Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 11, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 11, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated Hfltc ^^aasmaaiaP^ JB. M*^** k'^i ' STIFF, 50FT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER YOU DON'T WANT A SUIT | Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double its value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY G TUCKER The Pearl Street Tailor. All EVENING'S FROLIC. Prices $1. 7Gc, 50c, 35c and 25c. Seats on sale at Johnston's diuft store. THE HRSf nATiOPiAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. .. , INDIANA. CAPITAL. $250,000. A. J. Murdock. Pre«. W. W. ROSB, Caih. J. F. Brookmeyer, A»it. Casli. DIBECTOBS: . T. n all Its Depart.nents promptly " y Cu.°t n om fl r8 and StockhoJd.r. *°8tr ong Ke«erv« Fund maintained. DAILY JOURNAL SUNpAY... OCTOBER 11, 1S9C. Girl wanted-To do general house work. Call at 114 Pawnee street. Holiday damped linen sale at the Bee Hive's popular prteoa sate 'Monday. CD-cant cotton underwear for 23c ftt the Bee Hive's popular priced sale Monday. Spwlail leadens In 'our doaK department to the great opening sale at the GoflcteTi Rule. Wonted— A blacksmith that can do general work In blacksmTthi shop. Inquire at .this office. Dress 'goods <wlU bo Momer.ellully slaughtered 'in tbo .grand openJng ealo at tbo Golden R\ile. •Beautiful trimmed hats and. bonnets at Mrs. W. J. Potter's, Broadway. Call and see, at Yery K>w prices. , .For .Information, concerning annual gas rates, sec card of Lognnsport & W&basb Valley Gas Co.,. on first page. All my firtands I -was unable to shako •by 'tlhc JMWW], I wish 1 to say "Good-bye," and usa-ln tliauk -them for the large patronwge bestoTved upon me. during -my .•UillPtj'-siywsB years'" career nere.- ilarry 'Frank. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Pair. CREAM BAKING PONDER MOST PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powdery. Free from Ammonia, Alum or »ny other adulterant. THAT INSULT TO BRYAN. Cartoon Misread by Pharos Reporter Through Ignoraece or Malice. W'lieu' Bryan wns here, and for weeks previous to hJs vfislt, <a .Sound Money Republican cartoon was posted tn an upper window of itihe Pan-handle station building. This cartoon furnJsh'Ol the riiiwos with a basis for a liwvl albout a fonctod Insult to 'M,r. Biyon, or gnvo .it a cliance to .mollctoiusiy misTOpre- sciut. Tho poster, which was seen by ninny •before T!rya.n day and slmcc, -amd which was easily read fi-ora tlic platform, was •headed, "A'ra Uuwtflco'nie Deputation." How this could be •bvt&ted Into "An Unwelcome Guest," as a choice and -un- c.iill«l Ji'ffron't to tho candidate of- the Ph'aros, It is -hard -to sec. The PJiai-os man vwy imlisnantly votom to the irla- C(inl, ixMHlBng 'i'tlo wit himself and hH tllstot-fced M-ens of the- disnosutlon oC the .Paiitoamlle officers. He -also quotes in- diffflarat shlppciv* who cxpi-cssod tliem- sclves Ri-iitls on. '.hhe ma.Otor as misrop- resciwod by -h-lm. Iliis-is-MM?'poster in full: Ini the u'p- pe.r Jc'ft ban'd corner Is Uie f-:ico of Alurali.Tm Lincoliis surrounded by n ivrealili, and beneath -are the words, "Yooi cam fool some o'f tivoipc.oplc fill tiic .time, and you c;wi lool flffl tine people somo of the tl'rae, but ywt can't fool •all the peopte all the time 1 ." Across the top a.re the -word* nils- quoted by tlie Pharos: "An UMwe-'.como Deputation." T.h,is wxfors to four Ameniea-ns who look to tiho ccnti-al figure, smh-kmi? Willie ;Bvyaa for answers to several questions' presented on cards which tbtey cai-ry. Tlio farmer advances tho proposition, "The Farmers Want n, Homo .Market for Aigr.iculture, aiid a Good Foreign Market." - T!io (business iman <isks, "What About thle Tariff, Mr. Bn-yan?" The worklngmno teists "PWXCECTOVE TAKIMTFiS A,ro Better Thaw Idteness." Ibe nranufaietuper presents The truth .that "Wo Waat a Tairlff, -mart Insists That Our Work Shall be Done «t Home wad Not Abroad." Mr. Bryan, -with uplift-art Hand waves the quesMonwe back. He carries Uis ra:bblt foot, and says, "O'h no; no tariff 'Changw! As I Iwive already said in my letter otf acceptance, I constaer the tariff fit raaBter of minor Importance." At .1'bc .boWom of the poster is tUe follow! np. quotation from Mr. Bryan, be- iiig his answer to the follcnrtwg ques- tton j>»t by 'Oomgressman MeKonna of .California, -March 1C, 1802. Mr.' McKen-na -oaid: "Do you rewJly beliovo tlia;t tlie proteat'lve policy :» similar to the pHekpockct's policj- of pwttlnff a maw's luiEd i-»to another m-an's pocket and extracting money from Jt?" Mr. BiTan answorod, "l'«s, taat is my •brtlef." ' , In this way wa's the rf=oi-y Siarted ,1-hait. -Jin-. Bryan wns Insulted by Pnn- company pi-e.sen.ttaK 4ho pl'ec« is snild to be entirely ca,r*a;Me. The lead- Hi- fointotao .rcto of AHco G'roer -has l>ecn flswlfeneH 1 *> ML'ss Bt«sX) Taylor, a talented 'acfcness of rare . force n.nil beniutj'. wlDO-se siiccess to the pa^t Is snild to 'be vei-y, mna-ked-. Th-c. snpport- Jiag -oa-st Inolnd-es a mimber of players, wlio 'have acihtoved. &uccefi-« ta tho piece on foiiner occasions, inotaibly Logan r.'imil, wliois* impersonation of. President Uncoto 1s said 'to- 't«e the -best stace ii*Ri>re&cinita.tI'on. of ,-tliie miiirtj'retl presklorit efwr glve-a . . . Koa'd the large poster to. this paper this TDKuraing, it will give'ycmg'ooKlSujv reaStag, and .then tomoii'orw gi>-.to.. CAVEHIMTW'O Jury Lets Lon Saxon off With a Light Sentence Public Thinks It Light Considering the Character of the Crime.' AlrWo G. Saxon wns-adjiidgwl guilty of rlio crime o!' attempted rape and a .punishment of., two year* hi ths Xui'DliMiu 'prison, was fixed by fh-c- Jui'.» as tho .proper, punishment, togtfhWer wltdi a fine of'fifry dollars. 'An iigrco- moint was ite-it-hed at 2 o'clock Saturday morning after four hours and a ihnlf of tMiber-atian, Tho piiWJc jcrenwailly is inclined to .think that'the sentence is ll-glit enough. In. fact, lit Is generally thought *hat if Saxon is guffl-ty at ail, toe should have received 'a much heavier sentence. His paisit recautl has been anything 'but good, and tlills Last charge is the most serious offeiuse tlia.t can -be committed ajralnst the morals of a community. fth'Out protection •from such brutal assaults except a light prison sentence, there te no socm'Hy against bestial natures such as the enidence shows'this >man "to liave. .The faimily of Saxon Is entitled- to (sympathy.. There is no Wot or stn 1 n on the clMuw'dter of Ms .immediate -family,- ood those -who saw his mother, as «-he .sat ;by her boy da the court room throughout the revolting trial, agree that her maternal 3oro was put to the ser-exest *esit. The evWeoee shows thait Saxon's associates iilave been of the most vicious sort, and 1 almost everyone who knows Mm- describes Mm ns tielmg of ft brutal, bestial type. It Is no excuse for his 'action, to say that this yoiung -woman -wits herself not of such n character as one would wish to ha.ve ns a sister's associate. It was undeniably proved thait iher virtue was untarnished, amd even bad it been otherwise, It, wontM liiive mitigated the offense -but little in the eyes o>f law- abiding people; ami <r.hos« wfio love honor atooive fast. •M Inns been often boMiy asserted, on «l*c streets, and Judge Nelson as boldly o'olalliriqd tlie fact' in his argument before tlio jury, that had the victim of Saxoiu's .assault been a resident of this citiy, Instead of a stranger wuo preferred to veil her identity, an'd who was In 'that degree suspected of beinj; loss i>ure tlMm tlie •BOitgWbors or friends albmit us, there .wonW . 'Iia,ve been a nraeb ^renter severely used; and he -added thiat, Ff tire jury wera-to 'let this ftrlrao go wnamnishocl. Mere would be no need of <a Jury In, the next case of •th-o kind: Mvo people would disgrace iMiemsoilvcls, tout the crime would be; punished -In an 'awful ma=cr. The 'defense made a. strong-fight for tire Wborfy of Soxou, -but (hoy were opposed -by a. force equa'lly n-s strong, and It is isafe to say that no svtone was left unturned on either 'Side. Tlie attorneys for the dofon&o soy they will more hofl'ven Jind earlli' for a new ili'onr- Jnig, '-bnt .the general 'OpSTL'ton la that they will let weM -enoiTgh alone, antl •not'.risk a worse pun.isbmen>t In a re- .UoansinK of the ease, even if tho court should grant It. SOUND HONEY DEHOCRATS Who Will Speak in Indiana This Week. , Hoa Jalm P. W«Shi, of California, the eloquejrt and wilitty ana-tor, Jwis 1>een in groat demanfl by tho iSoumd Money Democrats all over rhe country. He wHl make three or^four speeches In Indiana, one of them at Elwood next Wedeesklfly, Oat. 14th. Tie Elwood SoaiDid Moniey Demoerats mre maMng big preparations to cotfiirbUni him' and exipect visiting doleg-aittoos from oellgh- •tHWInp towns. Ex-Go-rornor Rofvwell P. Flower, who te to speak hei'e lihls week, I* another Sound Money Democrat Who is 1n great demand, and LogflMport h'ns Ixxin foi'tiunnite 4n isecurinj? him. "THE BXSMJN." Doto aDnoitncos for October 15«h, Thursaay, the advent af thait populsn- naral drama, "The Ensign." T.he plot ot the play Is founded on a .hllsftorittiil event of 1861—the .Jlason-Si- dcH incidcmt, whlcli came menr pluns- •tag thlS^eiagn'tr}" lia*o a wa.r with Great •Briitaiu-, Then ire claimed the right to po'l'l'til-cat refiige&s Irom a foreipro by force on iilie Mgh sen?, now we '(.he riff!)* to pro!tect -politit-al nv under onr fln« right on the f or- ellsn soil thait''producad' them. As a plc- .turosqiie nihistratfon. of the life'of our pallamit -Amcritcwnj T,ars, and », life-like •and powerfuJj 'Sketch' of scenes our boa rcl am' Airierican main-'-CKiv-ar, • "The ,Eu : , sigai". is said to be paramount/ ' '' BXCU-BISION TO PERU. . ., .On accoumt of tli« pen»era.Hc rally, nt Pern, Tuesday, OctcA>er l3Khv the Wmlbasli wW sell a-ouml Wp tMkets' ii,t 'tlin rate, of Qfty cetats. Tickets good •gofng ojily on-the mo-rotos train; good returntos on any rtgulai tiain taielud iiiir'th'e -motming of 13ie llth The c,ele bratcid Irish'-Ameaican orator Tohn P will, .-spent tot ths National S THERf WILL BE NO SEmEMFNT. The Closing cut of the Otto Kraus stock is absolute afcd should; be taken Advantage of by every economical pers n, Thousands were this season's purchase, nghtup to date.hats, shoes and clothing, appraised b your own citiz ns, men of sterling integrity, at the lowest cash wholesale valu;-, understand, "Wholesale Value" naturally meaes a heavy reduction from regular prices, in many casef fully fifty pfer c»-m man actual cost, THERE WILL BE NO SE TTLcME^T, the stock and fixtures will bs closed ou% the total stock, was appraised at $44,4-99.4-[ $10,000 in excess of Mr. Kraus's liabilities. The quicker tne stock is sold the oetter for all concerned on account of expense of conduct ing sale. ' ALBERT G. JENKINES, Assignee. COUNTY MEETING Semi-Annual Convention of Temperance Workers. Officers Named, and one of the Helpful Papers Presented. The GIBS county W. C. T. TJ. at their; semi j aamua!l convention at the Home for tine Friendless, Sept 23d, elected five fallowIniR officers far the comtag year: Presideinit—airs. Wary J. Wasntoum. Corresponding and Recording S<?cro- ta,ry—Mrs. Alice G. Geary. Treaswrar—Mrs. Hester Amdarson, of Royal Center. ,aih« day' was li-Mod with 1 'add.ix«-<ses. songs nnttl 'hcilpfu'l iwlks perbi.toi.iii? to •tflie work, and was n- happy mooting ot tillage worklne together fti this great cause oC temperance. The foUowtog paper wns read: "OETRflStTTAN CITIZENSHIP. "They were first called Gh-rlstr-ans at ( Aiiiil'i'oclit—th'ait is, followers of. Christ, [ ithe -Sou of God, Who went about doing . ;ooU. Then Chi'tetiinms should go about j d'otns? good in- H:ie name, Tlifirefore . :Iio Woniaiu'iS OlirJStiiMU Temperance i TJjiion ot I/ogamisport tons adopted for ! •ts m'otto. The Love oC Ch!ri»t Con- dtrafecU* TJ.s.' Comstra-ioeth us to do ^ •what? To <To good. How can we do gootl? By practicing the Go,kfon Rule, | wlilch says, 'Do Unto Others As You ( Would Tliat They Should' Do Unto You,' Ami -that not alone In a. passive Tr.iy, but iin 'am aggressive one. For In- ( stamee, iC we see one 'Without toterest ] in Ms soul's welfare, tappy and j tboughitiless, sertin/ely enjoying this ( world's floeti-ng Measures, should we allow Mm to go wflruowt a. wairnltig of the d'csitriKbion aw.'iii'ting him-? Would | we 'bo grateful to .i-no.tlicr roar so doing • with us ? Ato, mo, we o.ughit to -bo gi-atc- j f ul When, God sends iUDTction* upon- us, j ill .by ithwt inraws we aco nnvaJaared to j our sin-C'Jlfles-s aiutl God's forgiving love. Let. us them, mot neglect to warn ' those who .'lire violaJd-ag God's law . opc-nily and de-damr,ly-by tho snle oif in- j toslcating liquo-rs. Wo ai-e ClMsti-an etliizesis, ft'nd as such, we owe .1 duty to -the godly a.nd the ungodly. To the godly we should 1>e a comfort by uniting our prayers aiiidi ttoa;nksgJ-\ing; thus onabHIng us ito leafl ia quiet and peaceful- llife In all giodliness anid' hon- '•wfty, for this is good in the sight ot God, who wJU have aH mem saved-ami oo-me urato the kmowledge of tilie truth. Tlite umgodHy we should ilinsteuct to. all geintloness amd kiindnoss, iwoyJng tlifl't God will brlmjg them to repenitflnoe, and to tlie acknowledgome.nit of ttoe truth, 'thtus to ibe roelftlnMxl from' tiie snnre of the devil, wlio 1ms taken them captive. But how >a,re wie to instiruct those •choit refuse to receive Instruction'? Go ye out toto the -highways and -by-ways amd .eora'pel or persuade men to como in, .Js tlie -comniand. But when men rtire taken captive by Satara, they not onlly refuse *» come to .themselves, but iaointia.minflite others, n,nd same of Wic others tn«y be »«• own de;»r ones. Vep- iHy,.lt becomes *he duty of ClidsUnn citJliicns to put d'ow-n evil w.ithi a strong tand. Indiana li«« given a good law ivftii "iVh'ieh, to oa>pose tlw* saloo.ni elfr u>eri't, bwt I ih»ve :he!ii-d of only one couaty 'in the whole Stare (of nearly o,ne •liinn'd-red- comities) tJnat -lias nwdc a pmctlcnl nppM-cn!l.|ion. of tho Jaw, «.ud that is QVtXKn eoiiwty: All lionor to 'It. T'lva.t couwty -lins nret e-vi^ry appMcn- Mom for sJiiociii license -witih- a remoti- imce. HOT'W, not a saswai exists In. Oisvt.couinty.. Now the sacooin «lcmoe i nit lias -banded Dogcthcr to inavc Mie Xic-li- olson ln:w'amiu-nod, as we 'learn by r.lw foll-owJii? notice: The ludiianaa, Stote Llqtiot Lensruo 'licit! it-si axrrasnH meeitln? •here wM>h> eiifflut}' d'crjcga-teis-, .represent- iug- as mamy Jncocpwraite orpain'b'/aiaons th fl.tfcendfl.nce. The laague datermlned to oppose 'Ch« caniOKl'iMy for office of all raw regardless ol party, who' ai-e not in:.sympathy with,.their.bwiu-ess.. The. ..,..,. h'olsO'n law was dsmounced; and the people we,re called opon to wsfet in.get- tlirtg lit off iblie statute -books. 'Georgfl Tippe of Anidereou was.cJiosen presl- t of tho league, and J. H. -Bnimer nnd J J GOUiew both of this city tieasurei and secretary respectively Jhdlstiwn -women -wllll tve «iibmlt to ; when we are assure i a the lord is KODAKS KODAKS f I hare the aginey for the products of the EASTMAN KODAK Od of Eoohester, If. Y.. the largest and beet equipped concern in the worftS manufacturing PHOTO9RAPHIO INSTRUMENTS aod SUPPLIES. Their goods are taken as Standard the world over. Size 3x4 inches; ounces. Takes a picture inches. Either film or gtMB plates can be used. DOM p*feet work. Price fSM. . Takes square pictures, 3%s3% Inches; size « camera, 4%x4%x(i Inches; weight 20 ounces. Pcta • ?10.CO. .,.£ Improved No. 2 Bultet. . , This 'outfit is sufficiently large for all ordinary amateur photography. Includes laiup, trays, two dozen sheets Dolio paper, solution, etc. Price, $1.50. A. .B. C. Developing and Printing Outfit Full Line of Supplies Kept on Hand. C. W. GRAVES Successor to W. T. QIFFE, 413 Broadway. , v JT 1 PT r\ Will positively cure loss of Manhood, Weak Memoir A/I A / I iDtainesa, AVakefulness, Ki«ht losses. All drain^; IVI A /A /Nervousness. Youthful Errors, Use of Opium. Eta. JLTJLZ A*— I V^. wbichsuro i y ] ea d to deatb or insanity, A Positive Cure. Large Boxes, $2.00. Sold only at the company's office, or sent by wml or express on ! ceipt ot price. INDIANAPOLIS MEDICINE CO. 120 Fort Wayne CAMS. H. YALE'S Magnlflcent Production ct the Famous Spectacle, The Twelve Temptations 1 Be-emb*ll»Hed and added to sott I> now 365 DAYS AHEAD OF THE YEAR Introducing tn Its portrayal "0 peopla. • •»• •m : i,-:fe "1 ^ .;.^ i • SEE The Coming Women Tho Going Men The Ballet of Fa<Is Jlatt*ry Turk Ton Sh mild ff r A R All In ft Bow Ton «u« tl f*PL If Over the BrldRc Yon've Got to *»*-•«-« The ramo The Great Jolin Harty The IninouK lunch SPECIALTIES runny Gu« Bruno, Jr. Pretty Joule Slunon Tilt Urotliern Elllotf • -'si ''•-'v'j '-'-•^ n :1 •'M First Appearuiw in America of Two romons Dancers MLLE. MARIA FERRERO AND MLLE. QISELDA BASSEQQIG •m THE PRODUCTION INTACT. ^^^^.^^^M^^B^HIHMB *^K?S!^^^^ ~ .on our side? If we do the Wood o£ once, is on our 'tauids, naid wi/11 be «t : l>ar of God wlion we ore called to up In WITH HEARTY. CHEERS. Logansport, Ind., Enters Hnjor McKinley's Lawn. The Cantoia, Ohio, Repository'says of the Logansport delegation which visited -Mnjor McKinley; Thursday: A email but enthulnstic delegation; from .Logansport, :Ind., was the seconfl-to appear upon the McKlnley lawn Ihuis day afternoon. They ai rived at 1 l r on a special Ft \\ ayno train, having been been on the «ay smce 5 o clocU GREATER THAN EVER. ••^•^^^••••^*™^^ B ^***^ B ***^^^^ this uwruiuK. They entered the cliooi'iugr-and Major McKuk'y when-to' appeared was {riwn. ci siund or.itioa . liy the -Mtt-I<» pany. "'"The delw.ition w.i« in, eharpe- oS Attorney AY. T. Wilson, Dr. J. 55. PowcH 'and Soi U. Biviwl-t. Mr; Wilson woe -: spoke^maro of iluviwrty. ' ••-... . -Major Miclvinley's .response.'waF':; warmly applawiwl. and' the visltonE:'- Were verj* «;ntlHRiia*!ic. in. their eftonH": to shake hiiiMls with him." W '••^ :ll m m '^ :-.v&S AT-'Stoll has inircliastfd 'stock-of jn-oceries from his- John .T. Swli aud will ta.ke aj once. . ,Am\Uu-V, -vou luy win be i bargn* at tOiu BPO HIM. s popular pi cedartB Monday ; Jf-, ?V*n

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