The Decatur Herald from Decatur, Illinois on May 30, 1954 · Page 27
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The Decatur Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 27

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1954
Page 27
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DECATUR SUNDAY HERALD AND REVIEW Decatur, Illinois, Sunday, May 30, 1954. 27 u 11 Coffey Auto Mkt. 1954 Clicvroitt Xlel Air 4-door. Ralio. he. iter, tinted cUs. htte sidcwaiU. Rack up liRhts. rum lihis. standard tr.insnns-ion. Guaranteed, mechanically, 100rr. fur 90 days. 1955 Willys Jeep, Yerv clean. Guaranteed. 1952 Oldsmobdc "SS" Super Holidav (hardtop; beautiful red 2-tone. Excellent condition. Complete accessor equipment. Guaranteed. 1952 Chevrolet deluxe 2 duor. Powerclide. radio, heater. A very clean, excellent car. Guarantcd. 1952 Chevrolet Styleline deluxe station waKon. SpaiseiiRer, 3-scater. New lues. Guaranteed. 1951 Chevrolets deluxe 2-doors and 4-doors. Very clean cars. Radio, heater. Automotive 11 30 1951 DeSoto Custom 4-door. A rerv fine'll local 1 -owner car. Guaranteed." 1951 Plymouth Belvedere Club coupe (hardtop). Radio, heater. A very fine 1-owner guaranteed car. 1951 Ntudehriker Champion 2-door. Can be sold with small dot'n payments. 1950 Plymouth Special deluxe 4-dor. One ol the cleanest in town. Guaranteed. 1950 1 ird Custom Tudor. Overdrive, radio, heater, sun-visor, very nd tires. 1950 Chevrolets deluxe 2-doors and 4-doors. Radios, heaters, clean cars. Guaranteed. 1950 Nashs. Statesman Super 2-d-tor and Ambassador 4-door with overdrive. C an he uld with, very small douD pa mtnt. 1950 lluick Super Riviera 4-door. A verv fine car. (..uaranteed. i 1950 Plvmnnth Sn.' 1Hiiy tstmn wau-i xcvntionailv clean. Guaranteed. 1950 ( hevn.let Bel Air hardtop coupe, beautiful guaranteed car. 1950 Martey-Davidvon "74'' Motorcycle. T400 miles. 1 ooks and runs like new. Co npletc accessory equipment. Only SI SO down. 1949 Lords. Custom Club coupe. Tudor and l ordor. The Fordor enpine completely reconditioned. Very small or no down pavment required. I40 Chevrolet deluxe 2-door. Guaranteed. 1948 Plymouth Special deluxe 2 door. Onlv S375! No down pavment required. 1948 Pontiac convertible. iood condition. No down payment required. 1948 Mercurr 4-door. Exceptionally clean, low mileaRe, guaranteed car. 1948 Pontiac convertible. No down payment required. 1948 and 1949 Crosley sedan and ftarion wapon. 1947 Pi-dpe pickup. Good condition. No down pavment required. 1946. 1947, 1948 Chevrolet, Tord. Pon- tiacs, Hudson?. Ruicks. Studebakers. lo down pavment requirrd. 1946 and 1947 C hevrolets and Fords, 2-doors and 4-door;;. No down payment required. Several Pre-war Models S49 Up! aNo Oown Payment Requiredl IT'S r.VSV TO TJi IDE AT C'OFFFV'S 5:9 E. North Decatur, 111 A N D 2799 N. 22nd Optn S : t to 4: . Decatur, 111. 0! Economica Transportation 1952 DOUCE and runs panel truck. Looks like new 1952 DOlX.r. pickup. Deluxe cab. Exceptionally clean S T95 1948 1)1- SO TO sedan. Looks runs very ood and S 495 IXH)l. F sedan. Fcepli"na!!e K'mmI luei hanitaliv. Kailio, heater, seat covers, good tires S 295 194S FORD Super Deluxe sedan $ 34 5 1947 I'ONTI C Club sedan. Radio and heater. A good buy $ 375 1948 BUICK Roadmaster sedan. Radio, heater and sun-visor. Very good $ 495 ALSO, scleral outstanding passenger cars bu S 97! Kilborn's Used Car Corner 201 V. WOOD Your Dode-Plvmouth Deoler -11 30- HOLIDAY SPECIAL 1953 BUICK SPECIAL TWO DOOR Sparkling itory over deep rich maroon. A flashing beauty with every extra, tinted glass, radio, heater, covers and turn signals. At only $1795. EL BAUER Ch evro let 500 E. ELDORADO -II- -30- 1 i Automotive il j 1 II Biggest Selection All Makes Late Model Cars 1954 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-door $1950 1954 FORD tudor, fordomalic $2195 1954 CHEVROLET 210 2-door $1S25 1954 OLDSMOBILE door, loaded Super bS 4- $3100 1954 FORD Crestline, overdrive radio, heater, $2200 1954 BUICK Century 4-door $2750 1954 PONTIAC Star Chief 4-door $2550 1954 BUICK Super Riviera hardtop $3200 1954 FORD Country sedan $2495 1954 MERCURY 4 door $2650 1953 PONTIAC Calalina $2250 1953 MERCURY Montcres, Sport coupe, $2350 1953 FORD Victoria $1695 1953 PONTIAC Station wagon $1950 1953 BUICK Super 4 door $2195 1953 FORD Station wagon $1695i 1955 OLDSMOBILE "nS" Holiday $2595 195 FORD tudor $1295 1953 CHEVROLET 2 door 1953 FORD Convertible $1950 1953 FORD lordor $1495 1953 FORD tudor, 2 lone green $1495 1953 PONTIAC 4-door $1795 1953 CHEVROLET liKht blue 210 2-door, $1295 195: CHEVROLET Eel Air power-fchde $1295 1952 BUICK Super Riviera $1695 1952 NASH 2 door $1195 195, OLDSMOBILE S8 4 -door $1595 ly52 CHEVROLET 2-door $1095 1952 PONTIAC Catalina S1695 1952 PACKABD 4-door SI 595 1951 NASII rambler hardtnp $ 695 1951 CADILLAC convertible $2395 1951 CIIKROLET 2-door S S95 1951 HUDSON Holljwood Hornet $1095 1951 BUICK Special 4-door $1195 1951 CHEVROLET 2-door S 795 1951 FORD fordor $ 795 1950 CHEVROLET Bel Air power-glide $ 895 1950 PLYMOU I II 4-door $ 695 1950 PONTIAC Catalina S1095 1950 BUICK Super 4-door $ 895 1949 CADILLAC 4-door $1295 1948 CHEVROLET Aero, like new $ 595 1946 FORD $ 195 1941 CHEVROLET $ 12 B&B Motors 2474 N. Main Ph. 3-5355 Open All Day Today I 11 C.C. CAUSEY Studebaker Service 130 E. CERRO GORDO, REAR "In Business 28 years' PHONE 6441 -11 03- BEST BUY ON A BEAUTIFUL NEW PLYMOUTH IS HERE 1953 DiSoto V-8 4 door. Mist with new whitewall tires. grey love mileage. 1-owner car $1995 1953 I hrvslcr Windsor Club $1995 1952 Plvmtiuth Cranbrook 4-door $1165 1953 Plymouth C ambridge Club S1595 195 1 Di-Soto Custom 4-door $1165 1952 Vlvmouth Savov Suburban S1345 195(1 Ford V-8 fordor. white tires $ 785 1952 DeSotu V-8 4 .1oor S 170(1 1949 Vlvmouth Specia! 4-door $ 1949 DcSoto Custom Club S 1944 Oldsmohile Hvdra 4-door $ 1949 Chevrolet Deluxe Styleline S 1947 Studeb.iker 2-door. Overdrive S 1946 l ord tudor S 1942 Chevrolet 2-door. Good $ 1940 Plymouth 2-door. Runs good $ 6S5 ; R95 785 1 AS5 I 3601 2S5 145 I 55 Ask About Our 30,000-Mile Guaiainee H. P. HAZELRIGG CO. D Sntn Pkmouth Drslrr 4-39 H. Prairie; 3-1U79 Open EvemnKS Till 9 -II 30- BUICK COME ON LIVE IT UP A LITTLE THIS SUM-MLR AM) GET OUT AND ENJOY YOURSELF. YOU'LL TIND YOUR WHOLE LIFE IS RICHER AND MORE ENJOYARLE WITH A CAR TROM HIGIIIH.ID BUICK. LET US FURNISH THIS CAREFULLY SFLLCT LD USED CAR JUST FOR YOU. 195. I'.UK K Special 4 door sedan, lladio. heater. nearly new whiteoall tires. Beautiful light blue finish. $1: 95. I'OKD Victoria hard top V S. B3tlio. heater and 1 ordomatic. ery low mileage, one owner, two-tone beige and dark blue finish. $1545. . BUICK P.oadmaster Riviera 4 door. Two-tone Krcy. Radio, beater, dynailow. whitewall tires. power-slcering, tinted glass, custom trim. $1945. ; ( HI A HOI I r 1 leetline 2 door. Light blue, radiu and healer. $1145. 195. 1951 BUICK Roadmaster Riviera 4 door. Dynaflow. radio, heater, seat covers. Two-tone grev and blue. ' $1295. 1951 PONTIAC "8" 4 d.Kir Chieftain. Hydramatic. radiu, heater, sun-shade. back-up lights. vvhitcwall tires. Beautiful green and very very clean. $1245 1951 TilHC K Special 4 door sed-m, Dvnaflmv, radio, hfatcr, two- lone blue. In excellent shape. $1295. 1951 MUCK Special hard top. Dynaflow, radio, heater and seat covers. $1345. 1950 ( HRVSI I R ttmal 4 door sedan. LiIit erven, hrjter, defroster, exceptionally clean. $ 895. 1950 MI RCTIRV 4 door cdan. hadto and heater. Above average condition. 1950 ( IlllVSIIR Newport bard-top. Radio, heater, svat covers, 1''Iit ereen. wliitrwatl tires. $ 745. Aboc avcrase condition. $1095. 1950 BUICK Super Riviera 4 door. Straight shift, radio, heater, green liottom with gley tup. cry clean with low mileage. $ 1950 FORD "S". Radio, heater, black. I ow mileage. From two-car family. In excellent shape. $ 795. 1950 CHEVROLET 4 door. Radio, heater, pouer-glide, beautiful titian red. $ 795. 1949 BUICK Roadmaster 4 door sedan. Dynaflow, radio, heater. Reconditioned in our shop. Very clean. $ 745. 1949 I'ONTI C Streamliner "8" 4 dour. Straight shift. radio, heater, light gicen. A good car. $ 695. 1948 P.U1CK Super convertible. C.rey vi ith black top. Radio, heater, engine overhauled. $ 595. 1947 roNIIU: dub coupe. Radio and healer. In fair condition. Mechanics special at $ J941 BUICK Special 4 door. New clutcti in our shop, oood transportation. $ 125. ADDITIONAL STOCK AVAILABLE TOR YOUR SELECTION Highfield Buick SHOWROOM 232 S. Main Ph. 3-3473 31 S. M.iin Ph. 3-3421 OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS -11 02- Cadill ac 1953 PONTIAC 8 Catalina hardtop. 1953 CADILLAC 62 hardtop coupe. 1951 PACKARD 200 sedan. 1-owncr, 29,000 miles. Very clean. 1950 CADILLAC 60 Special Fleetwood. 1949 FORD V-8 Custom. 1949 CHEVROLET Fleetline Deluie Club sedan. 1943 PLYMOUTH Club sedan. Clean. 1947 OLDSMOBILE 76 sedan. New tires. 1946 CADILLAC 8-passenger sedan. J.LTALLMAN 540 X. Franklin Ph. 3-9778 CONVERTIBLES 1949 Buick 1948 Uoirt 1949 Pontiac 1947 Chevrolet 601 E. WOOD PH. 8-5241 OR 8-1633 Automotive 11- -30 USLD CAR In Memoriam -03 30- IN MEMORY of my mothet nd father, Flia and Clarence Ritsch. Silent thoughts bring many a tear For the ones I mm and loved so dear. Only those who have can tell The pain of parting without farewell. The call was short, the shock severe To part with ones 1 loved so dear. Wilms, John and Bob 03 30 IN memory of out parents, Ollte and Walter Cowger. The Children -03 04- Heart Disrate U Greatest Killer! Contributions and Memorials I tai deductible) Appreciated for Research Educational And Communitv Service Please Mail Check To Heart Fund Standard Office Bldg., Decatur, HI. Cemetery Lots and Monuments 5 05 31 CHOICE 6-space lot in Memorial Park. Big discount. Tel. 2-J715. 05- 05- OI.D CAPITOL MONUMENT WORKS. Box 27 Vandalia, since 1920. l argest dis-j fiay or monuments. marKer in vcniidi II. Open daily and Sunda. afternoon. Insurance - - ' Uft 3 I BURGLARY protection for your home or business is safer than a Run, and surer than a watchdog. l et us tell you about it. Carlson Agey.. Millikin Bldg. 2-6544. -Oh 31- Masonic Temple Activities 6A 01- MACON CHAPTFR 21: Stated convocation Tuesday 7:30 p. m. Personals Alcoholics Anonymous, P. O. Box 903 -01- DRIVING to Take 2 ladies, 2-3047. Califomia after June 1 5. share expenses and driving. -07 31- I-XGLES Auxiliary meeting will be Tues. June 1, 7 p. m., instead of Thurs. June JO. 07 01 HAVE YOU a problem drinker? Write den wood House, Route 8, Decatur. 8-3212. 5-day in-patient treatment required. -0 ni.INOIS PUBLIC AID. Illinois Public Aid. We are authorized to fill all prescriptions and orders from your doctor approvod hv the commission. Roth-Johnson Drug Store, 141 N. Water. Dial 2-0189. 07 30 MID INFORMATION on missing member of your family? See Classification 18. 07 30 WILL MR. NEAI. please call 7814 moraines this week only. Where to Go 7C 7C ()- A DEIICIOUS BAKED CHICKEN Din ner with dressing, homemade noodles, potatoes, choice of vegrt.'.hles. salad, coffee nc', roll. SI. Child's plate halt price. Also 7V fried tftkken special. Uptown Cafe, 5 i I N. Water. -(' 10 A HOI IDAY SPECIAL treat the family to a meal out. A familv attitude is alwavs found at Pom Pom Cafe, 1098 W. Wood. Wood. -r l A SP1CIM. HOLIDAY? Meet the old Banc and enjoy the Holiday in comfort at I he Lincoln Suoare tavern, 121 N. Main, "here they atwa have 2" M.g-narox TV for vour added pleasure. 7( 311 A Sunday dinner at Cornwell's Victory t ate. Cerro Gordo, It be a treat for the I v h'.le ramitv: 111 I AIRE SUPPER CLUB, '1 aylorville, in. chicken lit. J'l east; Sun. I p. l.nmly style, all you can eat, SI. 85. . 7C fH OIICkFN AND STEAKS. Fish Wrd. and Iri. lultcs Tavern. Grand A Calbo-in. -C 30 CHOOSEY about wmr food? We're sure 'iu'll eniov our chicken, steak or seafcod j dinners. Old Pioneer C lub. Lake Fork. j 111 S 1 I HE VI RE. C erro Gordo: -Money 1 rom Home," in technicolor with Ican Martin and Jerry Leu is. Sunday matinee 2 p. m. tOMF ON OU I for delicious dinners ..r sh.'tt irdcr. the Cardinal Inn Cafe, route 121 & arrensburg. j . -.; in ! D1.CVI UR Hit. H SCHOOL reserved i adult season basketball tickets should be ordered before June 5. $7.00 each. 1'YIOY Olir, favorite program 01 i our ays at I . t'lenlv of for parking alv Ralph's Pub, 135 S. Oakland. "' IKtI D CHICKFN served with g.dden trt-mh fried'ie-.. sal id bowl, bread, hotter and dessert, $1.65. Tower Cafv, Rt. 48 J 51. HUM) Till VIKl. Sulliian: "Ihe Id-die Cantor Story," (techl Keefe Riassrlle. Miriln trskme. Drite In 'Iheatre: "Paratrooper," llechl Alan 1 add. H I S C.C) TO HI INI MANN'S Mountain Brach Resoit. Lake Killarney. Ironton. Mm. Ideal vacation choice for the entire familv. Fishing is khI. Year 'round open season. Safe swimming Florida Stvle sand beach. Modern cabins, dining room open Mav 28th. Heinemann's Resort, Ironton. Mo. Ph. 3101. LIBER 1 Y THEATRE, Vandalia: "Flame and the Flesh." L. Turner. Drive-In: "Let's Do It Again" plus "Pace That Thrills." LYRIC THEATRE. Monticello: Wide Panoramic Screen! "His Majesty O'Keefe," Burt Lancaster, Joan Rice. 7C 31 - MAT LOON 1 HEAT RES Mjttvoti 'llieatre 'Johnny Guitar" starring Joan Cuwford. 1 imc Tliearre "Dangerous Mission" starring Victor Mature, Piper Laurie, incent Price. Sky u-iiy Drive-In 'Million Dollar Mermaid" starring Esther I Williams. Victor Mature; also Walt Disney cartoon festival. 7C 31- Open Mon. at 3:00 P. M. THE WOODEN SHOE 241 E. MAIN GOOD TODD.' GOOD drisksi COOD TV I -r 01 Rf L1.Y I NJOY thit Holiday -weekend. take the rarmly out for their meais. ror our comfort, use our Curb service. Motel aUnvc Inn, .1900 Blk N. Oakland. 71 0? ROOMS for rummaue sales: Large, clean. light. 817-19 Broadway. 3-5421. C 30 ROSFLAND THEATRE. Pana: "Hondo." J. Wayne. Drive-In: "Return to Paradise," G. Cooper. "Clorv Allev." Leslie Caron. "C 31 RUMMAGE SALE: 551 N. Broadway- Tues. eve., all day Wed. Atwood. Methodist Church. -C 31 SCENIC THEATRE. Assumption: "Ma nd Pa Kettle Back Home," Percy Kilbride and Marjorie Main. 7C 30 TRAVEL fFW familv rate h rail itartins tomorrow, May 31, Mice rite. Mound trip from ift-catur to West Coast $67.62, plus tax per person for husband and wife traveling together on Family Rite day using coach. Also applies fur children under 22. CHECK WITH US for details and for prearranged reservations at hotels, on sightseeing trips, and car rentals. Our sen-ice is free. DECATUR TRAVEL St. Nick Lobby Cleta Loggaoj Phone 8-5441 Sally Mays F R E E i ! i ' Automotive It- aU 11 A Choice Memorial Day Specia 1953 CADILLAC '62-' 4-door. 7.000 fully actual mites. power ste'TinR, etiuipped. Talk to original owner. 1953 FORD Customline 2-door. Radio, heater, fordomalic, whitewalls, 7,000 miles. Local, 1-owner. 1953 MG Roadster Mark II. Local doctors car, like new. 1952 MERCURY 2-door. Radio, heater, overdrive. Retired farmer's car, 26,000 miles. Talk to owner. 1952 FORD Custom V-8, 4-door. Radio, heater, overdrive. Local 1-owner car. Like new. 1949 CADILT AC "62' equipped, like new. 4-door. Fully 1950 MFRCURY Custom 4-door. Radio, heater, overdrive. Clcjnest one in Decatur. 1951 FORD Yictori.i Coupe. Red with white ton. Radio, healer, overdrive. Talk to the owner. f 1951 OLDSMOiiH I- Super "SS" 4-door. Fully equipped. 1950 O! DSMOMLE "9S" coupe. Like new. 1952 OLDSMORJI E "88" Holiday coupe. Loaded, sharp. 1951 OLDSMOBILE "98" Holiday coupe. LiRht blue. Really sharp. 1953 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4 door. Radio, heater, Powerglide. Very low mileage. Like new. Open All Day Sunday Benton Motors 545 E. WILLIAM PH. 8-3913 AUTO PARTS and gaskets. " days week evenings. Long's Garage. 2-6183. . 11 30 - Amos Nash NASH SELECT Co. lSED CAMS 1054 Nash Rambler 2 door 1952 Nash Rambler hardtop, over- ilrive. radio 1951 Nnsh Ambassador, radio, overdrive 1950 Nash Statesman 4-door, radio, overdrn e 1949 N.ish Statesman 2 door, overdrive, healer "YOUR AUTTIOIULD NASH DEALI P." Open Moiiduy As li.oi.jI $1299 $1049 $ 695 $ 495 TEL. 784 TAVI.ORVll I E Bargains Galore Memorial Day Specials 1954 PONTIAC Star Chief Custom S sedan. Radio, heater, hydra-malic. mover brakes, sunshade. wliitcwalls, 3 miles $2658; 1953 IORD Victoria hardtop. ll leather intcfinr. radio, heater, foob.tiiatii- 4900 actual miles. Talk to owner. $1"SS! 1953 PLYMOUTH Club coupe. Ra dio, heater. A sharp one. $12SS 1953 1 Ol'.D M a i n I i n c r 4-door. Heater. A nice one. 1953 SI 11DI 1! KI R Commander Club coupe. Radio, heater, overdrive. 11,000 miles. 1952 DI" SOTO 6 Custom sedan. Radio, heater, automatic transmission. A clean one. $12S3; $14SS i $12SS ! PONTIC Chieftain "8 4-door. Radio. healer, light green. A sharp one. $13S8 1952 FOP.D ronvcrtililc Radio. heater. 10,000 actual miles. Su nlimr. overdrive. Like new. $14SS 1951 PONTIAC Convertible. Radio, healer, hvdramalic Rovalmaster tires. A sharp convertible. $12S8; 1951 FORI) 4-door. Heater, Royal- mastct tires. Sharp. S 788 1949 CHFVROI FT Club coupe. Radio and heater. S 538 CITY MOTORS ll'e Tniilc For Aiivtliifig of Value 525 N. MAIN PH. 9011 -11 02- BEFORE YOU BUY. SHOP HERE AND SEE OUR 10.000-MILE CAR-LIFE GUARANTEE CARS. EXCLUSIVE AT K1L-BORN'S. 1949 DODGE Wayfarer, eery clean $ 695 1950 CHEVROLET 2-door. Good j tires, motor in excellent con- I dition. Metallic green paint $ 695 1950 BUICK Special 2-door sedan. Ka-lio. heater, stanilatd transmission. Exceptionally clean $ 995 1951 DODGE sedan Radio, heater, turn signals, scat covers, low mileage $1095 1951 rONTIC "8" Chieftain De- Inxe sedan. Radio, heater, hydramatic, scat covers. Very low mileage. Exceptionally clean. $1295 1951 CHEVROLET 4-door sedan. Heater, seat covers. A beauty $ 895 1951 MERCURY 6-passenger coupe. Radio, heater and seat covers. Exceptionally clean $1095 1952 DODGE sedan. Radio, heater, seat covers, two-tone paint. Very clean $1295 1953 PLYMOUTH 2-door sedan. Rndio. heater, seat covers. Like new $1495 1S53 DODGE Coronet "6" sedan. Two-tone finish, low mileage, spotlessly clean inside and out. Only $1695 Kilborn's Used Car Corner 201 W. WOOD Your Dodge-Plymouth Dealer Joe Rices Leo Wilson Fllis Roberts Archie Bradford Open Evenings Mon. Through Fri. 'til 8:30 -11- -30- HOUSE TRA1LI it: 1952. 36'. $2700. Small down payment. Perfect condition. I 3-9S14. ; ll -1 1 oi- FORD, 1947 coupe. No money down or will take older car as down payment. Motor just overhauled. In first class shape. Call 4S19. -II 05- FORD. 1949 picku "ft. extra clean. Miles Kin- cam, Hammond, 941. FORD. 1940 fordor with radio and heater. Runs good, $75. Evans Oii Co., 502 E. Prairie. FORD. 1940 coupe. 1941 DcSoto. Cheap. 219 W. Cerro Gordo. 3-6454. -! 1 04- FORD, 1946 V8 Tudor. Verv Rood cond lion inside and out. l-iteed to sell. 3-9605. 1 11 01 FORD, 1947, ton panel truck, $200. 1169 L. Henderson. Phone 2-7949. 11 31 FORD: 1947 V-8 station wagon. Radio, heater, $200. 12 Lake Grove. 11 03 FORD. 1949 F8 tractor, air brakes. 2- spced axle. 5th wheel and saddle tanks, new paint. (,khI truck. S650. Shane Motor Co.. Ford Dealer, St. Elmo. Tel. 2y2. -11 30- FORD. 1951 Custom 8 tudor. Nice clean car. Priced to sell. Markwell Motor Sales. 450 E. Eldorado. II 31 FORD. 1951 F6 tandem, new motor, 751 rubber. Bamus transmission. Perfect for a Contractor. C all Mr. Snow o- Summers. Summers Pontiac Co.. Pana, Tel. 5151. IORD, 1952: 2 door, like new, white side-' wall tires, radio, heater, and overdrive. Private owned, price $1295. Phone 2-3815 970 N. Fairview. . 11 0 FORD MAINL1MR: 1953 Tudor. Excellent condition. Priced ricbt. 3-8193. II (il FORD. 1952 convertible, radio, heater, Fordomalic. new rubber, perfect condition, (.raves Motor Co., lord Dealer, llliopolis. Open Sun A. M. 1101 Ford, 1953 Custom fordor. undercoat. heater, seat covers, onlv 34(10 miles. 1953 Ford fordor, Fordomalic, radio, heater, undercoat, tinted glass, low mile-ace. J195! Ford club coupe, heater, seat covers l-ord fordor. radio, heater, overdrive 1950 Studebaker 4 door, hydramatic, radio. heater. HARBARGER MOTOR SALES FOR DEALER 2711 STONINGTON II 01- FORD, 1053 Mainline 6 tudor, perfect condition. Graves Motor 'Co., Tord Dealer, llliopolis. Open Sun. A. M. 11 30 FORD 1952 4 door, fully equipped, looks and runs like new. $1395. 836 N. Main. 11 01 FORD, 1954 Courier, 8 cylinder. Demonstrator. Big Savings! Graves Motor Co., Ford Dealer, llliopolis Open Sun. A. M. II 30 FRASER 1951, S50 down, take over payments. 601 L. Wood. 8-5241. 8-16(3. 11 31 "V ton truck. 4 speed trans mission. 3000 miles, new truck guarantee. Call Mr. Summers or Mr, Snow, Summers Pontiac Co.. Pana. Tel. 5151. - 11 30 HUDSON. 1949 Commodore, spotless. Sell or trade. Verr reasonable. 3-5397. 3810 E. Marietta. 1130 HUDSON. 1954 let. Radio, heater. 2 tone, white sidew alls, new car guarantee. Harold Eipe Motor Sales. Iludson-Packard Dealer, Pana. Tel. 6450. Open Sun. 11 30 I HUDSON. 1954 Hornet special. Radio, heater, overdrise. dual carburetors, lipstick red body with ivory top. new- car guarantee. Harold Lipe Motor Sales. Iludson-Pickard Dealer, Tana, Tel. 6450. Open Sun. IN lEKNATlONAI- 1952 I.-195 tractor with air. fully equipped and road ready, new paint. In A-1 shape. Why buy a new-one when you can buy this near new-truck at less than z the new cost. International Harvester Co.. 400 E. Main. II 01 MERCURY, 1949 convertible, white side walls, A-l condition. Apt. 209 I), Millikin Campus. 11 30 MERCURY, 1951 4-door deluxe sedan, Mercomatic. low mileage, A-l condition. Sell, or trade lor carry-ali or Metro walk-in. Terms. lUers. 102S N. Main. : II 30 NASH ENGINE 1948 Ambassador, less than 5000 miles. S35. X-3882. II 01 r NASH. 193 liambler station Wacon. Overdrive, extras. See at 562 N Main. 11 J.0 OLDSMOHILE: 1946. Barrjain. $275. Phone 8-5096. OLDSMOHILE. 1946 "7S-' 2 door. Radio, heater, Indra-m.itic. Runs R'mmI. Full piicc $1S5. HaroM Lipe Motor Sales. Hudson-Packard Dealer, Pana, Tel. 6450. Open Sun. 11 ).n OLDSMOBILE. 1953 Super 8S 2-door. low miiease. 1 owner. Premium tires. $2295. Maurer Motors. Boute 51. ( Union. 11 in PACKARD 1949 2nd Series Super 8 c .n-vertihle, radio, heater, overdrive, exceptionally clean. Reduced $200 to $595 Sun. and Mon. only, loe's Used Cars. 1298 W. Eldorado. 2-6461. Open Sun. and Mon. only. ru KAR1) ,qi! 'Deluxe sedan matic ,,; , .n(.r II 30- vvith ultra-verv nice. Reduced $200 to $1095 Sun. and Mon. only. Joes Used Cars, 1298 V. tldo-rado. 2-6461. Open Sun. and Mon. 11 31 PACKARD: 1951 black 4-door. ultramatic, radio, heater, excellent condition. Reasonable. 2214 N. Water. 11 05 PLYMOUTH. 1938. 4 door. Good solid car. 1941 factors- tebuilt motor. $25 down. $13 month. 10S7 W. C erro C.otdo. 1101 PLYMOUTH. 1941. 4 door. Radio, heater. Good condition. Ph. 5418, extension -11- -30- PLYMOUTH. 1947, 2 door. Fair condition. Nearlv new tires. $150 cash. 8-1777. . .' 11 01 PLYMOUTH. 1949 2 door, clean, motor overhauled. See at 562 N. Main. 11 03 iPl YMOUTH 1951 Cranbrook 4 door. Hy- Drive, fullv equipped, low mileage, 1 own- er, $1495. 347 E. Main. 5796 or 2-3042. II 30 PLYMOUTH 1951 Cranbrook club coupe. an exceptionallv clean 1 owner car re-f duced S100 to S895 Sun. and Mon. only! Joe's Used Cars, 129S W. Eldorado. I 2-6461 Open Sun. and Mon. j I 1 04 PLYMOUTH: 1951 Concord coupe. Only 22.000 miles. 546 S. Fairview. h-3146. PLYMOUTH 1953 Suburban, less than 2.000 actual miles, radio, hie healer, di rectional lights, tinted Kiass. air foam cushions. Car like new. If you are interested in a suburban. look this one over, don't overlook it! Call or see B. B. Burns Jr., 402 E. Prairie. Ph. 421". 11 01 PLYMOUTH 1937 2 door sedan. Driven daily $30. 20S5 N. Union. -1 1- 30- PLYMOUTH, 1953 2 door, radio, heater, turn signals. 2 tone paint. 1 owner, low mileage. Mechanically perfect, will guarantee. $345 down. 836 N. Main. 11 30 PONTIAC, 1938. cheap. Air compressor. Hoover, vacuum cleaner. 2-6092. 11 30 PONTIAC. 1950 4-door. S745. Clean. See at 1243 N". Hill after 5, all day Sunday. PONTIAC, 4 door. 1949. fully equipped, bv owner, perfect condition. $625. Pb. 4S27. II 31 REO: 1948 2-ton. Good tires and motor with 16' Omaha combination drain and lirrstnclt bed S395. Coslet Motor Co Ford Dealer. Altamont. Tel. 123 or 224 W. II 30 STUDFRAKFR. 1949. Land cruiser, new naint. only $295. Dobson's, 632 S. Frank lin. 11 04 CTIinFRAKFR: 1950 Champion 4-door very pood condition. First reasonable offer. ould take traae-in. n. v.arneju. 11 03 STUDEBAKER. 1953 sport coupe. Perfect condition. $450 down. Must sell. Owner. 3-9546. 11 30 STUDEBAKER. 1953 VS Commander. ! passenger, automatic transmission, full) equipped. 255 E .Waggoner. II 30 AI WAYS BUY oualitv auto parts and ac cessories at Merry Motors, 350 E. Prairie. ( Wholesale and retail ) . 1 1 U4- AUTO Bodv repairing and refinishing. 3145, E. Wallace, east of G. E. plant. 3-7032 -1 1 04- HOUSE TRAILER: 27', stripped down. Ideal for frozen custard stand, reasonable. S-4435. etc. ery Automotive Automotive 11 30 HOUSE TRAILERS Com in And See L.'carr, Stars, Ko:vs The New And Duos USED TRAILERS 35' In' 16' Spartanette Kit. S495 Schuit, $150 Barding Trailer Sales RT. 43 A JASFER. ST., DECATUR, ILL -11 o- HOUSE TRAILER: 30 Dual, 1947, goo4 Gladys England, condition. Must sell. Arbor Dell Court. 11 30- HUDSON WILLYS-KAISER 1949 Teep. aluminum top. $625. 1948 Jeep, cloth top. $495. Kaner deluxe 4-cloor sedan. 55o. Willys station wagon, 4 Tvd.t $1250. STEVENSON'S GARAGE Your HuJon Dealer Kuiser Sales end Scn-ie Zst. 1952 195- 3460 I. WILLIAM PH. 2-5051 INTERNATIONAL! Ee sure and see the?e late model ued pict-ups before tou buy. 102 Chei-rolet i ton to;S SKOS S09S joiernaiionai ton ton 191 International 1"I CMC 'i ton These are all A-l trucks .nd the pnee. re riitht. If tou need good cheap ton mult, vve have several. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. 400 E. Main Ph. 2 8539 -11 02 NASH 19S2 NA;h Ambasstdor fedan 19S2 N ASH Rambler hardtop club coup 19M N S1 Statesman srdaa 19S0 STHDFBAKl.R sedan 19SII C HI Rt)I KT sedan II'O N ASH Statesman sedan I9S4 l-Olll) V-8 tudor sedan .94S N ASH A.nhav-ador sedan 1945 K Alsl I? sedan 1947 I'ONTI C S'dan 1946 TLVMOUTH club coupe BOPP MOTORS m. 52ij 240 V. WOOD -ii NT W OR USED TIRES and tubes, cars, truiks. implements. Midway Oarage 3-.'t94. NEW AND USED Tr.ucK nrnuc i ion sale 19,o Studebaker ton 4-(l Slit 194o Chevrolet pkkup BE! ZER & TA(.C RT Dodse riymouth Tel. 12dl Shelhyville -II 31- Nolens The Lot Of BARGAINS 195) DODGE 4 door, 9000 miles $1395 1952 DODGF Coronet 4 door, radio, heater, fluid drive $1150 1951 MER URY 4 door, radio, er, overdrive heat S 945 111 ROLET ht jter 2 door, radio. $ "50 1951 I IN( OI N 4 door, healer, hjdramatic ladi' $1195 $ 595 190 PONTIAC 4 door, heater 1950 CADII LAC 4 door, equipped fully $1750 Nolen Lot F. Prairie & Eroadwav Open Nifchis Til 9 Vh. 2 3913 II- PACKARD 11 PACKARD ComcrtiMe. lor-P? owned, ec-pli.nalty clean and fullv e'uippM. Packard's luiurmus ivury clor. '1 his tar must be seen to be appreciated. Marquand Motors, Inc. utliorirej Vackszd Sales & Sem'ce 792 E. Wood Ph. 8-4331 -II 01- Pontiac "Goodwill" Used Cars DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR You Get Your BEST BUY FROM B. B. BURNS 1952 DODGE Coronet 4 door, heater. Gvromatic, 1 owner, low mileage. SI25S 1952 MERCURY 2 door, radio, heater, oserdnre, blue with white wall tires, 1 owner $1595 1953 PLYMOUTH Cranbrook 4 door, radio, healer, (rrey with blue top. A Tery clean 1 owner car S149J 1953 PONTIAC O.-eftain Deluxe "S" 4 door, radio, heater hydra-matic, dark metallic green finish that looks like new. If you want the best, see this. $209S B. B. BURNS CO., INC. New Car Showroom And Used Car Lot Open Evenings Mon. ThrouKrt Frf. 400 h Praine a-n. 4ii or 7C( SUPER LIQUOR COLDEST BEER in town. "You name brand, we've gut it!" Plus: Philco Refrigerator F Sunbeam Mixmaster R Bendix Clock Radio E E 'Drawing May 31! No purchase necessary! No marking Problem at super J-iquor TRAVEL NEWS PAY-LATER PLAN sponsored by Pan American Airwavs. (rt round trip tickets. For example New York to London, round trip, pay S53 down. $43.77 per month for 12 months. Mexico City from Houston, round trip, pay $S down, $6.34 per month. For details and information and to grt the most for your travel dollar, gel experienced Trascl Counselling from Leo E. Mendel United Travel Service In Decatur Since 1932 564 North Water St. I In The Continental Hide ) (U-i Blocks North of J. C. Prnncv Store) Eree Custumer ParkinK in Rear of Store Member American Society of Travel Argents Agents for all resorts, hotels, rail, bus. steamship and airlines: car rental services and 'lour companies. Phone 2 3394; 8-2913 k te" rmIPr I A fl "- r NU bbKVlUb LHAKbh "C 01- WHEN HUNGER STRIKES, whether early or late: vou can really feast, call The Flying Plate. 3-7751. - Lost and Fonnd lO -lo oi- COCKER rup. Mack, lost vicinity of Jasper and Lincoln. Children's pet. 3-3979. 10 30 ENVELOPE containing important papers missed from dime store. Please Ph. 3-0266. 540 Stuart. 10 01 IRONING BOARD, steel, and cover, lost near Nelson Park Bridge May 28. 2-4531. -10 31- LOST Bee 3 0339. swarm removed free. Phone -10 31- PR-KEF.T. green, lost vicinity 1400 block t. Logan. Answers "Jennv." 8-4046. . . io 30 : PARAKEET, blue, answers to "Shim." 614 S. 22nd Place. 2-0628 after 4. 10 01 : SMALL female beacle lost vicinire South Srigel. Answers to "Jill." Reward 2-3892. 10 0 SMALL yellow parakeet, answers to "Mr. Pe-pr". lost vicinity Edw-ard and Grand. 60M). -10 01- SU1TC ASE lost contains svomans vacation clothing. In Decatur or on route 121. 2 429 1. Automotive 11 -u- BUICK. 1947 Super convertible. Only 30.-OO0 actual miles. Perfect condition. Talk to owner. Fully equipped, power w indosvs. t new top. ery, s-ery sharp. 1 ri. alter 5, all dav Sat., Sun.. 2-3805. II 05 BUICK. 194S. Super F-tate Waron. Txcel-lent condition. Priced to sell, $450. i-i Zly or 2-22. II 0 BUICK 1948 Roadmastrr convertible. Heat; radio, dynaflow. Goixl condition. 9695 after 5 weckdavs. all dav Sat. and Sun. n 30 BUICK. 1049 4 door, super, original finish. 2S.0OO actual miles, like new. not a sci.itcli on it. $295 down. 836 N. Main. -il 02- BUIC K: Late 1950 2 door deluxe. Dynaflow-. Pertect. Original owner. 9493. 11 01 BUIC K. 1054 Special Dvnaflow. extras. See at 562 N. Main. u 30 CADILLAC 1949 "62". low mileage, fully equipped whitewalls $1195. Haren Motor Sales. 140 N. 23rd. -11 30 CADII LAC. 1950 coupe, verv clean. 1 milease. Markuell Motor Sales, 450 1. F-Ulorado. 11 31 C Mill I AC: 1951 series "61" Club Coupe h-inltop. 2 tone Krey, aut'matic transmission, "hiteivall tire, excellent condition. low mileauc. 1921) W. WKid. U o? CXDIIIAC. 152 ,-62 ', 4 l...r sedan 15.0(10 miles. Electronic eye. white sitle-xvalls. radio heater. H. R. O'Bryan Imp. Co.. I1IC dealer. Fh. 10, Lovinu.ton. u o: CADILLAC! 1953 s. l'!52s. 1951. 1950. 194S. 194 7-s. A choice selection of very ,i' L- Tillman 5, 540 N., clean cars Franklin. 3-9 -11 02- CARPI NTl.B school buses. 195 s Chevrolet 2 dtKir 150 series. 19s2 ( hevrolet 2-d(Kr deluxe. 1952 Chevrolet 4-door deluxe. 19S 1 Chevrolet 4-door. 1951 Chevrolet V: -ton pickup. 1941 Chevrolet H-ton. C. B. MOORE, INC. See or Call Don Tliicle BLUE MOUND. ILL. II 31 : 1936. good running con-Ph. 3-5710. CHLVROIT 1 dition. $35. 1131- Chcvro - CHEVROLET. 1941 coupe. $9S; let. 1940-4 door. ord. i4 $1S5; Dke 144. S1SS; Hudn 1947. S1S5; Oldsmohile 19 H, $95. Other liter models to choose from. Kaiser-Willvs Sales, 350 William. 9222. 11 3i CIir.VROLET: 1940 2 door, pood radio and heater. 330 .V 2rd- Ph. 3-h261. 1 1 30- CHEVROLET. 1946 Coupe, only $150. Dolison s. 632 S. Franklin. CHEVROLET. 1949, 2 door. Above aver - ace. No down 8-3175. payment. Private owner. II- !0- CHEVROI I T. 1950 Styleline Deluxe 2-door. Radio and heatri. Very sharp. 8-1911 or 2-6551. II 30 OLDSMOBILE 191 4 door super 88. radio, heater, hvdramatic. turn signals. 1 owner, excellent condition. $395 down. 836 N. Main. 11 30 "HEVROLE l : 1951 2-door. SS95: 1952 Ford; 1950 Ford S695: 1949 Chevrolet So45. Several Rood '41 models. Don Freeman's Used Cars, 2915 N. Oakland. 3-0421. 11 30 CHEVROLET, 1951 Fleetline 4 door. Radio, heater. powerRlide. 2?,000 miles. 1 owner. Verv clean. Many accessories. Trade considered. 2-3S05. 11 04- CHEVROLET: 1953. 210 series. 10.000 miles, like new. $1495. Call 8-4208. 11 31 CHEVROLET, 1953 BEL AIRE 4 door, conventional transmission, exceptionallv sharp car with onlv 6.02 miles. Trulock Chevrolet Co.. Arthur. Eel. 100. 11 -31 CHRYSLER: 151 V-8 4-door. power steering, power brakes, white sidewalls, radio, wonderful buy at $1300. 2-343S. 11 30 DE SOTO. 194S, custom 4 door. Radio, heater, whitewalls. Manv accessories. Clean as a 1952. Would trade. 2-7295. 11 30 DESOTO 1949 convertible. A-l. fully equipped, fluid drive. Reasonable. 8-4730. 11 30 DESOTO 1951 Firedome 8 sedan. 2 tone finish, radio, heater, 1 owner, low mile-ase. Reduced $200 to $1295 Sun. and Mon. only. Joe's Used Cars. 1298 W. Lldorado. 2-6461. Open Sun. and Mon. 11 30 DESOTO. 1952 Firedome 8. 4-door. Clean. Priced verv reasonable. Markwell Motor Sales, 450 E. Eldorado. 1 1 30 DODGE. 1954 Royal V-8 4 door. Radio, heater, overdrive. E-Z Eve ftlass. List price nearlv $3,000. Will sell for S2.595. Harold Lipe Motor Sales, Hudson-Packard Dealer, Pana, Tel. 6450. Open Sun. Where to Go i j 1 LOTilHUISE TRAILTR 1951. 3V .Mars. ? rminis, hath, hrcakiast nn.,k. lel-Mston. h ! slitliiiK l"r closet in bedroom. INf.v paint : fin mitiue. I-xcrllrnt cinuitin. E. R. Jtj, IZ A. Walnut, t hntun, III. 11 3Q HOUSE 1RAILLR space, S3 per week. .Miller's Forsythe C orner. Sinclair station. At the House of Domestic Importrd and Yard Ornaments. U.S. 51 ma Warrens-biut; blacktop road. 11 30 HOUSE TRAILER: 1953 3 room modern, good and clean. 3-036. 11 31 HOUSE TRAILFR: 1952 American, all modern, A-l condition. $500 under market valve. Includes a.vning. See at Shell LiRhthouse, south of dam. 3-0821. -11 31- HOUSE TRAILFR. 1947 Ironwood 23 ft. $975. Decatur Trailer Sales, . of Texaco Tower. 51 & 48. HOUSE TRAILER: 1948. 3 rooms, like new. $ 1 1 00. Terms. McKinley Trailer Villase, 6-2363. 11 31 HOUSE TRAILERS INJOY "NEW LIVING" IN A "NEW MOON' CHOOSE the New Moon Mobile borne that will fit your family need, and make it easy on your budget. Careful construction, beautiful deian, and luxurious living make New Moon the Mobile Home fox you. See it on display now at Macon Trailer Sales Formerly Barnes Trailer Parle (1 Mile East of Farm Restaurant) Decatur, 111. CLOSED MAY 30 & MAY 31 -11 30- HOUSE TRAILER: 30' "Streanlite." i eluding hot water heater. Metal roof and r 168 room. Ph. 4532 Atwood. Don Cordu.l

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