Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 23, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, July 23, 1954
Page 4
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HOP! ftTAftr-'-ffOM* A ft It AM I Al fet's ftews conference comment yes- to offer." , Australia WA«s- trailinn Prfrhe Minister Robert MeHzies warned his country today to forget "Communist tggres- sion or defsnse preparations which that aggression renders necessary." In a statement oti th6 Indochina ceafte-firo, Ihe Prime Minister said "our security in Australia depends upon converting (he temporary halt into a permanent one.* The magnet for the world's most powerful atom smasher at - the Brookhaven laboratory of the A- tnrhic Energy Commission contain 2,500 tons of steel. ttHESi. >$? m *' 4 JOHN P. COX DRUG CO Wi GIVE EAGLE STAMPS DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 7 DAY SUPER SPECIAL! FORMULA 2O Hair Spray Plith-Bullnn Cftnl^inpr -** v n-W",. y*TB* £<*• figexcy DRUG STORE ILYCEftil Ifttut M«t» (tlmltit). 23* **> gj-yjL^g-.V ^iSbyrt.-•*•«.'«.-*'-? *r> •%^^V> SUNBURN w. 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Asked if she knew she would lave to lose her southern accent! now that she has won a movie ontfact with Universal-Interna' ional Stadulo she answered: "Sho nuff." Of voluptuous build, the whole' some-looking winner has perfect measurements: 36-inch bust and lips and 24-inch waist. Her 120 sounds are well distributed over a i-foot-6 frame. She had come here, without luggage except for an evening gown which she had designed herself arid a bathing suit which contest officials gave her. That was all she .needed. Her luggage lost on an airliner that brought her here last week hasn't "caught up with her yet. She scored heavily in the bathing 'suit and evening gown competitions /but' it was her naturalness and .humor' in the poise and personality, talk, that won her the judges' np'fl. ..'-..'•:• ..•••' •" • . Contestants were -asked' to give a brief speech: on*"! 'the most important, ..thing- in -my life" Miss South Carolina- brought- down the house ". when' she told the big crowd at Mnniplpal Auditorium that the 'most, important thing in "may life \vds':.tq get maly lURgagb back"! •Runners-up: in ; the contest wern in this: order: Miss Virginia, Ellen WHijohead, an 18-year-old Chat- •ha'rh,. Val, bruentte;- ; Miss New York. State, Karin Iluitman, 22, of. Rochester; ".Miss New York City, •Renec'. Roy, 23-year-old actress, aiid-, Miss Texas, 20-year-old .Betty •Lee'" of Austin one of the tallest girls - in the contest. '•''• Miss yireinia. .who gave Iho winner' stiff competition, took her -loss cheerfully; and said, "it went lo the ' prettier' girl" or drinkt For hot, cold Rubber Balloons Novelly Airship Shaft*. .;.:»;>; < ' J. 76 •'.',» ' Beware of. Strangers bkMAND NON CANCELLABLE V HOSPITAL INSURANCE .Home-Security .Life Ins. Co. . 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My home is in Hope but I;persons crash landed in the South gan't stay there because they don't'china Sea near Communist-hod pay a living wage there. There' Hope Star ft! Arkansas afternoon, totiight, Si scattered ItidifretS, Cooler torfight, Experiment 24 hotirs endihfc High $8; l*v none, Stof af Mope 1**», Press 1927 Consolidated Jan. 1», 1»J» , ARKANSAS, f Rl&AY, JULY 23 1954 O M«mb«r: tM Atmlttid Pnt» t Audit 8«f*«u »l ClK«»fl»B« Av. N*» Paid Clrtl. 1 M»*. Ending March 11, 1»S4 PRICE SeCC British Air Liner Falls in China Sea are many who have had to leave home to make a living. Other towns get plants and Hainan Island today and at cast 11, were quickly rescued One body was recovered. A U. S. PBY flying boat land- industries. Why can't we get some- et i here late today with eight in- thing? Who is to blame — the]j urcc i survivors and the body. No chamber of commerce or the small industries you have there? Is it one or both? I would appreciate an answer. Thanks. $ R. D. TAYLOR v July 19, 1954 1720 Avenue O'/a Galveston. Texas ' Almost identical letters have been written about every town on earth. They were written about the place- where I grew up as a boy, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., whose paved- street population is more than a quarter-million. m,M.v homo town depended on mines. Except the by-product- labor of miners' wives and daughters the town got very little new industry. And coal hasn't boon a imthracitc for plants coal using names were announced. Newsmen were not allowed to lalk with the .Injured, many of whom sustained scverr cuts and bruises. Members of the PBY crew were not permitted lo describe the i escue. Six of r.he ' 12 passengers were Americans — including five mem bers of one family. Singapore headquarters of Cath any Pacific Airlines, operators of the four-engine Skymastor, raM "all survivors" had been rescued, an dtho search had been called off' Airline Alanager Geoffrey Skeldon said he could not say whether additional persons had beon saved or whether no more rovild be found. In addition to the survivors picked up by the U. S. flying boat. Cathay s:iid three wero rescue.! prosperous business since the end by a British Sundcrtand. There Slight Collision Between Private & Public Enterprise Orville May of the Circle. B Ranch, West 16th st. owns a truck witli a "fifth wheel" convenient for hauling the big trailer usually attached to it. This morniiig^Mr. May woke up and found the trailer was there but the truck was gone He called* the "slate police pronto. Later in the morning.State Sgt. Milton (Scrub) Mosier reported Mr. May had his truck back safo and sound. Where had it gone? Well, once upon a time Mr. May gave the county government permission to use the truck, and this mtrning the county again had pressing need for it. So the county boys just unhitched the trailer and took the business end of the out fil and went on with their job, It's all right with Mr. May. He just wanted to know where the truck was. of World War I, I and a lot of others loft town as young men. Mr. Taylor makos ti common mistake in assuming that either were reports that three others were'rescued by a small boat from Hainan. Eyewitnesses aboard two, com- chambers of commerce or exist- mercial .plnnes which saw the Sky- ing industry control the industrial ' master crfl f h la " d - ore cn- rowth of a town — turn it on, or (urn it off, like a water hydrant. It simply isn't so. Existing industry has too 'many problems of its own to bother about any other plants. And the amount of money invested in the average small-city chamber of commerce is so pitifully small it wouldn't wad a shotgun to shoos the smallest industrial quarry. Hope Chamber of Commerce operates on less than gine caught fire said scores of small boats and sampans put out quickly from Hatnon and all aboard the plane probably were rescued unless some wore trapped inside. The plane went down within ona minute, said British newsman Russel Spurr, who was aboard an Air- Vietnam plune which circled the scene for 45 minutes. Spurr said he saw a small boat fcfinnm «*«-««• on ie85.uiRn pick up thiee persons from a life WO.OOO a year, and after you pay.i nff JL thr*,. nr««iimnh]v «rn in I raft. the .office expense you;;dqn't-havd^ J^ " ?*, much left over to advertise your Communl=>l town in distant industri&l areas where a plant might be thinking about moving South. If Mr. Taylor were lo criticize the people for not spending more money on the chamber of commerce, instead of criticizing the chamber for barely existing, he'd be pretty close to the truth. l«\,Hope is not exactly promotion- minded. Too few of our people see the community in the same light as three presumably are in they see an individual business problem — they spend money to promote their own business, but they don't figure much of a percentage for promoting the town as a whole. Nevertheless, on some fronts Committee Job Valuable to Arkansas By LEON HATCH 44,500 on Strike at Chrysler Security Plans Jeopardized by German Kidnap By JOSEPH FLEMING BERLIN (UP) — The mysterious disappearance of Dr Otic* John West Germany counterpart of America's J.. Edgar Hoover, jeopardized West Germany's entire security system and possibly those oE several Allied intelligence agencies, Western officials said today. John, chief of the West German agency responsible for totting out subversive _Cdmmunist and neo- Nazi elements, vanished from West Berlin Tuesday nigh~t. He is believed to have been kidnaped or lured into Soviet-dominated East Germany We German Chandler Held in Jail as the 'Phantom' TEXARKANA WI — An ex-airman Who snubs out cigarettes on his arms and hands as self-punishment for "my crimes" insisted again today that he is Texarkuna's "phantom killer" — the wraith who brutally murdered five per sons here in 1946. Deputy Sheriff Tillman Johnson said the tedious job of checking Robert M. Chandler's s-tory bes*.n yesterday after Johnson and Police Chief Max Tackett brought Chandler here from Shreveport, La Chandler walked into Shreveport police headquarters Wednesday night and saidhe wanted to "confess b'ecaune my conscience is bothering mo." Johnson .expressed doubt that Chandler actually Is the exclusive slayer whose attacks kept this border city in terror for months. "That's the general feeling." Johnson said today. "Thi-s is about Soviet First-Secretory, Not Premier Molenkov, Turns Up os Real Russian Strong-Boy OSCF.OLA — Sen. John L. McClellan last night pictured his membershp on the Senate Appropriations Committee as • a distinct asset to Arkansas. Speaking here in his campaign for renomination to the U, S. Senate next Tuesday against former DETROIT IJ) All of Chrysler's Detroit automobile production was nt a standstill today in the fifth day of a strike now idling 44,8o( voikers. Assembly lines went down com pletely '-yesterday with the layof of 8.850 machinists, motor builder-, and maintenance employes in mounting icllesness from Monday's strike of 1,0700 Dodge' mam plant employes. Only an approximate 21,000 hourly employes, including defense workers, were still on the job. All the affected employes are embers of the 1O united Auto Workers. The Dodge main strikers walked out in protest of what they called a speed-up. Management denied there was a speed-up. The only assembly plants left in operation v/ere those in Evansville, Ind., and Los Angeles. These two turn out .about 20, per v cent of Chryslei"s normal production of Chrysler, Dodge, DeSoto and Plymouth cars. The Dodge main strike lacks the approval of the UAW international union. At the same time the international has taken no action on a demand by the company that the strike be declared iinauthorized and a contract violation. A company spokesman said the strike may interfere with 1955 Dodge mam strike began, the company announced plans to close down the August for model change- intelligence service officials said John's disappearance was followed by what they called a wave of arrests of Western secret agents in the Communist zone . , -. . . . v wtnto\ji* i3vi ivt i,\j\.\vtj t . -jk»»».3 *u »« ww v.» Wednesday morning, they said, the eighth timo wo>vc h ., d such East German police began picking j up agents of the office headed by John and those of the jnteiligence service led by Reinhoul Gehlen "Western security officials were stunned by the news of John's disappearance and expressed fears West German security policies would havR to b~G overhauled The? made no atempted to conceal the fact that John is the richest prize ever to fall into Communist hands the protection of the constitution As president ot "the office for — the nation's equivalent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation — the 44-year-old security chief was responsible for rooting out subversives, dealing with Communist infiltration into the government and Hope has been rather successful in'Gov. Sid McMath and two other helping its trade territory bridge opponents, McClellan called the e difficult transition t from a Uon-growing county to a rnore diversified agriculture. Twenty-five years ago Hope Chamber of Commerce sponsored a give-away of pure-bred cattle, ultimately leading to the livestock industry which is dominant throughout southwest Arkansas today. And we are currently promoting the poultry business. Thi.s week-end DeQueen is opening the Maplecrest Farms Poultry Processing Plant appropriations group the . "power committee" of the Senate. e He sair his membership on the committee, for example, enabled ]iim to examine proposed appropriations for flood control projects in other sections as compared with Arkansas projects. I am able to point out that there is as much or more need for an Arkansas project as for one in Wisconsin, Oregon, or elsewhere, and to help get the Ar- JJtgoa.1 we have in mind for Hope'kansas pro|/ect," McClellan said. r.s the broiler industry expands. Perhaps our one great chance for major industry may be a paper mill some clay, not necessarily £t Hope, but in the Hopo-Prescott- Paper is <in with en un- Nashvillc triangle, expanding industry limited horizon, antf in this area we hqve- all the necessary factors for a big mill but this Is pure speculation, as far I know. to Talk ot Century Class, Supreme Court Justice Ed F. McFaddin will address the Century Bible Class Sunday, He will bring a, special lesson on The Lord's Prayer. The class expects over 200 members and quests to hear Judge MoFadclin, a former mem- "You may say that's horse trading or log rolling, but that's the way H works," he continued. "I am able to sec that Arkansas is treated fairly along with the other "tales." McClellan. pointing out that only 18 of the 06 Senators have beon in the Senate longer than he, said his appropriations committee membership arose from his seniority. As in his previous campaign speeches, McClellan devoted mnpl of his . time lo a review of his 12-year Senate record. Near the end, however, he lashed into McMoih — Without calling his opponent by name — for "deceitful representation." Ho said 'hat when he voted "lo restore" title in offshore oil reserves to Ihe coastal states —one confession;;.' Chandler will be hold in Miller County jail until the investigation is completed the deputy said "be causeAhe's put us in the position of hating to prove he didn't do it.' Chandler's fingerprints are being checked against latent prints picked up at the scenes of the crimes, Johnson said, and he expects a report sometime • next week. So tar, Johnson said, Chandler has told nothing "that he couldn't have gotten from the newspapers or majgazines." At Shreveport, the Stamps, Ark., man told Detective Capt. Waynq By WILLIAM L. RYAB AP FTOREIGN New* Analyst Communist parties and governments of the European satellites countries have just ilnhhed whipping themselves Into the pattern dictated by Moscow. The result throws new light on KrcnJin leadership itself. The pattern adopted by the satellites, always obedient to Moscow, hints that there has been •> quiet showdown inside the Kremlin. There is new evidence that Nikita S. Khrushchev, first secretary, of the Soviet Communist party, wields Ihe real power, not Premier Georgi Malcnkov. Moscow laid down the new pattern last September, when the Soviet regime appeared to have regained its balance after the violent purge of Secret Police Chief Lavrenty Berin and his followers. Then Khrushchey became "first.-secretary" of the Soviet party, a job which, according to the Soviet press, Malcnkov voluntarily relinquished. The'party chairmanship is a job of great power. Stalin, used it tc make himself..dictator. Until Woik War II, S_ialih preferred lo scp oral ethe -Jobs of general secretary and Premier. The premiership be fore the war was held by - V. M Molotov, certainly no rival-of Stal in for' dictatorship. Soon afrei-.J (he Soviet change las September;-"Czechoslovakia's Com munists adapted the same pattern Antonin Novotny gave .up; his gov ornmont job and became party irst - secretary. He soon demoh- strated he was the real boss by delivering a sharp dressing dowfi o the party rnnk-and-file. In Poland, Bolcslaw Bleriit, Pre» mier sinca 1952, gave up the government job and •• devoted him- elf to being first party secretary, Romania s Reds fell Into line ivhen Premier Ghcorghe Gheor- don"?ers6nsT ghie-dej resigned the other post I ^e , cartv secretary eetternl —• and __,_.» itl left and right Although he was not directly concerned with counter-intelligence, he was in close contact with several W st German counter-intelligence agencies and would be in a positiontto. reveal their,^secrets to the Communists ' • ' ' ' It was feared he may also be Continued on Page Two Hempstead Political Rally Monday The Stages Quartet of Magnolia will be oi^orthe double feature,> keeping track of extremists of both Bateman a lurid story, in detail, of how he performed the murders. He said he was discharged from the Air Force at Barksdale Field La June ne,'|S 1945 and re-enlisted 946. in The! phantom killer struck all fiye-4]tmes v :.in. .the -wintc,r "and spring-of-: 3G46! The attacks- were three weeks apart. His first victims were beaten brutally but recovered. Each time he picked on couples. Two couples were shot to death in March and April, and the last attack ended in the death of Virgil Starks and the snooting of Mrs. Starks through the mouth. She recovered. Chandler was committed to Ar- ,kansas> State Hospital in Little IHock after arres'f there on an dents* ot "ft dty.teng*H vjiolen66 stebd by t,s men enforced lawitinddr artlutii cdented order issued by XJw*£ jarty secretary general— and Gheorghc Apostol become "first secretary, Gheorghiu-dej ro- mained Premier but said "hero worship" and "one-man leadership" had to go just as the RMS* sians leaders had said : before him. In Hungary*''-the mail known as "Old Potato Head," Matyas Rak- csi, long the unchallenged boss, stepped out as Premier, but had himself named first secretary the party two months ago. Bulgaria, so closely tied to Russia as to b evirtually n province, has had a dizzying series of shakeups since Stalin's death, but emerging from U all was the reappointment of Vulko ChervonkoV' cs Premier. Theve Is no recojgl avaW able as to^who is first paYty secretary there, but tit's not Chcrven- kov. This we§)c, Albania'? -boss, Gen. Enver Hoxha, stepped "out of his 1 job as Premier '-and became flrsv secretary of the Albanian party. That completed the rouh<J of satellite shifts,f. with Isolated' Albania', as usua, at the tail end. tied into the _ relieved frhettlx meht officials of thiir well as their duties yesterday/ qualified martial' 1 --' ""^ claimed. The stt night clubs,, anUjfetrt^L..., ticross thfe-,;'Cmattaho6<*he%'r i. „ v _, c>£ the class and practicing|of McMath's main points of at- W ; \jHtorney in Hope. Special guests j lack — lie also was voting to con \i will be the class of Mrs, Lillian Routon. Visiling Girl, 15/ Collapses in Pool . LITTLE ROCK («-- A ^year- old Albuquerque, N. M., girl visiting here collapsed and died from sn unempiained cause while in jimming yesterday. iharloUe Elizabeth Adcock, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Adcock, wc.s pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital. She had been visiting an aunt and had planned to return hpme: next week. . Revival at s ; Mtton , ' A revival bepn.injhe Nazarent church »\ SufiqyrS ^foday (Friday) and will continue through. firm tillt! lo Arkansas natural resources against the possible claims of the federal government He also defended his vote lo ratify a treaty under which the U.S. allotted money to Germany to permit redemption of German bonds held by investotrs in this country. "That was the first time in the history of our giving away that we got some of it back for our own citizens," he said. "If I voted wrong." McClellan said, "I followed the recommendation of former President Truman &nd his administration, which my opponent ha§ been saying ,couid no wrong," Jones Would Kill Public Service Body By The Associated' Presi Stale Sen. Guy Jones, candidate for the gubernatorial nomination, yesterday said "in the event the people of Arkansas etect me governor, the Public Service Commission must f;o." Jones, (itvempting to couple Gov. Cherry, who is seeking a second term nomination, with actions of the PSC said the governor was trying to evade responsibility for the acts of commissions appointed by him. The PSC has accepted petitions for rate increases from Arkansas Power and Light Co. and the Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Co, The increases were suspended by the commission until a hearing is held sometime in the fall. Both iirms then filed bondr which permitted them to put the late ncrea&cs into effect immediately. The bonds w:U cover any refunds to customers due after new rales are 'fixed < Jones said the question in his mind was: "H the PSC is not responsible to the people through their governor who appoints them, then they cionH have any responsibility for their' activities," Cherry, meanwhile, attended the dedication of a swimming pool at the Boys Industrial School at Pine Bluff and drove on to West Helena. There he cited majo^ accomplishments of his administration Fair Park Coliseum Monday night. All county candidates will speak and representatives of candidates for state offices will make announcements. The candidates for prosecuting attorney of this dis I Administration ' hospital in 1951; Johnson said today Chandler had reported being a patient at the Houston VA hospital and in Patton Mental Instutlon in Patto, Calif. In Stamps Chandler's stepfather said neither he nor his family be- $153,129 Bid on Highway to Rosston LITTLE ROCK — Contracts on four state and 1 three county roads projects yesterday were awarded by the Arkansas Highway Commission. > Total cost of the scyep pro^ejjts was ^644,476. The'"comniis'iion re- ceive'd 58 bids on. the projects. Meanwhile Chief Engineer Alf Johnson said the Federal, Bureau of Public Roads has requested 50 feet of additional right-of-way on the new Benton-Little Rock highway. Johnson told, the Slate Highway Commission that the- bureau believed the two cities might grow together and that the present 200- foot right-of-way would not be sufficient. The state has spent two years and rriore than /one niillion dollars obtaining the 200-foot right-of- way Two lanes of the highway will be opened about Aug 13 and the commission plans an additional two lanes. trict will also speak. The program | lieved Chandler's stol 'y- reporting will be held at the Livestock Coliseum and will begin at 7:30. The Louisiana Ha^ride group of Shreveport is sending the Red Sovine unit to Hope for the occasion and will render a series of popular songs, : , described as "this lit tie dify sheet" 3 pamphlet dis.' tributed by the McMat" forces. And said it misrepresented, oth.ey thinfts. the McClellan vote. lie said they were: 1. An increase in welfare payments. 2. The building and allocating of loads on a "non-political" basis as provided in the Mack Blackwcll amendment. 3. Appropriation of an additional five million dollars for school purposes. 4. Passage of the fiacal code act, resulting in the saving of $3. 500,'QOQ in salarjeja the p.ast year. 5. A cleanup, pj the "unholy mess" he foutwji vyh,en, he entered office. Thwe were ao tas increases requested in the accomplishment American Drowns in Korean Flood SEOUL,-Korea (UP) — An American soldier was drowned and the big Seoul city international airport ordered evacuated today when heavy r.ains threatened to spill* flop-water .rains onto the lowlands around the-city. A sergeant in the 1 ongincers drowned when his boat, made of aircraft wing tanks, capsized. His name was withheld, that the man had suffered several nervous breakdowns in recent years. Chandler was employed by the city until he suddcnlly disappeared two' weeks ago. Leaning Tower of Pisa, But More So PISA, Italy (UP) — The leaning tower of Pisa was leaning a little more today. Prof. Silvio Ballarin of the University of Pisa said the famed .13th century towc-r leaned a fraction more than six millimeters (o)f)0 inches) thus far this The .179-foot tower Is some 16 feet six, inches off center. Exports said that if the present rate ot lean continued, it would collapse sometime in the next 400 years. 2,000 Secretaries Gather for Convention; Boyle Says Here's Single Man's Chance By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK I* foot forward. She is ne;it, orderly If I were n and well-di-essed. bachelor yearning for the matri-i 5. She knows how lo arrange monial yoke, I do believe I'd head|llowers, for Manhattan this weekend. Somp 2,000 business secretaries &re here lor their annual convention, and I don't know where else in 'America at the moment £• man could go if he is searching for the right girl to love, honor and disobey the rest ,pf his life. For the business pffice today is the best of all training grounds for wifehood- Any gin who can run an office efficiently can operate a home at naif-throttle. • As I see H, a good secretary has about all the advantages even the most cautious bach-lor looks for in a wife, to wit: j. {She pan sew op a button. ?. ighs h&s learned to keep her trap aboyt confidential • " ' '' . . 3. SJie knows when to get a man o| whpn Iw. pje- ing martial ...,. , — ., r _. state of lawlessness, "ini! tumult/and./-- --^^-^ Legion Opens Convention in Little Rock LITTLE !ROCK /r (UP) Arkansas American ^Legionnaires ,—about 2,000 of them, — jammed into Little Rock today for( their 36th; ap r - naul state 'convention -and , hear their er/, spe,ak v ' 6. She has learned to take dictation from a boss, and therefore a husband can at least nope she will pay some attention to what he says if only through force of habit. 7. She has the ability lo budget money and get the most out of a smell income. 8. She pan fill out you? income .tax, and write diplomatic letters of refusal to all the relatives wUo try to borrow money from you, 9. Any girl who can change 9 typewriter ribbon successfully probably can learn in a few how tp fix a television set too repair bills she saves will in time pay for the ?ost of t«e wedding and her subsequent upkeep. Every year the Ajnerippn girj secretary is letting brainier, Set ter LITTLE ROCK (UP) — The Arkansas Highway Commission today accepted low bidst on six road and bridge projects totaling $644,474, The largest single project was 10:5 rniles of blacktop on the Rosston-Magnolia road. State Highway 19, in-Nevada county. Graves Construction Co., Pine Bluff, submit' ted a low bid of $215,280, Other projects, the bidders and their low offers: Hempstead and Nevada counties — 12.5 miles of gravel base course on the Hope-Rosston road, State Highway 4, Campbell Construction Co. Shreveport La;, $153,129, Yell County — 7.2 miles of crushed stone base on the Chlckn'- lah-Oardanelle road, state Highway 27. Ben Hogan Co., Little Rock. $103,336. Ponisett County — 7.7 miles of asphaltic hot mix surface on the Harrisburg - Wynne road, state highway 1, Ben Hogan, Littlu Rook. §87,003, Benton County -* 5.4 miles of blacktop on the Cave Springs-Low ell Road, a county road, Mississippi Valley Contracting Co, Paragould, $58,342, Crittenden County — 1.8 mile of blacktop on the Marion-St, Clair road, a county road, 1). F, Jones, Little RocK-, $11,541, Crittenden County -~ 1.1 miles- blacktop on the manca-Kiceville/ roadj a countj- ro?id, D, P. Jpnes, Little Rock, $1C637. The cheltlegion ofial '— thur J. Co'nnell of Middletown, Cfc, is formally scheduled to speak tonight. But he gave, reporters a frank interview on arriving'' here' yesterday, Connell said the Gfeneva tagre- mcnt that ended the Indochina war constituted "appeasement" and "a defeat for free nations." He advocated setting up a NATO- type pact among tne nations of Southeast Asia, which he said the Legion has favored since J949. "It wpuld be unfortunate," he said, "if we have spent lives and money in Korea and do not resolve to contain comunism in Southeast Asia." Connell declined comment on the squ&bbble over the McCarthy investigating subcQmmitte its chair- rnan or its former chief counsel, Roy Cohn, "We are not interested in personalities" he said "We think tha'. congressional commutees have the right, duty and obligation to make investigations when they are in the best interest of the nation." The Legion and auxiliary were scheduled to meet thh morning. Connell speaks at the 'dinner this evening and again at a business session Saturday morning. Goy, Francis Cherry will also speak at the session tomorrow morning. The conventioh ends with election of officers, Two men have announced for tne post state commander: Walter Schrader of Hot Springs and Abe Davidson of Marvell. Presdne is G, M. (Jerry) Leniarr of Pay ctteville. during steady'dr around by the * Mensiy6 i ? slayer.,, 1 Milwaukee Trip Won by H. Jones Homer Jones, salesman for Nort thwestern Mutual fcife Jnsuranc^ Co., and Mrs. Jones are leaving Saturday for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to attend the annual home office meeting. They expect to be gone fjve ds»ys and "ftiey have t to the Giant-Braves' baseball on Sunday afternoon,, This paid trip wpn by for outstanding sales production a,' Pie-Psoitjca} M. V. F. -Which July }f pwgA Driver The ri^Dor tMfHf .*V«W^i •~"«rvr"' nesdsy night' ln«iM!ac She Van of Cincini\^i Springs; Ethel Lee W. sister. Little mons Communist Party in Japan Doubles TOKYO (UP) — The public safety board said today the Communist party has dwbled strength since ostensibly §crat>P its policy of violence in favor Pi a "peace" prograip. The "PS? timpted to;al fliemb<?» - ship at tween 80,000 and' JOO.OOO. In a report 9n Co?«mun{s:t tivity, the board said that bers of the Japanese party were purged an'l 175 "reprimanded" In the wake of a world-wide which foyowed the downf&il p. 9 Dead, § Million Uss on Danube

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