Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 22, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1954
Page 6
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. i , ' ti&Jz U",". „"• V*7 -' 'SZt f ;j»i;i" v p£ $,-•»' ""f !>: |«f|?^^^p^S^^f>^S ^fi>>>:^/| HOPE iTAR, HOPE. ARKANSAS Thursdoy, July 22.-. Costly,SO 'CfffMftweH'' 1 ~buW "ciiofee 16 22.8845J SW Ifa tip fno-«- -3S| feW loads fiWrtly choice ««._! attd 2 grades 23R&D; 25*5*' $ i,2B'-22.156i JSO'lSQ Jb, 5d.d?)- £2.00; IPW ,Sj 10-1-10 Ib ROT- 3S.50; sown 400 Ib down ir>7o-17.75; fdaH JlgrUvreight 1" 00; heavier sows 12.SO-J4.tS; boars 950-10.00. Callte .l.riOO, calve? 3,ZOO; opening moderately active on all classes, wHfl prices ful'y rleady end cOwi s h o w i n H uneven strength; 'tw lots choice yearling stfeers 22v50-23.25; commo'Cial anil good steers and heifers 1C.00-20.00; New Buy Your Beef of Special WHOLESALE PRICES ARMOUR STAR or SWIPT PREMIUM c of Beef . . , Ib. 39c Quarter , , . Ib. 50e Quarter .^ . Ib. 30c ' Good Native BEEF Side of Beef . . Mind Quarter . . Front Quarter . . . . . &VfylOf .8i*E<5lAb CUTS AVAILABLE Ib. 31c Ib. 38c Ib. 24c lope Locker & Processing C0. £'i A'SOUTH' MAII^STREgT, 16 TOPERS OF THE «<k CIRCUIT fl , V.., -V '•2K,yearS'"agb* l Royce\,Weisenber'ger rrtdrried rhy niece, Ham1lrbn ! ,«*Rbyce>'iB / a goqd Christian man who ' serves his Chiirch and teaches ' !eft-d§ej,'b6y;s,$un'cJby School,'class. He and his family ^always' at. Church "on Sunday/and they take part in 1 •"•'-'• -ch qcjiyities. . Lr - ' ) yeans* r, have, gone to Royce.when I had a prob- vvartfec^jigal advice, ' He kindly and patiently fie^cilWttys, Hut each time refused any pay. He' jghly f -familiar with all the duties of the office of |p'secutjng Afforriey which he seeks. H Sincerely hode all' of you will st !• oif July 27., < _' . * w "' '" ,*",,>" , v ' ~ Sincerely yours, support and vote for , R.) Hamilton FRIDAY, 1ULY 23rd xif ^:35 A. M. for a special broadcast. -* / * f , > r \ • - ,p 0 l,, A(iv Paid lot by Mrs. Lillian Hamilton. .if t.r. , , , i f _ - Utility and cohimercia.1 cows 9.0011 50; largely 9.SO 1 rif); canners arid cutters B.50-&00: b-ills .10 lti\\- ; utility SnA commercial 11.501150! canner an'd culler bulls S.uO- 11.00; lew hdavy fat bulls 10.00-50; vealerS steady; high choice aorl prime ]9,00'20.»M soof '^nci choltc 14.00-18.00: cbmmer.ciai nnc! low Sgood 10.00-13.00; cull? 7.nfi-,°,. Sheep 2,00; 'opening sales to butchers :irtd shipper? steady; few lots choice and pi-inio ..21.00-50; come at 21.25 not closely sorted: scattered sales slaughter ewes steady at 3.00-4.00. mostly 4.I/O except very thin kinds: aged bucks 3.00, YORK STOCKS , ; NEW YORK M Steels raced ahead of .1 i-ising Sfocl: Mflrlcet today, with prices around thoir best m the late afternoon. Merger -rumors involving Beth- .ehem antl Youngstowfi Shot & Tube as well as other ripbrls con- curning Follansbee Steel circulol- cd in Wall Street, and added fuel to the buying, flames.. '-W'^jWJRlir 1 Gains went, to botwrMi 2 ?nH 4 points at times, and- ninny areas displayed substantial- improVem-sn... There wore plenty of IbSers, some between 1 and 2 points witn n few beyond that. Trading expanded With the rush of rising o/'ices that swamped the tape right nfler the opening and came to an estimated 2,700,000 shares for ihe day. That compares with 2i510.T;0 : shares '-traded yesterday when the market was starting its recovery movement. Steels were well ah?ad of other sections of the market, and they FOR SERVICE—For the *c ognition of long and faithful service, the Marine Ccflrfis has authorized this i&pel pin to be v.-orn by certain civilidfl p6r- sonnel employed by the corps. The gold pin. sjmilar to the Marine emblem, will be' awarded- to all employes who Have iSoiti* pleted 10, 20 or 30 years' service. 6n6 State Dulles give' every evidence of regarding this as essential if he security of the iion-Co:rirnit- nist world is to be held against re^ entless expansive pvesslire" of this Communist world. The State Department is under- tood to be seeking to speed up consultations with Britain, France nd other friendly governments oh he formation of a Southeast Asian NOMINATED WASHINGTON M James L. Latshaw .was nominated today by President Eisenhower to be postmaster at Fulton in Herhpstcnd County, Ark. were joined by ols, railroads, motors, metals, rubbers, tobaccos, and utilities. We the Citizens of McNab wa'rit... ROY LEWIS FOR CON STABLE Pol. Adv. Paid for by J. C. Finigan, McNab B: C. Green, McNab Your Vote and Support Will Be Appreciated Elect W. B. "Bill" Ruggles Your Sheriff and Ex-Officio Collector Hempstead County Pd. Pol. Adv. Paid for by W. Ef. "Bill" Ruggles FOR OFFICE, SCHOOL OR HOME Fri.-Sat. Only Tfci^ Certificate.!* 1^orf^|4.37 ----« u.tiirt^— BSc-entitles the bearer % OTid'woxiv*- gfemiin^'Iriflesfet. .->„..„„„„ }IJSB S fbtf^TAIN^BENS. INSTANT-TOUCH WRITING! NO-MOKE LEAKING! NO jl^'SHAKINQj A ( 'lfftt|nie Guni^ntee with each pen. One size only for ladies, men, boys, i^? ' V ' the- Pen Witfr a Lifetime Guarantee 1954 DELUXE STREAMIINE PEN If, TKw jS6n4lbld9 200% morfe jnTt than any;ordiiia¥y'pen'on the' market; You can write for [$Vt'tftt;de infintljB''on one fillingf Visible ink supply. ;No repair bills. Every pen-testqd and gnar- 'S'jftiti9edttt» <l be;|Qnbi'eakBbl«t%' life. Get yburst:NQW: i THIS PEN CARRIES a factory Guar- -j^afattte, THIS PEN GIVEN" r*REE if youi-'buy.- onefiii'the city for lesa thaii FIVE DOLLARS. l|ta Thlp certiiftcate- good only duHng advwUsing sale. „. , ,/ , The Perfect Pen for: Students y ! f " ICfc' FOtt, lipiiip^iiiiiw^^ v |||jj^^g|i@;0^§g;^gg;y^ st t^-^^.i-^Ar.^,^ •' :v '|^^^i^;.^j,^ te j . 2 PENS TO '-EACH CiSRTJFigATE GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAG OvP) Wheat and corn firmed on the Board of Trade today but soybeans again suffered from heavy selling pressure, the September contract being offered down the 1 cent limit most of the day- Trading proceeded nt a more lesiurely pace than in recent days. Wheat and corn attracted a little investment buying. Weakness in soybeans again was pegged on the belief recent rains .'iad impfoved crop prospects Wheat closed 1 to 1% higher, September S2,09-%, corn l'-2V's higher, September $1.59%—, oats unchanged to lower,- September 73-73y 8 , Ry e 1.2 higher, September SI.15 , arid soybeans 7 to 10 cents lower, September $2;99 l /«. Caxh wheat: No 1 red 2.05'/2; No. 2 2.05'/i; No. 3 2.04V 2 -OB!/ 2 ; No. 1 mixed 2.10; No. 2 inixed 204'/ 2 Corn: No 1 yellow 102'03 No 2 1.62-02%; No. 3 l.OOVi;' No. 4 l.r)7'/ 2 . Oats; No: 1 heavy inixed 75Vfc; No 1 extra' heavy .;\vhite 77; No 1 mixed -74V 2 ;; No.- 1 heavy while 75V&-76 ; No. 'l-vvhite 74 -75%. Soybeans: none. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO (UI 5 ) Produce: Live poultry: Market .-S.teady to firm. 13 trucks./ , , ...-.;" - : *'-';'. '. ] Chicago poultry, board prices changes since'yesterday:.' . Commercially grown springs: Plymouth Rock. 20 ceuts v .a pound; gray cross/23. ' ,„•;,,'' Commer'ciaiiy' '- grpjvn fc-yj^rs: Plymouth !; T?oek 20; gray qr.oss 1 23^ Commercially grown ; biv6ilers: Plymouth Rock and gray cross'23. Butler steady; receipts 1.037,705; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 50.5; 92 A 50.5; 90 B 54;' 89 C 50; . cars 00 B 54,5; 89 C Eggs unsettled; receipts 10,108; wholesale buying prices unchanged to l'/ 2 lower; U. S. ia.-ge 4q-47; U. S. mediums 41; ; U. S: standards 34; current receipts s 30; dirties 2.5; checkV 24. ' ' YORK COTTON NEW- -YOKK W) Cotton, futures were irregular today in stow dealings. Distant rnonths" were steady on small N4w Qrieans biiyiiic. with 1954 crop deliveries sagging;. on hedging a'nU vu'rther profit tak-in'g. Later : a'fternoort' price"* were 5 cents a bale, higher to 25 cents lower than the p'revioiis close. Oct. 34.13, Dec. 34.36 and' March 34:54. B RAND SALAD DRESSING Next Kremlin inunist renewal of open military aggression in Indochina. The fear is rattier that the Reds Will' use political and economic pressures arid subversive tactics tb under- ftline South Viet • Nam. (Saftibodia and Laos and eventually take them over. Authorities say ille best way to counter this h to strengthen those states in every possibk- way, and primarily by creating a defensive alliance, of Western and Asian nations for their protection. Secretary Dulles was quoted as having tolcl the House Fore'ign Affairs Committee at a closed session yesterday that thie country had alliance. However Britian is reported still to be caking a "f!o helped to obtain terms nt Geneva low" llns, " . "which would, to a degree, mitl- There is no fear here.6;' a Com-lgale the effect of the rrtilitary set- tlement upon Indochina are the peoples of the i Circulation of Swedish dally newspapers is 3,568,600, an increase „,,_ ,. ' . . _ 'of 10,900 in a year i There was little comment m Con-i - v;.i........ rf.-..,-..-** gfess, and no disposition to pic- ..-..-..•*-...,• ture the settlement as anything but a gain for the Reds. Senate Republican Leader Knowland (Calif) termed At "ono of the greatest victories for the Communists in a decade." Son. Robert- sbn (D-Va) predicted Congress will be asked for two or three billion dollar,? more for defense. Sen. Hi Alexander Smith (R-NJ; called tHe settlement "the best of a bad bargain." Sen. Symington (D-Mo) said "the position of the free world continues to detcrio'ra*" in Asia" while Russia, he said-r is winning the hydrogen bomb race. Thursday, J «'*v **> t'»S4 HOPE StAft. MOPt, Aft KANSAS STAR TREE? Makes Delicious, Easy Fixed Sandwiches, or Snacks. tf i : ' Prices in this ad pffectivc Thursday, July 22< through; Saturday, July 24, 1954. s» If BROOK'S & Plump> Tender Beans in Rich Tomato Sauce. No. 21 Cans Full Cream Low. Low (Price ARMOUR STAR - . VIENNA SAUSAGE 2 CaTO 37c SUNPICT, ASSORTED VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS STANDARD QUALITY TOAMTQES PACKER'S LABEL SARDINES ARMOUR STAR CORNED BEEF GAILY COLORED, LOW PRICE SWANEE TISSUE -FRESH BAKED DAILY KROGER BREAD PEPPERMINT CANDY, FRESH BAKED LAYER CAKE 6 10 Oz. k<hV Pkgs. .*PT. No. 303 0:C-.: Cans Z^tJV* O Cans /i JC 12Oz. Can 49c 2 ROMS 27c 35c 69c I PICNIC HAMS Wilson's Certified, Smoked, . , 4 to 6 Pound Lb,. Average 43 •Swift Premium, Sliced BOLOGNA Puritan, First Cuts SLAB BACON Sliced, Serve Smothered With Onions BEEF LIVER Fine Cooked With Rice Armour Star u 39c SLICED BACON Lb 65c Pickle & Pimiento, Bacon & Liver Loaves ub 53c BAKED LOAVES Lb 43c Ready for the Pan u 29c PERCH FILLETS u 43c Breaded, Ready to Fry IBY « LAST DAY * ." •? -PsatMrfe f Ihies — § 2:49 ySiOd - 7:11 - 9:22 L "MAC" YOUR MOVIE BOY SAYS: j'Travel to Europe, the Mediterranean & Africa with Bonart. He meets his match in the bold adventure that beats them all-."- ! . •'".., ' ' I HUMPHREY JENNIFER BOGART JONES ' GINALOLLOBRIGIDA ?*??»*(, . f BEAT THE DEVIL t.'WdODY WOODPECKER 2.1ATE NEWS 3:'"CHASING CANINES" 4. "LONG TIME NO SEE" • FRI.&SAT.* p <5UY MAJ3ISC%.; MARSHAL 1 SOCIETY, fhoiu M4I1 ittwtta i A. M. *«« 4 I*. M. Calendar Thursday July 22 At 2. p. m. Thursday the Ladies Penecostal Auxiliary are having a meeting. The Chancel Choir of the First BapMsl Church are to practice at 7:30 p. m. Thursday. The Junior Ladies Auxiliary of the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church will meet at 7:30 p. m. Thursday. Mrs. Lyle Allen is the president. ' Joe Roper and,his Melody Boys will appear at the Boclcaw .high Ice Cream Supper Held At Fair Park The Adult Class Number one of the First Baptist church enjoyed an ice cream supper at Fair Park Tuesday night at 7:30 Mrs Sherman Wilson Honored' With Shower Mrs. .C. M. Whatley honored Mrs. Sherman Wilson with a pink and blue shower Wednesday afternoon lit two ' o'clock. The entertaining I'oom was. decorated with late summer (lowers. After the honoree had been pre- Hope. - • • Discharged: Mr. W. A. Downs. Washington. Clubs Victory '" * A demonstration on good laund- Chamberlain will have charge of ^ -^e^Mr^Arch^ the program. . . monstration C lub met in her home for the July meeting. Mrs. Robert Cash led the group in singing "America." Devotional was given t>y Mrs. Smith followed by the Lord's prayer repeated by .the group. .The clnb members were asked to make tea toivels for the Arkansas Crippled Children's Home. Each one was to make six or more tea towels. .The club members will have a picnic at Fair Park on August 5th, in addition to those mentioned above, the following were present: Mmes. William Schobley, Jack Surnpter, Cecil Smith, Dalton Smith, Hallar McCofkle. Jimmie Miller. Dexter Alford, Bill Burke and Joe Patterson. Refreshments of ice cold watermelon were served to 12 members. The September meeting will be vtfith Mrs. Dexter Alford with Mrs. Bill Burke as co-hostess. school Thursday, July 22, at 8 p. isontecl with, many loe'yly. gifts, the m. i hostess served refreshments to • iMrs Claborn Rowe, Mrs. Bill Ric- Monday July. 26 hartlson, Mrs. J. W. Graham, Mrs. ,„ ,, «„„.,.., 4 , T-,. . Horace Fullerton, Mrs. Ellen Full- W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First O1 . lon Mrs w> F . Burnett. Mrs. Methodist church will meet Monday, July 20, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. LaGrone Williams, with Mesdames Sam Hartsfield, John Pierce, and Steve Bader as co-hostesses'. Mrs. Winston Monts will have charge of the program, and Mrs. Wayne Russell will give the devotional. All members having birthdays in June or July are reminded to bring their weight and birthday pennies for .the Lite Membership Fund. A full attendance is urged for this meeting. J. D. Cole, .Mrs. J. W. Brown, Mrs. J. T. Hatch and Miss Alma Whatley. •Those sending gifts Were Mrs. R. S. Collins, Robert. Lee, Tex., Mrs. Ralph Brown and Mrs. John Chism of Hope. Monday July 26 Poplar .Grove 196 Team To Motor To Texarkana Members of Poplar Grove 196 Woodmen's Circle Drill Team will motor to Texarkana tonight to perform an initiation drill. Those attending will be Mary :, The Lou Demie and Jeanettej Willis, Mary Ann Jones, Jo Ann Hunker Junior G. A. of the First Hartisfield, Charlene Wiggins, Baptist church will meet at the hpme of Mrs. Hervey Holt on Monday morning, July 26, at 9:30. The Senior Ladies Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist church will meet at 2 p. m. Monday. The Y. W. A. of the First Baptist .church will meet at the church at 7:15 Monday night. Betty captain, and Pat Faris. Comina and Goina Gary Castle is visiting relatives in Longmont and Denver, Colorado Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mr. R. 'L. White. DRIVE-IN B* 1 " THtATREt MAIN & COUNf RY CLUB RDS. OPEK6:45 TONIGHT AND FRIDAY OUT OF TEXAS' BRAVEST HOUR... «2*3L Also "Uncommon Sense' & Duck Cartoon To The Voters of Hempstead County CHICKEN GIZZARDS>b 45c SHRIMP Armour Star, Firm, White u 67c PURE LARD Puritgn, Fine Center Cuts SLAB BACON lOOz. Pkg. Lb. Ctn. 59ct 3 L a, 69c Mellow Qn$ Sweet,.. Firm, Gulden Ripe 2 29 ll: >, ! f ^ 11 ; HELP US i. ELECT :OUR DAD ^i* • . -YOUR V : " . -. NEXT HiSMERIFF PfrsianSy For Refreshing Lim^ode Jumbo 48 $i?e, Solid Crisp Heads UMIS PO ? 29c LETTUCE .^H** 29c Crisp Sre^n Onions and Crisp Radishes 49c Onions & Radishes 2,-u 19c 'I ':•', -1' Vl' \ MR. and MRS. VOTER: Our Dad has been working hard to be your next;Sheriff and Co-llecter. He's been trying to see each one of you, which is a big job. We want to help hi'm, but there isn't much we can do as we are too young to vote, but we are old enough to know we have a good Dad and he will make you a good Sheriff and Collector. We will appreciate your vote and support for our Dad. j immy & Buddy Burke. SYVELL A. BURKE FPR SHERIFF and COLLECTOR by ||r|. ARRIVING DAILY New transitional Cotton Dresses Cool for vacations — Perfect for Fall. July Clearance Continues Hall •- McNeil! Smart clothes for Young Ages Serving You Since 1896 FREE DELIVERY — DIAL 7-4431 BABY BEEF SALE T-Bone Steaks BABY BEEF ROAST Lb. Veal Cutlets Lb. Lb. Round Steak 4 Ib. crt. PURE LARD 83c 10 Ibs. SUGAR TRAY PACK SLICED BACON 25 Ibs. FLOUR 'Sack FRESH EGGS P9*. CALF LIVER SOFT TISSUE TREND SOAP A&P STAGES A GREAT :* *V ^Tp&'&t^ NEW GIANT Silt 1 *< DttKftdKNT...t..,..m<»}i.i^i..iu^,dj Tllll I Ullii . LIGHT MIAT ........ .^ CREAM WALDORF TOILET TISSUE COOKIES CRISPO COCONUT PILLSBURY CAKE MIXES ANN PAOI GROUND PURI ILACK . --. '':--' . „.' a-bir *«tiM»i«t4»ttiit*ttWti^ir&VYiuivi**TIN $*?1 - \: * >-""»•>&?<& - ^ Vn" 1 x 'Y'- 11 * SUNNY ;^ ;|jfp.'ii*-< COASTi,i,..,,,,,,,.i,.,(,,,,j,.,k,«tntti.(4»«ii'i ?JtJ ; WHITE, SPICE, GOLDEN M OR CHOCOLATE J ANGEL FOOD MIX i-». »KO. 55,4 GINGERBREAD MIX u.oz. »o. 254 | JANE PARKER BUYS | JANE PARKER Special! PEACH PIE tA 49* JANE PARKER DATE-FILLED Jpocloll COFFEE CAKE 29* JANE PARKER ANGEL FOOD ^k^r^T SH ^^^ ™ — * t i c ''•,* >i*4 tto*J( !. j S "i ~ t '** | t*B' 1 L" "TJH t»MiMo>tofc%2fi! ^it^AJ | "SUPER-RIGHT" FINE MEA1 ALL GOOD - CAKE SPECIAL! LARGE RING » HEAVY CALF ,. ^V> .t-i L*<^ CALIFORNIA HALE THOMPSON SEEDLESS HONEY DEW H&D „ FRESH WHOLE MELONS 2 - 25c GOLDEN YELLOW BANANAS - 14c FRESH PASCAL T' •°' -i'« ANN CELERY 4 DOZ. SIZE LETTUCE w Stdlk . Head PIANUT ANN LIFEBUOY SOAR 3 Reg. Bars ........... 25 SURF DETERGENT Giant Bex .............. - 1UX fOAP. lux MQUID DETEROENT 69* Pf|<«$ or»'tlf*<tlvt NAdiCP (MTU ..-..., . -!•• Cracktrf .•.—>» »k»I WT HAMUT C^JHKI , I WWII" >!,"•"' s*N* Jn^w f /• i- Giant m^n^mi^i MH^ JRW^^.i)mi fif'j ^^ ff ^yHMvroHJF'^F I • •p."? f »m W,¥!3 23-Qi. Btl, • , DIAL Is*

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