,000 bales of about 50' pounds each in the current year Domestic consumption was est: mated at about 9,300,000 bales, ai fighters Friday with a possible loss 1 • - ' of j 0 liv(Hi including three Ame.ri cans, Kiwanians Hear Discussion ot Pink Boll Worm Paul H. Millar, Chief Inspector Arkansas State Plant Board, spoke to the Hope Kiwanis Club at its luncheon today noon at Hotel Bar- Fulbright will be one of five delegates for the U. S: at ihe UN sessions scheduled 'to begin in September. Other, delegates, named by the President"include TJ. .S.. Ambassador of. ihe UN."|jenry Gabbt Lodge 'Seni 'H. v -Alexander Smith- (R-NJ-), C. D. JackSDn, former White House assistant arid'' now vice president of Time" & Life; Inc., 'and Charles H. Mahoney, Negro attorney -, of Detroit. Informed of his appointment, the Arkansas senator sairl: "I look forward to the experience ,t the 'UN with a great deal of nterest. I hope we can accomplish omothing towards increasing the olidarily for the peoples of the free A'orld and lessening the antagonism of Russia and the communist orbit." .Kingfish) Long was not a cam paign i^ue. While one member of, the still politically powerful,; Long clan "is among the candidates, for U. S. representative, the subiect | of increase ..bales. of approximately 600,000 ,000,000.00 * Cotton exports in the 19S4-55 yer.r probably will increase to around "S'j million bales, compared with 3% million bales for the current marketing year, the department said. Kstimatei of consumption and exports for. the current marketing year indicated a United States carryover of about 9,700,000 bales on Aug. 1. A year earlier, the carryover was 5JiOO,000 bajes. •J! Based on an estimated 20 million acres in cultivat^m July 1, this year's crop is expected to total somewhere between 10,600,000 and 12,900,000 bales. This; plus th<- Aug. 1 carryover, would moan a supply The ox-governor was blocked by members of the Legislature. He hafed to give up thoug-h, and spent thousands of dollars on a spjecial session trying to force a bill through to ... * RAISE THE SALES TAX 50% OVER $12,000,000.00 PER YEAR !! ! The peop!,5-dld not forget it. In 1952 the ex-governor failed agai«; He was removed from the governor's office wlicn 237,448 scratched his name August 12, 1952 THEY'LL DO IT AGAIN JULY 27th , . . AND THOUSANDS MORE WIU BE ADDED. of at least 20'/ 2 In forecasting million bales, higher domestic consumption in 1933-54 resulted largely from a sharp drop in purchases of textiles by the military forces, by textile inventory adjust- jmeirts and a decline in exports. Miller discussed the duties low. Mr. of the plant board and the new task of exterminating the Pink Boll Worm that has recently been found in southwestern Arkansas The pink boll worm is a very de tractive cotton pest. It has ml grated northward from Mexico and about a year ago was found ii Hempstead and surounding couii ties. The speaker was introduced bj Dr. F. C. Crow, chairman of the 'During Uie 1954-55 the; military | K ^ van ' is clllb progl . am committd Re-E/ec? UNITED STATES SENATOR u ^ -f \, Jf by Ad. paid for by p»t Hejs,4«J-«on, Campaign forces mi'.y increase their teslile purchases and the inventory ad- ji'-lmont appears to have run 'its course," ih3 department said, J. Tom Sne//, 82, Emmet Man, 0/es ot Prescott ** J.. Tom Snell, aged 82, a resident of Emmet for many years, died Monday in a Prescott Hospital. He is survived by one daughter Mrs Hermon Reyenga and a grandson, Tom Snell Reyenga of Emmet. | Funeral services will be held ati 3 n. m. Tuesday at the EJmmet Methodist Church by the Rev. Joe Hunter. Burial,, in charge of Herndon-Cornelius, will be In Cemetery. CIO Rubber Workings Seek Strike Help By The Associated Press Itself has been.' singu* ;*<*CIO rubber »worker«, ; »trylng lady 'absent from the primary election campaign. . 'Only live of th* congressioria seats were being contested. A slight 60 per cent of the, state's 849,689 registered Democrats, who include an increase;! number of Negroes, was expected to turn out in the showery weather.'.for tho first gtae-wide use of voting'machines. Club Women to Honor stretch the nickel won 'by other industrial unions in 1954, contin. ued their strike today against one major rubber producer, and threatened strike action against two otlv ers. , " • Some 23,000 Goodyear Tire Rubber Co. employes walked • off, their jobs 20 days ago-demanding British Hurl Accusations at Chinese LONDON'(fl.,. Britain accused Red China today of, violating "international custom and behavior" in hampering rescue operations after 1 a British ^airliner was shot down in the South China Sea Foreign SocrctarySAnthony Eden told the HfHiso of Corrirnops a new protest is being made loathe Pelp ing government. TSarlloi;, Prime Minister Churchill heH a^ specie: meting of his Cabinet and military chiefs to discuss the incident Eden said sooc after tha plane was shot down 'Hohg Kong's civi aviation <,yithorities radioed,! the White Cloud air field in C<$jjimu njst China saying there had beet a crafsh and search aJrciaft taking off. "About an houY later," >Eden said, "a message was r Canton a^r trjijffic - co^itro area would be Oklahoma May Poll Some 400,000X0*68 OKLATOMA CITY, Okln., —Nearly 400,000 Oklahomans wer expected, 'to vote tpday, In Domp cralic gubernatorial and Rfipubl can senatorial run-off pri: ;es that aroused \vlde state intermit but carried few national! overtones. William O. Coe, Oklahoma lawyer who ran second four years ago, tangled in. the democratic race for the governor's nomination wl$» rtis ifo'rrner campaign, managojr. State, Sen. Raymond Gajy o * T ,*|f;; Republican, right to oppose Tlobert S. Kerr - .-, irnorani ^A "che^lc^oftpc-U! M&JS-^l^^ 1 -" was Raymond,/.Fi Pi^blish^r, , agfttnst', Another 15,000 to 18,000 frflm" the B. F. Goo Inch Co. were sched- The norninaUon is considered vir- uled ^6 join them Monday midl lual aasurance 1 of election in all nig - ht .. , But . unlpn and company ne- the races. rt , 1'or the current quarter. Miss Fahire Ozek of Bursa, Turkey, will be honored at a countywide home demonstration council picnic to be hold Thursday, Jtt-j ly 23, in Fair Park from 10:00 a. m. until 2:30 p. m. according to Mrs. Lorraine B. Wylie, home demonstration agent. Miss Ozek, who will be working with Mrs. Wylie until August 2, is Agricultural Industry Specialist with the Bursa Technical Agricultural Directorate. Her duties are to teach technical agricultural knowledge to "farmers. When Miss Ozek returns to Turkey in September she will'be working as a home demonstration agent and will organize both home demonstration and 4-H clubs in her country. All home demonstration club members and friends are urged to attend the HOC picnic and hear Miss Ozek tell of her work in Turkey. Old Bachelors Usually More Fussy Than Old Maids Because They Don't Keep Pet Cats j_ Police Feel 'Phantom 7 AnotherHoax TEXARKANA UPI-— Miller County police yesterday said they believe the man who claims he is Texarkana's phantom killei may have been motivated in his "confession" by money. Chief Deputy Sheriff Tillman Jphnson 'quoted Robert Marvin Chandler as saying he was expecting money from a Shrevepcrt. La., newspaper for his story. Chandler told officers he called the newspaper office and met a Shreveport Times reporter before turning himself in to police. Chandler said he told the :oporter ho was the man wh< brutally beat ono couple and killed five 'other persons at Texarkana in 1940. He said the reporter, aCler talking with "someone" at the newspaper, sakl the Time.} would send "$150 or ?200" to his stepmother at Stamps, Ark., In return for tho itory. Johnson said Chandler appeared peeved because his family- had not received the money. At Shreveport, _., Times City Editor Al Hewitt sai' 1 /Hanoi.. gotiaiors in Cincinnati agreed to continue working under present conditions while they tried to tallj their way to an agreement. A strike was scheduled last Tuesday against the United States Rub ber Co. but was postponed on a similar day-to-day '.basis' while ne- gotiaticSis continue in New York City. ' ,:,f '-••'. Workers in the -major steul, electrical and automobile plains have obtained an increase of about 15 cents aa hour' this year, rubber company officials say. And this is what Goodyear and Goodrich have offered. But this is not satisfactory to rubber workers. "We are doing our own bargaining," Union Vice President Joseph Childs told a reporter in Cincinnati. "We'ie not letting another industry do it for us." main, but that any otjjfi' wa planes .sent to search-would b fired bn without warnlnt; If the approached land, .-> [ "This mesaago* was against' a .:internationRf custom. an4 behnv- iorv- 1 - '_ : '"ijer majesty's representative (In" yelping) has been Instructed to' make a protest in respect of the nature of this message." F.dpn asked thci House to avoid discussion of Amorioan statements following the incident. F M lbriqhf Bill , , Is Defeated WASHINGTQN (fl... 1 . An amend ment proposed by Sens. I'ulbrlgl-t (D-Ark) and Hill (D-Ala> which would have set aside money re ceivea 1 by the Atomic Energy Commission from licensing or the sals of material* for educational pur- PQSCS, was defeated in a Senate rollcall vote last night. The vote was 55-2!i» Fulbright had called the proposed amendment an adaption of Ihe Hill "oil for education" amendment which was « proposal last year to earmark icvenuos from off-sliox-e oil fields lor education, succeed, himself, said last there woulu be no National men at the polls, as there ^i in five counties three ^we.ekS' ago vln five counties three weeks agy or the first primary. But Murray said he would have 'some people" watching ine polls for "double voting"- In the counties, plus another county he did not name. The Coe Gary winner will meet Reuben Sparks, wh'o won the Republican nomination July' 6, ' , Winning the. Democratic nommai tion Is oonsidered tantamount' !,a election in Oklahoma, which has never had a Republican &oyerncp in Its 47 years of statehood,' How; ever, the GOP is strong in some areas, especially In tye north , , there Is onq Repubjlcan congressman, Page. ^Belcher of Enid. Kerr was re-nominated,to a see'« end term when former Gov, Roy " n ,,. rw-'-FK^,WWf« Vj Turner dropped out ot the runoff because of financial reasons. • By HAU BOYLE. NEW YORK UP) Random re- ilections by a pavement Plato: Old bachelors are usually more fussy and set in their ways than old maids probable because they . Arkansn* For the period July ?7>31: Arkansas Temperatures be near normal soutlvast ^nd 3(5J degrees above elsewhere Normal minima 70-76 .Normal maxima 8885. No important changes preei- pitatioji moderate to heavy soijth- east from occasional thiuvd^f- showers ijud ligfet ei§e»(tM!r.e from don't , , Nobody f know ever made a ute long friend at a cocktail party. Did you ever meet a life in surance salesman who didn't carry ppcket calendar in his wallet? Anybody who doesn't appreciate whet" tie bas now will .never' be made happy by what he gets later. Nine out of 10 men brag they, are hard-headed can be put down as intolerant bores. The ordinary cop has to get in a gun battle to get his. pjctme in the papers. But he performs more little unnoticed acts of real philanthropy i'i a week than the average mliyion,a.ire d,«es }n a year. leas'ire put pf do, but they always fael self-conscious in new heedgear. It is this odd feeling of inferiority that makes them jeer so much at women's hat styles. Whenever I see a gu.v tip a hatcheck girl more than two bits. I can't help feeling hn is a showoff and probably stingy with his cwn wife. On the other hand, when a wo Ceasefire Becomes Foct in Indochina By FORREST EDWARDS HANOI, Indochina (/Pi The French an'i the Vietminh order- firing stopped in pact of Indochina today 7 years, 7 months- and R days qftei- Moscow-trained Ho Chi Minh's. rebels legions attacked YOUTH DROWNS LITTLE ,ROCK tfl A IS-year old Negro boy drowned yesterday while swimming in near Littb Rock. a bauxite pit The sheriO's office identified the boy as Joe Vernon Scott of Wttlo Rock, i Little Chance for Siamese Twins PINE BLUFF Wl ?»P Siamese Uvin girls born here yesterday afternoon to alfegco 'couple jarently cannot be fcepaiated, physician who attended tiio i birth fcaid today. Dr. C. A. FJowers Negro phy» fciclan, said that the case "looked inoperable." He said, the babies are in good health, The infants, whp weigh a total of 9% pounds,," have not been placed in an incuabtor. the paper agreed to pay the money only it the Meanwhile, story Is confirmed. Texarkana officers say they think Chandler Is not the phantom killer. Johnson suid unidentified latent fingerprints believed to be those-of the phantom killer did not match Chandler's Johnson said the prints would be sent to the FBI for a conclusive comparison. The truce negotiated at the Geneva conference became effective n North Viet Nam and its rich Red River delta at 8 a. m. (P p.m., 1ST, yesterday). The armistice is, scheduled to spread gradually over the four other sectors of the war-ravaged Southeast Asia'land, becoming effective on Aug. 1 in Central .Viet Nam, Aug. 6 in Laos. Aug. 7 in REQUQE8T REFUSEP NORTH LITTLE ROCK W The man breaks into tear? at a res- J City Council voted ynarumously taurant table, why does everyone j last night to refuse a request in the place leap to the conclusion she must be wonderful and the p,uy sitting with her is a lousy bum It would just as easily be the other way around. I never yet met u middle-aged mar, who admitted he osvned a raccoon coat in college. Half the women who claim they }ike carviar are presU§<' 1'ars, and |f the stuff 39$ for a dollar All Around the Town iy Tht ittf Recently a carpenter cut into the j times stopping, talking Cambodia Viet Nam. and Aug. U in South a license tg operate an animal clinic. . Attorneys for pr. A. M. Monfec of Pine Bluff made the request The Council was ordered earlier by the courts to jssuo a building permit Ipr the Fourth Ward to Dr Monlee. jjjjnce the city has no city> wide zoning laws. City said. Attorney Reei the 9lty Js,flow in a better to parry a. jopi Ijgbt to .'jwm Hanoi's big guns roared sporadically throughout the night before the cease-fire became effective an<J the Yietminh kept up pressure on outlying posts manned ,by Vle^ naroes.e units. In recent ciays the Rfejis have concentrated on such posts in an apparent effort to encourage desertions and prevent the native troops rfrom moving south with th§ departing French were no eajly repoa-ts, of any large-scale fights Hi the-}ast hours before the truce was no eejftajAty that wall of the First Christian Church to install an air conditioning unit and discoveted a couple of old collection plates with handles . . . .the well-preserved plates are between 85 and 70 years old, estimates the Rev. Ed Pendleton, and were in use before the present church build' ing was erected .... they probab' ly were placed there by some church member who vbioned dig-1 Shivers, agtjng, as a covery in the future and the resui-! a y {^ e cftw nd, ? $cs wjw tine Intrigue ... the Rev. Mr. Pen< -=•• dleton said the old plates wuuld be used to take up a special of* faring to pay for the air condition* ing unit. fPf first; time an yep, we ci t election box is pear tha Star erf. h,e 1)94 f ice and it's rather amusing to J ing the pwUjWal »rt>vlty place in front «t are everybody $j$,ky a a. ij» «T^'% WP«1 ' f"* WHPW- > WWH HfiMm i«U»W» tfOuwfitoittfei-'C bpdy and then moving on, guess it's impossible for an office seeker to sit down 'and calmly let the people vote I in the Colisewn l^at night dyew 'an estimated 3.000 «-it««»nis and everything wen^ the affou- was ^^ang«4 by Lyle Prown, y, G. Gar rett Willis, Crit 5tu%jt

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