Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 3, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1896
Page 8
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:^$KS!^^ rs "•.V-AV--V • \V V".-"i LAST CALL! To WinMHUp the Farewell Sale of ^^^^^^^L. JMk^^hk^^ -JB^. ^^t^r -A* ^^- ^^^^^ ^^*^^ H ARR¥ FRANK. Startling Values to close out the balance of this stock. Last Week's Bargains were surprising.^ This week^they are amazing. ; The balance of this stock must go this week and here are prices that will make you help do it. Fioe Busiofss Snits wortir$.15 now Mens Fine Bnsiaess Snits weftii $10 BOW 1 1 Mecs Fine Worsted Pants wortn',$5 now $7-50 5-25 2.50 Boys' Suits 1-2 price, Children's Suits 12 price, Ulsters, Barber, Cook, Butcher and baker's Coats 1-2 price, Pajits, Underwear, Shirts Neckwear, Suspenders, ; Hosiery and Collars at just 1-2 its actual value. It will pay you to go SO miles to attend this sale, as you never in your life, will have another chance like this. • Mens Fine Kearsey Overcoats $20 now Mens Fine Kearsey Overcoats 8.SO now Mess Frisco Mackinto^he 1200 now $10.00 3.9$ 5-75 Saturday, September sth. will positively be the last day of our 37 years Clothing career in Logansport. Do not fail to call if only to say Good Bye. Very Truly Yours HARRY FRANK, 314 Fourth Street. THE GOLDEN RULE. THE GOLDENPULEi Clearing up Shirt Waists = = THREE DAYS ONLY - = THURSDAY*'FRIDAY & SATURDAY. ,y-J- ; • Our Entire Stock:'of Shirt Waists, no matter if the former price was $2.60 or $2.00 will be on sale for 75 CENTS EACH None reserved. This is choice of our entire stock of Shirt Waists.. Another lot will be 26 cents. A SH RT ESSION SCHMITT & • - ' "I H " .!) We have the very best line of wool dress goods. You must see them to appreciate them. . .r'-v.'^ - TO THE - Citizens of ; Logansport and Cass County. We t*i& this method of thanking you for your attendance at our Opening and we-will endeavor to show our appreciation by selling you good reliable Clothes at HARD TIME PRICES. Remember we do a Sltrlctly One Price business. All Goods marked in plain figures. We kindly solicit your inspection of our lines. We are Yours Respectfully, THE GLOBE. ^ ' '•. • '• •%/• ' ' • ' • ''. • • • Northeast Corner Fourth?and Market Streets. .Winter underwear sale. • EOT .baJancfe of this weeraVttie'Bee Hire;- '^'.^ H. ,T. McGrath & Co.; > T . ; 'Y." co'niits in bulk at Bothermel's Saturday;' "'", ";. Get your -children's ready.Vinade school dresses at the Trade Palace.,^ New Fall capes just received' : al L th'e Golden Rule. Call and see; Uieirts-'j The most stylish aud cheapest xlress goods can be seen at the C olden.'Rulq. Special sale on boys' and children's knee and long pants.—J. D, Ferguson & Jenks. : ' '-.-'• Call, and see the new black dress goods at the G'olden Rule. Special prices for this week. •• • •' • The people nre going en : masse. to South Bend, at 10:31. a', m. Sept.'3rd, to hear'William J-< Bryan. • The Vaudalla line has made ..the; 'rate !?1.3Ci for the .round trip and has^ar- rangcd to take'care of everybody..-. Misses' Etnlrc and Patton just east oC the city, are, among the normal .stn- dents beginning work at the college .this jteek. • •. . ••.•'''. Edward R. Murphy of. Bruce Lake, and-Irene Sellers of Clifton'avenue, were married Tuesday evening,at ino bride's home, the Rev.-.Howe-,officiating. -• . ' • • ' '..." •'"'•• We purchased a .large.lot of :Iadies night dresses, which for the balance-of the'.wrcek we Offer at much under our regular selling 'prices. /Be :sure iand 'take a look (it them.—Bee Hive,-:- ..-•.It is : to'your interest to .see "^vhat you can do at Harry Frank's.; We positively must clear ..everything by Saturday evening no..matter what it brings. Harry. Frank's Farewell Sale. C. W. Murpliy, the nged citizen who was struck by a train at North Judson last Saturday, • ia greatly. improved and Ills recovery is no longer a matter of doubt. The greatest injury was to his left arm which was broken. • ,"... Council Meets in Regular Session and Transacts Business. Dr. Mattery too Busy Making Campaign Speeches to Attend the Meeting. . Council met in regular session last night. ' There was not much business on hand, and the members probably knew this, for it w;ls late before a quorum wns secured. Dr. Battery of the First ward, is too busy telling the •p'cdple how to vote to attend to his ditties as councilman, and In consequence has not graced the chamber with his presence for a mouth. When Mayor McKee called the council to order at 8 o'clock all the members were present except Mr. Hattery ii.tul Mr. Graf. The minutes of the previous 'resular meeting were read ifjud.'approved. The Claims committee reported the the following allowances, which report was confirmed by the council. STREET' DEPARTMENT. Pay r II •.: ; •'...$ 354 35 Hmore Ub.1, cem-nt corner 8 *> Chas ualllon. cement corner 16 88 Gen W Kilght, cementi-orner 8 NJ Michael Na»K boulderlng gutters 58 20 Thos Buttcrwortn, gravel . 155 JBLynan. stone...... « .s Spencer park, piw roll _ 370 B3 Chas Kendall, labor , K oo Krelder.it Sons, enpplles 1 •' 1.0 •' ' FIRE DEPARTMENT. George Bnsn, extra dreman . 833 Lizzie Krall, washing 4 » Mary Hufler, waalilng 3 28 Kllen Prown, Vrasnlnu .- 4 (« CltrTrea^. OHIB .: 2i> 19 'KDECTRIC LIGHT DEPARTMENT. collected from June 1 (o August 31 was read and ordered filed. The report shows that iu the' time mentioned the Mayor has collected .?GG.OO iu fines. Mr. I-Inigh called attention to the bad condition of Court street. The matter of improving the street by putting in a brick pavement ..was discussed, and the Street commjtf.ee wa.s ordered to look into the. matter and learn the wishes of the property owners' and County Commissioners as to the proposed improvement Council adjourned at SM3. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN. «,^i,iiii a,.^.. n ,.^v. ^,nupplt-» 496 21 American Cai-bon Co. supplies «| « Hide, Leather and Belting fo 14 «« Logan Jtlectrls LIgbt A fower Co JJ8 90 yrank Haakett, homo tire JO no CtyTrea», fralgut 8 93 .. , MISCELLANEOUS CLAIMS. MelnottHBebee, nsst CE ; 18 00 M'ro McKee, atst C It 18 JO Dunlel Cablll, labor ; « 60 Ixiin Journal Co, prlntlnB....-:. - • 8 60. *« nine Works Dept, pbf roll 61 SO CltyTreas. postage •; uo Cits,Tre»§i frei?.'t .„-' Police Dept, par roll *>- >J -The' Street committee reported in 'favor, of referring the matter of the petition of Robert Ray, et al, for the: vacation of an alley runrjng north and' .south'between Elm street and Vine street, from Linden avenue to Front street,''to the City Commissioners, who nre.ordered to view the location aud assess benefits trad- damages. •'The matter of the improvement of, Linden avenue, between Pontlac, or North Sixth' street, to Earl street, as petitioned, for by property owners': '•thereon, was referred to the City At- .torrioy and Street committee. The. report of the City Commission- el's, iii the matter of the vacation of the South 37% feet of Canal street, from the 'West line of Third street to the Eastlline of lots 3 and, 4 iu the original plat, and also all that part of Second, •street lying south of Canal street, assessing .benefits and damages on the vacation of the described grounds, was read and-conflmeHBrresolution".- A report and final estimate on the completion of a, sidewalk by Contractor A/,L Galllon, on the South side of Spear street adjoining out lot 9 in John Tlptou's First addition, was approved by/resolution. • | The:Cemetery committee was on motion of Mr. Boyer ordered to set aside one of the unused lots in Mt. Hope for the use of parties wishing ground for a single grave. . ; The report of Mayor McKee of fines.. The Result of the Success of Free Silver. j A prominent Eastern business man ' who has watched'the markets closely ; was asked what would be the result of 10 to 1 free coinage with the present ! ratio 32 to 1. He said: "You can roll all ' the panics this country has ever hud into one, and it would not be in It with the panic that would overwhelm us between the third day of next November Mid the fourth day of the following March, If Bryan should be elected. His election would be a signal for such a. wholesale sacrifice of property as'we have never seen. The whole country, from ono end to the other, would be elveloped in ruin. The many billions of .dollars of our securities held abroad would come back upon us in a perfect 'avalanche, we could not begin to absorb them, and values would literally disappear. There would ensue an entire suspension of business and a paralysis of industries of all sorts. There was never a greater fallacy than the weak, silly claim that we are as bad off as we can be aud that therefore any change must be for the better. We cnn be a mighty sight worse off than we are now, and will be if this astounding folly of currency Inflation is voted. "If Bryan were elected aud it were i'n his power to carry the free-silver plan into Instant effect, tliero might be a change, wrong though.the proposition is; but lie cannot'so much as take n first step until the ensuing March- four months away. Then It will be months before Congress! can act intel- 'ligently, and more mouths before any plan can be put into practical operation. With that certainity before them, people who have anything to 'lose by the country going-to a silver basis—and that includes 75 per cent, of our population—will be trying to get out from under the toppling ruin. They will all move at once and be try- fug to sell at once. .The m-iud sickens at the prospect." , That Is one man's view, -and that man one of the brainiest in the country, a person not easily carried off his feet, and given to cool, logical reasoning. AVMAT HE IS DOING. Adrian M. Tobias, state representative of the Loreue Tobacco Cure Co., spent the last two weeks among the business and professional men of the city iu the interest of his cure, and as a. result refers to twenty-one men that have been entirely cured of the "desire" for tobacco iu any form. Here's what two of them say: Loganspor, Sept. 2, '90. "I, the undersigned, can most honestly recommend the Lorene Tobacco Cure to any one who desires to rid himself of an expensive and injurious habit. I have smoked.- to excess for more than three years, but a ten days' treatment took away all'desire for tobacco aud I feel like a new man. "Sincerely, "Logansport, Aug. 20, '06. "I have been a victim of the cigarette habit for seventeen years and It's useless to say I was a slave to their use, sometimes smoking seven packages a day. One week ago I began taking "Lorene" and can say truthfully that I have no desire to smoke them whatever, aud I feel better now, physically than I have ever been in the last ten years. "Yours truthfully, The above are only two of a score of good testimonials I have from men here at home that I have cured of the' 1 use of tobacco. I positively guarantee a cure or no pay. If you want to be cured, call and investigate.—Adrian M. Tobias, Island View hotel, near Panhandle depot. • The Y. M. C. A. meetings are growing In interest A pleasant service w:as held Sunday afternoon. Prof. Ho.w.e addressed the meeting, Secretary: Davidson is wideawake to the association's interest. Next Sunday's meeting was voted to be a general meeting—for ladles and gentlemen. Subscribe for The Journal. The State Fair comes but once a year and since the low rate prevails for the entire week, it is a good time to take the fall vacation and take Advantage of various attractions the city offers at that time. It costs nothing'to make entries at the fair and many readers can well afford,to take exhibits and make their interest more intense, and the trip more-profitable. . Be sure and see the now fall dress goods .at .1214 IS, 25, 39 and 48 cents at Schmitt & Helnly's. ' NINE CENT SALE A Special Sale For Nine Cents. Who Ever Heard of a Nine Cent Special Sale. Well here it is; for one week we will sell choice of the following well known shoe dressing, Whitemore Bros., Gilt Edge OH Dressing, Button & Thuroston's Celebrated Raven Gloss, Restorff & Bettmann's Celebrated Glycerole, Alma and. other celebrated shoe dressings all of which retail at 25 cents per bottle by all merchants. . . Choice of these celebrated dressings ONLY NINE CENTS. PILLING, THE SHOE MAN, 412 Broadway, Logansport,. Ind. Infallible Corn.Solve worth 25 cents for 9 cents.—Pilling. • '.-••. ;• White Clover, powder, retail price 25- cents, reduced to 9 cents— Pilling. 1 Now is the time to supply yourself with shoe dressing at less than whole-, sale ; price:—Pilling, the shoe man, 412 Broadway.

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