Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 11, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 11, 1896
Page 8
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THE GOLDEN RULE FIRST ANNUAL OPENING SALE Commencing Monday October 12th. For particulars see Large Posters in this paper THE GOLDEN RULE for Your Own Purse Sake Visit Our Store this week. We heed the demand of the times. Better Goods for Less Honey v .:...-/• . We riM- i.» the ocmslon aud overshadow all possible competition with uni- -Wrmnlly l!<w |.rl«-8 that seems miraculous. Every hnrgaLii wp name is here and Inmnm-rab:.) iai>w. You wiU ncv-r be disappointed by auy printer's Ink ; ">00 J«'s all-wool, fall overcoats. They consist of btock cheviots, fans antfdrab meltons. No overcoat in the.lot wortlli loss than ?7 or ?8, we sell at ' 4.00 3CO men's fall suite, the lino includes Tweeds, Cheviots and Cassimeres made and trimmed. Value positively $0 and ?7, we sell them at.$3.50 SHOWPATRI9TISM Soldiers and Citizens to Honor the Generals. Reception Tuesday at n a. m. at Market Square. The co*i>m-ktiec appointed to meet, the virsVtlwg geneiMls a.t Hire stntioa- cou- sl«t« of 'Hie ' following ex-sold i«rs: •Cflirt. F-niiu-k -Swfeant, -IGtli Imlliaiia InraEiiny; Caiit. Gw.rge W. HiUgli, 10th Imlhumv lul'aaitry; dipt. .T. C. Nelson. TO'lli Oltio InraMlTj". Mnjor W. H. S-iil-' .i.Tra-, 04th Clhlo Iniiftiuibiy; Private I. IS. Crawf. rd, 123d renrsyhwula lufantry; I..i:DUU S. A. Vamgltn, S-t.h Xe.w YorK Hcaivy .Arlillcry; . Pravaite H-iwy W.. $•'• 100 men's extra fine fall overcoats, including twelve different lines of ft' ' oil wool covert cloth tap coats lined with silk or fine Ifialica cloth worth |. 314.00, $13.00 and iflG.OO, go at. • 5 10 - 00 I?".' • ' •• | : " 200 men's very finest suits, embrac lug fine fancy worsteds, neat plaids It'''' and checked cheviots, tailored with proper regard for perfect at and sati-s- |f':- flsctory wear, unquestionably equal to the best 515.00 suit you see elsewhere. We scH thorn for ?10>DO This magnificent display of men's, boy's and children's fall and winter atoftlmg, hats and furnishings surpasses anything ever seen. The prices Store becB made so low that not the slightest stumble block remains to bar any nwin or boy'from being comfortably and stylishly dressed. We invite 3f° to call and inspect our line. THE GLOBE. CORNER'FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The HJrchberg; Optical Co., Ti e well-Known ipo'jifulscs of Nn:v Vorlc h-ive Surgeon A«v Cole-mini, 4GtJi. In.(lifii).a In-' f-iwitry; Seirgeaiit S. B. Boy or, Tub Pe;m- sylv-amiii. Oa.va,lvy. The cc-nujiittce to Hake charge of the oM soJilici-x, antd inairo.h thenn to i'he wt;ii:id -f.ro m tilie riti-k, where 'Hiey wWl assemble at 10 o'clock a, m. sli'.-irp, AvM eoiiis::«t of the following comrn-des: •To-hin, B. AV'!.!Ll'e.rs, D. B. McCon-nell, Sftymoiw M.- Glasses, GM-TKX' P. Me- Kw. Henn-y C. Cusli'mau- All old soldiors are Jaivited Mid ex- pocf.ed to be there anid 'take part in the .rccept'tai to lie glvon to 1'lwir o!d com•Fades, wh'ct.hor thel'r names ai>iiear iu 'Hie prtoiMd -roM or not. TJie McICtml-ey Escort Guai'ds arc re- (iiw'K.ted -Ho meet: a.iul mareJi wi'th the o3d soldiers. . . 'l;lue artiillory under Harry I'r'.tt aud Ilatry Lux wiill lire a lufijor-gcnferars saUrte ot Thirteen gums, upoai the ar- riival of the -Irain with tlie distinguished D. B. McConu'eOl will speak ;iit MIC rink -tit 2 o'clock p. m., to lie followed 'by Hou. James F. St;utes.maji oC Fern. Cn.ptaiii .T. C. Hartley will preside at Hie met ; ::!i ; g at the rink during the n.f- D. A. H*.CKrtSi«3iu r 1 >rtlii'lrubl»l>Ritu(lS|ii'ot 1 ic!«.Hiin(l Kye | Gliisacs. evsry pulrjcumantwd. j D. A. IIAUK has eumplttt" n-'siirciiieiit «iid Invlt-s Hllio ; nutlsfy :h«nis«iVH< or tlm «rdir, .1 ni«n»rll* uf i:ie« ^iulsov«r j any manufacture;!, at mn sura at 0. A. HAOK. doloiieeiii for i No P^ldlera aiiuiill: d. $2O.OO Will Buy a iood Winter Suit -OF- 'Si.Iveinvuure, lowest -prices.—Fox •& . Du.iikelbe.rjr. i Delineator aiad Fashion open at tiro Bee Hive. j Mrs. Prof. Marco will .simg a-t tilie Whtti'Entntl M. E. cJmrdi -this eveming. ' •IS-CCTi't nil wool dro.st> poods, 25c, nt ^ -t'lieBee Hive's popular priced sale Mon- ; day. Cloaks for everybody: 230 new wi'aixs to bo opened up Monday.—Trade . . D. CRAIQ. ' ,.ja6 Broad way, Second Floor. , the best cup of coffee In *• city at Dykcman's cafe. 'i <O.OCO yards of dress gootls at prices oc 'never heard of before.— Trade Pal**-' ' • finest ra.nKe ever made. See It FJanegln's new stove store, 310 et' street. einstlc Barters with bows and , lOc. nt tihe Bee Hifve's popular .. r Monday. for information concerning onnnal e card of Logansport & Valley Gas Co.. on first page. .-A 1 range you wont to see; one part :wJnter and another for summer at new move store, 810 Market ; fcbimlimY prints, 4c a yard; cotton lete, 4c a yard; turkey red table 12%c « yard.. Go •wl/fli the «.—Trade Palace, I be. a meeting of tflie ladies j* itte TJ'iilvorsaUst chnrch on next r afternoon,', BnSInesa of Im-' . A bmuitlitol VSK for fa'l trade. Cliima, siaverwii.re, bawjuct ln.m,[>s. Lowest l»rlcc«.—Fox & Dimkelberg, A .¥0.00 domble bwivea- cloi'H capo, fancy •edgrtaff, at $4.98 ait th-e Bee HlTe's popular priced saJe Mondny. . This week w-e wHl offer tne gi-en'test bargains! -i'ti undevwe'ar ever seen, and hosiery. Don't miss ft.—Trade Rilace. Mayor McKce wlil address-the mom's nvootilTi.?; ait the R. R. 1". M. C. A. rooms tills afternoon at 3 o'clock, AH men are invited. How are Your KUlinoys? Time was when ivhysk-ia'ns dispniretl of betog nble ito cure Brig-lit'* Disease. Not so now since Dr. I-IoMbs Sparogus Kid- iK«y I'ifls hn.vc proved so efficaclons lo wrestling with -tilife -Insidlouis trouble. Vor -salt -in Logansport by Bun Fisher and .Tota F. Conteon, druggists. D. C. Justice amd S. A. Vanglm addressed a fairge «nd enthusiastic audience at Fulitc'n yesterday .aftecaopn. The 'ineebi'Dfi was held on the common ami a large staige tnistefully decorated comrtataed. n number of leadlnig Republicans of Ulie county. Sears wwe arranged for a/bout.one thousand'people, aind aftl woi-e occupl-Dd, aad,.the listeners in buggies and wagO'ns swelled,the orowd from elevwi 'to twelv.e hundred. The- mewing w*s pronounced -the most successful cme of the cfliinpaJgn in that ' ' ''" AV. T. Giffo will preside a.t (Hie Ropiiblicain. csmpHre -to be held at Mic .rink fin-ring MiC evening. At the mceliiings at tlie rlnlk, afternoon and CTening, there will be- plenty of good inns I c, vocal and instj-mneatail. 1C the wenither is. pleasant tlie reoeip- i.ioii tendered to the vlsl'tiPrag geii-ernls w,i!H be on. a stand .to -be erected om Mairket square. If ra-iny, or cold, the reception 'will 'bs in the rink. The -recfivtitom to the visiitiaig ge.rior- n.is wlH be .gi'V.CJi at llio'cloc-k a. in. The 'a.fternocffl meeting wi-U be at the •rink, nt 2 o'etel: shan). • ' Th-e evHini'ti.g meetiiEg at tli-c rlmik will ..be at 7 o'clock «teirp. It Is 'rcqirestod that .all 'teams amd .horses be'kept'o-ff -the MiaarKer. square .the. meetimg .there. D. H. OHASE, President, ,TOHN B. WINTERS, Sec'y, D. B. M'.OONNELIL,. W. .T. G-IFFE, FRANK SWIGART, .. . Committee. , OR optician owing me 'and uaa.ble to sel:tle, lias turned over to me some •hundreds of -spectacles and eye-glasses. 'They are Mgh grade goods. They are •suH-od *o peopJe a.bove 40 years of a.ge. Fw t'he next'ten dmys choice for $1. People mwst elwcse for tnemse'.vos.. We wMl make aio exaintomtdons. DR.-C.'Ii* THOMAS. Coi-n«- Third -Mind Market streets, up- shuirs. , . ' ." . THAT JOYFUL FEELING. With the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength and internal cleanliness, which follows the use of Syrup .of Figs,- Is unknown to the few.who have not. progressed beyond the old- time medicines and the, cheap substi- tutes'sometimes offered but never accepted by the well-Informed. . ATTBNlrfON! ESCORT- GUARDS. . •A -specM meeting of Ore McKlnley'. Escort' Guards ', is called, for Monday evening at :heatlqua,rters,. . All attend. By order of'-."Bobert, Kn-jght, secretary. DIDN'T WORK The Scheme to Betray the Populists. A DECIDED FAILURE The Party Was Onto the Scheme and Refused To be Delivered Hand and Fool to Democracy. Yesterday "W<as • |ll '° k' st &*? ft>r tlie eerliflc-atlon. at.' '(he local tickets to the county clerk, and though the Populist con-venbiiOiU was held weeks 1150, no car.ti.fleii'ttou had been made. lit was no secret 'th'iit .tlie -Populists had become wuspWous -of is.ome cy£ Uidr load-ens sev- .era'l dfliys ago, and 'as the last day grew wear, .'Mid no certilillca.tion- -had been mud*, tlie doubt grew into a certainly. ' Yesterday the Popuiiist committee was to moot -In regular session -a/n-d it was the dny «• definite stand bad to be raittk'. Yesterday. morning C. B. Carter was scon 'lugging Cbwirmaiu- Brown ,o£ the Populist committee into tlie edltor- .lal -rooms of Mr. 'B. F. Loutluain, ehair- niian O'C th-e Bryan Democratic conimlt- toe, Mxl J'iicidce.la'1'ly ' editor of. tlie Pliin-os, awl It 'was- supposed tha.t tlie two chairmen were about to fuse.,. 'Later on the committee mot at Dr. Raker's onico to consider rhe situation. Mr.' Carter innxle a half lioitr^plca. for -Mi'o' •ivMhdrawal of -tlie Populist county, ticket and tli-o wupport of the De.moonitk: county 'ticket from Jieaifl to tail. M-a,n-y of. 'the twenty or thirty opposed and tlie question family romeiotv vote; The corn-in Ittee h«d .1 packed arawar- au.ce. several elaim'ing vcroiil proxies, bint CluUrman Brown decided that till Populists .h'ftd -n right to vote 031 sea- cm! principles. A vote showed one majority Mi favor of lilio withdrawn! of the Populist tiek- ot, but the Mii'ng didn't v.-ork. Mr. I*vac Noel -stilted that lie would uor pcrni'it what he called' -a. "sell out." Tlie law req-ui.res iHic cho-lnn-nn of lire committee or the chairman of tilic convention to eoriil'f.v the no-mi.nati'on.s. '"When rive convent ion adjourns rtie comiimi-rtee hiius m : o more control over it or Its nominees. Unices aJ.1 the ciwwlid-ntes with- •rlT.w ft Is t'.Ii-o duty of either one c'lni.lr- nmn oiMilie ohhor-to ceriilfylho n-omin;!- fiionK, I wins chairman of ti'.e coiiven- tlrjn... and- I will make the certificate." -Mr. 'Noel ttei '.eft tljo rooTii ivlth those who haul stood by Iwm. and ?oin-.cr to tlie court Jwiv-e certified -the •iionHuwU-ioaiR. T.h'e--:i'oml,naticv.is as filed n.re as follows: Uep'iTKC.-m'.n tivo— Win. II. Kivrse. 'Treasurer— Glvn rles Bor!;.sli:-re, Eiihra i.m No-el. -Dr. Ira T. Baker. Co.mm.--ssioivor First DistiilM— Darnel P.. Hile.. ' - Comnr'.ssioJKT ThiYd District- Win. NO DOUBTFUL QUALITIES. Oiui find * pibice Jn 'bin's Store". Our quality linas «.re -tightly dr.-ifwn and we allow .no "shoddy" to creep in. Ix>w priloes caiwwt tempt u&—anything that Calls 'below our luigli. stomdoird has not a momloiii't's eonslderaition 'from us. Anything is good eaaagh for ^ome stores-^ow 'tihtogs a.ro -good, ejrough, for •tliks. Our business oai-oer has been a "ctam ;l one for twenty-five years. It -\vouW 1» "wnimercilal siiioide" for u» 'to trifle with public oowfidejice uwx:/ ,In 'tin** days of "fa-lce 1 and "fraud" your «nily safety liius Jn tradi-ng witU firms of known ffo-od n-putaitlou—firms ttot you caa judge by "performance" iiiot "promise." i I'S SUITS $5 to $15. ' Brown is Fashion's fcivorite tihis FaH. KLWVJI plaids, brown -mixtures — •a.ttytlnlniK so Jits ibrown. $7.50, $10.00, $12.50 «imt $15.00 liere for suCli- suits as you're asked $12.30 •ho $0.00 more, for cteewhwc. IMi-oy mw "tiuior m-ad-e" suits witti -t-iie orty cliffereace of -a "ready-made" jn-iee. From our own flactory— there's Wic zecxxit of tilie saving. . $4 HAT5 FOR $3-$3 HATS FOR $2. AND SO ON. $4- for $3, :-3 IKM.K for $2; aud so on. We wiuvt, 'to- make enstomors more t)lifl.a mauey in th We know vVvc gat 'to'sa.ve'you so-n»t!liiug to win you £rom yoii,r preseat lisiitteir. Come in awl try tlift Fall (?Iiinpes on^one a.mang the lot is swe-to please :=: THE HUB :-; Berwanger Bros & Co, Successor to HARRY FRANK THIS IS YOURS. We want you to understand that we ;ire numing'this laundry for you and tliait your wfshes are to be regarded in every pairticular. We wiU give yoa just exactly what you want If we can find out what that is. Perhaps you believe tihait it Is impossible to have your laundry wo& handiled -without irritation and annoyance. We are sure that you are mistaken. May -we have an opportunity of demonstrating it? HADLEY BROS., successors to Campbell Bros. Hundreds Occupy Broadway Rink ' Last Night. -. Convention held .Tuly 25. ISnii, at Lo- fMirsport, Ind. Isai-n.Ii Noel. c!va-irm.in:-E(l.u'nr Packard, Kccrctairy. Sworn to before M. M. Gordon, N. P.. Oct. ICilih, JSOC. •Filed Oct. 10th. 5:13 p. m., 1800. with Fred iglx, deputy dcrt •WJ>t!r,e.ss to filing-A. B. Reeport, W. H. Ku-nsc, Kphiiwim Noel. TTi-e Populisms' genwolly were inill-g- .naiuit at tlie afto-mpts of Mr. Carter to deliver them to ChaiTioaii LowtJiaia, •a,nd denounce 'the scheme in very cm- .plintic terms. His Castigation of Bryanites was Stiong and Effective. A'lin-osi ovary s«it :it Broadway rink •was Wke.n lust night, a.ud interested i voters i'U hundreds hwird sound argu- ; ra-c'n-t; i'o-r -a .somnd currency. Robert .T. 1 Lowland spoke. Tii'C-re wore many Ia- j <);ies present While there was no ap- i jiMl to emotions or passionate proju- j dices, much patT-ioti'cseJJitment w:is in- i stilled 'by Peru's abl-e citrzcu ca.m- REED AT PERU. riiami County Already Hard at Work Preparing, Charles Lock wood of the Peru ,Tour- jiliil w«« iuK'he c-lty, l«st -iriig'ht advoi'tis- i'HK the Real meoti'tig to 'be held at Peru. Ootwlrer 17th.- Mr. Reed .w.11-1 spend: n-t 1 o'clock, -wmd nhere will be 'day Jind Mig-ht.para.d-cs n.twt spcaikinss. The m-eetlnKs wM 'be hal-d I'll a m«,m- -moth teoiit. There 'will be iiiumcrous band's aod marching oren.nixa.uons, and •Sloe clubs, aaid the 'firewftrks. cli'sptay \\-ill be a, siieclal feature of a .monster . A'liallro-ad.ra.te of. one fare has been already secured, «»d If more tM.n two hunilred, go to a 'body the fare will be one ce.nt a mile, or 3ii ceals for th-e rotund trip, from tlliis city. . • Among the prominent speakers will ,be Hon. C, W. Fatrl>a.nks, Hon. Riley McKeen, Hon. A. .T. Bm--eirWge, aud other speakers of national oiote^ . -Big posters are being pasted over the 'sunroiMi>d5DB counties, and the big effort of the carapaiten. In Mianit couaty be made. The'speakea-s \vitl all be present ins.-advertised. The date is Odtabeir 17th and tl\e people o£ the city, and. county arevcordtaJly invited-to «t- •tend the big dem/one'tratlon. '•Cikeiap—cheap—wi'il. be ronrked on the •dress .goods ifl .-thf-'oper'nie sale of., tlve From begJiwiiug to end .Til a.rgumcn.ts julvanced wwc sivca •tliougilU'f'ul, a.t- renriv-e'hearing. Satisfaction with ova- ro-r '.ir.tl a jnst cnuse w«s experienced i.iy mil who h-Mrd Mr. Lov-oio-iwl, He was introduced by George G-a:mble, county orpnniwsr of clulis, after th-e frlee ol'Dlis iwid favored' tJie auditors with ji -soag that was' appreciated. Souud logic-and c.i'neCi:-!, im-pressivcily presented facts'm-atle up a speech that dild good. Espsclially st.rong was the •p<)lnt miaile against -pla.ntos i» Bryan's pliitfonn 'tliat declare ngjaiust Federai- 'prcrogaibiTOS- tlwt have been conceded to our pov-rrnnwut, sl'n-ce. Lincoln. Moiiney wjjs discussed, dunfole standard faLlacie.s were exposed, and weaknesses, m sliver flTiJivments wore sno\vu. up stronply in a Tight that comes wJtli experience and .history. It. was an -able speccli, well received.- It is worth-noting tlitvt at th.o close Mr. Lovola-nd's ing that a.t- tlie close of- Mr. •LoveUaind's -speech- the crowd remained scdted and called for ..further ciit&rta.L'nmon.v. it v,-as an- nowiwred from tihe platform, by Clmir- mnn Gannble Hia-t all wore cordially iii^. viced to Reed's meeting a.t Peru Saturday, Oct. 17th. Mr. Love:an<J will go to Peru this morning. LOST A PURSE. AK'ce L. Baston of South' Bend, while ia the. city yesterday changing care en route to Ohio, visited several stores and lost her pockedbook whiidb contained a .check on, a N«w ; York ba.nk for $198, a check for $100 on the Citizens' bank at South Bead, and .about $100 in paper inonoy. She Immediately notified the police who retraced her,«tcps, but. the mioriey was not found. She Is now stopping at Uhe Tucker house oil Third and Broadway strete and any one returning the pocket-book and contents .to her or to pal'tce .tteadquarter* -will be liberally rewarded. " : R?nrt •*''••' '"'f-Jr .mr.<i n\\"' ' '. this paper \OT,AX'S OPEKA HOUSE. I •\VIUiiliu DoluH Manfigcr. ONE NIGHT ONLY. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 15. Allen and Taylors Plcmrcsq-.e snd Impressive Amsrlcaa Naval Play THE ENSIGN A Strong Compa'ij supporting tlie Talent and Beautiful Actress MISS BESSIE TAYLOR Tlio Corapuny carries a cat loadot bfautlful scccorr for Ibis Piece. Prices, S5;, S-'ic, 50c 75c, and S1- Seats on sale at Johnson's Drugstore Tire Pharos s:iy-s Utat Wan. EBduaond of Pero. while mnrehms fls- an old soldier m -a Bryan parade, fras kicked Ivy a horse. Mi 1 . Redmond sot -his just deserts. Any oM soldier .who would vote for -a ufty-ceiit-ou-the-doilar pension' oiigih't to be k-k'ivcd by a horse. The benefit game of base oavl wiiich was to lifl-ve be<m- played 1>etweeo tlie oce-anu'ed 'men- :md tlie.oiie-leeged men today at the park has been postponed l-o next Sunday. .. . • . . . , i ii,_ _., JZT'T TALKINGJRICES THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BUSINESS GOOD AT 412 BROADWAY. ' ••"• * * * ^Women's nice seamless rubbers, new and pointed toes, new '96. goods. Trice..I-..,..- 2 30 '.Women's storm seamless rubbers, as good as some ask 50c for; Price... .28c Women's Arctics, nice new goods, S ood value at •?!. Our price 39c • * *' • Women's kid button shoes, patent tip, nice pointed toes, medium heels. Price • 65c • * * Women's satin calf button shoes; a good serviceable winter shoe. Price 98c • • *' Women's Vlcl kid button shoes, patent leather tips, nice dress shoe. Price ••••.• 98c • • • Infant's embroidered leather mocco- sins, Just the thing for the little one*. Price .-. -- Wc Men's rubber overshoes, nice new goods; a bargain. Price •"- • • - 35c Also please see our line of fine dress phoeb. The most stylish and best fitting goods evrr brought to l><mnsport

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