The News-Review from Roseburg, Oregon on September 2, 1922 · Page 3
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The News-Review from Roseburg, Oregon · Page 3

Roseburg, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1922
Page 3
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ROSEBURO NEWS REVIEW, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1932. PAQI THRU 1 No, we newest have a "sale" for our values are unmatchable! What's the use of a sale? They only destroy good will and confidence in the store holding them. We strive to create and merit permanent friends. "Myro" Nets Unusual Value Hand woven of the flo- est human nalr. In cap and fringe shape, tingle ' and double mesh, all colon. Extra large, Invisible and loot wearing, Sold exclusively here. Bleached "Honor" Muslin Our Own Exclusive Brand We heartily and unconditionally recommend this muslin to our friends as being positively the best that can be bought anywhere t the price. Be sure to ask for teh J. C. Penney Company Special Brand of Bleached llouor Muslin. Yard, 15c Belle - Vue Cheviot 29 In. heavy shirting material In fast colors, light and dark, in plain and stripes. 19c Striking Ginghams Always in Demand , Fashionable practical serviceable, readily describes our splendid assortment of new Fall patterns of checks, delightful plaid combinations and plain colors to match. The observant woman will immediately noe the exceptional values. We save in quantity-buyiiaj you save in buying from us. 27-ln. Butterfly Gingham The attractive new Pall designs Invite your Inspection and gladly await your selection. Yard, 19c 32-In. Amoskeag Gingham Tbey meet the popular demand In One quaUty, low price, attractive patterns and colorings, lard, 23c Fall Hats Men's New Styles Fine high-grade "Marathon" Huts in new Fall shades and shapes Featuring the new Silk. Scratch Unlsb in plain and mixed colors. All richly satin lined. $2.98 "Let Ui Be Your Hatter" Percale Shirts In Neat Patterns Unusual value in men's 80 x 80 percale shirts with collars detached neat stripe and check patterns in popular shades. Priced ouly 1.49 Keeping Faith With Customers. This store la glad to be part of this community. We are happy in the thought that our homes are here, that as citizens of this town and common lty, we share Its Joys and privileges and help bear , Its burdens. We shall always strive to serve on the basis of the Golden Rale, the principle opon which all our stores are founded. Our high-grade values and low prices encourage thrift and economy. This Is one of 871 tores, which keeping faith with customers, haa created the World's Largest Chain Department Store Organisation, cPZ&Z A Fall's Newest Percales Reflecting Autumn Leaves The best in quality for the least in price is the J. C. Penney Company standard. This is made possible by our quantity-buying arrangements direct from the mills. You can readily appreciate the saving in elimination of intcr-Tening profits and . we gladly give t our paons tho resultant benefits in low quotations. "Gladio" Percale In Fetching Colors 88-in. The J. C. Tenner Co. private brand of standard percale, purchasable through our stores only. Daintiest of patterns and colorings, light or dark grounds to suit jour taste. 19c Outing Flannel White-12.Jc Yard Light and Dark Fancy, 15c and 19c Yard j71 Economy Spots In the Good Old U. S. A. Dotting the map of the United States, are 871 spots where one may 8cml his or her niouey for things to wear and use in the home nnd have enough left to call tho (lay profitable. . , They aro Indeed, ceon- ' omy stores where prices are Just uud Just but you wmt to pny! . Furthermore, the prices, while lower than elsewhere, are no lower than , they will ho hero nest . week or any week. The snmo square, abovo-lioard treatment is given you every day Just the kind of consideration everybody gets litre. They are not only economy spots they're salts-factlon spots these 871 3. C. Penney Company stores. m fee Incorporated. 371 DEPARTMENT STORES. Bungalow Cretone 36 In. material for comfort tops, aprons or draperies In a large assortment of patterns. 19c Yard nat. to have 40 carload Nearly a million one-, two- markets. and five- pound cartons of prunes will be sold I this year. The cartons are beautiful ly lithographed, and contain much good advertising (or this section. 1 am (inding a belter (eeliug among the growers and many new members are being signed. Those who are Joining the association now are able to take advantage of the 1922 pool. The finances of the association are such that we can pay the grower 63 to 75 per cent of the total price for prunes as soon as his crop la graded, we are setting aside one-elxth of a cent per pound this year for advertising purposes. The Mlstland products will be advertised extensively In the east In the subway and surface cars, billboards, newspapers and maga-ilnes." o NOTICE TO MILK CONSUMERS Owing to inability to procure milk supply, our dairy must discontinue delivery at once. No milk tonight or hereafter. Customers please procure elsewhere. SANITARY DAIRY. Roy Slegrlst. The Thor has been the world's leader since washing machines were first made. Hudson Electric Store, o Restaurant Management Is Changed A change In the management of the Umpqua hotel restaurant occurred yesterday afternoon when J. K. Kalbe, who has been in charge of the dining rooms for the last several months, disposed of his Interests to W. J. Weaver, proprietor of the Umpqua hotel, Mr. Weaver taking possession at once. It Is the Intention of the new management to close the dining room fronting on Jackson street and occupy the banquet room at the rear of the i hotel to serve the patrons of this popular eating house. Mr. Kalbe has been enjoying an excellent business. He has not announced his future Intentions, but will no doubt remain In Roseburg and again engage In business. Mr. Weaver's wide experience will assure the best of service in every particular. NATURAL GAS WILL BE SUPPLIED TO TWO CITIES WALLA WALLA, Sept. 2. Representatives of the l'ennsylvania-I'nclfic Oil company, an eastern concern, let , the contract for pipe to be used in : bringing the natural gas of the lien-ton county oil field to Walla Walla and Yakima. It was announced that gas ' has been available In these cities for a little over a year. . State Press Comment A MILLION FOOLS That may he a big guess, but it Is my honest opinion that there are at ast a million fools In this country oday. What makes me think so? I'll 11 you. Any man Is a fool that tries to do hlngs such as he sees rich fools o. Take John Smith, for example, form's farm is not paid for as yet. nd still he is buying things he could let along without for a few years. ight and left. He Is piling debt upon Bebt, getting the load on his two eak shoulders heavier and heavier. nd by and by the burden Is going to reak him down. The trouble Is that ohn and his folks want to swell up equal their rich neighbors. They ut a bigger mortgage on the farm, ey mortgage their auto, their farm ols are all loaded down with chat-1 mortgages, they have debts at the ore, and they are sweating and fu- ing and growing old before their me. They think they are having od time, but as a matter of fact ey are having the worst time Imag- able. And these people are In every lghborhood. A million fools? I ii honestly afraid the estimate la o low. I wonder If you and I are long them. Are we aping the mls- ably poor rlcti (folks? Are we essing beyond our means? Are we pishing out with things In the house Id out on the farm that are 'way yond our means? If we did not re so much for the speech of peo- e. and keep right on the even tenor our way until the last dollar of e mortgage Is paid: if we enjoyed things we have more and were ilsfled with them. If wa Inst lived Hthln our means, laying aside every ta some part of our earnings, the ne would soon come when we would i be In comfortable circumstances. And these habits of thrift now would take away the longing to be somebody better than we are. We would be glad and thankful for every single thing we have, and live good, true, earnest and helpful lives. Farm Lite. srxa ITS PRAISES The Oregon democrat Is Indeed a privileged character, be votes any ticket he pleases and Is upheld In his acts by the courts. It is little wonder the democrats sing praises for the Oregon primary. It is the pet measure of a favored class. North Bend Harbor. ITS THB IJKE "A large number of campers at the auto park who have been staying for two weeks or more have secured work In the city. As long as the weather has been good they have been contented to stay at the camp. Now that the fall and rainy season Is approaching, they are all looking for a place to live. The fact of the approaching rainy season was forcibly brought to their attention by this morning's rain. Salem Journal." Public auto camps, practically free, seem destined to make a race of Gypsies of the American people. Many families, able to acquire a flivver, are now spending their time traveling, working enough as they go, to buy gasoline and grub. Like the old-time hobo, they will tour the north in summer and work southward as winter comes on. It's the life. Kugene Guard? Observe Wedding A n -niversary at Church A very interesting event took place last night at the Christian church when the members of that congregation observed the 2.'th wedding anniversary or their minister andt his wife, the Hev. and Mrs. Hilton. The occasion had been announced as a social to begin the fall work of the church In order to keep the whole plan a secret from the pastor and his wife. The evening's entertainment began special number with each tableaux to suit the occasion. Mrs. Jim Clark and Mrs. Pitzer Berkley sang a duet, and Mr. Olson and Mrs. Charles (1. Htanton also rendered a duet. Mr. Olson sang a solo, and the orchestra played the parting serenade. At the close of this program, the -guests were Invited to the lecture room to see a picture gallery of brides and grooms of the church members.1 A great deal of fun was gotten from I I this. 1 A surprise was then sprung In a very large bride's cake, which had been baited by Itoy Hutchlngs, of the Model bakery, nnd presented for MOONSHINERS INCREASE PRICE AFTER EACH FINE POPLAR BLUFF, Mo., Sept. 2. Moonshiners have found that it pns to advertise, and they have introduced a novel stunt In southeast Missouri They welcome arrests. When ar rested their names get in tno paper: they pay their fines, boost the price of moonshine to meet the fines, and business booms. They say the results have been very encouraging. o DRAWING TO BE HELD TONIGHT The drawing for the cluny lace set that Is being disposed of by Ihe Rose-burg Woman's Club will be held tonight at the Antler's Theatre, Immediately following the first show. The name and number of the winner will be announced at this time and also published later in this paper. o ' Has Fine Peaches M. M. Van Horn, well known peach grower of the Happy Valley vicinity, took the News-Review completely by storm today with a lnrge box of delicious Elbcrta peaches. The peaches are exceptionally large, uniform In size and color, and are the very best for eating and canning. Mr. Van Horn's gift was more than appreciated by the hungry force. with "Cupid's Serenade," played by I ,he occasion. Mrs. Hilton cut the the orchestra. Then In marched what apparently was a real bride and groona. preceded by a minister and two little flowei girls scattering the flowers down the aisle. Ml?s Elsie Hudson took the part of the bride, and Donald Clbhs the part of the cake so that each guest might re ceive a piece. Mrs. Hilton then threw the bride's bouquet and It wns captured by Miss Margaret Todd. Ice cream and cuke were served, and the pastor nnd his wife received In- groom, nnd they acted as if It we're j,ne congratulations and good wishes real tfid enjoyed It. Vernon Orr took the part of the minister, dressed in Dr. Gordon's Prince Albert coat. Vernon looked the part. A pantomime wedding ceremony was performed, then the psctdo bride and groom came down from the platform and escorted Mr. and Mrs. Hilton to the platform while Miss Jeanette Gihhs sang, "I Love You." This was followed by four young girls slipping on the platform before the bride and groom with bells In their hands, singing, "Wedding Hells." Kenneth Kadaliaugh read a number especially written tor the occasion MRS. CHARLES 6 STANTON teacher of Plaao, Hlstorv. Harmony, Progressive fterles. High Brhool Credit Given, ftnetdence Studio. 111! . Pine Bl. Phone 7S-J. of all. A large number were present, eluding the ministers of the city. o Association Man Delighted With Crop ' M. J. Newhouse, representing the Or'lfon "Growers Cooperative association, is holding a series of meetings in the county this week. He spoke at Kiddle lint night, and will speak at Sutherlln tonight. He will and presented to Mr. and Mrs. Hilton ; also address the Farm Bureau pic-25 silver dollars on a silver platter. iilc gathering at Oakland this after-Mrs. Hodges nd her little son both i noon, delixhted the audience with some flnej "There are big prospects for rrsdlnss. 1 bumper prune crops In Douglas coun- An Interesting feature was then In- ly." said Mr. Newhouse. "We will t rod u red by four beautiful tab-'have a market for 20.000.0000 l'. lesnx. In which the boy and the i of prunes this year. We have 7J dlf-g'rl are seen In school life, then i f'-rent carload markets, each place as lovers, then the new home I which will accept a carload or more and the first horn, and finally old of the dried fruit. Heretofore we I age. Miss Jeancuo Uions sang a considered ourselves extremely lortu-1 Read It! Look at your Insurance policy. Find out what a valuablo document It really is, whnt a wonderful service It represents. The namo of the company Is the most Important part. Are you Insured In the Hartford Fire Insurance Company? Call on this agency. Douglas Abstract Co. . " ! r. - - " n (I" t PI U I-M YOUR CHECK IS YOUR RECEIPT No need to ask for a receipt when you pay by check as the endorsement of the payee on tho back of tho check la the best possible receipt, lie-sides, payment by check Is safe, so convenient and economical you should not be without It. Your Checking Account Is Invited. TheRoseburgNalional Bank Rosebur.Ore. OUR EIGHTH ANNUAL SALE TOMATOES, WATERMELONS & CANTALOUPES RETAIL PRICES TOMATO KS. 20 lb. box 40 cent Ituahel, without box . ... 60 cents Ituvhfl, with box 65 cents M uw k mel o n a, -h eap. Yt'uterinelonis, lc er lb. All CAXT.M.orpRS Rorky Fort, $1 pr crate. Kocky KorU, 40c to 60c per do. Unroll CI fin. l ptr crate. Huiell (Jem. 4(e to 6Uc per dos. Lrtrtce Acme, $1 per crate. Largo Acme, 75 cents per dosen. Wholesale prices on larfte quantity, prices subject to market change. ft T. B. EVANS & SONS, Dillard, Oregon I AYIATOR WILL ATTEMPT FLIGHT TO SOUTH AMERICA TENSACOLA, Fla., Sept. 2. Lieut. I . Ui ..!. .1. .1 n his flight to South America today as a result or me nnn-arrivai or pnoio-graphic supplies. He expects to leave at daybreak Sunday. EX-PREACHER WILL BE SENTENCED TO DEATH LOS ANOELKS, Sept. 2. Herbert Wilson, ex preachor, will be sentenced to death Tuesday for tho murder of Herbert Cox, when tho two attempted to break Jail last spring. c 1 Tears of experience are behind the nitty job printing department ot the News-Review. , , , ARMORY DANCE BIO DANCE AT THE ARMORY Saturday Night , September 2 OOOO FLOOR GOOD MUSIC A Big-Talking' Walking' and Sleeping Doll Clvea tn Von Vrrr For Onlr 4 Vrarly SnbM-rlntlona, t.lrln. Ton Jnt Miml I ih u h m Wonilrrrtil Holly. Hlie In t Ii ttwcftonf, fjwirt HllUi ix.lly flnit you Pvt-r hhw "iiil in KiiHr;iritfd to delight ihe lii'iirt of nny tfirl. Ht-r ( het-kn nr rhtiMty ntnl (llmH.-fl, ton; h.-r Hp, nrx rui.v tfil lirttl Mh will mnv "MAMMA" vi-ry illf lin tiy. ift.MInK hr i.v th Imnd or Mlmnlfl.p, ),, will put oiih foot beft.r! tin other nml walk In n truly life-llkp ninnnfr, nnd. Mt yt, hr eyvm will oifn unl uluit. Rea i Special Ofler Below Mont fvcrvhotlv know thnt HMlfrn t-'Mrmrr la h llrf nnd M"t fttlnltlr farm Jtrnnl pnl-lUhrrl In iif Vmvitlf rllM rt t4H'it tul' n. 'month unl la rniiv a Wfhnriit vlHiior. W'm will nukr ynm m pr t of I Mm til Inch 411 IT yoij will t,kn Inn tlrnt to nri fnr n t yttr Knl frlratl r nlfxlir.i Hti. M-r.Hrra to Uilrri Kirnrr, r1-! tlnif from -t h one one dollar fll out to mv for a v-nr, lhn if M tr Sf.tMt with the itiirtw-4 of your foor new niiii-nhera an thin wornWf 'it 1" 1 1 U vonrn. J it ait think of It, onlr four aub-awrlpllAtja, ear lor oar yrar. WESTERN FARMER lloll lcoorlNio MOS llreBoolMN lilrfa-. rilllTI.M HEART OF ARIZONA INDIAN ON WRONG. SIDE OF BODY e - . e (Internstlonsl News rervlce). rilKONIX, Ariz., Sept. 2. An Indian in a locul hospital has fur- nished n new wrinkle for medical science to Iron out. ' ' ' The Indiun Is said tn be a vie . Mm of tuberculosis nnd whs found by physicians to hnvo his heart ' on tho riKht sldo of his body. ' Tho man's liver is nlso said to be reversed and ho has a double rib on ono side. Gladys H. Strong TEACIITO OP TIANO Punning System for Ileglnners 426 S. Main St. Thone 311-L Just Arrived Carload of vetch, cheat, rye grass, gray onts, red chaff wheat. If you want good seed spenk quick. Wo have another car of flour and feed Just In. Best hard Wheat Flour Only $2 per Sack Mill Run $1.40 Economy Feed $1.30 Special 6h.p. Gas Engine $125 Only one left at this price see it today Tractor and 2 bottom Plow $450 See us first We can save you money. Farm Bureau Cooperative Exchange Roseburg and Oakland.

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