Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 10, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1896
Page 7
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Attention is edlli'd to this omission by the Osscrvsi- tore Cattolico, one of the semi-official org-nns of the Vatican, which does not hesitate to describe the brief in ques-' tion as a sort of indirect command to abandon the special prayers for Icing's and emperors. TPJJNK AND BATHTUB. New York Man's Unique and Useful Irwention. When Not Utad tat Bathlne Porposet tho Receptacle CAD He Uted 'for' • the Stonii;° or Tritutporta- Uou of Clothes. . SEABORN A. WRIGHT. The Younc Populist Wbo Wautl to B* _, . , „ it i I Governor uf Georgl*. This i. he season of the year wten , ^^ A WpJ ^ ^^ a(m , a host of city people who go to the coun- inal8a b tll6 populists of Georgia as try say they live in a trunk, but to take , 1hcif CQndicIate fw .g. overnor> enjoys the a bath ,n a trunk ,s something: that has , distinction of beil]ff the first nOTninee LEAVE L.OGANSPORT, FOR THE NORTH. I.V1.I. B for ?t',To9fpli, dnllj ex Sundny... ll':31 « m > 1-1 rorSt.loflOph. mil y ex SiiMliur G:if> u ill i 8 « Suiidiiy tortoat i -MM! b X> f m No 8 has ihronch Bailor i-jr, li.dliinapollsto utli Bend VIA C61.KX. FOR TH3-: SOUTH > 13 rorTprreJIniiii'ilulln'xSiin..-..,. 5-IS n in til rorTein-H.!iiii>d!il:> fxSiiu. . HJH) |. in No 18 tins -hrougti iiiirinr cur, Sontli fcenil lo pUuiiipull.- rluLuiIiix Arrlv. J |.1S dnllr except Snndny • 8:M i) in >r complete time card, Klvlnj; all iraiii^ Btatlonn, anil for full Information SB I ratce. throuph corn, etc.,: addrsfls • J. C., EDGEWORTH. Agent. Logiinnport. Ind. E. A. Ford. Generm nt. St. Louie. Mo. FOR THH BLOOD, '• NERVES,' LIVER-. '' — AND — KIDNEYS. 'I B. B. B. B. cured us. ', : R. C. Ttiylor and irife, 'T. J- Inol, Jacob Hobcl, Jambs Braz- fcr, Unvc Ball. Logunsport, Ind. . just been'miide possible Eug-enc Snodow is the man who hus developed the idea, and it is as practical as his muscles. People \vho have tried the invention sny he kuovps exactly what he is talking-'about. The .trunk tub, says the New York Journal; looks like a trunk, and that is just what it is, for when it is not in use.'for bathing: purposes it is perfectly available for ordinary trunk purpose's. It is. leather bound, cornered with bright steel fittings, and finished with highly-polished, brass-headed nails. Iu has a massive brass lock, ornamented so os to add greatly- to the looks of tho affair. '"'.•''-. • -. • To transform the trunk into a bathtub all that is necessary to do is to raise the lid, lift out the-tray's, and the tub is before you. The box portion of tho trunk is lined with a light, waterproof, fabric. The trunk is octagonal, 'in shape, so there are no sharp corners in- Bide. In one of the trays of the trunk there is a; little compartment nlso lined with rubber. This' contains a pliable line of hose, which is to be attached to any faucet of the 'house, so that.the trunjc- bathi'ub may bp filled with ••vatc'r. Under this idea it is not'liecssar.v to movo the trunk-tub, fis the,water is carried to'it from the leng-th of nny ordinary, house. In tlie'snmo coropnrtmpnt with tho hose line there is n little f;mcot. -.-•. Close tn tlio bot.tom of tho trunk. Is P.. littlO stopoock wliicil works from th'o Inside. On the outside nil that can be' scen'is a little >iolc, shmvinfT'n'stcel K1 " 1 'face cut v.'ith a thread. Tiito this holo from t-hc outside, the little fnucot in fastened after the owner ol' Hie tvtink has taken his bnLh. Then t!io stopco^-: on the inside of the tub is turned, nrd the wrtcr is rlraincd from tlio tub. Nov.- comes 1 the drying process. 'nn:l this has been well provided for. Tn en'. 1 < of the people's party of that state who has ever had any reasonable chances of success. In previous campaigns in Georgia the gubernatorial candidate of the people's party has not come nearer than within 25,000 votes of his democratic opponent. This year, however, because of a state' alliance of tihc populists and democrats, the third partyit.es in Georgia ha.ve some cha.nee of electing 1 their candidate. For a populist nominee, nays Leslie's Weekly, Mr. Wright is a very unique figure, being- neither a farmer nor a poor 4 B B B B^are purely vegetable. up in capsules, sixty'in a box. hirty days' treatment In : a box. Ice $1 per bos, or 'six for $5i '•• lannfactured by K. C. BRAQQ, nnersyllle, Ind. ,-..•-..• ?or sale by-all druggists." ! you. SALE BY- IB. F. XFESUNG, VT ROCK ISLAXD ROUTE. 12 cents In stamps' to John Sean, Gen'l Pass. Agent .C. K. I. & f'y, Chicago, for the slickest pact lying cards you ever handled, and cipt of such remittance for one kore 'packs they will be sent you takl. i containing 00 cents In stamps stal note for same amount will 5 packs by express, charges lUESIOXS TO PITTSBURGH rhood of St. Andrew Annual Ivention, via Pensylvanlo 12th, 13th «nd 14th special ate excursion tickets will be sold Itsburgh via Pennsylvania Lines, mual convention of Brotherhood [Andrew; rehiru coupons -w!H bp [through to original starting polpi fore October 20th. ' pn have.ever seen a little child In ony'of summer complaint, you alize the danger of the trouble preclnte tbe value of Instnntan- UeJalways attorned by DeWltt's t.,Cnolera Cure, For dyaentery srrhoea It Is a reliable remedy, lid not afford to'recommend this i ante** It .were 8 cure,—J DO. M. TAKING A BATIi IN. EIS TRUNK: of the trays taken from the trunk a liiiniature mop is kept, made-of.rubbc-r and asbestos. With this the interior of the trunk is mopped dry, the.trays axo replaced and no one would suspect the b'athtub feature. i The arrangement of the trays is oE • the -most improved sort, iiiid, San'do^v s'ays, en used as much thouglit as.tbo tub feature. There, nro three of thesis trays, nnd,they fit into the trunk box, leaving a two-ificli space at the bottom .for air circulation. This circulation is maintained with the Outer u'rby mean's of a or.e-innh chnnnel, which exten'.ls along the edge of the three trays Along tlio two sides of the- trays nru fitted n pair of strc-l bar.da.. v/hich come together-between the trays, and are fSK- tened and unfastened by.a siinple'press- ure of thri tliamb.• The peculiar nature of tlie-lining of the tub, Sandow claims, makes it impossible for tiny-moisture to remain in tlfe trunk, so that the in.ostflclica.tc fabrics I'jny be carried without the; slightest fenr of dnm;ige. •"' CathnileN 'Chanjo Thblr Prnycn. No-.stronger incljciition could be-afforded of the Eiigncity, and statesman-., ship of the pressnt pon-ti.t'f than, the tendency which lie manifests to com ply ith the: requirements of the democratic -spirit of the age. For centuries- past the'Catholics are annually called upon, in a midsummer papnl brief, to' make use of prayers for "the ponce an..-l good, understanding 1 ,'of .Christian princes and rulers." In the 'briel"th:-.t bears the date of July 1 last, containing the customary instructions with r.e- gnrd to these'prayers, the ancient for-. iriula disappeared, and. the.'pope, instead of calling upon the. faithful to pray for "the imion of Christian nilera." nstksi them to, pray for "the freedom of '. . . . .SEABORN A. WEIGHT. • rr.a.n,'nor'uneducated.' His father, Judjjo Aug-ustua 33. Wriffht, was a proinino.nt figure .in- the Gccrg-ia life of..bis d;iy, and tlie family has always been one of means, with' connections rather aristocratic than'plebeian. Seaborn Wright is a college graduate, wish the bearing 1 of a tragedian. He has a clean-cut face, long-, wavy black hair, and the bcarihg 1 of a typical-southern orator. His greatest force is his' eloquence, wh ich is of the .-•fervid, ring-ing- type* brought .iuto na- 1ior.nl promiiience'r.ecently bj r Candidate William J. Brya.n. •Mr. Wrig-h't lives in a handsome home In .the north Oeorg-ia -c^ty of Rome, and enjoys-a fortune of a quarter of a million dollars. H-is.wife wiis-a Miss Moore; of Atlanta, n.iid ,they linve a, fajaily of. fo-nr bright aad interesting toys. Spa-' born \Vrig-hthas nlw'irys been a d'isse-nt- i-r in |:olit.iea.l affairs, 'and Ms-only sci'y- ice in office was when lie was elected lo the state legislature several-years ag-o OS, nn. independent-democrat. Bis f:u3 is prohibition, nnd IKS cnmpa.ign vi'llj be . ivajved chiefly on tliat I'SKIIO: an'issue which 1 ' is exp'eftsd •'to- focalize the' streng-th o'f the rnrn.l districts,-which'- really preponderate i'n Georp-iapolities. • His frir-iii's JiopMhat. by combining-the- populist nnd prohibition votes..he will b'e nble. to defeat.his democratic opponent. Oov."William V. Atkinson, v.ho is-a c'amliflitto for reelection.' The populist noniinoe-is-or.iy 3S y^ars old,- His yoirnfiw brntiher.Mosei WriR'lit,wh6vyr.-s electee! lo the jaat.-lofl'islatn-re'as n.dem- ocrat,.will oppose, him in the cor.iing- IN THE PULPIT. An Appllanca That May Revolutionize Sleeping- Oar Travel. Can Al5o Be Uded on Steanisklpfl When One'* Stateroom Will Become • Parlor by Day —Bed* That Tafco Up No Boom. Sleeping on air is the latest innovation in railway travel. The use of compressed air for this purpose will, in the Estimation uf railway men, eventually .revolutionize railway travel and relegate the familiar and somewhat clumsy \Vivgn,er and Pu.'lman sleeping cars to the background. At present the only car completely fitted with compressed air cushions and beds IB the private car of Vice President J. N. Schoonnmker, of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie railroad. These, have been found, however, to be uotonly practicable, but, to possess so many advantages over the accommodations of ordinary sleeping mid parlor cars that n number of rowls are having similarly fitted ones constructed, and before long they will be in general use on ma.ny of the grcut trunk lines of the country.. Col. Schoonmaker's car was built after the plans of L. F. Ituth, rJie jn- ventor of this latest system of. car burnishing. In appearance it does not differ external!}' from the'ordinary private, car of railroad officials. The-in- t-erior by ciay is that of a handsomely fitted' up parlor car. The customary chairs :ire seen on. either side of the car, and they ore covered with plush. When one sits in them, however, a marked difference is noticed from the ordinary car chair. This is explained- by the fact that instead of. the usual upholstering, the chnir cushions nrc filled with compressed air which lessens, in a great 'degree, .to the occupant, the jolting and jarring of the car when in motion. During the day no one would for a moment suppose that lie was riding in a sleeping ear, nnd it is not until the [lay conch is transformed into-a sleeper that t.he possibilities of the use of coin- ircssed air in this direction are fully •eali/.ed. The transformation is affected in this vise: First, the air in the chair cush- "A Good Foundation. PLUG Lay your foundation with ."Battle Ax." It is the corner stone of economy. It is the one tobacco that is both BIG and GOOD. There is no better. There is no other 5-cent plug as large. Try it and. see for yourself. GiS .CAT faetor Caailu It by too Nock and th» 1,-shor Took It Away. . . ' An Inquisitive black cat stniyed into the BristblMethodist Episcopal church on a'recent Sunday evening just before .the services began, says the Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.. " • « There were very few people in the 'church nt the time, but the loud and plaintive mewing- of the stranger ut- •tra'ctcd their attention, . nnd they watched its movements with interest. • Tliennimal clinlbtd up into the choir loft; pcrchod upon* •tlie ' railing- and looked: down. ii|jon»the 'coup-regal Ion. After u .time several.members of the choir .arrived, nnd the-.cat .scampered awtiy. finally climliing down cine of tbe wooden pilfnrs which' supported the choir loft and walked down 1 into the ' Several of the congregation endeav- ored'to cons tlie out into t.hfir.pews, but, the proud pussy ignored them and with stntcly dig-nity climbod up into r.he pulpit n.nd.snt on the Hible. When tin 1 pnstor ctime in n "room pm' laier he found the' cat' in 'possession bf'the'-jiul- piti but the animal took 'kindly to Ihe preacher and began to ipflrr nnd nrcli his bacl< at the hitter's approach. The pastor .took the ent by the back of the iie.ek nri.d .handed It down to an usher,, who carried puss out of. the ehurch. "This Is .a good .pmcri.; brc,<h- • AIR -BED FOR SLEEPING CA.RS. iMi5 IE exhausted, the light frame woA folded up and slipped into an opening in tlie side oi the car. Thus a* iiic scot: in th-e civr is disposed-of and it,'is ready for'the' beds. • -'The. panels on cither side of. the windows open-outward like n door/ On the inside.of .these panels is a metal track over which is drawn a ste«l, spring-liU 1 ; arrangement which supports, the bed, Pitting closely aguinst the side of' .the car and,concealed during- the'duy by tlie closed panels, is n'rubber bag 1 folded after the fashion of an accordeon. By turning a valve connected with a storage tank beneath-, the ear, compressed ..air is admitted into the rubber bag, which iutlates.and forces itself outward from the sides of .the' car until it rests upon the steel framework, and the bed is ready tt> be made up, Tho head and foot of the bed nre panels which fit also intp the side of the car. •: • When "the berth or-bed is not desired 'for.use another valve is" turned, and the air. in the mattress expelled. The mat-, tress itself assumes 'the-appcaran.cp of. an 'empty rubber bag', and is 'drawn back 'against thy 'side of'the cnr uS before..' The panels arc then closed am! 1hc • sleeping car is once more ready to become the parlor cur for tliu day • traveler. One great- advantage of these appliances is that, they can be, fitted, to steamships and dwelling's ;is wi-.ll us oaris. They are particularly adapted for Use in convftynuccs ^vhere cco730iny" of space is desirable, as on ste.-iuiships.- where .they «m be folded into tho wall •or stateroom partition during the day, and. thus g-ive the occupant almost- twice tho iimount of space now availalile. This is an ndvuntag-e which cny.oco who has had to-endure cram pud'stateroom accomraodntions Will 'readily nppreci 1 ate. '• • • ; ••••''• '! Other considerations which reconir' mend this appliance to railroad men are its cleanliness, extreme .lightness, and above all, its cheapness. The ordinary Pullman or Wag-ner sleeping; c«r is the heaviest, and costliest'built- not only in Its'frame but'in'its fittings; Questions of strength and Rafe'ty-will naturally preclude n. lighter frame-nnd then-fore the possibility of lighter fitlinfrs is of the greatest importance .to a railroad company. ' - . i The invention of this . system wiJl probably, for this reason/mark the most radical' change In the developmejit of the sleeping cars, since tJiey were first of nil run in .the Unitod States, over,30 •'For koeplng the System in » HenltM- Condition. CURES He4«S«c»l » .CURES Constipation. Acts on thfc LIv.or and Kidney*. . Purfflos 1*0* Blood. Dlsp«M3 Colds anc! Feveri,. Boautlfloi the .Comptcxlon Rn« fr and RiVfreohlna -.to t,i,» Tastn ' oi U'acaln Tea. Price :Br. ' A«lt v-^ = For sale'by B. .F. KEJESLIXO;. ;.'.' so^o "»§; f.i.i. «T ftont \ri.«.«"' : 'o/.^r . -'-- t-.nc,J:.«.Tii.i Cc^' <f ft AN ;i J. .ABLE POLITICIAN. ' t:ic Man • i Itanici J. Caro'pnuV.of Jficliig-an. i'i-> n'c.wly- .a.ppoiuted:-:cliao4'jijan erf -Uu 1 c:'.!:V- ]Jaig,n committee. of -t.lii" iiatioi'wl-iicrio'- cratic arm; m it-tec, is an (.'xpsrien'cccl r..r.r! yJLforniis campaigner. 1 .For 20-ycars"ii?. h;is -beon..pron:iucn.t-in the coiKli:ct r.f the political affairs' of his party in til? .wolverine sfcvlv. nnd ai thr.t Umclip'kiis n!so been more, or Ifiss int:mn.t,e!y ;::-!--o- ciatod with the natibiia.l'onrnr:::!::;-:c". ........ Il-e ,\va.s.,chairn-,an of- -Uie- rlcmorrn.:-'.!' .; Tassen'gfrr^gent.'-Str '-L-outa; Mo. .•itale. central committees Mie-h-lgan for a long time, and is reputed to h-ve to?n 'the n:ost zealous chiefiithi -it eVct liK<3. II v,-:is \vhile in this-posi-tion-tliat Mr. Ciimpan led tiiq. Michigan demq(;i':n.-y t.u its firet victory in 37 years. EXCURSION TO BTJGFFTOX, 'IN'D/: Vi:i Yncdalia Line,.' October^.IStb' to- i'jth.—On October ,13tli ;to . lutii'.'^the V.indalia Line- will sell- cxcttrsionHlck- • ets from, all siatidns,"' Ja tndlana ? '-J6- Bluff ton, Ind., it -"one fare for 'the round trip, account Baptist Convention. and Young People's'Union of Indiana'. Tickets .good to return .until'..October 19thr- inclusive. ForK Jail-' partfiJniars- cnll ou nearest Vandolia Line Ticket Agent, or address E. A. Ford,-General. ber of years his influence hnsibeen felt in the.councils of the naiionfll party. lie was a de-legate to the .convention that nominated Mr. Cleveland in 13S-J, nnd was collector of tho port of Detroitdur- the first Cleveland ctl'm'in.istra.tion, He Is one of the few 'oRl mcnibei'sof the national •committee who. was reclc'ited'- this,year. As the candidate of his party far Un.Uc<]-Stiites,sena.tor..froin lii.< Ois- txict in 1893 ho made.a stJxinpKboiving-. It is a notable coincidence tlint:)-sf liaij'7 man of the cajnpnig-n coKimlttee-lic will bear the same relation to tuis-cainpa-igTi that Ms. political-rival, Don ;>!.-Dickon- | r-'i-^^'n?^ as B'JCKtEN-'S ARNICA SAIrTE, Tie Best. Salve in tne. world fot'cuts,, bruises; sores, ulcers, sair rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands. philblalns r corns nnd all skin "eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay requlred- UIs guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money\refrjnded. r'rice'J^-' cents -per box. 'FtSr-'sate by 13. F. 'I Uric.. IMPROVED DINING-CAR SERVICE: ON THE TV ABASH. I ? . XU'als will now be served,-Jt la CaC.t£h/ o-i'.il]"Plniug.c:irs oi) -tlie W-aWh Bini.' •3'hls will be a j:rea.i- .iccotnmddatioa to-it. will ounble.. thc.nv-to- son," bore to Uiatof four .years a-o.-.J.lr. i si'iecl from tlio bill of fiire just.Tvba.t --•'-• • ' - ----- , ybat th0 y. Campau is.'a-subs.ta.nt-ial'aoad.siK'.cKsfuV j i!ioy.\v:iu: nnd pay. only for. wh business man. He holds hrge iuteresls j'por. ..... , rJ .. ., . . '""' •--..•..- .... in renJ estate and is widely known a^-a-n !• authority on turf mattors. . ITe is p;-csi- deiirt of the Detroit" Driving club and of [he I3etroit Jockey clii-b, arid is owner of the Chicago Horseman.. . 'I • . Kevolvlng tiky-Scrapcr. ' j rians for a revolving sky semper 'ID* [ect high nnd built of steel have- been I submitted. to the Paris exhibition commission. The 24 stories are to be let • 'or res.taurn'nts, concert l;nll.s, theators, ;' so forth. The biiildin'jr will turn.- slovvly on its -nxis like a merry-^o-'j round, and enable visitors to survey the j vhole country around 1'aris vvliile they ] •ai their dinners. I'm!'! I rill i- :iw:iy tlir.c wliwi ynp hit'it'l 1 ;) tllOt'1'15^ '*T (ri.'jl'rl)'' h,-i!i in MM- livpinninj,' ".vltb DcWitt's- ;niii--\- CK"i''r:i-(.;iirK." : 'V; i n don't-bave'- i \vtih t'fir-j-esnlr>-.. They crp Ihsian"- i:s ,-ui:l it -lc':ivi»f -I'in? liowels-liti"- i-iilthj c(i.-:i!i;iO!i.—.Ic'j.M. Johnston:'.'"' ' : • Ayer's Sarsaparllia The Remedy with a Record. SO Years of Cures HIEKS AND M'KINLEY CLUBS PARADE. ' For r.bsve n:i'y('.ng nt I.a. r ayette, Ind.. Oct. ]:>tii. a spw-iiil ti-iin'on Uie Wa- Iwsh r.-j!lroatMv!II leave I.og.iusport iit S:-W n. m- arnvijip, :U. Lnfayctte'-at •10'- uV'lock ;'. m. Ileturnlug trains will- ' •lvsi\v I.af:l.vo!ie-:it - 11 -'.o'clock p. m_ •I'.'ti-r .f..l.ll for thr round trip... • C. C. NKWEI-L: Agent. slcte nod''

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