The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 17, 1957 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1957
Page 17
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October 17,1957 ftfje Sllgonn Upper jWotncS October 17,1957 «,. - ., R °f al Highness, Queen Elizabeth II of Britain is coming to Canada and the United States She s going to bring her husband along. The trip has been planned foi ,two years. England won wars and added to the empire in the past with fewer details and HONSBRUCH'S Rexall Ic Sale ENDS SATURDAY! logistics problems than apply to this visit. Every little thing was considered, including the time to be spent in bathrooms, and I'm just wondering if about halfway along in the tour, Elizabeth and Phillip might not have a hankering to cut the pomp and circumstance, let down their hair a little and relax. That's why I'm considering asking them to come to Algona to visit us. • * * * I realize that a visit of this sor involves some sacrifice and lot of re-shuffling of schedules bu with some sharp thinking it can be done. I can just as well was! on Thursday if the Queen decides to come the first of the week anc maybe for once I can skip the phoning for items for Arounc Algona, and that skirt I've been planning to hem for Jeanie wil have to wait. Since they aren' bringing their children, anyway t can have our kids take hot .unch at school. It won't be easy 'or me to entertain company •ight now; I can, manage it but t can't do it all myself. If Elizabeth wants to come and see us, she'll have to co-operate, too. 1 THESE; WOMEN! RUMMAGE AND BAKE SALE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Saturday, OCT. 19 8A.M. TO 12 NOON 42 _^•_ m*um ••••••*•*gg^,,^«^^(MlMMMMMWMM^M^^r- "You see* Mother—cars DO sometimes run out of ga» on a lonely roadl" I'm not going to let Bill Steel. of the Chamber of Commerce in on my plans to invite Elizabeth and Philip. If Bill hears about it, he'll get the high school band out and have a parade. That's the sort of thing Elizabeth and Philip get every day and they may be getting sick and tired of it. Besides, Bill's got one queen —Jan Clark from the Algona Band Festival. He can just as well let me have mine. « * * I don't exactly know what I'll do about sleeping arrangements f my guests decide to stay overnight. Our house is pretty crowded and all the beds are till. I could send the girls over o Grandma's to stay all night if ier spare room isn't rented and Elizabeth and Philip could sleep n the bunk beds. I'll have to warn the one who gets the top >unk about that overhanging eiling to prevent a bumped iead and I'll have to get Father The Friendly Store, GRIP to fix thaj; hole in the bathroon) linoleum. I'm short on decent pillow cases and I'll have to borrow some but if they sleep in the girls' room at least they'll be getting the. best blankets in the house. * * * I read in the paper that Elizabeth has 50 dresses for her American tour. After she wears them only once, they are burned! This is to avoid hurting people's feelings because they might think the Queen didn't think enough of their shin-dig to buy a new outfit specially for it. Shucks, Elizabeth, when you come to Algona, you can get by very nicely with a sweater and skirt with maybe one of those plaid jackets in case it gets cold. Honest, I won't be hurt if I've seen your outfit before and please don't Ihmk you have to burn anything. That's wasteful. I can let the lems down and wear them myself and if it still doesn't fit we chicken because there are special on them right now but if it' tender resist beef I'll have to fix it in the pressure cooker. M' oven door is still out of whack I'm sure sorry to learn that the queen is allergic to shellfish though. I did want to ask a few people over for a shrimp boil. * * * Pop will have to lake the day off when our company comes so Philip will have someone to talk with. All the time he has to take the back seat for his old lady (Philip, I mean) so it might be a relief to get away from her for a while. Pop could take him up to the fire station to shoot a little pool or they might run over to Lost Island for some fishing. • « * We'll all have to drive over lo West Bend to see the Grotto Everybody always takes out-of- town visitors to the Grotto and I haven't looked at it for a long time, myself. We'll show them the new courthouse and drive around to look at the new houses We'll take them up to tha'UDM office and show them the presses. Ill promise to send her a copy of the paper When it comes out in the Locals that they've been here. ' '•'-.' • ' v' * ' * * You , s > aren't supposed Jto say anything to the Queen unless she speaks- to you first. This ingoing to be hard, on me whefa they come to our house. Another problem is what to call them. I'll have to warn Father that, "Hiya, Babe" is no way to greet Queen Elizabeth. He should call her Mrs Edinburgh or Mrs Windsor. I'm going to a»k permission to skip the "Your Royal Highness" stuff. It sounds too stilted when a queen is helping you with the dishes. • Prince. Philip has said that he prefers to be called, "Sir." He says calling him, "Prince" makes him want to sit up and bark. * • » Prince Philip also took a firm stand when it was suggested that it would be best for his son, Charles, to have a year or so ir an American school. Prince Set Up Girl Scout Program For Coming Year In Algona 3 Age Levels Offered For 1957 - 58 Season Union 4-H Blue Ribbon n/r Two members of the Union Aleihean Girls 4-H club, Grace ^w^^*d?*2$$*A&™ m > ?$*• ^turned recently from Accompanying the girls to'Waterloo, where they presented lnH Ir M d . el w"ir ratl °? Thursday Oct. 3, were Mrs Quintal Bjustrom -ni ur~ w,n,,~ «-«-•-% mother, of the girls, Mary Staudt/county iry fE visitor to this . , f w *»•••*•» *IAWHJWI o ui tile Kil 13. IViUI extension home economist, and Elsa Erikson. IFY county. t «v, The , g i!" ls we n r /r e se £9 nd at th e county fair here in August. Leaders graving) ^ B J ustr °m and Mrs Glen Jenkinson. (UDM En- euess Their add butter, orange rind, . Philip replied, "I'll raise my son the way I see fit." I can see his point but while they are in Algona, I plan to describe to' him the educational features of our local school and he might want — — — •---— •— . . u •.*...,* v* v^.h>a* v *«V T»^» I A W\_ 111 O\_l 1UVJA C11JLI 11C UllfollL WClI 11 can give it to the rummage sale I to enter his son here. My real ._ *i_. ,-,___,,,, , motive, however, lies in the fact WINTERMASTER mud and snow fires 12 month road hazard guarantee. Buy on time, only $ 1 2S per week* Your choice, tube type or tubeless 14" sizes to fit 1957 and 1958 cars No trade-ins needed at these prices Sizes to fit all makes and models 60O x!6 Til* MQIOfft eutitondlnj Hrevohi*! 670 x!5 ntimott Oitn, Fofdi, Plymouth), Tub«typ« Flu» tax Tub*lypt Plw» tax •1.25 Ptr Week, Payable Monthly Vorcon Metnanoi Bulk Anti-Fr*e*e A OaMon In Your Container FILL-UP Before Q Freeze-Up 3,25 Value YARCON PERMANENT ANTI-FREEZE 1 GALJ GALLON CAN One flil-iip doti ft) Yorwn Ptrv manent !i non-evoporgtlnj and qnt!-rv»t. Pyr» glycol bait— wlxeiwlth gll permgnent brand«. $0-50 mix prefect* to ~34' P, Quart Can '„, 55c Vercon Radiator S«af»r Regularly Steering WhodCovor Regularly Slept and pr*v«nii Uati. May b* ui»d with any cn»i« fr**i* wKrflon, 10 oj. CM Wux* WOVM nylon tovtr hai rubb»r!t«d backing l» pr.v.nt jllpplnf. Worm. Twin Auto Rug Mat* 149 1,89 Valut 0**p rlbbtd pattern eokhw mud, dirt, «lwh*pr*««rvM criminal fleer mol|. Eo»y <» dten. Durable ivbbtr «M» Krafta, fair iw Ht Nwfc, GAMBLES All SEASON MOTOR OIL 6 QUARTS FORTH* PRICE OF Snow Brush end Scraper Combination wa p*r and brvtk tal lens 34" feendlt fc^ftll parti e/w. 39< 3.60 Value Shop Gamble! Fall and Winter DISCOUNT CATALOG fln»it, most v»r»gttl« motor oil monty ccw buyl Moko» your engine perform belter both Winter and ivnuner. Cutj engi'nt (year, Improve! 901 mlleggf. $gvf ot lhj| ipeclalprfct.5Ae.10W.30, koody « taft for h«, t MXfefI (H K«M fat ALWAYS BETTER BUYS AT GAMBLES or the Goodwill box. » * * The tour arrangers have in 'ormed all prospective hosts of the Queen about her food preferences and have warned them that she is calorie concious. That's all right with me. I could stand to lose a couple of pounds, myself. Elizabeth, they say, enjoys a sip of champagne and loves spring lamb, young chicken and tender roast beef, so she shouldn't be too hard to cook for. I doubt if our budget can stand a purchase of champagne so if Elizabeth simply has to have a little snort short she can get along on a that Charles is in the same grade as' our Jeanie. It would be nice for her to have a boy friend who owns a couple of palaces. * * * . The reason I have not yet written to ask the Queen and the Prince to stop by is that I'm out of post cards and the post office is closed on Sunday. It is just as well that I didn't send the invitation for this minute I remembered that we have been iiven tickets to hear Senator Proxmire speak at the Plantation October 23. I don't want to miss ona. Too bad, too because I hink they'd like it here. * » * This week's recipe for Grape Juice Royal was chosen to blend in with the theme of the previous paragraphs but I suppose you could serve it even if your guests aren't any more regal than your sister-in-law and her new boy friend. It also would be good for bridge club. 2 6 oz. cans frozen grape juice concentrate 3 cups water Vi cup quick cooking tapioca Vz cup sugar 2 tablsp. butter 2 teasp. grated orange rind Vi cup maraschino cherries, chopped V4 cup walnut meats, chopped 1 tablsp. lemon juice 2 cups lady fingers, crumbled 1 pint heavy cream. Thaw grape juice and combine with water. Add to tapioca and sugar in 2 quart saucepan. Stir over medium heat until mixture Line bottom of a 2 quart bowl with 1 cup of crumbled ladyfingers. Spread evenly with half of grape mixture. Sprinkle remaining crumbs on top and spread with rest of grape mixture. Chill in refrigerator for 6 hours. Top -with whipped cream and garnish maraschino cherries. —GRACE. New Car Sales In October Boom New car and truck sales were brisk during the last-three weeks, with a total of 60 new vehicles registered at the county treasurer's office during'the period. w^iuuc* ^u, 4 nun i wcuu. iu miss over medium neat until mixture beer. I'll probably have that and I think it's just about comes to full boil. Remove from Come in now for a peek at the '58 Chevrolet! Just ask your Chevrolet dealer to show you the booklet containing advance information about the '58 Chevrolet, You can expect the 1958 Chevrolet to be new all over. Lines will sweep rakishly longer, lower and wider. There will be a completely new V8 engine—radically different in design. There will be Full Coil suspension and, for the first time in Chevrolet'! field, incredibly smooth air ride. Chevrolet win introduce two new luxury models of outstanding style and distinction. You'll learn more at your Chevrolet dealer's. And you can see about an early delivery that will make you a '58 Chevrolet-Firsterl '58 Chevrolet, Thursday, October 31 You canpfaxywr enter mute <u Your Local Authorised Chevrolet Dealer's i * t -., owners are:. Chevrolet—Kossuth Motor Co., Algona; N,W, Bell Telephone Co., Bancroft; R. J. Welp, Bancroft; V. G. Loucks, Ledyard; P. M. Seeley, Algona; Helen C. Kelley; Johnson Produce, truck, Swea City; Donald Mitchell, Burt; George or Fidelia Ricke, Wesley Dean C, Ricke, Wesley; Herber Julius, Lakota; A. J. Krause Fenton; Marvin or Mary Erpeld ing, Whittemore; Aileen Elmore Algona; Willis or Clara Erdman Wesley; Dr. J. A. Sanftner, Swea City; and P. E. Voigt, Fenton. ' Mercury — C. G. Werling, Bode; O. S. Carlson, Algona; and Aubrey Waterhouse, Ledyard. Ford — Truman or June Simpson, Algona; S. E. or Gladys Straley, Fenton; J. A. Kelly, Algona; D. D. Wertjes, pickup, Lakota; Rudolph Tietz, Lone Rock; G. S. Andre, LuVerne; J. P. Johnson, Lakota; Gerber & Buscher Const., Algona; A. D. Newbrough, Lone Rock; O. A. Lindgren, Swea City; Larry D. Pingle, Ledyard; Julian Chrischilles, Algona; Howard Thompson, Bancroft; P. C. Jergenson, Algona; George and Ruby Heinen, Algona; L. H. Reilly, Algona; F. E. Asa, Algona; J. A . or Thelma Collins, Swea City; P. H. Hasse, Burt; A. J Swalve, Buffalo Center; and W L. Koppen Wesley. Plymouth^ — E. E. Shi pier, Burt; and Goldie M. Guess, Lu- Verne. Olds — H. T. Looft, Bancroft; Fritz or Milda Freyholtz, Fenton; and Alfred Kramersmeier, Swea City. Pontiac — Morris Isebrand, TJ- tonka; and Kenneth McBride, Algona. International •— Farmers Coop Society, Wesley. The executive committee fof Girl Scouts in Algona has set up its program for the 1957-58 season. Board members are Mrs Helen Mikes, chairman, Mrs Stanley Muckey, Mrs Les Kenyon, Mrs Wallace McDougal, Mrs Marge Peterson, Mrs John Hopkins, Mrs Wilbur Reinders, Mrs J. R. Kolp, Mrs Harlan Sigsbee and Mrs Jeri McKean. Scouting is offered on all three levels, Brownies, Intermediates and Seniors. Several training courses for leaders are held each year and day camps are held for Brownies and Intermediates. The budget for approximately $400 is furnished by organizations and individuals. A drive for sponsors is currently underway under the direction of the finance chairman, Mrs Stanley Muckey. Three potluck dinners are being held during the month of October in observance of the Girl Scout founder, Juliette Lowe's birthday and the tenth anniversary of Scouting in Algona. They are being held Oct. 14, 21, and 28 at the high school annex and parents and representatives of the sponsoring organizations are guests. Girls in the 6th grade troops made tally cards for the recent St. Ann hospital membership luncheon. A float entry in the recent Band Festival was- made under the direction of Mrs David Smith. The troop in charge o£ Mrs Clayton Percival and Mra David Smith have volunteered to aid the T. B. Association in the mailing of Christmas seals. A project carried on throughout the year is the making of holiday favors for patients in the Stats Hospital at Woodward and the hospital and rest home here. Mrs Jeri McKean is chairmaj of the adult leaders and Mrs Lloyd Bohannon is secretary. Leaders are Mrs Helen Mikes, Mrs Donald Chicquet, Mrs Keith Rolley, Mrs David Shipley, Mra Gordon Sigsbee, Mrs W. M. Anderson, -Mrs Maynard Miller, Mra ;Max,,Ulrich, Mrs Max Bartholomew, Mrs Richard Post, :i Mrs John Lupke,. Mrs' Leo, Gardner, Mra Earl B. Miller,'Mi's David Smith, Mrs Clayton Percival, Mrs John Fraser, Mrs Richard Carr, Mrs Walter Boeckholt, Mrs Howard Stephenson, Mrs Eugene Shatt- schneider. Mrs Richard Norton, Miss Avis Finley, Mrs Don Frederick, Mra Tom Vipond, Mrs Duane Klein, Mrs Joseph Lichter, Mrs Betty Hqecek, Mrs Don Potter, Mrs Martin Huber, Mrs Frank Moulton, MBS Ted Chrischilles, Mra Allen Wagner, Mrs Joe Barnett, Mrs Faye Knudsen, Mrs Georga Balluff, Mrs Elead Wegner and, Mrs WiUard Gregson, St. Joe Man III In Army Hospital St. Joe — F.T. 3 Donald Bormann, son of Mr and Mrs Peter Bormann, is a patient in Madigan Army Hospital, Tacoma, Wash., suffering from pneumonia and ileurisy. He arrived, in the tates Sept. 25 fuom Korea where he had spent 1% years and was to get his discharge on arrival in the States. But taken sick en- route he has been a patient at the Army Hospital since, Hia parents talked to him Sunday on the telephone and he is greatly improved but expected to remain at the hospital for some time. , . Podge — E. G. Allen, Algona; Richard Sjogren, pickup, Algona; Anthony Lichter, Burt; and Joseph Klemm, Algona. DeSojo — N. J. Nelson, Burt; and L. E. Aulich, Algona. Imperial -— Bernard Frankl, Algona. EcUel _. Lem or Louise Stockwell, Titonka; and J .L. Guy, Lu- Verne. Buick — W. H. Godden, Algona. StudebBker — Joseph Berte, Bode. s Sister M. Dolores O.S.B. and Sister M. Philomena O. S. B. from St. Vincent's Hospital in Sioux City attended the State Hospital Convention in Fort Dodge last week, and were overnite guesta here in the home of Mi- and Mrs Clarence Bormann and family on Tuesday and Wednesday nites. Sister M. Dolores is a sister of . Mrs Clarence Bormann and Mrs Harold Bormann, both of here, Riverdale Rustlers Unit I and Unit II 4-H Clubs will hold their annual installation of new officers and initiation of new members on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 19, in St. Joseph's School Hall. Mothers of the new and old 4-H members are always invited. Irrigation is responsible for about one-eighth of all agricul* ture in the United States. RpTO-ROPTiB Raior.Kleeni without replac9m»nt Cloigtd Up Oraini In Kikhw, Bath, or Barmen! W COWAN'S ROTO ROOTER

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