The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 24, 1957 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1957
Page 12
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4-Afgena (la.) Upper Des Molnej Thursday, Oef. 54, Nurse Caps To 2 St. Joe Girls At Sioux City St. Jce — Dorothy HhiT--- Hilbert.' I.oj.s VYMIf >n«. ri;,ughtei of Mr and M.s }'••:.•> /, inv,: am Kay Ann Fridrrs. d Mjchu-i o Mr and .\ii.~ Noib..;t Fndi-rs. *'u <l»nt< in St. ,)• >< ;'hV Mncv ]\ - , [Dial Sci) . -i of Niir-i.-ic in ?:.-,n ' Uity, spent I hi: we: k i,,l )•• -, with h.:':n-;p folks, (.in Mi'!i,i.!\ to receive their caps 1:1 a .-pre;:.' ceremony in Sioux City wit! their parents in attendance. Mr and Mr? Pi !er Mu"l!i ; spent Monday her'.' in t!ie home of their riauchti r. Mr and Mr. N,i;bert while they hac spent th<v- day in Sioux City. J >hn ?'; ) • . y- tn;:ie ! > the ho:r,. of !,!:-. s n. T\ir nnd Mrs N< rb- •:' Frid'i 5 ; ...;id fair.i^v here S:itu:-- doy win;; 1 ne p : n:!s to remain r month. Mrs Fri.iers spent th< pa?t su;v.:Ti^r \vi',ii i;;s daughter, the Lii'ju rii-e K::.-c!i\s nt Wiut'e- , more ruiri his ? f .ns, Math, Le-> and Vn and faiTiilies in Alf>;.ina. Darlene Plathe. d:iu;;hter of Mi and Mrs Milforrl PJathc ceh b^at- cd her Gtl) birthday on Sunday Oct. 20th with birthday cake and ice c-n.-am foli-jivins the I- o'clock supper. Darlene also re ceived pretty and useful Rift? Alton :in'4 w-jre her grandparents, Herman Plathe and Mr and Mrs John Thul and others were Mr and Mrs Raymond Kohlhaas and family, Mrs Richard Thui and family and Mrs Sylvester Wagner and family. Mrs Annie Gcischecker of Algona entertained in her home on Sunday with the following dinner and supper guests Irom hero: Mr nnd Mrs K. L. Kohlhaas, Mr & Mrs Lorenz Bormanr, pnd family, Mr and Mrs John Geischeekor and family and Mr »nd Mrs Alvin Klein and family. Mr and Mrs John P. Bormann from here were supper guests. Mr and Mrs Maurice Laubenthal and family from Wesley- were Sunday evening visitors in Arnold Carlson Farm Sale Today In North Kossuth Swoa & Eagle — Mr and M;s Arnold Carlson are holding a • 1 <SHK: out farm sale Oct. 21 and will move to Fairmont wherc- ni- will work for the Case Service Company. Mr and Mrs Carlson >n i family came here from Eas! Chain. Minn, to farm owned by Shirley Beck. Mr Beck will now •pe: ate- his farm next year. Otto A. Jensen sold his house. ..nd furnishing in Swea City <•> wc-fk ago Saturday and left thi c-aiiy part of the week to live a: ;he Samaritan Home in Estherville. Mrs Jensen isnd his wile (now deceased), moved here from Seneca about 40 years ago to his farm where their son Maynard and family now live. The Jen- -ens retired and moved south of Swc a City. Maynard taking over the Swea farm. Mrs Jensen pa.-?(.d away 7 years a^i and Otto move..! to Swea City. Mr r.nd Mrs Earl DcrZreuw ami daughter Delilah of Ames, came last week Tue?d:iy morning to home of her parents, Mr anr' Mrs Truman Johnson, where they left Delilah for remainder o ! week. Mr and Mrs De'Zeeuw. left Tuesday afternoon for Siou* Center called there by the sudden death of his mother, Mr;Andrew Dc'Zeeuw .on Monday They returned to their home at Ames Sunday. Mr and Mrs Truman Johnson -ittendied Mrs Andrew De'- Zeeuw's funeral Thursday afternoon at Sioux Center. A large number of young folks were home for weekend and to attend homecoming events at Swea City Community school. They were Marcia Jensen, Sioux Falls, at parental Virgil Jensens'. Ruth Ann Peh'rson, Ames ,at Roy Pehrsons'; Sharon Dorsey, CodaV Falls, at. Wm. Dorseys'; Carol MUler. Titonka, at Orvall Mil- the Raymond Kohlhaas home. Mr and Mrs M. T. McGuirc and family spent Sunday in Dubuque ,at Mt. St. Francis Con vent with Sister Mary Adeline, the former Mary McGuire, daughter of Mr and Mrs McGuire. Rambler Day at BUFFALO CENTER, IOWA Saturday October 26,1957 You are invited to see the ALL NEW RAMBLER MOTOR CARS for 1958 Come through the GOLDEN DOOR and find out the biggest automobile Secret in years. FREE TREATS FOR EVERYONE BARGAINS IN USED CARS 1954 Nash Ambassador 1955 Nash Ambassador 1954 Nash Statesman 1957 Nash Ambassador 1952 Nash Statesman Several others all priced to sell. We need good clean, used cars, so why not see us now for a deal on a NEW RAMBLER! w* Sleper Soles Co. BUFFALO CENTER, PHONE 2-0291 YOU'RE INVITED-KIDS ALGONA LIONS CLUB HALLOWEEN PARTY Thursday Nile, October 31 Beginning at 7:00 p.m. Sharp with the big parade down State St. Here it is ... a big evening of fun for all kids with FREi TREATS AND EATS - Get your costume and be at the courthouse square In Algona promptly at 7:00 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 31, for the big parade, \ Costumes Judged In These Ages and Groups First Under 7 Years Second 7 to 9 Years Third __._ 10 to 12 Years Foutfh Over 12 Yeorf GHOSTS WITCHES COWBOYS COWGIRLS CLOWNS HOBOES MISCELLANEOUS Sponsored By ALGONA LIONS CLUB Icrs'; Bob Wijkus and Duane Jensen Mankato. Minn, at Wm. Wiskus' and Maynard Jensens'. Mr and Mrs Roy Klupor en- tci twined a! a ci:nncr Sun:i-iy nr- '!! in h.'iu.'r of Mr Kluxer's --.s;..•: and !!-.:r hii-h.iri;i. Mr and M:.- w'no ;i!C v;?it;ng he;r. Uihe, t;iu .>•;.« were Roy's p;i;ent-=. V.: ind Mrs Herman K!u.eer . hi.- biii'hcr and wife. Mi and Mi? Curtis Kluxer, and his biothcr- in-iaw and ,-i>tir, Mr an:l Mrs Milton Pc;ers"n, and hi? si?te: an;i family, Mr and Mrs Wi!la:\ Harrison and son Steven of St James, Minn. The llfith Annual Iowa Stak Baptist Convention was held las' week at First Baptist Church, Ft O.T.ige. Attending some of the sessions were Mr and Mrs D. R Thompson. Mr and Mr? Ervin Link. Mr and Mrs Sam Link. Mi and Mrs Glen Olson, Mrs Non, Olson. Mrs Floyd Treat, Mr? Eldon Link. Mr and Mrs Lowell Larson and Mrs Emil Larson Rev. LeRoy Carter attended th< entire session. HOSPITALS Oct. 8 — Mrs Mitch Taylor, Al- gom. girl, 8-7 Oct. 9 — Marilyn Froehlich. We-ley. medical. Oct. 10 — Mrs Frances Immer- fpll. Algona. medical: Mrs Everett Anderson, Algona, surgery; Mrs Charles Colwell, Algona, girl, 8-4 V4. Oct. 11 — Patricia M. Elbert, Rodman, surgery. Oct. 12 —"Mrs Emmert Dnu- gard, Algona, surgery; Patricia Juchem, Wesley, medical; Mrs Anna Raskopf, St. Benedict, medical; Mrs Robert Gillingham, Algona, medical. Oct. )3 — Mrs William Sangwin, Cherokee, boy (expired). Melvin Schultz, Whittemore, accident. Oct. 14 — Mrs Georue Fandel. Rodman, maternity; Mrs Larry Devine, Rodman, boy. 8-13. Oct. 15 — Mrs Helen Paxson, Algona, medical; Mrs Robert Carlson, Algona, maternity; Car] Vigdal, Algona, medical. FREE TRACTOR TIRES FREE TRIP TO DES MOINES FRONTS AND REARS ALL SIZES FOR ALL MAKES TWINS Mr and Mrs Roy Hanson who "ve near Alta. own a milkin? Shorthorn cow that has born her third set of twin calves. Thi? makes three sets of twins in three years. CJDM Classifieds Pay Dividend? ORDINANCE NO. 391 AN ORDINANCE REGULATING THE PAPKING AfJD LOCATION OF MO- BIIF HOMES AND RFGULATINr, THE LICENSING, LOCATION. ERtCTION, MAINTENANCE AND CONDUCT OF MOBILE HOME PARKS AND PROVIDING A PENALTY FOR THE VIOLATION THEREOF. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA, AS FOLLOWS: Sec. I. State Law Shall Control. The laws of the State of Iowa and the regulations of the State Department of Health shall govern the establishment, maintenance, conduct and operation of any mobile homes and mobile home parks within the limits of tho City of Alrjona, Iowa. Sec. 7. Additional Rules and Rcqula- ticru. In addition to the provision of the state law and the reaulations of the State Department of Health, the City Health Officer may adopt additional rules and regulations not inconsistent therewith and which said rules and regulations, after adoption, shall have the full force and effect of law. Sec. 3. Additional Rules Relating to Location of Mobile Homes. In addition to the provision of the state law and the regulations of the State Department of Health, tho following rules and regulations shall apply: (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to park any mobile home on the streets, alleys or highways, any public place, or on any private land within this city, except as is provided by state law and this ordinance. (b) Mobile homes shall not be used as a permanent dwelling place or for indefinite periods of time; provided, that any such mobile home properly connected with the city water supply and sanitary sewer systems, and constructed and located In compliance with all requirements of the building, plumbino, sanitary, health, zoning and electrical ordinances of the City of Algona and not inhabited by a greater number of occupants than that for which it was designed, may be permitted on any premises under permits properly secured as provided for in said building, plumbing, electrical, sanitary, health and zoning ordinances. (c) Emergency or temporary parking is permitted on the streets, alleys or highways or any other public or private place for not longer than a one- hour period, subject to any other prohibitions or regulations imposed by traffic and parking ordinances of this city. (d) Ho person shall park or occupy any trailer on the premises of any occupied dwelling outside an approved mobile home park; except, the parking of only one unoccupied trailer in a private garage building or in a rear yard in any district, is permitted, providing no living quarters shall be maintained or any business practiced in said trailer while such trailer is so parked or stored. (e) The owner of a mobile home desiring to locate said mobile home on premises other than a mobile home park, on a permanent or temporary basis, shall file an application for a special permit with the City Clerk together with an inspection fee of $5.00. Said application shall contain a description of the mobile home, the place to be located, the sanitation facilities, a statement of the anticipated duration of the location, the name of the owner of^ the premises upon which the mobile home will be located. Sec. A. Penalty. Anyone violating any of the provisions of this ordinance shall, upon conviction, be subject to imprisonment for not exceeding 30 days, or a fi/ir not exceeding $100. Each day a violation is permitted to exist constitutes a separate offense. Sec. 5. Repealer. All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict with the prevision of this ordinance are hereby repealed. Sec. 6. Saving Clause. If any section, provision or part of this ordinance shall be adjudicated to be invalid or unconstitutional, such adjudication <hal! not affect the validity of the ord.nance as 4 whole or any section, provision or port (hereof not adjudged invalid or unconstitutional. Sue. 7. When Effective. This ordinance shall be in effect after its final passage, approval and publication as provided by law PASSED, ADOPTED and APPROVED this 9th day of October, 1957. Or. Cameron C. Shierk Mayor Attest: David A. Smith Clerk AUTHENTICATION The foccguing Ordinance No. 391 of the Ordinance* of 'the Cily of Algona, Iowa, it hereby duly authenticated this I Ith day of October, 1957. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk Mayor P«vid A. Smith City Cterk (SEAL) ,.; ., ,... ., YOU NAME YOUR SIZE - WE CAN FURNISH IT IN THIS CARLOAD SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!! XV v>J i I I | FREE TRACTOR TIRES ' FOR SOMEONE IF YOU ARE THE FIRST BUYER TO CORRECTLY PICK DATE THIS SALE ENDS AND EVERY TIRE PURCHASER GETS AN TO THE HUGE (22,000 TIRES DAILY) IN DES MOINES, IOWA TO ALL PURCHASERS OF REAR TRACTOR TIRES - AND THEIR WIVES YOUR TRIP CAN BE TAKEN LATER DURING WINTER WORK LULL SEE HOW TRACTOR TIRES ARE BUILT RED-HOT SALE SPECIALS! ATTENTION! Truck Owners BRADLEY BROS, AT ALL TIMES CARRY A FULL LINE OF TIRES FOR ANY AND ALL TRUCKS, Regardless of Size Just Ask Us! We Hove 'Em I Give Us a Phone Call and We'll Give Ytfu Fast and Immediate Action Exch, plus tax 9 x 38 4-Ply Firestone Tires 9 x 36 4-Ply Firestone Rears 11 x 40 4-Ply Firestone Rears FREE FIRESTONE TRIP Included On NEW TIRE PURCHASES Or Firestone NEW TREADS We will furnish you either new or used leaner tires, while yours are being retreaded South of Algona Hotel FIRESTONE TIRE HEADQUARTERS South of Algona Hotel

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