The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 7, 1957 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1957
Page 21
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Thtmdey, Nov. 7, 195f Afg&fta (Taj Upper DM One method moihen use fat measuring time is by the ages oi their offspring. How frequently we make a remark to the effect that we know a certain event happened in 1948 because that was the summer we carried Junior or Sister! Parenthood also helps me keep up with my history. I'll Always know the exact date of VJ day .because it coincided with another important, event — the day 1 was released from the hospital after having given birth to our second child. * * • • AH of ui hav» old friends whom we keep track of with notes at Christmas time and infrequent visits. Sometimes it doesn't seem like such a while since we've been together until we take a look at their children. Then we find that the little girl we've been remembering as a dimpled grade-schooler has suddenly blossomed into a Junior Miss almost as tall as her mother. At times like these, I have one stock remark "Oh my, how you've grown!" It's a little less than a brilliant comment and it probably doesn't raise my esteem in the eyes of my friends' children. But other people's kids have a habit of stretching up when I'm not looking. * * • • Our own kids grow, loo, but the process is so gradual we don't think much about it. This week our Bill had a birthday and it suddenly seems to me that he's grown from 7 pounds 14 ounces, to well over 100 pounds almost overnight. It really took him 14 years to dp it, but I swear most of it was in the last year. * * * Wilh Bill's birth, my husband jmd I became parents for the first time. We've never been quite the same since. The changes we started making were not all concerned with three-cornered pants for it also affected our eating and sleeping habits, our social life, our spending and our hopes for the future. It bt seme unlikely chahce, we should discover oil in our backyard and become millionaires, ii we should become the first couple to take a rocket trip to the moon or if I should write a best selling novel, there'd still not toe a prouder moment than when we became parents. Mighty clever of me, 1 think to contrive to have a son, but I'm sure that if the baby had been a girl, we would have insisted that a daughter was just what we were hoping for.. * * » I shall noi go so far a* to »ay that Bill is our favorite child for the girls have their own gpfcoial qualities, but we'll admit "he's our favorite son. As such we've Invested quite a bit in him, starting with the payment to tb.6 Kossuth Hospital ($49.50 for delivery costs and a 10 day stay!) to yesterday's gift of ten arrows for his birthday. At 14, the financial costs of rearing a youngster are just starting, I realize, but we've already been amply repaid. We have all those priceless memories. * * * There's ihai first smile that he gave me when he was two months old, his first giggle a little while later, and the first staggering steps on his first birthday. There's the time he filled the fire-pit of the furnace with pop bottles and my Christmas necklace he painstakingly disassembled with my fingernail scissors. There's his perpetually dirty face in spite of my careful washing and the lectures he used to give himself when he knew he'd been naughty. There's the time he came home from first grade with a book and announced that he'd found out what, "this here says." * * • There's the time he came home with fourteen boys and introduced them to me as my new Cub Scout Den. I had casually mentioned I might be a Den Mother. There's those three hectic, wonderful years that followed when the Den was in ses- sion. There's the time he broke his arm and then cut the cornea of his eye before the limb was out of the cast, the horrible earaches he used to get and the time he fell out of the swing to leave a crescent cut on his tongue. I remember, too, the twt incidents that left scars in the region of his left eyebrow and the goose-egg the time the 2x4 •fell on him when the trapeze broke. The worry of those -incidents was balanced by the itime he Bawled up on my lap and with uncharacteristic expression of affection said, ''I sure like to have you around, Mama." * * * Th« activities of our son these days are more adult. He goes fishing with his Dad and he has a hunting license this year. Pop is pleased with his responsibility in gun handling so he lets him use his rifle. He enjoys some of the same books and magazine articles I do, we laugh at the same jokes and his taste in movie or TV programs often coincides with mine. He and his friends sit around our living room (they've all got those big feet and those suddenly, great, big gruff voices) and they talk about life and cars and current events With a'sophistication that seems to me, amazingly adult. The next minute they are chasing each other with squirt guns, scuffling and blowing bubble gum and I realize-that fourteen fs not quite grown Up yett , - : * * » Do you remember your first pair of *ilk stockings? Several readers in this area evidently do for there was a fine response to the contest on the subject. I don't know the name of the first prize winner nor do I know yet who'll get the two pair of nylons from the Algona Theater for the entrant signs herself, "A Matron" and says, "If, inasmuch as miracles never cease and a prize should come my way, please give it to some young girl who has yet to experience the wonderful thrill of her first pair of nylons." So I'll do a bit of research and some young 'lady will receive the prize through the generosity of, "A Matron". • • * * The winning entry reads, "Walking down McGregor Streot, on my way to school, I carefully avoided the slushy puddles of an early March thaw and I actually wondered if I looked too old! 1 was every starry-eyed fairy princess I'd ever -read about. When I reached South Harlan st one of those high school 'Barney Oldfields' wheeled his car around the corner on two wheela, sending a shower of slush and mud and water, and Oh! my beautiful, nylons were splattered and I've made i " • * '•• ' •• K the Big Change, have you? Now.T.anti-sfall De-icer in both new STANDARD Gasolines! Now, Standard's Big Change brings you another big plus —absolute freedom all Fall and Winter from stalling caused by carburetor icing! With Standard's exclusive De-icer on guard, your carburetor won't ice, you won't stall. And you get De-icer at no extra charge in both new Standard Gasolines ... NEW GOLD CROWN Super-Premium ... an entirely neio grade of gasoline ... a must for high-compression engines, a power boost for any car. GOLD CROWN stops power-loss and fuel-waste caused by spark-plug crust- actually rejuvenates most fouled plugs after a few tank- fula. That's why users are reporting extra miles per gallon. NEW RED CROWN King-Sire Regular ... with octane higher than premium grades of a few years ago ... deliv. ers king-size knockfree performance and king-size driving economy, too. Take our advice, sir—get De-icer, , you'll be glad you did! You expect more from STANDARD Cffdggitl STANDARD Oil PRODUCTS HOPKINS SUPER SERVICE > Phone CY 4*3372 State & Jones STANDARD 011 PRODUCTS Cook & Son Standard Service 90$ S, Phillip? $t, en Hwy, 169 Phone CY 4-4379 drenched and my dream of walking past the boys gathered at th« high school entrance on legs Slip and sleek and seductive was, alfis, cruelly shattered!'' * « » A two week's pass to the Algona Theater for two people goes to Mrs Wrliiam Wiskus of Bancroft. Hfr first silk stockings were worn 31 years ago on ah Easter Sunday. They were heavy black silk. She says, "With Mom's permission, I could wear my silk stockings to church so I rolled up my long leg underwear and had a nice rbll tWQ inches thick around my leg but who cared. I was wearing my silk stockings!" She too had an unfortunate experience with her new stockings. She slipped and fell down, tearing a big hole. They were mended and the dresses were long enough So the place didn't show. She says, "1 loved those stockings so much they lasted about two years." » » * Third prize winner, one week's supply of theater tickets for two people, is Mrs G. E. Cook, Algona. Her stockings were nylons, the first pair she could buy after the war and she was the winner in a drawing for the privilege of buying them. Mrs Cook writes. "I got them for $1.98 and kept them for three months because I was afraid to wear them. I was afraid I'd spoil them. But after I wore them they lasted for 6 months and after the old rayon ones they were surely nice." » •' » This week's recipe is for a candy — Carmel Date Roll. 1% cups dark brAwn sugar Ms cup milk % pound pitted dates 1 cup chopped pecans. Combine sugar and milk, in a saucepan. Stir over low heat until sugar is dissolved. Increase heat to medium and boil to 238 dogrees on at* candy thermometer •it- the soft ball stage when test'•d in cold water. Add dates ; i;:t have been quartered; con! mue cooking, stirring constantly until the thermometer registers 242 degrees or 2 to 3 minutes longer. Remove from heat; cool untrl lukewarm. Bent until thick. Add the pecans and continue beating until the candy holds its shape. Turn out on & piece of damp cheesecloth and form into roll. Slice in Vi inch slices when cold. —ORACE. Nels Ostrom Of Whitfemore Rites Nov. 1 Nels Erick Emanuel Ostrom, 72, retired farmer northwest of town, passed away at St. Ann hospital, Algona, Monday evening. Oct. 28, of a heart condition, having been a patient in the hospital since Thursday, Oct. 24. Mr Ostrom had been ill for quite some time. He was born Dec. 23. 1865, at Sundsvall, Sweden, and was the son of the late Mr and Mrs N. J. Ostrom. In 1909 Mr Ostrom came to Iowa where he moved on the farm of his uncle, C. P. Ostrum, known as the Ostwald farm. In 1920 he purchased the former Mike Esser farm which was his home until he passed away. In 1954 his wife passed away and Mr Ostrum has been staying With his two daughters alternately. He recently spent Six months with relatives in Sweden. On Oct. 1, 1914 Mr Ostrom married Ella Bast in St. Paul's Lutheran church, Whittemore. To their union two dauhgters were born, both survive him in death ,Mrs Eail (Meta) Fuoss of Whittemore and Mrs Louis (Hilda) Berninghaus of Lone Rock. Also j eight grand-childrenv ? *nd one sister, Mrs Hulda Loglfquist of Stavreviken, Sweden. Funeral services were held Nov. 1, Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock in St. Paul's church, Whittemore, with Rev. Paul Weinhold officiating. Pallbearers were G. ©JLoebach, Martin Ostwald, Walter Bierstedt, Harry Seely, R. H. Ostwald and Carl Feye. fat. They were owned by the following dairymen: Walter Cam- peny, 2; C. H. Wilhelmi 2; Alvin Boettcher 1; Harry i-Bartelt 1; Milton Madison 5; Herman Sodcrberg 4; Loander Menke 1. Ralph Walker Jr. 4: Sidney Payne 4. October Report, No. Kossuth DHIA Twenty herds of milk cows were tested during October on regular D.H.I.A., according to Forrest Hofbauer, north Kossuth D.H.l.A. supervisor. High lactations completed during the month over 500 Ibs. fat and the cow owners were: Ralph walker, Shorty, 305 days, 17,210 Ibs. milk, 663 Ibs. BF; Milton Madison, Mamie, 306 days, 14,860 Ibs. milk, 598 Ibs. BF: Leander Menke, Lois, 296 days, 17,230 Jbs. milk, 553 Ibs. BF; Ralph Walker, Jr., Lady Dolly, 306 days, 14,350 Ibs. milk, 533 Ibs. BF; Harry Bartelt, Milly, 274 days, 15,690 Ibs. milk, 514 Ibs. BF. Twenty-four cows completed lactations of over 400 Ibs. butter- Si Joe Trojans The regular meeting of the St. Joe Trojans was held Oct. 30 at the K. C. Hall with Ronald and George IHg as hosts. New officers were installed as follows: President, John Wagner; vice- president, Donald Hilbert; Secretary-treasurer; Carol Ann Erpeld- L. ft. BOHANNON about this question: "I've teen hunters accidentally shool a partner, or an expensive, hurtling dog, cause a woods fir* and other damage to property. I think I'm more careful, but will $6 buy a $10,* 000 Personal Liability Policy?" For the answers to your insurance questions, feel' free to call me at the Boharmon Insurance Agency. Phone CY4- 4443. ing; Reporter, Stanley KMn; nnd Recreation chairman, Jerome Weydert. Plans were discussed for the November Ifivh recognition night. Lunch was served by Mrs Illg after the meeting. MJOJOR ltPAIRS Largo Stock of REPLACEMENT PARTS On Hand Prompt Service At All Times Service Motors Available For Emergency Use PRATT ELECTRIC CO. Phone CY 4-4326 Algona, la THE MIGHTY CHRYSLER ANNOUNCINQ AN ALL-NEW LUXURY CAR IN A LOWER PRICED FIELD! The Glamorous NONA/' CHRYSLER WINDSOR ADVANCfD-New Flight-Sw.eep styling! (UAMbROUS-New "Luxury Look" interiors! ROOMY—New sofa-wide seats! LIVELY—New 10 to 1 compression ratio! POWERFOL-New 354 cu.Jn. Spitfire V-8 engine! WONDER Fill-New Torsion-Aire Ridel No extra cost! $AFEST-New Total-Contact brakes! MODERN-New Pushbutton control TorqueFlite!* IA$IEST-New Constant-Control Power Steering!* SCENIC—New Compound-Curved windshields! REUABl^-New slip-proof Sure-Grip differential!* IxauSIVE-New Auto Pilot!' WWrTY-New dual carburetionl ••n N »tiimi«Nfc Today... there's a shining new 'luxury star" In the medium price field ... the glamorous all-new 1968 Chrysler Windsor! NEW i A car not only all-new in styling outside and inside ,.. all-new in engineering ... all-new in performance but representing an all-new concept of luxury in its lower priced field! H»Wi Imagine! Chrysler quality , , , Chrysler luxury . . . Chrysler performance . , . Chrysler prestige! So much more to enjoy! So much less to pay! NBWI And to top It all—you have the pride and satisfaction of owning a Chrysler—the car with that unmistakable, bold new look of that makes other cars seem old-fashioned. NEW i Never before has it been possible for you to own so much glamour ... so much luxury t • * for so little! Only Chrysler offers it today! ; NEW i Ask your Chrysler dealer to show you Chrysler's long list of special new 1958 features such as Chrysler's new Auto-Pilott The greatest driving safety, driving comfort feature ever invented! Not a governor, but an awtiting device connected with speedometer and accelerator. It prevents excess speed in traffic maintains constant speed on highways, THREE QREAT SERIES IN THREE PRICE NEW YORKER t SARATOGA | WINDSOR CHRYSLER N5W YORKER for 19881 It Offers you every luxury known modern motoring and many that are uniquely its own. Torsion-Aire suspension, pushbutton TorqueFlite, Constant-Control power steering, dual headlights and new Compound-Curved windshields are all standard equipment. The New Yorker's FirePower V-8 engine is the moat efficient in the world. CHRYSLER SARATOGA for 19B8I This quality-built luxury eajr, pushbutton TorqueFlite transmission, Torsion-Aire suspension, gad Control power steering as standard equipment, is the middle priced car IQ Chrysler line. Fox all its size, prestige and power it is an ""^nvmtfftl ew (9 operate. Last year's Saratoga won its class in the Mobilgaa Eooaooty RU.Q, J&L MOTORS • 105 N Hall Stree

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