The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 31, 1957 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1957
Page 3
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DAU'S OLDS YEAR of ANNIVERSARIES WM. C ^. At told U "When 1 open ihe hood of a car. and «l!ck my head in io listen, 1 heat things I understand. Bui when you put me up to a typewriter, and ask me io "give oui" wiih some of my recollections of 40 years in ihe automotive business, 1 stumble all over Ihe place. Thai's why I'm sori of dictating ihis story — Bill Dau's remembrances of 40 years in auto work." "Naturally, since we ai Dau's garage are going Io introduce the new 1958 Oldsmobile next week in our showroom, and since this year is the 60th an- nlversary of Oldsmobile (ihe only car, by ihe way, thai has gone for 60 years under one name), and since ihis is my own fortieth year in ihe auio business, I wanied io do something "differeni." Also, ihis is ihe SOih anniversary of General Motors — and ihis year of 1957 also holds a "lot of other anniversaries" for us here ai Dau's." 1957 60th Anniversary OF OLDSMOBILE TMnkuvf back — .well, I have to go quite a ways back. My Dad, Frank Dau, was a farmer. The par! of farming thai appealed io me, as a boy, was farm machinery. I remember thai as a punk kid I liked tinkering with thai machinery. crude as it was jn those days before ihe firsl World War. When Dad passed on, I was nine years old, and we kepi going on ihe farm. Somehow, I got io be sixteen, and then I went io Whiiiemore and got me a job in ihe work I liked best — mechanics." "Punk kid — I sure wasl Thai was in 1917, and they put me on at ihe old "West End Garage" in Whiiiemore. Thai's forty years ago. but how well I remember it. My pay was $1.00 a day — or $30.00 a monlh. Thai meant lots of Sunday work, ioo, because in those days there was plenty of "Sunday driving" — and wiih all ihe break-downs, garages had io stay open io keep ihe cars going. I hate to say it, but Sunday was ihe biggest day of ihe week in ihe garage business in those days. We worked on model T's, Reos, Holizmans, Saxons, Velies, Haynes, etc. And how many of you can remember some of these other makes, now gone and forgotten: Cole, Lion, Marathon, 1 Moon, Patterson, Elmore. Autocar, Paige, Elcar, Kissel-Kar, and Stoddard-Day- ion?" 1957 50th Anniversary OF GENERAL MOTORS "While I was trying to get to be an apprentice in auto mechanics, ,as a kid, I didn't even know there was a man named R. E. Olds — who was having his own troubles getting a car on ihe market. His factory in Lansing, Mich., burned oui, he had financial distress, etc. but Olds kept in there, he knew what he had, and as a matter of fact he "kept in there" so well thai Oldsmobile is now the only car with a history of 60 years under its own name." • * * "Well, I decided io change jobs at Whiitemore. I went over to ihe old "Auto Inn" there — no raise in pay — just wanted to get more experience. There I worked on (early Buicka, Oaklands and Jack Benny's Maxwell. Tires then wouldn't last over 3,500 miles at ihe best, and then full of patches. I got to be able to fix tires blind-folded." 40th Anniversary OF WM. C, DAU, SR. in Automotive Business "Working on those cars in 1916 and 17, we had no hoists. We used a dolly jack, one that cranked up, but the cars were so high then that most times you could crawl right under them as they stood. I used to slide on a gunny sack," * * * "While still in Whiitemore, I decided to move over to Henry Johnson's Implement and Car Agency. That was in 1918, and Henry was selling Chev- vies. Fine cars, just as the Model T was for so long — but then along came a car named 'Oldsmobile' and Mr. Johnson took it on. About that time, to, a song entitled "In My Merry Oldsmobile" came put. Also, Olds came out with the tint closed car, a 4-door 'Mdan' with glass windows by DAU, SR. Special Writer f that cranked up, window shades, even a flower vase. Boy, was that ear high up in the air!" "By ihe wayi did I own a car myself then? Sure — I owned a Model T, which I had learned Io drive back on ihe farm as a kid, sitting on a pillow." « * * * "Well again I changed job*. Weni with Foxwell & Poiroi, who started a new garage in the West End location at Whii- iemore. They handled Nash. In ihe winter time, when work was slow, and when most folks jacked up their cars and left their batteries in a garage for ihe cold months, I used io lake off for Dun woody Institute, Minneapolis, where for several winters I look courses in auio machinist work, auiomoiive electricity, etc." * * * "Thai brings Bill Dau up io ihe year 1921. I got itchy feel, and hied myself io Milwaukee, and there I worked in most every sizeable garage, wiih about every make of car, like Graham-Paige, Willys-Knight, Lafayette, and others. In ihe Spring of '23 I got fed up wiih ihe big city, and came io Algona, landing a job wiih Kohlhaas Bros, here ai 60c an hour. Frank and Phil Kohlhaas operated ihe place. In my second year with them, I got pro- moled'to shop foreman, wiih 10 or 12 mechanics io supervise. Outside of Phil, about ihe only 'auio men' of those days, still around, are Fred Kent, Sr. and Ralph Elbert." }9S7 20th Anniversary OF HYDRAMATIC Automatic Transmission "Having picked up some knowledge of 'body work' in Milwaukee ai ihe Cream City Body Co. I started here in Algona doing that work, loo. I guess I was ihe first fellow around here io start straightening fenders, and repairing wrecks. Most folks up io then just left ihe wrinkles in their fenders. Also, in 1925. I got one of ihe first spray guns made, and started doing paint jobs." * * * "By 1924, I felt I was going pretty good — and I could see the auto was here to stay. So I got married, as young fellows do -i- to Hertha Schroeder, whose home was in Swea City, but who worked in Algona for S. E. McMahon, attorney. We're still married." * * * "Coming up to 1931 — owl Banks were closed, things looked pretty bleak. Still, I had got the urge to "go into business" for myself, and so after 8 years with Frank and Phil Kohlhaas I checked oui. and opened up a hole-in-the- wall shop on North Thorington, where Jack's OK Rubber used to be. I had room for five cars, and called my place Wm. C. Dau Garage & Body Shop. I had as helpers Norris Etherington. who came from Detroit and stayed with me until '47, and Fred Engel, now in a Davenport garage. Bill Spechi also was with me from '34 to '47." 1957 10th Anniversary OF ROCKET MOTOR "We worked up a pretty good following, and by putting in some long hours made ihe business go. Customer labor charges in those days were 50c io $1 an hour, and while prices were lower then, it still took a lot of elbow grease to make ends meet. But we did — and ihe little Wm. C. Dau Garage & Body Shop grew — became a success — until in 1935 I built ihe present building at Dodge and Nebraska. In 1941 we added an extra '36 feet in back for body work exclusively." "By this time, a youngster named Wm. Dau, Jr. was growing up big enough so he could handle a push broom in the garage after school and on Saturdays, Pretty soon he got good enough so I let him "sandpaper" fenders. I could see he had that Pau yen for mechanics, and alter high school, Billy took a business course. In 1947 he came into the garage as a mechanic, and then went through ail the General Motors training schools as they came up. Bill, Jr. became our shop foreman in 1951, and later a partner in the business." * * » "Well, that just about bring* me up to date on the Wnv $, Dau auto story'. Over many years, I took pride in the fact that folks from miles Thursday, October 31, 1957 Algono (la.) Upper D« Moln«~3 Luther League At Lakota Holds Election At the Lakota Luther League a meeting in St. Paul's recently, election of officers for the year 1958 was held. The following officers will guide the league for the coming year and compose the executive committee. President. Phillip Schroeder; vice president, Ilona Hertzke; secretary, Virgil Wallentine; treasurer, Joyce Blome. Daryl Christ gave the topic for the evening. Plans were made for the Christmas party. Slides depicting the mission work in India were shown to the group. Leaguers from Immanuel Lutheran Church in Titonka were present as special guests. Lunch was served by Daryl Christ, Dennis Boettcher, Duane and Buddy Peterson. The Birthday Club gathered at the home of Mrs Donald Kollasch with Mrs Al'Dudding, Mrs Arnold Becker, Lucy Melz, Mrs Rufus Olthoff, Mrs Robert Kollasch, Mrs Harold Olthoff, Mrs Ray Becker, Mrs David Patterson, Mrs John Roelfscma, Mrs Louis Price and Mildred Edwards, Mrs Gail Olthoff and Mrs Richard Price of Buffalo Center were visitors. Mrs Price was a member until she moved to Buffalo Center. The afternoon was spent playing traveling bingo. Mrs Ray Becker and Albert, Mrs Henry Olthoff and Mrs Clayton Roseboro of Ledyard were at Rochester last week. Albert was at the hospital for a check up. Mrs Roseboro visited with her daughter Judy who is in nurses training. Occasionally they see Miss Claybough who is also taking nurses training there. They saw Mrs Adolph Maass who is a patient there. On the way home they stopped at the home of Mrs Olthoff's sister, Mrs John Minor. She has been quite ill for some time . A Brown Swiss breeder, Elmer Junkermeier, Lakota, Iowa has recently sold the bull Baron's Prince Charming, to Harry Clark, Armstrong .according to a report from Fred S, Idtse, Secretary of the Brown Swiss Cattle Breeder's Association, Beloit, Wis. The Ledyard Township Farm Bureau Homemakers met with Mrs Ray Winters, with Mrs El- mer Paulson as assistant hostess. Mrs Burdette Hoeppner gav* a demonstration on Danish pastry. It was voted that the next itifcet- ing, November 8th, they would go to Mason City on a sigh't seeing tour. A party was given in honof o"f Mr and Mrs Gail Olthoff in the Legion Hall. Mr and Mrs Don Kollasch and family, Mr and Mrs Al Dudding and family, Mf and Mrs Arnold Becker and family. Alfred and August Melz, Mr and Mrs Rufus Olthoff, Mr and Mrs Robert Kollasch Olthoff and family, Mr and Mrs Ray Becker and bovs. Mr and Mrs David Patterson, Mr and Mrs John Roelfsema were present. Al Dudding won high score at cards for men, Donald Kollasch low score. Mrs Arnold Becker won high scdre fof ladies and Mrs Donald Kollasch, low score. The ladies served a delicious lunch. ' Mary Telkamp, Mr and Mrs Alvin Rippentrop and family. Mr and Mrs O. M. Rippentrop o ( Rake, Noretta Nordman of Mason City and Donald Rippentrop of Albert Lea were evening supper guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Cort Rippentrop. The Supper was in honor of Roger Rippentrop who left Saturday for San Diego, where he had taken his boot training. • Portland Twp. By Mrs. Victor Fitch came to me with lough auio and engine problems to solve — and this work '(took my fancy. I'm still doing thai, of course — and I think I'm as handy with a wrench as the next guy — but as BUI, Jr. has come up with his own special brand of auto know- how and knowledge, I'm getting content io call myself a "supervisor". A supervisor is one who supervises, they iell me — ai any rale, it's a lot easier than getting on a dolly and backing yourself under a car, which, of course isn't necessary any more, either, with modern hydraulic hoists." "Also, I want to say _ one thing. These new, younger fellows coming up are smart — they can handle modern testing and mechanical equipment like real experts, and they've "got" it. I just wanied Io slip that in. "In 1947, we started selling Oldsmobiles at Dau's, a move that we will never regret. In ten years, we have come to "love" this car, and we know it is a wonderful product. I wanted to slip that in. too, just in case this newspaper ever gets to the high brass at the Oldsmobile factory." * * * "Well, that's forty years of automotive work. 40 years is a long, long time in a lifetime, Ibut somehow it seems like only yesterday' when I was crawling under cars at the old "Auto Inn" in Whiitemore. Now things are different — much different. We have here at Dau's - Olds men trained 1957 10th Anniversary OF WM. DAU, JR. With Dau's • Old*, Algona Mr and Mrs Robert lies, Karen and Larry, Mr and Mrs Pat Puttkamer of Alden, Iowa and Mr and Mrs Bill Champion of Lone Rock were Sunday dinner guests at.the Jesse Harms home. The Titonka school opened again Monday after being closed Thursday and Friday because of the flu . Rain and cold weather has hindered the harvesting of soy beans, there are still a lot of beans in this territory, to be harvested. Mr and Mrs C. L. Young went to Clear Lake Sunday to visit Grandma and Grandpa (Bob) Young. They were feeling fine and still haven't had the flu. Mr and Mrs Franz Teeter and Donna went to Ames Sunday to visit their son and daughter-in- law ,Mr and Mrs John Teeter. Miss Beverly Larsen, who has been working in the snack shop in Burt, was home Monday sick with the flu. Mr and Mrs Frank Fisher of Titonka visited Mrs Elizabeth Kennedy Sunday evening. John Woods of Algona called at the home of Mrs Elizabeth Kennedy and the Tjenan brothers Thursday morning. . '_ Mr and Mrs Leo Clark and granddaughters, Kathleen and Karen of Britt, were Sunday dinner guests at the Ray Fitch home. Mary Lou and Nancy Presthus were confined to beds with the flu Monday. Mr and Mrs Robert Sarchet spent a weekend recently at Der- Moines where they visited a sister and brother-in-law of Mr Sarchet, Mr and Mrs Olaf Ramstad and a nephew and family. Mr and Mrs Jerald Ramstad a; Kansas City. They» left Friday and returned Monday. Arden .Linda, Barry and Randy Nelson were down with the flu Monday. Mr and Mrs Donald Ringsdorf attended the silver wedding anniversary Sunday of Mr and Mr? Delmar Angus. Mrs Harold Becker a.nd Mrs Bill Trenary attended a shower at Bancroft in honor of a cousin. Miss Patricia Govern at the St John's Hall. Monday evening supper guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Harold Becker were Mr and Mrs Lee Dixon pf Burt. Mr Dixon is home on furlough. for and expert at specific jobs. They work with utmost efficiency, turn out top work —• and yet I'd hate to ask any of them to work on one of those Model T transmissions." * « » "Next week, we invite you to see the all-new 1968 Oldsmobile. It will be here Friday, November 8. Here is what Mr. Jack F. Wolfram, Oldsmobile general manager, has to say about the new car: * * * "The 1958 Qlcteroobile has been completely and tastefully redesigned with distinctive and exciting styling. In fact, practically everything that you can see is new. we believe our new car is t fitting culmination of fix decades of progressive product leadership, and U a %Uting car to start Qld,smo- bile's next 60 years of .progress." * * * "I hope you folks got a little entertainment out of old BUI Dau's 40-year reminiscences . . . and If I'm around forty years from now I'll write another article tor the. paper." NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS OF NEW OPEN PITCH WORK Sealed bids will be received until 2:00 o'clock p.m., November 15, 1957, at the office of the County Auditor, Garner, Iowa, at which time and place the Boards of Supervisors of Hancock and Kossuth Counties, Iowa, acting for and on behalf of Drainage District H. K. 3-46, will meet for the purpose of letting a contract for the cieanout of a portion of the open ditch, consisting of 1,924 cu. yds. and bank leveling, ditch excavation of approximately 17,861 cu. yds. and bank leveling, sheet steel piling spillway complete, break up and remove 1 old and 1 newer spillway, furnish and install 40' - 24" and 40' 18" surface pipe. The commencement date is December 1, 1957 and completion date is May 1, 1958. Bids will be received on the entire work or in sections and each bidder will be required t" deposit with his bid a certified check on and certified by a bank' in Iowa, payable to tin- Auditor of Hancock County 01 his order at his office in an amount equal to 10% of the bid. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids. Bids, Specifications, bidding blanks and other information may be obtained at the office of the Kossuth County Drainage Clerk, Algona, Iowa, or contac-; Wm. Henschen, Garner, Iowa. Engineer in charge of the project. BOARDS OF SUPERVISORS OF HANCOCK AND KOSSUTH COUNTIES, IOWA By C. S. Pearson, Kossuth County Drainage Clerk 44-45 From Now 'til Christmas YOUR HOLIDAY TURKEY! NOTHING TO BUY For ihe next eight weeks — Prom Now Until Christmas — Ray will give away every Saturday noon a ten pound dressed Hen Turkey. Just come in ind register — register as »fien as you like — and do it »very week. This is just one more of Ray's big new shopper bargain treats. Come in and see morel AT RAY'S RAY'S FOOD BUYS BETTER THAN EVER CHECK THESE PORK PRICES - DOWN lOc 39C TENDERLOIN END PORK CHOPS LB. TENDERLOIN END PORK ROASTS LB. FANCY TRIMMED FRESH PORK CUTLETS LB. WILSON'S READY-TO-EAT 4 - 6 IB. PICNICS LB. ARMOUR STAR SLAB DERINNED BACON LB. 49C HORMEL'S OLD TYME SMOKED SAUSAGE LB. 49C IT'S HOME MADE! BULK LB. MINCE MEAT U. S. - FANCY GOOD & CHOICE CLUB STEAKS IB. 59C HERE'S A SUNDAY DINNER SPECIAL CHOICE 8 -12 LB HEN TURKEYS .. LB. CHOICE ROASTING CHICKENS... FRESH SOLID PACK FRESH DRESSED OYSTERS and BULL HEADS FANCY EATMORE CRANBERRIES Lb. Bag 19c SEAL SWEET 96 SIZE GRAPEFRUIT 10 For 49c U. S. NO. 1 IDAHO JONATHONS % Bu. 1.89 303 CAN TRELLIS PEAS 303 CAN MISSION PUMPKIN TALL CAN CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP HAVANA CLUB 7 OZ. CAN PINEAPPLE (11 OF THESE-ONLY $1) HORMEL'S DINTY MOORE 1V4 LB. CAN BEEF STEW 39c DEL MONTE 303 CAN FRUIT COCKTAIL 4for 89c DEL MONTE 14 OZ. BOTTLE TOMATO CATSUP 19c NATIVE NO. 2 CAN RAISIN PIE MIX 2 for 45c JUST IN PURE CIDER Gal. 98c 46 OZ. CAN HI. C ORANGE 4for JACK SPRAT COLORED OLEO Sfor EACH PINT JAR - HEINZ SWEET PICKLES 3 for JUMBO WHITE - YOUR CHOICE CAULIFLOWER Ea. 29c • FROM RAY'S FREEZER • GLACIER CLUB ICE CREAM WESTERN WONDER STRAWBERRIES lOozpkgs si MINUTE MAID FROZEN FRUIT COCKTAIL MAC PAC FROZEN CORN 10 OZ Pkg IOC LUCKY UDY FROZEN PEAS 10 n IOC SNOBOY FROZEN ORANGE JUICE flk 6 oi ttm ip M

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