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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois • Page 12

Herald and Reviewi
Decatur, Illinois
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12 DECATUR HERALD Decatur, Illinois, Saturday, JVovember 14, 1964 Look and Learn Life's Like That shoppers Saturday Television WORLD Ouallty Discount Department Stores Open Doily (Oorato JOpm (Sundays lOamto 6p HIIETTWOOD VILLAGE Big, beautiful bulky pouch 1 mii'YUiti' If ilwc "I've found there's one thing I can do better than my teacher read MY writing." drama "Angel Street" by Patrick Hamilton at 8 p.m. Nov 20 and 21 in the high school Roger L. Jarand is director. ginning of this season, replacing a whole' family. The show can be seen at 6 pm.

on Sundays on WCIA. New Master Robert Bray, who starred in "Stagecoach West" four years ago, took over as Lassie's new owner at the be- Robert Bray 10:35 (10) Bob Hope (20-5) News. Weather 10:55 20) News. Sports 5) Movie: Johnny Concho 11:00 3) Movie: Back Street 11:10 (20) Trails West 11:30 (17) Movie: Sayonara 11:35 (10) Thriller 11:40 (20) Roller Derby 12:40 5) News 12:45 5) Movie: Little Caesar 2:10 5) Weather SHELBYVILLE DRAMA Shelbyville Nov. 13 (Special) Shelbyville' High School Dra matics Club will present the COVERED WAGON 1987 Jasper Every Wed.

Sat i 2AIb CHICKEN Cole Slaw Hot Roiis auc And Butter Also Bar Qned Ribt STEAKS FISH BAR PKG. GOODS! DAVE DOWNEY 1. Where is the world's larg est concentration of naval installations? 2. Which Pslam in the Bible begins with the statement "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the 3. Where in the human body can the mastoid bone be felt? 4.

Who was the first English man to receive a Nobel Prize for literature? Answers 1. Hampton Roads, Va. 2. The 91st Psalm. 3.

Behind the ear. 4. Rudyard Kipling (1865- 1936). Sunday's Television Ch. 17 WTVP -Decatur (ABC) Ch.

3 WCIA Champalro CBS) Ch. 20 WICS Springfield (NBC) Cta. 10 WTH1 Terre Haille (CBS) Cta. KSD Si. Louis (NBC) (e) Color Sunday (10) Greatest Gilt (17) Wonderama 3) Inspiration Time (3-10) Lamp Unto My Feet (17) Porky Pig (3-10) Look Up and Live (20) This is the Life (17) Bullwinkle 3) Camera Three (10) Path to Belief (20) Education Today (17) Discovery '65 3) The Christopher.

(10) This is the Life (20) Movie: Neptune's Daughter (17) This is the Life 3) All Systems Go (10) Faith for Today (17) Faith for Today (3-10) Face the Nation 8:00 9:30 8:55 9:00 9:30 10:30 11:30 12:00 (17) Directions '65 3) Pete Elliott Show (10) Light Time (3-10) Lions and Bears (17) Issues and Answers (20) Eternal Light (17) Movie: Jack and the Beanstalk (20) Davey and Goliath (20) Canadian Play Off Game (17) AFL Football (3-10) Packers and 49'ers (20) Capitol Conference (20) Wild Kingdom (c) (20) College Bowl 12:15 12:30 1:00 1:15 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 Sunday Night 5:00 5:30 (20-5) Meet the Press c) (17) The Outlaws (10) Mr. Ed (20-5) Profiles in Courage (3-10) Lassie (17) The Beatles (3-10) My Favorite Martian (20-5) Disney's Wonderful World of Color (c) (3-10) Ed Sullivan (17) Broadside (20-5) Bill Dana Show 17) Movie: Birdman of Alcatrai (3-10) My Living Doll (20-5) Bonanza (c) (3-10) Joey Bishop (3-10) Candid Cameea (20-5) The Rogues (3-10) What's My Line (17) Movie: The Big Land (3-10) 10 O'clock Report (20-5) News. Weather (10) Sunday Report 5) Movie: The Wrong Man (20) Naked City 3) Adventure in Paradise (10) Law and Mr. Jones 3) Night Call (20) Leave It to the Girls (17) Under Discussion 5) News 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:25 10:30 12:00 1:00 Lawrenceville Fire Ban Lawrenceville, Nov. 13 (Special) The Lawrenceville City Coun has banned burning of trash leaves in the city, witn a fine of up to $100 for violators.

OPENING MONDAY! HARRY WHITE HONKY-TONK PIAN'OIST Patter and songs in the Al Jolson, Fats Waller manner! JOIN THE FITN (2 weeks only) PLAYING NITELY CORK INN 1604 N. 22nd Sunday? Lassie's New Master Hopes for Steady Role 1 III- VsA-'M i 988 Soft supple vinyl plastic or wool-look tweed pouches po high, wide, handsome for dress or casual use all detailed with single or double handles, zipper pockets in lining. Black or brown. Sorry, I'o Mail or Plume Orders No Monej- Down on Our Revolving Charge Account NO PAYMENTS TIL JAN. 1965 Ch.

17 WTVP Decatur (ABC) Ch. 3 WCIA Champaign CCBS1 Ch. 20 WICS Springfield (NBC) Ch. 1 WTH1 Terre Haute (CBS) Ch. 5 KSD St.

Louis (NBC) (C) Color Saturday 6:25 3) Inspiration Time 6:30 3) Sunrise Semester 7:00 (3-10) Mr. Mayor 7:30 (20) Introduction to the New Testament 8:00 (3-10) Alvin Show 8:30 (17) Buffalo Bill Jr (3-10) Tennessee Tuxedo (20) Hector Heathcote (c) 00 (17) Shenanigans (3-10) Quick Draw McGraw (20) Underdog (c) :30 (17) Annie Oakley (3-10) Mighty Mouse (20) Flash Gordon :00 (17) Casper Cartoons (3-10) Linus the Lionhearted (20) Dennis the Menace :30 (17) Beany and Cecil (3-10) The Jetsons (20) Pegwill Magic Circle :00 (17) Bugs Bunny (3-10) Sky King (20) Exploring (c) 30 (17) Hoppity Hooper (3-10) My Friend Flicka (20) Pro Football Special 00 (17) Magic Land 3) Let's Look at Learning (10) Industry on Parade (20) NCAA Pre Game Show 15 (20-10) Michigan State vs. Notre Dame 30 (17) New American Bandstand (3) What Do You Say 00 3) Movie: Monsieur Beaucaire 15 3) A World of Adventure 30 3) Championship Bowling 00 (17) Ringside Rasslin (10) Cartoon Clubhouse (20) College Football Scoreboard 30 3) Bam Dance (20) Funny Company 00 (17) Wide World of Sports (3-10) NFL Countdown (20) Rocky and His Friends 30 (20) Grand Ole Opry Saturday Night 5:00 3) The Hop (10) Mickey (20) Barn Dance 5) Porter Wagner 5:30 (17) Sugarfoot (10) Patty Duke (20) Lloyd Thaxton Show 5) Grand Ole Opry 6:00 3) Saturday Edition (10) My Three Sons 5) Death Valley Days 6:30 (17) Outer Limits (3-10) Jackie Gleason Show (20-5) Flipper (c) 7:00 (20-5) Mr. Magoo (c) 7:30 (17) Lawrence Welk (3-10) Once Upon a Mattress (20-5) Kentucky Jones 8:00 20-5) Movie: Some Came Running 8 30 (17) Hollywood Palace 9:00 (3-10) Gunsmoke 9:30 (17) Stoney Burke 10:00 3) Wanted Dead or Alive (10) 10 O'clock Report 10:30 (17) Untouchables 3) 10:30 Edition 10) Sports Scoreboard CANES-CRUTCHES Nice Selection COPELAND'S Health Appliances 1461 W. Wood Pi)- 428-8641 '2 FRIED CHICKEN 50 Taea A Sat Era.

Only VALLEY'S t-0 WOODFORD SEE BILL BURNS For The EXCITING NEW "65 FORD (The Silent One) SOY FORD, we. 455 E. PERSHING Ph. 877-5441 Doors Open Last 4 Days! At: 1:20, 3:20, 5:20, 7:20, 9:20 SANDRA DC-. ROBERT GOULET ANDY WILLIAMS -MAURICE StPHUPOUUINE A Universal Picture Open 1:00 P.M.

Starts 1:30 i A.A.U. BASKETBALL Chry filer Academy vs. Champaign Bishops KINTNER GYM 3 P.M. SUNDAY, November 15th ADULTS SI. 00 STUDENTS 50c NOTHING But The Best! Entertainment Dancing Saturday Night Wooden Shoe Windmill Bar 161 E.

Main Street BILL SMALL 3 '2 ill Academr of Beauty Culture. RICKLOPOSSA PJVL SAT. SUN. PACKED HITS! JAMES BOND IS BACK! HAIWSAlIZMANallLBERTRBROCCOUa in Rams? Rinr.1 riusszn STARRINa Mtt.WVrW.,MMKrWnpiHA uuw uuflnuuMinnui uunu mm mmm iT-WflTEDMinSTS One Way To Kill A Man! III free-lance acting jobs more easily by living right where the action is. "I'll tell you why.

I'm not the kind of guy who can sit by the phone waiting for a job. When I'm not acting, I take any kind of job as long as it's decent and honest. "No, the world didn't crumble when I lost my first series, nor will it crumble if I lose this one, which I honestly love more than I did the first one Twenty-seven years ago, I worked in a labor gang at a Hollywood studio, it was tough vutb a quart of sweat for every dollar earned. But even head of that studio couldn't have been more erect and prideful than I was. "Do you know how got this Lassie picked me! There were four of us tested with Lassie for this role and that dog took to me so, the director simply said: "There's our man.

Lassie won't leave his That dog, ray friend, is country folks!" Decatur's First Finest Italian Pizza ROMANO Ph. 428-6713 401 8. Jasper bating Out cil or Special Pre-Holiday Fun! Today Sunday! 3 Special Matinee Shows! See Time Schedule Below! -Time SHOWTIMES TODAY! Two (2) Shows 1st. Show at 10:00 a.m. 2nd.

Show at 12:00 Noon SANTA BRINGS CHRISTMAS FUN TO MARS! This ad courtw Chrysler ''J KICIIFALK OPEN TONITE Open 6:30 Starts 7 2 BIG ACTION 1 Blast off for Santa Science-Fun-Rction Hfcl; atitshei9ht! OHHMs-ruii-riuwii gm -sNjs sJft F.E.T. romp, value 5.98 Tickets On Sale Right Now 50c Schcdulc! SHOWTEttE TOMORROW! One (1) Show Only! Starts at 12:00 Noon! A and a pair of Earth Kids) Merry Xmas Cartoons! 2:30, 4:15, 6:00. 7:35 9:10 ml'L By Hank Grant Hollywood, Nov. 13 Robert Bray is such a warm, likeable fellow that no one felt happier than I to hear he had been given the starring role of Forest Ranger Corey Stuan on the "Lassie" series, replacing the entire family of stars as the collie's sole master. I had been concerned about Bray's acting future wtan his "Stagecoach West" series lasted only one season on ABC some four years ago.

Prior to Stagecoach, Bray tod fairly steady employment with one shot roles on such series as "Maverick," "Gunsmoke" and "Wells Fargo," but fickle Hollywood seemed determined to make him a forgotten man man when his series folded. Bray confided his tzzlement to me at his inability to gain more than occasional certainly not enough to sustain him, his wife Jo and their seven children with even the bare es- sentials of living. At the time. I assumed his cheerfulness ever his plight was admirable bravado to disguise hidden panic. In a meeting with Bray recently.

I learned how mistaken I was! 'Teople who are country -born," he told me, "don't panic as easily as city folks when the going gets tough. "I was Montana-born on a ranch where I did a man's wcrk from the time I was seven. A man trained to respect honest labor never needs charity. "You once asked me why I lived so far from Hollywood when I'd be able to pick up TV SERVICE" Sunday ANYTIME Evening HOUSE CALL $2.95 BURKS TV 422-2374 tS Tears Eleetranles Experience mamas TONIGHT Hi I 1 SOME AND There Is More Than Ht0' Wood and Oakland Smorgasbord Matinee YMr-Jir 1 II III I jjt SEE: The Martians Kidnap Santa! All You Can Eat 11 A.M. -4 P.M.

Adults $1.25 Santa's North Pole Workshop! Children 95c The Fantastic Martian Toy Factory! Earth Kids Meeting with Martian Kids! Space-ship Journey from Earth to Mars! Santa turn Mars-Robot into a Mechanical Toy! "Hooray 'l tor Santa" by Al Hirt Victor Plus! Lots of Color Doors Open 2.15 P.M. See TODAY! It Today "Gnnfighter" Starts: 11 CAME RUNNING" Starring LOGAN MASON HEREFORD ASS'N CLUB CALF SALE 51 HEAD 24 Heifers 27 Steers HORNED and POLLED Logan County Fairgrounds FRI. NOV. 20 7 P.M. All Calves Are Eligible For Land of Lincoln FRANK SINATRA SHIRLEY McCLAIN DEAN MARTIN HE SAID, Ok lf LAST 2 DAYS 2 HITS! In Color Luke Halpin "FLIPPER'S NEW ADVENTURE" ALSO VINTON "SURF PARTY" AT 8 P.M.


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