Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 24, 1954 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 24, 1954
Page 11
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HGPt 5IAR, ;'* 'i< "' .< f ' f *~>? ^ _ *. 1 r "'*",•£_? ARKANSAS Sahirdoy, July i4, 1$S4 <,July24,19!*4 •i ! "l ^ -*<• "• ? ^'ff£ i S * •< ''""'* ^ , C**^ t H6M. STA-ft* MOPE, ARKANSAS Y JL lttf itM-ftl I A, M, iflri 4 P. M. -.fr •'i' * th rtieet Mdft* ».'* »i« ; Williams, US Mbtits pwgram. filve . fo'f EftMAN WARD 2 . fiUti > 6ni'*tihd I am ifo anyone. -*rf » * •*• < *•*•.# v/Pd/for by the devotional. All members having birthdays In Juno or July are fWrttriaed to taring their weight aHd" birthday pennies for the Life Membership Fund. A full attend- Bffce is urged for this meeting. The Lou Demie and Jeanetle Hunker Junior G. A. of the First Bapttet church will meet at the htime of. Mi's. IterVey rlolt oh Monday morning, July 20, at 9:30. ..The Senior ljadlp<! Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist church will meet at 2 p. m. Monday. The Y. W. A. of the First Baptist church Will meet at the church" at 7:15 Monday night. Betty Chamberlain will have charge of the program. Continued trom jf age One j;Hce support"! on cotton, wheftl, torn, rice and pcan-ils at 00 per cent of paiity. a legal .slattdard said to bo air to f armors in rela- :ion to ther costs. Chairman Aikcn fH-Vt> of the committee : has proclicicrt the Son- ate will approve a flexible system under which supports wocld be lowered in times of surplus to dis- couaRC production and bo rni.sod when more production is needed. The Workers' Sunday School class of the Garrett Memorial Bap ttst Church will hold a regular monthly meting at the home of street, Monday flight, 7:30 with Mrs.- Ernest* Cobb as co-hostess. iilife: ,^M&*tnS&&#* * VAf**-* ' ^1^*'; We the Citizens of McNab want.-. . ROY LEWIS FOR CONSTABLE Pol. Adv. Paid for by J. C. Finigan, McNata B. C. Green, McNab Farm Bi PRESCOU NEWS McClellan Continued from Pa^e One Spartan Aircraft Co. factory in Ar.- kansas because "it wasn't going to buy power frpm the private companies." The O/.ark steam generating plant was blocked by n stale Supreme Court ruling that it was not authorized by either state or federal law. The suit was filed by four private power companies — including Arkansas Power & Light — and the Supremo Court ruling upheld an earlier vr-rdici by Pulaski Circuit Court. Mrs. ftoy Loomis Hostess To W. M. U. Circle 4 Mrs. Roy Lo6mis was hostess to Circle 4 of the W. M. U. of the First Baptist Church at her home on Monday afternoon. Mrs. Loomis voiced the opening prayer after which the chairman. Mrs. R. T. Murry, conducted the business Miss Lillie 'Butcher concluded the study on ''Prayer." Frosted drinks were enjoyed during tlie social hour. Johnny returnefl to thejr home in Commerce, Texas, on Tuesday after a visit, with Mr. and Mrs. John hie Hooks. Mrs. temmet Parham, Gordon. Ricky and Pamela of Camden were the. Wednesday guests of her pai ents, Mr and Mrs C. G. Gor'doi. .R'ickejf remained for n longer \ >sit;; f! :" ii , ..-- •-.;•-•.. -' :i Mr,s;"ift' A. Escarrc, Joe." P., A. Jr. ( ;andi Doyle Hooks were -Tuesday Visitors in Hot Springs. 1 Tuesday July 27 Kathleen Mallory Circle of the First Baptist Church will mont at the home of Mrs. Jewel Moore. Jr., R23 East 7th. Tuesday, July 27. at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. Woodard Cox Will present the program entitled. "Seed Time in the Phillipines." All members are urged to attend. TO YOU THE VOTERS """"I, :.-"if e |ecfed your County Treasurer I can and **- - will operate that office without a Deputy. .„" ,. r (.will stay within the Constitutional Limit of $5000.00 as'to salary, thereby saving you *'"* the taxpayers an estimated $15,000.00 in my four years of service, ""hwill furnish the Secretary of every School District an itemized statement of receipts and disbursements on the first of each and every month. Vote for and Elect CLIFFORD BYERS * COUNTY TREASURER ,',, ,. . - Pol. Adv. Pafd for by Clifford Byers H^fe 0011 W3k»f&&i \, * Th iAmencan -w a^Since A'% ' - iMilliomof Ipeople thrilled VOTING I We appreciate the encouragement you have shown us in behalf of our father's candidacy for Sheriff. * t t •We know our fd|-her.; He 1 has always taught us the importance of being honest; truthworthy, and Jiving by the . Golden Rule. -We feel he is well qualified for the office of Sheriff & Co.llector. Please vote for W.B. (Bill) Rwggles. Respectfully submitted, June, Lucille, Wanda Billy, Don, & Jack Ruggles Adv. "MAC/ 1 YOUR MOVIE BOY, SAY§: "NOMO$QUITOS NOW! That's right- . . we've bought our own, fogging machine, and we're using it every night". WAIN & COUNTRY CUUB RDS. f TONIGHT ONLY • 2 BIG FEATURES • "CORPUS CHRISTI BANDITS" t Starring • ALUN "Rocky" UNE a 5 Booking for love in the shgdows! Buying dreams with casual kisses! JOYCE HOLPEN "GIRLS IN THE NIGHT" WQOpY WOOPPECKER COLOR (f^RTOON » SUN, & MQN. * YIPPli U ! The gal that made the Wild . West Wilder! American Legion, f•'•••" Auxiliary Meets " The American Legion Auxiliary, met Monday eVoTilhg at the honie of Mrs. Ruby Mae Scott, in $iii first meeting of the new year. ; ; Mrs. Scott, president, called the meeting to order and led in the pledge of allegiance to the fla£. Minutes of the last meeting were icad and approved. Committees for the coming year were nam"d by the president "as follows: Americanism, Mrs. tira Pcachcy; Ciiild Welfare, Mrs. Ali.oe Lucas; Girls State, Mrs. Julia Gann; Legislation, Mrs. Ruth Teeter; Membership. Mrs. "Dot' MoSc- Icy; National' Security, Mrs. Marie Willis; Pan-American, Mrs. Lawrence McKen/ie: Poppy, Mrs. .Tamio McRac and Mrs. Mary Shelton; Publicity, '".;Mrs. Elizabeth Grain; Rehabilitation, Mrs. iMaxie Ledbetter; Community Ser- .vice. Mrs. Bess Gist; Constitution and By-Laws, Mrs. ..:AHa Grant, Float for County Fair, Mrs Bess Mrs. '3. -R."fictnls- and Legal Notice CONStlTUtlONAL -AMENDMENT NO. 44 BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate ot the State ot Arkansas afid by the House ot Representatives, a Major* ity ot all the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto! That the following Is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and Up* on being submitted to the electors of-the State for approval or rejection at the next General Election for Representative and Senators. If a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment. the same shall become a Gist; Program,- Mr:;. Eiizabdth Grain and Mrs. Emogene Davjs, Mrs. Lonic Stripling; Tclephorje, Mrs. Pearl Hnynie. .' Mrs. Dot Moseley was appointed delegate to the state convention to-be held in Little Rock/ July $!-' 25. . ;i The hostess served a dessert course during the social hour.-: Mr and Mrs. J. B. Franks Honor Guests Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Franks .-entertained with a buffet supper at their home on Tuesday evening for the pleasure of- their houso guests, Mr. and Mrs R. C. Franks of Bryson, Texas. | y Arrangements of summer powers were placed at vantage ^po-r Ints in the living room, | The dining .table 'was spread with a -yellow linen cloth and* a mixed bouquet of summer U os- soms flanked by yellow tapers in crystal candelabra formed the Centerpiece. •.''••" . ' \Gucsls included: .Mrs Ganri, Mrs. J. C. Wb'odul, Mr Mrs. John Gann, Mr. and Jfrs. Jewel Long, .IVTrs,,,.IjToryelle W^n nnd Mrs;L ; Pcarl •Wrch! ' lament. the Constitution* of" the State of Arkansas, to-wit: SECTION 1. From and after th6 adoption of this amendment, the term of office of Governor of the State of Arkansas shall be four years and the Governor shall not be eligible to succeed himself. Provided however, this amendment shall not apply .to the person elected as Governor at the General Election to be held in' 1954. . .SECTION 2. After the effective date of this amendment, the Governor shall be' prohibited from taking an active part or using his office in favor oi or against any candidate for any constitutional office in any Primary. Special or General Election, excepl only where the Governor himself is a' candidate, in which event, he will be authorized to be active in his own behalf. A violation. of this section shall be a misdemeanor from which the • Governor shall have no Immunity from arrest, prosecution and trial. Upon conviction; he shall be fined not less than Five Thousant Dollars ($5,000.00) nor more than Twenty thousand Dollars ($20,000.00) and in addition thereto, shall automatically forfeit his office and the duties, power and authority of the Governor's office shall be immediately assumed by the Lieutenant Governor If such conviction should finally b< reversed,, then the Governor shall be restored to his office. SECTION 3. All parts of the Con stitution in conflict with this amend ment be and the same are hereby Approved: March 28, 1953. C. G. "A'*'* • Secretary of State amily have as their guests, Coley nd Steve Hussey of CincinatU, >hio. Mrs. B. C. Stivers had as her rtonday guests, Mrs. Roy Nelson f Poplar Bluff, Mo., and Bob arlyle of Gurdon. Godthaab. the capital ot Green- and, has a population of 1,500 PRESCOTT ROLLER RINK Open — 7:45 • 10 p. m. "Skate for Health & Fun — Youno & Old" Fair Pork Prescoffj Ark. Experts estimate there will be more than 15 million people over 85 In the United States in 1960. The Great Pyramid of Giza in. Egypt is 767 feet square and 479 feet high. HOPE WATERMELONS TOMATOES SS-IKT 1 *. 10c SWEET CORN £ft *«. 45c Plenty of Peas RUSSELL'S CURB MARKET $01 WEST THIRD VOTE FOR VAN JOHNSON for PROSECUTING ATTORNEY BECAUSE: 1 'He is qualified by 24 years of actual experience in the Courts, and in the actual trial and disposal of some 2000 felony cases since returning from the Army in 1945, in this Circuit. 2. He is experienced in law enforcement having served as Sheriff of ah Arkansas County, and having worked with the law enforcement officers of this Circuit. 3. He is in the prime of life, old enough to be seasoned by experience, yet young enough to vigorously perform the duties of the office. 4. His qualifications and reputation will stand the test of inquiry. If you do not know him or know his qualifications, ask your lawyer, or ask any Judge serving in the five counties. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE YOUR SUPPORT WILL BE APPRECIATED Pol. Adv. Pd. for by Van Johnson Mr. and Mrs. tewls Garrictt, Ava Lou and Beckey left Tuesday for points in the 'Ozarks and a« visit with Mrs. A. J. Shell and other relatives in Salem. * Miss Nona Kalh'ryn Eagle s^e'n't' Monday and Tuesday In TeXttrk- nna. . . ;; | Coy Cummings of DcQueen was the Tuesday guest .of his. sister, Mrs. Gene Lee and family. ^ i . . . '. Mrs Leroy Martin and Mrs.'-t Albert Redfern have returned from a visit with relatives in St. Lquis. ; Mrs. L. -I. Bryson and Sarah Janet wore the Tuesday guests of Mrs. A. R. Babb in Hope. ''• Miss Joan Gilbert Is the guest ot Miss Sandra Long in Blythevijle, Mr and Mrs. Orville, Kelley and fat.d TONIGHT! UNITED STAfi? SENATOR JOHNL. MCCLELLAN 8:30 P; M. STATEWIDE RADIO NETWORK From HOT SPRINGS A FRANK STATEMENT TO THE f IQ»>tE Of HEMPSTEAD COUNTY Next Tuesday, July 27th, will be an important day for the citizenship of this county. On the outcome of the Sheriff's race may depend'the welfare and future of many young people with whom the Sheriff will deal during the next two years. It is not difficult for a law enforcement officer to arrest and prose : cute a cold-blood murderer. It is not hard to deal with a hardened criminal. 'But when a young man or young woman runs afoul of the law, perhaps for the first time, the Sheriff and his deputies are faced with a realtest. Should the young person be sent to the reform school or to prison? Would that be the best thing for the individual and for society? Or, should a suspended sentence be used in an effort to save this young person from a life of crime? What is best for the youth, and for'society EVERY CASE IS DIFFERENT AND PRESENTS A DIFFERENT PROBLEM AND DEMANDS l:Np:l;Vl[2> ; UAL ATTENTION. Only an experienced, sober, and mature Sheriff wilil^now how to deal with such cases. I have reared a family in this county. My children grew up in a Christian home and under the influence of Sunday School and Church. I believe that I know more about how to handle young people than someone who has no children of their own, or who have not, as yet, reared their family. 1 believe in having Sunday Services at the jail for those who a re confined. That was my practice when I was in charge of the Hempstead County jail before, and it will be my practice again as your Sheriff. No one knows how much good such effort may.accomplish. . The parents of this county never know when their child or children may, by accident or otherwise, come in contact with the Sheriff of Hemp- /steqd County. Think! Who and what type of man would you want them jtp, have to degl with if that should happen? M ; .' w ;-;;•' .; ;.'.•.' i I Vi'.-'r'gisp'edfrfglly"solicit the thoughtful consideration of the people of ^empptead County. ' U-: | Respectfully submitted, , CLAUD H. SUTTON CANDIDATE FOR SHERIFF Pol. Adv, Paid for by Claud If. ^'fA-f -.1 i !""%• J t i fy " ,'^*"2im l J"'l r ^i n*fjv<i v /,i OZARK IKE •f Chide YWMi «f-* fg j^ .< jfeJj^teJ CAMEJM W N6eKN§A« CURTAINS MV WHOLE DAY'S WASHING is RUINED/ VOU'VE BEEN WORKING TOO HARD-IXL6MPtV THE VACUUM BAG FOR VOU NERVES NEED A REST-I'LL OUTOUHWAY VIC FLINT Answer to Previous Puzze YOU WATCH NOW WON'T A 5TROW6 PLACE AN' CLIMB OVER.tHEV'LU PICK. OUT A WEAtc SPOT AM' YELL THE CORPS/ SO JUST BR.IMC* ALONG BRIDGE TIMBER.6v Seeing Libya A ee«fer 'HAW'MV LIFS AW 1 ALWAYS CARRV . THEY Wi&WT COME BACK. THIS VW4.V .THETLLTINI? NEW SWAMPS/, ACROSS 61 Fat 1 Tripoli and 62 Before Bengazi are DOWN .Libya's -— i Allowance capitals f or waste 4 it was 2 Existed formerly a 3 Gem colony of 4 War Mediterranean 6 Asseverate 3? Persia 44 Group oi fnhrir 7 Permits 28 Platform , players r^m 8 Years (ab.) 29 Sea eagle 45 Nevada city nTn'rm 9 Mast • 30 Small pastry 46 Operatic solo mpamon 10 Facilit y 31 Silkworm 47 Most of its' iie'pnpouraee* 11 Toward the 32 Vend people are lie encourages sheltered side 34 Pigeon pea Moslems vynis, 19 Smooth 37 Deep hole . 48 Learning .. 21 Also 38 Go by aircraft 50 Finished iaOBuTe^vetch 23Near 40 Slight taste 51 Heavy blow -» ioiLbvahas 24 Writing fluid 41 Parent 52 Plexus tj,mnm? =nd 25 Harbor 43 It has many 54 Bustle almond and 26Exchange fertile . 5 5 City in The' 22 Auricle premium Jn its desert Netherlands 24 Butterfly WASH TUBES mm^^MW^ fe«--*S«to 25 Enamel 28 Indicates 33 Monster With Major Hooplc OUR BOARDING HOUSE 36 Narrow inlet 37 Ache 38 Seed covering 39 Lymphoid tissue masses in throat DEEPLY -<- —— •— •-"• ••••',—; -, i FOR YOUR HERE ON TW 1 PORCWTILU HAMDED N Kl£LCON\El5ALAO'OF MAPL HE.COMES/X DO^/f ^-AH-ER-FOR MO , rt-TRUST NO VISITORS ! Ak:iM6 A pOT 6M TV\HtX ARTILLER AT U6I MEAM/^ MAKES « 41 Flower part 42 That thing 43 Rowing tool 44 Snare 47 Winglike part 49 Smell 1 53 Always : (poet.) 54 Got up 56 Individual ;57.Blackbird of 'BOOTi AND HER BUDDIES \ BOX OV CWOCOV- . .' cuckoo family !58 Challenged ;59.Seine 60 Extinct bird By Dick turner CARNIVAL IUGS BUNNY 0ZZZ 9ZZZ AMC7 BZZT? NICS SET O FALLEN ARCHES. TH'TIMS I , <•, -. By Herih|b>rg«r FUNNY BUSINESS ffiFTsi »«ly *~r*$ PINISW THIS , ALLEY OOP PO UlKT PONTT SET ALARMED J H/XSN'TCOMB FUU DARK NISHTOUT', "Not every woman can wear a dress like that, madam! It takes a strong personality with a well-trained husband!" ,- By Golbroith SIDE GLANCES THE STORY OF MARTHA ,,,/f / *&m& !M was demonstrating how careful he must bi In fealhrQom. not jto gel; hurtl" HH9 two room* with a b»th »nd .,./.,,', ., - . ^. /,.^'.>j^^»^^L_^A,^4K^ja^WWfertiH,''Sife

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