The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 10, 1957 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1957
Page 15
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It goes» "1 promise — to help somebody every day, especially those at home." * * * I am seriously considering, "Especially Those At Home", aa the title for that book I am writing but haven't touched since we returned from our summer vacation. Home wfll probably have long since mouldered Into dust before the project is finished) but I still think the title Is apt for the life story of many a Wife and mother can be summed up, in these few words — especially those at home. . * • * * When we look back at our childhood we have a tendency to remember the happy days and forget the sad ones. I remember trips and journeys, birthday parties and little triumphs at church and school affairs. And there are the teachers, friends and neighbors who contributed much to making my childhc-dd a happy time. But most of all I remember Christmas and Easter and other less festive gatherings at our house, crazy things that happened and the seven people gathered three times a day around the table — Mom, Dad and my sisters and brothers — especially those at home. * * * Life today ig more complicated. When I get up !in the morning, I not only have to see that my face is washed and I am ready to face life,. I also have to see that three kids are up, fed and reasonably clean and decently clothed. Sometimes, but not often, I have to give Father a nudge to get him to forsake his slumbering. There's a lot of responsibility facing me the very first thing in the morning when I am ndfr at'my,, best —-especially for those "at home. As the day goes on. about the only thing that is certain is that everything will not run smooth-, ly. The vacuum cleaner will probably clog up, the oven door will refuse to close?, and the mailman will bring more bills than letters and checks. I will be irritated at some of my fellow human beings for somebody will criticize me for something I've forgotten to do or for something that I have done. Somebody will fail to give me credit when I think credit was due and I will fail to give a cheering word when it is needed. Somebody will forget to do something for me that they have promised. Undoubtedly my hairbrush will be left on the television set again, the fry pan will have been left to soak when our daughters were supposed to have done the dishes and I'll find comic books and orange peels all over the upstairs. [ get mad at people then and I lave a tendency to pop off with unkind 'remarks — especially at those at home. * * * If you live in a small town, and it may also be true if you live in the city, there are a lot of jobs an ordinary housewife has ;o do in the interests of community betterment. You have to ring doorbells to raise funds 'or good causes, you have to consult and work with school officials and do your part in the work of your church. You have o keep informed on the various activities of politics and government because this is good house- ceepng on a larger scale. All he various things we do In our community activities don't always eem like it, but the real purpose of the work is having a better world in which to live — especially for those at home. * * e Kids today are wonderful! here's a lot pf juvenile delinquency going on according to the papers, but I have yet to meet an incorrigible personally, The youngsters I know are all busy making floats for the band fest* val, taking organ, piano and r oice lessons, worrying over whether they'll look good in a heath dress, studying to get good grades at school, doing push-ups to get in shape for athletics, planning parties with efficiency that shames their mothers and earning money to pay for hunting,licenses and white buck shoes. I can't see how they find the time and energy to do all the things they do, let ajone get into mischief. I have great hopes for these talented heirs of the fu* tures *~ especially for ours at home. * * * It cofU a great deal to Uvt these days. The government comes in for a big bite in taxes before we even get our mitts on a pay check. Jvs prosperity we are told, but almost none of the people 1 talk with are feeling it» The conversation 1 hear runs more to talk about how much it cost to have Junior's teeth fixed* what last month's milk bill was and how quick Sister wears dtt* her $10.00 shoes. It takes a grew deal to live these days even if you don't allow for mink coats and Bermuda cruises, but yott work hard and try to keep one step ahead of the sheriff — es« pecially for those at home. e e * Some day, when I am very old, I hope, I expect to put my dust • mop, my pressure cooker aftd my typewriter Away and go to whatever reward the Good Lord has in store for me. It may well be that in the joy that has been granted me in husband, home and children t will already have had everything f that i« coming to me right here-On earth. But I have a" feeling that some sort of an accounting. <will be expected of me. And it could be . the answer to the question — "What have you done about the relationships that'were entrust* ed to you —r especially 1 With those at home?'! * • ».'.•" It has been a'big weekend-for young people of our community, although lots of us. older people enjoyed it very much also. Th« homecoming festivities were n,o,t only colorful and exciting, we also won the garnet Harold Martinek says that although he Is probably one of Algona's most enthusiastic rooters he is probably the only one who attended the game and missed all three of the team's scoring plays. During •the first half when the Bulldogs scored, he was out to his car' get-? ting an extra blanket because his wife, was cold; The next time our boys went into the end zone, it was the little girl who had to be/ taken out for very urgent reason?. And that last second play when Cowan grabbed ithe ball on % fumble andSwent nearly to the goal posts, Harold waf again at the car preparing to take his family home because he thought the Hgame .'was.,all over,,,,Those nen- alties Algona' received in Imeh profusion early in the second'half and the Clear Lake touoftdcwh? Harold .saw, every, single one o| those) • » , e I was especially interested in •the Band Festival parade thia year.because one young lady, Marian Oxley of Corwith and a shirt-tail relative of mine, was riot only lucky to be chosen 9 queen, she was also lucky ,'t<* even be alive for the festival, Last May, Marian noticed a lump on her head growing alarmingly. By June she was down, at the University Hospitals at Iowa City for surgery on a cyst which was hemmoraging badly. Doctors told her that she was among the few who survive such an ordeal, Marian's lovely red hair was shaved and all summer she wore a concealing turban. By- the time of the band festival her'coif- fure was grown out enough tq top fashionably short and luckily, 1 -it is naturally very curly. It was a nice touch, I thought, to have., Mark Seeley drive the convert** ble in which Marian rode. He bos red hair too, of an almost identic' cal shade. ,,t. ..-•.* * , . This week's recipe Is'for ham loaf. I may have give to you before, but 1 " " seemed to sound goodf tq"3 right now. " »?' 1% pounds ground smoked bam f: 1 tablsp. prepared mustard/ I small onion, chopped * • 1 tablsp, parsley, chopped i ' < Vt cup quick cooking oats., " % irradiated evaporated milk" I beaten egg V< cup light brown sugar V4 cup vinegar Combine ham, mustard, <m$C parsley, rolled oats, milk • egg. Mix well and form, in i in greased pan, Combine sugar, and vinegar, heat until r melts and pour over hjjjjji Bake in moderate Qyen, degrees for about 1 hour, ~ with tomato, hard coo&exi ea slices and watercress, gervtt with sauce mad$ of horseradish and whipped cream, ~> *"™*»t -GRACB, 4-H Boys At Wesley Wesley fcoyi James Yitzttium's New officers Leader, CJeorge Leader,^ Joe Daniel Skow; vice Cunningham; surer, !«»»-„„ James Yiwthum. Discumon to •brMdMf given meeting was wag served

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