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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 21, 1954
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. PF f" , MOM Sf Aft, , Aft k AN S AS NEWS Was r<S£p d t jftirff, treasurer; Jada McGuire, {disaster chairman; Burrell Whit- first aid chairman; and Kitchen ' It's Tough, Gals to Grow Beards? deetted tee the ben- trt6mBers and a a Pi'ttitt of Cof» b present. DUMAS W) —Members of the Business Women'^s Club here face a tough assignment. < The women are 01 clered by the club to co-operate in *i beard-growing contest iti con- neclion with.'Dumas' GfClden. Anniversary Celebration next week. Non-cooperators will be put in a "jail" from which they can escape only by crawling through a water trough. I ml . , in accepting the eoutity chairmanship said that dur- had many opportunities to ob-i d Cross activities both overseas and in th6 Unlled Slates and that 'he is delighted to serve with an organization that is dedica- S i cc j ge who accompanied them ted to the type of work rendered by, home for bcvtrd \ wee ks visit. the American Red Cross. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Holloway ot Rosaton were Saturday visitors in Prescott. Flanders Not Given Chance Against Mac BVY JAMES MARLOVV WASHINGTON (ffi — When bats against Senm gmvcgcv bats against Sen. McCarthy Mf> and Mrs. Charles Richards, Mr: and Mrs. Charles Richard Jr. 'and family of Covington, Ky. Mr. And Mrs. Charlie Buchanan, Rich- Sard and Shirley of Camdcn, Mr. and | Mrs. Watson Porter and Becky, Mr .and Dorado, Mr and Mrs. L. L. Buc hanan, Gregg, Marcia and Mary, Mrs. Watson Porter and Mrs. Verne Buchanan enjoyed a family reunion and picnic supper at Biag/js Class ...Jngton enter- School Class of t Church With a and picnic supper]jvirs. waison roricr ann oecKy, T __ „„., Ml ._ 1 pbol in Hone on Mr .and Mrs. Warren Poitcr of El ^n r i^,, "f nail pending' were: Patricia Iftty Milan,, Setty Lue Ar- ne Buchanan enjoyed a family re- y darol Wren, Carol r, ^ Charlotte Calhoun Mr .and Mrs. Brozie Haynie had as their guests, Mr. and Fiank Pylc of Henderson, _. C. Nelson and children of Baltimore, that got headlines. Nor alt their'Policy Committee - decided to tel effect on the senate it was like a! Flanders about, the facts of poli- batter warming up with popflies. tics. But Flanders apparently felt They voted again* his resoh, ready for the big try! He asked lion, in effeet kUiin| it before it, the senate to vote McCarthy out had a chance to be deba.ca on the. of his committee chairmanships, Senate Floor. He couldn t figlK Me- which would be a shattering re- earthy ancl his own par y pohcv bikc : committee too. He dropped hio re&- riandcrs had slopped inlo one of tlution in a hurry ' belihe most sensitive areas of the! The fact that he did, and that Senate. All its members yearn to the committee vole against him (R. be commiltee chairmen a job that was unanimous, as pretty Wis) in th Senate league,' Sen.'comes to them not by brilliance)thorough evidence all Flanders had Flanders fH-Vl> needs a team anU|or ability but by seniority: byjfrom Ihe start was a pmii. nope. _ '. rrt\ ,.i_ t-^_ „!--»-. 1 e?t in\rt*\rr »t i*r*t IM/| Inn rt /tnMittfh Assign Ike's Son fo Washington FT. BENNING. Ga. UP) Prea- a scorccard. There's no sign he has a team. And he's learning the score the hardway. slicking around long enough. Senators being polilicians a heightened sense of survival. y ,*» v» He had no team. He have swinging in the dark. That he had taken naa oecn ship" expressed concern that throwing the censure question into the Senate now might snarl up its efforts to get through with its regular work by the end of this month. But since Flanders i.i now goirtg McCarthy, a taking his it stands ident Eisenhower's son, Maj. John Eisenhower, is being temporarily assigned to Washington 1 as a military aide. The major, presently stationed here, said yesterlay that he will with the White House liaison , leaving here i-.bmit .luly 2<.. have some business they want me to handle and I will be assigned essentially as an aide, he said. ;oru iiiu iiaiuwdjr. ^ ij^j t .ni\,.jw« ^^..^^ •>* .— ---— He has swung twice and missed Once they started something like against McCarthy ' a stand' have lo ask for censure milder rebuke chairmanships good chance of being trampled to in the Senate's last-minute to go home. Karakul sheep, new born lambs of which produce Caracul for tui. arc Jrown chiefly in the Soviet Union says the National Gcogra- phic Society. There's a £ood chance ho'll strike out. Persistence may be all the two senators have Jn common. They've used it on each other. The 73 year-old Vermont Republican per- | sists in trying to get the seriate j Sen ate to rebuke McCarthy some way 'Carthy hns a somehow. I well-wishers and in. Bortds , .rots Chairman' G, Bends, former U. loflicer. now living in |sha8-been named chalr- fie .Nevada,. County Chap'•^American' Red Cross for year. He %l|cceeds Mrs. ;ifcho v will aiitomatlc&lly — -' ' 0 -f' vice-chairman. H4epy'!5?eJ 1 "Mrs. ( 6a- Sr, Lottie Lake on Wednesday evening Mrs Georgia Pruitt has return- Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Kinncy and Warren left Friday for DcQuincy, La., where they will reside. ed to her home in Coffecville Kansas after 'a visit with her aunt, Mrs. L. C. Gatlln. Nixon Ward of Memphis, Tenn., has been the guest of his sister, ,Mrs. Karl King Jr., and family. Ann Scott was the guests of her grandmother, Mrs. M. Crumby in Kmmol last week. this in motion — taking a senator's chairmanship away — it might happen" to them someday. Beside, there were other considerations: In this eletcion eyar 37 of the 96 seats are at stake. Mc- host of friends, admirers Who personally satisfying t" F' lt certainly got him a lo*. of publicity. But balling against McCarthy single-handed has been a useless occupation. Undaunted, Flanders stepped up to the plate again, took another swing, and missed aga?n. This lime he accused Ihe Scnale s to pass to him than he'd pay to a gnat. He dismisses Flanders, his most outspoken Senate Critic, with the publicans alike. against him felt at the polls November. Thai goes for Democrats and Re- IjyjUnQW iwviiwioju-to cji»\* ui 111 u j. ^. * ~i ....^McCarthy persistently ignore.rmiRht make their anger at a vote)a vote of censure against McCar- Flandcrs, paying no more cttontin against him felt at the polls in |thy. The vote was supposed to be - ••• ivr:—«i. n ,. takn todaj'. Late yesterday Flanders decided to postpone his request for a censure vote from today until July 30, was ofic of the reasons ho word "senile. 1 For months Flanders has been Behind closed doors a group of ,„ , .„ , ..„„ VENATE Republicans whn plan the aflcr McCarlhy with Senate - party's strategy in the upncr chnm- specches ancl television statement:? bur — the Senates Republician HEAR Paul Chambers Candidate for United States Senator WED. JULY 21st Over KXAR 1:15 P.M. Pol. Adv. Paid for by Paul Chambers That the "Republican leader-1 Mrs. Orville Keilcy, daughter, of Mr and Mrs. Johnnie Hooks, who is a student at East Texas Stale Teachers College, Commerce, Texas has pledged Kappa Delta Pi, a national honorary education frater- Mrs. Dudley Gordon, Anna and nity. Ellen have returned from R\an- oke, Ala., where they have been visiting' her mother, Mrs. John Rev. Wesley A. Lindsey and Danny have -returned from the Royal Ambassador Camp .at Fernoliff where Rev. Lindsey served as counselor and Danny as pianist. GROWERS ;sfcrrt Buying melons at H'Mm Wednesday 21st Miss Marguerite Bright is attending Camp Waldcmar iriHun.t, Texas. Friends of Mr and Mrs. O. B. Cannon Jr.,"of Hobbs, New Mexico, Will'regret thai their little daughter, Mary Clarke, has been stricken with polio and is a patient at Tlainview Clinic, Plainview, Texas. Mrs. Cannon is the former Miss Gcrtruclo''Clrtrke White of Prescott. It! Tuesday (Jii ** 1 a.SL<Ki.?' i i!%'.'., —^ —^ ~> ^_. *~* .M. mm*. TIME ON TELEVISION+ STATE-WIDE RADIO! TSTfV^-T'^ViV * >T ~ y ^-^-g Hours at Little Rock's Air- Rdi&inson Auditorium, First Rock to $ee'L/Ve' Television. Frgm Any Stage ... Also Enter- for Everyone—-FREE! Come in Person or Phone*Your ibVft/SmP i Questions Direct to the Stage iggftBtf' Phone FR 2-0125 Governor Francis '.*„ S»r.iw*«f.«*w"» Come and hear questions asked 2 years ago repeated and answered again .. . Come and hear straight • forward answers to any <*f \ your questions about your state government, 9 .. TV and Radio! U ATI! RA20HBACK IVMIV )f STATEWIDE Channel 7 ' RAPIO y 1910500o'clock P. M, Tuesday Night, July 20. Robinson Auditorium, Little Rock, 3,090 seats, . 4 » Csme ind bring yoyr Paid ft SHOP WEDNESDAY-GET DOUBLE S&H GREEN STAMPS! MRS. TUCKER'S ARMOUR'S STAR TREET 12 Oz. Can ARMOUR'S POTTED MEAT Reg. Can ARMOUR'S CORNED BEEF HASH 16 Oz. Can . 160z. With Can Beans 0 AR'MOUR'S VIENNA SAUSAGE 'Can jL For ^DC ARMOUR'S STAR CHILI 0 0 We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities Refuse Spies to Dealers % f - < ' j "'^^^^^^^^W V m !f W^T'tip-' •(? f- r\ f -11 . r -",' - iX^-ff -:- "^ 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 - NO. 235 Our Daily Bread Sliced thin by The Editor ..Altx. H. Washburn Litter Along Streets and Roads National Disgrace Mrs. William J. Walters of New Brunswick, N. J., president of the Rational Council of Garden Clubs, has written a personal letter to newspaper editors throughout the nation, the subject matter of which makes it of local interest in each community. Here is what she wrote The Star: Editor Tho Star: The growing volume of liltcr along America's streets and highways, in its parks ancl on itslmitnisls haye won a cl^ar-cut vic- wlio lory in Indochina. It :an't be min Star is&ialed ers this alieraotin, tol SlalftrA 24 hours endlrtg 8 a. ttt high 91; low Mj., hone. , ARKANSAS, WtBHiSDAY, JULY 2119S4 H»t AH«tl*»»il J M*». No Denying Red Triumph in Indochina By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON Ifl — The beaches, concerns everyone ®kes pride in the appearance of his community. What was a minor nuisance only a few years ago has become a major pr.obleiri. 117-Pound Alligator Gar Is Caught in Little River by 14-Year Old Hope Boy lory imized. The French lot them have half of Vi<;t Nam. Now the Unll-j eel Stales frees one of the most} important decisions in its history.) Here and there .individual! " is this: Will this country, to citizens or groups have undertaken '«ep .the rest of Indochina and to combat ttie liltcr problem'Southeast Asia out ot Communist locally. In some areas, notably [hands, be willing to fmht if the California. this activity ha s Communists move any .urther? Or assumed stale-wide proportions.' will the United Statei just sit. back * few national organizations - * nc L expl ; csAs . plous h °P. eB thatltthe ong them the National Council Sou . th f a 5 Asians wont submit to State Garden Clubs, for which I am privileged to speak as president, — have recognized the seriousness of the situation and have urged that anti-litter activities be incorporated in tho action programs of their member groups at slate and local levels. iun jf communism? There is talk — until it becomes n reality it will remain 'talk —that this country will try to form a Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO).to defend the rc»t of Indochina, and Southeast Asia against any furl her Communist advance. Election Officials for Primary Primary election officials were Hempsteac announced by the County Democratic Centra Committee today as follows: Hope Ward 1 Judges: Guy E. Basye, Ray mond Jones, Jim James; Alter natc Judges, Dick Watkins, E L. Archer, Jr. Clerks: Paul Sims, Jr., Mrs. Davis Frith; Alternate Clerks, Mrs. E. L. Archer, Jr, Mrs. T. H. Butler Guard! W. A. (Bill) -Mudgett Hope Ward 1A Judges: Claud Tillery. Fred Gresham, Frank Mason; Alternate Judges, Joe Green, Brack Schenck Clerks: Hubert Thrash, Cecil Clear Springs Camp on July 30 The annual encampment and revival meeting at the Clear Springs Camp Ground in Clark Co.- will begin July 30 and continue through August 8. The minister coming for the 10 day meeting is the Rev. 0. Lee Hargis of Joncsboro, Ark. The song leader is. Bert Wingfield of Prescott; pianists, Mrs. Dink Meeks of Arkadelphia; and youth leaders Rev. and Mrs, Lestet Brickford of Little Rock. For arrangements for staying on the grounds over night, write But' or Denton, Delight, Ark., Chairman of the board. Tidelands Issue Is Misstated -McClellon The public Interest in these i It rc mains to be seen (A1 wh.nh- independent efforts indicates al el . t| le Uniled States can got • ol- wide-spread desire for an ahti-<u os to go along with this plan and litter plan that can be applied to , B) whether Congress, whcro there jwe entire nation. :|has been much divided opinion. It is most encouraging, there-'will take action which could lead to fore, to i'incl that a group of the military Involvement r-omcriay. nation's foremo.il industrial leaders! There was so much national Un- not only share our concern but happiness over the Korean War have taken an aggiessivo elep and Ihe. cost in American lives, toward thu elimination pi litter (and so much national relief and from the American scene. iJoy when the Communists agreed 1 refer to tho rtcent organization'to a truce there, that there lias announcement of Keep America been no national enthusiasm for Beautiful. Inc., a non-profit cor- getting involved all over again in Epration established for the express Asian fighting, flu-pose of combating litter. For The Communists knew of f the benefit of those of your readers! feeling. Knowing, they may have who may not know of this new e«mbled that this country wouldn-t organization I would like to effort by industry and citizen' groups to cope with the litter problem on a national basis. Its program has three principal objectives: 1. To create a public awareness of. litter and of the individual's (fe'sponsibility for it. 2.- To' stimulate widespread ;pub-: lie participation in cleaning up' existing litter. 3. To prevent future litter by a combination of education, public opinion pressure and law enforcement. Industry is contributing generously, not only in financial support but from its technological resources and ingenuity, Vo insure ccess of the program. Mo*fe than fo national organizations, including my own, have accepted the responsibility of representation on an Advisory Council to work Wilh Ihe industrial leaders who constitute the directorate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc. They, and we, recognize the necessity for the widest possible | did bet on that, they won. They will probably sit quietly for a while now. They can afford tg They can sit back ancl watch whi the Western Allies, particularly thi United States, are willing, to .d| about agreeing to draw a line Jr f Asia beyond whichr ..they i^jjn't.•* 1 "" Communists"'"'' rriove wtthpui massive war. If the West fails to reach agree Continued on Page Three necussuj' lui nit: wjuuai ^uoojui.-! u lc . st .jt e >« public knowledge and understand- ,. Am) j.' ve ' ( Women Put Him in Off ice Says Cherry By The Associated Press Gov., Cherry, in a new improve televised Talkathon, said at LitU Rock last night that women aide in electini; him governor in Ii)o2 "because they knew I would clean — Shipley Studio photo On Saturday. July 10, in Little river just west of Hope a local boy accompanied^ his father went hunting, for the fabulously big alligator gars which cruise that stream - and he caught one for thCb °The photo show's Bill Tooley, 14, who caught the big 'fish; h] _ father L B. Tooley, Manager of Radio Station KAAR, wno shot the fish so It could'be boaledi and finally th e alligator gar iKplf weiahlna 117 pounds and measuring 6 feet 8 inches. Wha: happenedi to the fish afterward? It was given away to some of the Negro community who specialize In cooking gar meat. What does 6 it taste like? Resembles >some of .the river .catf.sh, quite good when hot — but rater tough when cola. Electric Rate Is Cut to 2c for Candidates' Rally Monday Night at Park The Hope city council voted Tuesday night to reduce -the electiw rate to churches from the commercial bottom rate of 3 cents per KWH, formerly chayged religious groups, to the 2-cerjt bottom rate charged .residential "consumers Contract was let to Chester forger to build a Negro rest room 200-block, oA $ast Third^ nttt^'aria- 5 Hazel' sts. 1 City Treasurer Charles Reynerson was authorized to solicit bids on air-conditioning equipment for •the ground floor of the city hall New Complaints were made about the sewer condition on West Avenue B, and a council committee announced it would investigate. ing of the aims and plans of our jjew organization. We frankly want To attract to our ranks an increasing number of those who lake pride in their homes and their communities and who, because of that pride, will want to be a part of Keep America Beautiful. Very truly yours, MRS. WILLIAM J. WALTERS President, National Council of State Garden Clubs _. New Brunswick, N, J. * V: July 7, 1954 Few Days' Delay on Cease-Fire By LOUIS BUILBERT HANOI, Indochina (UP) .Reliable reports , reaching here to c'ay said the Indnchino.-ic Communists have asked for three to 19 days delay in applying the Indochina ceasefire. The Reds were said 'to have opposed by "state Sen. 'Guy Jones' told l he French it will take that cleaned it up," the governor declared. It was the first time since the present campaign for the gubernatorial nomination opened that Cherry has returned to the airways on the vehicle lie rode to victory in 1952. The «ovornor is Democrats to Ask Voico in Probe Group ^*By G. MILTON KELLY 'WASHINGTON I/Pi — Son. Jackson (D-W,ish) said Ir.fiay tho Democrats "will insist" op. n voice ill choosing a successor to Hoy M. Conn as chief counsel of the Senate Investigations Subcommittee. •'Chairman McCarthy (R-Wis) yesterday accepted Conn's resi;?' n&tion wit!> avowed reluctance. He also switched Donald A. Surine, another subcommittee nide, to his Awn office payroll. H«v did so -asiment of boys at the Boys Industrial .^, ',,,,!,n^.,,,.,,,Una moi/M'it\r nnmnri<:. School and the niismanasement Orval Faubus and Gus McMillan in the preferential primary July 27. Cherry was asked whether the Highway Commission would take an unprejudiced view to construction of access roads to Toadsuck Ferry. Cherry to!d his viewers that the dpparlment would give unpre ju- riiced consideration to any area of the state needing roads. A rumor that Jones would ap pear was baseless. Jono* did ivi show up, but Cherry commented "he's a • citizen' and a voter and IM like to i;ct his volo too." Meanwhile, OrVril Faxibus, oppos ing the governor's ' second term (bid, told a Paragould audience: "Gov, Cherry has challenged anyone to point to his administration and cite one speck of graft." The Humsville publisher asked; "What uhoiit the Losjislative Audit report showing irrugularitie:; in the Revenue Department. The Resources and Development Commission, the J3arbers' Board and the Cosmetology Board?" "How about reports of mistreat- Peace to End 1i/2 Billion Hope Ward ; 2-A Judges: .Elmer Red Sovine There will be a political rally for Drain on U. S. By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON UP) — The nc-go- iatpd end of the war in Indochina s generally regarded here as a /ictpry for the Communists and a defeat 'for Ihe free world. Ijf| halts a direct billion-dollar a year, drain of money and arms on e^ (United States. it also creates an urgent j'ames' T. Cobb neeoj to shore up non-Communist ar^is of Southeast Asia which will almost certainly impose new burdens' on this country and its allies and absorb some or all of the Indochina savings. Ur S. government officials have been talking with French leaders for |'everal weeks about getting out of Red arjas all arm? and e'cuiip- which French aud.ra'tiye firft'u>n>t> 'foi'cesv travel b^eea, equipped wHh.' It is understood the- French have given assurances this will be done. , It was learned, meanwhile, that the American and Allied governments are planning shortly to issue declarations of intent to form eventually a collective dc'cnte for Southeast Asia and warning tho Communists not to undertake any pew aggression in that area. Such O'Stecn; Alternate Clerks: Joe Rider, Fred Rbberson Guard: Bill Palmer; Alternate Guard, Hays Munn Hope Ward 2 Judges: Teddy Jones, Bill Holt, Carroll Yocum: Alternate Judges, B. W. Edwards, Bill Routon, W. H. Munn Clerks: Mi's. Henry Haynes,- C. C. Collins; Alternate Clerks, Jimmy Miller, Mrs. E. J. Whitman, Guard: Lon' Sanders; Alternate Guard, J. S. Rogers By The Associated Press Sen. John McClellan yesterday said he knew of no issue that has been "moro misrepresented, ev rgerated, distorted and -confused than the so-called ttdolands legislation." ' McClellan charged, rnisrcprcson lalion on the part ot his opponents for the Democratic nomination who lave Attacked his vote for the bil giving coastal states title to the lidelands oil reserves. Gov. Si'l McMath, one of Me Clellan's three opponents, has kep increased drought government to drought-stricken vas learned todayr-^t An informed source'! ope to announce the. ief prograifei He said i eed Industry' :ected by ,cut-^&te :ales and a'' !l alls of the aid, be ncnt. • ^ T •' • ^ p LI i ^^ The progamVproKtttoi;y£ available" ,'t6^droi!^»^l and also contain stirS^ working', nfcS&ft. " feed, Brown, Mrs. Ware Owens, Mrs. John Bobo; Alternate Judges, Eugene Cox, Tom Duckett, Clyde Smith Clerks: Mrs. Elmer Brown, Mrs. Clifford Franks; , Alternate Clerks, Mrs. Carl Jones, Mrs. Guard: Fred ^lanton; Alternate Guard, Sam Warmack the senator undo' 1 a constan >¥<CWj ,g i.ioyine.j^s.OU.l'eieif ;4%yc£eatf£te«8" oats/ eo: WMKQ) WiW»*^| T **»*V»™*»«M«"J™ j *< meaLr to .drought\"arta Is half-price. .^ak,ini' a" vehtory; 'loW-i^nd^ pa' in trangportatloh.icpsts. ^j'i TJlanV 4nf i-'AwlulnV^thej all local candidates at 7:30 Monday light, July 26, in the Colliseum at Fair park, it was announced today by Bob 'Shivers, in behalf of the following commitlee on arrangements: ,' Circuit .Judge Lyle Brown, County Judge U. G. Garrett, Circuit Clerk Garrett Willis, Tax Assessor Crit Stuart, and Mr. Shiv- Red Sovine, radio and • recording star, will head the entertainment program, which will include a nationally-known quartet Elmer Brown will bo master of ceremonies. a'subcommittee majority compri: ing the Democrats and Sen. Potter (R-Mich) were pushing 9 showdown move to fire them. Then, in closed meeting,the subcommittee unanimously confirmed in their jobs 22 there members of the staff, but withheld confirmation at least for tho time being fypm another —T Former Secret Service Agent Thomas Layenia, of- ice manager and assistant couu • .^McCarthy confirmed officially that it was Surine and Lsvenia to whom tUe Defense Department has refused to grant security clearance to handle secret documents. School and the mismanagement there?" "What about state employes saying they \\nd stayed in hotels said this was the the subcommittee, with his cpusent, held up Lavenia's CP.oWr.ra.ft- motels whan investigation revealed that they had never stayed in such places?" Faubus asked. "Is that one speck of graft," he querried. He said 'that would scern to be several specks pf graft." Jones headquarters said he had made no formal speeches during his 'trek, acros? south Arkiviias route to Little Rock- Howevtr, h,eadquarte..'s group said he ' continuing his criticism of Cherry as a "do-nothing' 1 governor — in accessible to the people. Gus McMillan of Sheridan, long to advise their scattered troops to stop shooting. Loyal Viet Nam sources said the Reds proposed this time-table for applying the cease-fire: Northern Viet Nam, including tho Red River delta three dfys. Central Viet Na'm seven days Southern Viet Nam 10 clays. These sources said • recognition of the Communist demand would be contained in a final communi- que to be released in Geneva. French authorities here put into motion immediate plans for the removal of French and arti-Com- munist Indochlhese from tlse areas to be handed over to Ihe Reds under' the irucc agreement. They estimated 500,000 would eave the northern part of tho ountry within the next nine nonths. A majority of the population ap- Dcared resisneci lo a new lile un- !er Red RULE. ., ;• "Anything is bellev thr.n war," vas the catch phrase rieatrl in the lative market places. Relief at the end of almost eight years of lighting and destruction outweighed the uneasiness of most of the Indbchinese. But Uhe French rhutlered curses at tho Palis gov ernment and worried about bank ruptcy. Murray and D'Ewartin Montana action has been discussed with a number of friendly governments and reports today were that It had ben substantially agread upon. The United States and Britain, however, are still divided over, the liming of acjtual formation. Authorities estimate it vvill be many months before ihc projected defense system can be set up, .The United States would have prefcred quick- action but Britain is anxious to hold the cooperateion of India to the fullest extant possible and consequently has been moving cautiously. American officials studying the ndochina settlement signed today aid privately its impact will reach ar beyond Southeast Asia and robably will be felt throughout he whole range of relations be- sveen the Communist arid. non- Communist blocs. Hope Ward 3 Judges: Harvey Barr, Mrs. Denver L. Dickinson, Thompson Evans; Alternate Judges, Mrs. W. Dale Wilson, Claud R. Hamilton, Ruff Martindale Hope Ward 3 l .Cle.rks; Miss Mamie B. Holt, '" > 'V-'*$£IS*WVfc*f" F. M/ Horton,- Ir 'Guard: John H. Wiggins; Alternate GUard, M. D.J Downs Hope Ward 4 '* Judges: A. E. Slusser, Orville Stedman, Jim Richards; Clerks: Aubrey O'Steen, Mike Scheniker Guard: Elbert Jones. Hope Country Box 5 Judges: Neil Osborn, Jack Atkins, Ned Purtlo; Alternate Judges, Earl Dudley, Clyde, Monts, stream of crilicism for voting for the measure. * McMath says that many million? of dollars that could • have been spent in Arkansas on school- construction ancl teacher salaries>-were. forfeited through loss-'of returns from tidelaiid oil. - , , >,J The former governor claims, there are n number of onoslly ,unidentified oil millionaires support ing McClellen. He contends ,that : o "^fJ»TSCriJ^|l the oilmen are supporting Model- ^Sh^fflS Ian with money and'the helicopter «P»tM«W*«»1 the senior senator uses r in return for his vote on the.tidelnnds^eas' we. , , . He said title to'the'tldflandst went to,,ihc coastal 'slate's Covered only one* tenth of 'the-, Continental Shelf,' and, one sixth of, 'the estimated oil reserves, >benea'h , the shelf. He said title 1 to -the'rcarmr.' dor o£ the shelf arid 6H,was vested in the federal government, '.:>" Protection of each state's '.title to mineral and other t weaHK ' Oscar Hodnett 7 Wop- ' e#t to, sent 8 fourth |or the office left UUle JRocK toy $ live day swing though, sMq,th and. wes Only anti Communist Indochmese who cooperated with the French and must leave showed open signs of fear. Mayor Do Qtiang Giani of Hano: told newsmen at least 100.000 oi bis city's 400,000 inhabitants must Abandon their homes quickly or risk reprisals when '.he Ho Chi Minh government takes over. It was estimated that 300,000. an ti-CommuniEt natives living at the port of Haiphong, and other of northern Indochina must evacuated by mid'May. addition, 5J5LOOO men of removed an^ Yie.t Nam HELENA, Mont. UP) — Vett-ran Sen. James E. Murray ancl Wesley A. D'Ewart, a 10-yewr member of the House, will batik; or a U. S, Senate soat in Mrm- ana's general election next No 'ember. Murray, o 78-year-old Democrat and the Senate's sixth-tanking nember, and D'Ewar, senior Re publican on the House Interior ancl nsular Affairs Coinr.iittec, hoi' opsided leads for their respective jarty nominalions in primary elec- ion returns e > arly 'todsy> About half the state's record to a) of 283,651 registered volers cast Ballots yesterday. The campaign calmest in Montana history, was void of national issues. Murray, who remained in Wash ngton and left his v°t<?\appeals. to a strong state organization, an< other incumbents pased their cam paigns on their record? in office Repi Lee Metcalf won rehomination on ths Democratic ticket and will oppose Winfield E Page, a long-time state senstoi who was nominated by the Repub licans without contest. Seeking the House seat to be va be- th' rated by ^ ,Qryin a fprmer United States Charobur Commerce vice president, wa cooceded the Republinjin nominee snd LeRoy Anderspp, ststo senato &nd a reserve bvigadw genen held S»n Apparently comfortable lead |9»- the Democratic npmina- Rainbow Girls to Hold Breakfast Order of Ihe Rninbow Girls will sponsor a Merchant's Breakfast Friday, July 23, at the Masonic Hall from 6 until 9 a m Tickets' may be obtained from Tiembers o fthe Rainbow Girls, or at the Masonic Hall Friday morning. • Clerks: Bill Schooley, Jimrnio Miller; Alternate Clerks, Calvin Hare, Steve Lloyd Guard: Leslie Honeycutt; Alternate Guard, J. M. Harbin Hope Counry Box 6 Judges: <j.L. C. Hinton, H. D. Shirley, Roy Stephenson; Alternate Judges, R. C, Ellen, W. H. Light, Carl Reece Clerks: Cecil Wyatt, Mrs. Thurman Riddling; Alternate Clerks, Mrs. Wm. E. Butler, J. B. Ellen, Jr. Guard: W. E. Honea; Alternate Guard, A. I. McKinney. DeAnn Precinct Judges: Leroy Samuel, G. C. Clark, J, J. Samuel; Alternate Judges, Ray Willis, I. A. Whatley Clerks: Monroe Samuel, Jimmy Arnold; Alternate Clerks, Mrs, p. B. O'Steen, Miss Sally Timberlake Guard: L. E. Salisbury; Alternate Guard, Jack Coffee Rocky Mpund Precinct Judges: W. W. Bright, Pearl Campbell, J. H. Pichnrcl; Alternate Judges, H. H. Higgason, Walter Arnett, Jim Chambers Clerks: Mrs, H, H, Higgason, Mrs. E. V. Juris; Alternate Clerks, t Continued on Page Two t might lie submerged' under its ' inland navigable waterways was in eluded in the bills. ., t ' , •', McClellan aid the- opposilion re fers to only one of the bills. "They never told you there were two " ' '• measures. But Chambers of Helena^ an other of MqClellan's primary, op ponents, yesterday ' criticized th< Benson farm policy and -pledged his support of 90 per cent of par! t for farmers. He saW also! 'hf Best Place to Spend the Summer Is in the Country- But Naturally, He Tells Hal Chinese Reds to Release 6 (Editor's Note: Last week Hal Boyle, .a city feller who thinks ;ioisoh ivy is just a nickname for a girl gossip, wrote a piece claiming that a New York apartment is the coeiebt and safest place to spend the summer. Toaay we present a grass roots rebuttal by a nature-loving fellow newspaperman of the Adrian, Mich., Telegram.) By W, §. STEWART ADRIAN, Mich. W Dear Hal: The best place to spend the summer is in the country. Let a friend of mine explain pled lake dances sweetly through i he open door with Mother Nature; paying the entire shot. "Neighbors don't bother us. Our •bullfrog-echoing dale in the wi'd' wood' is completely 'our own. Not even moon-eyed lovers dare the winding trail to' steal a few moments alone. * "The bpving neighbors dpn't drpp over any more, We have an JMV written understanding about flur lot lines -clatjng from the day hj$ pat slapped a, cui-jpus pavy }r*tp y\e hic}e of our sleeping "Qyr d«y» aro^'t " prison pr otherwise ?4 ' , , i i? the'' why: ',We the ninest air condj< Uon. ip, returns frpm 1,Q pf the state's let! both 1 f l}f W tioning finywliere. Ther's no sew ice charge, fee pi- havp to remember to twn it on 4r off. W run? all the time "Qyr et four walls, ppen space in northern water of hours ing "We wo snil . We ported " 'i|\ waiting ty for farmers, would seek the continuation of tne conservation policy. Chambers aired his thon" over KCMC-TV in ,, Smith, as ho carried his carnpa|gn ~ through northwest Arkansas.;' , Chambers ha? disputed - Me Math's contention that thp pil nn lionaires bonefitted from the legis lation, ' ' * • n Chambers told a, listener On jeceht radio program; "It doesn't make any differenc to them, where the royalties, go they've go? pay aiwvay.'' GENEVA W —The Qhin^s? Com munist? have agreed to release American? held in Be4 PftSna* U.S. delegation announced", tpdey. The announcement, said 1 . . ' "Tl\e Chinese Communis^ r fes have stated further cas,?? Qi othev cl&t^inpr jeans are stilj unf|er revit,.,, . American officials herv believe the Chinese Reds are holding in 'Americans. Those to be freed weye named as Ernest Hofe B,enbe ft ^ ; Jehn, John

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