Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 23, 1954 · Page 20
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 20

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 23, 1954
Page 20
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-*•*.'5 /i- H 0 f» t S T A H 0 A R R A MSA S 23, 19S4 2 fifetifcOSM house, attic fari, Veftetfah blinds, Hardwood floors, daragfe, landscaped. $650 equity. PHtfne 1-5517. 22-3t ftEtJ spldeif Illy bulbs. $1 tier dozen 'posfpaid" .Within Arkansas, Chea- 4toer'hefe'. Althur Gfay, fe»fl» July 0-1 Month MdDEftN Grocery In Hope. Will sell stock, fixtures, and building, or stotskj fixtures and rent build- Irtg.'Write Box 339, H^pe, Arkaiv gas. < 19-Ot VJ,- «0e *xfai».tnvw~.«».»' so* pw ' ott for lff*9ulof W , Ldoliy.elauifled advertising copy ufttjlv 5 p. in. for ell 6dv«ftJ*em«M» of* lieotldn ,dnd, Jo ,r«|*et MY 'home ot 223 North Hamilton St. F.iv'o/oorns with bath, glassed in porch, and garage on corner lot. Price $3200. Albert Robert- don. 20-flt ,,'«* bnatofliofi laHan, t «8uf*» jueh o» hou<* or ,. numb«« etMjnrorojie werd. lo|M Stor will not M fesBon- t-tttott In Wont Ad$ unleit if 6ra* called »6 our attention Sf Ihrttttoh of ad'bhd ih«n « JH* ONynt6rj*]CyO»rtlon. 7-3431 il^'iaW *' Star ltfy-jJ>NH IMT iMtf/1i/,jia»^ S>i«vi««ond clan matt«r «t , f«0flt«« «t Hopt, Arkcmas, iM^Ac^af ' March 3, 1tW> ; »»»*fi* Audit, ilon Rotes (payobl«-"ln ad-;; , •fl»f)ln'Ho(>e'and rwlghborlng " -i« toy»r»— .,-.,•»• v j Hwnpstted,* NeVddi, ' i/, Howard, and' Miller court- 1 "* - r - 19 MfeAD good youtfg stock cows, 14 calves, 2 bfed heifers, 1 top .registered Angus Bull. Will 4ell together or bull seperate. Sterling Cook, Old'highway 07, near Experiment Station. Phone 74975. 20-3t 144 ACRE farm, modern home, IS head • cattle, <1 mule team, machinery. All planted crops. Ample supply water. 7% miles South of ••Hope, Arkansas on State High 'way 29. Price $12,500 cagh or terms at 6% -Interest. Write or come see Oren L. Harris, Hope, ,Ar,k£n$as', Royte 'l. - . 20-31 USED lumber, building materials for sale. While It lasts we will haye?for sale at $40,00 a thousand 2+x 4's, 2 x 6;s, 2 x 8's, 1 x 8's • N0.-117 drop siding, 1 x 6''and "I x'B',s ship 4 lap all lengths. This is> exceptionally good used lum- vber at $40.00 a thousand, at the •^slle,.,' 'Also " Inside * and outside doors and ( wlndows' with excep- '.. tionklly' good hardware. If you ijy'^ftt* ^'bargain cb'rhe to Indust- r*rla1 area of the old Proving » Grounds. Saturday, July 24th cqll or see Arthur Martin - Phone 7-3328.^ ^ 20-5t ,-.»,. i •FOR SALE Modern 2 bedroom home on , shady, lot. 1507 S. Pine. Attached garage, plenty closets, •; and built ins. Utility room, 4 -attic'''-fan, "Venetian blinds, 1 automatic'floor 1 furnace, Alum- OWNER LEAVING TOWN Iff W * » ^ Phone 7-2235. < SrnaBt! down Payment Balance like rent. 22-3t ( V- 're £itdf« for Salt TH£ UNIT6D PARM AGENCY Office/at Soiey's Court 2 Miles West Hope on U. S. 07 eifc PA&MS TO SELL . . COAST-TO-COAST ADVERTISING ON EVERY FARM , WE LIST. Out .sales records prove that WE GET RESULTS. FRANK C. DuSHANE ft. G: MAY Salesman r of us have nny business connection with ' pny other office in Hope, arid no one else has any authority to claim uny connection with- "UNITED FARM. AGENCY".. Wt SELL REAL ESTATE ONLY • 23-01 P.ERFECT in every way for a family needing two bedrooms and,a deri Which can also be used for a bedroom. Located at 917 South Walnut on beautifully landscaped.-75' x 142" lot, on pavement. This home is in A-1 condition — jUst repainted - new roof - pon- dessa pine den with storage Venetian blinds • shower and bath • Livjpg room - dining room Kitchen with built in cabinets- gafage with storage.', Priced to se^l., Shown by appointment; only - can be FHA or GI financed and carries 70fc loan no'Wv '• '••! CALL FOSTR REALTY CO. 217 South Main ' Phone 7-4671 •> • •.:.. '""': ,.'. . 23-3t Political The Star Is iathortMd 10 i* nounce that the following tr« titndlfiAtel far public otflc«*ut>. ]ect to the action of the Demo* cratlc primary elections For Cenore** 4th District OREN HARRIS G. W, LOOKADOO NORMAN M. WARNOCK POP Traaaurer HARRY HAWTHORWB CLIFFORD BYERJI DW1GMT RIDGDILL for County Clark ARNOLD J. MIDDLEBROOKS JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYfiBS ARTHUR ANDERSON For Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) RUGQUfiS JIMMY COOK R. D. (SON) PHILLIPS TOM MIDDLEBROOKS CLAUD H. SUTTON SYVELLE BURKE Benefit Game in Hope on Saturday A benefit game between the Hope Pony League All- Stars and a Texarkana team will be. played at Legion Field Saturday at 8 p. hi. Mantle One Reason for Yank Power By De,N PMLEGAR Associated Press Sports Writer SPORTS ROUNDUP OAYLt TALlOt. NEW YORK • (ft — It was inevitable thai the time woi'ld come when the owners of the Brooklyn Dodgers would be remindjd that they had fired a pennant winning manager, Charlie t>res.=en, and in- f.lalled in his place .1 big, quiet fellow named Walter Alston who never had before directed a big league club. The time is how. As the once proud leaders suffer through an extended slump and fall further behind the flying Giant? in a Nn- tiohal League race that threatens to develop into a runaway, the abrupt change of pilots thnt. fhoeked DIP baseball world last One of the prime reasons for tho fall again has become a burning recent rise of the New Ycrk Yankees' is the blossoming of Mickjy Charlas Mantle into a big lime big leaguer. The 22-year-old Alderman Ward Thr»« B. L. RETTIO A. P. DELONBY For Sale or Trade ONE 3 year old registered black .angus. Bull. Frank Jefferson, Route 2, Rosston. Will trade for hay or what have'you. 21-3t For Rent BEDROOM with private bath 'and private entrance. Phone 7-3391 20-3t For Prosecuting Attorney ROYCE WEISENBERGfiH PRESTON DOWD TRAVIS MATHIS VAN JOHNSON enter fielder apparently has nr. iyed, although some fans who re- ard Yankee miracles as common- lace foel he took a long time com- Amid reams of ba.ll.vhoo tho Yanks tried to jump Mantle from he Class C Western Association nto Joe tliMaggio's job in .1851. It didn't quite come off. Mantle Alderman Ward Pour JESSE! L. BROWN CHARLES TAYLOR HOMER BEYERLEY MRS. G. A. NASH Alderman Ward Two JOHN S. GREENE FOREST L. HAIRR T. O. (TOP) PORTER Alderman Ward One MRS. KATHRYN LOU FRANKS JOE JONES For State Senata 7th District GENE LEE For City Attorney C. V. NUNN, JR. 'Press Is entitled" ex- use for,republication, ' ' , local news, printed 'In this' rf <w r wefl' or «H' V "«W» , ^ irr ; I .»!£'.' ..:, .., p Elberta Peaches now, e quality, .-No'wprmti bti CrbpJt.tdht do not o^padRlna shed o B''ACRES"'land," 5 room house. "'Plqnty fWate/^J.good road. §.1,000 cash. 2 miles South Spring Hill. pon Stevenson! 1 Route 1, Hope. - '* i? " 23-3t ONE ^0' week' q]d feinHle Boston Pull pup - $5.Phone 7-38-10 or contact Barky Fuller. , w . ' - - 23-3t. 2 .ROOM furnished apartment, private entrances,: -tgarage.V: Bills paid. Phone 4%litJ/ : '-' J002. West AVe B. ' 23-3t Wonted to Buy TO-BUY,Men's Used Shoes. Reaves n Shop. 3J-TF '. ka,rjsas,f ;\yiU pay' top jprlces. "•J»hone 7-2228 far see Ralph' Squn- Jers, .. - J12-lMo. ,; y6Urfefhe / ns.' i See Hope Locker irjd*,Proce6siog'Company lor deilvery'.date, , 17-Ot MATTltESS renovation an4 toner- spring work- Cobb Mattress Co. ^319 South Washington. Phone 4(.?e2?.' ' t , Mar. 4-tf q;$1.8 Burt's Bar B Q ' 2i-3t Funeral Directors ROOMS unfurnshed apartment good location - $25.00 per month Bills paid. 808 W. 4th. Phone 73152. ' . } - 7-20TF FURNISHED house, 2 rooms with bath. Utilities paid] Electric Washing machine .and refrigerator. Phone 7-3193; 7-22-31 6 ROOM houscj $35 per month. Available Aug. 1, Call 7-2401. 23-3t GODBOLD Apartments. Nicely fur- Jiished 3 rooms and breakfast- nook. P'rivate bath and carport. % blpck from town. Adults only. 321 West Second street Call .73314. 23,31 FURNISHED Living -room, garage apartment bedroom, kitchen, bath. Small screened porch: 805 Sotith Main. Phone' 7-2044. ' 23-3t Notic* VOTE Boley's all new, "All air conditioned," court. When guests or Tourists Inquire. 4 people $5.00. July 3-1 Mo. College Stars Train for the Detroit Lions LAFAYETTE, ind. la'st year';: college foot'o&ll he roses gathered at Purdue j-uijiivfr sity today to begin preparations for their Aug. 13 assifinmen Against tho Detroit Lions .in? the annual all-star .game • at, Chicago Jim Tatum, who suiderl Mary land to the 1953 mythical naliona championship and wHl head th all-star coaching staff, sp.ici qctua .workouts will'begin tomorrow]' The players spent today takinf phj'sical examinations, checkin, cut equipment and settling, in liv ing quarters near the tnclosec field where all practice session will beheld. The Lions, National Football League champs,..opened practice a Ypsilanti, Mich,*' today. The collegians include ; .suc! I WILL not be responsible for any debts other than tftose made by me. Harold E. Poole. 21-3t Help Wanted ONE, or two waitresses. Apply in person. Diamond Cafe. 22-31 2 LADIES-for dining (room service, 25-4b, Apply 1» yeis-vn. Barlow Hotel. \ 23-2t switch hitting topic ot conversation arid conjecture. Would the Dodgers slill be on lop if the : scrappy, alert .Drcssrn were at the helm? Or .was Ihe likeable Alston presented with a ball club that, because of igo and re SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION New Orleans Atlanta Birmingham Chattanoog Memphis Little Rock Mobile Nashville W L 03 42 BO 57 4* !54 4C 49 52 45 SO 42 02 40 GO I»ct. G>B .000 42 .5881',:. .r.59 4 1 ', .529 7! 2 .485 12 .433 171; .404 20'; .400 'M 1 /. Indians and Yankees in Crucial Test curring injuries to key men, wa j ( PP cl > raml ready to fad ,before the onslaught of the first determined rival? Did Dressen forsee what was coming and demand a two-year contract for his own protection? If you think you know any of the answers, .consider yourself a Yesterday's Results Little Rock 1, Mobile 0 New Orleans 5-5, Memphis 1-3 Atlanta 1C-2, Nashville IWJ Birmingham at ChattanftoRa ad to go down to Kansas City member of the debating club. The or seasoning. He came back in only clue we have to offer comes 952 for what would Invc been a from a former big league Mar, la- sensational season for any normal ookie. Ho hit 23 hornn run's and 'inished .with a .311 average. But.it wasn't enough, for the fans vfio were still dr*aniing of Di- Mag. Mickey fell off to .295 last season and when he came up with an old knee injury during.the wfn- ;er ••' \the Yanks 'weir really wor- ied. '.. . .' :.-. : • " v>i An' operation put him out of commission through much o" sprinu raining and he wasn't ready when ;he:season started. But he's really lolling now. His average of .323' is second high on the club. He leads the league . in home runs ' with 20 and taps the Yankees in runs scored triples, hits, runs baUfcd in, total bases and bases on balls. He also lias struck out the most, not too unusual for a distance? hitter. Ir the field he ranks with tho best. When the Yanks ran out of infield- crs in' the first game of their double triumph over the Chicagf; White v Sox, he was switched to shortstop. Mantle was the batting star in the first game of the twin victory. He.drove in the tying run with a righthande'ci single in the eighth inning: and the .winning run with leftharidbd home run Into!left field inv.the'. 10th. The score was 4-3. The coasted home in the second Today's Games Mobile at Little Rock Birmingham at Chattanooga New Orleans at Memphis Atlanta at Nashville COTTON STATES LEAGUE ;er a manager,'Avh'o' has had an opportunity to study the methods of both Dressen and Alston. "They're both goori managers," lie said, "but of an entirely different typo. 'Alston still looks a little bewildered to me though, maybe: a bit 'overwhelmed by what's happened to him. I don't doubt that he's, a .sound baseball man, but I've seen him make- some mistakes that Charlie never would have made. I don't believe he thinks quite as fast cs the little guy did. It wasn't tha- bunk about Charlie stealing your sif.nals. He could hurt you, and I'm convinced he El Dorado Greenville Meridian Monroe Pine Bluff Hot Springs helped some of his batters by calling pitches for thorn. He hud the horses, sure, but ho helped them win a lot of close games." Whether Dressen suspected that worse times were coming, and precipitated the row that wound up with him managing Oakland instead of sounding his .shrill whistle in the big .show, one can only guess. As for Alston, he isn't saying much of anything. No pprticular inference is (o be drawn from this, though, as he had very little to say before the rooLJjsgan caving in upon him. They sny that he, like is players. Only looks a little more- stunned day by day as misfortune- dogs the W 1. 56 2.1 49 33 40 37 38 .47. 35 4fi 25 58 Pet. GB Ml .500 G .301 SO 1 .;; Yes'nrday's Re£Ults Meridian 13, Hot Springs B El Dorado 9, Pine Bluff 5 Greenville 2, Monroe 1 Today's Games Hot Springs at El Dorpdo Greenville at Pine Bluff Meridian at Monroe NATIONAL LEAGUE. W L Pet. GB NEW YORK Ml — Casey Stengel sends Us New York Yonk«?es after the American Leneuo load tonight in the First of-three games with Cleveland, but ho's slill convinced it's a three-team race for^. the pennant. ... The Indians own a half game edge over the Yankee's and have played the world champion? on an almost even basis sn far this season, winning f> of the 11 game.'.. The Yanks never have been in tho lead. The Yaks deflated the pennant hopes of the Chicago White Sox at least temporarily yesterday by winning a doublehcader 4-3 in 10 m inings and 11-1 This . dumped the third placs Sox C><. games behind Cleveland. But in r'.iscusing the way the- Yanks and Indians hr.vc traded decisions Stengel outlined the road back for Chicago. "If it koeps up 1ik2 this." he said, "lho«e. fellers can conio back by beating the other fellers (meaning the second division trams. The veteran Yankee manager*, didn't havo much to s;iy about his T immediate problems with the Indians except to pick Eddie' Loput as his starter for tonight. Big Chiei" Allie Reynold.* will be in the bull pen, just as ho wns yesterday. He wasn't needed against i Chicago and i£ he escapes wovk 'again tonight he'll be the starter tomorrow. If he works stengtl hopes it will be brief enough to bring him back as :i starter Sun- clay. Whitey FoiX will npen which-* 1 i ever gamn Reynolds doesn't. ! Al Lopez, the Cleveland-, manager, picked rookie Don Mossi for the second game. New York Brooklyn Milwaukee Philadelphia Cincinnati St. Louis Chicago Pittsburgh '^Gleyeland also won twice, 6-3 and j r Only once, apparently; has ' the ."OVrmof T^.Vcirtn nnH''l/.>thf ii c; linlf n*\WJn «!!.-.+ »-»*an»vii***»rl hit* 1r>mnf>v Lost FUNERAL HOME AMBIJLANQE PHQNE 7-2123 "' J7-lMo, '.\HERNDON CORNELIUS BURIAL .ASSOCIATION '•Largest and Oldest in §outh Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for our agents J15-1 Mo. There are 7,520 newspapers world. in TOP f S Glass Cut and Installed. Complete Repairs. New and Parts. FOOT ond pf bod between Hope ond Lee Norton place on Proving - Ground road. 'Phone 7-4654. 7-23-31 Highway 67 West Piol 7*2767 • Hppf i Ark. Enjoy Eoting At T^rry Doubts Stanky Meant His Apology MILAVAUKEE(/H —There seemecl to be s.onio doubt in. the mind of Philadelphia Phillies manager Terry Moore last night about the sincerity, of the su'car-an.d-cream apology iriade the other dny tjy manger Eddie Stanky of the St. Louis Cujdmuls. "He said the same thing in 19ni» right after lie got tli«? joD, but tr-e reform didn't last iong," said Ivfopre, who was invulvc..:! >n the fracas last Sunday at Rusch Stadium St, Louis Moore, a . proved two-way taackfield . aces .a Johnny Lattner and Neil Worden of Notre Dame, Paul Cameron o UCLA, Jerry Norton of Southern Methodist, Bobby .Qarreit of Stan ford, Lamai McIIan of Arkansas and Zeke Bratkowski of Georgia. The squtid may be upiujcl, to a total of 51 players. Ralph Rtarkey; West Virginia tackle, wired Ta» turn yester.lay that ho' may ba able to accept in invitation to play. . Assisting Tatum in getting the ell-stars ready will . : be coaches. Bud Wilkinson •' of Oklahoma, Bob Voigts of Northwestern, Forest Evanshev.ski of Io\ya, Chuck Taylo:of Stanford and Stu ' Holcpmb of Purdue. , ' i This year's all-star game will be played entirely under college rules including limited substitui tion — which will keep Lpibe Coach Buddy Parker from making customary utilizatio of his specialists and .may! promote him to withhold sonio of them from the tilt altogether '; ..,..--' "I think we can win the game with their foolish rlo," Parker commented yesterday "But it would be silly to get all our play crs steamed up for .it. Bobby Layne, fo 1 -' instance, is going to play only -when, we have the bar and we'll . probably scrap our T formation and use a single wing, "We're trying to win our third straight ti'le — and that's the important thing— and we can't risk injuries." 5-2 1 -over Boston, "and'k'op.t' its' half game first place:lead. ' ' Brooklyn climbed .a game, closer ,to the New .York Giants with an 8-5 victory over Cincinnati while the Giants bowed to Chicago 13-5. New York still holds a sis game edge. In other action Milwaukee edged Philadelphia 3-2 .arid' St. Louis sr^aded. Pittsburgh by the same score in 14 innings in the National League. Detroit lefeated Philadelphia 9-4 arid Washington beat Baltimore 3-2 in the Americiih -League. . ; Two,, home 'juris V;y Vic /Wertz helped ; ' Bobby F.eller post his seventh su-aight triumph .• in the first game at; Boston, Bob Lemon amed the Red Sox in the second artie.-' /, .'•'. 4' TVt ^(f€( < * OAKS '•«* 'B»Tn * jv. dianl coach in '52, wus released a short time, lafejp by t ^^t^Jl^y and the two haven'*, been .J«apt}y friendly since lh,en. ''* • . the" PHilUes, 54';' Monday under the dicection of conch Johnny RWdle M^hAj Stynky w&s dugout Jot boys He!) me. Why. Jl\ey sajd Fights Last Night By The Associated Press VANCOUVER, B. C.~- Edgard Romero, 1MO, Argentine, .ontpointe Earl .Walls,' 193, BIRMINGHAM. Toronto, Ala Phai'O, 185, Birmingh-'irn.out Loblanc, 180, New JO.' > ' BROOKLYN — Rin?i Nocoi?' Brooklyn, outpointed tano, W t , New York, ti. Experts est)n>»te that can's ,. hv« twic> the power they had In 1040. Straight 'ah.e»d at tlve field times. "He uged to ha^ a sys f inj|s, " 1 Moore went on. • »j cost you a. U you Mr. Fitz Has for 5 Years NEW YOR^-WI.'— On Aug. 7, 900, a novice trainer s&ddlecl his first winner. ,— Agnes D. —at the Brjghtyai Beae'h Race Track in rooklyn. • i Today, riigre than half a century nd almost 2,000 winners later, Sunny Jnv Fitzfmmons celebrated his 80th birthday by rising befor? he sun peke'd over tho horizon ind makinf! tracks fov Jamaica to supervise the training of some b lorses under his care. Mi;.; Fit?., as he is known around hq race tracks won't have a birthday' : cele.bration until tomorrow 'hen a "IHtle" family get-togethei jll mark the occasion. Besides thr> uest of honor there will bt: his five sons, orie daughter, 17 grandchil djen and 10 great- grandchildren Ifis wife died three years ago. iellow whose shoulders 1-vave become stopped through the ypacs, Mr.. Fitz hasn't s'owed up a bit and still works 12 hours a day He was the leading, (ralnor st tht Beln^ont and Aqueduc meetings He has had two triple crown win ners -i-' Gallant Fox and Omaha— and' sent three Kent\icky Derb victors to the post. All' told he' 275 stakfi races, record they'll be' shooting at* Ion after he's ;"I ^ess been Jvjcky," h ookie pilot temper o show, through. That was .when. fter a recent loss to tho Grants, e ordered Ihe entire club,, pitchers nd all, to engage in special baling, practice until dark. No mem- •r of the team could' recall this aving happened before. Star Team Beats Rotary by 16 r 14 The one Pony League game play- d at Fair Park .last night ended vith Hope Star' defeating the Roary team 16-14. Lile Murphy for- eited to Citizens Bank'when pla- ers faileS to report. 62 31 50 37 47 45 44 44 47 47 45 45 36 53 29 63 .667 .602 6 .511 14 ",'a .500 15'i .500 151/2 .95 10 .04 24 .315 32!/2 Yesterday's Results Chicago 13, New York 5 Brooklyn 8, Cincinnati 5 Milwaukee 3, 'Philadelphia 2 St. Louis 3, Pittsburgh 2 Today's Games Pittsburgn at Cincinnati (night) Brooklyn at St. Louis (night) Philadelphia at Chicago (2) New Yprlc at Milw.auko (night) AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland New York Chicago Detroit Washington Boston Baltimore W L 03 2fl 64 IiO !>8 36 40 ;/) 38 50 37 . r )2 32 60 Pet. GB .092 . .681 .017 01/2 .444 22>' 2 .432 23'4 .410 25 .341) 31 Vj 36th PGA Tourney at St. Paul By HUGH FULLERTON JR. ST. PAUL, Min. (« — The test of whether the bleak little Keller Public Course is capable of •giving the top golf professionals n real challenge, or whether it's just n drive-and-pltch layout for Sunday Yesterday's Results Now York 4-11, Chicago 3-1 Cleveland 6-5, Bosion B-?. Detroit 9, Philadelphia 4 Washington 3. Baltimore 2 Feared Holdup, and How Right He Was KANSAS CITY (J)— When a drug tore employe got a telephone call o make a liquor deliyc-ry, he re- ailed that in the pas: sucn orders lad resulted in holdups. So, Howard Goldenberg cf the Highland Pharmacy decided to make a preliminary investigation ore delivering the liquor. He eft his billfold in the store, picked up a .38 pistol and drove to the •iddress given by the caller. As he ggt out of the car, two men met him, relieved him of his <eys, cigaret lighter, wstch— and :he pistol. Today's Games Cleveland at New York (night) Chicago at Boston (night) Baltimore at Philadelphia (night) Detroit at Washington Oiight) Japan's milk production in 1953 A-as 182, 208,000 alolns.g 21.9 per cent aboe the previous eyar. obserbed. I've had good horses and 30od bosses. They have let me do what I wanted to do, For f.-x&mple, [don't believe in pointing a horse [or the Kentucky Derby. 1 never decide on a Derby horse until we run the Wood Memorial. >'I train them all alike, When one is ready I run him. I believe you have to let a horse develop naturally. You're liable to hurt him it you rush him and force him." . His all-time favorite.? "Well, I'suppose it was Gallant F,ox," he answered reluctar-Uy, indicating they all were his pets. "He had courage and class He always ran his true race, never needed &.n excuse. Horses uyo a lot liko humans, you know- YOU have to be ,tplei-a.nt tind pattern with them." 8 Golfers Are Left in the Western SEATTLE W) — E'i^ht golfers look the iong road through the rough and rumpled Broadmoor layout today, knowing that one of them would : wind up Sunday as the new Western Amateur champion. The 1953' champion, Dale Morey of Indianapolis, was only a bystander as ^the quarter-final 18-hole jound begii'u today, bumped out by a young upstart not yet out of dol- lege. But Ernie Tullis, a University of Washington junior, was swinging a set of educated sticks when he took the measure of both Morey and par yesterday. weingers sot under way today the beginning of match piny in the 1 " 3Gth PGA championship."-'•• > Keller had been ridiculed before the tournament as being too easy for such players, but ns scores l:e- gan to -mount in .yesterday's second qualifying round, one .acute observer remarked: "This course is so easy it's getting tough." That's about whnt happened during the two days of qualifying, and what's more likely to happen in w .he man-to-man contests. Tho pro sharpshooters, seeing possible birdies on almost every hole, tired too hard to get them. The result was that Ed Oliver, .he totund "Mr. Pork Chops" from Lemont, 111., breezed off with llin medal and $250 with a score of CO-70—130. That's two strokes higher than tha PGA qualifying record made on reputedly tougher courses. Jack Burke and Gary Middlecoff^f, came in with 137's and it took a score of 147 to get into ;he 04-man match play bracket. That's some sharp scoring but hardly taking apart the tournament par of 3035_71 for the level 6,G!52-yard course. Today's program called for two rounds of IB-hole matches, j That kind has to be won or lost in a hurry and presents a real ternpta- tion to gamble en the "birdie"^ holes. • ' . '** He beat th echampion 2 and 1 In the afternoon Tullis beat George Bcschler of Ontario. Ore., 1 NOTICE TO MELON GROWERS Will ftort buying melons ot Oil Mill Wcdnlsdoy 2Ut C A, MONTS Beware of Strangers DEMAND NON CANCELLABLE HOSPITAL INSURANCE Home Security Life Ins. Co. Little Rock. Ark., Issue this type policy—Premium never -Increases! Buy From Local Agent, He.will be here during the months to come* Your Doctor and Hospital know this company. Call or Write . . . CECIL WEAVER 7-3141 P. 0. Box 104 FINAL CLEARANCE MEN'S STRAW HATS Regular and Uonq Ovals 3 TWO GROUPS $100 and $3,00 One Lot SLACKS REDUCED Friday, July 23, 1$S4 HWs Sf A**, -Hopi', •ARKANSAS I* fhfctt JtaMi OtARK IKI ''''( THE VETERINARIAN IS HERE TO LO&K AT ELMER'S _,_ ^ FOOT HE'S NOT SICK---)! OUT OUR WAY By J. *. W1HI«<«« Familiar Sayings Answer to Previous Puzzle i ACROSS I 1 Through thick | —i- in the back 9——, skip • and jump 12 -T—' -de-camp ; 13 Take one's 14 Poem !• ISGfcve f 1? -^— and then '18 Chairs •IB Suit makers : 21 Graf —— 28 Damage 24 Gave it all ' . he — •- '27.Unusual formation 32 Excuses 34 Threefold 36 Repeat 37 Pitcher 38 Allot 39 Rested 41 Female sheep 42 Skill • 44 Flat-bottomed boat 46 Beginnings 49 "-— of'mind 53 Blackbird of i cuckoo family 64 Tendered : 56 Light brown 57 Ireland 58 Impediment 59 and kiss 60 Italian city 61 -»— of voice DOWN 1 Bugle call 2 Engage 3 Notion 4 Birds' homes 5 Oriental coin b Shred 7 Bewildered 8 Darken 9 mention 10 In bad 11 Church seats 16 de corps 20 More crippled 33 Coffin • 48 Baseball great,* 22 Artist's stand supports . . : — -Speaker 24 Damage 35 Deciding race 50. Famous river 25 Toward the 40 Distribute '/of. Italy. • sheltered side 43 Wigwam ; 51 To '-^~ 26— — aletter 45Tw.ist . •. . • • ' ,well; by. 28 Moral 46 Curse - 52 Sets .teeth 30 Killed 47 Two-toed , on ••— — 31 Withered sloth ; .. .55 Charge, " •". . • s ; -. 1 11 IS 18 24 31 y° » §3~ 8> 59 Z 3 Z5 !!_ Zb 1i. Zl ^ » ••• - *- bi Z7 '%% W- s«r 57 60 > V;. m. IL , . W_ ^ 18 •; ? 19 w y ^ /t 40 W| 7 ^ l& W.. •i'l m, 55 8, k W, ii W fy';. ' .. w : ^ ^ ^ ti •9: '\ '1 " HI 0, 60 " il : ; -« CARNIVAL By Dick^ \ ... , "Dat's de weakness \ was tellin' you about! He punches R "* • • himself out!" GLANCES Golbraith i-: T. M. Rli. U. 6. tit. W. t>f- 1»S» Jy KEA 8«.lc«. In "I don't think our new cook is as geod a; Aljc* .. wpn't play dead vvhen tetter ihQ9tiJ»trJ."_ VIC FLINT M/w*6tdcMeekoN , 9 UT tHeite'd A ctyffff vvw/w/iffi^ko®!^^)! cut. rr.dui^^>^J^^4« >f , : ^....-. •:*• .^.:'>:;', '•• V•\JZlK.iv? TUBBS OUR BOARDING HOUSE RIGHT VOHAK VOU AR& As--'-'^P.ROM .YiiuRif £ 'r=*j<di , \ 'M; |l^^^^a: v- ; . ; («lll WM .. ,.-. ,-•- HM^^I '''YpM'll enjoy this vegetarian vegetables in the SWEETIE PIE i! I. >HONPR, >VOUTH. AW ARTICLE •.•t».-''-OM'HI5.HOttB'OF& SHOULD " : i JBOOTS AND HEF : BUDDIES -. ^^^^X^;l^^ t '' '•?'. : " 1 < ' '••• '•-'•" :'•'*. • ' •' '.'' ' • '••'-' '•'_i'_L_^J1_-!^^—L^_l-—I-JL^——.^-^—,^» .^•^^^••a ftCWt\>^rtt iTli —.-U— .^i^??L^.'.V]L^« OT CW3CO1 - SUGS BUNNY ..,-. BZZZ • B2Z Li'tLL^^iiSmlUm ** ?7^-«tww«t "Hurry i THB STORY OF MARTHA WAYNf

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