Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 10, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1896
Page 8
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Economy is Then why not Economize in such limes as these by buying your Ladies' Misses' and Children's Cloaks at the GOLDEN BUI E. The s«~Jes you will fi.n"l there are the latest, the designs ihe nobbiest, and the prices are the WEIGHT WINNER he High School Fails to Score Against Old Rivals. PLAY WA5 MILD 15 lowest. THEGOL m-c Today and Evening; ULE Schmitt & Heinly ft r Your Own Purse Visit Our Store this week. We heed the demand of the times. Better Goods for Less Honey OMB-MIT signature. • at and $16.00, go at r «il them for. ............................. ; • • ' ..... : ' of men's, boy's and children's fall and winter o furnishings surpasses anything ever seen. The prices made so k,w that not the slightest stumble block remaps to bar mboy from betag comfortably «nd*ttUanly dressed. We Invite to can and Inspect our line. THE GLOBE. CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. POPULISTS f- Certify Their State Ticket--Will flake a Fight. The Populists have ccrtllled their 'Shite ticket and it will have n place on the oBlcM ballot. Nothing ha» been done with llh'c electoral HcKet, however, «.iul 'th'e fusion- attempted hms failed. Tho Populist committee'(T1<1 their pni't and withdrew their electoral ticket, and prat a ,new fine in the field confining toil of the Bryan nixl Seiwn.ll electors and five of the BIT"'"-"-™ 1 Wutson •men. A-fter persuading'them to do this Idie Bryan and SewiaJl men vent back on tho'agreement and ccrtllled fifteen Bryan 'aud Sownil electors. The Populists were thus betrayed arid no one seems to know what they are going to do about I't. The Populist orgiin here shouts "vote for Bryan, no matter who you have to vote for for anything else." but this don't go witlh tlie Populists In thte county. .ONLY Cf*D LENB THAT DOBS IT. There is now" only one line operating through double daily service from Missouri River points to CnltfornUl, and that line is the Union. Pacific. "Tho Overland Limited" Is the fastest train in the West, and Its equipment of Free Reclining Chun Cars, Buffet Smoking and Llbrairy Cars, Pullman Dining and Sleeping Cars IB unsurpassed. . No other line offers'equal facilities for California travel. For further par ticulftrs send for advertising matter of the Union Pacific, the Orlgtoal, Over la,nd Route! .Tns. D. Welch, General Agent, room 35, Oarew building, CIn clnnatl, Ohio. Tte w«ll-Known D. A. HACK w agent for tholr celnbrntwl S;.Mtuol«« mid Kj« a»iiM,eT. .. . -.D.-A. HACK biu -•omolet*. Wurtmont ,nrt tnvifc* nil lo lBfr »hem»el?es of tlia great miu-ri'irltv "J «»>«« *>"l>"J v «f manufwtnred. at ttt. .tore of D. A. H*OK. *•!•«»« for Logmnsport Ind. No P«ddlen Supi)H«l. $20.00 Will Buy a .food Winter Suit OF- W. D. CRAIG. 4jfrBroadway, Second Floor. Itemed: cffi'ekefls, Rotbennol, Satur- ttnt cloak sale totlaj at the Trade ]^j jww-lfaitural gas bills before Oc- bills for the month of -are DOW dne. the bett cap of coffee In •«*? »t Dykeman's cafe. 9X25 will tony the nicest, finest In••T shoe* you bare aeon.—Walker & inert range ever made. See It new «tove »tore, 310 rtreet. blacksmith tlvat can do In blackflmftb shop. In- «t .t&in office. tafoimation concerning annual see card of Logansport ft TaMey Gas Co., on first page. yon want to see; one part and another for summer at '1 new store store, 310 Market . : ' . 1 I ' I ' Keystone grocery, 10 or 20 gallon kegs at Foley's. Plenty celery,, Rothermel, Saturday. The Golden Rule Js the only cloak house In the city that wM show you nobby ^cloaks. Ewrythlng new at the Golden Rule. noad the ad. of the Golden Rule on clonks today. It ,1s now startled toy the Sound Money Democratic National committee .that Governor Flower w.111 speak here next Tlhursday, October 15th. The distinguished ex-govornor of New York will draw a large crowd. Dress Broods in high novelties; DO pieces, regular price, 75c to ?1.00 per yard, now 43c and 47c a yard. See our t Ten.t line of velvets, silks, ?1.25 quality of Taffeta silks, 85c.—Trade Palace. Don't -ml'ss this sale. The person picking up a ten dollar bill 1'u the postofBce lobby yesterday belonging to Miss .Tosle O'Coanell of AVcbnsh aivemje, 1» known to the police, therefore he Imd better return same or abide by consequences. It 4s now definitely setftled ttoat Speaker Thomas B. Reed will speak at Feru next Wednesday, Oct. 14thi, and that ex-President Harrlaooii will be hare the week .following. The Informft- tlon comeis ft-om Congressman Steele ant! Is reliable. MUSIOAJL ENTERTAINMENT. The musi'oiile glvoa last nighlt at G. A. R. hall by Mrs. Stella Sebastian- ,MteClim>, assi«tied by » troupe of tho ,be«t local musleians, wa* fairly attended. Tho music was all- of a high class and w,is well received. Mrs. alcQrare'ft vocal solos, "Swiss Echo Song" and "Marlneiaa," and Miss Nellie Kunn's recitation, 'Thwa,'! were roundly applauded and tooth responded to en-cores. . • STAY HERE TUESDAY. TUc Railway Men's Sound Money cluto has received' a formal invitation from itlhe- LUiwoln-club of Lafayette, re questing their presence at the rally to be given Tuesday, when the veteran generals visit Lafayette. Tho imvtta ti'on cannot be a.ecepted on account of the numerous Invitations received from other sources. The' generals wMl' be here before they appear to Lafayeitte Tliey arrive over the Vandialla at 1' o'clock Tuesday, October 13t!i, from tlie (Northland leave at noon. There will be spenktog at the rink in the af ternoon, by the man wtio defeated "Watch-Dog" Holmia'n tor Oongwss In the Fourth dtetrlet, James E. .Watson The Darlington, WIs., Journal, says editorially of a popular patent medl cine: "We know from experience tba Chamberlain's CoUc, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, to «U that claimed for It, as on two occaadons 1 stopped excruciating pains and possl bly saved us from an untimely grave We would not rest easy over nlgW without It In the house." Ibis remedj undoubtedly saves more patn and suf ferlng than any other medicine In tht world. Every family should keep it In the bouse for it Is sure to be needed sooner or later. For sale by B. F Keesltog, druggist AfTTENTIO'N .Every soldier in, the county Is ap pointed, and is hereby requested t serve, on committee of reception, nex Tuesday, to meet the veterans, Gener ete IStokela, SeigeO, Alger, Howard aim Corporal Tanner. All ecMflera are requested to meet at Broadway rink Tuesday morniBg at 10 o'clock, w-her we will form nmd .marchi to 'toe Gener oils' stand in front of Bamett hotel, there to receive our old commander who led us to victory cm so many fields of battle. The Christian Sunday school of thi city will observe rally day tomorrow at 0:30 a. m. All members and ex members of 'the school are : earnestly requested to be present. A cordial In yltatlon ^.extended to the public. Situation wanted — Lady stenographer, thweTears experience, Addreas Pearl I i '* f ' t ' eek ' Indl Opening Game Calls Out Small • Crowd—Score, 6 to o. Tlie foot ball season wns uncorked •cstei-day :it live -park. Txigansp'ort ,igh school pushers met a rejuvenated \!l:hlutic club team- in .twcnty-minutu lalvos. A touch-down and a canl Avero v.riliten In Uic ^J. A. C, colunni, a.g.'ilnsL L. II. S. A. A, bkmk. A closn score often tolls of n hard ^ht for victory- Yt'..sterd;iy's contest nus nt times stiff and snappy. -Then ignin, fumbles mado gains .or losses, as >:ayors on, both ,si<le.s made breaks. A» L iim ga,me, It ^m.s encouraging to wtli t(?«.m-s. The High school young «i d« not complain. W3th more coaching as ti tenm. and careful attention to secret signals, the ithletcs o.f the Lopr.l;nsport .1. C. will reta.lai old trophies ,i.nd add new ones this season. Weight they possess, and some experience. Practfce both teams idt lw.ve.- Tliere are son-,e changes on the L. A. C. The line up yesterday wns vis follows:. Contes, c; McGreevy rg; Keen, ]g; L. Rogers, rt; Knowlton It; Ncwcomet, re; MarslwU, le: Osborne, q>b; Howard, rhb; Glmmc'll. Ibb Barnard, fb. T'lierc is now timber in the make-up of Ihe high school champions, who met tlw heavier "veterans" l» the following battle Hue: Barnes, c; Collet*, rg Br.iggemaui, Ip; Routh, rt; J. Howe, It M,>:llajud, re; Heppe, le; Wright, rhb Dyor Powell, Jhibi'Cragam, qb; Parker, fb. Deck Howe acted as umpire, Tom Wilder as referee, Will Brugicman looked after the linesman's duties, and Will Huckleberry held the watch. /. H. S, defejided the North goal Parker kicked off for 'tlie L. H. S. No ga::ns were made against the bucking students, and they hiad the ball. Pow went doavn under Gimmell. A fwmble resulted In L. A. C. gaining the boll, and a punt dowfl tlie fleld was brought back by Parker until tbe rapid Gimmell downed him. Again, on a fumble l>y L. H. S., pos session of the oval was given to the old ones. Their failure to gain los ithem the ball. A good g.-.tn was mad: for L. H. S. by Wright, but a brace Infused Wto oppostog pushers stopped progress, and. it was L. A. C.'s ball. Almost Immediately the "kirhooh klrhooh" boys recovered tlie Inflated prize. On dowms It returned to the big on«s, and was lost again- on fou downs. When L. A. C. gripped th' baH again the lines met amid grunts and Incoherent esclalml'ngs. Tbcr were road stragglings for two gains o one yard each. Wright of L. H .S. took advantage of fumbltngs nmd with th ball gained six yards. Around rlgh ciml he coursed on the next line-up eight yards, before he went down. No ga,1n was made lagnlnsit L. A. C .brawm, a.nd again there was a change L, A. C, had the ball In Bigh schoo territory when time for the first hal was called, with no score oo either side Barnard kicked off for L. A. C. when hoirtBI'tles reopened. Parker had th iba.ll well started back when he wen down. Htgh .school players and rooter yelled and warmed to work when Wright nwwle ft run around an umwar; end of Sixty yards. On downs L. A. C secured the ball. Forced to punt. Bar nnrd sent the peorl-sha.pe'd sowed Into Parker's fingers, and was there fa tackle the L. H. S. foil back wiitJhto ten yards of his catch. .Back and forth went the ball on downs. Howard went through thre yards for L. A. C. He tried agato an< went down to Parker without a gain Marshall for tihe Athletics made goo gains, and Gimmell repeatedly wen through, 'over, under and around high school wiarrioirs for earned yards. At the goal Une a stand was taken and much heaving, nnd exploslv wrangling with field officers went on before a touch down was achieved b Gimanell. Goal woe kicked by Os borne, and the score, wHfih- ten minute of play remaining, was 6 to 0 In favo of D. A. C. Barnard returned the kick-off o piarker for the students. At this tlm •Sine was la Otto Bruggeman's plac as left guard for t. H. S. Resortln to a punt, L. H. S. was blocked. New comtet of L. A. C. found a fumbled ball The much used punit of L. A. C. made bi'g 'gain for the purple and old gold Collett was tackled shan>ly by Osborne, L..A. C, gained ft snap-bock o downs, and at caU of time was makta headway. The final score wae 6 to 0. Aw admission fee of ten cents wa taken, sufficient being collected to mee expenses . connected with. Itaprovln •ana marking the glrdiron, wltih a sma' surplus for division. Players of both teams escaped'hurts. :All kinds of fruits and vesetablcs.- Keystone. At Last A Long Felt Want Supplied Not everybody wants to pay $5.00 for a Hat. We can supply you with one for = $3.00 = the celebratei Howard inDerbys and Fedoras Every hat is warranted to wear as well as any $ 5.0 0 b at you can buy, for sa! e only at THE HUB ;iei»vers Hatters an Furnishers Successors to HARRZ FRANK To Be Bar SUPPLY AND DEriAND. Contrast of the Call for Brook's Speech and Bryan's. '• The Journal .printed a thousand extra copies of its report of the speech'of Hon. J. T. Brooks and had to put the forms on the^rees and run oft another thousand to meet the demand. It published the Bryan speeches in full and sold just seven extra copies. That shows where the reading public is "at." Still the Journal was greatly complimented on Its great enterprise in its report of the Brooks speech, the Bryan speeches and the Canton speeches and this goes a long way. .There is only one enterprising ..dally/..newspaper in Logansport and everybody recognizes that fact. One of the best compliments. The Journal has received cnme In In the mail*-esterd!iy. It was a letter written toy a workingman not accustomed to dally penmanship. It showed the far fame of The Journal and the Intelligence of the workingman. ' It road: Allegheny, Pa., Oct. 7, '86. Tho Logansport Journal. To the Editor, Dear Sir: Not know- Ing your name or knowing how to get word to you I thought I would venture to write to you. I did not know where your ofllce was or tho direction, I thought I would address you In this way. I saw In the supplement of one of your papers a great speech made by Mr, J. T. Brooks on the 18th of September. Will you kindly send me a copy of the 18th. I would llke'to read It to my club. A speech like that In good for the public and will make us stronger for the-great fight In November. If you get this letter and send tue paper I will pay you in stamps. Please send your office address. Yours truly, J. W. Butler. Address Weatinghouso Electric and Man'f'g Co., Robinson street TO IRA1L.ROi.\J> MEN. The Railroad Men's Sound Money club of Logansport Is In receipt of an .Invitation Crom the Sound Money clubs of Indianapolis to participate in a great Railway Men's demonstration to be held Thursday evening, October 15th, 1896. A business meeting will 'be held . at the rtafc Monday evening, October 12th to take action to this invitation. A full attendance is requested. A. F. HOOIvHNiBEA)MER, Sec'y. Try our J. J. R. brand Mocha and Java coffee, fresn. today. Rotbermrt. . .Now Yr-lf '••™«i*«.—Kr.if; •<••.. THIS IS YOURS. We want you to understand that we are running thte laundry for you and I that your wishes are to be regarded In every particular. We will give you just exactly what you want if we can flnd out what that is. Perhaps you believe that It Is Impossible to have yonc laundry work handled without Irritation and annoyance. We are sure that you are mistaken. May we hare an opportunity of demonstrating It? HADLEY BROS. gDeeoion to Cwnpbell Bw. AFiFECTS Good advertisers who have Mtherte put out a considerable sum of mones each year to get before the publl< Lave been inclined to curtail their a propriatlone for the last three years c the score of hard times. When tin* are hard people are inclined to along with fewer diamond rings aw Jack" roses, but.the necessaries of II* people must have. We are Inclined, • course, to get all these things a little lower price when time* are which brings It about that In. some Hi of trade advertising pays fl great d better when people feel a little pinch than when they are recklessly fln Men who have paid $40 for th clothes -would Uke to know where can get the same for $25, and \* of $5 shoes are anxious to learn $3 will buy the same pair. In othe words, if you can nave good things « low prices advertise most when "• times are hardest.—Ex. THAT JOYFUL FEBLING. With the exhilarating sense of ren< health and strength and Internal cle« liness, which follows the use of SyP of Figs, Is unknown to the few w have not progressed beyond the o time medicines and the cheap sul- tutes sometimes offered but never cepted by the well-informed. THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BUSINESS GOOD AT 4 BROADWAY. Women's nice seamless rubbers, and pointed toes, new *86 gow Price ' ! Women's storm seamless rubber* good as some ask BOe for. Price. .*.! Women's Arctics, nice new goo good value at $1. Our price •! Women's kid button shoes, pato „ tip, nice pointed toes, median) he) Price • • * • Women's satin calf button shoe* ^ good serviceable winter shoe. Price I jfL • * * : 'i¥ Women's Vlcl kid button shoes, p |j ent leather tip", »*ce draw sfc^ ' Price - Infant's embroidered leather Bins, Just the thing for the little o Price .-.- •"' Men's rubber overshoes, nice goods; a bargain. Price Also please see our line of flue shoes. The most 'stylish and 'be~. tins g<wls ever brought to LoRnM|p TW W. Pilling. -H-? BroadVaytt-.? .•--....- -• . • >'•>::$! •itmm fl >w

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