Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 26, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 26, 1954
Page 3
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* a *SrT TTsrf^S^Sw^W?^ -» I"! 11 " * > -* -jT 1 ^ •) **• "* v H P E S t A H 0 P Monday, July 2£, 1$§£ MM* Losses, shown mainly In steels and oils, extended to between 1 and 2 points. Sifts steady id on & several * IWnr WfXfTW — iws -mu-*v »• « '•.i IftfcttMJbr 20.25' ^ jtottfctt} sew* . Uoafs B.50-16.00. Cattle 'f.OOO: calves 1,^00; asking • higher on all classes, with Opening «ales stfong to 5 higher oli steers aftrl butcher yearlings frOWS mftstl? 50 highc/ and active; moderate showing choice yeartings »ftd - ftrtdkim weight steers 22.50S4.00: cottitriefcial ahtl pood steers ehd heifers 1600-20.00; utility and eoWS 10.00-12.60, odd about n at 10% down/ and small ** orflfc Couin • Credit ^Boak ore , ^ lo.ow.OOde** 'Vou >can . > pfend ^Credit Coupons Ak cqsHI. /\sk 2nd I, Main - * * . head iS.OB: eanners and cuttefa ^.Sff-lO.OOJ light shells 6.SO-100, 1-ullS steady; utility arid comineJ'- cl&l M.80'J3.00; canfter ar.d cutter bUlls 6.SO-1I.OO: Vealers steady; nitfn choice and prime 10,00-20,00; good and choice 14.00-18.00; Corh- Jnercial and low good 10.00-13.00; culls 7.00-8.. Sheep 2,500, opening active fully steady; spots higher, quality considered; most choico nnd choico to prime 20.00-21.50; including some lots at 20.00, lightly ported: top 21.50, alt buying inlereat 1 ?; ftfled sheep steady, owes 3.00-4.00. N€W YORK STOCKS . NEW YORK. (A 1 ) Aircrafts jumped ahead today in the stock mav- Itet on the hels of news of the fight between American and Chi- iicse warpianes, The Immediate advanco in lh-> rircrafts had no reflection in the remainder of the market which 'in the early -afternoon sngiio'l rather quietly. Steels wcie under some selling pressure following their buoyancy last 'wek on merger rumors. Gains, which were mostly in the aircrafts, Went to around 2 points MULfftV AfJB PflOCiUCE titltCAGO (tTP) — Produce: Chicago pmtltry board prices: Herts: Colored over S ibs 1C cents a pottftd; tnlored 5 Ibs ami under 19'/ 2 ; hybrid, bareback and log horn 14. Springs: Colored, white rock, Plymouth ruck, gray cfoss and while-cross 21; bareback 17 S Fryers: Colored, whits rbck atld Plymouth rock 23; bareback 19. JEJroilers: Colored, while rock, gray crosr,, white cross artd bare- hack 23. Old roosters I3'/2. Butter steady; rcceiotE, 1.263,221; Wholesale buying prices linchang ed; 93 score AA 56.5; 92 A 56.5; 90 B 54; & c 50: Cars 90 B 54.5; 89 C ftl. feggs weak, receipts 12,730; wholesale buying price.-s 1 to 5 cents iower; U. S large 43; If* S. rnedi- ums 36; tJ. S.- standards 31 cUf- recenl receipts 29; drties 24;5; checks 23. i •• * — NEW YOFIK COTTON NEW YORK (#1 — Cotton fulures34.of and March 34.84. were firm at the start of the week's trading. Prices moved higher throughout the session on New Orleans and commission house buying. Price fixing for domestic mills and export accounts also helped to better prices. Late afternoon prices were 65 cents to $1.15 a bale higher than the previous close. Oct. 34.42, Dec GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO UP) — Acombination of dry weather and war jitters produced sharr) gains in grain prices on the Board of Trade today. Soybeans bounced up 10 cents, the daily limit. They made the gain within a few minutes of the opening. At times Ihey slipped back, but on each occasion they puickly rallied back to the limit. Other cereals grew stronger Ss the session progressed. Towaid the finish distant corn deliveries were bid i 8 cents, the daily limit f<* this grain. 'Wheat, rye. and oats had gains "running to several cents. Wheat closed 1 to 3% hi f h "; September $2,ll%-%, corn 3«,i-6b higher, September $1.63 ! ?4-i.64. ^ 26, 19S4 HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS \ Quill pens were in common Use well into the 19th dfentury,. 'rdnsportation to Polls Call #wrJW>> i'i.f**, f • "'•' *' _ MW<A<| • PRpspect 7-2721 PRospect 7-2652 lAVfc , ' " * «. ^f ^^1 ^2^1 •* ...P" ( •«-' «x. '-W^ip^* « • • • • /'^i~v flN<iy?.U T si6cer.eJy[appreciate the vote and influence i2^; 4 X r •-!.'' ', ,-of each' and every person.. ^ WEI5ENBERGER ^^'ij^SjaiTJlSi ATTORNEY Monday 6,:15 P.M. 6:45 P, M., Tuesday. July ..' and 8:15 A. M. for Weisenberger tei '"•« since you ^iji^:with the folks £iWii?^V * 4 ^ f *' '*' * ' iililifei^^.^. it over ... by WHO VOTE r . , the maximum salary of LtetN County Treasurer. .1 will JasMr&r's office has cost the 'S,the amount set opposite each •¥%! ' . i^l,~ „..,<,.,.„,. $9,026,66 "W548-.,„;,.„., 9,12279 ':...« „., 9,680,28 , ,. t , 10,340,39 ..VA -1W- , 10,674.95 to'£rl*& - 12,521.67 ,, 'IT; If I? Has not yet been audited, SJpf twilng my sqriqry «s fixed by low at *£9P9t using a Deputy, I can, ^eanMrurn^ntol in the schools having •• on estimated ' ' ft otherwise SOCIETY Went ?.t4<1 B*twe*fl I A. M. and 4 P. M. !ct(.endar . | tist church will hold a regular monthly meeting in the home of Mrs. Dalton Dragoo, Louisiana st- reot, Monday night at 7:30. Mrs. Ernest Cobb will be co-hostess. E. McLean enator McClellan (H»!(*y: July.. 26 \ . S. C. S. Circle i » . . . . of the First tcthodist church wfi^ meet Mon- Iky, July 20, at 7:30Up. m. in the •feme of Mrs. LaGrAhe Williams, ith Mesdamcs Sam Hartsfield, obij Pierce, and Stc^e Bader as o-i.^fttasses. Mrs. Winston Monts will have charge of the program, and Mrs. Wayne Russell will give i the devotional. All members having birthdays in June or July are reminded to bring their weight and birthday pennies for the Lite Membership Fund. A full attendance is urged for this meeting. (Full Text of Letter) The Honorable John L. McClellan ..:••' Little Rock, Arkansas , .]•••,•,+ Dear''Senator: , , . Now that we are in the closing days of your campaign for .re-election to the United States Senate, and in view of tile fact that my letter opposing an increase in the electric rates-by.the Arkansas Power and Light Company has been made an issue and has,been widely quoted by one of your opponents, I want you to feel entirely free to say that I am one of your staunch supporters if you think such a statement is of any interest to the people of this State. From the first time you became a candidate for election to the United States Senate in 1938, I have actively supported you in my small way. I think that you have been a great credit to the State of-Arkansas," that you have ably represented its people, and I'hope you will be our Senator for many years to come. My only interest in politics is. that of seeking good government: This you have done your .best to give us, and I am-proud to be numbered, among those who will again vote for you on Tuesday. IWith all goodwishes, and kindest regards, I 'remain . . • Sincerely yours, ; ' •. •y:^' • ;J|Signed) .^Arthur,E, McLean from »V" d suiwi sow", --^fc toat. Photographic Reproduction of Original Letter '., ( AEM:vk Thus is demolished another of the opposition's phony "issues" — demolished by the author of the letter which protested a new schedule of electric rates. The ex-Governor's Public Service Commission approved rate increases as follows: $4,468,739,00 In 4 Years ... breaking all records 'Among the principal increases: $3,445,889.00 in 1952, his last year in office — a new recora for a single year. «t»**/•*/% f\f\f\ /\f\ charged against certain customers of the Arkansas Power and Light Co. ir J>OUU UUU UU (he it now saying his Commission never permitted AP&L to raise any rates; his ^ own Commission's published report proves the contrary.) m CAA AH In 1MB cpUw>ted;-«r«*-. ina«y Arkan- ^A nnQ QA m 1952 from water consumers i|» vSUU.OU sas-LouIsianaQM. Co. customers. ^OU.UUU.UU Pine Bluff. «M Cn AAA AA in 1851 tor the bus company operating is $ I Dy.UUU.UU Uttlc Rock and North tittle Rock. in 1952 from Northeast Arkansas customers of Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. 0 A* A AA »« 19W and IDS' front gas customers in d»O O^O 770 A A 'durlnit ,060.00 Fort Smith and nearby communities. ^O.OOD./ / 7 .W pan.es, four y ears * or telephone com- Since 1940 the rate increases that the ex-Governor's Commission approved have cost Arkansas consumers an estimated ntooo.ooooo "Re-fleet 'UNITED STATES' S B N AT O.R JOHN L. McCLELLAN No Cogressman, No Senator holder Has Direct or Indirect Influence Utility Rates in Any State Any Other Federal Office Control or Over Governor Has Been Nailed Mis - Statement ! -Political Advertisement p?»d for by Pet !4 A -*l^b .k'™ T ,K Tfc <^» v * L S Tuesday July 27 Kathleen Mallory Circle of the First Baptist Church will meet at the home of Mrs. Jewel Moore, Jr., R23 East 7th, Tuesday, July 27. at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. Woodard Cox will present the program entitled. "Seed Time in the Phillipines." All members are urged to attend. BY REFRIGERAT ON! "A* 1 I A ^T r^A*\! ~^ir j^( htjrViJ I MJr\ It f\ » FEATURE TIM liS i 2:38 - 4:47 - 6:56 - 9:05 "MAC" Your Movie Bay Says: "Here is the greatest American drama since : "GONE WITH THE WIND". Millions of readers thrilled to it as a Literary Guild Selection!" Vero RALSTON Forrest TUCKER Joan LESLIE • NEWS, OF THE DAY The Y. W. A. of the First Baptist church will meet at the church at 7:15 Monday night. Betty Chamberlain will have charge of the program. Tuesday July 27 Green Lasetcr Home Demonstration Club will meet Tuesday. July 27. at 2 p. m. at the club house. All members are asked to J>e present. *_ I weren't intciested in the project as K All IA the >' ahea.iy had jobs i.i City Ha'l. DUfflC Another sud. "Well, I hear th« I Department of Agricult-.ire passes Continued from Page One out ree sfcrds to farmers. If the Department of Urbiculture will; hard to see how a federal Do-ii. anc i ou { ;,.<,<, |j us tokens. I'm not: partment c-f Urbiculture can cn-j too nnu .i, ,, ga insl the ideas." courage a market for either. Sur- Q n t^e oiher hand, .a number of; ciisillusioncd motorists couldn't see the proposition at all. They were unable to figure how the federal plus ulcers are even harder to dispose of than surplus butler. I talked however with a num- U n ault . LU ngm-u uuw un.- n-u^iu. ber of New Yoi-kcrs or. the subject! government could solve the park- o£ creating a federal government)j ng problem. blanch devoted to the problems of. O nc patriotic citizen was indig- city living. The reaction was rather j. ant a t t ( ic mcl . e sugg^piion that limp. , . ... Ia--Joderal bureau would improve "Would thai be. gij^id or bad for j>} ew York. ,<. i-i,.ri t T 0 ^i')" QcUri.i ;i m:;n from "it has taken us 300 years to GENDARME KILLED VIENNA (ITPT — An Austrian Rendnrne was shot and killed by two Russian soldiers nt St. Peter in Der Au Saturday night when he tried to keep them from stealing Coca Cola, meat and other food from a restaurant, police reported lodny. Leopole Hochgatterer was the 50th Austrian gendarme killed on duty sinca World War II. The Workers' Sunday .School p.lass of the Garrelt Memorial Bap- list Church will hold a regular monthly meting at the home of street. Monday night, 7:30 with Mrs. Ernest" Cobb as co-hostess. Monday July 26 The workers Sunday School Class of the Garrctt Memorial Bap- MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. FINAL NITE YIPPEE! She's the gal that made the Wild West Wilder! Willy the Penguin Cartoon THE ADVENTURE OF ANY Tuesday Only i • Election Day Special Money qnd Power were Their Gods: • Zachary Scott • Louis Hayward fffi Diana Lynn "RUTHLESS MEN" • Bugs Bunny Cartoon Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Avery and family had as Wednesday night and Thursday guests, Mr. Avcry's uncle, Mr/ T. M. Slcphenson of Phoenix, Ariz., and her cousins. Mr. anil Mrii. Herman Stephenson and family of Uma, Ariz., Mrs. Allen Qsst-lhuart and daughters o£ Oklahoma City. Okla. After visiting other relatives they returned to their respective homes on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Emory Elhinglon have returned to thoir home in Pasadena, Calif., after a ten day visit with Mrs. Ethington's mother. Mrs. T. O. Bright. Miss Anna Lou Barnes and Miss Ann Kennen. student nurses at Baptist State Hospital in Little Hock, wore the weekend guests of Miss Barnes parents', Mr. and Mrs. C. .1. Barni-s. the Dodgers? Brooklyn. ;•:'-!? A young lady jnJ&lrsd: "Never 'inirid- UrbieuKure whatever that is. itoW' ; ab6iit a federal Department'of iv^atrim'onyV" Two other fellows said they gel into this mess," he said, "and in Washinton can slraiglit- baby son, Stephen Anthony, Hope Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Henry Sinyard. Rt. 4 Hope. Discharged: Mrs. C. M. Irvin, Ozan, Charles Gough, Hope, Mrs. W. C. Houston, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sinyard Ht. 4 Hope have a daughter born Fri-' day a. in. have a hard row to hoe in this culture, Beware of Strangers DfeMANB N6N HOSPITAL INSURANCE Home Security Lift Ins. Co. Little Rock. Ark., ISStlfr thi» type policy—Premium never Increases. Buy From Local Agent, He will be here during the months to come. Your Doctor and Hospital know this company. Call or Write . « , CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3141 P. 0. Bex 104 m -FOMsrfi! ALDtRMAN I am not obl«af*d't» en it' out." Tholl he added grimly; "Congress is a grent place to isit •— but I sure would hate to live there.' 1 It looks like urbicullure may PRESCOTT ROLLER RINK Open — 7:45 • 10 p. m. "Skate for Health «. Fun — Young & Old" Fair Park Prcscott, Ark. Misses Marilyn and Sharlot Kay Edwards left Sunday for Dallas, to visit Miss Marilyn Baker. Births Mr. nnrt Mrs. Virgil Solomon _ of Dallas, Texas, announce the birth (of a daughter, Julia Ann. on July j 20th. Mrs.' W. E. White of this city I is her maternal grandmother, and Mrs. E. S. Crooning is her great Hospital Notes Aclmiltctl Mr. Kenneth Johnson, Washington, D. C. Mr. James O. Cox. EniniL-t, Mrs. Kenneth Sto- Vali, Hope, Mr Kenneth Moody, Emmet. Discharged: Mr. T. C. Lee, McNab, Johnnie Davis and baby girl, Hope, Mrs. William Routon and To the People of Hope I wish to assure the citizens of Hope that 1 am strictly on my own and have no allegiance with any political group or groups of individuals. I am in the race for alderman because I appreciate the City of Hope and want to do my part as a citizen and a business man to make Hope a good place to live and work. • Your Vote and Support will be Greatly Appreciated. HOMER BEYERLEY CANDIDATE FOR Alderman Ward 4 Pol. Adv Paid for by Homer Beyerley I would like to make the following statement: I think that the city government is the largest business in Hope and should be operated as such. I think thai- the Post of Alderman should be filled by men who have had experience in,operating businesses of their own. I furthermore think that the city government should be brought back to the people, instead of being run by a select few. I am connected 1o no city political group and do not intend to be. If elected I pledge to serve for the people and do all that is in my power for and toward the betterment of our city. I will sincerely appreciate your Vote and Influence in the corning election — Thanks. VOTE FOR AND ELECT... J B T, Alderm.an> Word 2, Hope Candidate for —Pol. Adv. Paid for by T. O. (Top) Porter COOK Your Next * i ' 4 ? ^'O v f'l^-' > -js'i *',.*v* 1J i$t V»^| Of Hempstead County Yoyr Vote and Support, Be Greatly Pol. Adv. Paid for 1 You'll find no other motoring T 0 NIG HT! 8: °° p - M - TUNE • IN Statewide Radio and Little Rock TV Stations - - - For A BIG RALLY from MacArthur Park Bandshell FREE Ice Cream, Music, Entertainment Speaking Starts at 7:30 Promptly! County and Other Candidates Will Speak . v , v ~~ -„*.,**«?*> , ( -, Hear Him And You'll Re-Elect GOVERNOR 2ND TERM *! TUiS. 7;30 -A M. TALKATHON But This Time Gov, Cherry Will Ask the Questions Of An Audience of Women - « From Jpnesboro - Statewide Radio Broadcast, to equal t Chrysler i I performance! Come loarn what all of'today'f ^ owners know .•• . that tboftj 1 ,•?•*c«j'»j«j'*i| enjoyable driving is beyijg done in^thfl';,!;!! world's most powerful car,! vJFyf'"' M " t1 '" 1 new kinds of power make tms pos| and in no other cay can ypu h?x; e y all. Howard i uo ""'"'''" " 1 "" hou* easy it i- . your Chrysler- 1. 235 HP . . , world's most poWfSt «V-S.'^ , with the greatest .safetypreseyve lf pu j#p! I«^' v Hemisplieriewl ponibustipn ^ets fromtr""" 1 "" jnost; enEine? can't. t. ™-<™»>"»>*'•<»»' even on "legulur"! • tran'spiisjilon fteluevement in *•-•—,. history: !t'»/vHj/-««'o»««'»V/ M-wltiplIpai..,, power over 400%. Make? .pj^W^WgJ truffle eaeier. No jerks or "delayed ^jj 3, FU».U.TIIV|E POWER JT"- / ~' . . . 100%, effective »U the tji»ft; 'l"ftl>t"S over 4/5 of ajl turning an w . work» yet leaves- you epjjwpi'btiig n Rafe'-t ear control yet <ieYelQpe4-"ri ' '1 wheel-fight in 8 blftvf6«t! 4. POWER BffAHPS.,. ploment CJiryder's tr4 You can brake uilh mattur The , ,. and «(/(«' yov've evw you jlriyel ;•,. • NUNN - MCDOWELL P o1 ' A^v. Paid for by J ' - *- ^ t " 1 ' -.* _ '' Chaijfp?-a,_ ' '-* — - - - - I*- S5§CT

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