Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 10, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1896
Page 6
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FROMMA1NTIO Tlie .'-id* t,r.Pub;ic opinion is /H atne'lu K,i.i-'s uiVi CUEIOUS CROWDS. Hap oa Bryan's Car Windows and Disturb His Slumbara, Congressman Bell or Colorado One of-Those EccfnliyTestbreflto Hta ih by Paice's Celery Compound. There is just now "C> l:ifk of news • t'lvm Mie wcsltopn States. Public opinion in Coloi'.-wlcx.aud lowi. is a« protnpifiy nn(1 neeura'tely heard of .as from n.ny New Euj,'l:i.ral Stsnte. . From nil over tiho Wesst come reiwrts iihfflt r,'iitao'« celery compound oocupi-fs ppaatiicaaiy a c-lemr field -In- tlio cure oC -diseases nnteing Brpm a tired or, otherwise imipnJred nervous system. No otlier remedy %vws ever used by so •many'men of sound nud reliable judgment. No remedy but Pirjno's celery .compoumtl 'has ever beon reconimeude-d by so cotuspplcuously fiilr-mlnded a body of men nud.womeu. The halfhearted expei'iimt'tfftnl offorls of scores and scores ot sar9n.p«rllhus, tonics, mid .so-enlled nen-i-nw, with which the nitu 1 - ket Is eoiist.au/tly reciirttot. jire in sifart- Hng con-trivyt witih tihe confident—be- ..•cntisw iliorouglily sficutiflc—way hi •--wOnMi. ruined celerj- compouml sets .-.noout restoring Health and vigor to the worn out body. f • • ' Why wiill 'the pec»i)le be silly onouph to Jcopai-dizc -their lives ami lessen •tJhuir chaaees of got-tlus w«'.l ; by, -tak-: IUR unytlnlnj; else? There !« no help so Mire .and so im• -mediiate ns one guts from the use 'of Pntoe's celery conn>ottnd. Detailed ln- forma'tifon of innuinerablc eases of ••rtionmn.tt«m, nourn,lfrla <i-ml .dyspepsia, camplwrely ourod,'hn«"cflt»bHsHica this -jfr«m-t Invigoriaitor jw-the most-^valuable ronrwly IUwse run- down 1 in heaHh enri make use of. •. '••'••' • , Woman wih'ose''stock of nervoris eiier- -gy vms weM uligh exJKUisted have'been Tcsitored to a joyful,'. cf. bc'dy MX! m'Jud by Mils same great mrrv.e anil brain restorer. _. i iIl:iiiiiL''s (yfcxy coaipcuind is the jrrwu- ' 't':;it 'achiievom'Mit.iu -mcMlM-n niodlcino: 1 it Uwnlt'hos woak-i:'C'*s..-;wid pa~n as suro- ly ;i.s ills ffliuioiis coiivteu)iporary,th.e elee- •h-lc Wght, cKspe'-s darkness. riiirnc'is celery eowno-wnd frees the 'body ct vlcJous humors -Itot cause kid- 'niey and liver cmnixiai'iuts. Only n prrim.1 ' reinetly t.wcd -on n dcoin bnowledgo of ''llli'Mfe dlli&easts could do'the work that Falne's celery comiponml Is .now doius. Botitcn- u-wtri'tiiwi- for the nerves, an •a wakened apiieiPi't-c, pwri-fied food and oonuple'lo nsslimlliiitJon—ilnese follow tli-e oousc!icmlil»n« ««e 'of Piiiine's celery compound as surely us day follows juiRlrt. If you nrc al-nrmetl by a. throbbin-g oC the-henrt. n-n-lrrltmble stomat'li, or RCU- wnl dciblllrj'. We fn.ir with you-rsolf, use the boat means there is, examine what P-aIDC'S celery eompaund Is doing. It lm« cured na as'tontehln-R number of Miien anil womcu 'at -Bpipli't's disease, i-Jv'ewmaitiMii, •nem-n.lK'J'n. heart and •Hver trouble. No sufferer can pass 1'igih'tily over tihe iHsnunrkaible- record tliat ratoe'«s celery comuoraid -liims to show 'to-eivery sick and nilinp person. iiiinlcng -the Hhor.sands'of tf»r.MnontaIs roccivcd t-Ms year if one recently- sent by Con;pres9inno-.Tolm.C. Bell, of .Colo- iwto, w!ho-snys-he.hn^ iis'e<i"t;teee bot- . tloi-cif t*te bast-of'aJl •'a'ftm'ediiis for' I'heum-nitisiri. fwWi the ...jsit patii'sftictory roiullts.. ;Amoug the .test'inwmla'ls reeelvcd since ' January I/here- hnve been 'no -loss,- than'. 1C, from from diff-erdit States.' -. Fivcbcautiful-''dolls ( :lithograp1icd on card- •BBard, eight inchca high^ Can,bc'icut outand put, together by the chlldferf-EO pasting: Each'doll has two complete suits. Amcri-, can, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese German,, Swiss, Turkish ^and Indian costumes. All parts being interchangeable, many, combinations -can be made, 'affording endless amusement and instruction. A high-class series of dolls, patented and manufactured for ns exclusively and not to be compared with the numerous cheap paper dolls oh the market. How To Get Them. In paper-ana your full norae and address,-and we wm send tbe dolls poatpnld. Or we wi 1 send them free for twenty lioads of the girl. Sand on™ the heads to avoid extra postage. MERHELL-SOULE CO., SYRACUSE, N. Y. I "DIRT DEFIES THE RING." THEN GREATER' THAN ROYALTY -ITSELF.. Democratic Candidate Makes a Speech at Sioux City, la.—Georgia's Big, Democratic Majority, Sioux City, la., Oct. 0. — The people who grot up early _to s^e Mr. Bryan would not let liirn slocp Friday morn- Jug. They bunged on the windows of his private car at Mnrshalltown up to the time he left thnt.place.at 1:43 a, m., and it was hardly daylipht when the banging was renewed at little stations where the train halted on its way to (.his city. There were crowds at Wall Lake, Odebolt, Arthur, Idu Grove, Bottle -Creek, Danbury, Maplctori, Ouawa and Whiting. Mr. Bryan was obliged to rise early in response to shouts nt. several' stations of ."trot him out" and '"let's see him." He made a number ot brief' speeches. The biggest crowd that heard him was at Onuwa, a populist stronghold. It wr.s raining hard a chill, cold rain, when William J. Bryan reached Sioux City after an nli-nipfht's run on the Northwestern road from Marshalltown at 10:20 o'clock Friday morning. He was escorted to the big train shed of .the Union passenger station and mounted ou a truck addruKsed an audi- 'cnce.of several .thousand huddled to.'Aether there. . MAJORITY MOUNTING UP. Offlclnl Returns In Goorglii Increase Atkln- Hon'tt Vote... . / Atlanta, Go., Oct. U. —The full.ex- if.ul of the ' democratic victory in Georgia is shown us the official returns come i:i and if becomes evident that die majority of the democratic state' •iclie-t will run close -to 50,000. Official returns from two-thirds of he counties in the state acd'semi- official reports from the others gave -Vtkinson's gross majority us 44,234; Wright's gross majority, 0,060; Atkinson's net majority, -S.lTl. .It is possible that the democratic candidate.for secretary 'of" state may hitve 50,000 ma- iority over his .opponent. Democrats claim this shows' best the relative sU'cngth of the'tickets. Gov. Atkinson is running « few thou- :iid 'beliJnd t'he other sta.te house oill- errs, but this is due to the special fights winch. have been mode upon him ou local issues. . The hard iight made by the republicans against 'Atkinson undoubtedly made a difference of 20,000 votes. Col. Buck, chairman of the republican committee, acknowledges Unit the democratic majority would have reached 00,'OOU or more but for the active efforts of the republicans. FUSION Kf MISSOURI. opullHtu lmpo»e~~ComUlilon« That the Domocrutu Will Probably Not Accept. St. Louis, Oct. 0.—After'a- stormy session lasting nearly eight hours the people's party state central committet Thursday night passed a resolution giving the executive committee plenary power to arrange a fusion with the democrats on the state ticket, provided the hitter would concede to the populists the offices of attorney genei-al and railroad commissioner. The vote stood a tie and Chairman Eoselle cast the deciding ballot. The acceptance of the proposition is extremely doubtful. Chairman Cook, of the democratic state central committee, said Thursday night that no proposition looking to the withdrawal of ;iny democratic candidates from the ticket would be considered by the state committee. To Erect Blfj Sugar Refinery. . Camden, N. J., 1 Oct. 9.—Articles ol incorporation were filed here Thursday by the Standard Sugar company. The capital of the company was given at S2,000,QOO and tbe ^corporators am Joseph'. A. and Charles Baker, of Philadelphia"; and W. S. Williams and Her- 'man -Hoops. It was stated that it is the" intention of the company to erect a plant.whichwill have.acapacity greater thVtn the irefiiiery here .which was re- cen.tly purchased by persons_who are Lsaid to be : from New Orleans." Adolph Segal."of Philadelphia, who was .inter-' 'esttd"in the other refinery, is also inter- •es"t'e'd'in the present corporation. Shot for a Base Insult. : 'Woodward,'0. T., Oet; 9. — temple Houston shot and fatally wounded J. B. Jenkins here Thursday night, The difficulty arose over the action of Jenkins in spitting in the face of Temple Houston's ;sbn, a few days ago. .Houston, who has been placed under arrest, is a., ; iieptie\v' of Gen. Samuel;Houston, 'and was a', prominent figure in .the .Bryan convention at-Ghicago, and hns figured'"extensively in Oklahoma politics. \ • '-..-•• • ' . Events In Various Portions of Indiana Told by Wire. Gladness Comes W i t ith a better understanding of the transient nature of the many physical ills, which vanish before proper efforts— Rentleeffiorts— pleasant efforts— rightly directed. There is comfort in the knowledge, that so many forms of sickness are not due to an,y actual disease, but simply to a constipated condition of the sybtsin, which the pleasant family laxative, Syrup of Figs, promptly removes.' That is why it is the. only remedy with millionsof families, and is everywhere esteemed so highly by a! who value pooil health. Its bcncneiul effects are due to the fact, that itiy Uui one remedy which promotes internal cleanltaess without debilitating the organs on which it acts. It is therefore . all important, in . order to get its beneficial effects, to note when you purchase, that you have the ffcnmnu article which is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only and soJd by all reputable druggists. If in the enjoyment of good health. and the system 'is regular, laxatives or other remedies arc then not needed, 11 afflicted with any actual disease, ope may' be commended to the most sitiiuui physicians, but if in need of a laxative. one should have the best, and with the well-informed everywhere, Syrup ot Figs stands highest and is most largely used and gives most general satisfaction, OVER THE STATE. : ITALIAN ANTIQUITIES. An u'ndererounil Trade In Them In Spit* of JLog-al I3tordlctisn». Some days ago a well-known dealer in antiquities offi.-red for sale to the Louvre museum in Paris a splendid collection o£ ancient vases from Italy, or Greek or Italian workmanship, says the London News. Tl-.c museum was unable to pay bhe price asked— £20,000— and declined tbe bargain. Tho Italian minister of education, having:learned of this,'has taken proceedings ucder the Pacca law against Sig. d: Prisco, the owner ot these.antiquities. The latter is a large land owner at Bosco Reale. He <ecrct!.y made excavations on his estate and found ?S silver vases.of remote antiquity. • , Notwithstanding the Italian law pro hibiting owners of antiquities from sending' them out of. the country with- .out leave, or, rather, on account of this law. which prevents old works of art from commr.oding anything- like their natural price in the impoverished cou.n- trv, Sig. di Prisco smuggled his find out of" Italy and offered it to a Paris dealer for £5,000., Continuing meanwhile his search, he found other silver vases, which duly joined their fellows in Paris, and the whole lot, was offered to the •Louvre. The Italian minister of educar tion throws interesting light on the facilities which underpaid officials are supposed to afford illicit exporters of antiquities. He issues a notificatior. that, should any officials be found to have connived at this latest evasion of the Pacca low. they will be criminally prosecuted. ____^__ Famous Acrobat r»»ne» Away. Shelbyville, Ind.. Oct. 9.— Albert Richardson, the famous acrobat, died here from, injuries received several years ago while traveling with Cole's circus in Australia.. In attempting to turn a triple somersault over 21 horses, which would have broken the world's record, Richardson received 'injuries from which he never recovered. He was 47 years' of age, Bids Hit Wife Farewell. ;Shelbyville, Ind., Oct.- 9. —-Andrew Lamar, a' restaurant man* asked'his wife to take a ride into the country and when several miles out he alighted from the buggy and bade his wife good- by, saying she would never see him again; and disappeared. '. Failed to Score. , ' , "Notre Dame, Ind.. Oct. 9.—The first football 'game of the season here're-' suited in' the .defeat of the Notre Dames by- the 11 s (sent down .from Chicago to represent.the College of Physicians and Surffe.onK..,. The score was \ to 0. Fire ttt What CUeer, i». Des Molhes, la., Oct. 91—Fire at What Ch«r Thursday night destroyed the Reporter ; newspaper office, '•' the post office and several small adjoining build- i, $15,000. , . Hornets, Farmer Murdcrc<l by . Birmingham, 1 Ala., Oct. 9. — John Falls, a. farmer returning home with the proceeds of cotton sold in this city, went into camp Wedhesdayliightnear Tondviue. With him were two negroes. Thursday he.was found by the camp fire with his. head crushed in. A bloody ax lay near. The negroes were gone. A search of the dead man revealed $35 which the murderers 'hud overlooked. A posse is in pursuit with bloodhounds. Prince Blimarclt Suffers with Is'eurnlfflit. Berlin,- Oct. 9.—The Volks-Zeitung says that Prince Bismarck is suffering from neuralgia .and .also afflicted with insomnia, so that in his endeavors to obtain sufficient sleep he often remains in bed until long after noon. .He has discontinued his walks in the Sachaen- wald and receives rib visitors. Old Germiin Actor Dead. St. Louis, .Oct. 9. — Christian Hannei • Leweus, who was. known as the oldest Uerman actor in'.America; died at his .home'here Thursday evening, aged 72 years. He came to New York in 1850 and remained there^ .14, years. ' Sinen then he has made'his home in,thi» city, 'ings.,: . Hornets. . "it Is. said that hornets never. u«e the Mine nest ji second season.,.,. .... THE MAKKETS. Grain, Provisions, Etc. Chicago. Oct. ». OW"ig to' tho celebration In' this city Friday; the' board ot trade was not In session. ' '_- ' . , , New.York, Oct. 9. FLOUR—Steady, unchanged. WHEAT—No. 2 Bed, steady; dull. De- comber, 74fc@7H4c;.Mar; 77%@7Tll-16c CORN—No. 2 dull, firmer. No. 2,28%(&30c; December, 30 ll-16<g)3QKc; May, 32%<if'33c. OATS—No. 2 quiet and firm. Western, 20@30c. PORK—New mess, $7,75@S.oO, LARD—Dull, nominal. Steam rendered, $4.60. /' ' BUTTER-Flrm, choice In good demand. . Western' dairy, 7ty3Uc: Elglns, "W-i <J°' creamery, I«4®lT%o; do. ftctory, 7©Ue; Imitation creamery, 8@12c. ,„--,„. '' CHEESE—Quiet. Part skims, 3Vj@6V»o. lull aklms, 202V4C. EQQS—Firm. Western, 16^@18c. ' " • • ' Wye Stock. • .'•-.. Chicago, Oct. 9. CATTI-E-Market dujl,.nominallysteady. Fair to beat beeves. f3.00®4.66; stockera and leaders, ja.90@a,75; .mixed Cows and Bulls, JL2603.0B; Texas, $2.73®S.26. Jloaa-MarKet active, averaging shad* h£her. Light, M.iO®3.a: rough P ack i». 05; mixed and butchers , -packing and >hlpplncr, WlcycloB, BBO<IB and Firemen. La rorte.'Ind., Oet. •).—hourly 6,000 persons attended the contests on.the second and last day of the firemen's, band and bicycle tournament. There was a big parade in the morning, the contest taking place in the afternoon, with the following results: One mile—Novice; purse, $35. A. B. Rumsdell, Chicago; Jack Masscy. Valpar- olso, second; J. J. Ludwip, Valparaiso, third. Time—2:374-5, Ha'f mile—Open; amateur: purso. J55. Harry L. Hart, Grand Rapida, won: A. B. Ram.Hdell. ChicaRO, second;-Frank Bun- guy; Ooshen, third. Time—1 :K 1-5, One mile-Open: amateur;'purs<>. ?7, r >. H. . Hart, Grand Rapids, won: F. J Morse, hlCHRo, second: H. F. Frosch, Chicago, third. Tlmc-2:124-5. Half mile—Open; professional; purse, JR5.. C. C. Tnprra.ham, Chicago, won; J. P. Bliss, CliiciiKO, second; W. E. Kenyor,, Chicago, third. T!mo-l:102-D. One mile—Open; professional; purt-u, $185.. C C. JnKraham, Chlc.iffO. won; Fred C. Pchrein, Toledo. Heoond: Barney Oldlicld, Toledo, third; Con IJakcr, Columbus, fourth. Timn, 2:11. Two-mllivhandlcttp—Profesnlonnla- purse, JflO J T. Fitzgerald, Chfcnjro, 2SO ^•ar(^s, won- J. C. Tlnkham, Grand Rapids, 65 yards; second: A. C. Vanntst. Chicapro, 03 yards, third: Con Baker, Toledo, SO yards, fourth. Time—IM! 1 . O M. Strcnstrum, of ChlciiKO, lowered jhs'track record for one mile of 2:0f, making It In 2:04 3-5. He w a » paced by a triplet A. B Ramsdell attempted to lower ihe Ind'lana record for one mile held by J,nnge, Of Chicago, over the I.a Porte track, of 0:3? 1-5. Hi? made it In 3 :'^i 2-5. Secon.l class band ™* l , e *^*"™\*™- Nllef Mich., band, won: K. O. 1. M. band, Michigan City, second; Three Oaks, third. Second clam hose contest-Run 'M yards, lav 100 feet hose, break coupling, aitach to 'fydrant and affix nozzle: P»^o, $200 Ha«- iri" Micl,., won: Drcadn.iufflit. La Porte fficond' Michigan City, 'third. T:roc ot W S,ns «nte.t-Pursc S20. WE. Wei- li-r ind J Beaver. Mount Carroll, 111., won; C Boeucher und William Willis, Napc-r- V ^:^^ S ,^^-P" T ,5175 Mount Ca-roll, III., won. Tlme-0:33; Napervllle, C"3-!o-5; Goslion, 0:3S4-5. One hundred'and ten-yard dash-Purse, S1CO Bert L. Clark, Mount Carroll, won. Time,. 0:10 1-5. Tlic Well Wa« Foul. . Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 9.-Tb.e state board of health.has beer, investigating a remarkable state of affairs existing in whnt is known as the Rock Lam; neighborhood in Johnson county, where 75 per cent, of the population have suffered at some time during the ' past year from typhoid. It was found that all those who cad been ill bad been attendants at the Eock Lane church, where there is a well from.which the worshipers have, been in the habit oi drinking. A microscopical examination of the water from-this well shows it full of bacteria and n chemical analysis shows the water to be badly polluted. The well has been condemned and closed. . __ Looking for Uor Hniband. Tell City, Ind., Oct. 9.-Mrs. Job Short, of Liverpool, England, is in this city in search of Job Short, her husband. It is another Enoch Arden case. Short bid his wife and three children good-by September 28, 1884, and came to this place, where he had an uncle, Peter Short, promising to send for them on his arrival here. Instead of doing so he wooed and married' the divorced wife df Jacob Forbes, of Can- nellton, Ind. The wife came to America after waiting several years and has traced her recreant spouse from city to city. She cannot follow fast, as, she has to earn the money for travel. Iuvc»tlg»tlng Our Cattle. Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 9.-From inquiries made here it develops that the German government is making, on its own account, an investigation of th« health of American nattle, possibly with a view of again placing an embargo upon American beef. The state board of health received a letter from the German consul at Cincinnati asking for a detailed statement of how much, if 'any, tuberculosis existed among the cattle in Indiana. The letter also wanted to know what measures were being, taken to .weed out or prevent the disease.... ..•, Killed One of Hli Tormentor*. Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 9.-Thursday evening a crowd of young men on "Irish Hill" were indutging in horse piny with'William Brooks, n negro boy 5.6 years old, as the victim. Brooks finally became exasperated and shot one of his'tormentors,'Frank Matthews, through the, eye, killing him instantly. Matthews was'a white man 27 years old. The murderer was a.t once cnught and ' turned over to the police. ' '-1V1U Meet at Esiglc take. • Eagle Lalie, Ind.. Oct. 9.'—A committee of the Presbyterian general assembly, consisting of. Dr. J. L. Wi throw, of Chicago, moderator: Dr..W, H. Roberts, of Philadelphia, stated clerlr,. and Dr. W. E. Moore, of Columbus, O., permanent clerk,'have decided that the way in clear to hold tbe meeting of the assembly in May, 1897, at; the Winona grounds, and that it will be so held. .trim r-runciisco.. Oct. 3,-^News wa* received here Thursday that the war 'department has approved Maj. Darling's exchange from Col. Graham's regiment, ths Fifth artillery, to the TUrd artillery, which replaces the Fifth at the Presidio. This transfer was effected by the courtesy of Msj Jlamsev. ot the Third Save The Children. When children are attacked with cough, cold and croup, .Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup will provo a quick and sure cure. Mr. Elmer E. Baker, Blandon, Pa., writes: "We. have used Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup for cough cold and croup, and found it the best cough medicine and curt for these affections. We never run outfit, but always Keep it on hand." Bull's Cough Syrup is sold everywhere for 25 cents. Insist on,having it How Are Your Kidneys? "Ever have your back aehef Dr. Hobbs Sparagus Kidney Pills purify tlwblocd by filtering from ft . uric acid and fill \ other , i'ur* blood tnoanii perf<*ct health. By t purif sine the blood ' Dr. Hobbi JDL:U« IIOBW. u. D. .,«..? —. ~.—, Neuralnlft, O o n t, . BrlKbl'«DiMHM,Dl»bolo«,Dropi:y.Kcz<(nin, f ' Annnxiu, I'ninB In Ahdomm, Jincknche, ' KldnoY Wwltawn. nod nil Inflammation > of tho kidiwu. FhyrieUiM anddmegi.u, ( nKomninnd thorn. SO C«nt« R box. Tw- , For S;L)C in JL.OGANSPORT, IND., by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. and John F. Coulson, 304 Market St- FASHIONS CHANGE BUT POZZONI'S Complexion POWDER REXA1X8 A1WATS THE SAME. The finest, purest and most beautifying toilet powder ever made. It is sootii- ing, healing, healthful andI baraless: and when rightly used IS 1> wlali**-*- It you have never tried POZZONI'S TOO do not know what an I»EAI. I tOXPLUXION POWDER I'- ll IS SOIJ) EVERYWHERE. D. , Manu'«ltirer of • Ladies' Fine F|i;i*C I Ul CJ Wholesale' • and Retail. 163 State Street, . CHICAGO. The Leading Fur Establishment, in ChicHRO for High Grade Furs. Artistic Workmanship fuRomodcHng Seal Ga,r- ments at very moderate cbarRCK. Goods sent ou approval. Correspon- denco solicited. LDDD POISON honjoorMmeprMiinflriani ty. UyouprefrtoeomBherowewlJleoBi t^cttopu7nllrowlfiire«ii<thotcli>ltl<,ui1 , i^^. <;I,>.N^,,». tfTniih*Tou]i«amar> >tub, Mid still bare uhes »nd MIES, MUCOOII t-atches In mouth. S oreThrott, L'lmplOK. Copper Colored Spots, Clcers oo my pnrtoi tbeTjoar, ^ t " a Sfn!m'vmsnt rat. It is tbls Secondary BtpOD POIfepV any pnnoi uiv i*uu7, «»*•"- v*, aut. It ts this Secondftry K»^*WW •. v»wvw reeoaranteotocttM.Wo»licltttemo«teb«tS • and cnallenee the world for • CATARRH Forv °";. pf0tcc ' W« positively state tbat tMs remedy does not I contain inereun or snj |otlie; Injurious drag. ELY'S loREAM BALM Cleanses tneNossl Pas- -„ allays inltamina- tenses oltast«*iul smfcl. ........ • if WILL CURE; Into «*rh nostrJl.Rnd .'to . Samp «s lOc, by u all. If O nI"J-»0«lOll'W» for n in plain . pniM, prcinnl. lor .OO, or 3 fcoltlon. -|:.75. l" wiSt.on retort Manhood Restored nnani u * Ttnlen. — DfcClE&KO, *>r - written Bn»rMf*t • M> " :v ^7_';: KrViVlnr fre« S8b£$y&ii&&St*» r. IND. •oTSMsaAi Circuinr fre« I,.Kitting*r,« leading lmlngtonTDel., asked the jP ropri*- tor of BriidHMi B»lm to send him • dollar bottle. A fcw week, afterwards the doctor said: "I had a wmple of cases of old Cough on hand that completely baffled nf«. I had got to the «d of my ; •trine. But the Balm »«de a protnpt cwt.fnboth'cate.. It is a remarkabl. remedy." ',;' ' ot BrtziHan ill cure lame back in • or two. Act* Bke magic. ^

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