Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 11, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 11, 1896
Page 2
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I N (reUlnj? np a wedding trousseau, thinK how many women are tired out: Dresi- makers, seamstresses, shop- Lgirls," milliners — fall hard-worked ana ' weary over it; to say nothing of //« younpr lady herself. Sitting or standing all day is the hardest kind of work ; it gives you no healthy \ well -balanced ex- lercisc; par' of the 1 body is overworked and the rest of it i« I undcr-workcd. The , i system grows SHIR. h' the nppctite'is poor, the stomach is out of order; the bowels are constipated, you have headaches and dizzy spells. "A""' possible for you to take as much out-of-door iiercisc in the daylight as you need._ 1M best help you c*n have in the clrc «™V*"™: is a simple laxative medicine like Doctoi Picree's Pleasant Pellets. They will ,*> nearly as any medicine can, supply t^ want of free exercise which is lacking m Si inSoort work. They, cure dyspepsia, WliousneM and constipation in a pleasant, jradual, natural way. There is no nr weakeninir effect with tie PdteSr» tSf»«ct «urely but Kently ;.— "TWELVE _ Chwrles H. Ya-le'-s iitnpnJiilceut ihiC'tiiou. "Thu Twelve \vh.|c.h will toe seen «t tlie - Mond.i»- ulght, Oct. 12, has certainly proved itisiJ.f n recorcPbivsak-cr. Ihe following <:rlti<rLs.ni Is f torn 'the Kansas Ciity Tinier. "Mjuiasw Yale has certainly brought •1 ].'u-«; tha,t .is Just teeming with novelty and n-s far as the costu-mlwg and ' " arc co.ii-c-oi-wid It can truly be tltat fw, if any, previous com- P'lulcti caw coin.pu.ro with It, white the eil'o.dt.M. specialties and iluvnccs Wcml into iKirino-iiy on« of the most enjoyable perloriiMunoca ever given 1« the Grand. ,,utlrc Plea.* e ^USsi^gSS EXCURSIONS TO WASHKNG^TON; P. C via PENIx'StLVAMA LINKS. October llth, 12th and 13ti, tow round trip excursion tickets to Washington, D. C., will be sold from ticket stations on Pennsylvania Lines for Union Veteran Legion Annual Encampment, return coupons valid October 26. M«n, a day'- wort to lost by slci caused by Inolgeatlou and a troubles. DeWltfi Little ay Risers are the most effectual pill for overeomtn* such difflcuWw.-Jno. M. Johnston. Subscribe for The >ournal, 40 cent* » month. There is nothing dull In the acts. Tlit ballots ot. the .. WO.H1-CU- 1 , in her latest freaks, ,,-s.then.nKler, bicyclist, hunter, yaclrter -wwl the wonunB up to date was a handsome couccit, wliite-the -burlesque of .the 'jrorfup man' was comlca.l to -the extreme. The National Issue dance o( silver's fight against gold for Uncle Sam's supremacy Introduced three clever dancer*. The specialties' of the Rosatrlcs gymnasts; .Tolin Hardy, Juggler; Elliott Brothers, 'boxers; Venle Sisters, Rose Kessmtt- and GUB Bruno. Jr., and Josle Steson were exceedingly clever ami highly commendable. The ixsnirttitful 'ballet of the seasons, deplct- dn'g ispiiue, summer, autumn a'ud win- ttir, Is aa-lohOy costumed stnigeadveirttea- ment, while the dancing of Miles .Ferrero and Beltoad equalled anything seen here In some time. Exoellenit work was done <by MJss Gwendoline North as Unbent Llda, Dexter as Zero, Josle fclsson as -Bright .Eyes, and Gus Bruno, Jr., as Snoro Apropos. A MYSTERY. How the human system ever recovers from the bad effects of the nauseous medicines often literally poured Into It for the supposltlve relief of dyspepsia, liver complaint, constipation, rheumatism and other ailments, Is a mystery. The mischief done by bad medicines la scarcely less than that caused by disease. If they who are weak, bll- llous, dyspeptic, constipated or rheumatic, would oftener be guided by the experience of Invalids who have thoroughly tested Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, they would In every Instance obtain the speediest aid derivable from Some Truth* About Mark Manna's Employes. Get Their Ground Rent Free-No Strike There. A special from Chicago is us follows: Jlr.'William A. Karney, an Iron worker of Pittsbure, has been Identified with the cause of organized labor for many years. -He is now First Vlce-President of -the Amalgamated Association of the Iron and Steel worters, a,ud he was four years Vice-President of the American Federation of Lator. He was at the McCoy House in th.ls city today, and when asked If be had seen Robert Askew's recent attack on Mr. M. A. Hanna, said: ' ... "Yes, I ha.ve read Bobert AsUew's re cent attack on Mr. Hanna, and,, in common with the great' mass of workingmen, I consider It purely a political document gotten up for .the purpose of Injuring Gov. McKlnley and the cause of protection and honest .money. If Mr. Askew had wanted to enllgb'teh the public concerning Mr. Banna's treatment of his employees:why did he not give a history of "the Wihth'rop; mine during the six years that the firm of M. A. Hanna A'Co. haw controlled it? Instead of doing that he makes, upon Ms own unsupported authority, a number of charges relating to the affaire of a mine that M. A. Hanna & Co. , have controlled only about a year. T began looking Into the charges against Mr; Hanna some weeks ago in the Interest of labor and not of politics, except as I wished to see the triumph of the cause >f protection. At my request Mr. Horace J. Slovene of Ish- pemlng, Mich., gave this subject a thorough investigation, and In the course of a very full reply to my ques- tton.be says: " 'The first Interest secured by Mr. Hanna or his firm was in February, 1800, when the Winthrop mine was bought by M. A. Hanna & Co., and Mr. Fred Braastato, a leading merchant of Ishpemlng. Previous, to Its purchase that mine was called the "man-trap" on account of its' danger of life and limb, but under its .present ownership ,,^-^...3, proper were compelled, to will on the Governor for pratection, or ai least d'ld call on him, 'though tnere had no. acts of violence. TJie 5th Mlcli- SKi;te Regi'inenit ca-me nnd rc- ...... j.cA htore nearly four 'weeks. All t.lie mines received protection., except tuo WLuthTOp wliich fel-t tlmt it dlil not: need ..'i.uij', «.iul not a soldiicr ca.rno aoar its propLTty. It omploj-ed no extra watobmeu, had -uo 'troops, li?ft $100,000 worth of nui.ehiu-ei'y aJid s-urfacc !m- proverafaits unguarded, and no attempt was uuixle to dest-.-oy or .injure any of It. Thiree T\-x«-lm birfore ; rJi« strike eudvd. the miinars votxxl to O'lloi\v tht Wiiillhrop incu t:o go bncl; to work, which WJIM draui. ami t.Wey worked sftondiHu' duriUR .liliio tost .(.hree weeks, while the soldiers were there puardins the property of the other mlnics of thv district. 1 " 'On the first day of this monrti all of the mines of the Ishpenilng district reduced wages with the excepllon of the Wlnthirop. The employes there are still receiving the snune wages tha,t were paid before the cut at oclier places. Wnges ore mwlntatoed,, but nivls -mine has pa.id no dividend for the past thrcie years, though in ordinary itl'inies 'it te very prolltatolc. Other mines have padd dividends- d'urlug tha| time, but fclw. Presldeflt of the Wln- throp,. Mr. M. A. HanBO, tibouglut it ;bellit»r.-to allow 'the employes - to earn a living tlian to squeeze out a dividend by rediicllnig wiapes. The iJike Super- •lor Iron mtoe to wWchi Mr^ Hanna re- cenitliy became dnterested, .is the Cflkipln. art Iron Mountain. Work was 'begun there about fifteen monthe aigo,on .1 large scale. Stance tihem the company has never paiased' a..pay day, and the employes are agato paW In ha.rd cash, a change most graitef ul to unem; after TP.AJWTES. Traveling men are invited to send Items of Interest to this column. Personal notes will be jladly received. Matter «liould reach The Journal office by'Friday night to insure publication In Sunday's issue. * * » • These «ure days of sniaM thliugs jus well OK of great 'tlluws. It is tJic- little •tilings that msike the WE ones. To •itoo-ooimnerciial tnxi-vcler tlhe puMic awes 1ih|e ixtitJilcaition. of many siibuses by rnllrond comipsnMcs and estoPtaonate .hotel men. Tine -Kinks in the c-lwiiin that binds your customers to you must be carefully waltcihcd if you tfesxc increase in your trade. The 'truly successful salesman, is quiet amd seldom or never mentions ihto wiles. There te policy in this plan. Why rihould he advertise Ms good trade amd give competitors pointers tWnit they way go and secure rhe sales? We nre sorry .to note that our genial flelliow traveler, Mr. T. P. VaaiHora, wiitb .hte family, 5s soon, to move to ChJ- caigo. Post F •wishes him success and hopes that he may be aibte to meet with us on 'his occasion retunni trips. ;.; There are .houses wtoo seem to have no faitb to humiara- nature and look upon their 'toayrtlmg force a* so many human maxflitaOB capable of grinding out ao many orders at so nruclhi profit per day. Wtaatfs- more, they take no interest In their employes, care not alnk or swim, so long as This is the complaint of thousands at this aeason. They have no appetite; food doesnotrelish. They need thetoningupol the stomach and digestive organs, -which a cwirsc of Hood's Sarsaparilla will give them. It also purifies and enriches the blood, cures that distress after eating and Internal misery only a-dyspeptic oan know, creates an appetite, overcomes that tired feeling and builds up and sustains the whole physical system. Itso promptly and efficiently relieves dyspeptic symptoms and cures nervous headaches, that Jt •eems to have almost " a magic touch." Hood's Sarsaparilla I»thebe»t-ln tact the One True Blood Puriaer. — ~ are the be«t atter-Olnnet HOOd'S PillS pills, »Id <Ugeltion. S8C. THE Is a Q<*od Machine. 644 Overcoats and Reefers <U5ll on hand of the Mammoth Stock as- fignedto ma by OTTO KRAUS September 14 amounting to $44,499.41 Fall Overcoats $2.75 to $8.00 $20.co A. G. JENKINES, Assignee jWhen you find a person who has tried Simmons Liver Regulator you are euro to hear them say something In Its favor. Mrs. O. T. Judy, Blue Grass, DJ., recently-wrote: "I cannot do without Simmons Liver Regulator since I know the value of It as a family medicine" Aid Dr. W. P. OTibes, of Beaufort, S. 0., eays: "I prescribe Simman* Ltver Regulator and know It to be a tart-daw liver medicine." EXCURSION TO MARION VIA PEN'NISYLVA^HA. LIN13S. 'Wednesday, October 1-tth, lojvi rate ttrood trip -tickets to Marlon will toe W ld from-transport, RddgevJMe awl intermediate ticket stations <ro Pean- sylvainla Lines for the RopuWarai rally and mass .meeting; .return coupons valid Thursday, Got. 15th, Indualve. Tneorlea o* core may be dtocUMed at lengtti/by physicians, but the MB"" 1 want uudcfc relief; and One Minute eough Core will give It to them. A Mfe cure for children. It la "the only harmleM remedy that produces Immediate reiiuYl»"--Jno. M. Johnston. The Sunday-school iwlly -sorvdco of the NLDith street CtelSttan church to be hold this morn-tag at 9:30 o'clock will 1« interesting to all wnd a large attendance its desired. A -special program of interest has been prepared -and all •arc cordially invited. Poison Ivy, Insect bites, bruises, .calds, burns, are quickly cured by De- •Wltfa Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile , M. Johnston. "Boys will be boys." but you can't afford to low any of them. Be ready tor the green apple season by having peWItt'* Colic & Cholera Cure In the •: 1(l e.-.1no. M. Johnston. , are dne to Hood'iSar- Blood a soa-Tcuiiig Uiuu «-*- ""^- w——- — thoroughly safe remedy, derived from vegetable sources, and possessing, In consequence of Its basis of pure spirits, properties as a medicinal stimulant not to be found In the firery local bitters and stimulants often restored to by the debilitated, dyspeptic and languid. CONDENSED TESTIMONY. Chas. B. Hood, Broker and Manufacturer's Agent, Columbus, Ohio, certifies that Dr. King's New Discovery, has no equal as a Cough remedy. J .D. Brown Prop. St James Hotel, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; testifies that he waa cured of a cough of two years standing, caused by La Grippe, by Dr. King's New Discovery. B. F. Merrill, Baldwlnsvllle, Mass., says that he was cured and .recom mended It and never knew It to fall and would ratter have It than any doctor, because It always cures. Mrs Hemming, 222 B. 25th St., Chicago, al ways keeps It at hand and has no fear of croup, because It Instantly relieves. Free trial bottles at B. F, Keesllng's. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The Best Salve In the world for cuts bruises, sores, ulcers, saii rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped bands, chilblains corn* and all skin eruptions, and posl lively cures piles, or no pay required It Is guaranteed to give perfect satin faction or money refunded. Prlce : 28 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Keeg Ung. . Subscribe for The Journal. One, Vbn B«br wMrict w* e»™ Whan (be wa» * Child, >br cHf Then die b*s«me Ml«v »'>- •:'. 'or C«*orU. it has become one of the safest mines in the district. The number of accidents have decreased, although the force employed and the output have increased.' " 'It has been a, custom In that district for the mining companies to bnlld houses to be rented to employes, la.nd being rented also to those who wished to build for themselves, at. a.u annual charge of $20 a year. Many of the employes of the Winthrop mine 'had built little homes and paid in annual -g.ro.und rout until the Wlutilirop Company under Mr. Harma's direction, remitted this rent, since when they have >aid nothing for the use of the' land. This •cJnwige from the established policy of all the mines in the district was made by the company, by Mr. Hanna's express order, long before the panic had compelled other corporations •o reduce their rental.' 'Mr. Banna 'believes that It nrakw* a butter citizen of a man to own his own home, and therefore he gave to those -miners who wished 'to build a home the full use of land. These lots are generally more than an acre lu size, some of thorn four and five acres, for w-hikrhi .not one penny of rental te changed, while other mining companies charge ?20 a yeair for a much smaller piece of ground.' " 'The first s*rlke that itook place in this district since Mr. Hanna beca,mc interested .here was ID October, 1800. the question to.dispute being one of boon of labor. The second strike accused In 1805,. on .the question of wages The miners where the strike- originated visfed the other mines to a body inducing .the men to stop work. The manager, of the Winthrop mine. Mr Braae'tab, was absent, tout upon his return- all was satisfactorily airmnged to a short time by -mutual concessions and the ''men returned to work. They had •'been' Idle ibut .twenty-four hours. The men from all'the otner mines re- matoed Idle for rthree weeks, and then *]. to work without having *»,^ 'their poinf These facts are still fresh to tire minds of most of the •miners of tebperntog district. I endeavored to secure mutual concessions among the miders and, .mnnagers- during the strike, but was unable to do so, although that nwult was reached in the case of Mr.- Hamma's property witihout ..tlhe tatKsreesslon. of outside parties.' • • " The second and lost strike in thw district'- took place last -summer, be- -gtamSng July 15, 1890, amd contlmuetl five weeks. The mtaers ait the Wtaitrop were saitteffed With their wwges, but waitoed 'out on account of the Strong pressure from other mines. Alter, a conference 'betweea the. manager and the men., the mirier* of the Wtotbrop unanimously-decided, to return- totheir placw, but were prevented from doins - miners.ait;.tlfe-other mines a ca a IOOK experience of deferred payments and due Mite that we-ne only passed at a heavy discount. Mr. Hanna -bas also direotcd the Temtesloa'of *he jrround reut at the Chnplu, wMcli was for.m- •erly dnarg«l employes UvlnK on, the comipainy'8 la.nd, and they now occupy tihie land, rent free.' '.'I condense the above from Hie re- ix>nt of the long «ud comiprehcmsiwxi Investigation made by Mr. Stevens. There is no room for a possible doubt of the t,rutih of lite assertions and it surely seems that the .ranm wJio gives hte employes In.ftd free to build their Domes upon .merits the praise wither Mion the comlermnnitilon of the friends of la.bor. .„.„, „-.._-, made against Mr. Hnmna :In other ficids of labor, especially the lake sailors, and in. tlio course of my d investigations- have received-the following, which, most eroipfoatically cx- 'ouerares M-r. Hasina,-:tbe first bains a letter from Mr. T. L. Lewis. Plwwident OMo Staite Trades Asscsnbly, aind Sec- rctiirj- Olnio Miner's Union: Columbus, O., Sept 28, 1S9C. Dam- Sir:—la answer to your recent latter of inquiry. I would state that I -liiad cMvrK® of a,n investlgn-tlom of the nuH-inie interests of Ohflo, made under 'thte auspices of the Ohio Bureau of Liailwa- S'tnatistlcs, to 18!H. My ln- quirj' went ba.ck for .tiwenity years, extending beyond the time of the trouble oetweea the Lake Cairrler's Association, amd itlws SnJlor'9 Unllon. There was •no evkleuce found 1-n.tbe course of this •iuvestlga'tion to show that Mark Haama' liad nny pniit In -tlhe difficulty tlien exWfcins between the sailors and tihalr eraployers. I would furtlhier ataite that the statls- ttoal toivesMgaitlon, of the workshops and factories for the city of Cleveland, .made 'by the Lalbor Bureau was likewise under my direction. The reports •based upon Mils Inquiry are on file In Columbus, amd they wHlshow that Mr. Hanoa, paid, the highest standard wages for labor performed in Industries to W'McJn hie wn» Interested.. Very respectfnWy yours, T. L. Lewie, Pratt Ohio State Tradce Assembly. Another document of equal value to comtag to A conclusion on this question te from M.r. Bildhaird Powers, a prominent and tofluenitlnl worker, to the tabor organ,taa;tioBs of the country and ex-prosldonit of -the Seamen's Union. He writes as follows, under date of •Chicago, •Septeiui'ber 25,1806: "Knowing: tine .history of the Lake iSoanwnTB rniaD from Mis orgemlssnptloiQ to die present fl-nd pni«ttelpa*tog in lit*•.struggles wh«i to do so involved danger and sacrifice, I can. truthf ul-ly .assert ith^t never to all this ttoe, nor ^ vsv'<****• tas ' tbnit <> r S flBlzaiUo ° 1 evar-lwd any troiible with Mark 'A Haaiin.a. All asserrioais to 'tlhe contrary a*-e faflsehowK maoitfactiired Cor political effect aind with a desire to •woonner vojey wi*** v* ^"-"^ *™ —<=» they are M'Me to atecompliish th» .results 'mentioned. Idwsre are'iieairly two dozens of commercial tttuveteirs' organimtlons to this country, and It stands to ireason that some are better Hfltnn others to accom- pltehltoiK Rood for -tlite welfare of the fcntetafcs of the »rip and' in dotnff more *rulitfuil work for the cnaift. In this respect thte Trailers' Protecm-e Association of America stands at tine bead of the class. A littte Tvork on .the part of the meimiberehlp between ww n.nd January 1 would easily double tne roll call of the entire orRanteation. Any commercial traveler, of sufficient mceHiTsemce, nibllfilty and capaclrj- 'Co Hold a responsl- •Me position, wLH protunrtly ail out an application bLi-nk wlfen the object of .Hie Travelers' F.roitec.tiTe association te made cleas 1 to 'him. The ilife of a travelilUR mnn ite both ..uani and dam-erous. He sells goods all day and ridos all Trfffhit, ^«le an accident may kill or cripple luta, exposure may develop sickness, or ill-cooked food may maike Win a, dyspepfJc. Besides all tills, I* .is assa-Bea by .temptations wiilch -would be powerless amid tire .restraints of .home. Ho 5s to be con- ff ratii:n-ted'..iif be quite. Uie road as pure and strong as when, lie' wdnit on. Many do., nind. wnnif s more, develop Cliiristian clin.racter wiMJe exiMsscd to the vicissitudes and temptations of <x commercial traveller's 18£e. nandMd of Mceueno*. «iii> of the"BUIi»on'"ooii»M*r« THE ,BEST. Ton will nnd it s »ala»ble mutant in joor <* floe. Iddreu tot putlcalem THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MAKUFACTCBKBS. 8«O-344 West I*ke SU Chlo»r>. Evangelist D. T. Blark, Peoria Illinois. STRANGEST A Blarln* OF FISHES. -... -mislead working pdopfe «'"' d l d<? " •nounce them ns ; sueh. . Yours truly, Riteliaird Powers, Ex-Pi-eslden't Sea-men's Union." WHY IS IT. If catarrh Is a blood disease, as some claim, that physicians frequently advise change ot air and climate to those suffering? Catarrh Is a climatic affcc- tlon, and nothing but a local remedy or a change of climate will cure It W« Cream Balm Is so efficient as to do ; away with the nece«ilty of ihom^and frlegdsi-caMlng:;lnit»nt '?»isi?w?fe" Wonder at en* Colnmbl* Cnl- vernlty. There Is an nnimal at Columbia university which has neither ears, eyes, head nor heart. The absence of the head nnd heart to naturally the odd feature of thisetxiuigti creature/which biologists call a lancelet. On<* of them is now being experimented on In Columbia ^ lv « rsl £« biological laboratory. «ay» the Saa FranclBOO Examiner. Although this wonder loolw - • -. ,M u l*'l« -vknll^, «.». denl like a. nsh; It is rr for there la just as muc^ 'tw«ea, the lancetet and-a saJmon, tot i Instance, as tfereta between a man and on ordinary bird; ' Epicureans with a gweet toomror ; flBh will hall with dellfht the project ; 0 f havmg all the lake* and r^**™* : . country stocked with the loncelet,for :jn tbelreatire body there ta.,not&bono. ^Tme. tbiro ta a kind of backbone run: nto g the length,of tte body, but a. ttta bone is not a bone at all, but only^ •trip of what ordinary mortota wouW : ^J1 grlatle, no ttxmbte with nshbonc.. tcan follow from the attempt to eatt*« Animal when a »ain J» in » hurry to catch an "t" exprwu. •••-• ~~~~ Still another advBDtage exltte to a mar . who wante to eat the lancctetin » jlfly This advantage U. perhaps, one Better" than the absence^ of bone*. Kvery man's eyes perform tiie * n *°" on of an X-ray maohlnc in good working order, for the UtnceJet is abjolawiy transparent in every section oi it» extraordinary corpus; ^ -V bencv.oie.rt Kngiisiimnn has just >l'von £1.000 toward the ninintcnance nt tlin LtT2(.lon «-n*s* liorpf- ' DID YOU EVER .Try' Electric Bitters as a remedy for your troubles? If not, get a bottle now 'and get relief. This medicine has been, found to be peculiarly adapted to the relief and cure of all Female Complaints, esertlng a wonderful direct Influence In giving strength and tone to the organs. If you have loss of appe- tlte, constipation, headache, fainting spells, or are nervous, sleeplew, excita- We, melancholy or troubled with dizzy Electric Bitters is the medicine need Health and strength are: •aiite^:*y >t» ««e,;: Fifty ceot. and ;•*$$ " Saybrook, 111., Feb. 19, ISM. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sirs: While at Cerro Gordo, In my revival work, I purchased bottle of your Syrup Pepsin. I regai It as most excellent I cannot get here In Saybrook. Is It on sale I Peoria, IU. If *>, at what •towt not on sale there, If you will send me dollar bottle there this week I w! promptly remit. I will be borne tb week. Address Rev. D. T. Black. I State St, Peoria, 111. Youw truly D.T. BLACK. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. ASHORTJOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Cj "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunwt Route-New Ortel to ' ... Lo» Angeles and San FrancUeo. Wai discontinued April 16th. • operlor accommodatlona given f w*t number of patrons of the train during the past tourist ^•rrantt the announcement of .-•r next season of finer service ..jalpment superior to anything •;nown In transcontinental traffic, Look for early re-inaumiration SUNSET LIMITED" this falL For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. ioute" in connection with tho t nd Orescent Route" are ru ,nly line of through tourist Deeper, leaving Cincinnati «f, Thnwday evening for Lo» Angelei i; Un Francisco. • j.- These excursions are specially ^: , uc ted, and the object IB to enable-tfej ,ho do not care to buy the nr«fr«J;i 1)U nd trip or one way ticker*.-to. » comfortable ride wtth .rlTHegei and no ..ry low «w Tor further

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