The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 7, 1957 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1957
Page 19
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Flu Bug Hits Nearly Every Wesley Home „.,.„, «-~ Due to the flu epidemic the public school closed Thursday noon till further notice. The parochial was closed last week. Hardly a family has escaped the flu bug. Class Play Not? 15 The Junior class play "Keep Moving" is scheduled to be presented on Nov. 13, unless it is postponed because of the flu epidemic. Meetings Planned The C. D. of A.'s and the Catholic Missionary group will meel Wednesday, Nov. 6. The American Legion Auxiliary will meet Thursday evening Nov. 7. Takon To Rochester Mrs Percy Carlsson wa.s taken to a Rochester hospital in tht Blake ambulance from the Britt hospital where she had bren *• patient several days. Rev. Carlsson has been with his wife. Mrs Kale Seiler has been spending some time lately in the home of her daughter, Mrs June Noble near Britt and with Butch Noble who was hospitalized in Britt with a severe case of the flu. Mrs Jere Schmidt entered tht Britt hospital last week for medical care. Mr and Mrs Al Wagner received word of the death of her cousin, Stanford Bennett, 75, at Min eapolis, on October 28. The Bennetts were frequent visitors in the late Ben Felt home some years ago. He leaves his widow and three children. Mr and Mrs Adolph Geiser and Mr and Mrs Tom Schmoll of Hartley were Sunday, Oct. 27 guests of their cousins, Mr and Mrs Will Martinek. Officers of the C. D. of A.'s conducted initiation ceremonies for a group of 17 candidates at Britt Wednesday evening. Marjorie Becker and Dorothy Eisenbacher were unable to take part in the ' ceremonies and were replaced by Mildred Arndorfer and Clara Erdman. Mrs Henry Haverly, Audra and Kenneth met Paul Haverly in Mason City early Sunday morning, Oct. 27. Paul had received his discharge at Fort Lewis, Wash, following 19 months service in Korea. Mr and Mrs Kenneth Haverly, Mr and Mrs Dennis Haverly and Mr and Mrs Hugh Haverly and their families were' Sunday dinner guests-in the parental, Henry Haverly home. The Henry, Kenneth and Dennis Haverly families, Mr and Mrs Fred Eden and Mr and Mrs Roger McCormick were Friday evening guests in the Hugh Haverly home at Renwick. Paul Haverly showed pictures he had taken in Korea. After which Mrs Hugh Haverly served lunch. Daniel Skow, son of Mr and Mrs Joseph Skow returned from Kansas City last week where hu and eight other future farmers of America had attended a convention. W.S.C.S. meets Wednesday. Nov. 6, in the Methodist church with the Mesdames John Paulson, Ray Hansen, Orville Smith and Curtis Quinn as hostesses. Mrs Charles Nygaard will have the lesson and Mrs George Delm«ring will lead devotions. Mrs Veva Lease and Mrs Cliff Anfinson attended an extension lesson in Algona Tuesday, Nov, 5. They will present the lesson on Party Etiquette at their Tuesday Club meeting Tuesday, Nov. 19 in the Anfinson home. Mrs Clara Erdman and Willis were Sunday, Oct. 27 guests in the Mrs Martha Albrecht home in Rockwell City. Mr and Mrs John Arns of Bassett, Mrs Anna Hauptman and Rudy were Sunday, Oct. 27 guests of Mr and Mrs Harold Martinek and family. Mrs Al Wagner, who recently returned from a month's visit with her sister, Mrs Milton Goslee of Jewell, New York, reports that they sat in on an interesting disciission of the Syria- Turkey situation at the United Nations during their visit to New York City. They saw several hundred Canadian school children on tour of the U.N. Building and had lunch there. They also toured Rockefeller Center and saw Les Girls at Radio Music Hall. They visited tin- Military Academy at West Point and said the drive along the Hudson River with its autumn coloring was unforgelable) Taking part in the Hancock County Communily Chest Drive Ihis week are Robert Penning Greta Ostercamp, Herbert Missal, Duane Studer, Ed Mullin, Leo Larson, Clarence Penning and L. H. Perkins all of Orllie) Township. Friends have received word recently of the birth of a baby boy to Mr and Mrs Paul Lindholm oi Fort Huachuca, Ariz. Sunday, Oct. 20. Mrs Lindholm is the former Shirley Kouba ,only daughter of Mrs Myrtle Kouba Wynne of Albeft Lea, Minn, and Paul Franklin Lindholm is her first grandchild. Wm. Fritz, Eleanor Hanig, Jack Smith and Rupert Young have been called for petit jury duty in Ko.^suth county. A baby boy who has been named Robert was ! born Monday Oct. 21 to Mr and Mrs Will Foth of Algona. They have two other children, Mary Lea and Billy. Mrs Foth is the former Mary Jane Studer, daughter of Mrs Irene Studer of Algona, former Wesleyans. COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met Sept. 25, 1957 with Mayor Shierk and the following Couneilmen present: Robert Barnes, Leon H. Laird. John Dreesman, and Byron P. Richardson. Absent: Arnold W. Elbert and V. M. Parsons. Resolution concerning amendment to zoning ordinance was passed and approved. Proposed Ordinance "Ammending the zoning ordinance, ordinance No. 341. by changing blocks 152 and 153 of Call's addition from a commercial district to a .light Industry district and repealing ordinance in conflict" was Introduced, read and placed on file. Proposed Ordinance "Regulating the parking and location of mobile homes and regulating the licensing, location, erection, maintenance and conduct of mobile home parks and providing a penalty for the violatioh thereof" was given the second reading. Proposed Ordinance "To license and regulate junk dealers and to provide penalties for violations" was given the second reading. Resolution calling certain bonds was passed and approved. A letter to the Council stating that Assessment No. 53 In the Sanitary Sewer Sub-District No. 12 was valuated with a house on said lot and should have been valuated as a vacant lot. The property owner asked if an adjustment could be made. After some discussion the Council tabled I lie question till the next regular meeting. / City Attorney was authorized to buy "I Don't Need A Money Tree . . . With A Nice Little Savings Account Growing For Me" . . . "When I earn money baby-sitting or other ways, all I do is 'plant if in my savings account. Now it will grow and grow with interest added to it." Come in and start your own savings plan today. Home Federal Savings & lean Association Originally Organised 1917 All Deposits Insured To $10.000 AlOONA, IQWA a set of MeQuillin boofcs on MunfeJ pa! Corporation*. Cigarette permits were granted to the Diagonal Grocery, Cottage Grocery, and K*n Frank! D-JC Service Station. Beer permit was granted to JJiaronal Grocery. Mayor and* Fire Chief were authorized to attend a meeting In De* Moines. Iowa. Two policemen were authorized to attend a meeting at Mason City. Iowa Chief of Police was authorized to attend a meeting at. Des Moines, Iowa. Mayor, City Attorney and City Clerk were authorized to attend a meeting in Des Moines. Four delegates were authorized to attend a meeting at Des Moines, Iowa. W. c. McDougall tap fee was waivered because he Is extending the Sanitary Sewer on South Street at his own expense. Mr. McDougall will be allowed to collect one tap fee not to exceed $100.00 from any party who wish to tap on to the spur that he In stalled. The City Council met in Special Session October 1, 1957 with Mayor Shierk and all Couneilmen present. Mayor announced that this was the time for public hearing on the matter of the issuance of $29.000.00 Sewer Improvement Bonds, and asked whether any,written objections-had been filed. No oral objections were offered and the CltJ- Clerk advised no written objections had been filed. The meeting was thrown open for the receipt of bids for said bonds. No oral bids were received and the sealed bids were opened -and read. Sealed bids were received from Farmers Trust and Savings Bank, Spencer. Iowa and Carleton D. Beh Co., Des' Moines, Iowa. The best sealed bid was from Spencer, Iowa and was as follows. Par plus accrued Interest to date of delivery, plus n premium of $52.00, Bonds maturing May 1, 1958, 1959 and 1960 bearing interest at t%, Bonds maturing May 1, 1961, 1962 and 1963 bearing interest at 4V4%. Bonds maturing May 1, 1H84, 1965 and 1966 bearing Interest at 5'if. Resolution directing sale of $29,000.00 sewer Improvement bonds bf Algona. Iowa was passed and approved. It was moved and seconded that the balance of the East Side Sewer Project be paid out of the storm sewer fund. Ayes all. An ordinance amending ornlnance No. 341 entitled "An ordinance regulating the election and appointment of city officials providing for their compensation and repealing ordinance In conflict" was adopted and given the number 390. The City Council met In special session October 2, 1957 with the Mayor and all Couneilmen present. This was the lime for public hearing on the proposed resolution for the annexation sf certain territory to the City. Mr Louis Ferstl gave oral objections to the resolution. After discussing at great length the Council adjourned to October 4. 1957. The City Council met in adjourned session October 4, 1957 with the Mayor and all Couneilmen present. , Resolution providing for the annexation of certain territory to the City of Algona, Iowa was adopted. Resolution providing for the issuance of $29,000.00 sewer Improvement bonds was adopted. The Council met in regular session October 9, 1957 with Mayor Pro Tern- pore Byron P. Richardson and the following councilmen: Leon Laird, Arnold Elbert, V. M. Parsons. Absent: Robert Barnes and John Dreesman. Request to vacate alley in Block 130 Call's Addition was referred to the Planning & Zoning Comm. Third reading of proposed ordinance to license and regulate junk dealers and to provide penalties for violations was postponed until next regular meeting. Resolution authorizing the submission of a special question at the next regular municipal election on the annexation of certain territory to the city of Algona. Town was passed. Ordinance regulatmt <"* ind location of mobile ha*H*» passed and adopted and (riven Ordinance No. S91. Property owner of assessment f?6. 53 in sanitary «*wer Sub-district No. 12 will be reimbursed $S25.SO due to *r ror that was made in the valuation of the property. Beer permit was granted to Hood's Super Valu Grocery. The City Council met in special session October 23, 1957 with thft Mayor and the following Couficilflneri oreSent: Arnold Elbert. John Drees•nan and Byron P. Richardson. Absent: Robert Barnes. Leon Laird, V. M Parsons. For a la<* of a quorum the .eeting Connie': Column Felt Covers, Quick Trick with an Orange and Hot Cucumber Soup With pinking shears, patience and • bit of stitching you can make a cover for your telephone book from felt For a gay look, cut a pattern of a phone from a different colored felt and glue on the cover. Fun idea for gifts, tool Cucumbers Cold, Cucumbers Hot If you've always iced cucumbers, you'll like the European-style Cucumber Soup that's a specialty of Nancy Doggett, Madrid, Iowa: Cook 4 medium cucumbers, 1 cup chopped celery,! -Tbap. chopped, crushed onion, and 1 Tbsp. chopped green pepper till tender. Add 4 cups milk, 4 Tbsp. butter, 2 Tbap. flour, 1 tsp. salt and *A tsp. pepper. Heat thoroughly: stir constantly. Serve, hot! • t • ' , Even Puppy-Dog Bones! Yea, ;«fven puppy-dog bones can go into your gas incinerator! It takes all garbage... corn silk, paper or cardboard. You avoid all those bothersome trips to the garbage can, keep a cleaner, less cluttered kitchen with a gas incinerator. (See the gas incinerators at you? local gas company or neighborhood gat appliance dealer.) •• ••••! All at One* For 9 time-saving trick on bow to quickly peel an orange skin, take Otis tip from Mrs. Frank FUlmer of West Point, Nebraska! Just hold toe orange over your gas ftame for 9-wJjQutet first. » * t What's a "Pipeline"? To your local gas company, a pipeline is the means through which natural gaa comes to your town. In -__ America, there are more than 435,000 miles of natural gag pipelines — enough to circle the earth 18 times! The pipeline supplier that brings natural gaa to your local gas company is the Northern Natural Gas Company. Then your local company brings the gaa to you —for better Uving. Dr. C. Shterk, salary $150,00 David Smith, salary 129.80 Al Boekelman, salary 39.10 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., minutes and supplies 8202 Kossuth County Recorder, recorder fees .• 6.10 Koch Brothers, office supplies 3.65 Municipal Year Book, book 10.W Rose E. Stebritz, refund . 1.00 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. services 19.00 Kossuth County Recorder, recorder fees : S.OO STREET FUND Jess Lashbrook, salary 151.38 Mbert Pergande, salary 133.55 ~lenn Burtis. salary 130.18 Richard Frnmbach, salary 110.73 Raymond Metzen, salary 98.45 lonald Prcw, salary .' 122.66 Oarnld Skllling. snlary 86.44 Tohn Bahr, labor 1 8.80 "•red Hagg, labor 33.23 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax _ 73.10 Kohlhaas Hardware, mdse. 9.87 ,-traiiy Mix Concrete & Lumber Co., material 15.00 Seig-Fort Dodge Co.. prestone.- 130.80 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., services 20.50 Bowen's Superior Explosive Co.. repairs 180.80 f, S. Norton & Son, service 1.80 Bowman Builders, sidewalk —. 288.60 ' PUBLIC SAFETY FUND \I Roekrlman, salary ... 180,16 E. Hutchison', salary 162.31 P. JOrgenson, salary 138.12 X.. McBrldc. salary 123.99 W. Ankenbaucr, salary _„._,.„ 128.99 D. Tletz, salary 107.37 r. Volgt, salary 118.99 'owa State Bank, withholding tax .. 88.80 Trust. & Agency, pension 10.81 lalph Elbert, salary 10.00 ra Kohl, salary 20.00 Vogel Paint & Wax Co.. pafnl 9.20 r 'i!y Clerk, advance cash .. . 28.71 .T»iin Chalgren. service 8.98 N'orth western-Bell Telephone , Co.. service . „.„ . '. 186? Oopher Shooter's Supply. | supplies 85.48 I Kohlhaas Hardware, mdse. 808 Hoofcor Supply Co., ladder 2P7.0C SA*TltATIO» FtrRB '". Schult?. salary 229.G8 .". Eell. salary ..!... ]4J <)5 F Gronbach, salary _. 9965 Albert Bans, salary 16363 | Anfia Courtney, salary 63.37 j Rirnrr Helmrrs. salary 30.30 I Rrakus Holmers, salary 2639 G. Weig. salary 1 23.10 |To\va State Bank, withholding tax _, 48.70 Dv Sawyer, rent 45.00 Kohlhaas Hardware, mdse 102 t "is Groen, typing .... 23.00 Municipal Equip. Co.. mdse. .. 02 85 City clerk, advance cash 3f>6 Honshrueh Drug, rhdse. ... 543 soithwestern Bell Telephone Co., service 1225 Hatcher, rent "I.I 600 ftECSEAfiow FUND Amir O'Brien, salary V 652 Ornr'R Radio Ac Television, rent 22.50 f.'ity Clerk, advance cash . .. 4 00 Suds Yer Duds, services 681 Honshrueh Drug, mdse. 363 f. S. Norton & Son.. FRI., NOV. 8th FRANK BUHR SAT., NOV. 9lh DON HOY & ORCH. Sheffield Fireman's Partial W£t>., NOV. 13ih TEENS DISC HOP DICK COETTE & TOP SO SAT.; NOV. THE GOLDEN VOICED EDDY HOWARD AND HIS FAMOUS ARAQON ORCHESTRA Adm. 1.61 plus tax, total $1.80 materials . 300 DEBT SERVICE FUl»D Iowa State Bank. intrrCKt 3375 AIRPORT FUND Algona Municipal Utilities. wWcr . _ 6.70 Honsbrurh Drug, bulbs _. 22 SO PARKING* METER FUND Richa-d flroon. .salary ._ 1R3.93 Nanoy Sands, salary „ 8202 Iowa Slate Bank, withholding lax . ... 23.60 Trust & Agency, pension 1.74 PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMORfi, T$WA FRIDAY, NOV. S HARD TIME DANCE you are — Prizes KERNS ORCH. Come as LYNN SUNDAY, NOV. 10 HENRY_CHARUS FRIDAY, NOV. 15 FRANK BUHR SUNDAY, NOV. 17 GUY DeLEO FRIDAY, NOV. 22 ANDY DOLL No Advance Booth Reservations — Doors Open at 8:30 Thursday, Nov. f, 1957 Algana (la.) Upper tot MfttffM-S PROTECTING YOUR HEALTH IS OUR JOB 10 GUARD YOU FROM SICKNESS Not only filling a doctor's prescription, but also supplying your health needs to ward off sickness is an important part of the job we do. You'll find that we stock a complete line of vitamins and health aids. Come in and see. We are here to serve your health needs. THUENTE PHARMACY Phone CY 4-2528 OUR BUSINESS IS PROTECTING YOUR HEALTH Swept -Win 58 So advanced, it lectvee the rest behind I *' * •* On display for the first time today i» a car that stands apart In any company. It l« very low, very daring, beautifully proportioned. Its unusual soreness of handling and control reflects the latest engineering advances. To own It is a new adventure. 3^ <SWept'TV2«g 58 PERCIVALMOTORS - 800 So. Phillips ,

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