Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 23, 1954 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, July 23, 1954
Page 17
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i,*' I'* l ft- ' ***"" * * /" *"" * ^1 J >f v *s, "*"- * ^ -4 vt fi * *-^*r,i *iT""* i "v ** ^ ' t ;ffc StAft^ HOP I/ AfcKfcNSAS Friday, July 23, 1954 Friday, July 23, 1954 • MO-PI STAR, MOM, A R K A M t A t scon NEWS 1 White Jr., was jttos- ipndaj' afternoon with 8 . , Ingram voiced the- yet ^ftet which v by thf Mrs. r _ti. Brltt voiced the closer", and cake were enjoyed lie k| tfocial Hour. Wr-ol* BJ •*. of the W'vM. K. » Baptist Churcn met on Mon JerMoon In the home of Mrs. home of Mrs. A. B, Erskine Sr. A delectable salad course was enjoyed during the social hour. at this time. - He said he does riot believe that the Reds want to Challenge -the free world. But h«! expressed con- Mr. and Mrs. Charlie D.ews and daughters of El Dorado 'were the Monday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Nelson. ; Mf.'j ahci Mrs. Scott Emerson returned to their home in Fort Smith on Monday after a. visit with Mr. and 'Mrs.: Brozie Haynie. Mrs. Frank Turberville spent Monday in Texarkana with Mrs Joe Boswell who is a patient at , the Texarkana Hospital. " tJermkny. , The President also told his news e all lose; a little. T nc President, in . conference he does riot 'believe that t question, refused to label the the Communist world wnnls war jndochina-'cease'-firc agi-ferncrit* »s ' ' - ' * i t appeasemjjfrf. ' • He said he hesitated lo use such words because 'they Hcfte^ "so many different meanings. Ho said cern over what he referred to as the agreement was n;il a sati$fac- the Comnrwni.'t conspiracy to|tory one that the United Stales overthrow free countris by de-ivke, .but he did not Know of fthy ceiv subversion,- artd'coup d'etat?..!acceptable,alternative he could of- the President :said ; that ; it ,one'-f cr . Since he had net ajluinativfc, tie 'said he wrs not going Xo criticize/-* Blair Moody, ex-Senator, Dies at 52 ANN ARBOR, Mic.i. Blair for an "excissiye.viflvplyement ofjery and ready to resume hi* cum the lungs ind ha^beeii Sbing very.jpa'ign wiien he entered University satisfatftdriiy V/hM hff suffci'ed-; a Hospital hero., for a final trealiru-nt reversal :«inct : ' died ' •'' « .... |nnd physical- checkup. Moody, •'Mpppinie'fi t'if ths Senate, Moody -.had been Top Radio Programs NEW YORK Ufl — Selected programs tonight: NBC6 Hear Arner- Washington'lca Swingin', _ hours; 3 Fibbar in'20457'afteV:.fhfe/aeat)i of Repub-'correspontlont for tlic Uotroii ^'^''^'.p'^^i^Hay^f'show^^To A'ck lW ' Wt ' Carson Show. ABC- 5:30 Lone . . Heap Sen. Arthur H. Bancionbcrg. for 18" years' uofore was in tho midst of for the Democratic nomination next month. app a campaign rnent to the Senate. senatorial Moody, former U.S. senator and His death left prominent Michigan newspaper- Namara, former , , Ranker; 7 Sammy Kaye Music. He was defeated in hi<; ^rd •[<>''. MB £_ 6 Counterspy; 7:30 Have A election in 19.52 by Rep. Chartes ivlDO Partick V. Me- E p o i ter ( R-Mich). Detroit council Heart. gobd things came put .of the. South- oast Asian experience, it was f for. the free world to .look 'the. facts Jn the face and .'decide what it,, was willing,,to.,do. to 4>aU' communism.. He said, when the freedom,, of . a .-,,_, man in Viet Nam .is l.a>en ,awcyiFrench in 1754 has been restored, had Ft. ' Necessity hWsfyiiglpn, ' In v/herc command z\, University Hospital of a virus tion in. the Democratfc primary, pneurhoni.i. - ' - • -| -Moody was Strieker, with the Dr.'Cyrus C. -Sturgis, 'Head of. Virus infection-last month while deo'rgelthe hospital's department of in-i campaigning iajhe ..Upper Penin- _«-*! KU U1C IUJDpifcei *.) WW^M. v.. . . - - — • , , TT_ .„ of a ternal medicine, said the 52-year- sula. He was -hospitalized in Hs.v awsnjngion, in uuiiiinciuu "* a. icmai iuc.u».»>i>., •»•*-» — —« , i_-» c,,,^-,,r small foVce. .war, defeated .by the old former Democratic ^ .senator cock:, Wi, ur, 1 ^.Sunday Moody is rurvived by his \v-ido\t and three sons. U. S. , Sayings have grcrivn from less than .69 billion dollars in In 1940 11 required 47 man hours to produce 100 bushels of wheat ion American farms. Now it requires 31 hours. There are..52 species of fur-bear- 1940 io. an estimated 250 been undergoing treatment I He, was believed", heai-int,' recov- today. billion ing animals; in the Great Smoky i Mountains National Park. R{issi Nancy Lcjvis* returned Monday- night' .frdm • -Arkadelphla where she has been the guest of Mfss f ,thp opening prayer by Mrs. >,''Willis, the business was ' by the chairman, Mrs. f$amHt. Mrs. Phillies had •fpf the study on "P'raybr." the social hour frosted Ifewerc served lo ten members iicst.-/ •""'::'"• Mrs. Wylie Brid and Steve returned to their homo In Ft. Cobb. Okla., on Monday after a-visit with her mother, Mrs. J. R. Cox, and other relatives. Mrs. E. M. Rowland is Iho gucsl of rclalives in Mexico, Mo. F. B. Ward 'Jr., former Prcscoll >icflcittt,-:.is. now. band di- trctot>'at 'BcQueert. -'•' •' • -•• • RICA STRONG-VOTE FOR A REO ider? tegular meeting. i^irman, Mrs. Lewis Gar; tri^, dcljfetional thought uct- J<;y mission. ^idy/on "Prayer" was led Sanreli Hines. Jext meeting Mil be in the jt^.j ^ ^IE; Mr. and Mrs. Gus Woodul Jr., Judy pjd Gus III have returned to JSSfnjfihis after a vj&t with Mrs. arMSpglor anpV-Mrs.-X3us WoociuU. A'- r <y WK .** A. -"j* **.'• .-•-•• Mrs. iff. B. ]#ac"*Gee"'of Sa'h' Antonio is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dale'-.Wilson. -U/S. Co D6 Nothing on Indochina S TUP.? President Eisenhower said today that jthe United States r "will not uso jjojjlcjeji,' to upet f -the Indochina ;*,|fCea-se-fire* agreement even though it contains "features which we do not alike," lalso.i said the 'Ifnited-'StatfiS''would view any re- newal'''' f of' Communist aggression "as a matter of grave concern." The President said in a for- Irrfal statefrTent'that he hi^ed" trie iMttTe3;ient,.< would-,' lead to- esta'ti- jiUhment «of peace consist^-il with the riuhls and need's of France ,Jhree associated slates K EE & HEAR GRESSMAN -)'S.^-'l i Jrie'nt- ' fi'efng , "issued slale- at ; Geneva would slale Ihe United Shift's' decision that it was not prepared' to join in the "main conference declaration. With obvious misgivings over the Indochina .settlement, the President said in his prepared statement: "The Upked Stales is aclivcly Works- ®ll and he rapid 4 organization.- of a-V collective. defense in Soulhcast Asi-i in or- 'dcr lo prcvenl further dirct't or IDAY THE 23rd ',6 P, M. ,. Political Ad paid for -,; . by, Oren. Harris , thtffgeneraf af ea. The President did not spoil oul objeclioliaWe fealures of Ihe Indochina cease fire in his prepared statement. During the question and answer period at his news conference, he referred to the par- filion o£ Vietnam as a very unsatisfactory situation parallel to thai previously existing in Korea and • .-?> .**, ffaH . '• >'•*, NATIONAL SECURITY , . .'.r v/ s Congressman Harris has consistently voted for strong National Defense to "KEEP AMERICA STRON.C3" to meet any emergency or eventuality with the mosf modern oncF^effjecrive military equipment, including atomic and hydrogen development^. HIS RE-ELECTION YOUR PROTECTION an It Orcn Horris believes we must be g.ce!i«!$i£a}(y ^'Ot\3, hpvc o balanced national budget and a furhher. tstfutfjon of taxes. He :helieves iri freedom of enterprise an4 sta^l^.for sound prirfciples of government and sound economical policies. RESCOTT en —7:45-10 p. m. ;The Vpters of Hempsteod County *'| hove no knowledge of the rumor that is currently being spread, thatjb^ll MQ£ef Depaty Sheriff of ; Hempst^ad County^ i-i^op^Phillips,is elected •-T— I •hove no desire tp be Chief Deputy. - "' ! '-| am working in behalf of Son Phillips, because I . believe Son Philips ,WiJ| tJdns^P.Hempsteac! Bounty ah honest qndWe^erjdable Sn|Nff's Administration. * CUSLlVsMITH Pol. Adv. Pd. for by C, Leslie Smith • FOREIGN r • _ • f Oren Harris is for a^bi-partisan Foreign Policy, REAL UNITED ACTION with free countries aa.ai.nst aggression for a just peace. end to prevent another tragic World Vr%,,. FARMERS *•' COMMJUNSSM^;' : ,/ / Harris has vigorously oppps&d"'and :wbrfefd ogoinst Communism and Communfst aggression, q'ntl i>filtrat|M, He believes we must be vigilant at all times against rheCorftmunist design which is directed toward this Countr,yj' ?: -' " ^ "'''*'/ •I INDO CHINA WAR ' Harris is oppose'd/^tfli.vynllqilfeJtol action' offche Country intervening : in the, Indo China War and sending trpfps under present condi- } tions, He thinks it is a prbBIem for thf'United Nations. imething to Think About County $h Payers Pear the f nti/e cost of the ^Pi jnt y-T/easOry Office • is a 'Bookkeeping Job. hilp nf«d«d — The Us$ th? ', D ,, - A in gooKkeepmg ana * ,.. g, Accounting rk * • VET IRANS Congiessman* Harris has supported Veterans during arid since the War; fie hejped provide for G. I. loans, Housing for Veterans, disobie'd'-vefe.r$n^, s widows of veterans jind orphans and many other veterans benefits pirpsjrqms. •/ * .HOSPITAL CONSTRUCTION >> Oren* Harris nelped initiate and P^ssfetke Hospitpl Construction Y * :'pregip|fi pfroviding"focilitie? for toSinSire of the sick and im< ' proving. the- health .and welfore of thfc* people, .Harris has consistently voted for unbalanced and equitable agricultural program, He is for 90% price sur»jxu* on basic commodities; for soil' conservotion -and flapd control; and parity assuring farmers adequate price for their products. He helped pass an amendment for this year -to provide a more satisfactory cotton allocation program, alleviating hardships and inequities. EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS Congressman Harris is for fair and equitable labor laws to provide protection of employment rights and opportunities. He believes that present laws should be improved, including minimum wage, railroad retirement and Social Security. SERVICE & SENIORITY Oren Harris has served in Congress for fourteen years. He is next to the top on the Democratic side of the important Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, the third tldest Committee of the House established in 1795, composed of 31 members and with the widest legislative jurisdiction, His powerful position gives him great influence ih Congress. His experience is invaluable, * Preservation Natufdl Resources . , , TIMBER, OIL AND GAS, ALUMINUM, AND AGRICULTURE, • Preservation States Rights ALL THE CLOCKS DETROIT i.?! A thief went away from Troybridge Schdnl with time on his linnets. He stole all 13 electric clocks from tliu schoolroom walls. Scientists estimate that thf erage depth of the ocean is 13,000 feet. J F. bavis. the public is invited; •^ . |f ^ r . ; .- ' ' Mrs Virginia Carroll of Okia- mma City is visiting relatives and 'Mends in Washington. By PHILLIPS ROGERS |"r is a tradition that echoo) . and college-going j-oung folks mu«t niark their belongings with Ca«h'* AVoven Name Tapes. Sure identification—at home ur away. Ca.'h'i Names have snvccl nnloltl losses in laundry, hat«, nmhrellas, gloves and ifttber possessions. Re sure to order them in plenty of time for attaching before school start*. PRICES 6 doz. 82.75 9 doz. S3.25 12 doz. 83.75 24 doz. $5.75 •*>. HEIMRTBURNS- XXVII The next Friday whon Herman Glulz and Milo wrestled, the fans saw right away the resemblance between them except tor Size and 1 never heard such 1-uiphing before except for the night of the i-assle royal in molasses. The farts thought it was all a gag, of course, which it was in a wny. but Milo was as serious as always in the ring. Herman cnjoyc:! the fans laughing nt him and thottghl il was such a good joke lhal he began lo laugh loo, and when Her•nan laughed, l\e used every one of his 248 pounds to do it. This only made Milo madder han over, because he thoughl that 5is friftid Herman was laughing st him. Aa usual, the two grapplers were •supposed to go into a referee's lold. The trouble was that Milo was so short it was hard for him to reach up to where Herman's head was. When they worked oul on the mat in the Y, they never bothered with the referee's hold. MI Herman obligingly put his head down low enough for Milo to reach it. This w;is H mistake, as Mito WHS slill mad about "Herman laughing at him, so once Milo got his hand on I lie- back of Herman's neck and his other hand on Her man's arm ho didn't stop there for a second but kept Herman's body coming forward until Milo had him ill a head and far arm lock. Then Milo threw his logs foi- ward and sat down, which caused r-11 of Herman's poundage to fly over Milo's shoulder. He hit Iho mat with a-thud that was so re sounding I thought that poor Herman was i'vact ; ca!ly killed. He lay there unconscious while ali ' tho fans slood up lo see whelher he was really dead or not. Milo was nil over being mad and knoll down by Herman, where ho already wan anyhow, and began to pat Herman's head and cry 'like he did when he- hurl me once or twice. "Milo bad mans," I could hear him ' sayin;-; as a doctor c.imbed into the ring along with so many other people that I couldn't see fiM-man for all of them. I lan up lie aisle from where I had been itling, but so did everybody else, t was wilJi a sigh of relief that uddenly ! saw Herman's square end towo.'ing over the folks in he ring. He looked a litlle dazed, ^ut by the time he got down to tie dressing room, he was him- elf again. Tiny character. "Why, that match last week wis nothing but a weight-throwing cnr est," he said. "I'm surprised that you eveh consider that Glulz guy a wrestler, the §0 bucks I gave blni was just money thrown away. 8e« sides, if he'd been killad of hurt I might have been sued or lost m? icense. 1'vn told that Milo character a dozen times that when M wrestles here he's got to give them a show, but he Is just too nuckle- icaded." When I could get in a. word edge wise, which \ Was about five .rriin ules l8l?r. I reminded Benny 61 all the shows Milo had given them and what a success the:Mud Bat lie of the Century had been, for instanci. .'. .'• I said, "It's true that It's well nigh impossible 1 to niake Mill) rbn dcrstahd lhat two' minutes isn't a wrestling match. Bat-.-tyhen you question my judgment of wrestlers >ou hurt sornething deep within rnc." I could see that Benny was touched, because his mouth open cd so his cigar almost : f.ell out. "It isn't that Herrriah is no strictly an A-l -wrcs'tlei', but Milo is a man who dbe^ri't.: know hia own strength. Glutz cpjild, take half Ihe bums you bring";dbvyn'Here ns wrestlers,"'!"went" 6ii..'j "Why, ;he's even better lhart' ,1.. •atnyl'"lt»ecause' the limes' that;.'•(Wc'-^i'i&v.e':'worked out together, he •' ha£ -thrown'- me more often than l' : hav«s'- 1 Mm. al- Luther Rlggins of Emmet died at his home Wednesday, July 21. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Mrs. Lillie Poindexler G. M. has lust Returned from Magnolia where she -attended the Grand Lodge of t). B. S. this was a meeting of Interest to all andjtfas enjoyed. By all who attended. On tuesday we had our cleclioti and all oficers were re-elected two new ones Mrs. ticna I^yas ol Hope was elected assembly secretary and .Mrs. Louise Lllvarl of Strong, Ark!; was elected associate matron, those who attended from Hope and Wilton was Mrs. War- mle Lloyd,. Mrs. Lillie B. Lagon, Mrs. Ajinle Peloney Mrs. Lehc tyas.- Mrs. Sessile Smith anc #rs. Lillian rijvia of Wilton, Ark. 1'-wish''to thank my friends fbr their kindness in helping out our ifefsters -\yith their cars. May God bless each of- you. Matron. The surface of Lake Erie is a bout 570 feet above sea level, vary ing up or down slightly at different times. Reds Are Withdrawing From Laos By LOUIS GUILBERT HANOI. Indochina (U?) -^Communist invaders of Laos today b** gan withdrawal from tht Ittdtf. Chinese kingdom. It was announced formally 1» Hanoi that hostilities ui Lids *ti end Aug. 6. Fifteen days wef* needed to ihfdriri all combatants because of poor comfnunifiatlortS to isolated outposts. Fighting is already vlrttlallj over in Indochina, although minor skirmishing may take place th re niotc districts until iM Aug. deadline, military sources said French Union troops made V contact" with Bed rebels neai Vinh Yen, about 25 miles north west of Hanoi, th? fcigh com mand said. Sportdi c fighting continued northern, central and s'oijth Viet Nam where troops of bot sides apparently : had not receivei word that the • scven-and-one-hal year-old war had ended; Viet Nam circles ^aid yesterda the Communists proposed that the be given three 'days' to. inform. a; in eri their troop* In northern Viet \t»m and thfe R6d fttv«r deU&. even flayft ih central Viet ftafh- fid 16 days Jn southern Vtet Karh. French high command spokes- j matt said it was "relatively calm" n the RSd River delta, which Is O be turned over to the Communists in accordance with the tfuce erms reached at Geneva yesterday Both sides suffered needless when rebels attacked the French Union pest of Chvi Hoi la centra] Viet Kirn French and Cornirtunlit tfuce teams mee«n*' at trunif Oia, 2J miles north of Hanoi, wetere • ported awaltlnf in*tructions from Geneva expected to transforrri their, secret talks into a mixed irmlstlct commission conference tO Wt-D SANTA Actress RMhleett ItufJteS^ 8.1, *»M IJrh producer Slantey ftubin, 3$, obtain a marriage licena*; yestef- c'ay and said they will wed Sdmlay. Your Vote and Support Will be greatly appreciated FOREST L, HAIRR ALDEtMAN WARD 2 Tom rynhing on my own qualifications and I am not obligated to dnyone, Pol. Adv: Pd. for by Forest L. Hairr fhfe etia Ih May, IS Worship in Air*CphditIoned Qtthe FIRST < CHRISTIAN Hear. . . HASKELL This Sunday at 10:45 A. M.' X^fl Subject: "MIRACLE 'i::-V-fI i * ^K**5* *&t I was right in thinking thai Benny Lefkoe would blame rne for e Great Glutz and Mighty Milo iasco. The next Friday night T vas to wrestle a big hunk of meat vho was called Tiny Something- or-olher, as wouldn't you know. I vas giving away 80 pounris lo him en the assurance lhal ho strictly couldn't" wrestle and thai all I was n for was a job of weight lifting, so naturally when Benny lit into me he compared Herman, to this SEE: AND HEAR (UNITED STATES SENATOR JOHN L MCCLELLAN ON TV f $KARK-TV 10:15 PM Uttle Rock KATV 10:15 PM Little Rock YVMCT-TV 8:45 PM Memphis KFSA-TV 6:45 PM Ft. Smith KCMC-TV 7:45 PM Texarkana Pol. Adv. Paid By Pat Henderson, Chm. though,' of course, .Me-'Weighs 50' pounds morei than-'I/do.'•, "v- -..,'• "Just • anbtKer'TihyJ'ar.I told, you in- the first placet :Beni)y sort' of sneered, but' I paid no: atlen^ tion and let the- : mattei-; rest right there, as Herman had->.tpld.-;mc thr,t he was only interested '5hwrestl- : ing for the 'fiuV. ofV-il'.''anA'n"6l as a career and had^only come/that one time because he : rieed&d- ah extra iSO bucks. •-'• ; • '.'"•"•' • : ." I was siill a little' sore" at Benny just the same". ' especially after I pot on Ihe liiai willv'th"i.s Tin>, wh.i was anything but Ihe hunk «f meal Benny had said^h'e \v»as.; He was very 'slow, because ,t)f';liis weghl, (which''was. 280: pounds; -bul,'he was far from being a^ push-over.:] Iried to work in back, of; him p much as I' could '-or .keephimbnthemat as I. could or. keep.hi'm. on Ihe mat in a defensive -position; :• .which made for a slow bout that-ended in n draw. He got', in a^ ooupie of reverse head locks/ which £ave me the first cauliflower ear I ever had. I hadn't realized it- until ;I saw myself in the .dressing-room mirror. My ear was puff,ed-. out' al- lost the size, of an -apple and was 6t only black and, blue; but eje;en nd yellow as well. ' • Tiny felt real bad about the my ear. looked and that one it. i—.^.» '.'Think nothing of it," I said; A tin ear is the tddgc^ of : wrestler'. , and: nolhing to:-, he- shamed-' of." : ; • ..••'-•:• ;r -'•'(To .Bt continued)- Just Arrived!!! Two Truck Loads of Good USED TIRES Hurry for these out- standinjrmoney saving values in good used Tires. WYLIE Glass & Salvage Co. West 3rd Street HOPE WATERMELONS •nr/^k A A "l*"^^r*P Vine Ripened 1^^, TOMATOES Extra Nice Ib. lUC SWEET CORN ^ D o Z en45c Plenty of Peo» RUSSELL'S CURB MARKET 901 WEST THIRD Community Or brlrttf Items to ;Mlrt Turiiif mi Hlck« Funeral Home , , . AS QUARANTEED BY THE CONSTITUTION. "H- THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE LET'S RELUCT CONGRESSMAN OREN HARRIS! * • • W, B. "Bill" RUGGliS Candidate for SHERIFF & COLLECTOR OVERKXAR MONDAY, JULY 26 — 12?20 P, M. Pilgrim'* and Turner Ch«pel RouhdiUp R«|ly. July &, 195* Rev. A- tsgans, Paitor 10:00 Sunday School By the superintendent. ', :• 10:45 Prayer Sericev By the Officers. 11:00 i Sermon By Pastor or appointees. Offering and Lunch Afternoon servic* 2:00 Prayer Service conduct- ted by, Deacon H. W. Walker Deacon Micheal Wyatl Wally, Deacon Davis Trotter. Welcome Address Sis Alleena Henry. Response Bu Sis Jessie Mae Jones. Solo Sis Catherine Lacy. Rally Offering • By Deacon Jessie Manning. The Sponsors: Siss Belle Bostic Bro. V. Bostic, Sis Marine Hen- clrix, Junior Robinson, Sis Pinkie Robinson, Rev. A tegans, Sis Margaret Frierson, Bro. Jerry Johnson Sis Gertie Mae Scott, liro. Dnn Johnson. Hymn — • By Rev. Tim Wyatt Sermon — By Rev. W. J.. Jones. Public Offering — By Officers of Common.> Hill and Ml. O'Lay. All guest .churches and pastors or invited. ' Common Hill,' Ml. O'Lay New Bethel, Waynes Chapel, Ml. Plea' ant, New St. Paul Gallilee. Rev. A. Legans, Pastor, Sis Louisa Easter, Mistress of Ceremonies. Sunday Night Prayer, Sermon, Rev. W. J. thomas, 1434 Ashton St. Shreve^ port Louisiana. ; Pol, Adv. Pd. for by W- p, "BiU"Rupl?s < '* ' Bethel AME Church 5th and Laur rel St. Rev. G. Paschal, pastor will observe Me Pay Sunday, July 35. 9:45 Model's Sunday School conducted by W. M. MvFsdden assisted by L. E, Powell. 6- P- Pavis, W, M. Mulcjrow, C, W. Hichg and C. H. Verger, a p. «»• wiW feature all ,male chorus History of Bethel Ai4E Owph pay Address. This After A Man Serves In Pub Office, He Has A Reed| Here Is Senator John L ••.'•'.', . 'i McCleJIan's Record... It Is A Record Of Performances, Not One -.-•;•'•' f' Of Irresponsible Promises. . -•-•; ..'••(.•.• '•''.> * • t «?.,/ He Frankly Discusses It With You... WHERElii ;TS v«r T M™~ . - f, &$ >%!#* • * . * i'Sfrr^) GOVERNOR RECORI rcrtft&Sp v^Vstp.^W^ 1 '^w WHY i • 1 - j>» *#&«• DISCUSS IT ',.Y<>VV r-*,-^ .'j^-^Sfts™ w*fWBfeW «-< t\ ^ ^ f-^1.^ ** • <• * jJ'J- " * Oi V~,7 f&! ^^ ^ -.^ff^^g . , " * 't * (-&>?^ ''4ifn i -f,>'~: 1 5; -* ^4^1 ^-^ctKftJ; ,1 ,^"^,4i\ LET Hip ANSWER!! % * j i, I-™ ;**i£* i'. j f* ^ ,, ''f *«.,!e Should B Rc-Ekct UNITIP $TATI$ ^.^-•r^ite'^p}

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