Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 21, 1954 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 21, 1954
Page 14
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>; ^_r*^,' -i^ ' HOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS , July it; t9§4 - --- .^•-f^.-' .^•-f^. REfi spttef HI? bulbs. $1 pet dozen postpaid Within Arkansas, Chea- pel here, Atthuf Ofay, Ozati. July 8-1 Mbfith TWO girls bicycles cheap. 402 Nor* th Main street. 17-3t REGISTERED Gtiferttseys. Bfed heifers, C6W9 find bull calves. Hale Olietftsey Farms, PreSCott, Arkansas. • 19-3t , ;i&eh';« houw or ,;i:ount aj.one wdfd. t? Wlllvnot be f»«0of»- lrt;Wont AUfUnlm r 'ditentlon . owl >, ..~ . hi ;ONE'.lnWfr*et ' insertion. 7-3431 bf farndin . by CO. , *TrM. U! S«M»h?Wolnut Strwt Publlibw < -*i-ftiond-'claii 'mailer •», lOffletf'ot /Hop*. .Arkanici, T f Art, ; «f»ht Audit lurtau *f xClreulolloni : ,' , (payable' In ad- t1>? . ,'and . neighboring - '. ^ t rail !felni;Mernpstead, .• NeVodo, ' >»7;Howord,'. and ' Miller coun - KSSPT^l' '"ii "• ' "}•< aSwtfWs v-^-A 1 . • ",' '. >,« ^•f.-^-^r^.i^ &-^£"*rt' 5 °.« f **& «»»"," W9 v^^f >3.25 ( 6.50 ited, P/ess .• Is entitled e*-" "«£*'•*-»«'- ripubll&tlpn ImVt'n this' crbp'-Elberta Peaches now li^fjne* atialjty^f £1$ worms 3pme*to v packlnV*n?d< on ^8tfrH»,Wf5 ' >-<'• .«—.„.?'• Grocery In Hope. Will Sell Stock/ fixtures, and building, of stdek, fixtures and rent building. Write Box 330, Hope, Arkansas. . . 10-Gt 9 HEAD good young stock •> cows, 14 calves,- 2 bred heifers, 1 top registered Angus Bull. Will sell together or bull seperate. Ster- 'ling Cook, Old highway 07, near Experiment Station. Phone 7'4976. - ' , 20-3t MY, home at 223 North Hamilton St. Five rooms with bath, glassed In pofch, and garage on corner lot. Price $3200. Albert Robertson. 20-Ot 144 ACRE farm, modern home, 15 head cattle, 1 mule team, machinery. All planted crops. Ample supply water. 7% miles South of Hope, , Arkansas on State High- Way 29. Price $12,500 cash or terms" at 5% interest. Write or Come see Oren L. Harris, Hope, Arkansas, 'Route 1. 20-31 USED lumber, building materials for sale. While it lasts we will have for sale at $40.00 a thousand 2 x '4's, 2 x O's, 2 x 8's, 1 x 8's No. 117 drop siding, 1x6' and 1'X B's ship lap all lengths. This is exceptionally good used lumber at $40.00 a thousand, at the Site, Also inside -and outside doors and windows with exceptionally good hardware. If you want" a bargain come to industrial area of the old Proving Grounds; Saturday, July 24th call or see Arthur Martin - Phone 7-3328,'-> * . 20-5t Political Announcements ft* Hi* !• Atttowttfcd to aa* fittttM ttit ihe foftoiHai AM «*fldlditel for public offlc* Hub- J«et to fci tetlon of th« Demo* critic jffrlfflary election*. half doh§re»t 4th District OftgN HARRIS 6. W; LOQKAD06 NORMAN M/WAHNOCK •: f 6f MAftttY fcYEBS for County Clack tiD K, MIDDLEBROOK8 JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYER8 ARTHUR ANDERSON Schedule for the second f Pony League play: Wednesday, July 21 Hope Auto vs. Hope Basket; 'irst. National Bank vs. Hope Builders. Monday, July 26 Hope Basket vs. First National Sank; Hope Builders vs. Hope Vuto. Wednesday, July 28 Hope'Builders vs. Hope Basket; irst National Bank vs. Hope Au- o. Monday, August 2 Hope Basket vs. Hope Builders; [ope Auto vs. First National Bank. ftt Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) RUGGLES -JIMMY COOK R. D. (SOW PHILLIPS TOM MH3DLE1BROOK3 CLAUD .ft. BUTTON SYVELLE BURKE Alderman Ward Thret B. L. RETTIQ A. P; DELUNEY Proteeutlng Attorney ROYCE WEISENBERGEB PRESTON DOWD TRAVIS MATHIS VAN JOHNSON Alderman Ward Four • JESSE L. BROWN CHARLES TAYLOR HOMER BEYERLEY MRS. G. A. NASH Alderman Ward Two JOHN S. GREENE FOREST L. HAIRR T. O. (TOP) PORTER Alderman Ward One MRS. KATHRYN LOU FRANKS JOE JONES For' State Senate 7th District GENE LEE For Sole or Trade ONE 3; year'old registered black ingus Bull. Frank Jefferson, Route'2, Rpsston. Will trade lor hay or >A what have you. . 21-3t Wanted to Buv TO,BUY Men's Vsed Shoes. Reaves ' - 3MF .YOUKG 'grovvthiOf cut 1 over .timber * Jihd,, Anyw$e,rfi \in I'pouthwesK fTkonsas. .W-jJl*-pa'ip-tbp priS ^Phone 7-2228'or see Ralph Sounders. '- ' J12-1 Mo. SS/ ' -t^ T i ^ j d. McWilliams ft, ,M . s<nt> ft f -J -V «, h?ns, See Hope Lock_ imd Processing Company for '.delivery date. 17-Ot A.'A) 1 'EAST well dig^ey. Contact Jackson, 316 J East Ave. B. Ho^e. 'Ark. • ' 20-lt VOTE Boley'8 all new, "AU air conditioned," court. When guests or Tourists inquire. 4 people $5,00. . ». " July 3-1 Mo natpM^, •,. -iito^co, Sale ?d, for deep fep Services Offered MATTRESS renovation and innerspring work Cobb Mattress Co. 316 South Washington, Phone 7-2622. , Mar. 4-tf Notice TWO', weeks only, 20?5r discount on '.Beauty Counselor cosmetics. Lois Piirtell. Phone 7-2156 or 7-3878. 16-8t PU Shane is not connected with-me. Samuels Real Estate For City Attorney C. V. NUNN, JR. Stengel Gets Ford Steamed Up -to Win NEW YORK — Casey Stengel as cr-)7.y as a fox ... and wice as sly. Talking to newspapermen before ast night's game with Chicago, the York Yankee manager spied iVhity Fork, his ace southpaw. "You want to know, who -is the est left-hander in the league'?" he sked. "That feller Billy Pierce vith the White Sox. He' s, better nan my feller. Sure I picked my eller to pitch tho All-Star Gemt. Jut that was only -bociitise the ther feller had just rocovered rom a sore arm. But Ihe" other eller is better." Ford undoubtedly heard ' ? cvery vord. A few moments later he rose and began throwing warmup litches. About 2y s hours later, he valked off the field with .a neat ight-hitter, after pitching /the Yankees to a ..4-1 victory over Chicago hat kept ;he Yankees hot on the 1 leels of the Cleveland Indians. Reached in the clubhouse later, 'ord declined an invitation to take ssue with Stengel but admitted lie vas determined to show his mana- Funeral Directors OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME INSURANCE . . . AMBULANCE 2ND & HAZEL . . . PHONE 7-2123 JT-lMo. HERNDON CORNELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest 'and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for our agents J15-1 Mo. For Rent BEDROOM with private bath and private entrance. Phone 7-3391 20=3t 3 ROOMS unfurnshed apartmerii good location - $25.00 per moixtl' Bills paid. 808 W. 4th. Phone'i? 3152, 7-20TF Female Help Wanted 5 LADIES work from your home part or full time — Tele phoning. Contact Mr .Childs Hotel Barlow, 9 a. m., Thursdaj Personal Contacts only. 21-1 The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring Items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Homo (Farm' Bureau Front Street. Agfcnt) 101 East IG-Ot Mr. and 1 Mrs, Johnie B. Austii and sons of Chicago, 111., are vi siting Mrs. Auustin's father, War , Iron Powell and Mr. Austin's mo HAVT? srnal! amount of Citizen's thev ; MM- Nancy Austin and othe National Bank stock to sel} relatives' around September 1st. What am Offered per share. Write box A' % Hope Star. 20-3t Mrs. Hattie Shaw and grandson of Loe An'geles, Calif., are visitinj j their husband and grandfathei BLACK4and farm to rent for qash. j"| elr .. n »s Dani One 1946 Ton truck for sale. cl l^ lie TShaw ; _. Mrs, Herman Stoy, Route 4,1 ^ )SSwLu " lle J° h " s ° n Hope, Arkansas. 20-3t £e a V. Marsh of Los Angeles, r 'Calif., T. J. Jones of Houston, Tex I WILL not be responsible for any as and the Rev. I. M. Manning debts other than those made byiTexarkana were the floe. Harold E.'Poole, II.Q* !«..»=»= «<• 81.3t! guests of Mr. -—" Johnson, TOP'S Complete Repairs. New and Part?, Highway §7 W«5t Oiol 7-2767 i Ark. Enjoy Mina At and Mrs. Fran: Mrs, Cleaster Handle and soi Betty, spent Monday in Malver visiting her aunt, Mrs. Mary Pa Pony League Sicond-Hcilf Schedule GIVES BRITAIN NEW PUNCH-The Royal Air. Force's new Meteor N.F, 14 is shown In a power dive over southern England. Britain's air. ministry describes the Meteor as the finest night fighter that exists. It differs from earlier Meteors by the clear- vision cockpit canopy for pilot and observer, the altered shape of the tail fin and other aerodynamic refinements which have as yet T ' ' not been disclosed. Fights Last Night By the Associated PfSS* Miami B'.-ach, Fla —Bob Satter. field, 176!i. Chicago, knocked out John Holman, 201, Gary, Jnd., 1C. Detroit - Allie Gronik, 149 '/i, Detroit, knocked out Pat Lowry, 147, Toledo, 1. ' New Orleans — Rai;ih Dupas, I3t , New Orleans, outpointed Ar' mand Savoie, 137 , Montreal, 10. Hope Downs Mena6to3 in Game Here The Hope Legionnaires downed the Meha Travelers 6-3 in a league game last night in Legion Park. A walk, stolen base, and a error scored a run for the Legionnaires in the 5th to break a 3-3 tie. Hope came right back scoring two more runs getting one in which the 7th and 8th innings. Mena went ahead in the first as they produced a single run Hope came:right-back in the bottom half of the -initial inning scoring three SPORTS ROUNDUP OAYLK TAL1OT. NEW YORK M?l —'At the rate Birdie Tebbetts is going; * there should be little difficulty in electing the Manager" of the Year for 1954. With the National League race entering its second half, the Ireshrhan pilot of the Cincinnati Redlegs has turned in a job little) short of sensational. A year ago at this time the Rod legs,-,,.with almost exactly the same talent, were floundering in the sec- ger that he pitcher too. was a pretty good Ask Changes! in Hunting ^ Regulations LITTLE ROCK A three day NATIONAL New York Brooklyn ond. division under that hard taskmaster Rogers Hornsby. They never attained the .500 mark under I Milwaukee Philadelphia St. Louis Chicago ittsburgh LEAGUE W L ' Pet. GB 61 30 .650 54 37 .593 ' a week quail hunting season,: a 30 day advance in squirrel hunting IjBtes'and icmoval of lh.jT.sizttlm.1 on trout were asked of the 'Game and sportsmen yesterday. The 'requests were laid 'before ie commission at ita meeting to •>ear suggestions on any changes in hunting and fishing regulations. Apparently, the extended squirrel hunting season request had the most support. It was made by Jim my Linder who represented more than COO members of the Phillips bounty Wildlife Chapter. cj, ; Linder suggested the opening date of the squirrel hunting season be changed from Oct. 1 to Sept. 1 He said outlaw hunters had been shooting squirrels in September during hickory-nut cutting-time. W. M. Apple, secretary of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation urged sportsmen to svrite-iheir congressmen requesting the federal gijvern- rnent return' to the states,;; about $13,000,000 collected in'faxes on hunting and fishing equipmenjj. He said Arkansas' share wouldj be more than $300,000. Otherv|js|, he said, the money would be ;placed in the federal government's general revenue fund. ; F. H. McCormack of Stuttgart was named as the new chairman of the commission. Commissioner Charlie Snapp of Walnut Ridgejwas named vice chairman. ,i the' Rajah, arid they were destined to Wind up a bedraggled sixth,* 37 games .off the top. ' Today the slugging Westerners, goaded and- smartly directed by their -new • manager, are battling tooth and : nail for thin.1 -place behind the Giants and Brooklyn and, on their current form, must be conceded' at least an outside chance of -pulling one of the biggest "•: upsets of. recent baseball history. "Few- experts gave the club a hope of finishing any higher than it did last season. Thirci place would -'represent a. genuine triumph for, the popular Birdie. . Probably the only one not greatly: surprised 'by the way .the Red- legs are staying in there'., and .slug-. gihg with the leadqr.s;£;|j- despite their uncertain pitcljin^^is,,. Tebbetts himself. ; The stock ex- : catcher who took over after 47 45 46 44 3 43 .511 1 .511 .500 1 Yanks Win 17 of 19, Not on Top'Til Yet By BEN PHLfeGAR Associated Press Sports Writer ' What .does a feller ha v! to do to get into first place in this league? Cnsey Stengel of the New York Yankees is running the hottest bnl" club in the American Leaffiio. Onl Zy 2 games off the puce on July 1, the Yankee.? have won 17 out of 13 games'since then. •' And thoy Still.aren't up oriitop. Last night they .c-amo within'oni put out of reaching their Objective. They fought off third-place Chicago handily, winning 4-1. 'The huge Scoreboard in Yankoo Stadium, showed Boston leading .Cleveland 5-3 after eight innings. i . _ But in the ninth at Boston AP Smith coaxid Willani Nixon f<S>r a walk with two out ami Bobby Avila (.'rilled his second homo run ofi the contest to tie the score. That's iho runs"qn"hYts"by"wrH'."Gunter"and; wa y }t stayed. -It wound-up a: 5-5 Wayne Johnson combined with two walks. The Travelers tied the game up in the second as they scored two more runs on as many hits. Sonny Griffin, winner, gave up 3 runs on 6 hits, walked 2. while striking out 13. Abernathy, loser, gave up 6 runs on 7 hits, struck out 10 and walked 9. Hope AB R H Gunter,. W. H. ....... 211 Boyett 400 Johnson 523 White 3 2 1 Gunter, B. 400 Smith 300 Griffin 300 Lane „... 1 0 o Nix (3) 302 300 single year of 'minor league man- ageria} exporience at Iridianapoiis never ceased to swear stoutly in the spring that he was going to climb pvei- some clubs — "and I don't give a damn "which ones they are.'" When he was asked why be had reached into the minors for Tebbetts and given hi ma two-year 'starter, General Paul replied thai Yesterday's Results Meridian 12, Hot Springs 7 Pine Bluff 7, El Dorado 5 Greenville' 6,' OVIonroe 5 (12 innings) contract Maureen Connolly Badly Hurt as a Gabe Manager he-had chosen his man "because of his intelligence." This was an unusual • answer, and it created some comment at the time,.-but looks now as though Gabe had something. Pompey Fights Word Tonight in Detroit CHICAGO UP) Yol ancle Pompey, ; considered 'by many experts as'--probably tho best all ; arounr] fighter in the Brkis'i Empire, makes his first United . States appearance tonight against busy Mqses Ward of Detroit. Pompey, a 25-year-Qld West Indian from Trinidad, is a 5-2 favorite to beat his free r winging oo- ponent in the.... battle to be televised j nationally at 8 p.m. CST (CBS). - ' Mrs. Gloria J. 'McF.adden and daughter odf 'FJint, Mich., are visiting Mrs. McFadden's parents,, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Hicks and other relatives. e Station Mr. and Mrs. Henry Logan and daughter, Pearl, of St. Louis, Mo. are visiting' Mrs. Beatrice Keel and other relatives. Mrs. LaFaJre Douglas and daughter Janip R. Douglas of Kalamo- ?0o, Mich-, are visiting their aunt «nd yncle Air. a,nd Mrs. Green Walker pf Hope, Arkansas. Top Radio Programs NRW YQ$K W — Selected pro- jrftm.|i 4«pigixt; Radio : NBC — 0 T\VO Qul? §hpws; 7 Groucho ru Sh«v 6 7: r 4PC — 5:3,1) Lone Varieties "The SAN DIEGO, Calif. W --Tennis champion Maureen Connolly, seriously injured when thrown against a moving cement truck while riding her horse, rested in a hospital hero today. "Little Mo's" injuries — a broken and severely cut right leg — will prevent her from defending her U. S. singles title at Forest Hills, N. "/., Aug. 33. Dr. BrucQ Kimball, who operated on her Jog shortly alter the accident yesterday, said the fibula or swall bone below the knee was fractured and that uornu muscles were torn but not severed. She was in surgery more than three hours. Her leg was put in a cast and Dr. Kimb'aH said she would be hospitalized a; leas-t a week. He said, however, that the injury would not permanently cripple her. He ordered her not to touch n jtennis racquet for a month, and perhaps longer. The 19-yenr-oid* t^nnU queen was riding her thoroughbred Colonel Merry Boy yesterday, scconv panied by two girl companions, when the accident occurred pear Mission yulley polo grounds. ' Before entering surgery, "Uttlo Mo" said: "We were riding along Friar's Road. We t topped our horses as the truck qpproaphed. "Colons} Merry Boy tlje -, w shied Stanky Gives Apology for Fistfight ST. under LOUIS suspension —Eddie Btanky a fine foi and $60 fine to the S( manager his action in a forfeited game Sunday, has bounced back with a public apifiiqgy and a promise to lefonn. '; • Warren Giles,' National League president,,' handed^ a five-day su's pensipn Louis .^ aftei* a' hearing here. A fvee-for-all and stalling in Sun day's, game led 'Umpire Babe Pin ell} fo' feivc the 'PhUa4,e!phaa Phil u 9-0' foj-feH victory in the s.;con< half o^ th6 twin bill. gtanky told newsmen later \\< reaJi?ed he has embarra&sed am hwrt> St. Louis fans, baseball nj» tionally. the Cardinals uud his ovvn reputation. Jot <tf • people ^y, "Eddie y won't do it," the Redbiwl said of his promise. "How over, I co«s,idev this fhullcngo the Q* m y baseball carper. J 43 46 .48317 35 2 .402 24 29 61 .322 31'/- Yesterday's Results New Tork 2, Cincinnati 1 (13 in- ings) Chicago 3, Brooklyn 2 St. Louis' 4, Philadelphia 2 (Only games scheduled) Today's Games Brooklyn ft Cincinnati (night) Philadelphia at Milwaukee night) Pittsburgh at St. Louis (night) New York at Chicago COTTON STAES LEAGUE 31 rxorado reenville VIeridian VIonroe 'ine Bluff •lot Springs 54 48 44 37 L 28 32 37 4G . 59 .000 .543; t. ,GB Webb Totals Mena Withcrspoon Carter Cox Wagoner . Milham ... Reynolds . Ryan Cottman . Abernathy Totals ... . 31 AB ... 4 ... 4 ... 4 ... 4 ... 4 ... 4 ... 4 ... 2 ... 3 . 29 R 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 H 0 0 2 1 0 0 2 0 1 8'A 35 4 25 50 .44G 171/2 .43 17V. Today's Games Meridian at Hot Springs Greenville at Monroe Pine Bluff at El Dorado SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Orleans Atlanta Birmingham Chattanooga VIemphis Mobile Little (Bock Nashville W L 01 2 58 41 56 45 54 47 49 0 42 59 42 59 39 58 Pet. GB .502 .580 1 .554 4 .535 G .495 10 .416 18 .41618 .402 19 Yesterday's Results Little Rock, 0, Mobile 3>' Birmingham' 9, Chattanooga 5 Memphis 5, New Orleans 4 Nashville 4-13, Atlanta 1-14 Today's Games Mobile at Little Rock Birmingham at Chattanooga New Orleans at Memphis Atlanta at Nashville AMERICAN Cleveland New York Chicago Detroit Boston Boston Washington Baltimore Philadelphia LEAGUE W L Pet. GB 61 23 .685 02 29 .681 57 34 .626 5 39 40 50 37 37 36 32 30 .443 211/1- 50 50 5« 56 .425 23 .425 23 .419 23'A .356 29'A ,349 29 V-> Yesterday's Results Detroit 12-4, Philadelphia 0-3 New YorH 4. Chicago 1 Washington 9, Baltimore 1 Cleveland 5, Boston 5 (called 16th inning, curfew) Baltimore at Washington (night) Detroit at Philadelphia (night) Chicago, »\Jt New Yorlt - .at Boston AMERICAN SSOCITION Louisville u, Kansas C-ty 4 Toledo 7, Indianapolis 1 Other games postponed TEXAS LEAGUE Dallas 5, Houston 3 Sao Antonio 4, Fort Worth 3 Oklahoma City 8, Beaumont 3 SJireveporc 5, Tulsa Q will win, ' G'ites V-lso punished St. Loui? catpfee? Sal- Vvnv? arid Phjiad,ci- i>h»a Ijvsi bAsenA^o Pftrt ^I^w* Jm thf tbe »«4,|.« IN AU ttye. suspensions started last night, Manager Terry Moore, in the middle of tho home piate battle, dv&w no penalty after tiling GUe? h.e w§g trying to restore p.e8,cu \vhen St§j\ky about the nepk, toe fqrleit Chicks Run Win Streak to 7 Games By The Associated Press ;|A belated bid for a spot in the Southern Association playoffs began showing faint signs of success for the Memphis Chicks today after the Tribe ran its winning streak to seven games. Don Gutteridge's Ions-ball hitters have begun to get better cooperation from the Chick hurling corps, and the combination has made Memphis the hottest team -in tha circuit fo:- the past week? Last night an effective mixture of power hitting and good relief pitching by the' amazing Dixie Howell proved too potent for pacesetting New Orleans as the Chicks made it seven in a row with a 5-4 verdict. Home runs by George Noga and Ken Lanclenberger gave Memphis a four-run fourth inning , which tag' ged young Curt Raydon with his [ourth setback of the year against two victories. The lanky Howell' s 3 2-3 scoreless innings in relief saved the victory for Marv Rolblatt, tiny Memphis lefthander who was cuffed for two runs by the Pels in the fourth and fifth innings. Atlanta chipped half a game off the Pels' lead by rallying for nme runs in the last two innings to defeat Nashville 14-12 in the second game of a doubloheadcr after the Vols captured the opener 4-1. Birmingham routed Chattanooga £-5 and Little Rock trounced Mobile 9-3. Mobile nicked Little Hock's left- hander Dick Hoeksema for 12 hits but failed to put tham together effectively until the Travs fa,sh- ioned a 9-0 lead. Russ Sullivan homered with the bases loaded for Little .Rock, hellping the Pebs snap a losing string at four gajnes.. College Grid Stars Begin Training CHICAGO The College All- Star football squad, its roster completed last night, begins' training Friday for the Aug. 13 charily game with the pro-champion Detroit Lions. A total of 51 stars from colleges ' throughout the country will report to, head coach Jim Tatuin of Maryland at Purdue University. They will have three full weeks to gear themselves for the annual Soldier Field battle with, the Lion.<, a veteran-yacke4 club that has won the National Football League title two years in a x - ow. The Lions beat a similar group of all-stars 24^10 in last year's lake front classic. The- pros undoubtedly will b e favored to repeat as victors. Inbluled on th» collegian roster ore end G^ry JCnafelc, Colorado; tackle Melvtn Brown tie after 1C Innir.f.s \vith the league curfew calling a halt. You can't start an inning after 12:50 a. m., local lime, and it v .vns 12:57 a. m. by the time the .last out was mid-j in tho 10th. It .will have to be repla.vcd from the -Etar^ sometime later. • , So, by four percentage points, the Indians stand in first place. The issuj may be settled 'temporarily this weakoivl when Cleveland invades New York for three gamec start;*?.ij Friday night. • While the American League race was tightening, tho National League'became more lopsided with the New York Giants stretching their advantage over Brooklyn t^ seven games, their longest lead oK the year. The Giants won a 13-ii'ming struggle in Cincinnati 2-1., and Brooklyn lost in • 10 im'nng-5 im Chicago 3-2. St. Louis defeated Philadelphia 4-2 ; in the only other; National League action. Milwaukee and Pittsburgh were not scheduled. Other -results in the American League included a 9-1 triumph by Washington over Baltimore and I two more losses by Iho Philadelji phia Athletics, their 9th and ' 10th in a row, this time to Detroit: 12-0 and 4-3. • The Giants a:id Dodgers' games both were decided on errors. In Cincinnati, the New Yorkers pushed across the winning run' in the 13th, on a single by Bobby; Hofman followed by two misplays and a sacrifice fly by Whiicy Locksman. Gene Baker scored the winning run for Chicago against BropklyBjj. by scampering home from s^conoT base when pitcher Jirn Hughes, dropped an easy tosc at first'base that should have been .the Ihird cut. Harvey Haddix of the- Cards joined him as a 14-gamo winner after beating the Phils but Haddix neded ninth-inning help from Gerry Staley. Four hit-, climaxed by a triple by Ray Jablonski-pro- nd all of the St. Louis runs in the first inning. Q| The Yankees pinned tho fifth, loss on Bob Keegan although they were oulhil 8-7. Fine fieldinfi which in- chified three double plays helped V.'hhey Ford to his ninth, success. Detroit scored ni.u runs in, the first ::inm,* of the -first game at I'hiladel-.nia ir. n cplurgi which In- chiilcd a-double and a grand slnm home run by Hai-ve.v Kuenn; In thi; nightcap the Ti;;ors rallied for three runs in tho eighth, two o ( ~ them on a home run by Bill Tuttle RIGHT DIRECTION "> COLUMBIA, S. C. .Iff D&vid Joyner's unsual plea en a drjtink- erness charge paid off in Cit.y Court here yesterday. He ndmitted he was drunk but said he'wa'^ on his way to church. . i : "At least," said the judge, '?you were headed in the rifjht direction. guard Pob Hantla, Kansas; quarterback Lvimar McHan, Ar and, hatfback, yeryl Switser, so drunk or suspend your sober I'm sentence." going to Legal Notice IN THE HEMPSTEAb COUNTY PROBATE COURT IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF JOHN JAMISON, f deceased • No. 929 NOTICE OF PETITION FOR DETERMINATION OF HEIRSHIF^ Any and every person'or all persons who may claim an interest in tho hereinafter described property that was owned by John Jamison, deceased, who died intestate on or about the 15th day of February, 1954, in Hope, Arkansas, are hipre- by notified that Roscoe A. Sharp, the administrator of this estate is going to present a petition to ;i the Hempstead County Probate Court on the 16th day of August, 1954J at 10:00 A.M. or as soor), thereafter a A the Court may entertain the That all persons or any unknown heirs of the decedent claiming, an interest therein are hereby n,ott- fled to appear and disclose siieh interest if any, that they may h,ave in the estate of John Jamison, deceased or in the property hereinafter described, owned by John Jamison at the time of his death, at the above stated time $nd place. That the property for Whj,eh'deT termination is sought is situated ' Hempstead County, Ar^a_n,sa.s a described as following, 4j$tw4t: Lot Np. Four (4) Block P,' in Yearger Addition to the 1 the City ol Hope, Arkansas.'' ROSCQE A. SHARP,' Roscoe A. Sharp, Administrator of the estate of John jr'am'ison, deceased as the Petitioner. This notice fi, ls t published, on thf 14 d.ay ^ July J9$4 1<% 899909 4, as , ARKANSAS ^- •* .-*..*-. . i. 02ARK ft! , July 31, 1354 f-, -^ - T i'~ - *• -*v—* GOODNESS, J HOPE \»<§ULO BE COOKIE GStTVKG<> S6 LONESOME MAftRI&?AN# Jf IN fWS BuEAK LEAVING US r L HOUSE ALL 6V OURSELVES ELMO- HAS COME OVEft TO VISIT COOKIE THIS EVENING COT OUR WAY VIC FLINT TO TH' HILLS —TO CLiMB.Ai Answer to Previous Puzzle DO AUONie/I'VE IJMEP UP If-J THE ARMY, IPJ IM BAW«e-IW EVERYTHING.' EVEM ON SUNPAY PRIVES/ Baby Talk ACROSS DOWN I 1 What baby 1 Stable '• wears at meals 2 Notion 4 Where baby 3 Baby baskets . Sleeps 4 Fetter 8 Baby's dog's 5 Heavy cord ' y"? 6 , , , 6 Turkish inn 12 Girl baby's 7 Wager name 8 Scent 13 Where baby 9 Despise 28 Russlati city 42 Famous I . v *"*-U£tttf\r +,\J AVWAOJH11 ^* fc .7 *" * "*** ,. i 18 ? 8 ,," 1 ^ 81 . 10 Persian prince 29 Essential Irish M Baby s beat n Agreement being playright, inena 17 Coiffure 31 i-eruvian G. B^— ..,,.... 19 Roman 'animals' 43 Commotion ipM'f garments 33 Glandular 44 Hebrew i'^L-, 23 Blood vessels organ- .' ' measure onv- "it 24 Kind of bean 38 Genuflects 46 Extensive 21 ElMtriMllv 25 Aroma 4 ° Im P rove 47 Ireland • chareed atom • 2 ° Put f ° rth 41 Andent " 48 Act ' . ; 09 wfJif«^ atom 27 Opposing Iranians 50 Golf mound XA wicKed 24 Protracted .. ... ,t _.£<»+:*>&$&& THIS INCIDENT J>,BOUr ^ M CWH.A! -THE SALWiOM PldHERWWJJ FlMP MB 60m' * WY NOf DEVELOP THMl GOOD BOOKS ON SWrt I CWJ *BE TH^ J TH6 SAUNiQM >., '""«' a 6TORV NOW I' A INDUSTRY! N.SO • 26 Brain passage 27 Fish eggs ' 1-30 Standards • . -of perfection rSlDawdlers .'.!34.Car hotels .'35 What baby i makes ; 36 Measures r of land .'•37 Diving birds ••',•• c^M^''f^®% .." >'.>:•;••• i ; • •'".^MJs^^Tu-' e^.w^Mt^^^T.a'JfeU.*^.'^.^-'''^ OUR BOARDING HOUSE DUCTED AM EXHAOSTNe •SURVEY OF THE gUT thAS CAOSe OF ITS " : 39 Repulsive ; 40 Prayer ending '41 Middle "V (prefix) 42Plartt pore' • 45 Turned ' ".' outward : 49 Land stake 51 Anger, • '.52 Arabian gulf 53 Otherwise 54 Contend 55 Promise 56 Suffixes 57 Finish BOOTi AND HER BUDDES - hrfT^^sX -—^ By Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY T 1 CWECK guesy, AN' 'uu ee READY .' AtL6Y OOP NOW'3 I'VE FOUND TH' CAVE^ QET TO WHERE ITS WHERE I FOUGHT TH' PRASQN',1 TRACKS DISAPPEAR, I THINK I'M SETTING MISHTY, MX KM SURE IT WON'T -'.OSS TO TH' CLIMAX QF ^flfe' & MUCH Of A ' THIS ADVENTURE... ^flHHb JOB WHY. 1 .You're right, Mr. Maloney! You certainly do have io be careful what vo'u do in a canoel 1 ' . I ; '•<*- l'^'' : V; SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith always different!" SWEETIE PIE LIBRARY QUIET - L.Lfe^M ' • THI STORY OR MARTHA WAYNI WiKT SACK HOVfJ ARE <5QIN<? R?R rYwi it fits perfectly,brtyo'd be?r tjake it m^ lg§9 a cpwple of inehp wewyin vut hew I'm for it '*&?,:>': .'4V-V, ^i

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